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Found 129 results

  1. Hell-o! Need to post more often, yet another my topic was archived Anyway, heres my fast paintjob on Haramaki. I guess this color scheme will work No swords glued yet, because I need to find them
  2. I have a trounament upcoming and one of the missions is Highly classified. The problem is that there is two additional rules: Limited Insertion and Boarding Action. I try to put everything I may need to do objectives and end up with something like this: Japanese Sectorial Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 9 1 1 KARAKURI (Fireteam: Haris) Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 36) KARAKURI Heavy Shotgun, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 35) KARAKURI Mk12, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 40) SHIKAMI Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 47) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 24) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) KEISOTSU Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 9) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 21) 3.5 SWC | 299 Points Open in Infinity Army Can you give me some advise how to build a good team?
  3. Hi! I am wondering, what all these unit names mean? I know that Wu Ming are "those without face", but not much else. Google translate barely helps, because it needs proper hieroglyphs input to work, and I can not do that with my poor knowlege of chinese (and japanese). I can not even tell, which Asian language it is. If you have any information, please share it! Unit names list. Sorry for butchering symbols above the line. Aragoto Senkenbutai Bao Gui Feng Keisotsu Kempeitai Kuang Shi Zhanshi Tokusetsu Butai Zhanying Yisheng Raiden Seibutai Domaru Butai Daofei Hac Tao Haramaki Zensenbutai Hsien Karakuri Shikami Shang Ji Su-Jian Yan Huo Guijia O-Yoroi Chaiyi Yaokong Husong Yaokong Son-bae Yaokong Weibing Yaokong Yaozao Yaopu Pangguling Yaouxie Lu Duan Yaouxie Rui Shi Guilang Kanren Oniwaban
  4. One of the things that were appealing to Japan were their bikes. I usually try to include one or two in every list I create. But how about going full speed ahead and reach max AVA for bikes? I'm pretty sure that this list will be more fun that competitive, but well... here it goes" Biker Gang ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 18 1 6 ASUKA KISARAGI Lieutenant Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Assault Pistol, Knife. (0 | 27) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 26) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 26) ARAGOTO Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 30) ARAGOTO Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 30) YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 21) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 24) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) GROUP 25 KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Pretty glassy unfortunately. I wonder if it is a good way to make it more durable, but I would prefer to not reduce bike amount in the list.
  5. Had the pleasure to spectate a game of JSA vs Tohaa yesterday and must admit I'm pretty much a full blown hype fanboy for the Nippon Army now. The cool stuff is obvious, dirt cheap LI, Samurai Hi and Ninjas with onehitting Swords. But one particular option in JSA seems very underrated to me, namely Yojimbo. Haven't really looked at him before and wasn't aware of his full kit Japanese Sectorial Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 1 1 YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 21) 0 SWC | 21 Points Open in Infinity Army So to start things off there is a Contender, Pistol, Crazy Koalas, Nanopulser, DA CCW - interesting and useful. Then there is a BS12 Smoke LGL + PH14 Smoke Grenades. Now that is pretty ridiculous. Complete his kit with Kinematika L2, NWI, MA4, Irregular as well as Extremely Impetuous and we have a astonishing package for 21 points. What I see people do is simply using him as a Warband, which means he often dies to his Impetuous Orders and gets a DTW or Koala's off in a trade. And that is exactly wha happend that game - took the mate of a Sukeul and dies to ARO. On the very next Order he reveals Shinobu, Spec Fires Smoke on a Triad on 10s and chops them up with Mates and all. I instantly started wondering why he hadn't just canceled the Ex Imp Order on Yojimbo to do the exact same thing with him instead. Spec Fire on 11s. MOV 8-6, CC24 MA4 PH14 DA CCW is more than enough to chop through basically anything. The usual "easy counter" to a Warband can be cheap DTWs but Yojimbo is close to immune to that. With an Idle + 8" Move you can safely trigger useless AROs against anything without Sixth Sense and engage them in CC from a Smoke Cloud or Total Cover anywhere in that ZOC. With a Bikes gigantic base, Smoke provides an area of close to 10" diameter for him to chop up people. And Yojimbo can throw is on Smokes within 16" on 15/17s and Spec fires on 9/11s. CC has a general efficiency problem against multiple models - as you need to move from target to target. Even the deadliest CC troops in the game are mostly limited to 4-4 Movement, Mushashi gets a 6-4 which already makes him quite a bit different in that regard. Yojimbo comes with a whooping 8-6 to cover the distance. In your Reactive turn he has some pretty impressive AROs in between ZOC Koalas, Nanopulser and Smoke Dodge on 17s. So he is his own Taxi, brings his own way to get where he wants, can dismantle a Link pretty reliably with 1 Order per guy and can always get off his Bike to continue on foot if you need to risk a Dodge, enter a doorway or climg a building. At least once a game he can completely disregard a potentially lethal ARO for an Oniwaban thank's to NWI, he also can stomach a lucky Crit without Shock. Another once a game thing would be to activate the Koalas to combine them with a CC Attack next Order against something particulary strong, hard to kill, or important to remove. Not all is fun and games in Samurai-on-bike-land, he has clear weaknesses. MSV2+, Mines, Koalas and anything with amazing CC can be a problem. It will also often cost you an Order to cancel his Impetuous sucide run. To solve these problems, the rest of your List needs to account for them, by shooting MSV2 AROs out of the way and clearing Mines/Koalas (hardest thing to do here - really). You'll also run out of Orders pretty fast if you have to use Spec Fire Smoke and ZOC shenanigans multiple times. so DTWs, while not a real obstacle, still slow you down when avoiding them becomes necessary. His advantages and options add up to a amazing choice who shouldn't be wasted easily just to save an Order. At 21 points, the downsides are negligible and he is easily worth the 30 points he clocks in for together with a 9 points Keisotsu. This started out as a fun list to try out some CC, but turned into a serious competetive list instead. The Madman done dit it! ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 19 1 1 YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 21) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 24) SHINOBU Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 47) GROUP 27 SAITO TOGAN Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW, Knife. (0 | 39) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) WÈIBĪNG Yaókòng Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 16) CHAĪYÌ Yaókòng Flash Pulse, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) 3.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Ladies and gentlemen - triple Smoke + stick 'em with da pointy end. No matter how many mines, DTWs and Sensors there end up being against this, you'll find a way around or through. Somehow even has enough Specialists and a offensive/defensive Link (which can be rebuilt or swapped as needed, thanks to numerous redundancies). For anyone who appreciates the beauty that is a +7 or +8 to CC rolls and has something to add, I'd be interested in hearing it. Haven't seen a "CC sucks" thread in a while, so it might have caught on by now.
  6. SKIP TO PAGE 3 For Asukaneda's Capsule Gang! In preparation for Australia's biggest Infinity tournament this weekend, I've pulled out the finger and am planning to smash out a 20 man FRRM army in quick order. I'll try to update this once a day leading up to the tournament. Wish me luck! I was wondering what to do for the bases and a friend suggested making them as cliche as possible. So they will be painted to represent a black and white tiled bistro floor with discarded baguettes, croissaints and pain au raisins scattered everywhere. Why the bases? They were relaxing over a casual breakfast/brunch when called into battle The Dogs will be camo markers The whole family! Let's not forget le chien. Will continue to update over the next few days! Comments, questions etc are always welcome.
  7. Hey there, since my old thread has vanished I will start over again. The feedback here was always very motivating to paint a little more. So here is my latest stuff. My Ninja, he lost his foot during preparation and ended up this way: Some Karakuri: Camo marker from Customeeple: A Tokusetsu: Some support for Caledonia: And my current work, a Raiden. Maybe I will add some more highlight to the red: Hope you like it and any feedback is much appreciated
  8. I have recently been looking into starting Yu Jing. What is the best sectorial to start with? Which is the easiest to learn about and the most forgiving for players new to yu jing? I was looking into buying some of the JSA samurai (because I have been playing Nioh lately) but the starter kit is still looking pretty old. Do we have any idea when a new one will be released? Last but not least does anyone know of any good historical samurai or ashigaru miniatures? The only ones I've seen lately are from warlord games and I generally don't like the proportions on their figures. Could be different this time but I am not sure. Anything helps.
