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Found 27 results

  1. Infinity Tournament Info for Gencon 50! The ‘Late Shows’ are official tournaments this year, and will be available for preregistration in the event catalog. The Thursday Late Show will be 3 rounds of ITS, 20 players, starting at 9pm CANCELLED The Friday Late Show will be 3 rounds of 300 pts LIMITED INSERTION ITS, 20 players, starting at 7pm Safe Area Biotechvore Supremacy The Thursday Main Event has been backed up to a 12pm start time, to allow travelers and shoppers more time to prepare for 4 rounds of ITS action! This event will be 300 points, no spec ops. Transmission Matrix Supplies Firefight Highly Classified The Friday Main Event is for the early birds. 10 am start. 4 rounds of ITS, 300 points, no spec ops. Sieze the Antennas Capture and Protect Cold Sleep Rescue And on Saturday… We are adding a 400 point team tournament. Each player will bring an ITS-legal Limited Insertion 200 point list. You can sign up with a friend as a team, or team up with a new friend at the event. 3 rounds. 28 spots, starts after the Seminar, around 2pm. @Miniature Tim, the Team Tournament Organizer sez: Two players, two 200-point LI lists, each must be a legal list, so each must have a LT. Each person gets an LT order each turn and 4 command tokens for the game. You and your teammate decide which of your LTs WIP to roll to start the game. You both play on the same table in the manner of a 400 pt game. Command tokens can only be spent on the troops in your own combat group. In order to go into LoL, BOTH LTs must be killed in the same turn. Nimbus Zone Antenna Field Capture & Protect Saturday will also feature the Gencon Invitational. Distinguished players from across Season 8 of Infinity, including the winners of the Thursday and Friday Main Events, will compete for a trip to the Season 9 Interplanetary! UPDATE: Currently, all tournaments are full. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please full out this form:
  2. Hey Infinityers, I'll be doing my Gen Con thing again this year, with pics to be posted here: I'm told I'll have free wifi, but I'm not sure of the speed, etc. Ideally, I'll be posting each day's in the evening, but that depends on how things shake out. I'll try to bump this post as I update the album. I'm looking forward to Gen Con, and I hope you all enjoy the pictures I post.
  3. GENCON PLAYERS! UPDATE: Bring printed lists for all tournaments. We are not requesting any other form of list submission at this time. If you are registered for the Thursday or Friday Main Events... that's the ones that start at 9AM... This year we have expanded to 24 players and 4 rounds of Infinity action! Please help us be ready for these events, so we can have a smooth start to a fun day of Infinity! Here is how to receive your Gencon ITS invite link. Send an email FROM THE ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ITS PIN with the subject line: (THURSDAY OR FRIDAY) First and Last Name ITS PIN Corvus Belli Official Forum NICK NAME to [email protected] Putting all of that in the subject line will facilitate Tim and Mark getting you registered and your invite sent. Your invite to the private ITS listing for the gencon tournaments via email from the tournament manager will come shortly after we receive your email. This email will be from '[email protected]' and will tell you that 'Locksmith' or 'Miniaturetim' have invited you to an ITS event!
  4. Is there any anticipated timeline for the use of this figure in ITS? For example, if I run down to GenCon on Thursday and score a copy of Red Veil. Can I feverishly assemble it that night and bring it to a tournament on Friday? Or, has there been notification that that level of fandom is not being encouraged?
