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  1. "So he revealed a TO HI from HD in ARO and now AP/EXP ML shots are flying around, what am I supposed to do and more importantly, what the hell is he talking about!?" If you're new to Infinity, you might have already noticed we use a lot of acronyms to save time. This list written to facilitate the introduction, so you may soon sling TLAs with the best of them. If I missed anything, let me know! (To experienced players: Yes, the descriptions are superficial and incomplete. This is an intro glossary, not a wiki) 360V = 360º Visor AC = [Portable] Autocannon (anti-armor weapon) AD = Airborne Deployment AD1 = Airborne Deployment: Parachutist (choose a table edge quarter before the battle) AD2 = Airborne Deployment: Airborne Infiltration (choose the table edge quarter immediately before landing) AD4 = Airborne Deployment: Combat Jump (place a circular template and land in that area) ADHL = Adhesive Launcher AHD, assHD = Assault Hacking Device AP = Assault Pistol / Armor-Piercing [ammo] / Anti-Personnel [mines] ARO = Automatic Reaction Order (pretty much everything you do in the reactive turn) ASA = Acontecimento Shock Army (a PanOceanian sectorial army) ASS = Assault Sub-Section of the ALEPH forces (a.k.a. Steel Phalanx sectorial) Asshacker = hacker with Assault Hacking Device Asspistol = Assault Pistol B = Burst B2B = Base-to-base contact Bio#, BioV# = Biometric Visor Level # BJC = Bakunin Jurisdictional Command (Nomad sectorial) BS = Boarding Shotgun / Ballistic Skill BSG = Boarding Shotgun BTB -> B2B CA = Combined Army CB = Corvus Belli CC = Close Combat (statistic ("CC roll") or situation ("we're in CC")) CCW = Close Combat Weapon CG = Celestial Guard (a Yu Jing unit) CH = Camouflage and Hiding (the whole skill tree) CHA = Caledonian Highlander Army (an Ariadnan sectorial army) Chain smoker = cheap warband with chain rifle and smoke grenades Cheerleader = model whose main purpose is to provide a regular order to others; also: orderbot, order-monkey CJC = Corregidor Jurisdictional Command (Nomad sectorial) CP, C: P = Campaign: Paradiso (the third Infinity book) CRAP = Chain Rifle, Assault Pistol (a S.A.S. unit loadout) DEP = Descanse en Paz ("Rest in Peace" - a one-shot anti-armor launcher) DTW = Direct Template Weapon (anything that uses a template and auto-hits; mostly chain-somethings and flamers) EI = Evolved Intelligence (the entity that runs the CA) E/M = Electromagnetic [ammo] EVO = EVO Repeater GdA = Guarda de Asalto (a PanOceanian unit) GHRL = Guided Heavy Rocket Launcher (incendiary weapon) (N2 name) GML = Guided Missile Launcher (anti-armor weapon) (N2 name) GMSR = Guided Multi Sniper Rifle (N2 name) F2F = Face-to-Face roll FB = Feuerbach (anti-armor weapon) FD# = Forward Deployment Level # FO = Forward Observer FRRM -> MRRF FTF = Face-to-Face roll HB = Hassassin Bahram (Haqqislam sectorial) HD = Hacking Device / Hidden Deployment (when a unit starts hidden with not even a marker, only a position on the map noted down) HD+ = Hacking Device Plus HFT = Heavy Flamethrower HGL = Heavy Grenade Launcher HI = Heavy Infantry (i.e. powered armor) HMC = Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon, =HRMC HMG = Heavy Machine Gun Holo1 = Holoprojector Level 1 (appear as another unit) Holo2 = Holoprojector Level 2 (fake holoechoes) HRL = Heavy Rocket Launcher (incendiary weapon) HRMC = Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon, =HMC HS = Human Sphere (the second Infinity book) HSN3 = Human Sphere, Infinity third edition (2nd release of Human Sphere) HVT = High Value Target (civilian in ITS scenarios) ICS = Infinity Campaign System IMP = Impersonation or Impersonation Marker ISS = IS = Imperial Service (sometimes unofficially called the Imperial Secret Service; a Yu Jing sectorial army) ITS = Infinity Tournament System JSA = Japanese Sectorial Army KHD = Killer Hacking Device KSCD = Kuang Shi Control Device (often mentioned because this loadout also has a Smoke LGL) KTS = Kaplan Tactical Services (a mercenary unit/organization) LFT = Light Flamethrower LGL = Light Grenade Launcher LI = Light Infantry LoF = Line of Fire LoL = Loss of Lieutenant LRL = Light Rocket Launcher (incendiary weapon) LS, LSG = Light Shotgun LSGL = Light Smoke Grenade Launcher LT = Lieutenant (an army commander) LVZ = Low Visibility Zone (-3 modifier) MA# = Martial Arts level # MAF = Morat Aggression Force (a Combined Army sectorial) MAS = Micro Art Studio (company that makes "official" Infinity terrain) MI = Medium Infantry Mk12 = Mk12 (A battle rifle. Yes, it's its full name) ML = Missile Launcher (anti-armor weapon) MO = Military Orders (a PanOceanian sectorial army) MR = Multi Rifle MRRF = Merovingian Rapid Response Force (an Ariadnan sectorial army, a.k.a. FRRM from the French variant) MSR = Multi Sniper Rifle (multiple ammunition types, not multiple snipers ) MSV# = Multi-Spectral Visor level # Murderbot = Total Reaction remote MX#, MM#, MML# = Marksmanship level # N2 = Infinity second edition N3 = Infinity third edition (current) NBW = Natural Born Warrior NCA = Neoterran Capitalline Army (PanO sectorial) NFB = Negative Feedback (cannot have >1 NFB skills active at the same time) NWI = Valor: No Wound Incapacitation (unit can be fully active when "unconscious") ODD = Optical Disruption Device (no full camouflage, but -6 to hit) ODF = Optical Disruption Field (Pi-Well has it, gives ODD to all models within a circular template centered on user) OSS = Operations Subsection of the ALEPH forces (vanilla Vedic units) PC = Plasma Carbine PF = Panzerfaust (two-shot anti-armor launcher) PSR = Plasma Sniper Rifle PVZ = Poor Visibility Zone (-6 modifier) QK = Qapu Khalqi (a Haqqislamite sectorial Army) Rambo/ramboing = spending most/all orders in a turn on one strong model REM = Remote (automatic or remote-controlled drones) RF = Red Fury (weapon) S = Silhouette SEF = Shasvastii Expeditionary Force (CA sectorial) SF = Suppressive Fire SHRL = Smart Heavy Rocket Launcher (incendiary weapon) SK = Skirmisher (unit class; infiltrators) SMG = Submachine Gun SML = Smart Missile Launcher (anti-armor weapon) SMR = Shock Marksman Rifle SMSR = Smart Multi Sniper Rifle SS1/2 = Sixth Sense level 1 / 2 SWC = Support Weapons Cost (you get one for each full 50 points of the list format) TAG = Tactical Armored Gear (the big robots) TO = Thermoptic [Camouflage] / Tournament Organizer TR = Total Reaction Vanilla = non-sectorial list WB = Warband (class of expendable impetuous troops) WCD = War Contract Department (the old Exrah part of the Combined Army) YAMS = Yet Another Mission System (a card-based objective system by IJW) YJ = Yu Jing ZVZ = Zero Visibility Zone (no LoF at all) Some additional abbreviations are covered by the ammunition chart. Some more common ones: DA = Double Action (2 ARM rolls on each hit suffered) E/M = Electromagnetic (instead of wounding, roll to disable electronics; E/M CCW rolls both for wounding and disabling electronics) EXP = Explosive (3 ARM rolls on each hit suffered) K1 = ? (DMG 12, target armor = 0 for this roll) Mono = Monofilament (roll against DMG 12, failed roll destroys model outright and removes from the table) N = Normal (no special effects) T2 = ? (Teseum round; each failed ARM roll causes 2 wounds) Painting/modeling related: GS = "green stuff" (a two-part modeling putty) NMM = Non-Metallic Metal (painting a metallic effect without actual metallic pigment) OSL = Object-Source Lighting (painting light reflected from an object onto a miniature) PVA = Polyvinyl Acetate [glue] (a.k.a. white glue, carpenter's glue) RMS = Reaper Master Series (a line of paints) VGC = Vallejo Game Color (a line of paints) VMC = Vallejo Model Color (a line of paints)
  2. Hello fellow alien commanders, so you looked at a couple of Corvus Belli’s excellent Onyx miniatures and want to get started? You enjoy playing with miniatures so big that they barely fit on their base? Or are you an experienced player looking for a place to discuss advanced tactics? Well, this thread is for you. I will shamelessly copy the tried and true structure of the various excellent tactics threads in this and other sub forums and use the following structure: Faction overview Unit discussion List building General strategies (WIP) Sample lists (WIP) Faction-specific strategies (coming soon or “mañana”) Mission-specific strategies (coming soon or “mañana”) This guide is aimed primarily at ITS play. While most of the things I will write here may be true for other mission systems please keep in mind that I use the ITS lens for my unit assessments. Usability of units and profiles will vary greatly on how specialist-dependent your mission system is. I will try to keep this thread up to date with profile changes and FAQs and I look forward to your, perhaps differing, thoughts on the matters I present. Faction overview Introduced with HSN3, the Onyx Contact Force is Infinity’s latest faction. The Onyx Contact Force is a task-specific sectorial, meaning it doesn’t limit you to one of the CA’s races but presents you with select options from all the races in the EIs repertoire. The Onyx Contact Force’s main strategy is crushing enemy resistance through sheer force - most tricks we have are ultimately aimed at killing stuff. Onyx’ style of play can be compared to PanOceania’s. Strengths Perhaps the best active turn shooting capabilities in Infinity. While Onyx’ BS ratings aren’t stellar, the vast amount of Assisted-Fire capable REMs, including lots of special weapons and even specialist options, secures them a top spot in this category. Great reactive turn shooting capabilities: With our excellent link teams, Q-Drone, Overdron and Noctifer ML, Onyx can form an impressive gun line. Just keep in mind that some of our units need to be buffed in order to operate at full capability, meaning they are at serious risk when your enemy gets the first turn. Excellent hacking. Specialist and Hacker Lieutenant options. The only Evo Hacking Device which can shoot. Cheap TAGs. Drop troops with more than 1W. Effective high order count lists are possible. Weaknesses Only one Doc option… and only one Engineer option… and only one D-Charge option… all on the same profile. Many good choices are vulnerable to hacking. No Killer Hacking Device, which can be a problem for REM-focused lists. No Smoke. No cheap infiltrating camo troops. No Mnemonica Lieutenant options and no dirt-cheap (10 points) Lieutenant profiles. Unit discussion Imetron Imetrons are AI beacons. At just four points, they provide Onyx with a regular order. However, they need to drop using combat jump and they can’t do anything by themselves (not even dodging). If Imetrons fail on their combat jump roll (40% chance) they suffer dispersion. If they disperse out of the game table, they are lost to you: Something you should avoid at all costs. This is why I would advise you to deploy your Imetrons in the center 16*16 area of the game table. This way, they can’t be lost due to dispersion. I’d advise to put them in places where enemy troopers will need two or three orders to reach them and away from mission objectives. This will make going for them an unattractive task for your adversary. Another interesting strategy is using Imetrons as traps: Put an Imetron at a rather easy-to-reach place, let enemy Infiltrators come near and then shoot them in the back with your Malignos in Hidden Deployment. You have a Malignos in hidden deployment, right? Imetrons are a good way to bring a solid list to 14-16 orders and if I use such a list, I will always have used two of them. If you go for a 10-11 order list, it’s better to leave them at home. With a rather low model count, having two models that can’t do anything won’t do you any good.
