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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, it's been a while I haven't posted on the forum, After seeing the reveal of Beyond Red Veil, I got quite motivated to back and immerge myself into Infinity again Starting off, I have a Hassassin Ayyár to show you (sorry for the quality of the pictures, i'll take better ones next post) , and the Fiday is my old colour scheme, the last picture was me trying to compile tactics I could find in a fun way
  2. Im just opening this as a speculation thread for what may possible be in a future HB starter box update. so what are your guys thoughts? Daylami would probably be in for sure, but what else? Ayyar sculpt perhaps, fiday resculpt, what happens to the missing muyib or lasiq?
  3. Recently I've been expanding all of my armies. My panoceania and Haqqislam forces in particular have been growing rapidly. But it occured to me recently that I don't really have anything other than vanilla and QK units for my haqqlists. I was going to expand a bit and buy the hassassin starter and was wondering. Would you take Vanilla or Hassassin forces? Which do you think is more fun or more difficult to pull off well? Also since folks are here I suppose I should also ask what hassassin units are a must have in vanilla or the hassassin sectorials? Military orders as well if you wouldn't mind.
  4. Ieldin's Plog (Nomads, JSA, MRRF, Tohaa, Hassassin) Greetings all, This is my painting thread, were I record my never ending battle with paint and brush against my biggest enemy, my strong urge to buy MORE, NEW, SHINY MODELS RAAAAAGHHHH! Sorry lost my cool there . Hope you enjoy this thread and don't hesitate to comment and give feedback. At first, a short overview of my armys, to show you what to expect. These are not all models from the different forces, but I got no good shots of them together. I hope I can update these at a later point. First Nomads, my main army: Second JSA: Third Hassasin Bahram: Forth MRRF: Fifth Tohaa: Sometimes I get a friend of mine, who is a amateur photographer, to make some shots of my minis, which are way better than mine, enjoy : My current project, a Tohaa Clipsos Infiltrator: And what lingers around the corner:
  5. I'm currently looking at starting a Haqq army as a new player and I'm trying to decide between doing Hassassin bahram and a vanilla list. Any recommendations on what to go for in either case? And what is easier to start with?
  6. Both Lasiq profiles cost 26 points. I feel like the Sniper variant is just ever so teeny weeny tiny bit 'more powerful'. So I feel like the rifle version should be like 25 points, maybe 24. Am I missing something in the "magical troop profile calculator algorithm" that puts these two models identically on par with one another? Full Disclosure - haven't actually played the rifle version yet. So I fully realize I could just be WAY off base in my feeling the rifle should be docked by a point(ish).
  7. I'm probably going off the deep end here and overthinking this. Much noobishness may be on display. This is your trigger warning. :/ I'm a big fan of the whole Hassassin sect and it's placement as "the intelligence organization" and the like. I may also be under the misapprehension that the purpose of a sectorial is to provide a theme and possibly an alternative style of play over that of the regular "vanilla" allotments. Is there a point to the Hassassin Bahram? Looking at the AVA for the sectorial I find it rather lackluster. Daylami and Ghulam are restricted in numbers. The actual "Hassassin" models do have an increased AVA... typically by 2. (Ok, Muyibs are by 4), When I sit down and ponder an "Assassin" list I rarely find myself really stretching the generic AVA at all. I have to purposefully decide to create a fireteam of... something... rather than picking troops and naturally arriving at one. It's something I do find myself stumbling into when I play around with Qapu Khalqi. But I never really find myself thinking... "If only I could use a fourth Ragik." I just don't get it. Too much vanilla on my part? Lack of immersion? Perhaps I'm a poor fan of the concept?