  9. Hello All, and welcome to my paint blog. This will be mainly a photo dump of my progress to painting all of my Infinity stuff to date. With the models being as detailed as they are, I'm planning to take my time and push my limits on what I can do as a painter, and as a hobbyist to a degree. My main focus will be on JSA and SAA, with a another faction I'm thinking of dipping my feet into, to round out a triad of factions I want to play as. Without further a ado, let's see some pics! Enjoy! Comments and criticisms are always welcomed, and if you have any questions or perhaps tips, feel free to drop them here. I'll be more than happy to read and reply to them when I can Let's start with the first mini I painted for Infinity, an Oniwaban. Initially started out based on the box art colour scheme, this was a time that my painting skills were...sloppy. A couple of years later, I've stripped it and repainted to what you see. Limited my colour choices to dark greys, blacks and reds, and it came out really good, while showcasing how much I've grown as a painter. FYI, base is from Micro Art Studios. I'll be focusing my efforts into the same palette for rest of my JSA, but seeing resculpts of older boxes is making me hesitant to continuing with what I have (The Keisotsus are so short!) Any news on which resculpts JSA is getting, and when? Next, Read more of the fluff of Infinity (I went shiny syndrome first and foremost, so reading the rules was a later thing that happened) and noticed that my dream of a Filipino aligned faction came in the form of the SAA. Loved the Tikabalang, stoked about Toni (pre-squatting), and loved the whole jungle/guerilla warfare theme. So grabbed their box (which was luckily of the new sculpts) and went to town...slowly Here's what I have currently for SAA: Planning to paint a 150 pt. list for a demo I'll be having soon with a buddy that just started. So it'll be a proper romp through some Infinity for the both of us. But before I see myself finishing my first 150, I'll have to figure out my first model. Wanted to be the special snowflake again with this one, but the longer I stared at the official schemes and the concept artwork shown on Gencon 2015, I was sold on the Blues and Greens. So here's a Regular in progress, with me trying out NMM's for the first time: Love how the blues turned out, and it strengthened my confidence for the rest of the faction. Will be finishing this guy soon enough. So that's it for now, hope you liked what you've seen.
  10. Hello Everyone! As some of you may know I have a hobby blog where I write a ongoing Story, including battle reports with pictures and stuff. I never had an area for other Hobby Related stuff (such as just simply showing off the miniatures I use in the reports) and so I now added a Hobby Section to my Blog where I'll do so from now on. Since I was recently asked to show off some closeups of the miniatures appearing in the Story... I thought I might as well start with the eternal opponents of the proud Imperial State Service in The Neon wife's Caledonians: I hope you enjoy the pictures, I'll be sure to keep this post updated when I add new entries to my Hobby Blog! And if you are interested in my amateurish story as well, feel happily invited to check it out as well! ^^
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to Infinity (played a few Red Veil games) and was hoping to get an army together. I was hoping you could take a look at my list and let me know if I am on the right track for general JSA list. My biggest question and something I can't seem to find; can I have a Core fire team, Duo fire team, and Haris fire team all active in the same list? If so, is that good? Japanese Sectorial Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21) OYAMA Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) KARAKURI (Fireteam: Haris) Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 36) KARAKURI Heavy Shotgun, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 35) KARAKURI Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 35) GROUP 22 NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 24) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Any advice is more than welcomed and thank you!
  12. So I have been doing a ton of terrain work lately because I am having to move to a new place with less storage. That means any projects not boxed or to a state where they can be boxed are getting tossed at the end of February. Enter the junkyard: The board will double as any scifi trash city and will have zozo's and other shelters amid the heaps. I imagine it as a Japanese settlement built around a waste reclamation center where the state sponsorship was pulled leaving tons of people without jobs forced to subsist on a black market scavenging from the heaps. Khyar Ad-Din but in Infinity essentially. I have tons of bits I have collected over the years and it is all getting glued to bases and rusted to hell. I have figured out a four stage weathering treatment that is super fast (prime, camo brown spray, brown textured spray paint, drybrush orange) drying time is the limiting factor but the piece above took about an hour of work. I am painting the larger bits before assembling them, tacking them to the wood bases with rivets, screws, or nails drilled into the base and plastic, then adding smaller pieces and hand painting them. The junk heaps range from partial to full cover. Some will have modular raised portions to allow walkways between them. This should let me use tons of crap in a little time. Three more boxes like this to go: The whole thing is made to fit into a series of boxes from the outset so that it is easy to transport. Got three more heaps modeled already. They take about 15-20 mins to glue together. Trying to do two a day until I am done. Larger pieces will be placed between them. Also have some really cool wall bits that will be ready when green stuff drys.
  13. I've posted another Battle report up on my blog. I've really been struggling to get a hang of JSA so it was another loss, but I still had fun. Pictures and a round by round recap after the link. I definitely need to watch some strategy reviews and conceptualize in my head how I need to play these guys. It also doesn't help when my dice roll low the entire game, but I can't blame my poor strategy on that.
  14. So CB just revealed a pilot figure for the O-Yoroi as part of the Tagline update via their facebook page. Link here. The model is up to the usual CB standard, both in terms of it's amazing quality and unnecessarily skimpy clothes. I guess the pose is a bit more combat ready than the recent Guija pilot but I admit I'm kinda bummed out to see another pin-up girl TAG pilot. The big news, you can see from the image, is that the figure will only be available through the Luxumbra kickstarter coming up on the 14th. This is a company doing busts of infinity figures in tandem with Angel Giraldez. The busts do seem cool, but I can't help but be disappointed that we have a new JSA figure which may or may not see a shelf release. Would appreciate thoughts on the figure or distribution model, can't really decide whether I want to bother trying to get it. Naturally once the kickstarter goes live things will probably be a bit clearer. Anyone who'll definitely go for it or not? Edit: It occurs to me this may belong in the "news" forum. Apologies if I misplaced it, it's been a while since I last posted. Mods please feel free to move or delete as needed.
  15. Hiya guys, I'm hoping for some list-building feedback on the start to a JSA force. I’ll be using this army as my re-introduction to Infinity after a 3(ish) year break. I’ve never run a sectorial before either. These are all of the models I currently own (outside of the other figures in the JSA support pack) and I will be using this list to get a handle on the faction and reintroduce myself to the game. Training Wheels ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 8 DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 25) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 26) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 26) RAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) 3.5 SWC | 200 Points Open in Infinity Army My question for you guys is if any of my preferred purchases below offer the most utility or the best way to learn the game in tandem with what I already have? Things I would like to buy/paint: Musashi box Yojimbo box Aragoto box (either) O-Yoroi box Things I’m okay with buying/painting: Oniwaban Haramaki box Things I don’t want to buy/paint: Keisotsu (although I have some zhanshi from the red veil box I can use to proxy 1-2 of them) Karakuri box more ninjas Saito Togan REM’s (for now) My current thinking is to do the following: Buy a Musashi box, use the dope-hat model as Musashi and the other to proxy a Neko lieutenant and go full weeb with the samurais. This still leaves me with about 45 points to spend. The cheapest option to fill this out for now would be an oniwaban, but yojimbo and Keisotsu hacker seem like a more practical support-oriented choice. I've built a tentative list below using the latter options. List has been updated! See bellow! Knife Dad & Co. ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 18 2 1 OYAMA Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 25) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 26) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 26) MIYAMOTO MUSHASHI Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse / Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 24) YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 21) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 17) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) GROUP 22 1 KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 21) RAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21) WARCOR (Sixth Sense L1) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3) 4 SWC | 299 Points Open in Infinity Army Alternatively I could buy an O-Yoroi to use as an aggressive lieutenant and swap in the engineer from my support pack. While I love the O-yoroi I've never used a TAG before and I admit I'm slightly worried about making it a crutch. Any and all comments on this list or my lines of thinking would be super appreciated, up to and including being told their garbage. Thank you for looking!
