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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Anyone have any idea how Arslan suppose to look like? I am thinking to convert one of the old Druze Shock Trooper (One with combi rifle +GL) with a Mohawk head to make him looks like his appearance in Outrage? Or should I just use the Beyond ICE storm special edition Authorised Bounty Hunter with breaker pistols as a proxy? thank you
  2. Finally a light of hope. in the previous bow video, finally Bostria told about the designers arranging pictures with kaauris and looks like our new sectorial on the way. I expect a new starter in the early 2018. can it be something like this. totally made-up with no meaning. Druze x3 , Yuan yuan with chain rifle, Sudiel ( new engineer to link kaauris and with long waited Corahtar discipline level 2) and 2x chain rifle krakot
  3. So we know (or have good confidence) that mercenary companies will be available as sectorial armies. What sectorials do we expect? And what units existing will be in them? So far I think the following: Beyhan STI (to include Kaplans) White Company, or White Star Company (to include Anacondas, Druze, Scarface, and Valerya Gromoz) Does anyone have an opinion on my guess work? Also, do you think all mercenary units (not characters) that have no full-faction army of their own (which I guess are just Yuan Yuan) will find their way into a sectorial? Does anyone think MagnaObra will be a sectorial?
  4. Which is generally a better unit ? I wanted to add some mercs to my pan o or haqqislamite forces.
  5. Greetings, Searchers of Knowledge. New follower of the Old Man of the Mountain here. From what I've read on the forums here, conversions and proxies are pretty common, and I have some questions about good models for the Farzan. I started Infinity a couple months ago, and got the HSN3 book in part for the nice Druze Killer Hacker model. I'd like to use the that model in my Hassassin army, and I think it would make a good Farzan Forward Observer. But I'd like to eventually run 3 Farzan (I have a "half the models are camo or infiltration tokens" army idea I want to try), so I'd like to have 2 other models that would fit well with that Druze. I also don't particularly like the current Farzan boarding shotgun model (too static). Does anyone have suggestions? None of the Druze models in the box set have boarding shotguns, otherwise they could work. I was also thinking to convert the Naffatun model from the base Haqqislam starter into a Farzan (have to figure out how to make the weapon into a boarding shotgun, or make the flamethrower look like a light shotgun). Where does one get extra boarding shotguns for conversions? As far as converting the Druze, I have the spare rifle+shotgun that came with the Fiday, so I was thinking of replacing her combi rifle with that one. Also, greenstuffing over those silly stiletto heels (she's standing in a swamp!!!). Think that and a camo paintjob would be enough?
  6. As in title, im little worried that new Hacker from HSn3 wont fit my old good druze team, theyre was sculpted by hand long time ago and new one is 3D sculpting followed slightly size change since CB went that digital sculpt way. Can anyone shoot me a picture of old Druze and this new mini? Thanks in advance!
  7. So the Speculation Thread got me thinking what would be some units that are part of Druze based White Star Company? First the obvious ones: Druze AVA total Scarface and Cordelia AVA1 Anaconda AVA1 or 2 maybe Than some of the standard Remotes, maybe with a slightly higher AVA to make up for some drawbacks. And than the "evil" Mercs, which for me are: Saito Togan Senor Massacre Yuan Yuan Bashi Bazook On a questionable place are for me: Yojimbo Musashi Valerya McMurrough A no are probably: Avicenna Cateran Keisostu Kaplan ABHs and their characters, I wouldn't expect to go into a "criminal" Sectorial like that, even though I'd love Sforca. CSU are in a kind of similar situation, but might be possible, they would give the Sectorial at least some order monkey besides Druze, which the ABHs don't. I haven't read the Wardrivers fluff yet (but their name sounds appropriate), but I suppose they fit and could be in there if Valerya is not included. IIRC there are rumours of a kind of mercenary general character called Hawkwood, this guy would somehow tackled the Lt. problem the sectorial has with these units. Other roles that are missing are Doctors and Engineers, since Kaplan are out. Maybe they hire Clockmakers and Daktaris? Work together with Irmadhinos? AVA1 Tomcat maybe? No FO besides the Remotes is also something thats totally missing here, so I kind of expect a new Merc unit with such a option. A Skirmisher would fit the bill best and give the Sectorial something that infiltrates as well. haven't read the Bandits fluff yet, but again the name would fit!? So in summery maybe something like this: Druze AVA Total linkable Anaconda AVA2 Hawkwood Scarface and Cordellia Saito Togan Senor Massacre Yojimbo Yuan Yuan AVA 2 Irmadhinos AVA 2 Daktari or Tomcat AVA 1 Wardriver AVA 2 CSU AVA 3 maybe linkable? Reaktion Remote AVA 2 Sensor Remote AVA 2 Smart Missile Remote AVA 1 Sniffer Remote AVA 2 Baggage Remote AVA 2 plus a new Skirmisher with AVA2 or 3? Or the Bandits? All in all this would look like a rather reasonable Sectorial to me. What do you think? No MSV though. Maybe they could by some Rui Shi?