  8. Hi Folks, I'm playing in a local league here in balmy Toronto, Canada (It's a lovely -21C today) and I'd like some suggestions on building a list to accomplish the following mission: Mission 3 - Topography List: 250pt Armies Deployment: Standard 12” deployment Game Length: 3 Turns Primary Objective - Each players army will receive 3 Deployable Mapping Units (See Special Rules). Each of these units become equipment on any model of their choice (limit 1 per model). Secondary Objective - Each player will roll 2 Classified Objectives (see infinity rulebook). Special Rules - Strategic Withdrawal: A player forced into the Retreat! State may choose to immediately end the game. Note: the Retreat! State is checked only during the start of a player’s turn. Deployable Mapping Units: Mapping Units are sophisticated sensors designed to function as a network and map an area based on low level seismic pulses. These delicate pieces of machinery are complex to set up and fragile to carry. Mapping Units may not be carried by troops deploying as a Marker, nor can they be carried by troops deploying using Airborne Deployment. A model may only carry 1 Deployable Mapping Unit. Setting up a Deployable Mapping Unit is delicate work. It takes a short movement skill to place the device. At which point it will be placed on the field as a Marker with a Deployable Repeater’s Stats (see below). Activating a Deployable Mapping Unit is more complex work. A friendly model within base contact of a Mapping unit can take a short skill WIP test to attempt to activate it. Some modifiers apply to this role see the chart below. If this WIP test is successful the market enters the Active State. Activating Model Modifier Is TAG -6 WIP Is HI -3 WIP Is Doctor/Forward Observer/Paramedic +3 WIP Is Engineer +3 WIP Is Hacker +3 WIP Mapping Units in the Active State put all enemy models within its Zone of Control in the Targeted State. Mapping Units that enter the ISOLATED state immediately lose their Active State and may not return to the Active state until repaired by an Engineer. Remember! Deployable Equipment that takes a wound immediately goes to the Dead state. Quick Reference: Deployable Repeater Stats ARM 0 BTS 0 STR 1 S 1 Scoring Points - At the end of the game a player earns 1 League Points per Active Mapping Unit within their opponent's table half. Players earn 1 League Point if they have an Active Mapping Unit within their opponent’s deployment zone.
  9. I've been playing Hassassins for a while now and wanted to change things up a bit, so this is my most recent attempt at doing so, Would love feed back on the list The daylami are in as harassment/throwaway in the event they don't stick their landing. HASSASSIN BAHRAM ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 10 0 0 KAMEEL (EVO Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 13) SHAYTANIYAH REMOTE Guided Missile Launcher / Electric Pulse. (1 | 34) SHIHAB REMOTE HMG, Antipersonnel Mines / Electric Pulse. (1 | 28) FIDAY Rifle + Light Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (33) FARZAN (Forward Observer) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (25) ASAWIRA Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, Shock CCW. (2 | 59) BARID Hacker (Hacking Device) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 26) MUYIB Doctor Rifle + Light Shotgun, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (27) GHULAM Lieutenant Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (13) GHULAM Doctor Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (17) GROUP 2 0 2 0 DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (11) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun, Panzerfaust / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 4
  10. This is my normal Hassassin List, I've had mixed success with it, might need tweeking to make it work more effectively, would love feed back on what I've got here. HASSASSIN BAHRAM ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 5 5 0 GHULAM Lieutenant Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (13) GHULAM Doctor Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (17) GHULAM HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 21) GHULAM Hacker (Hacking Device) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (11) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (11) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (11) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun, Panzerfaust / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14) DAYLAMI (CH: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) Rifle + Light Shotgun, Panzerfaust / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14) FARZAN (Forward Observer) Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (25) GROUP 2 4 4 4 FIDAY Rifle + Light Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (33) LASIQ Viral Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 29) BARID Hacker (Hacking Device) (Forward Observer) Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 29) MUYIB Doctor Rifle + Light Shotgun, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (27) MUTTAWI´AH Chain Rifle, E/Marat, Jammer / Pistol, Knife. (5) MUTTAWI´AH Chain Rifle, E/Marat, Jammer / Pistol, Knife. (5) MUTTAWI´AH Chain Rifle, E/Marat, Jammer / Pistol, Knife. (5) MUTTAWI´AH Chain Rifle, E/Marat, Jammer / Pistol, Knife. (5) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 4
  11. So in an upcoming tournament, I was thinking of playing Hassassins. Trouble is, there are emergency transmission and beacon race missions. I've never played either of those before, and especially given Hassassin limitations, I'm wondering if I should just not bother with hassassins. My only core portion of the force that I have is a 4 man link of lasiqs, 2 snipers, 2 regualr, the rest of the units I'm open to. Any advice? especially for those missions from practical experience. I suspect I'd need to use farzans and Yasbir. Maybe muyib minelayers? Any other ideas?
  12. Hey all Atomic Empire in Durham, Raleigh is having a 400pt Spec Ops tournament at the end of August. I play Hassassins pretty regularly but only at the 300 level. I don't have a list to provide this is really more of a collective brainstorming event. I wanted to see how are people either playing HB at the 400pt level or how would they like to play Hassassins at that level. Some general themes I am kicking around: 1) Asawira link team for some mid-board control and OBJ-grabbers, backed up by...? 2) 2 combat groups of Ghulams and Barids to act as order generators for all 3 Fridays. 3) A board control list for missions like frontline and quadrant control with Fidays, Fazan and Ragik aiming to win on scenario points here. I think #2 could be a lot of fun. Fidays are terrifying in singles and 3 could work cooperatively to clear DZ's for a couple of Ragik HMGs to come down. Not to mention just sew discord in the ranks and eliminate lynchpin models. Anyone have any thoughts on pushing Hassassins to the max?