  16. So, I want to start JSA on a budget at the tourney in local FLGS in two weeks, and I'm not sure where to go after the Starter. it's gonna be a 200 points, no spec ops event. and the second thing is my FLGS is a bit low on stock and I'm not sure what they have right now. I'll check what's available and post it here. what I wanted from you guys is to comprise some viable list or two from the boxes available to play with minimum proxies at the tournament that would be good start to expand to 300 afterwards to jump into full scale. thanks
  17. So I have been contemplating a board for approximately 12 months now since I attended CanCon in 2016 (Australia's biggest wargaming convention). The idea is simple, the board sits on the border of the Japanese and the Chinese sides of a Yu Jing city. The Chinese side is ostentatious, affluent and clean. The Japanese side will be run down and unkempt. I'm aiming to take the board to CanCon 2017 which is in 3 weeks! I just have to paint all the buildings now (and construct 4 more from scratch!!). Initial base board pre undercoat. The raised section is the Chinese Side. The extra levels on the bottom are placeholder buildings until I construct the real things! The cobblestones are Tamiya diorama sheets. Dirtied up and finished, the base board looks a lot better with some paint! All the cracks were carved in by hand using a biro. The raised sections were made with foamed PVC sheets I got from my friend who is a sign writer. Knights of Dice chinatown buildings. They're so detailed and fun to paint! I am rushing them a bit to make sure they're all done in time though! I'll be putting tinted acetate sheeting behind the windows to look like glass. Chinatown gate. I was tempted to stipple in more of the detail but didn't want to overdo it. My favourite building so far, the jade Kingdom! The backs of all the chinatown buildings are like this, grey stone with some pigments brushed on to dirty them up just a little. I'll keep updating as I go, and if anyone has any questions about the board please ask away! EDIT: Ahh, I'm a goose. Didn't realise I was in the Miniature forum. Can an admin please move this to the arcologies sub-forum? Sorry!!
  18. Hello there! Finally coming back to painting after longterm break! Here's the new stuff - ninja hacker: More photo in a better resolution and some words about mini here. Hope you find it interesting! Any kind of feedback is very appreciated.
  19. Greetings to all. I would like to receive advice regarding my army. Will there be enough orders for the format to 300 points? What can be added or replaced? Sorry for my English, I use a translator, not to frighten you by my knowledge of grammar. ITS 300 ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 3 OYAMA Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 22) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 22) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) RAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21) SHINOBU Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0.5 | 47) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) 5.5 SWC | 274 Points Open in Infinity Army
  20. Here is my 300 point JSA list. I still have a few questions to hour groups work. I have 2 groups (not fire teams) are the moves shared, are pieces from group 2 in reserve.... Here is the list Fire for effect ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 18 KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 17) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 9) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (0 | 22) RAIDEN (Minelayer, X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 21) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 25) SHINOBU Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 47) GROUP 24 KARAKURI (Fireteam: Haris) Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 36) KARAKURI Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 35) KARAKURI Heavy Shotgun, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 35) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) 4.5 SWC | 294 Points Open in Infinity Army
  21. Hey guys ! As already said here, there's no such thing as enough bikes in JSA ! So I came across that weird idea, I love the old kum motorized troops that haqqislam has, they're not very JSA but this can easily change : I plan to drill the wheel to make it more like the aragoto, then I'll probably use sandpaper to make a smoother tire and had some details as I go. But let's be honest, the riders are kinda horrible, and except maybe the girl that can be easily tweaked into a Japanese rider the three other will never pass as Japanese. So I'm wondering my options, for nice riders, I won't buy aragotos to put the riders one the bike, that would be easy by kinda dull I think. For now I like the kuang shi or celestial guards or maybe old naffatuns or even tomcats, I think they could really suit but I'd like to have other opinions. They can come from other faction but be made into Japanese, so I'm open to suggestions ! Maybe the power of the bike be with you!
  22. It seems I've been totally selfishly keeping my painting efforts to the Data Sphere forum. Time to fix that! I'll use this thread to share some of my work. I would also love to post my terrain-painting efforts, buuuut they're 3rd party and I don't want mess with CB. You'll just have to check Data Sphere for that (yes, shameless plug, now go check out the cool terrain!). If there's one thing I love about Infinity it's the minis. Painting them has been a challenge, but also a blast. The best part is that I seem to have been able to get some friends into the game. All but one of those guys don't like to paint. Before I knew it, I was painting three different factions! At least they're paying me in... more minis... LOL. Okay so here goes. First up: Japanese. Okay, a liiiiittle terrain... all scratch build of course! Let me know what you think! I plan to add some more JSA and my first Hassassin models to the log, soon!
  23. I'm writing this tactica to share my perspective on playing JSA. I own models for many factions/sectorials and play them from time to time, but the JSA has been my primary force since before Human Sphere was published. I'm still learning the depth of new possibilities brought by N3, and as I learn more I may revise/refine my thoughts here. The JSA specializes in naked aggression with a hint of finesse. Point for point, few others can match the raw power of iconic units like Haramaki or Aragoto, but they pay for this with their impetuousness. Stealthy units like Ninjas and Oniwaban require precise usage but have almost no limit to their potential. Like other forces, they have a bare minimum of specialists (FO/Paramedic/Hacker Keisotsu, Tokusetsu), but units like the Karakuri provide effective linkable combat specialists. The JSA may not have flexible models like other forces, but they have a wide variety of options that makes them very versatile as a sectorial. Above all, however, they focus on dominance over the enemy rather than success in the mission. To this end, I have three strategies to victory. The Way Honor Fighting with honor is engaging the enemy in straightforward combat, relying on superior attributes, favorable modifiers, and optimal weaponry. The goal is simply to bring down an enemy model, either removing a roadblock to your continued advance, neutralizing a potential threat, or withering the enemy's order pool. Mastering this approach requires understanding the fundamentals of playing Infinity - choosing the correct attackers and carefully positioning them. High-powered fireteams are designed to win straightforward engagements. Haramaki fireteams threaten the hardest of targets with blitzens and MLs. Because their best weapons are low-burst they benefit most from fireteam bonuses. Coupled with their high BS and multiple wounds, they are more than capable of overwatch tactics, threatening key sections of the table and controlling the game on your enemy's turn. They lack high-burst weapons, so they're stuck with a ML for long range and a combi for short range active turn engagements - which won't be enough when you truly need a high burst weapon to dislodge a well-fortified enemy. Their high CC and MA skills repel aspiring assassins from approaching them. Their only true weakness is hacking, which can render them helpless and break them from the fireteam (changing their dynamic completely). Keisotsu fireteams are dirt cheap and provide much more flexibility, but are much less resilient. There are enough weapon options to fill any battlefield role. The "ideal" fireteam has one HMG, one ML, and three specialists (FO or Paramedic). The ML can be directed at hard targets or used for overwatch on long firelanes, the HMG can clear fortified enemies in the active turn, and the specialists use their combis to cover/engage in the short range. Keisotsus, used aggressively, are destined to face losses and should have Tokusetsu support (preferably in the form of a Yaozao). Yuriko Oda is an expensive but valuable addition to a fireteam, providing a higher BS and a Panzerfaust (enabling her to cover 0-32" range). In an ITS game with objectives on the table, you will need to use them aggressively to get them up the board and seize objectives. Domaru fireteams focus on close quarters supremacy. The N3 loadout changes gave them a Combi Rifle and a Spitfire profile, providing some much needed ranged fire. The Spitfire is especially valuable because the fireteam can advance with its own fire support. The Chain Rifle profiles are more useful than the Combi or Shotgun profiles in my opinion, but I usually find a way to hunker down and force my opponent to eat template weapons if they want to attack. With E/M grenades, chain rifles, and CC mastery they can own their ZoC and perhaps a little more. This makes them ideally suited for assaulting/holding an enclosed area. This can make them vulnerable to being hacked, but mostly on the enemy turn - their stealth skill keeps hackers from shutting them down on an uncovered approach. Karakuri fireteams are resilient, flexible, and useful. They lack true heavy firepower, but their array of weapons can handle almost anything in the short-medium range. Total Immunity removes the risk of many powerful ammo types, allowing them to directly engage devastating enemies with much less risk to themselves. Also, they are each specialists, making them key objective takers and holders in ITS. Unfortunately, they're only AVA 3, and a single loss breaks the team. However, they are capable and versatile models on their own, unlike Keisotsu (fragile and unskilled) or Haramaki (impetuous and low-burst weapons). Heavy Firepower, when properly applied, owns the table. The Oyoroi is the best HMG available to the JSA. At BS 14 on an ARM 7 STR 3 model, it's on par with the best of many factions. This model is an effective troubleshooter, dealing with enemies at long range who dare to threaten the table on your turn. In optimal HMG ranges, there are few threats it