  3. Greetings, I’m going to try to unify all my knowledge and thinking about the Shasvastii sectorial after playing with them for a while. For trying to be purely objective, the next reviews you are goint t oread are made through my experience, and shaped up my game style and my metagame, trying to be universal anyways. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to improve or correct anything you see wrong or insufficient. Why to play shasvastii as a sectorial? Because you like camo’d units, regular or TO, because you want to use and abuse infiltration and impersonation. Because you rather go from side, taking advantage of opponent’s weakness, instead going head to head. Because you don’t need the Ur shiny toys to have fun. And because you like slimy and sinister aliens. Why not top lay shasvastii as a sectorial? Because you like Heavy Infantries. Because you want HMGs the more the better. Because you feel naked playing without potent fireteams. Because you think MSV are a must. Because you like “swarm” lists. Because you are Humanity, or Tohaanity, fan. Possible solutions to the lack of MSV ¿How to play a sectorial which can’t field not even one MSV? First solution that you can figure up is to field a fireteam, due to the four men link bonus the miniatures have SS Lv2, but fireteams (as will be explained later) are not the main shasvastii feature. So playing this sectorial you have to learn to play Supression Fire properly. There are not plenty of direct template weapons to fight camo’d and smoked units, but you can field lists which have most of the units geared up with mines what, taking into account ranges and scenery, are a good help against smoke and camouflage To play a sectorial without fireteams? Play a sectorial have a nice advantage, you can link troops; but in the shasvastii’s case due the nature of the available fireteams all of this is relative. Seed-Soldiers, Gwailos and Caliban are the three linkable options. Seed-Soldiers are the worst cheerleaders in the game, the most disappointing “basic” trooper. The “putty patrol” suffer the seed-embryo infamous rule and the combi+light shotgun cost tax, so are only playable if you want to sabe points for a more expensive unit, aka the Sphinx. Gwailos are a weird link in the usual shasvastii ways, forcing you to tailor the list around this fireteam and, since the third book, mostly making Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin mandatory. And Caliban are a great input for missions, but have little use outside this kind of games, and even they are arguable in missions without a heavy infiltration penalty. On the other had, regarding CA generic lists, we have highter AVA in some units, making possible (if the games allows or require it) to field lists full of camo’d and infiltration units. “Kamofest” doctrine To lose the initiative roll is seen for many players as a bad omen, but with this sectorial not have to be that way. Due to the large amount, even whole list, of camo’d and hidden deployment units you can field, the opponent may have a bumpy first turn, and not an easy task to take advantage of the initiative roll. Deploying To units downgrading their camo, stack several miniatures under a single marker, minelayed mines, and embryo seeds, are very useful tools to mislead your opponent, and turning against him or her the iniative. A Lazarus sectorial Almost every unit have Auto-medikit (PHI 12), adding the spawn embryo factor, Shasvastii are hard to make retire, specialy if you are playing Batroids Baggage. A miniature coming back to the game is a constant threat for your opponent, you can’t make your strategy around this, but a miniature threatening an important area of the table, an objective or a botteneck, may force to play defensively to your opponent, leaving a unit behind ready to ARO the Auto-Medikit use or even using orders to wipe all the seeds threatening that area. Briefly; you can’t trust in that sixty percent for revival, but you may calculate the seed effect in your opponent’s turn. Light Infantry Seed-Soldiers: The most basic Shasvastii. A part from what has been said; you can field a Light Grenade Launcher loadout, but initial BS11 make speculative shots tricky. You can also field Fordward Observer loadout, making a cheap specialist for missions and a handy AROer. Cadmus: The one and only shasvastii airborne, and exotic troop if there was ever one. Coming into play as a Cadmus-Seed they are not as “inmediate” as other AD units, and can’t field heavy weaponry as other AD units either. Although the Light Grenade Launcher loadout offer some amount of sinergy with the Cadmus feature: Morpho-Scan; duplicating a high BS, the Cadmus could be the better source of speculative shots available. As a shortcoming, this unit is the same points range of the better units in the sectorial, so they don’t see much games. Haiduks: Another weird unit, without the most common skills. Sapper don’t make them as hard to kill as the rest of the available AROers, but Haiduks can overtake areas which other units couldn’t just because they can create cover in the middle of nothing. Even with their low points cost, their subpar BS and their CAP cost don’t make them profitable. Guided multi sniper loadout is an exercise in futility, and personally I’ve tried to make a slot for them in several lists without any memorable performance Noctifers: TO non-infiltrator unit, and with the V:Dogged twist. Apart of the basic and Lt loadouts, both with combi, they can be fielded with Spitfire, Missile Launcher or as Hacker.As no infiltrators, and its cost, Spitfire Noctifer is not the most useful unit. Missile Launcher attack from combat camouflage is a big surprise, but most of the times after this blazing glory momento, the noctifer is going to have to do some overtime to rent its cost. The hacker option would be ideal if there were no a higher WIP hacker available, but the V:Dogged skill is pretty useful if the Noctifer have to venture in a hot area to reach an objective. Asuangs: More camo’d units, and through S:Prothein sharing V:Dogged with Noctifers. Arguably the most playable Spitfire (even not infiltrating), the only ADHL source, and the best cost-effect relation Lieutenant in the sectorial. One of those units which owns its cost range. Ironically the miniature available is the less playable loadout. Med-Tech Obsidon Mechanoid: Wip 14 engineer and doctor, 6-4 movement, 23 points, an old reliable for missions. The only “buts” you can say about it, are their 40mm base and what is a Medic in a sectorial plenty of Auto-Medikits and V:Dogged Agent Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin: The only sectorial’s chacacter, linkable with any fireteam. Despite its ARM 1, Agent Sheskiin has a nice survivality due the Nanoscreen, S: Protheion and V:NWI, so its a good Lt option. Multi Rifle and Nanopulser are great weapons to be in a fireteam Linked with Seed-Soldiers is a cheap source of BS18 (21 in optimal range) Multi Rifle, with Gwailos is their only way to geta a full fireteam, and with the Caliban may be used as a bulwark for the engineers and bringing more firepower to the posible Feuerbach. Skirmishers Shroudeds: Auto-Medikit, camouflage and infiltration, the shasvastii sign of autheticity. Another unit which AVA was reduced in Paradiso, from four to three. The masters and landlords of the twentish-thirtish points range in my lists. Most basic loadouts are not very common in the tables on behalf of more specilized shroudeds, not the most useful Lt., and an arguable sniper (since infiltrating snipers are arguable). Both Hacker and FO are useful as cheap infiltrating specialists for missions. And lastly the minelayer loadout, the jewel in the Crown full of sinergy and fun. Malignos: De-Luxe Shroudeds. Improving regular camo to TO, one more ARM point and one more WIP point. That extra WIP point makes Malignos really useful in missions, as FO loadout in a lesser extent. Another arguable sniper, but harder to kill than the Shrouded one. And in the same way as their little siblings, the Malignos standing out is mine related one, not a minelayer loadout, but a monofilament mine nightmare for the mid table control. Another unit paying the taxing overcost of the Combi Rifle and Light Shotgun mix, but in this case is less hurting due to the excelent whole. Speculo Killers: Shasvastii impersonators. The first thing standing out of a mile is the Monofilament CC weapon and its Martial Arts, its a threat for “flamboyant” targets like obvious Lts, Characters, even for TAGs (not entering the CC discussion). But I think Speculo are more useful for psychological warfare, threatening flanks, possible routes and objectives. It’s incredible the amount of orders an opponent may use to neutralize an elusive Speculo Killer, for this task the Smoke Grenades are really useful, once the unit is spotted. Medium Infantry Gwailos: Previous to Paradiso’s book the only medium infantry in the sectrial. One weird unit between the shasvastii; no camo, no auto-medikit, and ready to blaze some glory to the opponent’s face. It’s hard to make room for this fireteam in the lists due to their lack of sinergy with the whole sectorial, even with their nanoscreen, a BS only bested by the Sphinx, and the possibility to link spitfire, Multi Rifle and/or HRL. In the latest book their AVA was reduced from five to four, making mandatory to link Agent Sheskiin to get a full fireteam, equating Gwailos with other fireteams, but reducing even more their playability. Caliban: In first place I have to say that linkable engineers are the apple of my eye. and I see them as the best choice to play several missions. This unit can be fielded as Seed-Embryo or already hatched and developed. The Seed-embryo Caliban may use Inferior Infiltration as an alternative loadout. Imho this option is subpar, you only save one point and you are going to lose a whole turn with these miniatures or one order a piece to hatch them before time. The Inferior Infiltration loadouts are even worse because you usualy want top lay Calibans in missions, and even in not infiltration penalyzed missions, you are going to risk your engineers unnecessary. Developed Calibans are the most standard costwise. They begin the game in your own deployment zone what aggravates their 4-2 movement, but as a fireteam you are saving orders to move them. The Calibans vantage point is the possibility to link the mighty Feuerbach (on the the few options you have in the game), bringing a lot of firepower to the sectorial. Remotes M Drone: Usual Sensor and FO remote, adding Multiterraing to the mix. Too much expensive to be an usual cheerleader, and unfortunately in the same cost range of the very best units in the sectrial. Maybe the most useless drone. Q Drone: Total Reaction with the only HMG and the only Plasma Rifle availables, and another source of Monofilamente Mines, and on the top C: Mimetism. Total Reaction and Neurocinetics units are often easy killable from combat camouflage, but since you can field two Q Drones they can look for each other. Q Drone is the reason for what Drones Box is a must for Shasvastii players. T Drone: A regular GML Remte. WIthout HD+ and several Markers in the sectorial, GML tactic is hard to play, relying in FOs only. I’ve played T drones in missions where you already need to field several FO as specialists, but with no remarkable results R Drone: The cheapest order and the swiftest repeater in the sectorial, For a point more you can field the Ikadron Batroid which is usually more useful. Slave Drones: Little to say about this little remotes, maybe a little less useful amongst shasvastii with so many Auto-Medikits. Ikadron Batroid: Paying nine points you can’t ask anything else; Baggage, dual light flamethrower, repeater and Flash Pulse as main features. Ikadron allows you to field really useful cheerleaders for first time in the sectorial TAG Sphinx: Light Tag by excellence: 6-6 movement, Multiterrain and Climbing Plus, the Sphinx is one of the most mobile units in the game. This mobilidty, its TO camo, and its weaponry (dual HFT and Spitfire) make this tag a close quarter nightmare, but obviously the Sphinx may suffer against some marksmans, always depending on scenary. Imho, one of the units in the game which is the most fun to use a whole group ten orders on it. EDIT: English is not my first language and this is a pretty long text, so if anyone spot some grammar unnecessary roughness, please PM to correct it. Thanks a lot.
