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Found 28 results

  1. How much is the discount for Frenzy, Impetuous and Extremely Impetuous?
  2. So I recently bought the red veil starter set with a friend and I've been having a blast playing the Yu Jing. I think I'm pretty set on getting some more heavy infantry like a Yan Huo or another Zuyong with heavier weaponry. I also know what remotes to get since the Rui Shi and Lu Duan remotes look like so much fun with their weaponry. They only issue I'm having is picking which supplementary light infantry to bring into the mix. Everyone recommends the Kuang Shi with their Celestial guard commander bringing a smoke grenade launcher that has synergy with the MSV2 that comes with red veil but I don't know when they're going to re sculpt the celestial guard and I have no intentions of going into the Imperial Service Sectorial. The Kuang Shi look like a lot of fun to play (zombies that explode?!) and they look like they are a "must have for any Yu Jing list out there. On the other hand, the Shaolin warriors look really cool but are both irregular and impetuous. They have chain rifles and a high close combat level but that makes them relatively useless at range which is where most of the game is being played out. The thing that makes them really good are the smoke grenades that synergize especially well with the MSV2 in the list and make them able to lay down smoke all around the map the help my heavy infantry. Does anyone have any experience with any of these infantry units? If you have any Yu Jing lists that expand from Red Veil with a specific mindset I would love to see those!
  3. My troops are purchased and assembled. I have opponents and tables. Now I'm all ready to start playing. Except for a few tactical issues. As a brand new inexperienced player I was wondering if you veterans have some basic advice for deploying and using our camo troops, paratroopers and our impetuous stuff. Hmm, I could include van Sant and things like that but go on, hit me with your pearls of wisdom.
  4. Hello guys ! I usually only play regulars in my games, with an occasional frenzy (usually doing nothing or dying). I lined up a lot of impetuous/irregular on a game and they ended up dying veryyyyy fast. On that occasion it was morlocks and uberfalkommando, but I'd like to know how you use your impetuous/irregulars guys? Do you spend regular orders on them? Do you let them idle after use of their orders ? Any general things to know ?
  5. Under the rules for impetuous (not the extreme cousin) the wiki says, Impetuous troopers have the same rules as Extremely Impetuous troopers, with the only exception that they are not obliged to expend their Impetuous Order, and can cancel it without paying the Regular Order cost. To do so, simply remove the Impetuous Order Marker from the table, announcing that you decline to use it. This suggests to me that a frenzied or impetuous model doesn't need to spend the impetuous order that means running around the corner into a ready flamethrower or two. I keep seeing battle reports where a frenzied Joan or Achilles leaps out to their deaths because of an impetuous order after the opposing player says something like, "Remember, Achilles/Joan is frenzied so you need to spend that impetuous order." If you have a model that is impetuous, can you toss the order and instead leave the model behind that building standing in the way of several waiting templates? Is this a holdover from N2?
  6. Hey all. I've been wrestling with this question for a few weeks and thought I might get some insight from the community. Question : If multiple enemies can be reached with the same number of orders during an impetuous order, does the owner of the impetuous model get to choose which to move towards? Reasoning : Each impetuous order must execute a Move. This Move must be toward the nearest enemy figure by the most direct route possible. The nearest enemy figure is defined as the one that can be reach in the least number of Orders. Frequently multiple enemy models could be reached by the same number of orders. Side Thoughts : If an 4/4 move impetuous model had two enemies, Model A who was a 7" climb directly above and Model B who was 7.5" away with no obstructions, the impetuous model would be forced to move towards Model B (assuming the impetuous model doesn't have Climbing+ or Superjump). Rules : Impetuous Order: Direction of Movement When executing a Move as part of an Impetuous Order, the trooper must move towards the nearest enemy figure by the most direct route possible. The nearest enemy figure is the one that can be reached in the least number of Orders, even if that figure is not in LoF. Jump or Climb skills must be used if that would shorten the route.
  7. Hello, can I deploy dismounted? E.g. my Desperado doesn't want to drive 8" into the sunset and getting hundreds of AROs so I choose to deploy dismounted. this thread seems so suggest that I can. Where do I put my motorcycle, close by, far away? If the far away is the case, how do I have to move if my trooper is impetuous? Do I have to mount my motorcycle in every case to get faster to the enemy?
  8. I was wondering, what use could there be for an Impetuous Specialist? I'm not entirely sure how best to utilize these guys.
