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  1. I am going to outline how I play Ariadna in ITS, both listbuilding-wise and tactics-wise. Basically, I take a lot of orders and a lot of camo. This makes my armies very resilient when going second (which is great for several scenarios) and still effective when going first (because I'll have 15 regular orders plus irregular and impetuous). While I have had a good bit of ITS success running Ariadna this way, it is by no means the only way Ariadna can win (ask superginger). While I find it very effective, it requires a lot of practice and skill to use correctly - tons of bodies means that there aren't too many points left for heavy weapons, so you have to be able to figure out how to take down anything with a rifle or shotgun and several orders (vs. a smaller army where you need to take something down in a couple of orders but you have tons of different tools to do it). My big gun inevitably dies, so I have lots of practice improvising solutions (or avoiding the problems!). Listbuilding I do actually find this somewhat entertaining, though once I've figured out a relatively optimal build I tend to get stuck in a rut (or I just keep playing games with that list, which isn't a bad thing either). First, here are some guidelines I try to remember for ever list I build: Shoot for 2 full groups - the first should have 8+ regular orders and the other should have at least 5.Include 7+ specialists - put 4+ in the group that has the most regular orders, but keep at least 2 in each groupInclude 2+ problem solving models - heavy weapons, Antipodes, Dog Warriors, etc.Include as many models as possible that include camo markersUse the dirt-cheap orders to which Ariadna has accessCamo LT is valuable because it's harder to kill, more important for multi-group armies Next, here are the unit selection optimizations I've come to when building these lists. I don't always take each of these (they don't all fit), but the majority of them make it into each list. 2 Volunteer chain rifles [cheap orders]2 Chasseur Minelayers follow [4 infiltrating camo markers]Uxia, specialist version [superior infiltrating specialist, has D-charges for Sabotage, can murder things with B5 at close range]2-3 Foxtrot FOs [cheap infiltrating specialist, sometimes 1 is LT]Spetsnaz HMG [best general killer in Ariadna]Dozer + 2 Minesweeper Muls [cheap orders with bonus alternative uses]Cateran T2 (is there any other kind?) [ARO piece, HMG hunter]Antipodes [hard target killer, sensor, smoke]Irmandinhos [cheap specialist, smoke, pretty much an auto-include in some missions]Hardcases [4 more super-cheap infiltrating camo markers]Cameronian/Dog Warrior [mudpit or objective guarder in N3]Line Kazak FOs [cheap specialist filler]112 [cheaper doctor specialist]Loup Garou Viral (secondary killer)Bruant Lt (camo LT, backup killer)Tankhunter Autocannon [best ARO piece we have]Paracommando FO or BS [AD]45th Highlanders [cheap smoke and chaff]Van Zant [the only guy in the game who can walk into your opponent's deployment zone and start shooting) My two lists will generally be only slightly different to accommodate the mission selection. Biotechvore and Beaconland require their own special lists that I'll discuss below (I hope you don't have to play both of those in a tournament). Slightly different listbuilding strategy: Second Group as Chaff It's pretty simple, really. Build your second combat group first: 2 chain rifle volunteers to guard your DZ, 2 Irmandinhos, 2 Galwegians, maybe a 112 for another regular order. That comes to 52 for 7 models and 3 regular orders. It's enough to cause your opponent to spend orders getting rid of it (especially because if he doesn't those cheap warbands will be a pain in his backside) but few enough points a regular orders that you don't really care when they all die. You have 248 points left for your main combat group, giving you plenty of points to include redundancy and killy stuff. Be careful not to add too many regular orders to the chaff group because before you know it you'll have two full groups and want to balance out your specialists, etc. as I've discussed previously. This was briefly (pre-paradiso) my favored listbuilding strategy (still is for CHA) and was the basis of at least one of the Ariadna lists I took to GenCon 2014. Tactics I'm not going to be particularly specific here because it's impossible if Infinity. Every situation is different. There are several principles to keep in mind, however. Hide your cheerleaders - you'll have lots of them, and they are all important. Use templates and shotguns to guard approaches to your DZ but keep the bearers out of sight from long range. Make your opponent spend extra orders to take out multiple models (so try not to group up too much).Make your opponent discover your camo - try not to reveal your markers in the reactive turn, especially on the first turn if you go second. The more orders he spends discovering your models the less he has to complete objectives or deprive you of your own models.Eliminate sensors, specialists, and threatening enemy models in that order (generally speaking). Sensor can eliminate the order sink that your camo markers can be in one fell swoop, so it makes sense to try to kill them early. Revealing a single marker (Cateran, perhaps) to ARO a sensor before it can get to your sea of markers is worth it too. In most missions, specialists are the way points are scored. If you eliminate your opponent's, he can't take objectives from you.Be flexible - most of your models won't be the best, simply because they are so cheap. You have to use your order advantage to get around this, getting guys into their sweet spots and your opponent's minis' blind spots.Focus on the mission at hand - don't get carried away, especially