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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I have question regarding the etiquette of using this "trick" to get into close combat. I'm sure most players know how this works but a two sentence summary for those that don't: if you have a CC capable troop just around the corner from someone you want to engage, you can use a short skill move up to the corner without using stealth while remaining in total cover in order to force your opponent to burn his ARO on 'change facing'. You can then spend the next short order to move around the corner and walk into base to base contact. This strategy is limited in that you still need to be able to get from total cover into base to base in the span on a single short order, so they typically needing to be 3" away from the corner of whatever you're moving around. It also means you don't get to make a CC attack immediately. However it does let you safely get a model into close combat without provoking attacks from the unit you're engaging, which is especially useful if they have DTW weapons. My understanding is that this has been officially ruled by CB as how they want the rules to function, and is therefore a completely legal thing to do. My question: despite it's legality is it something that is frowned upon? I'm thinking particularly of using this in casual games versus in a tournament setting. I don't think anyone would fault someone for employing it in the latter, but is it still kind of a "dick move" in friendly games? I used it recently against an opponent who had never seen it employed before to get into CC with a TO camo unit in suppression fire. This guy is the furthest thing from a sore loser, and I've always seen him take losses, bad luck, and just being outplayed gracefully and with humor. But he seemed genuinely put out by this strategy and suggested it seemed really game-y. I felt kind of bad using it and now I'm wondering if I should just not bother outside of tournament settings. It feels like a vital part of making CC troops viable, and based on this forum it seems like one of the most frequently used ways to get into base to base with someone. Not entirely sure what to do, thoughts?
  2. I've got a question about deploying TO Camo troops, or rather, not deploying them. One fairly usual way is to write down the position somewhere as precisely as possible. However, as could be seen in the Beast of War N3 Week demo game, another is to take advantage of the prevalence of smartphones and ask your opponent to please turn/leave the room while you place the trooper, take a shot with your phone and then have that as proof. However, the second method in essence reveals that you do have TO Camo troops, or, conversely, reveals you do not have them if you do not ask your opponent to do what you just asked him. So, would it be acceptable to always ask your opponent to turn his back/leave the room, even if you have no such troops / aren't deploying them in hidden deployment? Furthermore, same question stands for rolling infiltration dice for such troops. Is it okay for me to ask my opponent to leave the room, and then roll d20 when he comes back, even though I don't have hidden deployment? NOTE: I haven't done this, nor have I seen anyone doing this. Just idle wondering.