  8. Hi folks! I've recently developed an interest in Infinity and painted up a couple of Yuan Yuan miniatures that I got from a clearance deal. I've been into miniatures for the last 14 years or so and I already have sizeable collections of WHFB, 40K, FOW, Dystopian Wars and BFG. Anyway, I originally had an idea that I wanted to work with some shocking colours and space pirates - the pink was a request by my fiancée, but I thought it could make for a good challenge since I normally use brown, drab colours for that realistic feeling. After re-watching Firefly and partaking in some contemporary sci-fi material I knew that I wanted to use Mercenaries, particularly pirates, with that white-spacesuit-look. So here are my first two offerings: Now, I don't know the rules and I've yet to play a game, so I haven't settled for a faction yet, but I know that I'd like a tournament legal army. I just haven't decided if I'm gonna go with the Haqqislam sectorial currently available or wait for the white stars. Wish I had that 3rd Yuan Yuan miniature to go with these fellas, but I think I could expand them using the Ragik models as "counts-as" Yuan. I also got 2 Karakuri models in the pipeline that were unfortunately ruined by the army painter primer, so they need stripping before I get back to them, but I was considering using them as "counts-as" Yuan by giving them drop packs or something. Any ideas? Currently trying to figure out what my initial 250 pts list should be like with the Haqqislam... suggestions greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello people, I was thinking about the new Mercenary Sectorials and had a try at a Druze based list, which incorporates things I would like to see in such a Sectorial. So here it is the big bad Mercenaries All Stars: Haqqislam - Qapu Khalqi | 12 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Hafza Lt+Spitf (23|1) Shock Spitfire (27|1.5) Shock LGL (25|1.5) Shock Combi (21|0) Shock Combi (21|0) Señor Massacre (33|0) Saito Togan (41|0) Hawwa' Hacker (33|0.5) Yuan Yuan AP CCW (11|0) Sforza (23|0) Combat Group #2 Shihab (28|1) Kameel EVO (13|0.5) ________________________________________________________ 299/300 points | 6/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : The big downside I see is that its having not that many tools agains Camo. What do you think? And what would you put into the Druze Sectorial?
  10. I am admirer of "Hasan Sabbah, Real Old Man of the Mountain " since i was a kid.. I wanna explain some Hassassin sect doctrines and ranks.. "The power of Hasan-i Sabbah himself, and the fanatical devotion of the fida'i, ultimately derived from this categorical insistence on the transcendental nature of God. Such an absolute God, and absolute imam, demands absolute faith and obedience." Hashassin basic ranks: 1 Imam Fully initiated: 2 Da'i 'd-Du'at (Chief Da'i) 3 Du'i 'l-Kabir (Superior Da'i) 4 Du'i (ordinary Da'i) Partly initiated: 5 Rafiq (comrade) Uninitiated : 6 Lasiq (adherent) 7 Fida'i (self-sacrificer, the destroying angels) (Fedai is useful for all ranks, for Imam too.. Because Imam is highest self-sacrifier, who belongs the relief..) And some of ranks in "Hassassin Bahram" * Farzan: the wise man, in persian.. They are Da'is who honoring the battle, to be observer and courage to fedais.. * Barid: messenger, whom is not dutied to kill, only may blackmail.. (An example ; After the assassination of Nizam al-Mulk, vizier of Seljuk Turks, an another "barid" stab an dagger to Melikshah's, Sultan of Seljuk, bed, when he's sleeping..) * Muyib: CB explained that "those who respond, respondent" it is actually true.. They usually act after, who dare disobey Hasan Sabbah's demands.. And their respond is destructible.. (In game term they are saboteur also.., as you know) * "Hussein Al-Djabel" and "Yasbir" are promoted "Da'i", according to their fluff.. *Daylami: That folk is from Daylam province, where Alamut is.. And the members usually chosen from them.. * Druze: Druzes, about whom we have more information than the Assassins and whose doctrines are usually almost identical, they may be rival and disgusting enemies of Hasshassins.. They was also mercenaries, who helped Seljuks and even Templars.. (This is why they can't be chosen to Bahram army as a mercenary)
  11. I just finished my Druze and their TAG (scarface stand in) and figured I would but them up here, then I figured I may as well put everything I have painted up while I am at it, in hopes that it will motivate me to finish painting the huge amount of Haqqislam and Tohaa I have unpainted before buying any more. My Haqqislam are inspired by a mix of Cerberus from mass effect and the MNU from district 9. I also have a primarily Druze list who work with my Haqqislam but I wanted a much more menacing violent feel to them but still have them tied in. Unfortunatly I am terrible at picture taking so alot of colors are washed out or do not look as good in person (not that they are great in person) any CC are very much so accepted