if you get first turn, with killing your opponent's models (except sensors). Use at least half your orders to accomplish objectives if you get first turn, as a rule of thumb. Specific Mission Notes Annihilation I don't really bring different lists for this; you need to be able to accomplish the classifieds and still kill guys, so I might try to bring another dangerous weapon, but other than that it's standard stuff. Baggage can be helpful at scoring points for being alive (though you may give up more if they are destroyed, this doesn't really hurt you). Supplies It's helpful to have AD for this mission because if you go second you're likely to have to go hunt something down on your opponent's side of the board. Van Zant is an effective option for this; just don't bring him in too early. Frontline Bringing in AD late in the game can be effective in this mission, but keeping your camo guys camo'd up as long as possible is the most valuable. They count for scoring that way. Definitely bring two Muls because baggage counts, making them each count for 25 pts even if you're only going to realistically get them to the first zone outside your DZ. You want to go second. Emergency Transmission My basic list ideas are designed with this type of mission in mind, so there's not much to say here. WIP-3 rolls can get swingy, but Engineers get +3 making it a straight WIP roll. Bring 2-3 Irmandinhos. Going second is valuable. Seize the Antennas There's a bonus for hackers, so if you're playing a SpecOps event take a hacking device but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. Both Isobel and the Wardriver are pretty easy to kill for the advantage they bring. Going second is valuable. Quadrant Control Same advice as Frontline: conserve your camo and bring two Muls. You want to go second. Lifeblood An interesting mission. We have good sources of anti-material: Caterans, Hardcases, anything with D-charges. I'm not sure going first is much of an advantage any more, though it will depend heavily on the box placement. If you do go first, try not to spend any more orders than necessary on anything besides checking the boxes. Take out your opponent's anti-material stuff if you have any leftover orders. If you go second concentrate on killing your opponent's anti-material weaponry first (especially if he only has a few sources); if he can't kill the boxes you'll have a chance to clean up later. Engineers get a bonus, so bring Irmandinhos. Beacon Race You want fast things to carry the beacons, so Antipodes or a Cameronion are a sound investment. Try to mine the doors to the objective room to make it tougher on your opponent. Transmission Matrix Don't be tempted to try to enter the hacking fight (because you won't win). Deploy your Muls in the back zones; it doesn't matter if they get hacked because they will still count for scoring while they live. Our infiltrating camo can start in or close to the central zone (just watch out for sensor). Have a good spread of specialists because the classifieds are worth 4 pts. You probably want to go second, but if you can go first, kill any sensor models and reduce an already-small order pool, that works just as well. Antenna Field Our inifltrators get shafted here, but I don't think it's worth making wholesale list changes because camo is still valuable. AD can be helpful in dislodging opposing specalists. This mission can be challenging because you have to hold the objectives; going first you just have to do your best to hurt your opponent's order pool while going second you can shoot his specialists off of the antennae. You really want to go second. Beaconland Here's one of the missions where I totally change my list. Infiltrating camo specialists are wasting a lot of points because they will be revealed and cannot be in the exclusion zone. You want to bring 10 or more specialists in this mission, so a bunch will have to be Line Kazak FOs for cost purposes. Bring all 3 Irmandinhos. You only have to fight as much as your opponent wants to; just concentrate on getting your beacons across the table. Coordinated orders are invaluable and Antipodes are effective at carrying already-activated beacons quickly. Bring two Muls because you'll want that +3 beacon activation bonus. Cold Sleep A cross between Emergency Transmission and Antenna Field. Doctors and paramedics get a bonus so taking some of them instead of FOs is a good choice. Otherwise it's the same kind of thing. Going second is valuable. Coffin Raiders This mission is basically the same as Beacon Race with stupider scoring. Doctors and paramedics get a bonus. Not much more to say. Biotechvore I'm not really sure how to approach this. Nothing in Ariadna (except the Wardriver) has BTS, so whoever stays behind is more likely than not to die. Use your cheapest orders to save the more expensive ones. Infiltrating camo is heavily penalized, but succeeding on your roll means that model is already out of the danger zone.You want to go second and bring one solid ARO piece to harass your opponent. Supremacy Nothing special here. Use camo to hold zones and capture the consoles. Bring Muls for their extra Baggage points. Highly Classified Bring a Wardriver so you don't immediately get screwed out of points. Bring Muls so you have some possibility of Test Run. Bring the rest of the specialist spread as normal. Kill everything dead if Experimental Drug or Test Run are part of the public objective pool. This is a tough mission for Ariadna because we have only two hackers (neither of which are survivable), two Muls to be repaired for Text Run (and your opponent is unlikely to allow you to do this), and no servant bots for Test Run or Experimental Drug. Nimbus Zone Bring Irmandinhos and snipers. If you go first, try to kill the snipers the enemy has and then