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Found 16 results

  1. Up date : im moving topic slowly to new forum and as Photo Bukake decide to fuckup all around and go bancrupt besouse ther are idiots instade of pictures you will c nothing unless you go direct link : so no this topic is not dead .. i may one day do reset and create "best of" but not now
  2. Hi guys. It's been few years since I painted any miniature but now I decided to get back to it and, most importantly, to start working on an idea I had ever since I discovered Infinity. Beeig a long-time sci-fi modeller obsessed with putting LEDs inside everything and a package arriving today containing dozens of SMD LEDs, here are my first attempts today. First some blending exercise to get back to it: Now for those who wonder what SMDs are: And the first lightning test (drilled holes are huge and nasty, hopefully that gets better with practice, I broke like a dozen of drills today):
  3. So I recently started doing some ( rather cheap ) commission work and at the same time had some limited access to DSLR camera for couple of hours, so I decided to take some quick pictures ( I suck at this ) and show here. Everything is painted with Vallejo colors, GW washes, cheap 12 euro chinese airbrush and old army painter brushes. My first finished piece, Maghariba guard. I attempted some NMM, chipping effects and pigments and I think it all came out rather nicely. Feel free to contact me if you need something painted. Since I am just starting with doing commision work, you can hire me really cheap :-) I've put 1/100 Stug for size and quality comparison ( only airbrush and some pin washing ). Ltd. ABH is work in progress for the same customer.
  4. Hey all, I have started a written battle report page for my local area. I am still fairly new to the game, less than a year, and very new to battle reports. hope you guys enjoy *I also have a Corregidor vs Tohaa up and a very tense Morat Aggresion vs Hassassin Bahram comin in soon
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to post some pics of some figures I painted in here, but I keep getting an error message that says -200 when I try to upload the image. Can someone tell me why, or point me in the right direction of which forum I should be asking about this problem in? Thanks, Will
  6. Hi all. As an old gamer I have quite a collection of minis that I collected over the years. Many years ago I collected Confrontation Dirz faction and I have quite a few of them around that I haven't managed to sell yet. One of the models I currently own is that of Ysis the Viper(2 copies). Here is an external link to the picture on CMoN that someone painted As a Haqq Infinity player that currently doesn't have any funds available I was thinking of converting them into Mutts as something I would like to include in my lists but don't have models for and the models look Haqq enough. I was wondering how would you go about converting these models into Mutts? I want to keep the helms as in my head they pump drugs into the user to make them feel brave/reckless(hence extremely impetuous) to fulfill their mission. Any idea, advice and help is more than welcome.
  7. Look at all this Infinity concept art that's been popping up lately! Wow, what a great Aquila Guard! Umbra Samaritan with Boarding Shotgun! Note the Gecko in the back too! Combined Army Ko Dali, with MSV2! Kaplan Tactical Services! Oniwaban! Or perhaps it's Saito? Too early to tell! PanO Fusiliers and Bipandra, with the flag of the new (Earth?) Sectorial! --- Can't wait to see more!
  8. So now that HSN3 is coming and we have a general idea of what haqq is getting, I feel like making a list of predictions of releases we may receive this year. As a faction with most units having models that are mostly up to date, it makes it easier to predict what we may receive. 1. Bashi Bazouk blister 2. Khawarij Box 3. Resculpted Djanbazan box 4. Resculpted Mag Guard 5. Zhayedans 6. Hassassin Ayyar 7. perhaps an Asawira box 8. resculpted REMs 9. Resculpted Taureg 10. lastly is a few profiles that are unlikely to see sculpts due to them being moved to Acheron Falls, such as Halqa, Ahl Fassed. Most other models have enough variants to be used effectively right now so these ive posted are the most likely to come during the year simply cause there aren't any other models really needed that don't have models yet. Are there any ive missed, and what do you guys think?
  9. I was looking through the apartment for stuff to make some good terrain. I was pissed about throwing out some good boxes earlier but then I found my old original Ipod box complete with it's packing material. That plus some balsa strip and a large marble gave me a nice, solidly built two story building. Working on a Bourak-themed landing pad right next using another found box.