  4. STOP PRESS- with the advent of Human Sphere 2- there will be many changes to the MAF. This thread is N3 PRE HS2. Having read a few threads recently- and seen a fantastic Tohaa guide- I thought it would be beneficial to start a Morat Discussion thread for N3. Much thanks to TheMatsjo for inspiring me... and yes- I liked the format so much I plagiarised it unashamedly! This will never be completed or definitive... Update as needed! THE N3 MORAT MANUAL 1. Thread Rules Welcome to the N3 Morat Sectorial faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outline of the Morats. I have played Morats almost exclusively for N2 and have learned many lessons... painfully. I am not an authority on everything- but I suggest to the forum that the collective wisdom of the Morat players on this board is somewhat of an authority on everything Morat. The intent is to produce a living guide that will be completely open and subject to change as new models are introduced and new concepts debated. I will update this accordingly. Everyone is free to chime in and add their 5 cents- everything is worthy of discussion! 2. Morat Playstyle The Morats are an unabashedly aggressive race. Ferocious and unflinching- they are the assault troops of the Combined Army. You will trudge your Morats forward and rely on firepower, smoke grenades and cold steel to wrench the enemy free from their positions. This complete lack of subtlety is demonstrated in that Morats have one infiltrating unit- the Zerat- and no form of camouflage or hidden deployment. Be warned- if you want fancy tricks and mind games- this is not the faction for you. If you like mowing down enemy figures in a hail of HMG fire... you are most welcome to join the illustrious Morat Supremacy. 3. Specific to the Morats On the face of it- Morats don't seem to do anything particular better than any other faction. This fact, coupled with the almost empty bag of tricks (no TO, no hidden deployment, no ODD), it may seem crippling. DODGE Spoiler The flipside of this coin is that the Morats have typically good PH meaning they can dodge better than most- and even throw smoke with a good chance of success. MORAT SPECIAL RULE Spoiler Also, with the MORAT SPECIAL RULE (all your Morat troops are Veteran Level 1 and all your Morat troops are Religious) the Morats will stay on the board until every last one is killed and most won't budge from being shot at (unless you want them to by passing a WIP roll). And with WIPs of 13, they'll take cover- grudgingly- but usually they will. Whilst Morats were punished by high priced units in N2 (attributed to their Religious ability), N3 price drops have made them more competitive. How this translates into the ITS2015 environment and beyond.... we will see. 4. Unit Discussion and Army Composition This could be an encyclopaedia on its own so I'll preface this section with my own pre-amble. Spoiler Army Core The back bone of a Morat force will vary depending on points values. In low points games- 150-250points- there is a general consensus that you will be fielding a 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of either Daturazis or Morat Vanguard Infantry. How you flesh out that link team will be up to you to decide (see the unit discussions below). There can also be the (once ubiquitous) Oznat plus 4 Hungries link team. It's utility is being able to bring in 5 regular orders at very low cost (when linked) allowing you to bring in specialists and other tougher units. It has been quite rightly pointed out that linked Hungries can be killers in their own right- and at low points games they won't be running into the feared enemy Heavy Infantry much. In high points games- 300- 400points- there is now the option of bringing 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of Yaogats or the much feared 4 member Sogarat Link team. (Suryats- the cheaper Heavy Infantry- are also an option- but I haven't seen any evidence of their efficacy over the Sogarats nor experimented myself). Offensive Support Having picked out your core units- you must factor in a second element for attack. Ideally it will work in tandem with your Core- covering up for their inherent weakness- though as we know in life, that's not always possible. Yaogats- with their MSV2, Q-Drones, Rasyat drop troops and solitary heavy infantry are some commonly chosen examples. Defensive Support Now those two elements are sorted, you need to consider objective grabbing, button pushing and general force maintenance. I am a firm believer that you should bring a Doctor, an Engineer and a hacker. It's a philosophy I clung to in N2 and I believe it holds true in N3. There might be times you'll leave one at home- but think carefully about it because you may rue that decision! We have a few good options- Dr. Worm being the most famous- but honourable mentions go to the Kurgat Engineer with Mk12 and the Vanguard Infantry Hacker. 4.1 LIGHT INFANTRY 4.1.1 Morat Vanguard Infantry Spoiler They are an excellent line infantry unit. Reasonable BS and good PH means that they can either shoot or dodge with some success. I personally run a 5 member link team with a HMG. It is in fact a staple of my low points games- Burst 5, +3 BS HMG fire is godlike and makes supposedly woeful line infantry an absolute menace in the active turn. They are also a cheap(-ish) source of specialists. The hacker being a very important one. But more on that later in the hacking section. Special note: if you bring a Vanguard Hacker do NOT include him in the link team. Long skill gagdet programs will drop him from the link. Until that part of the rules is FAQ'd or Errata'd- just don't. 4.1.2 Kurgat Assault Engineers Spoiler These combat engineers are a good source of specialists as well- coming in Boarding Shotgun, MK12 and Autocannon versions. The Kurgat with the Mk12 is probably the most famous of the three. And the most useful. Being light infantry- he can move 4-4 to an objective, seize it and then lay mines around it. The Mk12 is also a great weapon in its own right and the Kurgat can be relied on in a pinch to serve as an assault unit. The autocannon version- despite being a great model- is of limited utility (versus cost per unit). The autocannon is a great weapon against tough enemies but it is only good when it hits. The Kurgat- with BS11 will often be using this big weapon against particularly tough units who will (more often than not) have a much higher BS. And at B2, you're going to lose those face to face rolls a lot more often than you think. 4.1.3 Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid Spoiler Affectionately known as Dr. Worm, he is the best value specialist in the Combined Army. He is a Doctor as well as Engineer and he has a WIP14 to boot! With such a high WIP, most of the time he will repair and heal on command... mostly. Add to that fact that he has 6-4 movement, is on a S2 base (so easier to hide) and can have some slave drones to help him out he is almost always included in my armies. Dr. Worm comes highly recommended! 4.1.4 Treitak ANYAT Spoiler A Dire Foes specialist, she is almost an auto-include. For 25 points, she is a specialist, linkable with Vanguard infantry, has climbing plus, E/M grenades, smoke, a chain colt and a K1 Combi-rifle. In my experience she is most useful linked with Vanguard infantry- leading to a B4 K1 combi-rifle and extra +3BS to hit- making her a reasonable anti-armour option. Also, her B2 smoke grenades in ARO also make her more survivable. (Be aware that all members must have the same ARO or be dropped from the link team though!). Her utility is using the link team as a vehicle to deliver her onto target and then she utilises her climbing plus to get to her target- or peek up over a wall and gun her target down. E/M grenades are great for remotes or TAGs around corners but now that speculative fire is a long skill that will boot her from the link team- it had better be a great payoff or you'll regret it. She can be run solo rather like a homing missile but she is fragile so be careful! 3.2 MEDIUM INFANTRY 3.2.1 Yaogat Strike Infantry Spoiler I will admit that I am totally biased for these guys. On the face of it- with no linkable specialists and MOV4-2 and relatively expensive- many players would ignore them. However- they are the only models with MULTI-SPECTRAL VISOR LEVEL 2. TO/ ODD/ Mimetism are an absolute pain to deal with- and seemingly prolific in the Infinity battle scape (PanO and ALEPH especially). Without any visors you will be frustrated beyond belief by the added modifiers to hit! And with template weapons being much easier to dodge these days- trusting in flame throwers and chain rifles may prove unfounded... MSV2- coupled with linkable ability means you have a fire team that covers the biggest weakness of the Morats... no camo. The basic Yaogat also comes with Panzerfausts which can serve as (admittedly limited) anti-TAG, anti- Heavy Infantry weapon. Using Yaogat MSV2 with either Anyat to throw smoke (or Daturazis) goes some way in covering our inherent weakness against ODD. And it makes TAG hunting with panzerfausts a little bit safer. I typically run a link a team of 5 members- 4 with combi-rifles and panzerfausts (four panzerfausts are never enough!) and a spitfire. The B2 Panzerfaust can be a powerful deterrent in ARO! The downside is that it costs a LOT of points and is actually quite fragile. Being PH12, ARM3 and 1 wound... be careful with them. They can die like flies.... If that kind of link team isn't your flavour, it could be viable to use a Yaogat sniper (armed with a MSR) as your defence in depth. The MSV2 is a godsend for a well placed sniper because the rampaging units of the enemy will usually have ODD or mimetism- and a DA round to the face can stop them in their tracks. 3.2.2 Rasyat Diplomatic Division Spoiler The Morats' only choice in Aerial Deployment units... when they drop in the right spot they can be pivotal. If I do run a Rasyat- it's usually the combi rifle option. Why? Because of cost- the Spitfire version is costly! They all have zero-V smoke and coupled with a PH13 that is *very* useful for keeping a solo unit alive when on its own on the other side of the battlefield. Two versions also have MA3- granting them Stealth- and CC21, meaning that landing behind someone without alerting them and then running up and gutting them is now a real option (or sticking D-Charges on them- thanks for that Paulfuscious)! (Note: this doesn't grant Surprise Attack- you need Camo to benefit from that). The ones with Natural Born Warrior (until the human sphere rewrite happens)- don't have stealth. He can be used a suicide/ distraction unit with some success or as a tie breaker mid-game. You decide. 