go to town on the Nimbus antennae with the Irmandinhos. I would try to accomplish the objectives under the cover of the nimbus zone/smoke first before trying to kill much else. Going first can be really valuable because once 3 antennae are disconnected you've locked up 3 points. Cateran snipers are useful for destroying the extra antennas that you can't get to and disconnect to prevent your opponent from getting those points. The Armory If you go first, mine the approaches to the building. If second, Hardcase shotgunners would be useful to clear the room. A Wardriver might be nice to lockpick the door to only open the one and potentially hack HI camping inside. This mission probably calls for a different list with a bit more firepower than I usually bring. I hope this is interesting to someone. I may expand it a bit in the future, but it's already a lot of info. I'm interested to hear how people play Ariadna in ITS in very different ways as well. UPDATE: superginger has written a great post discussing how he plays ITS with a single combat group. He lists some scenarios where he believes one group lists can do well, and that list includes Supplies and Transmission Matrix. I'm not sure I agree for a few reasons: in Supplies, more orders can allow you to retrieve the boxes and hide more effectively than less orders as well as allowing you more orders to hunt down your opponent's box carriers. In Transmission Matrix, you can start troops in the two zones along your DZ and have tons of infiltrators near or in the center zone to start the game. I would say Supplies favors two order groups and Transmission Matrix belongs on his second list where each type has similarly-important advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Last Update: 2015-09-18, 1300 UTC ITS 2015 Document Version: 0.3 It's time for the next round of "Are we playing this right?" with ITS2015! Palanka is totally on top of it! Less than a 24 hour turnaround. Thanks a lot Palanka! None of the links work for me, so I'm adding the post number where Palanka answered. Since the forum update, I don't see post numbers. Future questions will have the page number for now. QUESTIONS 1. Emergency Transmission, p.13: Controlling more consoles are the end of the game should be worth 4 since having the same is worth 2 (these are mutually exclusive as other scenarios' scoring). Fixed in most recent doc (still 0.0). 2. Beacon Race, p. 20: 1 pt for each seized beacon, up to four for both players. Only the first 4 beacons seized count. ANSWERED (post 35) 3. Beaconland, p.26: The maximum score appears to be 9: 1 (connected console) + 2 (more activated beacons in exclusion zone) + 2 (more activated beacons in opposing dead zone) + 2 (more activated beacons in opposing deployment zone) + 1 (reconfigure more beacons) + 1 (1 classified at 1 pt). What's wrong here? Fixed in most recent doc (still 0.0). 4. Coffin Raiders, p. 30: The 12" mark on the upper right corner of the map is incorrect. The text says that it should be 8" based on the left side's mark. CONFIRMED (post 35) Fixed in version 0.2 5. Supremacy, p. 38: "Hack a console (1Objective Point)" is per console, per the additional rules on p. 39. CONFIRMED (post 35) 6. Supremacy, p. 39: What happens if a console is destroyed (which I assume is possible because they have a profile)? Destruction has no effect on previous hacking and OPs gained therefrom. ANSWERED (post 35) 7. Classified Objective - Sabotage, p. 46: When must the player choose the target scenery piece? After initiative, before either player deploys. ANSWERED (post 35) 8. Classified Objective - Test Run, p. 46: Is the exclusion of repairing isolation/disabled/etc. intentional? Yes. CONFIRMED (post 35) 9. Classified Objective - HVT: Designation, p. 46: Can the player satisfy the objective with one FO success and one Spotlight success? Yes. Also, remember that since FO has B>1, you can succeed more than once in a single order. ANSWERED (posts 35 and 42) 10. Nimbus Zone, pp 41-42: The text describes the consoles as offset from the board edge by 12" while the map appears to offset them by 8". The text is correct. ANSWERED (post 35) Fixed in version 0.2 11. Classified Objective - Secure HVT, p. 45: What happens if an involuntary explode takes out the HVT? The player whose miniature exploded loses. 35) 12. Joint Ops questions from 13. Biotechvore, p. 32 etc: Does Confused Deployment have any effect on AD1 or AD2? It does affect AD1 & 2; document will be amended. ANSWERED (post 71) Text amended in version 0.2 14. Beaconland, p. 26: Beacon markers are always present on the table from the beginning of the game. Their activation requires a roll as described. Models may not make themselves into markers (including during deployment, by re-camo, etc.) while carrying a beacon. ANSWERED (there's more detail at the link in post 71) 15. Coffin Raiders, p. 31: Can you transmit Med-data paks that you've stolen from the enemy (the enemy downloaded them in the first place)? No you cannot. ANSWERED (post 121) 16. Biotechvore, p. 32 etc: Does a failed confused deployment roll make models lose camo/impersonation? What about for models that deploy over the center line and are normally revealed if they fail their deployment roll? The phrase "replace with this roll" in the Confused Deployment section makes this unclear. They must be deployed as actual models, not markers, per their normal deployment rules. ANSWERED (post 121) Text updated to sort-of reflect this in version 0.2 17. Annihilation, p. 8 etc: Do the extra points for baggage count towards surviving army points and/or killed army points? Yes they do, making the point total for Annihilation not completely fixed. ANSWERED (post 121) 18. Beaconland, p. 26: For the last three main objectives, how does the scoring work? Are the