  5. Hi all, For those of you who are not on social media or a part of the WGC Infinity group on Facebook that are planning on attending Gencon, there are a number of additional "unofficial" tournaments being offered that do not appear on the Gencon website for ticket purchase. There is a Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday day event. I will be running the Friday night event, aka Friday Night Mayhem. For those of you who attended Gencon in 2015 I also ran the Friday night event then. It was an awesome time, and went on way into the night. There was plenty of drinking and merriment going on. I hope to host another awesome casual ITS event this year for people to play games, meet others in the community, and (if interested) drink and carouse with fellow gamers. The event link can be found here: Event Info: Registration @ 6pm, Dice rolling by 7pm. 300pts direct action. Missions: decapitation, firefight, frontline. Will have a bonus award for most bloodthirsty (mostpoints killed), most Hassassin (most lt kills), and the honorary Fusilier Angus Award (person with least points alive over all rounds). Beerfinity (aka drinking while playing), will be highly supported and encouraged (but not required). Please message me to sign up or if you have any questions. You will need generic tickets in order to attend! To sign up, please click the event link ( and click on "I want to participate." Please post here, email me at [email protected] or message me via PM/facebook (Michael Klein) as well to confirm. If you have any questions, please message me or post here! Excited to see both old and new friends at Gencon again this year!
  6. Hi guys, The Data Conclave will be streaming the Infinity Seminar Saturday at 11am Eastern Time. Afterwards the seminar will be available on the YouTube page. For the link check out before the Seminar. Thanks Lazlo
  7. Apparently I'm going to Gen Con this week. Cool? I'll be taking pictures, I'll upload them to my flickr account. I'll try to let you all know when I do, but you can follow this album here, too, if you want. Enjoy!
  8. At least the promo Cap of the kazak Army! URSSariadna From Venezuela with love, at #GenCant 2015 convention have a nice day with all the infinity news from GEN CON 2015
  9. Hi all, As mentioned in the main gencon thread, I (and magno, other warcors, and everyone involved in gencon event planning) realize the event registration process is frustrating, and that there are a lot of people who may not have gotten tickets to all of the events they were hoping to play in. Gencon really is an awesome experience. I can tell you from my personal experience last year it was absolutely amazing to meet people from the wider American infinity community and play games and compete in tournaments. That said, we would like to give more people opportunities to enjoy that experience and get some awesome games of infinity in at gencon. There will be a tournament Friday night, starting at 6pm and going until midnight. Reddragon76 and I will be running the event (and possibly lazlo, but I am going to force him to play instead of run for once). Point level: 300 points two list ITS classic format. Missions: Anhiliation, frontline, supremacy. You will need to have generic tickets in order to play. Price will be $24. That means you will need to bring 12 generic tickets to play. Please respond here if you would like to register for the event. EDIT (reposted from below): ****UPDATE***** We are full!!!! Awesome response guys. If you are still interested in attending, dont be discouraged! Sign up and I will put you on the waitlist. Often there will be at least a spot or so that opens up on the day of the tournament. Make sure that if you are on the waitlist, you show up on time to see if there are spots. Also, be sure to check out the Saturday tournament run by Plebian as well! Current Pre-Registration List: 1. Barakiel 2. Warpanda 3. Madpat 4. Claudius Sol 5. KumJay 6. Blackaleph 7. FutwahJones 8. Frost_Brood 9. Haqqattack 10. Zomburs 11. T-Rev 12. Knightofargh 13. Lazlo 14. Savant 15. Roger 4bit 16. Mualdeave 17. Howlin Mad Murphy 18. Outremar92 19. RattlrNxt 20. Lost Cateran Waitlist Darren04
  10. So I have a quick question, I was out of town and off the grid for several weeks, so I am not sure if there was a request for a list to be turned in prior to each of the infinity tournaments… can someone tell me if they are? and if so, who to give them to?
