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Found 3 results

  1. With the "new" Wiki for N3/HSN3 we now have a list of possible fireteams. Wiki Fireteams (Morat) First of all, Morat is missing the declaration for Haris*3. But my primary question is, do the Suryat in the Haris*2 Option (Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat) need to have Haris? Or can I choose any Suryat like HMG/HRL.? In my humble opinion they do not need it. If we take the Korak + 2 Sogarat Haris option, no Sogarat has an Haris option, so it is Kornak who brings the Haris option. So the question is brings Kornak the Haris option? If we look at the Sogarats, it is yes. If we look at the Suryats it is unclear. If we say yes compared to Sogarats, Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat (non Haris) is possible. If no, it is Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat:Haris. The Raktorak says that he can join a Core or Haris of Suryats, so it should be the Suryat with Haris (so it is an Suryat Haris fireteam, and not a Kornak Haris fireteam). We have one point for yes (Sogarats) and one point for no (Raktorak) which is the one? Only with Army Tool it is no, with new wiki I don't know. Maybe Army Tool was wrong all the time. Anyway Kornak + Raktorak + Suryat (non Haris) would be a really goog Haris option. If we find an answer till saturday noon, would be great. I have to send my lists for the german mastership. :-)
  2. As per pg20 of HSN3: To compose a Fireteam: Core, the minimum trooper number requirement is 2, the maximum is 5 As per pg140 of HSN3: (3)Special FIRETEAM: CORE ... KORNAK + 1 RAKTORAK and UP TO 3 Suryats Operative word there is up to, which includes 0, so could you make a fireteam: core of Kornak + Raktorak + 0 suryats. Thoughts?
  3. Hi guys, Question about Haris formation in MAF: Can you form a Haris with Kornak, 1 Raktorak and 1 Suryat? It's not explicitly stated, but based on the fact that you can have a Haris of Kornak and up to 2 Suryats, and that 1 Raktorak can join a Haris of Suryats, the implication is there. From those rules it's clear that you can have those three and have it count as a Fireteam: Core at least, but it's a bit shady on whether or not that can be your Haris. Anyone able to give clarification? The army list pdf doesn't clarify any further.