points opposed? Suppose I have 3 beacons in my opponent's deployment zone and he has 2 in that zone. He also has 2 beacons in my deployment zone and I have 1 there. Each player in this example gets 3 points for this (points are not opposed). ANSWERED (post 121) 19. Lifeblood, p. 18: If both players destroy a box simultaneously (the AROing player sets of a D-charge while the active player shoots), who gets the points? Both players receive credit for destroying a box. ANSWERED (post 160) 20. Classified Deck, p. 45: When playing a mission with 2 classifieds, when making the first choice and discarding one of the cards, does it get reshuffled in the deck before the second pair of cards is drawn? No it does not get reshuffled. ANSWERED (post 160) 21. Classified Objective - Data Scan, p.45: What (if any) skills would be a FtF with a Data Scan roll? The only FtF skill with Data Scan is Reset. ANSWERED (post 237) 22. Beaconland, p. 26: How do the beacons belonging to AD specialists work? They arrive with their owners when those owners are deployed. ANSWERED (post 237) 23. Biotechvore, p.32: Are AI Beacons (currently Netrods/Imetrons) affected by the plague? YES. Not ITS-specific, but are they considered troopers? NO. May orders be spent on them? NO. Can they ARO with Warning or something similar? NO (although I'm not sure how the electric pulse works then). ANSWERED (post 255) 24. Beaconland, p. 26: Can a troop activate but not place his beacon? No, beacons are always activated AND placed. ANSWERED (post 273) Followups: Does a beacon stay activated once if a troop picks it up? Yes. Does placing an already-activated beacon that a troop has picked up still require a WIP roll? Yes. ANSWERED (post 310) 25. Beaconland, p. 26: Can a specialist with TO camo use hidden deployment (since he's off the table like with AD) or will holding a beacon immediately reveal him? He's off the table like AD, but will be revealed as soon as an order is spent on him and he comes onto the table. ANSWERED (post 310) 26. Beaconland, p.26: How do seed soldier specialists deploy? As normal. They get beacons when they hatch. ANSWERED (post 310) 27. Classified Deck, p. 45: How many copies of each classified objective should be in a classified deck? One to be consistent with the "avoid duplicates" purpose? Two so that it matches the dice-rolling table? Some other number? As sold (so 40 cards? not sure we know yet); every player needs a full deck. ANSWERED (post 310, additional info in post 329; the rules for the deck don't match the rules for the dice tables) 28. Coffin Raiders, p. 31: Are data packs removed from the table after being transmitted? Yes. ANSWERED (post 350) 29. Lifeblood, p.18: Can boxes be targeted with attacks before the second turn? No they may not. ANSWERED (post 364) 30. Transmission Matrix, p.22: Do the transmission antennas also count as 'enemy' Repeaters as well as counting as friendly ones? Yes. So would a Hacker in one of the areas be able to ARO hack any enemy Hacker that does anything, anywhere on the board, not even suffering from Firewall mods? Yes. ANSWERED (post 368) 31. Beaconland, p.26: The points for having more beacons in the opponent's deployment zone was reduced from 3 to 2, but nothing was increased, leaving the max total score at 9. What numbers need to be fixed? The normal caveat that the exclusion zone doesn't apply to dispersion was removed from the description in this scenario in version 0.2. Was this intentional? If so, it should be called out more obviously since it makes the Beaconland exclusion zone unique. CONFIRMED AS MISTAKES, WILL BE FIXED IN NEW DOC (page 16) 32. First League Round, p.49: "Cause the enemy more than 90 Army Points in casualties but less than their total value (5 Objective Points)" should have the "but less than..." clause removed (otherwise wiping one's opponent leads to scoring zero points for killing). CONFIRMED (page 16) 33. Annihilation, p. 8 etc: "in this scenario, Retreat! rules are not applied." Does this apply to the retreat state triggered by the Antipode rule? No. ANSWERED (page 17) 34. 3rd and 4th escalation league rounds, p. 49: The total max score for each of these scenarios adds up to 14 (5 for survival, 5 for killing, 4 for classifieds). Is this intentional? German doc gives 3 max for killing and 3 max for suviving, matching how the regular Annihilation scenario, so we figure that's how it should work. CONFIRMED, German doc is correct (page 17) 35. Frontline, p. 12: Is the omission of retreat as a scenario end condition intentional? I don't think so. UNCONFIRMED 36. Safe Area, p.45-6: Do you choose your classified objective first or your Command and Control card? Which player uses his C&C card first? If a player replaces his classified objective with his C&C card, must he accomplish that objective after doing so or would having done it previously count? If the C&C card is Sabotage and it replaces the classified objective, should the player immediately choose the target? UNANSWERED 37. Seize the Antennae, p. 15, and Emergency Transmission, p. 13, or Cold Sleep, p. 29: (Part 1) Consider an antenna from Seize the Antennae or a beacon from Emergency Transmission, either of which could be seized/activated in ARO. If a reactive model AROs to a seizure/activation attempt by an active model with the same skill, is this roll FtF? I assume it has to be, but this has never come up because in my games we'd shoot the reactive guy first. (Part 2) The antenna or beacon is already seized/activated by the reactive player. The active player's model tries to seize/activate the antenna or beacon. Can the reactive, antenna/beacon-controlling player's model try to seize/activate the antenna/beacon he already controls? UNANSWERED 38. Emergency Transmission, p. 13: The scoring is incorrect (the current max is 8); either the first bullet should change to "the same amount or more" or the second bullet should count as 4 points. The latter is the rule in some other languages. UNCONFIRMED I will cross off questions that are answered here if they are fixed in subsequent documents (like the map vs. text ones). Add your additional questions below.