3.2.3 Raktorak Spoiler Much maligned... and perhaps rightly so. The stats aren't anything special and they benefit from 'Jungle Terrain'- fluffy- but not that useful for most Infinity battlefields. The weapon load out is interesting- combi-rifle + heavy flame thrower OR Vulkan shotgun- but in utility versus other infantry he is less valuable. The only benefit I can see from this model is that it can link with Suryats to make a cheaper 5 member link team. Apart from that, I would rather spend those 22 points elsewhere. There is a big discussion on his utility here: 3.2.4 Kornak Gazarot Spoiler Now this guy is definitely value for money. Strategos Level 1 (if he is your Lieutenant)- meaning the Lt. special order becomes a regular order in the pool. I would bring him just for this trait! That extra order can be pivotal. The rest of him is great as well. Armed with a Mk12- he is good at range. With Berserk and CC22 and kinematica Level 1, he is a close combat monster as well. He has fantastic BTS. And then to top it off, he has No Wound Incapacitation (just beware of shock ammo!). He can also be teamed up with Heavy Infantry to make the fabled 4 man Sogarat link team (and the less famous 5 man Suryat link team)- who are beasts in assaulting the enemy base line. I cannot recommend this guy enough. The only limiting factor is that at 41 points- I wouldn't be able to take him at low points cost games (< 200 points). I tend to be quite conservative with him, believing that Strategos Level 1 order being worth keeping him out of the line of fire. But hey, if you want to unleash the monster... go for it. 3.2.5 Rodoks Spoiler With no models yet released there isn't a lot of data out there- just snippets from one line battle reports. They have linkable specialists- fantastic! And have super jump- which improves their mobility- though they are still MOV4-2. I can imagine situations which make it easier for them to leap over a building rather than laboriously climb or go around it so that helps a bit- but..... The mimetism helps- so a Rodok in Suppression Fire in cover is at an impressive -9 to hit! I can't get a good grasp on what they do until I take them out for a game. As soon as the models are released and played with we will have a better idea. UPDATED!!!: Better discussion here: Cliffs: Mimetism and link bonus and mines = being a pain. 3.3 HEAVY INFANTRY 3.3.1 Sogarat Tempest Regiment Spoiler They are ARM6 and 2W and PH15 with an automedkit. Repeat those stats because that is the selling point of these beasts. The best thing about these guys is when they get knocked unconscious (more like if they get KO'd- ARM9 in cover is godlike)- & they drop behind a parapet- hidden from sight, most likely they'll get back up and back into the fight next active turn. You have a Feuerbach option for armour hunting and a HMG for flesh hunting. The lower burst feuerbach is great for ARO. They can serve as a Lieutenant too- but I'd advise against it. Heavy assault units with firepower (like Sogarats) will be hunting prey that is just as deadly (like TAGs) and they aren't invincible so I'd be careful. Some people would disagree re: Sog Lt being a bad thing. "Morats all have veteran lvl 1, losing their LT means nothing to them. That means is advantages for Morats to pick a super aggressive LT since they have little to fear by his lost. Not to mention the Sogarats are the toughest LT you can take." That being said what really makes them legendary is... LINK TEAM WITH KORNAK! The fabled Sogarat link team is something of Infinity folklore- horrendously expensive- but horrendously deadly tough to put down too. NOTE that being Veteran Level 1- they are immune to isolation. Yes, that's right, they might be statued by a hacker but they'll contribute their order to the pool until an Engineer fixes them. A discussion on their value can be found here: 3.3.2 Suryats Spoiler The other, less glorious, heavy infantry unit. I don't have a lot of experience with these guys- but multirifles in a link team should make TAG hunting a real possibility. They are ARM4- which is good in cover... but really... compared to ARM6? I'll experiment with them when the new models come out and report back with results.... Suryat discussion here: Paulfuscious- who clearly has had some fun with these guys adds: As for why a Suryat link may be chosen over a Sogarat one, the +3 BS for a 5 man link becomes incredible in that link. Kornak goes to BS: 20 with his Mk12 if in optimal range and no modifiers and the Suryat vulcan shotgun goes to an amazing BS: 22! If you've never fired a burst 3, BS: 22 vulcan shotgun into a room of enemies, I highly recommend it. It makes people cry. 3.4 TAG/ REMOTES 3.4.1 Raicho TAG Spoiler I like the model. And as a unit- it serves as a reasonable assault model. I'm not in favour of its cost, low-ish BS (versus other TAGs) and the fact it stocks no other skills or abilities. It is also hackable. Yes.... like the aliens in Independence Day, the humans have finally cracked the code and us Morats will have to live with it. It doesn't suit my play style- and the arguments over link-teams vs. TAGs, and TAGs in N3 notwithstanding- but it may suit yours. Don't rambo it, make sure it is supported with an engineer. And before anyone tries the AVA2.... I've done it and I wouldn't recommend it. The critical weakness of the Morat Aggression Force is camo... all it takes is one Swiss Guard with a missile launcher in an elevated position and 180 points will be paste. So don't run two of them. Just don't. 3.4.2 Remotes Spoiler Q-DRONE I love this model. 360 visor, Total reaction, mimetism and 6-4 movement. And then you can toss GADGET programs on top. A fantastic defensive unit- especially with Marksmanship level 2- and also a great offensive unit with it's mobility and mimetism. The choice of whether to use plasma or HMG is a debated one, but since I veer on the side of using it defensively, I favour the HMG. I consider it a must. OTHER DRONES I can't comment on the other drone options as I have never used them! LoL! Feel free to chime in. Pierzasty notes that the Sensor Drone is a cheapish specialist, a fast mover and has handy tools like Sniffer. Making it a useful adjunct to getting rid of the always irritating camo enemies. M-DRONE: 17 point MOV6-4 specialist (Forward Observer) with WIP13. If there was a cheap, quick, button pusher- here it is. It also has 'Deactivator'- for mine clearing (once discovered), 'Sat-Lock'- useful for lighting up Camo markers and TARGETING them. It also has 'Sensor'- good for discovering nearby enemies (WIP +6 roll!). And should you feel up to it- you can risk this drone in a triangulated fire attack on a particularly annoying ODD figure. Be warned: that is a long skill, which means you have to move into position first... and ODD troops are notorious for being good in ARO.... R-DRONE: Repeater and sniffer. And 8 points. Useful for those annoying Hidden deployment figures I suppose, but I'd personally pay a point more and take a batroid. 3.4.3 Ikadron Batroids Spoiler They are cheap order generators. Double light flame throwers makes them useful flank protectors and the 'baggage' ability may prove situationally useful for some scenarios. Did I mention they were cheap order generators? Also: Don't forget that batroids with the baggage skill can now re-load weapons with limited ammo. Running out of panzerfausts doesn't really need to be a 'thing' anymore, altho I'm unsure if reloading gives full ammo for it or just one shot as it's not clear and I can see an argument for both sides. Either way, if you need one more shot, a batroid following around the Yaogat link (or lone yaogat) is actually a decent option! 3.5 WARBANDS 3.5.1 Daturazi Spoiler A staple of the Morat army. Cheap, smoke throwing close combat monsters. With Mimetism. They also have an impetuous order to help get you closer to the enemy (and probably shot at too!). Never fear, with a PH14 and smoke grenades (that's a 'dodge' roll on 17!) they have a fair chance at survival. Not fantastic- but hey.... They are also linkable- and getting one of these shotgun wielding maniacs into firing range (+6 range band, +3 link bonus) and B3 means a lot of pain for the enemy. This tactic- discover/shoot- with such a unit has been suggested as a way of dealing with Camo/ODD. The other use for the combi rifle wielding Daturazi is to remember to put him on suppressive fire in a useful close ranged environment. With mimetism and the extra -3 to hit from suppression- that's a -6 to hit on the enemy. CC is where these guys really shine. CC21 and MA level 4 means you will most likely kill your enemy in hand to hand. Especially if you toss smoke to cover the enemy figure and charge in so they can't shoot at you. Daturazis are often underestimated by opponents... but only before encountering them in hand to hand. Many players swear by Daturazis the same way I swear by Yaogat MSV2... use them and be convinced. 3.5.2 Oznat Spoiler This unit's claim to fame is being able to link with Hungries and thus producing a cheap source of regular orders. This can be absolutely key in getting your 10 regular orders in a low points game. With the rehaul of points costings- she's seen less action as part of my army in 300 point plus games. However- linkable hungries are still deadly- and she has a smoke grenade launcher as well- which can help with survivability. In N2- she was a necessity- usually run in a separate combat group with her team of Hungries and sent on suicide charges across the board. The link would eventually break and I'd reallocate the Link to my Vanguards (or Yaogats). I have to see if this still works in N3... I suspect it won't as the command token to deduct 2 orders would be spent by a canny opponent on the Combat group with the Hungries- making them trapped in no-man's land with no orders to charge home. Splod summarizes this change in the meta from N2 to N3 brilliantly: "In N2 the 4x Preta and Oznat link was popular as it allowed a cheap source of orders for the much more expensive Morats, and suppressed the impetuous nature of the bugs. With the price of Morats reduced with N3, and the Pretas increasing to 7pts each, their value seems somewhat dimminished. Especially when compared against the option of a link team of Vanguard and Anyat Having said that, I'm yet to run the Oznat & Hungry link in N3, but I feel we will be seeing less of the brood linked on our tables." 3.5.3 Hungries Spoiler They are dross. Cheapish suicide units that *might* do something useful. They all have Kinematica 1. Firstly- Gakis. 4 points. Extremely impetuous and Irregular. 6-6 MOV and climbing plus. AP CCWs. And they explode when they go unconscious. Expect nothing from these critters and they might do something useful. Put them well forward of your main line so that when they explode there are no friendly casualties.... Good enemy positioning will mean that most of them will die miserable deaths to ARO shots... but.... ... should they reach the enemy line- CC and explosions galore! Secondly- Pretas. 7 points. No more biomines. But they are dogged still and the trusty chain rifle 'spit' is still there (admittedly less effective now with new Dodge rules). I think Pretas are too expensive for a suicide unit but if you had a stray 7 points and wanted to pump orders into a chain rifle wielding, climbing plus, dogged critter... with the possibility of taking out some cheerleaders.... why not? Key point for Hungries- they are there purely for nuisance value. 3.6 SKIRMISHERS 3.6.1 Zerat Special Mission Regiment Spoiler This unit is quite special as it is the only infiltrator in the entire Morat army. Throw in the assault hacking device and it is the only infiltrating specialist the Morats have. And in ITS land... that is very important. It is by this fact alone that Zerats are seen in my army. They have mimetism- which helps with survivability (a little bit)- but they really should be kept out of the line of fire. The vanilla Zerat is useful by virtue of a LFT and mines- very helpful if you've infiltrated her forward and you want to play havoc with the enemy- but to be honest, I never use her- choosing the hacker variant instead (for objective grabbing purposes). The sniper unit is generally poo-poo'd due to combination of average BS, no camouflage nor any visor. Many would recommend that you spend your SWC and points elsewhere. 5. MORAT STRATEGIES/ TACTICS I will update as threads emerge. ODD/ TO/ CAMO Spoiler Link here: If you haven't been properly taken to the cleaners by a TO Sniper or HMG- then you haven't properly played Morats. The MAF clean up against light infantry- but against the tricksy ODD figures of advanced armies you will suffer. And suffer a lot. There has been much discussion but essentially it boils down to three things: 1. VISORS and linked Yaogats (Sixth Sense Level 2). 2. Daturazis- discover/ shoot/ smoke. Intuitive Attack is included- though I must stress that since it is a Long Skill (attack)- it WILL break your link team. This has definitely taken the shine off DTWs run by Daturazis but hey... if you're close enough to chain rifle, you might as well charge in and give them the taste of cold steel... right? 