  10. Hi, folks! In this thread I`ll post a building process of my Haqqislam/Hassassin Bahram/Qapu Khalqi collection of miniatures, that can be put together into a good solid army of Haqqislam and/or of its sectorials. I`ll try to make each of miniatures unique, or at least reduce the number of duplicates to the unavoidable minimum. I`ll try to stick to the current range of Haqq miniatures and/or to official artworks of Infinity, as much as I can, then it comes to detalization. Howether, poses are a different cup of tea, and I will not follow to artworks, but instead to the possibilities which miniatures will give me. I`ll try to convert my minis in small groups, while more complex or interesting conversions will be a kind of step-by step tutorial, so most of them can be reproduced by you, folks, if you like it. Feel free to comment my works and/or ask questions about it, and, please, forgive my not so perfect english `cause I`m native Russian. Thank you in advance! Not so long ago I finally received a major chunk of my miniatures (all original), which gave me many cool bits of almost perfect quality and the opportunity for some more onteresting conversions. Howether, some Infinity miniatures, I had painted before, become obsolete within N3. Also, together with new bits, some new conversion ideas appeared. And so I stripped most of them down from paint, but right now some are still bathing in the isopropanol, waiting for when I`ll pay some time and attention to them. Stipped down miniatures were disassembled, and stripped from epoxy putty, super glue and so on, so metal bits bits look almost like new. You can see how they looked before (assembled and painted) through the link in the undersign of my posts (link to my small gallery at DakkaDakka). Here is the approximate list of miniatures I plan to make, and the current status of my projects: Djanbazan Tactical Group (all available profiles) - WIP, Murabid Tuaregs (all available profiles) - WIP, Al Hawwa (both Sniper and Hacker minis) - not started yet, Hafza (all available profiles, 5-6 minis) - not started yet, Odalisques (Haris team 3 minis strong now, box later) - not started yet, Yuan-Yuan (2 now, one more later) - not started yet, Hunzakut (Sniper) - WIP, Ghulam Infantry (a lot of different loadouts), 2 Halqas and Najjarun - not started yet, Naffatunes (4 old-styled ones) - not started yet, Janissaries (all 5 minis + Tinbot) - not started yet, waiting for release of the boxed set Has. Fidays (all 3 minis) - WIP, on hold Has. Barids (2 minis) - WIP, on hold Has. Ragiks (5 of them, old-styled) - WIP, on hold Has. Lasiqs (5 of them, 2 Viral Snipers, 3 Viral Rifles) - not started yet, Has. Muyibs (LOTS of them!) - WIP, on hold Has. Farzans (3-4 minis, all loadouts) - not started yet, Gazi Muttawi`ah (4 minis, new boxed set) - not started yet, Asawira Regiment(4 minis) - WIP, on hold, Different remotes (4 core ones, 2 Kameels, some Nasmats) - not started yet, Maghariba Guard (TAG & Pilot) - not started yet, Khawarijs - WIP, on hold, Has. Husam Spec-Ops - not started yet Other miniatures - on hold, or not started yet. What`s on my working bench: Hunzakut Sniper conversion (legs swap, Sniper rifle still needs some work to be done), 5 male Djanbazans (2 Rifle/Doc, 1 HMG, 1 Hacker, 1 Sniper, all and each needed some minor epoxy works), 2 female Djanbazan conversions (Sniper and HMG, both planned and started but quite much to do), 2 female Murabid Tuaregs (different poses, one Sniper, one Doc some minor epoxy works), 1 male Murabid Tuareg Hacker (complex conversion with some extra bits - a lot of work). All bits are cleaned from mould lines as much as it was possible and brushed with soft brass brush to remove the talc, before they were used for conversions. Sorry, no pics yet, but they will appear soon.