  3. Another battle report to give you all a break from the festive season. I've put in lots of pics so you don't end up doing this.... Here are some teasers.... Full report here: Enjoy!
  4. So I did this for ITS2014, and now I want to do the same for ITS2015. I am not, this time, going to propose scenario changes. Rather, I want to select a set of scenarios that are the most balanced between one another, are fun, and work (terrain-wise, etc.) for a large tournament situation. ITS scoring is a whole other topic that is being discussed in another thread; this thread will assume that the standard ITS2015 scoring rubric (that might be overselling “guy with the most Ops wins, but whatever). The next two paragraphs are copied from the previous thread because I need to start in the same place. Let me start at the beginning. There are currently 18 scenarios available for use in ITS2015. For each game, there is intra-scenario balance to consider. Does each player have a chance to win proportional to his skill in relation to his opponent’s skill? I believe that some of the ITS2015 scenarios have relatively good intra-scenario balance, and others are relatively poor in this respect. At a multi-round tournament, inter-scenario balance comes into play. Does each scenario give players similar scoring opportunities? Are the total possible scores coming out of each scenario similar? How easy is it in a scenario to come away with a high score? At a tournament, optimally players would have equal chances each round regardless of the scenario choice. I think inter-scenario balance is worse than intra-scenario balance in ITS2015, and I'm going to go through some numbers and analysis to try to show that. Each scenario allows a player to score a maximum of 10 points, with many of these points being mutually exclusive. The number of points that are not mutually exclusive, however, varies greatly from scenario to scenario. Some scenarios allow a player who gave up all 10 points to his opponent to score 8(!) points, while others only allow 1 in the same situation. I'm going to go through each scenario and outline the pertinent numbers. Annihilation: 4 completely unopposed points, potentially more if one player has baggage (and it counts - this is sadly unclear). Max combined score ignoring baggage is 14. This mission is about as simple as it gets, though it does place a heavy load on accomplishing the classified objectives, more than any other mission. I used this mission relatively often in ITS2014 and it hasn't changed. 14 is in the higher range of potential max scores. Supplies: 2 completely unopposed points, 2 occasionally-unopposed points (if both players have zero boxes they each get 2 points), max score when allowing 10 points is 2. Max combined score is 12. This mission is also unchanged from ITS2014, and the following comments are from that prior experience. I have not seen 10s scored many times in this mission, because controlling all 3 boxes is difficult. There are some particularly bad matchups in this mission (JSA with aragoto hackers vs infiltrator-less NeoTerra, for example) that have made me move away from it, but I've used in several times. Frontline: 2 completely unopposed points, but the differing values of the areas for each player adds another 3 semi-unopposed points. Max score when allowing 10 points is 2, but often the score is something like 9-6, because neither player cares too much about the area just outside his deployment zone. The max combined score is 15. It's rare for the points to not be awarded because all you need is one guy in the zone when the game ends. The mission didn't change, but I don't like it any more. Emergency Transmission: 2 completely unopposed points, max score when allowing 10 points is 2, and the max combined score is 12. The 2 points for controlling the antenna at the end are tough to get, but my biggest problem with this mission is that it requires making a boatload of WIP-3 rolls, which can easily swing the game when one player fails several in a row. Unchanged from ITS2014. Requires 7 pieces of objective terrain per table in places that don't match other scenarios. Seize the Antennae: 1 completely unopposed point, max score when allowing 10 is 1, max combined score is 11. This mission is pretty simple, but the total score matches Quadrant Control (and now Cold Sleep) for being the lowest. It can be tough to score. This is another mission unchanged from ITS2014, and one of my favorites. Quadrant Control: 1 completely unopposed point, opposed points lead to low-scoring games when someone doesn't control more quadrants each turn (from 3 to 2 total points awarded). Max score when allowing 10 points is 1, and the max number of combined points is only 11. Points are essentially guaranteed to be awarded, but often less than the max when a turn ends in a tie. I've found this mission to be relatively balanced intra-scenario. While this mission is unchanged from ITS2014 and was a goto then, I think I will be using Supremacy (see below) instead in ITS2015. Lifeblood: 2 unopposed points. Max score when allowing 10 points is 2. Some sectorials and one faction struggle with options for destroying the boxes (Tohaa particularly now that Viral is not anti-materiel), and the potential for an extremely unbalanced layout of the boxes is there. The scenario seems much better than last year (max score, box deployment, and first turn advantage have been improved), and I will