3. Sensors. I haven't tried it to be honest- but it strikes me as a laborious process- and doesn't negate the actual -9 to hit against an ODD figure in partial cover. (Unless they're TARGETED perhaps?). Death adds, "Also, sensors have access to triangulated fire (ignore all modifies and take a flat -3 to BS instead) which gives Morats another way to deal with enemy TO/ODD. Taking one M-Drone might be a good idea." What M-Drone's can also offer- if you dislike exposing yourself for triangulated fire- is "SAT LOCK." They just need to be in the sensor area and they can SAT-LOCK target people after discovering them. It reduces the typical -9 to hit (-6 for ODD and -3 for cover) to a more manageable -6, and if you're in a positive range band, that's reduced to a decent -3 to hit. Just roll lots of dice when you do it.... ARIADNA CAMO SPAM Spoiler The summary is that your active turn is going to be not enjoyable. Roughly half your orders will be discover and the majority of them will fail. How's that for order efficiency? That's essentially the crux of the problem: your either build to discover/kill or build for the objectives in the mission. Trying to do both is going to be really hard. That being said there are a few ideas... A special section just for this problem... MULTI-WOUND HEAVY INFANTRY/ TAGS Spoiler Aside from ODD/ TO- these will be the other thorn in your side. You have a few options for dealing with these units. A. SPRAY AND PRAY High burst HMG/ Spitfires and hope that something sticks. This is why we bring link teams- and preferably of 5 to get that extra +3BS to turn mediocre light infantry (or even medium infantry) to compete against hard targets. B5 with +3BS will usually put the odds in your favour against an ARO-ing Heavy Infantryman. Hitting is one thing- but armour in cover will usually be saving on at least an 8. So a lot will bounce off... leaving us with.... B. PANZERFAUSTS Carried by Yaogats and preferably linked in a team of 5 for extra +3BS. Even so you are only rolling one or two dice against the enemy ARO who will be (usually) shooting back on quite high BS. A basic TAG usually touts a BS15 and with +3 for optimal range- that's an ARO on an 18 with EXP ammo. Yes, that's right- 18! To stack the odds in your favour- I'd suggest tossing smoke to cover the Yaogat who's taking the shot (and make sure he's in partial cover too. That's a -9 to hit just to start with, it's almost like our version of ODD (and like ODD- if your target has MSV you'll have to grit your teeth). It's not a free for all though, Yaogats are fragile and they usually miss with at least one Panzerfaust- keeping it a tense experience. But that's why we love Infinity.... C. D-CHARGES Paulfuscious comments: ... the proliferation of d-charges on Morat troops. Rasyats, Kurgats and Zerat hackers all are equipped with these making it fairly easy to sneak secondary objectives, but also are brutal as an attack in melee against very heavy armed targets such as tags. A rasyat in melee with a TAG, planting d-charges on it is actually a pretty effective way to deal with a large threat. The combination of CC:21 and MA: 3 means the odds will also be in your favor to tie up that monster for longer than your opponent wishes. If the rasyat falls, your kurgat can safely detonate the d-charges (or do that anyway while the Rasyat still lives!). D. MISSILE LAUNCHER Carried by a lowly Vanguard infantryman... and is there if you have no other option. He has some strong downsides: no visor, BS11, 1W and 1ARM. And since he is unable to stack the odds in your favour- it's a tough ask to get this guy (even in a full link team) to face down an Aquila Guard in cover. I think it has its place but it's even more dicey than any of the other options. 6. CYBER WARFARE If hacking is your thing... you've come to the wrong place! Morats trust in their guns more than their hackers and this is evidenced by the paucity of hackers- and their relatively low WIP compared to ALEPH/ Nomads. ... OK, perhaps I've over exaggerated. For straight up hacking, it's true- the Morat stat line and unit choices aren't the best in the business... BUT... sometimes it's a great way to burn the enemy order pool if they're running HI/ Hackers. How? With M-drones (the FO, sensor and repeater!) and with Ikadron batroids (also repeaters!). Admittedly I don't think it's a good active turn trick to pull considering how squishy these units are), but having that coverage in reactive turn (and whilst they can hide in total cover) can really upset enemy order efficiency. I usually run a Vanguard hacker (EI hacking device) and the Zerat Hacker (Assault hacking device) in ITS button pushing missions and letting the two of them ARO (Blackout, Carbonite, Sucker Punch- EI HD only) almost with impunity when HI or hackers walk into range of a repeater is a novel and enjoyable experience! Spoiler Link to CA/ Sectorial Hacking discussion here: Your choices are: A. Morat Vanguard Hacker (EI Hacking Device). B. Zerat Assault Hacker. C. Rodok Hacker- (no model released yet) Knowing this you can either: Infiltrate the Zerat Hacker and "Stop!"... I'll Shoot. It can be feasible (provided you pass your PH -3 roll) to get close to the enemy deployment zone and assassinate quick moving hackers (Aragato biker hackers are a good example) before they run rampant. Admittedly you'll need to hold her in reserve to do this which might not suit the overall battle plan. Vanguard Hacker- Marksmanship level 2 on a Q-Drone. I cannot emphasise how frightful this turns a lowly TR remote. It was golden during the active turn AND reactive turn. Most enemies- if they survive the hit- will go prone or move to total cover- clearing the way for your forces to advance. Apart from that, walk up into the ZOC bubble and try casting... Though I'd rather trust in my guns- WIP13 trying to IMMOBILISE a WIP14/15 heavy infantry is fraught with potentially wasted attempts). As free AROs however- they are excellent. "Sucker Punch" is a great anti-hacker ARO for someone trying to hack your hacker. D16, Double Trouble ammo... why not? Paulfuscious has a very good approach on hacking support for Morats (emphasis mine): The Vanguard Hacker I think is actually one of the most useful hackers in N3 now. The assisted landing program to get your Rasyats to land on a PH:16 roll is spectacular. That's only one less than a Cascuda used to land on! They also shine as hacker killers. For 22pts on what is essentially a 'throw away' troop, they can hunt down enemy hackers and be fairly comfortable with having a better chance of winning a hacking duel. One of the more important traits on the Sucker Punch program is that the target is at -3 WIP to oppose you. So you will be on WIP:13 v's most likely 11 or 12. If they lose, DAM:16 DT will kill all but the most lucky targets. Outside the EI basic hacking devices, Hacking Plus is the only place to get the sucker punch program, so I think it's well worth taking! Editor's note: You Can Go Via a Repeater (Ikadron) and get the Firewall bonus!!! The penalties it applies to hackers trying to hack back in defense (-3 WIP to them and +3BTS to you) may make that Ikadron much more useful than you think. Also, the Rodok and Zerat are both equipped with assault hacking devices, so if you want gadget programs to buff things, you will HAVE to take the Vanguard. On the assault hacking devices, they both gain access to the very potent 'STOP!' program which is brilliant for turning off enemy hackable troops. The Rodok hacker also having a boarding shotgun makes a fairly brutal combo for turning off HI troops from behind a wall, then safely jumping over with his AP damage shotgun to cause much pain. 7. COMMAND TOKENS AND INITIATIVE My thoughts are that you should go first if you can. The lack of TO/ Camo/ Hidden deployment troops means that you'll taste the enemy's guns at full power. And you don't want that! Try to go first and deplete the enemy order pool (and maybe bag an objective on the way?). There may be one or two scenario dictated situations (Supremacy) where going second may confer special advantages but for the most part- go first. Those command tokens? Look after them- eminently useful (and beyond the realms of this talk. However- our links are our lifeline- save those tokens for Link reformation or shifting warm bodies into the main combat group. 8. GETTING STARTED WITH THE MAF.... So you've got the starter set and you're wondering where to go with it? Spoiler Just get playing- you'll pick things up as you go. That being said, if you like planning things out there are some good suggestions here... Link: And here for a quick run down on for a reasonable 150point list Link: Some 200 point discussion: Spoiler Some 300 points ITS lists: Spoiler Link: Link: And some further discussion about ITS orientated Morats: And here is an interesting discussion about Order Spam Morats... Spoiler 9. BATTLE REPORTS Spoiler For everyone just starting out in Infinity- be aware that errors in the rules do turn up in battle reports. Pay attention the comments in videos and editorial comments in the written batreps. Infinity is a complex game and we try to do our best! N2: Beholdtheomega > Total Reaction 3: 2014: 250 points: > MAF vs. NCA 300 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 250 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 300 points: > MAF vs. Caledonians 300 points: > MAF vs. QK 300 points: > MAF vs. Nomads 300 points: Micky Ward > MAF vs. Yu-Jing 200 points: > MAF vs. ASS: 200 points: > MAF vs. QK: 300 points: MiniWarGaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: 300 points: GeekofSpades > Morat vs. Corregidor: 200points: N3: BeholdtheOmega > MAF vs Yu-Jing 400 points: > MAF vs. PanO 200 points: Frontline Gaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: > MAF vs. ALEPH: Starter vs. Starter: Learning Infinity Batreps: > > Guerilla Miniature Gaming > Infinity Forum > MAF ITS: Link: Spoiler 10. MISC.CA Unit Profiles and QRS:And if someone could teach me the spoiler function... that'd be great! -Thanks, Pierzasty!
  5. Since we seem to be lacking one, I will start up a guide for Aleph Units in N3. Comments are appreciated. Light Infantary ACMON, Sergeant of Dactyls ALIVE, Anti-Estabilishment Group ANDROMEDA, Sophistes of the Steel Phalanx AUTHORIZED BOUNTY HUNTERS DEVA Functionaries DIOMEDES, Ekdromoi Officer DRAKIOS, Steel Phalanx NCO EKDROMOI KNAUF, Outlaw Sniper KRAKOT RENEGADES, Morat Fugitives MIRANDA ASHCROFT, Authorized Bounty Hunter SCYLLA, Steel Phalanx NCO SOPHOTECS THAMYRIS The Aiodos WARCOR, War Correspondents DACTYLS Medium Infantary AGÊMA Marksman ARMAND LE MUET, Freelance Killer ATALANTA, Agêma NCO Chandra sergeant THRASIMEDES NESAIE ALKÊ, Thorakitai Warrant Officer PATROCLUS THORAKITAI TEUCER, Agêma Warrant Officer Heavy Infantary ACHILLES ACHILLES, v2 AJAX, The Great Myrmidon Officer ASURAS HECTOR, Homeridaes Champion Skirmisher DASYU NAGAS Warbands EUDOROS, Myrmidon Officer MACHAON, Myrmidon Doctor-Officer Myrmidon OFFICER MYRMIDONS PANTHESILEIA, Amazon Warrioress PHOENIX, Veteran Myrmidon Officer REM DAKINI Tacbots DALETH Rebots GARUDA Tacbots LAMEDTH Rebots PROBOTS SAMEKH Rebots YUDBOTS ZAYIN Rebots TAG MARUT (AKA: Giant Bunny Girl) EXTRA: Post-Humans
  6. Hey guys! I've published an article to Data-Sphere for Aragoto tactics for the uninitiated (and even for those that might want a quick refresher). It's even updated for HSN3. Vroom vroom!
  7. I recently assembled my Vertigo Zond with a smart missile launcher. I was looking through the rules and having difficulty tracking everything down. As tar as I can tell, you can target something with: Spotlight: the hacking program, which requires a WIP -3 from the hacker. Can this be countered? Forward Observer: has to make a WIP attack against someone in line of sight. I assume this can be opposed normally with face-to-face rolls. Does dodge also work? Are there other options for how to target something to rain death down from a hidden remote? Thank you!