  11. Gentlemen, the following link is open for you to download and use Rashiriya Rules as we'll be running it at GenCon this year. RASHIRIYA
  12. If you've signed up for the Morat Prison Break scenario at Gencon here is all you'll need to know going in. You're allowed to bring any Dire Foe or a 20 XP Spec Op. You're not allowed to be a Morat or Shasvastii OBVS. Skills and Abilities Nothing is forbidden. Bring whatever you like. Please do keep in mind that you start the game in a prison cell so before you spend all that XP making your guy an HMG / Sniper Rifle wielding badass know that you have to get out of your cell and find that stuff first. You start the game with your fists. Everything else you earn. Someone should be good with their fists. Skills are skills and you always have those as long as they don't require equipment. If you're a Doctor, you're still a Doctor. Someone should be a Doctor. If you're an Engineer then you're still an Engineer. If you're a Hacker, you'll be a hacker after you find your hacking device. In playtesting some players argued that mimetism was a skill and didn't require equipment but that's nonsense and won't be allowed. Feel free to bring it but you won't get the bonus until you find your equipment. Special Rules Everyone is irregular and there is a shared pool of two regular orders. You'll have to work together. In our testing orders were never an issue. Don't worry, you can't die all the way. Call it Spawn Embryo Level X if you want. If someone obliterates you with a missile launcher and your teammate finds a pinkie and gets it to the right place they can rebuild you. They have the technology. Doctors can only revive unconscious models without the aid of special devices, however. Other Notes The board is massive. It's probably the largest board you've seen for Infinity. This also means it's cumbersome to play on. It's OK, it will still be fun. Play painted dudes if you can. Take pictures while you play. You'll be glad you did. Stay engaged. It's capped at 6 players and I will try to keep things moving but be a part of your group and don't let one overbearing personality make your decisions for you. It's your character and your irregular order. We can and will amp up or scale back the difficulty level based on how the party is doing. It's not impossible but it can and should be difficult. It's supposed to be a narrative event, not an ITS game. Focus on your character and their story and make decisions appropriately. Be fluffy. If you're a Nomad player and an Aleph asshole dies in front of you, maybe you don't revive them because F those guys? Most importantly try to have fun. If you're not having fun let me know and I'll try to fix that. I will totally change the rules to make sure people are having fun because that's the point of playing games. Don't try to win, try to escape the prison. This is the last event of the day for a reason. People should be tired and probably a little drunk. Everyone will walk away with something so just have a good time. Feel free to post questions but don't be mad if I ignore them know...spoilers. See you guys there. Trust me we'll be easy to find because the table is ridiculous.
  13. The weekend was my third year of running demos at DragonCon. I thought I would share with you folks a few things I've noticed. Some things that have stayed the same, and some really interesting changes. 1. Recognition is way up. My first question for a player is 'How did you hear about Infinity'. 2 years ago, the most common answer was the youtube videos or just seeing blisters in the LGS. This year, I got some new and really exciting answers: BoW is now the most common answer. Potential Infinity players who stayed away because of the game's reputation for complexity are excited about N3. Some of the same guys who played a demo 2 years ago and said it was fun but that they would be sticking with Warmachine or 40k came back this year with factions picked out, ready to buy in as soon as N3 hits the streets. People are listening to Mayacast. The 2nd most common answer to BoW is Mayacast. Several players came to the table having listened to every episode of 0-12 and Maya. Tom and Kip's enthusiasm for the game is infectious and there are a lot of people out there without an LGS nearby and Mayacast is the face (voice?) of Infinity for them. You're knocking it out of the park, Mayacast, great job! If Magno and the others who toil to organize Gencon events wonder if they have any impact on Gencon attendees that aren't Infinity players, the answer is a big yes. With the 2 events so close together, I don't get a lot of overlap. But every person who came by my table who actually had been at Gencon had great things to say about you guys and the way your set up looked. 2. A word of caution: We should all be careful how we post. We've all had bad games and we all have that one model we'd like to see changed. But please, if you're posting about our game that we love and want to share with new players, please please please remember to be overall positive. With all the new internet attention comes the inevitable... potential players who google search Infinity, find a forum and just start reading. People are getting some bad data from forums, including this one: -Infinity is all about cheerleaders. This is an old chestnut, but one I never heard from new players until this year. Our posts are giving potential players the idea that Infinity is all about powerful solo models who steamroll the opposition. I spent a lot of time this year turning people around on this idea by showing them just what a line troop with a rifle can get done ... but our posts are going to have a lot more impact than 20 demos on one weekend in Atlanta. -Infinity is random because of d20s. More than one new player had gotten the impression from forum reading that the game is random and unpredictable because d20s mean no tactics. Again, I can fight this notion in person, and I love doing it. The smile on a player's face when he sees just how satisfyingly tactical Infinity can be is awesome! But again, I'm one guy in one hotel basement for 3 days in one city. We can touch hundreds of potential players with every post... What we do well with our posts: Infinity is inexpensive and the models are amazing. Lists aren't important so being an expert at the metagame takes a back seat to reading the table well. Infinity is FUN! Every person who came to the table this year knew that people are having a blast playing it, and that's the best possible advertising. P.S. I did not use the Op Icestorm scenarios (one week was not enough time to be really familiar with them) but I did use the new rules for Surprise shot, combat drop, and rolling ties. All of these met with huge approval from players, especially those who had been by my table last year and didn't like combat camo.