definitely try it out for ITS2015, but the extra randomness from the box deployment turns me off of it for competitive events. Beacon Race: 2 completely unopposed points. Max score when allowing 10 points is 2, making the max combined score 12. Points are (in my ITS2014 experience) less likely to be awarded - getting 4 beacons out is quite tough unless the terrain is too tight or your opponent rolls over. The terrain requirement of the center room is a pain in the ass, IMO, especially for tournaments where you don't really want to reconfigure the terrain between rounds. While the scoring was improved to be more in line with the legacy scenarios, the gameplay is still the same and I will not be likely to use this scenario for tournaments. Antennae Field: 2 completely unopposed points, max score when allowing 10 points is 2. Opposed points don't lead to lost overall points like Quadrant Control, and the max combined score is 12. Some points are likely to be awarded (the round-end scoring, because of the non-requirement for making WIP rolls) while others are not (controlling the antennae in the opponents deployment zone). This was one of my favorite ITS2014 missions despite the frustrating exclusion zone. I used this scenario in most of the ITS2014 tournaments I ran, and will likely run it in ITS2015 as well. New scenarios, all theory: Transmission Matrix: 4 unopposed points. Max score while allowing 10 points is 4, matching up nicely with Annihilation. I'm looking forward to this mission; I think it will be chaotic because of the crazy hacking but still fun. It matches up with just enough other scenarios scoring-wise to be used. Beaconland: 7 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 7. This is the second-highest scoring mission by total possible score, which already makes it tough to use. Unfortunately, it’s also a mess of a mission that encourages/requires crazy skew lists with hordes of cheap specialists, highly encourages collusion between opponents (each player could score 8 points without shooting or otherwise interacting with his opponent), and requires tons of markers for record-keeping. Note that specialists with camo will be revealed to start the game. I will not be using this mission in ITS2015 tournaments. Cold Sleep: 1 unopposed point, max score while allowing 10 points is 1, tied for the lowest. This scenario should play very similarly to Emergency Transmission: lots of WIP-3 rolls (and therefore randomness) and similar scoring (though tying one’s opponent on activations results in a reduction of total points awarded). Again similar to Emergency Transmission, it requires 6 terrain pieces in non-standard locations, making things tricky for universal setup for tournaments. I might use this in smaller tournaments instead of Emergency Transmission, but I don’t love it and probably wouldn’t use it for big tournaments. Coffin Raiders: 8 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 8 but 9-9 is also possible. Ugh. This scenario is a slightly modified Beacon Race 2014. It requires an objective room (a minus for me), has the highest potential combined score in ITS2015, and encourages collusion to reach that high score. 9-9 can be had if the players completely ignore each other and just do the objectives. I didn’t like Beacon Race for tournaments in ITS2015 and I don’t like Coffin Raiders for tournaments in ITS2015. Biotechvore: 6 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 6. This scenario was controversial from the beginning for several reasons: it is skewed heavily towards link teams and their order efficiency, giving Tohaa, ASS, and QK another leg up since they can bring more than one, it requires a completely different list from any other mission, the biotechvore damage makes this the most random mission in ITS2015, and the second player has an enormous advantage as he can shoot the first player while that player’s models sprint for the center and then make his way there in his turn facing much less ARO power. The potential points are high, I really dislike the increased randomness, infiltrating camo gets boned worse than by an exclusion zone (PH-3 to deploy outside of deployment zone, failure puts you in the deployment zone and removes your camo’d state). Since lots of stuff is likely to die the max score is unlikely to be reached. I will probably not be using this scenario for ITS2015 events. It does seem like a fun casual scenario, though, aside from the big advantage to going second. Supremacy: 2 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 2. This scenario is basically Quadrant Control plus some button-pushing with an emphasis on keeping your specialists alive. I liked Quadrant Control last year, but I like the extras going on in this mission this year to use it over QC. I will use this mission in ITS2015 tournaments that I run. Highly Classified: 6 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 6. YAMS, anyone? The max score is quite high for this mission, making it tricky to match with others for a tournament (particularly since I don’t like several of the other high-scoring missions). Other than that, there’s not much to say. The shared classifieds make it a bit more random than some other missions, and Tohaa can’t even accomplish Test Run, which sucks for them when that objective is chosen by their opponent. I guess you could pair it with Biotechvore and Beaconland for a “let’s just have fun playing weird scenarios” event, although while this one is odd for ITS it’s not really that weird overall. I would probably not use this in an ITS2015 tournament. Nimbus Zone: 5 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 5. This mission has a higher max score, but it’s close enough to Annihilation and Transmission Matrix to make me consider using those scenarios