  8. Greetings all, I've got some Infinity terrain to paint, and I was wondering what everyone uses on MDF to keep it from soaking up lots of paint. I recently painted the Holo-Ad set from MAS and was really pleased with the results; however they sucked up a ton of Vallejo Model Air Primer. I was wondering what the best practices for painting buildings and things are, because I have a feeling they will suck up a ton more primer. I have an airbrush so that resource is available to me. Thanks for the responses in advance. Eric
  9. There have been many threads on why there's no vanilla tactica yet. However, there are several guides out there, generally in an incomplete state. This is an attempt to combine (see what I did there) all of them into a single tactica thread. If you're wondering why to play vanilla rather than one of the sectorials read here Sources on combined army tactics can be found here: Saise's tactica thread Eypyeash's guide Calculon's tactica Morat guide to supremacy De Natura Shasvastiirum Using the Avatar successfully Shaavish's blog thread Popg0estheworld's lessons learned by a new combined army player Anathematic tactics TAG warfare in CA Rasyat vs Ko Dali In a few cases I've struck through sectorial specific advice. Any other suggestions please post in the thread and I will try and update it. General Advice Eypyeash: The key to making a solid Combined list is to use full advantage of what you're given access to. You've got a lot of great tools, but your specialists' WIP are generally lacking. You've only got one doctor, and you don't even need him much. Of the four main components in Combined, each has their own piece of the puzzle: EI - Fantastic leaders, of course; hi-tech equipment, with Lieutenants that entirely take away a major aspect of the game (Loss of Lieutenant). They don't play fair, and get a lot of hate. Show 'em it's justified. Morats - These are your cheaper end of everything, and usually, cheaper doesn't mean worse. Their hackers are sub-par, but they infiltrate, and are some of the cheapest in the game; their engineers are loaded with options, to include the awesome Autocannon, and sport AP mines just for the hell of it; their medium infantry is solid MSV2 anti-anything type, while their heavy infantry can be a massive pain to put down (Sogarats, specifically). Better still, they provide fantastic synergy with any list in the form of Daturazi and Pretas. Finally, if you want some airdropping troops, Rasyats can help you out... but if you're willing to pay the points, pick up KoDali first. Shasvastii - Many are these guys' proverbial bags of tricks. You can select from such toys as a Sphinx, who winds up assassinating whatever the hell it wants without much fight back, a Caliban for some specialist support and deployment weirdness, a Noctifer for sneaky long ranged firepower, a Malignos for EXTRA sneaky short-ranged firepower, an Aswuang for gluing people to the ground, or... well, those are the noteworthy guys for most people. The others shine primarily in the Shasvastii sectorial army, where Sheskiin can lead a group of Gwailos or Caliban for maximum stupid and those two units' low movement values aren't hindered as much while they're moving around in a group. Exrah - A highly debated race, with the Vector Operator being a crowd favorite. Oh. And hey, Caskudas! And there you have it... the four races. So what are we missing? Solid hackers, beyond the insanely priced ones. This probably isn't a huge deal, but compared to Nomads and Aleph, our hackers generally suck (again, besides the WIP16 versions... though you could alway just G:Mnemonica into a previously crappy Zerat and have a party). Your TAGs need to be careful, because most of them are very expensive, and if you took one, you probably don't have the hacker support to make a solid Face-to-Face with it. I usually like to default to BTS anyway, because the only hackers we have with BTS are the EI, the Caliban, and Noctifers (the latter two with BTS -3 each, but WIP 13). It's better to shoot a hacker than deal with all that potential ugliness. Solid doctors... we've only got one doctor at all, and then a bunch of stupid paramedics. But most things you'd want to keep alive usually has some form of keep-alive ability anyway, like auto-medikits, no wound incapacitation, eat-people-dogged (striga), and so on. Solid engineers... plenty of options, but generally poor WIP, though this is coming from a former ALEPH player's perspective. As said before, you can just G: Mnemonica into any of the specialists and make them better than most, however. That's really it. If you want stealth, go Shasvastii-style. If you want synergy and brute force, go with Morats. If you want creepy surprise attacks, take some Exrah. But a fully functional Combined list will pick aspects of everything, and let your play style really be whatever you want it to be. Depending on your playgroup and all that, you may already have an idea of what you need to do. We play a lot of ITS around here, and just got done with Paradiso, so I'm very much in the specialist-troop frame of mind; pure killy mission groups will probably find a lot to offer from Combined, and will probably try to abuse the Avatar (it's hard not to, when he has everything but MSV). My personal tactics seem to work reasonably well in missions that allow AD (half of them in Paradiso don't). I'll also make some severe tactical errors, then somehow fail to capitalize on my opponent's LoL about fifty percent of the time. My general gameplay strategy is this: Turn 1 - Determine the lieutenant, and find the best route to take to kill him. If there are several potential options, kill them. Then go crush their order pool, but not enough to put them into retreat. Turn 2 - Satisfy mission objectives, then go murdering some more. Turn 3 - Defend mission objectives, continue murdering. To this end, the basis of my vanilla CA lists are a Skiavoro Lt, a Charontid HMG, and Ko Dali. It's a trifecta of happiness that can only result in bloodshed. The Skiavoro usually wins initiative and lets me keep him and the Charontid in reserve. Ko Dali will drop in and kill things until she feels like she thinks she found the lieutenant, then find a safe place to sleep while the Charontid starts marching. I've highlighted a lot of my preferences above, in various forms. I like the Sphinx, but you have to drop a lot for it. I like the Cadmus, but rarely have space. I like Daturazi, and always MAKE space. I like Pretas, and always have four. My regular order pool is usually sitting at about 10 (including LT order), because I won't leave home without the Skiavoro now that I've had a taste. The flexibility afforded by Stratego really helps. Anyway, I hope this was worth a little of your time. I don't have enough experience with an Anathematic or Avatar to really give much on them. Light Infantry Shasvastii Seed Soldiers Saise: + One Turn Camo - Weak stats, Limited AVA Seed Soldiers sucks. But not enough, to be "un-take-able"! Seed Soldiers have puny stats in comparision to Vanguard and costs only 2 points less. And well, they are not morats so no bonuses here. BUT they have two most important stats to a cheerleader on the same level as Vanguard - BS and WIP, so they shoot and discover as good as the basic monkey! And well, to be honest, if cheerleader actually does something on the battlefield is either shoot or discover. Also, those are the cheapest guys we can field apart from the R-Drones. And they have one solid plus - being camo markers in first turn - making your opponent think twice before he make a first turn rush with tactical jump, impersonator or combat jumper! Pretty neat ability, but without "Oh-Ah!" factor in it. And only four options! And one can be useful! Well, regular Combi Rifler is cheap and... cheap. But give him a Light Grenade Launcher for a few additional points and SWC if you have one to spare, and you have a guy for speculative bombardment - from the safety of being not seen he can kill multiple of his point cost with little luck and persistence in grenade spamming. As a paramedic or forward observer... like with Vanguard, we have simply way better guys to fill those roles. Choose this only if we need them badly and have no points! Calculon: Bottom line: bare-bones Shasvastii troops with an odd deployment approach; slow to yield their point values, and with some interesting weapon options De Natura Shasvastiirum: Seed-Soldiers: The most basic Shasvastii. A part from what has been said; you can field a Light Grenade Launcher loadout, but initial BS11 make speculative shots tricky. You can also field Fordward Observer loadout, making a cheap specialist for missions and a handy AROer. Morat Vanguard Infantry Saise: + Solid Statline, Religious Troops - Expensive for a cheerleader Morat Vanguards are the most basic troopers we have access to next to Seed Soldiers and god-damn, they are expensive at terryfing 16 points a piece. Why? Explanation is Simple - they have the best overall stats amongst all basic infantry with exceptional CC, solid WIP and the highest PH of its kind. Belive or not but this is worth additional points - but if you still want to make a fuss about them being too expensive remember, they are Morat so they are Religious! Don't run away, don't care about fighting without lieutenant. Like all basic infantry they have a wide spectrum of options and weapon output, however I do not find those very tasty - HMG is never a bad choice and its quite cheap on those for only 1 SWC and 25 point cost, so why not if I have points to spare? Multi Sniper Rifle? No, not really, if you want firepower go with the HMG - 4 bullets are twice as much, and you need all the dices you can gather with BS:11. That's why I would not give those guys Missile Launcher either, especially now, when we can buy dirty cheap rockets on TO Camo, Dogged Noctifier or even cheaper Panzerfaust on much harder Yaogat. Hacker? Nope. Never. First, because its expensive as hell, 3 points more than a HMG totting Vanguard! Second, because we have access to much more awesome hackers. Same thing with forward observers and paramedics. And a big no no to a Lieutenant option for 2 SWC killer cost!' So what is the role of Vanguards? Simple - Cheerleaders. Expensive Cheerleaders, but also a cheerleader that can dodge bettet than most cheer'ios, shoot as well, punch way better and have solid Willpower. Yeah. Cheerleader on stiroids ! Eypyeash: Morat Vanguard - Pretty cheap, and very flexible, like all line infantry. You pay more for them than other basic troopers, but it's probably because of that Morat special rule. They're one of the only places to get a Missile Launcher, and for a meager 32 points, at that. In a full link team you'll probably have solid success: the +3 BS is pretty much a requirement if you want to use them as a firebase of any sort, because their standard BS of 11 just won't cut it against the other monsters in the world. That means in vanilla Combined, you'll have to rely on a lucky shot, and you're better off with the Shasvastii option instead, frankly (see Noctifer). You can also get a very cheap hacker (28 points) and a solid Forward Observer (19 points). Calculon: Bottom line: the most straightforward line troops in the Combined Army. Strong stats and the Morat attribute keep them (and your army) in the fight, but a minimum cost of 16 points makes it hard use them just to provide orders Morat Guide to Supremacy: It's easy to forget Vanguard Infantry due to competition with other units and their high cost (most expensive Line troops around) but they bring a number of advantages to the table, as well as being the only place to aqiure some of the rare specialist option's in the aggression forces. While Daturazi are similarly priced (or cheaper) and bring a number of upgrades, Vanguard life expectancy is remarkably longer due to their less impetuous nature and more reserved role. Ultimately you need some inexpensive orders to be your mainstay and these guys fill the role very well when given the chance. Having a boost in CC and the best PH of all line troops (along with being Morat) piles on the cost, but a 5-man link with an HMG or ML can be devastating and as far as morats go one of the more affordable links.I have also had a sucsess running 3 with a HMG as order providers and a backup link if the Yaogats go down. • Combi Rifle- cheapest option, wars are won on the shoulders of grunts. • HMG - Nasty gun, BS14 Burst 5 with Sixth Sense L2 (in a 5-man link) is nothing to laugh at. • Light Grenade Launcher - only non TAG launcher around and speculative fire can be used out of LOS and has a template making it surprisingly useful, I find people always underestimate grenade launchers. Sadly the SWC makes it an option that often can't fit. • Missile launcher - only place to get one of these devastating guns, Linked team makes it more reliable with +1 burst. Also the lack of a model doesn't help this guys playtime. • MULTI Sniper Rifle - cheaper option then Yaogat but the 1.5 SWC and the lack of BS and Visor (when compared to the Yaogat make it the less attractive option. • Hacking Device - one of two places to get a hacker, and i personally love this model. • Forward observer - only Morat that has it, flashpulse is a good Rambo solution (blinding ends killing spree's), marking targets for speculative from grenade launchers or other parabolic weapons, been wanting to team one of these up with a Riacho. • Paramedic- only paramedic, a lonely proffesion for a morat but given our races naturally high PH I find myself bringing this guy alot, also a medtech can nullify our 100% religious so this is my personal medical solution. I have had success running him with a Daturazi (long as you can keep him under control) to provide protection and smoke cover, keeps him mobile and fixing up your dudemen. • Lieutenant - cost a lot of SWC making it an un-attractive option,i think the lieutenant order must be used on someone that will get more done, not hiding, also Yaogat's can hide just as well and use the extra order much better AND dont cost SWC, I have never used him. Remember Morats don't hide like weak humans. Med-Tech Obsidon Mechanoid Saise: + Multipurpose, cheap support - Very low durability, need slaves to be of any serious use Well, if you got multiple race to fight alongside in your huge invasion army there will be a problem with non-combatant field support. For example, you need a doctor that can patch up guys with totally different anatomny. You need an Engineer that can fix gear from two totally different technology branches. Hard to get specialists like that, that's why EI wasn't wasting time for searching one, but its create one - Med-Tech Obsidon Mechanoid is a multipurpose battlefield support, a Medic, an Enginner, all in one. And he is good at it with WIP of 14. Also, he can defend himself if needed with a Combi Rifle and solid but far from outstanding BS. Costing only 23 points he is a great addition to any force, but... and this is a BIG BUT... he is super fragile with only one wound and 1 points of ARM. That's why you need to buy him a slave or better two of'em. Those are cheap and almost mandatory to make our Mechanoid more useful and way more durable, as he don't need to show himself to enemy, while his slaves skitter across battlefield with haste (6-4 move) and with little additional protection (CH:Mimetism). All in all I found Obsidon to be a compulsory spot on any of my 300+ points lists, for he is cheap and can fulfill a multiple of roles that I need to be fullfilled. Eypyeash: Medtech Obsidinoid - 6-4 Doctor/Engineer with D-Charges and WIP 14. This guy is your go-to for most objectives-based missions because he's just so damned fast... he's also creepy looking, which may be a bonus for you. Personally, I've never utilized his Doctor ability because most of what I run either winds up outside a rational sector of the table for him to assist (i.e. not enough rational for orders-to-effectiveness), but his Engineering is solid. And, of course, he can get the standard 3-point wormbots to help him out, if you want to cover a few areas with him. Usually you'll want to send them out instead of him, but he does have a gun... De Natura Shasvastiirum: Med-Tech Obsidon Mechanoid: Wip 14 engineer and doctor, 6-4 movement, 23 points, an old reliable for missions. The only “buts” you can say about it, are their 40mm base and what is a Medic in a sectorial plenty of Auto-Medikits and V:Dogged Shasvastii Cadmus Saise: + Great at harassing, can grow to be a serious threat - hard to use well and require solid luck to sparkle Cadmus is a very weird piece of a unit. First of all, he is quite cheap Combat Jumper - simply, because he must combat jump with a puny PH and he does it while in capsule know commonly as