  13. Fluff-wise, why are Ragiks the only Hassassin unit equipped with cubes? Is it because of their jump training, a highly specialized skill that would be difficult to replace? Or is it a cube-tax, only there to boost their cost?
  14. Sorry for the photo bomb. Speed painted these guys assembly line style over the past couple months. I decided I wanted these guys mainly just "table top quality." Started off being strictly Hassassins and then added some QK and vanilla models as well. The Hassassins are accented with turquoise, QK with red, and Vanilla with greens. The Hassassins will be featured in my next battle report with Levitas (those are my Yu Jing are in the Thrilla in Vanilla report). Anyway, enjoy!
  15. So what are the HB folks out there primarily using between these two? I know they are apples and oranges in term of function but would love to hear some personal success (or defeat) stories using these two link teams. Also, how do you load yours out? I'm building an HB force now and am torn between the two (lets face it, I will probably end up with both!) Here are a couple ideas I have had: 3 man Lasiq team - 2x Sniper, 1x Combi. Pretty tough on defense with Mimetism and the +1 B on the Viral Sniper rifles. B4 Viral Combi on offense (assuming he is the leader) or B3 Viral Sniper. Yikes. Ariadna death. 4 man Muyib team - 2x Viral Minelayers, 1x Doctor, 1x Spitfire/HRL. Pretty versatile. Swiss Army knife unit.
  16. During Paradiso missions, I have discovered - nay - experienced the humble joys of the Barid. At first, I thought the Kaplans were a lock for best addition to the Haqq arsenal but I am finding them a slight bane in my bonnet. They're Mercs, they're Mercs that anybody can use, I am seeing more Kaplans being slung about by my opponents that it is a shame that they're not a Haqq only unit. But I guess those poor dumb bastards that don't have a decent Engineer option needed an out of some kind. Back to the Barid, the wonderful Barid. Well, eventually, first it is story time. A few years ago, a friend of mine was exalting the joys of Interventor and Custodier Lts. in their Nomad armies. I recall his exact words to this day because it is the sole reason why I am envious of Nomads: "I can have my Lt. not move a single inch and yet it is performing so many roles." Normally, a Lt.'s function is to not put you into Loss of Lt. If you don't mind strapping your testicles for rockets, you can even go the William Fucking Wallace or Joan of Arc Inspiring Leadership route and make your entire army Impetuous. It is the Nomad's Interventor and Cusodiers that bring a new dimension as a Hacker Lt. Let us bask in this profile. BARID Hacker Lieutenant Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife (26 | 1) MOV:4-4 CC:14 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:14 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube Religious Troop, Hacker Device How does this differ from the regular profile? BARID Hacker Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife (26 | 0.5) MOV:4-4 CC:14 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:14 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube Religious Troop, Hacker Device By .5 SWC. With most factions, they need to spend SWC to get Lt. options. I can understand your hesitancy with this. Why pay more SWC when for the most part its terrible. Many of our Lt. options do not cost SWC. Saladin, arguably the best Lt. in the game, doesn't cost SWC. Tarik has the decency to give you SWC. You only take the Muyib Lt. if you're running Hassassins but why pay more for this guy? It goes back to not moving an inch. Normally, the Lt. Order is a stupid resource. You can spend it on three things: Auto-pass Guts checks on your own turn, form Link Teams or activate your Lt. For the most part, your Lt. should hide in his little bitch hole unless you're strapping those rockets to your jewels. The fact that he's a Hacker with Markers means that the Barid can spend Orders to do useful things without moving out of the bitch hole. Here's a run down of things Hackers can do with an Order: 1) Hack through a Repeater 2) Sink a Dropship Option B is something you can do to your opponents effectively for free. The fact that he's a Hacker also means: 1) Be a Repeater 2) Coordinate with other Hackers 3) Allow you to run Remotes Infinity is a great game, but it does ruin the fun when you need to field these stupid beards called "Lieutenants". I mean, these guys are a real drag. You need one in your list. Even Hackers are optional if you want to run Remotes, you need just need to whip out a TAG. When you combine the two, this allows you to run a game and Remotes! One of the great strengths of Haqqislam is the relatively uniform WIP on our Lt. options. 