  12. Is there a Druze spitfire model that someone has made?
  13. Hi, I was lookng for a nice way of playing a Merc force with KTS, Druze and the Scarface, and found that the QK sectorial delivers that, with the bonus of Iguana and Yuan Yuan to boot. The problem is that I know ZERO about QK and Haqqislam in general, and i'm new to the game - I have read a lot, but never played it myself. So, my questions are: - How nice is a QK army for a beginner? Does it have a steep learning curve? - I'm mainly interested in having the KTS, Druze and Scarface in my army, Are those good units? I don't want to invest on an army based on a couple of models, just to discover that they aren't a good choice on the table. - Considering the question above, is the Starter Set a good buy, or should I buy stuff separatedly? - If I start with the Starter Set, what are the obvious purchases to get to 200-300 pts, following my idea for the army? Thanks, and sorry for the noob questions!
  14. Any advice is greatly appreciated. My name is Lou and I'm mostly a WarmaHordes guy but have been interested in Infinity for years. I've only collected the random model or unit here and there to paint. But as a few guys in my gaming group have been getting heavily involved, I now have some dedicated players against. I'm not new to table top gaming and catch on pretty quickly when not drunk off of bourbon and yelling about dice rolls. Anyways, love the Druze models so I picked them up to paint. Then when I read some rules I was disappointed as I won't be able to field all four unless used in a specialized Haqq list. This is fine as I'm also a big fan of the Heavy Infantry. So Haqq it is. As I was stumbling around an on-line store I found the Kaplans! These are a total must have in my book especially after reading their description and a few posts on these forums. But are they viable with Druze? If they are, what else should I add to get to 300 points? I'm thinking a Djanbazan (LINK) with Sniper Rifle and a Janissary (LINK) Lieutenant . The Druze give me a Lieutenant, Hacker and two regular guys. The Kaplans give me two engineers, a sniper and a doctor. I'm very new to the game and have only watched a little. Again, any advice is great. The models I selected to start with were chosen purely for aesthetics. One of the more veteran players said that I accidentally chose pretty well. But even he is also kind of a newb. The only models I've purchased for this army are the Druze. All the others are in an on-line basket waiting for me to click the PayPal button. Should I click it? Edit: I picked up a blister of Nasmat Remotes. The Druze hacker can run them, right?
  15. I am planning on running the following 250 point list as one of my two lists in an upcoming tournament. Haqqislam - Qapu Khalqi | 10 models ________________________________________________________ Scarface (69|1.5) Cordelia Shock LGL (25|1.5) Shock Hacker (33|0.5) Shock Combi (21|0) Shock Combi (21|0) Hafza Spitfire (23|1) Ghulam Rocket (16|0.5) Ghulam Doctor (17|0) Ghulam Lieutenant (13|0) Nasmat (3|0) Nasmat (3|0) ________________________________________________________ 244/250 points | 5/5 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : I am relatively new so are there any special rules I should note? Do you have any advice for running this list? I would love to hear about any pitfalls I should worry about. Things I like about the list is being able to run the Druze as a linked team of 5 and being able to use the serouisly sweet looking models that the Druze and Scarface bring to the table.
  16. I don't have the Human Sphere, so this question might be daft. However, I was looking at the merc availabilities in Paradiso (can't remember the table page number), and the Druze are incompatible with armies including Hassassins. Is there a reason for this in the Druze background? It can't be that Hassassins won't hire any mercs, since obviously from that table its possible. Are their goals too opposed?