seed-embryo. This is both a drawback and advantage - its always good to have a combat jumper to make your opponent fight on more than one sides and keep him distracted, but Cadmus need luck to land where we need him to be, and he is quite an order hog if we want him to became a real monster. If we don't want to wait for another turn for him simply to hatch (and belive me, you don't want to, as he will be killed by massive shooting if we let opponent have an entire turn to "get ready", even if the egg is armed with a single mine and electric pulse) we must hatch him prematurely with a short skill and kill something outright with BS attack. And this is not easy task, but if it happens we are on a good road to make Cadmus a true pain in the bottom. With Boarding Shotgun option he can surely take even on elite heavy infantry, and if he manage to make it fall unconcious everything is going by the plan - now, our order hog Cadmus can spend entire Order to scan his miserable target with his Striga: Morpho-Scan to take his stats - if we do it on elite infantry our Cadmus can grown to something way more scarier than his point costs suggest. And, well, first level of Striga, the Protheion, give us possibility to eat the unconcious fella and gain a wound - this scenario is pretty sweet, as we have a multiwound, Boarding Shotgun totting, elite statline guy ready to kill behind enemy lines. Well, if the scenario goes well - thats why Cadmus is so cheap point wise for what he can do. 23 points isn't much for a Combat Jumper with V:Dogged (first level of protheion grant this skill) and chance to grow bigger and badder (yes, V: Dogged is our savior here and the reason WHY Cadmus is a sweet yet still risky guy - if we land badly, or recive and ARO we still have a great chance to live long enough to take our revenge and eat something nutricious to regain a wound and cancel the Dogged state!). As you see, well used and well placed Cadmus can be a real winner - if only our opponents was so kind to deploy in a way to find a blind spot to land in, heh. Eypyeash: For some reason, I don't see much talk about the Cadmus. If you want a cheap, airdropping mine for 23 points, he's your guy. I'm actually a fan, but he does have some inherent flaws. PH11 on a drop (and you MUST Combat Jump) means if you scatter, he's gonna cost you two orders to bring on the table, potentially to his sudden death by walking into someone's fire. On the positive, he's also inherently Dogged due to Striga2, and you can make good use of him once he hatches in the back field. Why? Well, usually, there are some juicy elite troops back there, and he can Morpho-Scan them, for starters. Without a good target to scan, he's still got a (if you picked right) boarding shotgun, and all three versions have an assault pistol. That means light infantry will die by the thousands to his six creepy cucumber fingers, and he can eat them all up as he goes. A 4-4 movement is good, but be careful when you select a Morpho-Scan target... he can drop to a 4-2 if you pick someone with that. Hopefully you get a good weapon out of it when you kill them. Calculon: Bottom line: a little weird to use - with seed and airborne deployment, and low stats pre-Morpho Scan, they take some time to get into the game. It's been pointed out that you can morpho-scan your own troops, which stacks nicely when you start involving terrifying EI aspects. De Natura Shasvastiirum: Cadmus: The one and only shasvastii airborne, and exotic troop if there was ever one. Coming into play as a Cadmus-Seed they are not as “inmediate” as other AD units, and can’t field heavy weaponry as other AD units either. Although the Light Grenade Launcher loadout offer some amount of sinergy with the Cadmus feature: Morpho-Scan; duplicating a high BS, the Cadmus could be the better source of speculative shots available. As a shortcoming, this unit is the same points range of the better units in the sectorial, so they don’t see much games. Shasvastii Noctifiers Saise: + Cheap TO Camo, good weaponry - Low durability Noctifers are what we neede. Noctifers are what we should love. Noctifers - the perfect addition from Human Sphere. Tactical Dominance Special Wing of Shasvastii are the frontline officers of the Expeditionary Forces, great strategists that enter the battlefield in a direst need to change the flow of battle. And O-Mi-Gosh, they can really do it! First of all, Noctifer is a very cheap TO Camo unit with a decent BS of 12 and additional survivability grantet by V:Dogged skill, making them quite a solid choice for an offensive trooper. Ok, low armour make them a little fragile, but if we don't get in the way of MSV carrying opponents our TO Camo should grant as an upper hand in shoot-out's. Each variant of Noctifer is a very good and affordable choice. Basic Noctifer cost only 23 points and run with Combi Rifle, a decent and well-around piece of standard weaponry - with advantages of TO Camo even this standard piece of gun can be dangerous (Combat Camo bonuses!). For a mere 30 points and 1,5 SWC we can arm one of those with Spitfire, making them way more deadly - Spitfire fired from TO Camo on Dogged trooper is a way to put some serious damage before he bleeds out and die - and his low point cost make it quite easy to earn his value back by killing more expensive enemy units. But we have another sweet option for Noctifer - a Missile Lanucher! For 42 points it is cheap, as rocket flying with Combat Camo bonuses can kill something outright without risk of being ARO'ed by target at all! If you are looking for a unit to deal with super hevy infantry or TAG's, Noctifer with Rockets is a good choice. Noctifer is also a reasonably priced and very good Lieutenant - with 23 point cost and just a single SWC he is a cool and safe choice, hiding behind a TO Camo marker and in some safe place in our deployment he can avoid any danger. He can also be a Hacker but honestly, we have way better hackers than this one, so just leave it De Natura Shasvastiirum: Noctifers: TO non-infiltrator unit, and with the V:Dogged twist. Apart of the basic and Lt loadouts, both with combi, they can be fielded with Spitfire, Missile Launcher or as Hacker.As no infiltrators, and its cost, Spitfire Noctifer is not the most useful unit. Missile Launcher attack from combat camouflage is a big surprise, but most of the times after this blazing glory momento, the noctifer is going to have to do some overtime to rent its cost. The hacker option would be ideal if there were no a higher WIP hacker available, but the V:Dogged skill is pretty useful if the Noctifer have to venture in a hot area to reach an objective. Shaviish: Today I bring you a troop that I used only a couple of times and he didn´t do what I expected... but I think they are a good choice: the Noctifers. A cool light infantry. I think that only Spitfire, missile launcher and hacker are the good choices. Spitfire is a powerful weapon that in hands of a TO troop and dogged, we can be sure that he's going to accomplise his mission... if no shock ammo take him down, of course. Missile launcher is a thumbs up. Our best choice to take down big enemy troops like IP or TAGs, but also linked teams. Hacker option is only good because of his BTW -3 that makes him a good deffensive hacker. Shasvastii Aswuangs Saise: + Solid statline, ADHL, Camo-Vampire! - A little risky but overally no minuses! Holy Jupiter Juggling Moses! Those guys are just plain uber-awesome for my taste. Fantastic statline for its cost, with very good 17 CC, solid BS and all around PH and WIP is just the beginning, as this sweetheart run across the field as a Camo marker - Camouflaged soldier with Protheion ability is pure evil, as he can go all sneaky like to an enemy and jump into close combat out of marker - risky? Not at all in most cases - even if our target react with shooting Protheion gives us V:Dogged special rule, so we can survive a wound and take our revenge in close combat - if we succed, we will regain wounds by eating our poor target. This is however not all of Asuangs glory - he has a BS 12, so he can shot quite well, and he have access to Adhesive Launcher, one of my favourite piece of gear in entire game. Oh, imagine this - first, he use Combat Camo ability to glue someone donw. If this attack was a success, he gently walks to a glued fella and eat him alive to became a multiwound monster. Sweet as chocolate. And he cost a mere 25 points for all we get, no matter if he is carrying a Combi Rifle or Boarding Shotgun in addition to ADHL. We can also take him in a more offensive option, paing 6 more points and 1 SWC to arm one with Spitfire - a nice option to have, but while totting a Spitfire he lose his ADHL, and I will not stand for that - espeically, that we have Noctifers and Gwailos to carry Spitfire into shoot'outs. De Natura Shasvastiirum: Asuangs: More camo’d units, and through S:Prothein sharing V:Dogged with Noctifers. Arguably the most playable Spitfire (even not infiltrating), the only ADHL source, and the best cost-effect relation Lieutenant in the sectorial. One of those units which owns its cost range. Ironically the miniature available is the less playable loadout. Shasvastii Haiduks Saise: + Cheap Sapper, Guided sniper ammunition - SWC hungry Another interesting addition from Human Sphere, Shasvastii Haiduks are support snipers for any Combined Army force. Haiduk have a very medicore statline all around but this is atoned by being a Sapper - and this skill grant our fella a lot of nice gimmicks like CH:Mimetism, V:Courage and being in partial cover from all directions as long as he don't move away from his foxhole. If you find a nice spot in your deployments zone that can cover a solid part of battlefield (some elevated position maybe) you can't go wrong with Haiduk, as he is totting a dreaded MULTI Sniper Rifle for a mere 26 points! This is super-sweet, considering that for most opponents he will be hard to shot at (-3 for being in cover, -3 for mimetism) and have a solid ARM of 4 (again, Sapper bonuses!). But the real thing is the option to take a Gudied MULTI Sniper Rifle - if you field this guy you can play it all safe and deploy him in a way, that no enemy will see him. Ok, he will do nothing either, but while he is safe from harm, if any of our forward observers marks somethin he can unleash hell and kill any possible target with those huge, damage 15 AP+DA bullets homing for the target - no BS roll, no problems, just pure pain. However this variant is way expensive than regular sniper, costing 37 points - still, I find this option a very powerful way to deal with the hardest stuff your opponent can bring along to the field of battle. Calculon: Bottom line: sniper specialists, with the game's only Guided Multisniper option to date. De Natura Shasvastiirum: Haiduks: Another weird unit, without the most common skills. Sapper don’t make them as hard to kill as the rest of the available AROers, but Haiduks can overtake areas which other units couldn’t just because they can create cover in the middle of nothing. Even with their low points cost, their subpar BS and their CAP cost don’t make them profitable. Guided multi sniper loadout is an exercise in futility, and personally I’ve tried to make a slot for them in several lists without any memorable performance Kurgat Regiment of Assault Engineers Saise: + Heavy weaponry, battle-engineer - Vanguard statline, low durability New and quite tasty addition from human Sphere. Morats are Morats - everything they do they do on the field of battle. So if a Morat must become an Enginner, he will understand that in fact he must carry the biggest guns and crack enemy heavy support, bunkers and defences. Simple logic, aye? Well, Kurgats have Vanguard statline on all fronts, and that is pretty sad - with one point of armour and BS:11 they have not only low durability but also don't shoot on an awesome level with their big weaponry. On the other side, they are cheap for what they can do. Each variant is an engineer (so they are good companions for Raicho, for example) and carry D-Charges, what makes them quite dangerous in close combat and Antipersonnel Mines, so they can lay some of those stuff in your deployment zone and also use Intuitive Attacks and sweet AROs with them. All of three variants possible to take have solid and sweet weapons. Autocannon is what everyone want to have and now we got it - for a 37 points and 1,5 SWC its expensive, because Ariadna have the same guy on much better soldier than Kurgat is. Its good to play with this huge piece of armament but hell, I belive it is too expenive for a 1 Arm, 1 Wound model. But we can give him an MK12 for 0 SWC and just 24 points! I call it the best possible choice for this unit - deadly mid-range weapon in hand, enginner skills, mines and bomb - a real battle-engineer that can take something donw and repair our broken stuff. If you want to spare some points you can still take a Kurgat with a boarding shotgun for mere 20 points, which is also a very sweet and cheap option for what we get out of him. Battlefield role? If you have a tag, let him run behind it or just close to it, so he can fix'it on the way. If the TAG fall down you still have a heavily armed soldier out there. Second option is to ignore him being an Engineer and just use him as a cheap storm trooper, possibly with MK12 - this is a great piece of weapon that make him dangerous to almost any target, so beside his low durability he can still fill this role. Eypyeash: Kurgat Assault Engineers - Jacks of all trades. They come equipped with pretty nasty weapons outright, and every one is a WIP13 engineer with D-Charges and AP Mines. Their BS11 is sad, but it does mean their Autocannon is a steal at 37 points. For 20 you get a pretty basic Engineer with a boarding shotgun, which is plenty dangerous in its own way. Very solid dropzone defenders, and good for objective hunting (4-4 and alright WIP). Calculon: Bottom line: gives you options to deal with mines, frozen HI and ADHL while still deploying a competent combat troop. As always, more effective with a slave drone. MK12 and Autocannon both help Kurgats do double-duty as credible threats. Morat Guide to Supremacy: A standard Morat that trades 1 CC to become an Engineer with D-charges and Anti-Personnel Mines, plus he get's some great firepower options. As of right now D-charges seem to be very situational but can be a last ditch effort to explode an immobilized tag, hopefully with the campaign in effect they'll get used more in mission play. The mines however make for a great way to cover your back from AD and mesh naturally with the long range of the Autocannon, or use them on one of the other builds in a more up field way to discourage camo-markers and infiltrators. • Autocannon - one of two possible places in all of infinity to get this gun, and it's pretty solid boasting great range, damage and AP+EXP. As devastating as it looks. • Mk 12- Essentially a much improved Rifle, don't overlook this as it has improved range and damage for it's class. • Boarding Shotgun- Cheapest Kurgat option, close ranged but has decent damage and a template. Cadmus-Naish Agent Sheskiin De Natura Shasvastiirum: Agent Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin: The only sectorial’s chacacter, linkable with any fireteam. Despite its ARM 1, Agent Sheskiin has a nice survivality due the Nanoscreen, S: Protheion and V:NWI, so its a good Lt option. Multi Rifle and Nanopulser are great weapons to be in a fireteam Shaviish: Sheskiin. Our Little Beauty Beast. This is a miniature I love... perhaps too much human but an excellent sculpt with an awesome profile. She has great stats: good shooter, awesome CC fighter, and she also has BTS!. But let's see her "gadgets". NANOSCREEN: cool gadget that puts Sheskiin in ARM 4 and adds a -3 as if she is in cover. Remember it's affected by E/M. PROTHEION: this hability can be used to "eat" unconscious enemies and you also can use it in CC to gain wounds for a maximun total of 3 NO WOUND INCAPACITATION: if she's not hited by shock ammo this counts as an additional wound... if she is at "full charge" she counts as if she have 4 wounds!... tough lady. Sheskiin's weapons are cool too: multi rifle that allos her to react with DA ammo and with a BS 15 (18 if full linked), Nanopulser (useful versus enemy groups and IP), D-Charges (for missions), CC DA Weapon (I only use it when she's whith her "4" wounds). I think it's more useful sending her alone to the enemy deployment zone, eating some enemies and decimate their troops with the Nanopulser, Multi and also in CC. If she is with her "4" wounds, for sure that you have half of the battle won. Only one more thing: never use Sheskiin as Lieutenant, this will be too obvious and your opponent will concentrate firepower in her.