  11. I was just wondering what the Arabic script on the stencils means, if anything.
  12. OK I have a firstworldproblem - I have nomads and I have qapu kalkhi. I have KTS for my QK. I also have an Iguana. I was thinking of putting my nomads on some deserty bases. My KTS possibly the same - however this would mean they stick out a lot if I used them with my other forces (in non ITS games etc) Additionally my nomads are all on treadplate plasticard bases. If I put my Iguana on a treadplate base it will look 'off' beside the QK/mercs. I'm thinking that I will paint the iguana similar to the KTS so that it can still fit with the nomads and QK (so dark/black and not red) but again the basing. So what I need to figure out it what bases to put the KTS and the iguana on - should I go treadplate or should I go desert, or is there some sort of compromise that I haven't thought of? Or do I go sod-it and put all of my QK on treadplate aswell? (since they won't always be in a desert given their role)
  13. Hi Guys! I started lurking this forum some time ago and now with the new profiles I want to share my list. I am new to Infinity. It is my first 300pts. list so be nice... I played only twice so far (150pts and 200pts) so give me advice... HAQQISLAM GROUP 1 9 1 1 BARID Hacker (Hacking Device) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) RAGIK Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 32) NAFFATÛN Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (13) DJANBAZAN Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 31) FIDAY Boarding Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (30) LASIQ Viral Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 26) GHULAM Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (12) GHULAM (Forward Observer) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (13) SHAYTANIYAH REMOTE Smart Missile Launcher / Electric Pulse. (1.5 | 18) KASYM BEG Chain Rifle, Panzerfaust, Smoke Grenades, LGL / Pistol, EXP CCW. (16) GROUP 2 4 0 0 TUAREG Rifle + Light Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (29) NAFFATÛN Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (12) GHULAM Doctor Plus (MediKit) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (16) NASMAT (3) SHIHAB REMOTE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 25) 5.5 SWC | 298 Points I chose to play vanilla because I can mix units I like visually. I have here three options for potential Lt (Barid, Ghulam and Naffatun). I took Barid, Ragik and Ghulam FO to use REM with SML effectively. These three guys will give him targets and hackers can also deal with HI and TAGs and missions. Second REM with HMG and Total Reaction... because I feel like I had not enough power in ARO where my opponent aggressively dominated my table half. I think Shihab should help here, but I can be wrong... I need to test it as I have never played that unit. Djan is awesome guy. Killed 4 enemies in my last 200pts. game and I want him in my lists. Then, second sniper with Viral to deal with high ARM opponents. I played Fiday in my both games (with Tohaa) so only Imp2 but anyway, I noticed it is good to have him. I took Naffatuns to have some fire templates. I choose Tuareg to have one TO Camo unit so I can hide and surprise my enemy. I played him once and I am happy with it. And the last, Kasym Beg. He looks nice, and I still have to test him, but I took him for this list anyway. From what I read so far he is able to go wild. This is also my potential list for buying minis for Infinity. I am really interested what are your thoughts about that list. Cheers!
  14. SO There’s a thread for this in both Aleph, and CA and I’m curious what others think. There are several profiles I’m excited for (Sekban, Daylami, Druze counting QK) but I think the profile I am most interested in/excited for is the Asawara HI. This unit is very effective in N2, but terribly expensive and in Barham it usually is a no go for me as the Muyibs and other troops are often too expensive to justify this effective but costly hitter. Also, the changes to most HI, the changes to Regeneration, and the cost changes to weapons should dramatically (I hope) affect the cost of this unit. Also, it will be interesting to see if they add in any mobility enhancing skills. Kinematica, or hyper dynamics (doubtful), or maybe even make it a dreaded 6-4 (also doubtful). A close second for me is Al-djabel. While I don’t expect much in the way of change, I really want to know point costs, and what the final CC is going to be. With Impersonators seeming like very CC oriented units, and the likely MA4 B2 option, his raw CC stat will be very meaningful moving forward. What about others? What units are you looking forward to?
  15. Just saw this on Facebook. My Spanish isn't that great, but you guys are getting a new line of terrain right? Looks really interesting! Looking forward to the results.
  16. Sorry for the photo bomb. Speed painted these guys assembly line style over the past couple months. I decided I wanted these guys mainly just "table top quality." Started off being strictly Hassassins and then added some QK and vanilla models as well. The Hassassins are accented with turquoise, QK with red, and Vanilla with greens. The Hassassins will be featured in my next battle report with Levitas (those are my Yu Jing are in the Thrilla in Vanilla report). Anyway, enjoy!