  9. my link leader on a Haramaki link team (troops with extreme impetuous) is killed during my reactive turn. My turn begins. At what point can I reform the link by spending a command token? 1: Immediately, before orders are counted. 2: After orders are counted and impetuous orders spent (meaning all the Haramaki take actions before they can re-link) 3: After orders are counted but before they are spent so I, technically, count out 4 impetuous orders for the remaining troops but then immediately remove them when the link reforms (or, spend them and have the model leave the new link)
  10. Hello community! I am super new to the game (read: I've played through the starter missions and have just started building my collection beyond that) and I haven't quite got my head around the Frenzy rule. Namely, something like the Nomad Jaguar that generates a regular order and has the Fury: Frenzy trait. When a Jaguar injures and enemy unit, does it then gain an extra impetuous order on the next turn (if it survives long enough) in addition to the regular order? or does the impetuous order replace the regular order when counting orders at the beginning of the turn? Thank you!
  11. Title says it all, can units who can't claim partial cover because of fury move to partial cover in guts moves?
  12. So, if I have a trooper on a bike and it's time to do the impetuous movement, can I choose to Dismount? When a trooper declares Move as part of an Impetuous Order, he always moves the entirety of his corresponding MOV value. But is does the "corresponding MOV value" have to be the mounted one? As: By declaring Move, a trooper may Mount or Dismount a Motorcycle, TAG, Vehicle, etc. at the start of his Movement at no cost, the new troop profile will be applied during the whole sequence of the Order. This might be helpful to prevent the biker from getting too far - or just for keeping him from suffering the -3 for dodge (I'm looking at you MSV2).
  13. Hey there folks, something came up in my weekly game that stumped us both. If I loose my LT, yet I have impetuous troops. Can I cancel their impetuous with their now Irregular Order? Similar to how you can cancel their Impetuous with a regular order. The answer is no, right? Because their Loss of Lieutenant State has changed their Regular Order into a Irregular Order.
  14. 1. Can engaged model declare Idle? 2. Can engaged impetuous model declare first short skill move, which is illegal, so it change to Idle? Not impetuous? 3. I suppose engaged impetuous model can declare only attack or dodge, is it so? Thank you!
  15. If my Irregular Impetuous troop dies during his Impetuous order, can I still use a command token to turn the order regular? Or if I manage to heal the troop on the same turn, can I still use the Irregular order on him?
  16. 1) A Caledonian with a Chain Rifle is in a smoke cloud. A Ghazi Muttawi'ah with a Chain Rifle makes an Intuitive attack on the Caledonian. He succeeds his Intuitive attack role. The Caledonian ARO's by shooting back with the Chain Rife. Does the Caledonian automatically hit with his ARO? 2) Do models who have Irregular and Fury orders who enter in a Loss of Lieutenant and are not V: Courage (or any other similar trait) lose their Fury orders?
  17. And the last question that came up yesterday and a couple weeks ago. Does a camo marker, or impersonation marker, or hologram 2 marker count as a model; for the purposes of impetuous and highly impetuous models moving towards the nearest enemy; for the purposes of dominating table zones such as Supremacy, quadrant control, etc. I can see the argument of "its not a model" because its a marker not a model I can see the argument of "think of it as a game state" its no different really from prone or unconscious, besides that its a special game state only available to certain units I can also see the "sometimes they do" argument for purposes of fluff. Where yes the unit in camo counts for securing a zone because you the commander know that its there while the impetuous model doesn't necessarily know that model is there. Or that the impersonation marker is a friendly unit until its discovered so there's no reason for an impetuous model to move towards it. thanks again for your thoughts!
  18. This comes from the Yu Jing subforum and I thought the notion was interesting and unclear enough to warrant a RoE question. Situation 1: Yojimbo is in total cover, 5" from a corner. Moving to the corner is the shortest route to the enemy and would cause Yojimbo to take an unacceptable number of AROs. Dismounting causes him to move 4" and be in a perfect position to toss a smoke grenade. May Yojimbo doctor his MOV characteristic by dismounting? Situation 2: Same as above, but Yojimbo is already dismounted. Does he have to mount to increase his MOV to satisfy Extremely Impetuous? Situation 3: Yojimbo is in total cover next to a Q-Building and in base contact with the wall. The most direct/fastest path to the enemy is to climb the wall to the second floor. Does Yojimbo have to dismount in order to Climb? Assumed answer to all questions: No, you only use the current profile.
  19. Hi guys! I start this topic to be introduced in a bikes word! I have Asuka and four bikers, and the model are amazing BUT I don't have any idea how to use them. I know I seems little retarded at veteran gamers look but I noticed that bikers have a medium cost, and are fragile. In addiction they are hard to control in game and lose at the first turn the spitfire bike 'cause an aro...don't make my day happy. I usually play vanilla yu jing in Its at 300 pts. My questions are: - what role(s) in game usually is (are) most effective? Ex: H/K unit, Flank guard, fast specialist... - which units working well with? - Some tactics or tips using bikes - any consideration useful for a bikes noob! Thank you for your time!