  14. Edit: so no one took the Easter egg bait, we'll just crack the egg now. GenCon Invitational Tournament: presented by Warsenal. When: Sunday Aug 17th at GenCon; 8am to 3pm. Format: 3 rounds, 1 list, LifeBlood, Beacon Race, Antenna Field 3 spots to the tournament winners of the Thur, Fri, and Saturday Gencon tournaments.Invitations: 3 spots to the top 3 ranked US ITS players in attendance at GenCon. 2 WildCard spots open for achievements gained while playing at GenCon during all Infinity gaming events. Prize: Airfare and Hotel to attend the 2nd annual Interplanetary Tournament in Spain 2015. Yes, gentlemen, you heard that right, Warsenal wants to have a top tier player represent the States at next year's big Spanish tournament. So, if your serious about this prize and this torunament, plan out your GenCon appropriately and be ready for event registration on May 18th. More details to come in due time.
  15. [Debrief report....file log 14GC-214378] To everyone who came out to GenCon, thank you, congrats and kick ass. Infinity had very humble beginnings at GenCon 7 years ago when TableTopGaming ran a small tournament of an unknown Spanish game. I think its safe to say, Infinity had a tangable and powerful pressence in the massive gaming hall and wxhibition hall. That presence has been the continued growth of the community responding, collaborating, and insisting that Infinity is a huge reason to be at GenCon. This was the first year Infinity had dedicated table space in the ever growing monstrosity that is the gaming area. Having dedicated tabke space in your own open area makes a world of difference. And without a doubt, Infinity had what was referred to us by many staff and attendees as "the greatest looking terrain ever to be at the Con." Warsenal and Schadle really stepped up their game this year with terrain. I mean, honestly, it was a glorious lay out. On behalf of everyone who came out to GenCon for Infinity, thank yous. Angaron: thanks for sending down the terrain. On behalf of Angel and CB thanks for you and the righteous Chicagoland crew for introducing he and Maria to the States. Word is he's coming to Adepticon next year guns blazing. Finkelheim Thanks again for the terrain and for donating the tables. Lazlo, Wax, DTJunkie You guys are heck of team. Thanks for helping out with the on rush of intro games, demos and the weekend events. I don't think any of us forsaw that many people wanting more. Doremicon If anyone wants to see what it looks like to have gattling gun give demos, go by the CB booth and see this veritable HRMC in action. EnduroJoe Well, I think I now appreciate why you call yourself Enduro. That was a heck up a marathon you pulled in the gaming hall. Reddragon Way to step up with a shelf full of painted starter sets for the intro games. That was tits. Thanks for being the rock in the gaming hall. MadPat Thanks for covering Sunday intro games. ClaudiusSoul Thanks for stepping up with after hours. BunnieGod Shit dude, didn't even realize that having a dedicated ref rules reference ringer was gonna be not only needed, but fun. Thanks holmes. ThirteenPixels To you Bromad, I apologize. Have that egg in face ready next year. Seriously, hell of weekend and hell of table and paintjob. Thanks for the massive support over the years. Thanks for being the catalyst of ensuring US Infinity is one that is about having fun and being strong. Thanks for setting up that one of kind Invitational tournament, thanks for arranging that epic dinner Sunday night and godspeed going forward. Mulciber Now that was a way to show up for a special scenario. You guys weren't kidding when you said you were going big. That Morat table was impressive. Cervantes My man. Thanks for your ever present wisdom, sanity, energy, focus, and durabilty through the year. Thanks for being the black hand and making sure that ever growing synergy between CB, the gaming hall and the event hall are becoming a true Krug at GenCon. To everyone on the forums, I can't stress enough all the hard work and effort these guys put into making Infinity not only one of the most enjoyable experiences at GenCon but doing so in a fashion that truely lives up to all the standards and qualities whuch we've come to love and enjoy about this gane and community. So, another amazing GenCon. If this year was Operation:GenCon I can only imagine next year will be a full on campaign.