14 is a higher WIP than most factions, unless they want to start spending SWC. I know we're spending SWC on our Lt. here; however, our opponent doesn't know that I know how to decide if wants to hunt down our other WIP 14 Lt. profiles that we happened to have placed on the field: 1) Naffatun - which no one ever suspects 2) Ghulam 3) Halqa 4) Hafza - or whatever they think may be Hafza 5) Muyib 6) Sekban 7) Djanbazan 8) Janissary Add in that the Barid has Markers, which lets him Hack without risking your own models or even moving and we've got ourselves a winning combination of a lazy Lt. Hacker. Markers can be fired Speculatively, combined with Parabolic Fire, means that your Lt. can stay in the same spot, land a Marker and then Hack an opponent. Religious on your Lt. is normally a bad thing. Its paying points for something you don't use. Religious allows you to ignore Loss of Lt. and Retreat. If you're in Loss of Lt., sounds like you had a Lt. stick his neck out there because they used their Lt. Orders to move up. Religious, on the other hand, is very important no matter the model while in Retreat. If you were to go into Retreat, your models start behaving in ways you don't want them to. They become worse than teenagers. As your models Retreat off the board, you take further losses from the conflict you are already experiencing. Now, if you've been paying attention, you know your Lt. is in his hiding hole, which is usually very close to the board edge. With Religious, on a model you know that is safest (as your Lt. should be), he isn't going to move. That's one more Order to burn on winning the game rather than keeping your ducks in a row. Furthermore, there is the added benefit of having superior stats to the Interventor in the fighting realm and being a third of the cost of the Custodier. Haqqislam is stealing the Nomad secrets. Maybe we will have Odalisque porn for all at this rate! Genetically engineered to be hawt, no risk of furries. Then you've got the 'basic' Barid, if such a majestic profile could be labeled such: BARID Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife (17) MOV:4-4 CC:14 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:14 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube Religious Troop, Forward Observer This guy is really amazing. Now, I know that he's no Achilles in the Rape-Train-With-No-Breaks; however, he is really under-priced Marker, 1 point. Forward Observer, 3 points. Now he's at Ghulam level but has relevant skills to display, such as Religious. He also has BS 12, BTS -3 over a Ghulam. Every point of ballistic skill is important, but also the emphasis on BTS with more Viral or Environmental Hazards. What is important with this load out is that it is so cheap for an effective fighter that is Religious. They can continue with the mission in Retreat or Loss of Lt. They have high WIP, so their Flash Pulse protects them from Long Ranged attacks but more importantly it is the newly opened game design space. I really like CB being clever and including Forward Observers are Specialists for missions. If you want to open a door, I only thought Engineers and Hackers could get the job done. In comes Paradiso, turning that notion on its head by including Forward Observers are key masters. They also can be used to call in Drop Ships. These are important elements you should really consider when designing your own missions or playing with CB's. This 17 point model is more than the sum of its parts. It may be the most efficient objective solver. Ghulams and Halqa could be Forward Observers, I will give you that. They now cost 16 and 19, respectively. The Barid stays at 17, has superior stats and will stay the course when things get rough. By the way, there is a Lt. option at this price bracket. I mean, seriously, look at it: BARID Lieutenant Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife (17) MOV:4-4 CC:14 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:14 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube Religious Troop, Forward Observer Remember that whole rant above about this Lt. does so much for way cheaper than anything else? Well, now imagine you have a scenario that doesn't require Hacking, but just Forward Observers. They don't even need to be next to an objective, they can just further the game along because they're Forward Observers. You now have a Lt. that can win the objective, hide in a bitch hole, cost no SWC to focus your weaponry for the mission and all for 17 points. Even the little sneaky Hafza bastards need to pay 20 points for this degree of shenanigans - as a non-Lt. As more game design space opens for Forward Observers, I continue to see the Barid as a major win for Haqqislam, Hassassins and the Old Man himself. Then there is this silly load out: BARID Hacker Rifle + Marker / Pistol, Knife (29 | 0.5) MOV:4-4 CC:14 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:14 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube Religious Troop, Hacker Device, Forward Observer No one gave this Barid the memo that if you wanted a Specialist you go with Hackers or if they're allowed Forward Observers. You don't use both. That's crazy talk, but hey, at least I'd choose this suboptimal load out over the Khawarij. My main point is: CB, sculpt the Barid so you can take my money. With point values like this, CB is going to have to work a miracle to make the Khawarij a competitive option. Aside from his day job: Would You Like To Know More? Lt. Special Order Retreat! Loss of Lt. Religious Marker Speculative Shot Parabolic Fire
  17. Is this model no longer available by itself? I can only find it in the Muyib four pack on the website.
  18. I don't have the Human Sphere, so this question might be daft. However, I was looking at the merc availabilities in Paradiso (can't remember the table page number), and the Druze are incompatible with armies including Hassassins. Is there a reason for this in the Druze background? It can't be that Hassassins won't hire any mercs, since obviously from that table its possible. Are their goals too opposed?