can't handle, but be careful about engaging skilled shooters with effective anti-TAG weapons. If your target is putting BS modifiers on you and rolling at a higher number (perhaps with multiple dice), you need to consider what will happen to your best model if you lose the FtF roll. Lastly, don't forget the crazy koalas, which can be used like mines to keep the enemy away from certain areas (or at least slow them down). The Rui Shi (and, to a lesser extent, Lu Duan) are ideal for clearing out camo models in overwatch positions. Their mid-range weapons may require maneuvering to engage far-away enemies. Combined with a Marksmanship upgrade, they can dispatch 1 wound models relying on dogged/NWI or a nearby doctor. These models are difficult to hide and the enemy will surely consider them priority targets, so make sure to position carefully and use suppression fire liberally. Raiden are cheap firepower options that have no special capabilities other than limited camo and x-visors. Raiden are not particularly subtle, and an experienced/educated foe will know exactly what to expect from a camo marker deployed in the DZ. Currently, the HRL seems severely undercosted and provides long ranged firepower with fire ammo and templates. The MSR and Spitfire, while more expensive, offer higher damage and higher burst, respectively. Unfortunately, once the surprise shot is expended, the Raiden has no real advantages in a firefight. Suppressive Fire makes an aggressively placed model difficult to dislodge and a defensively placed model harder to kill. Suppressive Fire has its own range modifiers and burst, so forget the awesome or pitiful range bands of the model's gun when it enters SF. Use terrain to lock the model in a 24" hemisphere (or otherwise protect it from longer range/rear attacks). Camo and cover stack nicely with SF. This makes Ninjas incredibly effective at holding their SF zone, which is a good reason to pay for that Combi. The 16-24" range band is paradoxically better for a model in SF when attacked with a *Rifle, because the range bands will be equal. Only position the model closer if an enemy model has a longer range weapon (Spitfire/HMG/Mk12/etc). The Raiden Spitfire is particularly effective at holding poorly-armed enemies at bay thanks to his X-Visor. 1 regular order and 1 command token can place 4 models in SF. Enemy models with DTWs and a death wish don't care for your SF. Be aware of nearby enemies with DTWs and their likelihood to eat 3 shots to hose you down with a template. Ninja are especially vulnerable to this. Forcing the enemy to perform an ARO other than SF is the best way to break SF. Moving a camo marker, Hacking attacks, Speculative Fire, and shooting from more than 24" away can force the model to defend itself with Discover, Reset, Dodge, or normal shooting. Keep this in mind for taking down enemy models in SF. Camo modifiers are a powerful advantage against enemies without without BS modifiers or MSVs. Ninjas with combi rifles are very versatile for harassing the enemy. By infiltrating into the midfield, they can easily engage foes inside their ideal range. Stacking suppression fire with cover and TO camo can make a ninja nearly unhittable. The MSR is powerful, but it requires long range for positive modifiers, so infiltrating may not be a good idea. Unfortunately, the tactical bow is too limited in range and burst for effective attack - the pistol is preferable just for the burst advantage. Oniwabans are ruthless inside 8" with their boarding shotgun. Superior infiltration provides ample opportunity to start in effective range and tear through the vulnerable underbelly of the opponent's DZ. The only effective way the enemy can stop him is with a direct template weapon, and in the worst case scenario he can use the nanopulser just to throw out some spiteful damage. Aragoto are unmatched in their reckless speed and ruthless efficiency. Being impetuous means they can't use cover, which is a huge blow to their survivability in a firefight. They don't have much chance to dislodge a dangerous foe, but they can certainly dominate weaker models with mimetism and superior range modifiers. Direct templates and deployable weapons can stop them in their tracks - you will need to either risk an ARM/BTS roll or find another way to eliminate the threat. Be mindful of enemy minelayers. Nothing is more honorable than defeating a foe in close combat. The most feasible form of engagement is charging an enemy hiding behind a corner. Enemy models without direct template weapons can be reliably trounced in this manner - BS scores are much lower than CC scores and MA skills can widen this divide. Enemies with Direct Template Weapons require special maneuvers to engage in CC without getting blasted. Smoke can block LoF and prevent the model from using the DTW. Approaching from the rear will also deny the target the opportunity to use the DTW. But, perhaps the most reliable method, is to spend a move action out of LoF without using Stealth (which is an optional skill) and forcing the nearby foe to declare an ARO before he sees you, and then sneaking into CC with the second move skill. I'm aware this maneuver smells like an old, moldy wheel of Camembert, but its legality is beyond reproach. Note that enemies with Sixth Sense are immune to this maneuver, as they can delay their ARO declaration in this circumstance. Smoke is a rare and effective tool for engaging enemy models. Only 3 named characters get smoke, but they are all well-suited for it. Any models touching smoke cannot be seen, so as long as the edge template is within 1" of the target, there's a safe approach. Smoke effectively neutralizes the threat of DTWs and covers an approach longer than a single move skill, but apart from that it's not necessary. Even the most resilient models (TAGs, total immunity) can be engaged in CC. The CC specialist will probably win the FtF roll, and there's a significant chance of critting. Keeping the enemy engaged also stops it from rampaging through your lines. With Kinematika, CC specialists have significant engage range, and, with hidden deployment, Ninjas can pounce on unsuspecting models with a 60% success rate. JSA has top tier CC specialists - the standard Haramaki, Domaru, and Ninja are all CC 23 and MA 3, better than most other factions can possibly field. But being better than enemy CC specialists doesn't make engaging them the best idea. Consider CC against inferior enemy CC specialists a risk. Domaru don't need Berserk to defeat the enemy. With MA 3 and CC 23, the FtF roll is almost always in his favor. There are only two circumstances where Berserk should be used: the enemy is performing an unopposed action, or you want your attack unopposed to remove the possibility of failure. If your target is giving you a normal roll (by attacking with a DTW, for example), use berserk for the extra crit chance (and MA 2 for the extra damage). Likewise, Berserk removes the risk of failing against an enemy CC specialist, changing a duel to a trade. Either the Domaru can rely on his armor to save him or know that his sacrifice has brought honor to himself and his comrades. Musashi is the purest form of CC-powered death. He's quick, he's tough, and his blades can shred a TAG. If the enemy is hiding behind cover, Musashi is free to do what he does best - move forward and kill the enemy. However, don't forget his Chain Rifle and Flash Pulse. Yojimbo is ridiculously fast. He can strike quickly at models with direct motorcycle access, but dismounting and approaching on foot might be necessary and worthwhile. He's capable of taking any non-CC specialist target to pieces over the course of a few orders. Impetuous models are cheap and powerful, but tactically impaired. The impetuous order can expose the impetuous model, setting it up for a very unfavorable FtF roll. Skilled opponents will recognize the potential liability and set up overwatch models. Be ready to hold back your impetuous models unless there are no other options to eliminate or contain the enemy. Plan out your impetuous orders carefully. If you suspect hidden threats, probe the field with your least valuable models first. Because of their inability to claim partial cover, this consideration must be completely removed from their positioning. Only range bands and LoF matters for them, which means they should either stay concealed behind terrain or engage in the most direct manner possible. Impetuous models are ill-suited for long-range shootouts with entrenched foes. Direct assaults on unprepared targets work much better - the enemy should be just as exposed as the impetuous model. Motorcycles are faster than many opponents expect or prepare for. Aragoto can travel from DZ to DZ in 2 orders (1 of which might even be impetuous). If your opponent has not exposed models to threaten their advance, then they own the table. Coordinated orders can mitigate the risk of crossing dangerous territory. Multiple activated models means multiple threats. With a credible enough threat, the enemy may choose to dodge rather than shoot. If the true goal is simply to move through a dangerous area, then the coordinated models can keep moving if they need to. If the enemy decides to shoot one of the coordinated models, the rest have normal rolls to retaliate. Or, the rest are safe to keep moving. Treachery Use tricks to avoid direct engagements and force your enemy to make hard decisions. Camouflage, Stealth, Smoke, and Holoprojectors enable these tactics. Ninjas can sneak past sentries, smoke can cover a dangerous approach, holoechoes can clear deployable threats and confuse enemy AROs. These tools have a lot of potential to bypass normal combat mechanics and get your troops into places they wouldn't otherwise be able to go. Camouflage Markers shield the camo trooper from enemy fire, freeing it to seek new positions or even advance. Revealing from a camo state to make an attack exposes the camo troop across its whole movement path for its order. This could open you up to many AROs if you act brashly. If you spend an order moving through overlapping enemy LoF and into just a single enemy's LoF (or perhaps even past it, into his back arc), you can safely attack with your next order. Ninjas have a lot of potential for sneaking towards targets or around sentries. Enemies need to discover the marker, but by doing so they surrender any defensive ARO. This makes many players hesitant to declare a discover against a marker moving in for a kill. An enemy within 4" of a Ninja is doomed if it declares discover. It's allowed the Ninja to engage in CC - which is the only safe way for the Ninja to neutralize DTW threats. If the enemy does not declare discover, the Ninja can continue moving - either past it or around it. If you must kill the model and it has a DTW, you'll need to approach from the rear. If you simply want to get past it, then the coast is clear. Don't forget Stealth! Even an exposed Ninja can sneak around a model's rear facing and dispatch it. Enemy models with Direct Template Weapons pose a serious