together. The exclusion zone keeps the first player from easily disconnecting three nimbus antennas and locking down several points. The nimbus zone makes for very different fighting in the early part of the game; I would try to accomplish objectives while ignoring my enemy as much as possible. This is another mission with a big terrain requirement, matching the 7 pieces required for Emergency Transmission. I will give this a try in ITS2015; I could see a recommendation going either way after some experience. Armory: 2 unopposed points, max score while allowing 10 points is 2. This is another objective room mission that I think would be more fun as a casual game (the panoplies!) than in a tournament. The armory room can be tough to clear once occupied. The objective room will probably keep me from using this scenario in ITS2015. So where to go from here? I think TOs should strongly consider using missions with similar (difference <=2) maximum possible scores to reduce some of the imbalance created by playing different scenarios in different rounds. I like the following supersets: Annihilation/Transmission Matrix/Nimbus Zone/Highly Classified Antenna Field/Supremacy/Seize the Antennae/Supplies/[in smaller events: Emergency Transmission/Cold Sleep] If you really want to mess with your players and don’t care about randomness, play Lifeblood, Beaconland, and Biotechvore all in the same tournament. Obviously not everyone will agree with the things I like/dislike and some people won’t care about reducing the randomness. If you do care, though, consider the numbers I’ve presented here when selecting scenarios for an event. I will try to update this once I’ve run a few ITS2015 events. Thanks for reading! I look forward to some discussion.
  5. I'm sorry for the late announcement, but let's all get ready for the 2015 Baltimore Brawl! Facebook page (invite your friends!) Date: Saturday, 7 November 2015 Time: Registration will begin at 9, dice will roll at 10. Tournament should wrap by 8 or so. Lunch will be catered to the store by local favorite Mission BBQ. Location: Games and Stuff, 7385 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Entry Fee: $40 pre-reg, $50 at the door Preregistration: (confirmation page has a link to pay, scroll to the bottom and hit the paypal link) I will be asking people to submit electronic versions of their lists by 28 October so that they can be checked before the day of. You’ll receive printed copies of your lists, stamped with approval, the day of the event. Contact: baltimorebrawl (at symbol) Format: 300 point Classic ITS2015 Rounds: 4; the scenarios shall (probably) be Supplies, Antennae Field, Seize the Antennae, and Supremacy, in that order. Size: 40 players (let’s beat the 31 we had last year!) Prize Support: Prize support (I hope) will be continually evolving as we get closer to the event. There will be terrain, gift certificates, etc. There will not be a fully painted army as a grand prize this year, sorry. Raffle Prize - $50 gift Swift Brush Studios gift certificate IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone will get a raffle ticket with their entry fee. The first ten preregistrants will get two extra for a total of three tickets each. The next 15 will get one extra for a total of two tickets each. Sponsors (thank you!): Black Sheep Industries Black Maria Designs Swiftbrush Studios Underground Lasers Warsenal Dire States Competition: As well as fighting for yourself, if you come you will be representing your home state. Each state will be ranked according to the combined score of its top 2 players. I am hoping to have a trophy that will be engraved with the name of the winning state. klendathu vs Nestor (as soon as he registers) Interstate challenges: I will be encouraging interstate challenges for the first round, and setting up non-prearranged matchups to avoid people playing others from their state in the first couple rounds. Dire States fun: In order to extend the fun and because the logistics require some of it, there will also be open Infinity gaming on Friday evening on some of the tables that we will be using on Saturday (I will setting up as much as possible on Friday night). There will also be duckpin bowling (if you’re not from MD, don’t look it up beforehand – the surprise will be more fun!) after the tournament for those who want to keep hanging out. Patch design is complete! Thanks @Leper! Where I need your help: 1. ADVERTISING In order to bring in the numbers I am shooting for, I need help getting the word out to the various communities around the country, especially on the East Coast. I’ll soon have a flyer up here. Here’s a link to the Facebook event if that’s you/your group’s thing. 2. TERRAIN We all know this is the elephant in the room for large Infinity events. For 40 people we need 20 tables worth of terrain. If you can bring terrain, please let me know, especially if you can either arrive on Friday night or arrange to hand it off to me beforehand. I'm going to be making a lot myself and with others and Games and Stuff, but I'm sure we'll need whatever help you all can provide. Thank you all in advance! 3. Day before/of assistance If you will be around on Friday 6 November, I could use your help setting up tables, etc. It would also be nice to have a second TO if anyone else is willing to not play. I'm sure I'm missing things, but I will keep this post up to date as time goes on. PRE-REGISTRATIONS (State) 01 Zarc07 (MD - GNS) 02 TehMik (MD - Other) 03 Cobraprime (MD - ?) 04 Grogian (VA) 05 djphil1 (MD - Other) 06 klendathu (MD - GNS) 07 Hecatonacles (MD - GNS) 08 Rodger P. (MD - ?) 09 bunniegodd (GA) - I did hear that our defending champ might not make it despite preregistering 10 TimW (VA) 11 Masterofmelee (MD - Other) 12 Jjarodurandal (MD - GNS) 13 Mcmillenthrope (NY) 14 Arigatofaiz (NY) 15 Psybilliah (MD - ?) 16 DPA (MD - ?) 17 jeterzero (MD - Other) 18 Bragandush (VA) 19 superginger (~GA) 20 dtjunkie19 (NY) 21 dextarslab (NY) TERRAIN COMMITMENTS (# Tables) 01 TehMik (1 table) 02 Certs (3 tables) 03 djphil1 (2 tables) 04 klendathu (2 tables) 05 Hecatonacles (1 table) 06 TimW (1 table) 07 Masterofmelee (1 table) 08 Arigatofaiz (1 table) 09 Psybilliah (1 table) 10 jeterzero (3 tables) 11 dtjunkie19 (1+ table)