  16. Here are the GenCon tables in all their glory!
  17. Where are they?! I'm media starved, don't do FB and find Twitter obnoxious! Post 'em up dudes, c'mon!
  18. Last updated: Jan 15th, 2014 ************************************************************************************ Placeholder for Infinity events at GenCon 2014. Weblink being established for GenCon event submission. Events and details will be finalized after WarCor program is up and running ************************************************************************************ ******************* placeholder ***************** ************ placeholder *************
  19. I was surfing through the events list for GenCon and stumbled across this. I thought a few people would be pleased.
  20. So, we're still waiting for the WarCor program to go online, but we can't wait any longer to really start organizing and getting GenCon plans squared away. This thread is to solicit for folks who wish to help out as a WarCor at GenCon. Current WarCors: Cervantes EnduroJoe Lazlo ThirteenPixels Magno RedDragon Attached is a doc mapping out all the current event planned for GenCon and the WarCor coverage we are looking for. If you are interested in supporting GenCon as a WarCor, please post up or PM me so we can start organizing who and when folks will support GenCon this year. We have the ability to update, ammend and add events as requested. WarCors are only supporting the gaming hall, not the booth or other activities. The primary need is to support the Introductory games between 8am and 6pm. Updated 10-Apr-14 Warcor coverage Intro games Thurs: 8-1: Enduro Joe Thurs: 1-6: RedDragon Fri: 8-1: Enduro Joe Fri: 1-6: RedDragon Sat: 8-1: Enduro Joe Sat: 3-6: Sun::8-12: Sun: 12-4: Tournaments: Thurs: TO: Magno, Refs: Fri: TO: Magno, Refs: RedDragon morning, Enduro Joe afternoon Sat: TO: Lazlo, Refs: RedDragon morning, EnduroJoe afternoon Sun: TO: EnduroJoe Refs: Seminar coverage: Magno. Its now tradition.
  21. As if anyone needed another reason to go to GenCon next year, Angel posted on his Facebook page that he will be attending GenCon and he says he will have some classes there.
  22. I wanted to post some pics of a few tables I put together for Gencon. I love making scenery but have never put together something for Infinity before. Everyone reading this should agree: Infinity terrain is much more intense than 40K/WM/Etc. So this was a big deal for me. After these pictures were taken, I got some great coaching on Lines of Sight from Magno and the other more experienced players. What folks ended up playing on was a much better arrangement of buildings and scatter terrain -- to balance the effectiveness of short and long range weapons. Now I have a much better idea for how to make and set up tables. Improvement suggestions are welcome! Board overview - 16x4 board supporting 4 games Broad views - Buildings and most of the street terrain are made from 3mm thick MDF. Designs are home brewed. Some tighter shots for detail The buildings on the board were made of MDF and engineered to a - stack within one another for storage space conservation b - stack on top of each other for multi-level play and allow play on the insides For future boards, I'd like to continue with those elements but also allow for faster table setups times. I have some ideas to work out in that regard....
  23. So I found that I had over 12 GB of footage, so I had to break it up into 2 parts..... Part 1: I will post part 2 tomorrow morning. It's rendering right now while I'm at work. Part 2:
  24. With thanks again to Guges for letting me use his photos and Doremicom for the videos of the seminar - and of course Bostria and the rest of Corvus Belli, the digested Gencon news... Gencon 2013 - Infinity News
  25. Do we have one yet? Maybe this can be it?