obstacle. The safest way to enter CC with them is also the lamest (waiving stealth/camo to force a change facing ARO),but unless you can approach from the rear or drop smoke, there's no way around it. Skilled opponents will rarely declare discover against a basic camo marker (expecting it to be a Raiden capable of unleashing ranged hell). This gives it the power to move safely into a firing position, because the enemy would need to give up an ARO and face heavy fire otherwise. If there are multiple AROs, someone may attempt a discover (probably the weaker of the two). Consider your options carefully, because the Raiden will only have Surprise Shot (no camo modifiers, no cover modifiers). Remember that mines blow up against camo markers. Be mindful of enemy minelayers. Ninjas are highly capable CC assassins, but otherwise unimpressive TO skirmishers. With Sneak Attack and MA3, most targets have no hope of winning the FtF roll unless they crit. Even after that, non-CC specialists are still very unlikely to win. Even hard targets like TAGs can be reliably locked down in CC, though shredding them requires more orders and risk than should be spent. With Kinematika and Hidden Deployment, a well placed ninja can Engage an enemy rambo before he draws first blood. This is a risky maneuver and requires some forethought - the ninja must wait at a predictable approach and must succeed in the Engage roll. Ideally, other models are declaring AROs on the enemy rambo, forcing him to split his burst (or perhaps even ignore the ninja altogether). The Silent attacks of the Knife and Tactical Bow are more a novelty than anything else. The weakest targets fall to the silent arrow only half the time (assuming ideal range on the bow), and the knife is not much better. Remember the silent bonuses if it comes up, but don't rely on a string of stealth kills to sneak past sentries. The cheap Tactical Bow profile can't effectively threaten an enemy more than 8" away. Its positioning during deployment is critical to its effective use. This option is overly attractive for its price, but very difficult to use because of its short range burst 1 weapon. Saito Togan has superior CC abilities, giving him a lot more capability to defeat stronger/tougher models in one order. With Burst 2 CC 24 EXP CCWs, he can cut down unskilled heavy infantry with ease. The Oniwaban is the ultimate surgical alpha striker. Superior Deployment is a rare, valuable skill. The Oniwaban has a 3/4 chance of deploying at a convenient edge of the enemy DZ. When going first, this is the perfect reserve model, ready to deploy within 1 order of killing the juiciest target(s). To make matters even better, this skill is basically immune to scenario rules like Exclusion Zones, because it deploys clear across the other side of the table. The Boarding Shotgun is an excellent weapon for assaulting huddled cheerleaders. The Oniwaban may have a mediocre BS, but with camo, surprise, and range modifiers, the FtF roll will (almost always) be in his favor. The Monofilament CCW and the Oniwaban's top-notch CC skills make him a spectre of death. While not as effective against light targets as DA or EXP, it's perfect for dispatching high ARM targets with multiple W/STR points. The target may get lucky and survive the ARM roll(s), but as long as the Oniwaban keeps winning FtF rolls (as he should), that luck will run out. Direct Template Weapons ignore all of the special advantages the Oniwaban exploits. It ignores camo, surprise, and martial arts. It might be worth a risk to attack valuable model(s), but it's very difficult to avoid (the Oniwaban's best attacks are between 0 and 8"). Shinobu Kitsune has a Combi instead of a Boarding Shotgun, which makes her less effective at sweeping up cheerleaders, but more effective at ranged engagements. Also, her MA 5 makes her capable of attacking multiple enemies at once, potentially making short work of HI fireteams. Saito Togan, Shinobu Kitsune, and Yojimbo are your only source of precious smoke grenades. Smoke opens a lot of tactical possibilities to avoid enemy fire. When an enemy is too costly to engage directly, smoke allows you to negate his LoF and proceed on the table with your plans. If you can land a smoke template within a base width of an enemy model, you have a safe path to CC. Closing a firelane to an objective gives your specialists a safe path to claim it. Avoid enemy LoF when throwing smoke, if at all possible. Most of the time the model can cut sharp angles to drop the smoke around a corner and land the grenade in a suitable spot. The Rui Shi sees through smoke and can safely fire on a smoke-screened enemy. Combined with Marksmanship L2 (hacking support) this is an extremely effective way of neutralizing enemy models on overwatch. Saito can surprise the enemy with smoke starting in the midfield. This is incredibly helpful for covering objectives, key firing lanes, and aggressive enemy models. Kitsune can do even better by laying smokescreens into and around the enemy DZ. Yojimbo behaves more like a standard warband, and his smoke is a very useful tool for himself as well as the rest of your forces. Even so, avoid relying on it as a FtF (special dodge) defense. Use it carefully whenever you can - his speed will more than make up for the time spent laying smoke. The Lu Duan can use its Holoprojector L2 for shell games, but I find the Holo L1 is preferable for confusion/surprise. It can only disguise as other Silhouette 4 models, which limits it to the Rui Shi, Pangguling, or Aragoto. Don't disguise as the Rui Shi. It's too similar for a meaningful deception, and if you want your opponent to think you have a Rui Shi, just take one for real. The Pangguling Minesweeper or EVO could be a great disguise to understate its threat. Your opponent may think its safe for a camo troop to kill it, only to get a faceful of Heavy Flamethrower. Likewise, it might be ignored, giving you an opportunity to attack with an unexpectedly strong combat REM. Disguising as an Aragoto can provoke the enemy to try and kill it. This has an added benefit of hiding its repeater, so your opponent might unknowingly use a hackable model to attack it. Make sure to use a model that invites the kind of attack you want to counter. Want a long range shootout? Use the Boarding Shotgun. Want the enemy up close? Use the Spitfire. The Hacker or Asuka are useful to make attacking the Lu Duan even more enticing. Don't use Yojimbo, as you can't disguise the CrazyKoalas he's supposed to have. His extreme impetuousness and irregularity would make him an obvious disguise anyway on your first turn. Utility Only a few models can perform mission tasks and synergize with other models. Infinity is not a game built on powerful combinations of models, and the JSA has few models specifically meant to assist others. But there is a healthy mix of mission specialists, and they each have specific uses. JSA hackers are not impressive in their baseline hacking abilities (WIP/BTS), but they have other advantages. The Keisotsu hacker is the only basic hacker in the army, which makes it the only source for basic SHIELD and UPGRADE programs. Upgraded REMs are surprisingly powerful. Try combining the Marksmanship program with the Husong, Rui Shi, or Lu Duan if there's an enemy giving you trouble. Fairy Dust could be vital to protecting an HI fireteam from enemy hackers. Unfortunately, using these programs is incompatible with fireteams, so he needs to operate solo. Aragoto assault hackers have speed as their primary advantage. They can move quickly into a target's ZoC to launch hacking attacks, and they have an excellent hacking device for that role. However, its speed makes it particularly efficient as a mission specialist for claiming objectives. Ninja assault hackers start in the midfield and can launch a surprise hacking attack, giving it a temporary edge. Like the Aragoto hacker, its starting position makes it an attractive mission specialist as well (starting near the objectives). Note that a camo marker can't be hacked, so the Ninja can bypass some repeater zones if necessary. The standard array of REMs offers the basic options for repeaters. This could be useful, but isn't special. Don't face enemy hackers in the net, if at all possible. Find ways to assassinate the enemy hacker threats so that you have the only hackers on the table. Linked specialists are very effective for claiming and holding objectives in ITS. The Keisotsu fireteam has easy access to Forward Observers and Paramedics. These models are cheap, can accomplish classified objectives, and fill out the core of a fireteam very nicely. However, they are not effective or tough fighters, so expect casualties when fighting over objectives. The Karakuri fireteam is expensive but very useful. Each model is a FO, so they are all capable of claiming objectives. Their various weapon options and resistance skills makes them versatile and reliable fighters. CrazyKoalas and Holoechoes trigger enemy mines. These are cheap and disposable options for clearing a path. Advance or lose. Mines are some of the most effective counters against the fast/sneaky but fragile troops in the JSA. CrazyKoalas work similarly to mines, but suit the aggressive playstyle of JSA much better. They are excellent for terrorizing an enemy if you advance on them and place the Koala within activation range but out of LoF of other troops. Holoechoes are only available on the Lu Duan. It's difficult to maneuver these large silhouettes without making one of them the obvious real model. Perhaps I just need practice, but I prefer the minesweeping potential. Yuriko Oda is the only source of mines in JSA. There is potential for shell-game shenanigans with deploying a mine (with the minelayer skill) and a Raiden camo marker in her ZoC, but the value of this is pretty limited. The mines are best used to protect herself and nearby allies, which could be very valuable for a Keisotsu fireteam. Speaking of Minesweeper, I have not tried out that Panguling variant. The basic Doctor and Engineer provide vital support. The Tokusetsu is a very humble specialist with average WIP and low fighting skills, but it's the best the JSA gets. Always include at least one YaoZao. The YaoZao is dedicated to healing fallen models while the Tokusetsu should be moving for objectives. It takes a lot of orders to heal models and claim objectives, so moving towards both at once makes the process much more efficient. Yuriko Oda is expensive, but has some superior weapons and abilities that might prove worthwhile. Also, she can link with Keisotsu. Consider her for missions that focus on Engineers. Repairing Karakuri is a risky endeavor because of their Explode skill. They can only be repaired at 1 STR, and there's a 35% of failure. Make sure to have a command token at the ready, and only try this with a YaoZao. Don't forget the focus of the mission. Defeating the enemy on the field gives your specialists the security they need to grab objectives, but they still need orders to accomplish the mission, and (thanks to WIP rolls) there's