  6. Hi everyone! a week ago I played a game with MO against Imperial Services, using the mission Transmission Matrix from ITS. It was the first time for me with this scenario. Because of many reasons (I prepared the list before knowing the mission), I played that game with a somewhat random roster, fielding the Seraph, REMs, a Santiago and only one Serg Hacker. On the other side I faced two good Hackers (but I really don't remember the name, sorry). I am sure that you alredy understood that I was completely crushed by my opponent, who aggressively used his Hackers to disable... everything But as I said, no whining, I wasn't really prepared for this match. However this experience made me think that, even knowing the mission, it is very difficult for a MO player to field a good list, because we have many choices for HIs and not so many for other. So, this is my question: what do you do in this cases? What is recommended to play (and how to play) for MO in heavy repeater situations?
  7. I am starting to build some Tohaa list for new ITS missions and I got hard time to spend my SWC At this point 1SWC goes to Gao Rael Sniper as having MSV2 and B2 in ARO are great to deny objective grabbing if opponent do not have zeroV smoke. Another 1,5 SWC for Sakiel Spitfire (cheap 2w, 5 burst weapon), I like also Minelayer Clipsos. Then we have so many important models (makauls, kumotail, baggage chaksa, delagate, FO clipsos, kamaels FO/paramedic but they all cost 0 SWC Even Sakiel paramedic that is boosted imo in Beacon Land / Cold Sleep cost 0SWC. Any suggestions? How do you build your new ITS list and spend 6SWC for 300 point games?
  8. Hello. In light of the revealed issues in N3, I made a personal FAQ for our tournament on 30.1-1.2. This was made so that every player could get familiar with the ambiguous rulings before the tournament. I made this initially for personal use for our own tournaments, but maybe other people will find it helpful for their use as well, so I decided to translate it back to english and share it. Here we go: EDIT: LIST UPDATED! - Speculative fire is allowed inside infinitely tall buildings (like the objective room) - In the Armory scenario, any result from the logistics table inside the armory scores a point. - Unless otherwise notified, ladders are assumed to be 25mm wide. Troops on wider bases will be unable to use them. - The silhouette of a Prone troop only shrinks vertically, not horizontally. - While Prone, you're base needs to be higher than the top of the enemy silhouette to claim cover from elevated position - Breaker and Marksmanship L1+ adds Shock effect to a failed BTS roll, no separate ARM roll for Shock. - Defensive Hacking Devices are allowed to use Gadget L2 programs just as the hacking chart shows, regardless of the rule entry. - A successful Engage always ends in BtB contact with the target, regardless of the movement speed, method or location of the target. - If a troop has both Religious and Courage, he's allowed to choose to fail or succeed the Guts check without any dice roll - A Religious troop that failed a BTS save against Flash ammunition is forced to remain in place. - Sabotage classified objective target is noted down during your own deployment phase, before reserves. - Shoot + Move: Splitting burst happens when the skill is declared. Origin point for the attack is the spot where the declaration was made. - Baggage can cancel the Unloaded state of a friendly troop with a short skill, replenishing all of his disposables to the same value as pre-deployment. - Booty L2 allows the user to roll once on Booty 1 or once on Booty L2. - G:Synch and G:Servant troops move with their owner if the owner is activated with a Coordinated Order, but they will have the same limitations to Burst and Target as the owner. If their owner is the Spearhead, their Burst is halved. - Fairy Dust BTS bonus against Breaker hacking ammo is not halved. Standard arithmetic order of operations applies. - Only Move, Climb, Jump, Dodge, Change Facing and Warning allow the trooper to change his facing. Dodge and Change Facing require a successful roll to do it. - If a troop loots a Motorcycle equipment from a Logistics scenery piece, replace the silhouette value of the troop with the silhouette value of S4 if the troop had a lower silhoutte value. If the troop had a higher silhoutte value, keep the original silhoutte value. - A combat group that already has 10 orders cannot have more orders added to it, for example via Hidden Deployment, Combat Jump, healing Unconscius troops etc. If their original combat group is full, the player has to move the new troop to their own, individual combat group. - The only modifiers for Speculative fire is the -6 from SF and range of the weapon. Targeted state is applied as well. No cover, visibility, camo or ODD modifiers. - Super Jump as first movement skill uses the first movement value. Super Jumping again uses the second MOV value.. - Secure HVT classified: Check the requirements at the end of Game Turn. In addition, the ZoC of the enemy HVT has to clear of visible enemy troops. Troops in Hidden Deployment or Marker state do not count. - Infiltration skill levels do not stack. - Kinematika L2 bonus does not stack with Kinematika L1 bonus. You're welcome to suggest your own or even change these to fit your own local meta.