  10. Hey guys, since a couple of weeks I was thinking about a pink color scheme for my upcoming combined army. I've thought that black/pink, turquoise/pink or purple/pink may look "cool" on these models. I do not want to have a too bright color scheme. It should be dark one, with high contrasts. I've bought some lava bases two years ago, which originally were for my dark eldar. Instead, I would like to use them for my new models. Therefore the color scheme has to match with red/orange/yellow. Do you think it is possible? What do you think? Do you have any experience in painting pink or advices for my plan? For those, who are also interested in painting pink, I have found some interesting links for. Tutorials: Finding good looking color combinations:
  11. My friends and I always lose track of those rules inside rules, and the small but important benefits of some special rules. Hope this list is helpful to everyone, as much as it is to me. I made some changes to accompany N3; so if some of them are incorrect, please let me know. Reminders and Specials in Specials fixed.pdf Edit: Ack!!! it didn't copy correctly! so I am fixing it for others. Edit Edit: I have fixed it. Excel in case you want to make changes Reminders and Specials in Excel.xlsx Reminders and Specials in Specials fixed.pdf Reminders and Specials in Excel.xlsx
  12. As I enjoy reading unit summaries such as [url=""]MuRm's[/url] for vanilla Nomads and [url=""]Penemues[/url] for generic Ariadna, i think we could enjoy reading a Thread full of experiences about my until now mostly played Nomads Sectorial . As others also think, i am the opinion that there is not the one style to play, and articles like this are best served with discussion to illustrate our opinions, i think you should see this thread as my personal opinions and experiences with this Nomads sectorial. I have other experiences than you, Meta will differ, and we play on diofferent terrain. So some options i take more often than others may be because of that, and as Infinity is such a variable game, feel free to suggest things i missed, and to state your opinion about mine. We all will have some insights, i think . As already said, i think i will never have all insights, as noone of us ever will know; there will be things to discover anew each game. So i do not state that this Thread has the complete information about Bakunin, and i am happy if anyone suggests some other thoughts . Also MuRm [ and Duelist] have done a great job of displaying hte units in vanilla Nomads, and i think i will agree on much what they said already . So, without further ado, i will present my thoughts on the first parts. --- [b]Bakunin in General[/b] I think playing a sectorial is verya interesting, and Bakunin has some of the strangest and most interesting units in Infinity, i think. As the nature of Bakunin are the differences between the different people and how strange it is that they live together, controlled by the moderator police corps, you have many different models, from the very aggressive Überfallkommando to the slow and steady, yet highly reactive Sin Eaters. So Bakunin offers a lot of options, and i try to list some of them. I struggle with my thoughts about general strenghts and weaknesses in Bakunin, because the models have so variable and different abilities and equipments that i am glad if anyone can flesh this out a bit. In my personal opinion Bakunin has got the tools and the possibilities to cover everything you can do, some things are harder to achieve, but all in all you have got plenty of options. --- So, what [b]does[/b] Bakunin have ? - [url=""]ODD[/url]s en masse - Some very strong [url=""]Religious Troops[/url] - Very effective [url=""]Camo[/url] [url=""]Infiltrators[/url] - Strong Hacking coverage because of [url=""]Markers[/url] - Two very strange and strong CC/CloseQuarters units - Some of the best [url=""]Doctors[/url] and [url=""]Engineers[/url] What does Bakunin [b]not[/b] have ? - We have no TO Camo - Only one, but very special [url=""]AD[/url] unit - Really heavy armed models. Even our TAG is just the "normal" ARM8 [yes, i know, that should be enogh :D] - No [url=""]MSV2+[/url] - any cheap SWC - free Lt. --- Units that are [b]linkable[/b]: - Moderators [5] - Reverend Moiras [4; 5 with Kassandra Kusanagi] - Reverend Custodiers [3] - Riot Grrls [5] --- Which[b] Lt[/b]. should i take ? Yeah. THe Lt. question is interesting, because Bakunin has got only one SWC free Lt., which can be obvious, and you usually want to spend the SWC on heavy weapons and not on Lt.s . Which options does Bakunin have ? As i recently got asked to answer this question my way, here i write . [b]Moderators[/b] are the cheapest Lt. option point-wise. That a Moderator is Lt. is pretty obvious because of his WIP of 12, but on the other hand side you can hid eyour Lt. in a 3 to 5 Moderators Link Team, ans even wothout proxying you have 3 Moderators from which one can be the Lt. That is mostly too much possinbility to kill the wrong guy for the opponent, if he wants to assassinate your Lt. If i am in tourneys, i usually try to leave half an SWC spare to have a possivle Moderator Lt., even when i am playing two Link Team options like a Custodier Link and a Moderator Link. That is my own way of being flexible in my options . The Moderator Lt. also has Shock Immunits, is [if he is in a Link Team] easy to defend with probalby SS2, and Moderators have Shock Immunity. In addition to that Moderaor Lts. have an Electric Pulse, so noone except Berserks wants to be in CC with them.That leads to a promising Lt. Choice, and i take him very often. [b]Moiras[/b] on the other hand side are rather expensive points- and SWC wise. But: They have an ODD, so they are really durable in shooting fights, and with their MULTI Rifle they are able to defend them in shootings well. Also in CC with their Shick CCW they are better tan a Moderator; i know that this does not shy away Ninjas with MA3 and such, but normal targets do not want to come into close range to them. I did not use her very often until now, but being able to hide your Lts under 2 Moiras or even a Custodier is great, and also since this is a shooting game, ODDs are very powerful. The Mora Lt. also can use ther Lt. order really well by fighting. [b]Custodiers[/b] are my favourite Bakunin unit, so i personally use her very often. You do not waste your Lt. order with them. Protectet by an ODD they can easily advance midfileds against most targets, and if you do not want to risk your Lt.s life, you can let her hack AD or some other juicy targets, and with her you also have the Marker which lets you expand your Hacking Range . If playing a Custodier Link Team, you can also hide her in the Link Team. [b]Zeros[/b] are rather pricey; i think almost all Camo Lts are 2 SWC in most factions. But that has also its advantages. Because so many SWC are not obvious on the table, yxour opponent might fear a Prowler with Spirfire under one of your Camo Markers. And a Lt. which is Camoed is invulnerable to most surprizing attacks since his Camo protects him from being shot at. His Lt. order is easily used by shooting some targets from Combat Camo and he can protect his and the other miniatures lifes with his AP Mines. Also he can infiltrate, so you can choose from various locations where to deploy him. You can choose a rather safe place if you do not have the first turn, or you go full risk and start being a huge threat for your opponent pretty early in the game with him. Your decision. His weaknesses are the steep SWC cost which leads to less good and effectiev weapons/loadouts in the rest of your army, and his weakness if he is discovered; when he gets hit, he almost everytime dies because of his ARM 0. I almost never use him, but when i use him, he is performing great. [b]Morlocks[/b] are Bakunins Irreglar Lt. option whcih leads to be never used, since i never used an all-Irregular army until now. Playing an all Warband army could be fun, especially in smaller games, but it also has great downsides. If you use thiy Lt. you have no regular model in your army which could be Lt. so you are very limited in your options of how to play. You only have 2 orders fpr everyone, but the Lt. has three. So make great use of this vast flexibility compared to your other troops . If someone has experience with him, please drop me some info . Last but not least [b]Rev. Superior Kusanagi[/b] is a very interesting Lt. choice. She has all advantages of a Moira Lt., has got better weapons and also V:No Wound Incap. So she is much more durable than a normal Lt. bakunin can offer. She does not cost SWC and also gives you an additional SWC to spend, so you finally can put allt he shiny toys into your list easily. But be aware, and protect her well, since then she will be an obvious Lt. and NWI does not protect ehr from being shot down in many salvos of HMG fire.
  13. Hello, a few weeks ago me and my mates from the Mannheimer Blood Bowl League decided to start playing Infinity. It is a really great game and even though we have only played a couple of games, we are excited to play more and have started painting our armies and building suitable terrain. However, we are all new and we have faced some problems. We started buying different starter packs (more on the looks of the miniatures and the themes of the different factions). While navigating through this forum and the spanish one, I read all the "big posts" about the different factions and sectorials, where players described the pros and cons of each miniatures and suggested army lists. Notwithstanding, while these posts were great, I found one of urobros (in Spanish) about the starter of Acontecimento. He listed which units were included and how you could create a 150 point army list with the starter, explaining the different possibilities. Further on, he explained what options were great to expand the starter to 175, 200, 250 and 300 points. I found his topic really helpful and made me decide to ask if there were more posts of this sort. I have not found anything similar (at least pinned). I know there are many veteran players here who have enough experience to help doing something similar. I don't want to impose, just to suggest that if someone would have the time to do something similar, it would be really appreciated by all us newbies who have some trouble in deciding how to expand our starters. We are buying the minis who we think look cool, but there have been some players in my league who have acquired options that do not mix well together (corregidor starter + reverend moiras). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. And by the way, it is really nice to navigate through this forum. Best, Mephisto Links to the "Expanding your starter" series: - - - - -