no telling how many orders that might be. Putting the enemy in retreat before you've accomplished the mission is a terrible way to lose. Know when to stop killing the enemy. Putting some specialists in a small second combat group provides some opportunity to move specialists into position while the primary combat group engages the enemy. Key specialists can be transferred into the primary combat group later on. Consider grabbing objectives with fast/infiltrating specialists and moving back to safety. If the enemy is well secured and not threatening the field, this is a good use of orders. Be ready for the endgame. If the enemy has the last turn, secure as much as possible and set up a final defense. Otherwise, plan one last assault. Lists and Playstyles When crafting a list, you should have a distinct plan for how you're going to win. You need to know the objective of the mission in order to have the necessary specialist(s). But, more importantly, you'll need a combination of troops that can support the maneuvers and tactics you plan on conducting. Some troops and tactics are multipurpose, but it helps to have a distinct plan in mind at the start of the game. The Alpha Strike Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson In order to launch an Alpha Strike, you need to get first turn. Many scenarios have inherent value in going second, and strategic command tokens hinder the first player, so going first can often seem unattractive. You could end up with first turn even if you lost the LT WIP roll - or perhaps even in you won the roll and chose "field" instead of "ball". If your opponent has given you first turn and you have deployment, there's no better opportunity for an alpha strike. The purpose of the Alpha Strike is to inflict losses on your opponent that he can't recover from. You want to kill key models and/or deplete order pools. In order to do this, you need to identify and eliminate/bypass obstacles and attack targets of opportunity. Enemy models in overwatch positions are the first targets. In order to handle these efficiently, you need heavy firepower in the right positions. Anticipate which firelanes you need forced open and have long-range, high burst/damage weapons ready. Midfield camo markers present a dilemma, especially if your opponents have access to minelayers. Either have something ready to clear it (CrazyKoalas, Holoechoes) or just advance right on through with a sacrificial model. Ignore the camo troops themselves as long as they ignore you. The Oniwaban and/or Shinobu Kitsune can exploit any holes in the enemy defense, no matter how small. If necessary, they can throw caution to the wind and make a bee-line towards the most valuable target(s) and strike, regardless of the consequences. A successful alpha strike isn't done half-heartedly. You need devoted attackers to reach the enemy DZ and wreak havoc. You can only poke and prod your opponent with ranged attackers. Exposed models quickly fall or take cover, and vulnerable models are never exposed in the first place. To take down models your opponent doesn't want to lose, you need to strike directly at them. Don't get attached to the models you send into the enemy DZ. Their purpose is to strike deep and ruthlessly, extending themselves past any hope of support and inflicting as much damage as possible until they go down. Order efficiency is vital to reach across the table and inflict devastating casualties. The Oniwaban (using Superior Infiltration) starts at the edge of the enemy DZ in the ideal range of its weapons and skills. It's fragile but deadly, and starts killing on the first order. Aragoto are ideal alpha strikers, especially if they can take advantage of the impetuous order. However, this is not common due to their predictable approaches (which the enemy will likely be covering). The Oyoroi is its own fire support, it's resilient enough to suffer a bad FtF roll, and it has lots of close assault weapons and equipment. Its size limits its movement paths, so it won't be able to reach some enemy models. But it can also move right through/over some obstacles too large for S2 troops but still smaller than the S7 silhouette. Fireteams don't move quickly, but each order moves the whole team forward. Domaru can wreak havoc in an enemy DZ, but they need to remove enemies on overwatch (or well-placed smoke grenades). This could cost too many orders if the Domaru can't do this with their own firepower. Haramaki can attack the enemy at range with extremely damaging weapons, but the low burst on the ML and Blitzen makes FtF rolls against targets with strong modifiers pretty risky. Keisotsu and Karakuri fireteams are too weak for a full frontal assault. Here is a list I would use when planning an Alpha Strike. Every model plays a part in the strategy described above, except for the Tokusetsu specialists that are vital for ITS missions. This list has no tolerance for losing specialists, so they must be protected. This shouldn't be difficult, as the bulk of the enemy's forces will be occupied with the alpha strikers, but make sure someone/something is hanging back to protect them from loose AD units or stray camo markers. Spoiler Group 1 9 1 3 O-YOROI Lieutenant HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, CrazyKoalas (2) / EXP CCW. (3 |81) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (26) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (26) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (25) ARAGOTO Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (19) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (26) RAIDEN (X Visor) Heavy Rocket Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 19) YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (21) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) Group 2 1 0 0 KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (23) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 The Tower The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions. -Miyamoto Musashi This strategy focuses on giving the opponent the first turn, but forcing him to waste it confronting a powerful defensive position. By placing powerful weapons in positions covering objectives, vital firelanes, or even vulnerably-deployed models, the enemy has to deal with your entrenched troops on your terms before he can make any progress in the mission. The Tower is risky. By exposing powerful troops to your enemy on his turn, you're exposing them to anything and everything he chooses to throw at them. You can't expect your models to shoot the enemy down for the whole turn, but you can hope that the time, energy, and casualties spent overcoming them proves too much. Strategic use of the command token is normally "minus 2 orders", but consider your opponent before selecting the default. If you see potential for coordinated attacks on your tower (several long-range, low burst, high damage weapons), restrict his command tokens instead. You can't split your burst in ARO, so coordinated attacks force you to dodge or eat unopposed shots. The core of the defensive position is a heavily armed fireteam. A Haramaki fireteam is ideal for this. Their cost-effective power when linked and high-damage weapons makes them formidable as overwatch troops. As multi-wound troops, they can take a wound and keep fighting (or strategically fall back). You need at least 1, if not 2 MLs, and preferably a 5-strong link. A Keisotsu fireteam is a cheaper, but significantly less effective, defensive focal point. Multi Sniper Rifles and Missile Launchers provide the deadly ARO threat, but Forward Observers can harass enemies with a Flash Pulse. At their lower cost, extra Keisotsu can be enlisted to reform the link to max strength after the first turn. This strategy requires well-planned deployment. The fireteam needs a commanding position on the field - usually the best sniper tower available. The strongest heavy weapon (ML or MSR, depending on range bands in LOF) sits at the top, and the rest of the team is scattered around, either holding other long firelanes with heavy weapons or covering closer (and side) approaches with small arms. The link leader must be concealed behind total cover, to prevent easy poaching to break the link. Do not deploy link members within a blast radius of another link member. N3 template rules and fireteam rules combine to harshly punish link members struck by an out-of-LOF template. The fireteam is powerful on its own, but still requires support. A doctor's YaoZao should be on-call (and perhaps the doctor himself, too). Other models can act as spotters to discover enemy camo markers (so the team can hold its ARO to shoot). TR remotes can support the Tower for added ARO threat. Ninja, carefully peppered in the midfield, can surprise enemies attempting an approach against your tower. An ARO engage can halt an attack on the tower. If the Ninja is waiting near the enemy's attack position, the engage can be combined with the tower's powerful ARO to force the enemy to split his burst or allow someone to act unopposed. This is a sample list for a Tower game. When playing this list, I would opt to use holo L2 on the Lu Duan to set up multiple possible defensive positions (each covering an approach to the tower), leaving my opponent to guess which is real. The Oniwaban would deploy as a TO marker, huddled behind cover that's covered well by the tower. The hacker can support the fireteam with Fairy Dust (after the first turn) or the Lu Duan with Assisted Fire/Enhanced Reaction (burst 2 HFT is nothing to sneeze at). Lastly, the Ninja would be hidden, ready to surprise engage anyone attempting to close in on the tower (or, if you're confident in the tower's defensibility, the Ninja can cover an objective. Spoiler Group 1 10 0 5 HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (22) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (22) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Combi Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW. (30) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 17) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) ONIWABAN Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (41) NINJA Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (26) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) Group 2 2 0 0 LÙ DUĀN Mk12, Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (22) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (23) 4.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5 The Toolbox One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. 