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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I was just wondering if I could get an answer to some rules questions I have. I will post them in seperate topics in case someone looks them up later (I did a quick search and although this has probably been answered before, I couldn't find it). If a trooper in Suppressive Fire declares a BS Attack ARO with Suppressive Fire at a model beyond its 24" range I gather the trooper in Suppressive Fire is considered to perform an Idle. One of the cancellation clauses in Suppressive Fire is "The trooper declares an ARO other than a BS Attack using Suppressive Fire". So because the Suppressive Fire model performs Idle instead of Suppressive Fire, is its Suppressive Fire State cancelled?
  2. 1. Can engaged model declare Idle? 2. Can engaged impetuous model declare first short skill move, which is illegal, so it change to Idle? Not impetuous? 3. I suppose engaged impetuous model can declare only attack or dodge, is it so? Thank you!
  3. Another great video by Ash! I was curious about one of the issues that was brought up. At 18:16 Ash Idles his como token to wait for his opponent to ARO. The argument being that if he fails to Dodge then when he preforms the second part of his order and does a BS attack the opposing figure cannot shoot back, still being restricted by the camo rules. I'm not sure I understand this. I think this may be incorrect by my understanding. As an ARO you can declare discover, dodge or hold to see what the second short order is. If you hold and the second order reveals the camouflage marker then you can declare an attack ARO. If the second order does not reveal the camouflage marker then the ARO is lost. Which is correct? I figured I'd ask the almighty internet for enlightment!