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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a bug in infinity army with regards to order counts in infinity armies courtesy lists? Making a list in Infinity army the other day and noticed that courtesy lists with active holoechoes do not show orders. This makes it obvious that holoechoes are in the list and 99% of the time it will be obvious which models have the holoprojector 2 because of this. Given that models in holoecho states are private information this seems like a bug. Example This List - Ragik x2, lasiqx2, yasbir (holoechoed as ghulams) 5 regular orders Produces this courtesy list -Ghulam x3, lasiqx2. Three regular orders Which tells any opponent with a brain that the three ghulams are holoprojector 2's
  2. Is it possible to hide the real model behind own holoechos to gain a safe passage from A to B? The enemy first has to discover one holoecho in his ARO, then I can move again behind the 2nd holoecho that also has to be discovered. It gives me 2 turns of safe passage without getting shot at. Is that even possible? Since holoechos have the same silhouette as the actual model, the actual model should not be visible to them.
  3. An Oniwaban/Speculo under a camo/impersonation marker moves into B2B contact with a unit with active holoechoes. Does he reveal? What if it was only an echo and not the actual unit?
  4. We are happy to present our new products for this month. As always you can purchase them right now in our shop: In addition to the holoechoes products we had available we also added H Yasbir the new Dire foe released this month. Two new special templates. The first one for smoke effects in smoked grey and the second one a Blast template. This last one comes with an add-on to check all the explosion radius, even his height. Also this month we also present a MDF structure. Our new Dice Tower for Infinity is designed to be not also an useful accessory but part of the game scenery and become one new game element. The tower includes 2 small consoles that you can add to it, or assemble them as a independent scenery piece to be used in missions. Finally you can see our new suppressing fire marker, which fits perfectly with the game bases to represent accurately this game effect. And with all the products associated to a specific faction that we presented last week. We released MEGAPACKS which include a set of 21 orders + 22 status markers + a pack with all the 5 camouflage silhouettes. All of the available for all the factions of the game. You can save some money buying all them together. Here you can see a selection of photo shoots of our new products. We hope you will enjoy them