'Supernatural' is a null word. -Robert A. Heinlein Many ITS missions involve complex interactions with different kind of objectives. This playstyle focuses on the objectives by fielding many combat-worthy specialists. Winning in these scenarios is measured by taking, holding, and covering objectives. Martial prowess alone can't accomplish the mission. Specialists must be the primary component of the list as well as the primary agents of victory. Don't forget that dedicated fighters are still needed for missions. You'll need them to neutralize enemies in overwatch, hunt down skirmishers, or harass exposed flanks. This is still a battle that can be lost to enemy fire. Specialists need to operate in the frontline. Spending orders separately on combatants and specialists can be inefficient. Having combat-worthy specialists allows the same model(s) to secure and claim objectives. Expect casualties among your specialists, so build redundancy with many specialists and develop contingencies for when they go down. Plan a core fireteam to deliver specialists to the midfield and protect them. Keisotsu are cheap and provide a lot of options for specialists and heavy weapons, but they're weak fighters. Additionally, a 5-man fireteam is difficult to position well and could lead to clustering or overexposure to enemy fire. They may need an extra order at the end of the turn to carefully position themselves in anticipation of an enemy attack. Karakuri are each, individually, resilient fighters with versatile equipment. They won't last long as a fireteam. They break after a single loss, and there's no bringing them back. Don't be afraid to send specialists to their deaths if their sacrifice could score objectives. Coordinated orders, camouflage, high Move values, and plain old luck can get specialists across dangerous territory. These opportunities should be your only concern in the last turn. Below is an example Toolbox list The Karakuri focus on central objectives - from the midfield their weapons can reach almost anywhere in ideal range. The Aragoto hacker and Weibing provide quick objective capturers, but they also work well (with the Son-Bae) as a team to eliminate enemy skirmishers (sensor to reveal, spotlight to mark, then nuke'm). The Aragoto spitfire is a potential threat for the enemy to worry about, and the Rui Shi (upgraded with Marksmanship) has a lot of potential to clear enemy snipers and hold objectives (in suppressive fire). The secondary combat group can expand sensor/hacking range, buff the REMs, and slowly (and safely) move the LT into the midfield to destroy enemy specialists in later turns. Spoiler Group 1 10 0 2 KARAKURI Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (35) KARAKURI Heavy Shotgun, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (35) KARAKURI Mk12, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (40) ARAGOTO Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 30) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (26) SON-BAE Yaókòng Smart Missile Launcher / Electric Pulse. (1.5 | 18) WÈIBĪNG Yaókòng Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (16) RUI SHI Spitfire / Electric Pulse. (21) KEISOTSU Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (11) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) Group 2 3 0 0 DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (25) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 17) CHAĪYÌ Yaókòng Flash Pulse, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (8) 4.5 SWC | 299 Points The Horde Quantity has a quality all its own. -Joseph Stalin (maybe) Horde lists are rich in orders - the primary currency for buying victory. ITS scenarios with objectives require lots of orders to take and interact with them. Having a large order pool makes your army more functional after some losses and less susceptible to the first-turn order reduction Command Token. It's still important to have order efficiency. This way you maintain a strong advantage in terms of mobility and active-turn superiority. A 5-man Keisotsu fireteam is all but essential in a Horde list. Having extra Keisotsu to reform the team (or a secondary fireteam in another group) is strongly recommended. Fast attackers require only a few orders to give your opponent a black eye. Resilient ones can give him a headache on his turn. The JSA has many cheap specialists, so a Horde list has a lot of opportunity to capture objectives and accomplished classifieds. Basic Keisotsu can fill a fireteam with FOs and Paramedics. These should be the primary agents for claiming objectives. Tokusetsu can operate with enough orders to bring back lost models. The Horde is weak against superior, powerful AROs that halt your advance with deadly fire. Make use of coordinated orders to attack on several fronts, forcing a dodge or (some) unopposed shots. Anticipate/identify these threats when planning assassinations with TO models. Advance slowly and carefully if you have to. If the enemy doesn't have MSV2+, you should have plenty of orders to cover some advances with smoke. Closing in can even the odds with basic troops, like linked Keisotsu with Combis. Here is an example Horde list. The primary combat group has a fully loaded Keisotsu fireteam plus Yuriko. She's in the list to possibly fulfill 3 classifieds (sabotage, retroengineering, and test run on a yaozao), as well as providing panzerfaust AROs. The Aragoto and Yojimbo can push directly into enemy lines after the Oniwaban dispatches any troublesome defenders. The secondary group feeds the doctor (to heal models) and Musashi (to clear the midfield of enemy skirmishers) until they need to take over from the primary fireteam with another small Keisotsu link. The Horde has enough models to touch on Alpha Strike, Tower, and Toolbox strategies, but not devote itself fully to any strategy. Spoiler Group 1 9 1 3 ONIWABAN Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 41) KEISOTSU Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (11) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 14) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (24) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 26) ARAGOTO Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (19) YOJIMBO Contender, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, DA CCW. (21) TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) Group 2 5 1 0 TOKUSETSU EISEI Doctor (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (14) YÁOZĂO Electric Pulse. (3) KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 17) KEISOTSU Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9) KEISOTSU (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (23) MIYAMOTO MUSHASHI Chain Rifle, Flash Pulse / Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (24) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Tenchu The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people. -Robert, Real Ultimate Power Tenchu lists utilize many Ninjas/Oniwabans to harass and assault from many positions and angles. Composing a list entirely out of TO models leaves you order-starved and without any real presence on the table. You must bring some ordinary troops to the table. At a minimum, these ordinary troops must be able to defend themselves (unless the Ninja will expose themselves in ARO to support the order pool). Ideally, they can also provide ranged support. Ninja do not have much variety in their possible skills/weapons options, but the little variety they have is enough to serve different roles. When you are relying on Ninja as your primary active agents, they will need some flexibility to deal with enemies that pose various threats. A poorly-deployed Ninja is a useless Ninja. A well-deployed Ninja requires exactly zero orders to move into position to act. Hidden deployment is a powerful skill because the enemy doesn't know exactly where attacks may come from. Also, (with the exception of Sensors, which are rare) he can't deal with your assassins before they strike. If you successfully anticipate where the enemy go and from where he is vulnerable, Ninja will be very successful. Consider the predictable flow of battle. If you are deploying first, this is quite difficult. Focus on bottlenecks, firelanes, and objectives. If you deploy second, read your opponent's positioning to determine his intended attackers/active agents. Then determine which Ninja(s) can counter them. Sometimes, Ninja should deploy as TO markers. If the Oniwaban is your LT, you must deploy him as a TO marker, anyway. An experienced/educated opponent will understand this. Putting multiple markers on the table will leave him wondering which is marker is what kind of Ninja. Tenchu lists are vulnerable to MSVs, Sixth Sense, and Direct/Deployable templates, but not as vulnerable as you might think. A first-turn Oniwaban can usually dispatch the greatest threat to a TO-heavy list, even if it requires sacrifice. MSV troops can't shoot a camo marker, they have to discover it first. If the Ninja is close, they won't have a chance to shoot him before being dispatched masterfully. If the MSV model is far away, your firebase (ordinary troops in the DZ) might be able to draw a long LoF and obliterate them with heavy weapons. Sixth Sense and direct template weapons are a deadly anti-ninja combo. You can't use your second move from around a corner to sneak your way into LoF, and chances are these models are linked so the Ninja will be slapped with (at least) 2 templates. Smoke is an excellent solution to close off LoF and engage a template-wielding fireteam. Mines are a cheap and effective threat to Ninja. Have a strategy for a fast, cheap sacrificial model to trigger these mines. CrazyKoalas, Holoechoes, and even YaoZao make excellent "minesweepers". Strike from shadows, retreat to shadows. Don't leave Ninja in a revealed state unless their AROs are vital to interdicting the enemy. A camo marker is a pain (for most troops) to reveal and destroy. If you have hidden yourself in total cover, the opponent will need to spend several orders to bring someone into range to discover/intuitive attack, which may not even be successful. Enemies that come into the midfield to kill your markers are pulling themselves deeper into the Ninja zone. Try to keep at least one Ninja as your final trick. A list dedicated to surprise attacks from hidden models should not be outplayed by enemy surprise attackers. If you're effectively containing the enemy, you will force his hand to use his AD/TO troops. The last turn is dedicate to seizing objectives. If you can't harass/kill enemies going for objectives, you can't hold on to any victory you might currently hold. Likewise, if you can't launch any final surprises to secure/claim objectives in the last turn, then you can't get the final word on objectives. Here is an example Tenchu list. I've chosen a Keisotsu link as my firebase. They're fairly capable of defending themselves and they are well-equipped to lay heavy fire against enemy models guarding against Ninjas. The 2 Oniwabans are meant to provide strong certainty of having at least 1 surgical alpha striker. Saito is the ultimate midfield assassin and Ninja support model, using smoke to block LoF for himself or other Ninja. The Ninja hacker is an important specialist - only expose him to hack if absolutely necessary. The Doctor is a basic specialist that can support the Keisotsu with one YaoZao, Ninja with the others, and claim objectives. Use that second YaoZao to clear mines. Thanks all for reading. I'll update this post later with playstyles, army lists, and ITS missions.