  20. Yup, I really love my Yu Jing but I find It's time to start branching out, the thing is I really love Warbands and Impetuous models (mainly because being a very indecisive player and having my models run themselves for a few orders sort of helps me decide how to keep going), right now I’m trying to decide on some factions whose Warbands I find interesting, I’m trying to decide between Bakunin due to the Überfallkommando, Morats due to the Oznat (oh man, I really love this miniature) and Caledonia because Caledonia, so here I am, convince me of the other good sides of Bakunin, Morat Aggression Forces or Caledonia, or pick your favourite faction and tell me about how great it is and why I should start it. Pd: I’m sorry but any Japanese Separatist Agent will get bzzaped, given a bunch of explosives and a chain rifle and sent to die In some forgotten warfront, the Imperial Service has a reputation to maintain.
  21. Hey folks, we had an interesting question in the german forums and while I have doubt about the possible answers I though I throw it in here for you to chew on it. It´s about the movement under retreat conditions: The rules state the following: I bolded the part where the question turned up: what exactly does "every move" mean: We know that it doesn´t mean the second short skill of the impetuous move as the retreat shuffle is totally legal but what about every other order spent for a regular movement? 1)Can you shuffle around and then use a regular order to move forward? 2)Can you shuffle around and then move only backwards with your regular orders? 3)Can you suppress the impetuous-retreat and only then move forwards with a regular order? We always played it like option 1) as we thought the "every move" part only refers to the impetuous-retreat movement but now i have doubts :/ especially as it makes it incredibly hard to score some points once in retreat if you are only allowed to move backwards with every move.
  22. Lets say an irregular model is camo'ed, does it then generate an irregular order - and give this clue to what it is? The same would apply to impetuous models, and holoprojector-lvl1's (for which I assume you just have to project something with the same types of orders if you want the deception to last through your turn) So are camo tokens (and such) all regular, non-impetuous? I assume not, that this is just another penalty of having unusual order types, but I may be wrong. Another, semi-related question: At what point does a holoprojector-lvl1, faking a model with mimetism or ODD, get revealed when shot at? Do you say "oh, the mimetism is fake, ignore the penalty" the moment the shot is rolled? (I think this one is a bit silly) Do you get the bonus of mimetism/ODD until YOU make a roll (probably a save)? (I hope not) Do you what your opponent's dice carefully to point out any misses that really hit, just because of the modifier being fake? (I think this is probably the most reasonable option, but it doesn't seem entirely "right", somehow) There's probably some fairly clear ruling I've completely missed, I'm reasonably new to the game (and newer to the forum; I've been hovering for a few weeks, but this is my first post).
  23. Here is a new FAQ answer from Palanka on the Spanish forums. The original entry can be found here: - Does an Irregular Impetuous model with Airborne Deployment still have it's Irregular Order if it started the turn off the board? No, the model does not have it's Irregular Order since the troop was not deployed at the beginning of the turn. The only exception to this rule is that the model may use it's Irregular Order to halt his Impetuous Order while off the board. As always recent FAQ additions can be found here: A full list of FAQ items can be found here:
  24. Impetuous moves and supresion fire. in a game i had i put a model that whas close to a Impetuous enemy, but behind a wall, on supresion fire expecting it to move in to it because i was the closest model. But the player declarde that therule cleary stated that he may move to a nother model thats only a little bit further away and also out of los because it whould be the save move for him. now my question. if its clear that the model that has supresion fire is the closest MUST the Impetuous move to him or can he op to move to a nother ,say 1 inch further, model with the same lof conditions.
  25. At the end of the last game we ran into some situation we didn't know how to handle: 1) The army is affected by Retreat! and the lieutenant is dead. More then this only one figure (regular) is left alive. Question is, because it is a Loss of Lietenant situation, does the figure have to do an impetuous retread order, but has two order in the order reserves (because of the Loss of Lietenant situation)? Can he do a normal order? (if he has to orders in the order reserves he can use one order to negate the retreat order and he is left with another order to use noramlly) 2) How does a (regular) impetuous figure act during a Retreat! situation? a ) His impetuous order is lost and he has to do an impetuous retreat order? b ) Because he already has an impretuous order, he no longer receives the retreat order, so he ignores the retreat? c ) He has two make both impetuous orders,one towards the nearest enemy and one back towards his army table edge and if this is the case which is the order in which the order are executed? I thank you in advance for your help in this situation.