  24. Hi all! Once again playing a league game and looking for advice on the list to bring. I'll be playing against USAriadna, a 300 pt game, the mission is Engineering deck (central room to control, plus five consoles). The list is limited insertion, and there are 2 funny conditions that apply to the whole map: bad visibility (-6 to rolls requiring LoS) and saturation zone (-1B to all shooting). There's also biotecvore rules in both deployment areas Summarizing, I don't need too much long range active nor ARO due to visibility and saturation, most points come from consoles so I need to be strong on specialists, and I need to be able to get my whole list out of my deployment first turn. I came up with this. I understand the rui shi would be very useful in this setting, but I don't have nor like any of the yu jing remotes, that's why it's not there in the list. I kind of want to be convinced to include them though, so I'm still open to suggestions in that direction biotecvoro ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 9 1 SHIKAMI (Fireteam: Dúo) Contender, Granadas Nimbus / Pistola de Asalto, Arma CC DA, Arma CC AP, Cuchillo. (0.5 | 46) SHIKAMI Contender, Granadas Nimbus / Pistola de Asalto, Arma CC DA, Arma CC AP, Cuchillo. (0 | 45) KARAKURI Escopeta Pesada, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 35) KARAKURI Escopeta Pesada, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0 | 35) KARAKURI (Fireteam: Haris) Fusil Combi, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistola, Cuchillo. (0.5 | 36) NINJA (Disp. Hacker Asesino) Arco Táctico / Pistola, Arma CC DA, Cuchillo. (0 | 29) DOMARU Teniente Chain Rifle, Granadas E/M / Pistola, Arma CC E/M. (0 | 25) DOMARU Chain Rifle, Granadas E/M / Pistola, Arma CC E/M. (0 | 25) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Escopeta Ligera / Pistola, Arma CC DA. (0 | 24) 1 CAP | 300 Puntos Abrir en Infinity Army The idea is to capture consoles with the karakuris on one flank and the shikamis on the other, while the domarus storm the central room. I was tempted to make 2 domaru duos instead of the domaru+haramaki core and the KHD ninja. But that TO specialist on the last turn has already won me many a battle. People on my area have a tendency to go first if they can. A hidden specialist on the last turn in a mission like this is golden, to control a console, or to contest the room if things go wrong for me. The shikamis will be very hard to hit in these conditions, the karakuri are inmune to fire and the domarus with so much chain can be very hard inside the room. Towards the last turn I'd try to move one of the specialists to the central console if I see I need it for those 5 points. The ninja will be deployed half-way from a console and the room. Hopefully within range of a move+activate console and move+move room door. An option would to remove the shikamis and include a rui shi, an extra domaru, and another KHD ninja. Or a single shikami for a haramaki and a rui shi. But remember that first turn everyone needs to be outside of my deployment, that's why I wanted to have everything linked, or infiltrated. So that's the list and that's the setting, any advice is more than welcome!!
  25. Hi all. First of all I'm a total noob, playing my 7th game or so, second game above 150 points. Any weird choices in my lists are probably due to my lack of experience I'm playing a league, and for the next round the rules are limited insertion, top tier, tic-tac-toe mission. I'm fine with the 400 and the LI, I'd rather play with as few orders as posible, and as many shiny toys as posible. But I'm struggling to fit enough specialists. I'll be up against tohaa, if that makes a difference. So far I've come up with two lists, and a third that's a small variation of the second. I'll post them here with my thoughts on them and if any of you has any comments or proposals, I'm all ears. Since the format is quite weird, plenty of people in the league will be proxying, so no problems there. List 1 400nobu ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 2 KARAKURI (Fireteam: Haris) Combi Rifle, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 36) KARAKURI Mk12, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 40) KARAKURI Mk12, Chain Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 40) SHIKAMI Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 45) SHIKAMI (Fireteam: Duo) Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0.5 | 46) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) ONIWABAN Lieutenant Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (1 | 41) SHINOBU Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0.5 | 47) 7.5 SWC | 399 Points Open in Infinity Army Pro: 5 relatively tough specialists. Played Cold sleep last week with those same 5 guys (and a keisotsu link) and won the game. So at least I have some experience with the units:) Con: I couldn't figure a way to put a sensible lieutenant in, so I ended up with that Oniwaban Lt, just to comply with ITS. I don't know if I'll be able to use him effectively with no kempei backup. List 2: 400roi ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 3 SHIKAMI Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 45) SHIKAMI (Fireteam: Duo) Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0.5 | 46) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 22) OYAMA Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Breaker Pistol, AP CCW, EXP CCW. (0 | 28) DOMARU Combi Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 34) SHINOBU Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0.5 | 47) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) O-YOROI HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, CrazyKoalas / EXP CCW. (2 | 83) O-YOROI PILOT Pistol, CCW. (0) 6 SWC | 400 Points Open in Infinity Army Pro: A hidden specialist, a sensible Lt, plenty of shiny haven't played yet with the haramakis, o-yoroi nor shinobu, and I really want to! Con: Only 3 specialists. The shikami duo is maybe too expensive for what they bring to the table. List 2 v2 400roi ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 3 SHIKAMI Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 45) SHIKAMI Contender, Nimbus Grenades / Assault Pistol, DA CCW, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 45) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (1.5 | 33) HARAMAKI Blitzen, Contender / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 22) DOMARU Spitfire / Pistol, E/M CCW. (2 | 38) SHINOBU Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Monofilament CCW. (0.5 | 47) DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 25) NINJA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Tactical Bow / Pistol, DA CCW, Knife. (0 | 29) O-YOROI HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, CrazyKoalas / EXP CCW. (2 | 83) O-YOROI PILOT Pistol, CCW. (0) 7.5 SWC | 400 Points Open in Infinity Army Losing Neko and the shikami duo (I keep 2 shikamis not linked) I get enough points to upgrade the combi domaru to a spitfire domaru. Could be handy against any specialists in the midfield near the antenas. But losing duo on the shikamis hurts with this few orders. I could drop both shikamis and use a karakuri haris with only 2 members...or screw the killer ninja and use the whole karakuri haris. Might end up using a lot less than 400 in that case though. Still having a hidden specialist with so few specialists in the list makes me feel safe(r) Any pro tips or advice appreciated!