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Found 21 results

  1. Infinity the Game Louisville is hosting a beginners escalation league. Anyone that is new is welcome and even those that are old are welcome too. League starts on January 6th and is 7 two week rounds. League days will be at Heroes Comics and Gaming every other Saturday, beginning on Jan 6th 2018. If interested please join our Facebook group at the following link.
  2. So, ITS9 not only offers new scenarios and option but also come with some changes about Leagues. The new Escalation League mode is pretty clear. But what about other (non-Escalation) Leagues? Are we really allowed to do whatever we see as fit (within boundaries, of course)? So, as an example, if I plan a League with 8 turns, can I pick any of the scenarios without having to care about the type of operations? And would I even be able to use different Tiers in different rounds? And what about Extras, would it be possible to use different Extras in different League rounds? If i do understand correctly, those things will be possible, but I want to make sure nevertheless (I also might have missed a page when printing the file or something).
  3. Hello gamers. I would like to announce the Midwest Gamers League Infinity . The Midwest games League is based around a coalition of state subreddits. Michigan , Ohio , Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky , Wisconsin, Minnesota , Missouri , Nebraska and Kansas all have their own subreddits. These subreddits are for all gamers and I think they will form into a great place to find new Infinity players. Everyone is a gamer and everyone is local. I am currently painting an Operation : Ice Storm box to use as demo set for a weekly game night I have in the works. I think this is the best possible way to bring new people into tabletop gaming. It is how I got into it over 20 years ago. Walked into a game preserve and a dude had the warhammer 4th edition box set to give demos. One game and I was hooked. You could use the subreddits to promote the demo at a local store. The Midwest Gamers League is how each state competes. Teams can form , then we can use their ITS ranking to give the team an average score. This will be compared with the other states and determine which state is the champion. The main purpose of this is just for fun. A good way to generate content , conversation and competition. Maybe some day it could even evolve into an actual offline team event. If you already play and represent a club, store etc. That is totally okay. The top 3 ranking players from each state get a spot on the sidebar of their state’s subreddit. This will entitle them to a link to anything they want. It could go to a twitter, twitch, youtube, Facebook Group, club website , anything you want. The subreddits are not all equal in size or content. The biggest has over 700 members and the smallest has under 200. If your state is small do not be alarmed because these are all very new subreddits. Each one has a discord and then a Midwest discord to connect them all. We can put an infinity or tabletop channel in each discord. Please go to your states sub and sign up in the Midwest Gamers League thread. There should be a link to the thread in the sidebar. Or message me on here or reddit, I am a mod of each sub under the name “EvilJace”. If your state is not listed we can try to fix that. If you are in a Canadian border province like Manitoba, Ontario etc. Message me because we would like to add you. If you are from a totally different region message me and we can help you build up your region. Eventually all regions can be linked in this way. Let me know if you like the idea and would like to pursue it.
  4. Hey everyone! Here I am, asking questions like a noob again. I was hoping I could get some more experienced tournament organizers to help me figure out how to start tourneys in my area. I was wanting to start an escalation league to drum up interest, but my area only has 5 players including myself. Is that enough to have a decent escalation league and if so, how would you guys suggest portioning out the winner's pack? I would like to take part, but I have run a couple *cough* 40k *cough* tournaments before and it almost never ends well if the TO manages to win their own league. Secondly, I wanted to run a tagline event, but I only really have myself and my girlfriend interested in that one since the models for winning it are Toni and the samaritan; would it be possible to run that officially with only 2 people, or is that going to be a matter of sinking the cash just for the models? Thanks tons for the help you guys offer; I appreciate how friendly and how useful these forums have been to me getting into Infinity.
  5. Infinity Escalation League: Where: Red Raccoon Games, 309 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61701 (Wednesdays) When: Wednesdays 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. from 10/05-12/06 *Players may play outside official night as well. Demo night Wednesday, September 28 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. What: The Infinity escalation league is a slow grow league to introduce and acclimate new players to the game. All player skill levels are welcome. This is a non-ITS league due to the nature of trying to introduce newer players to rules and higher point levels over a period of weeks. -Entry: Free Helpful Links: Infinity Archive (Rules, Markers, and other assets to download)- N3 Rules- N3 FAQ- Human Sphere Rules- ITS Season 8- Infinity Army- Ash Barker’s Infinity Recon- Captain Spuds Quick Reference- Captain Spuds Hacking Helper- ToadChild’s Free Marker Sheet Creator- Prizes: -1st Place Competitive Scoring- ITS Winner Pack Season 8 (Joe “Scarface” Turner miniature, Scarface badge, ITS Season 8 badge, ITS Season 8 Patch), 1 Winner Diploma, 1 random patch, 1 alternative artwork card for Extreme Prejudice. -2nd Place Competitive Scoring- 1 random ID Badge, 1 random Camo Token, 1 random patch. -3rd Placed Competitive Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) -1st Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random ID Badge, 1 random Camo Token, 1 random patch. -2nd Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) -3rd Place Achievement Scoring- 1 random item left (S1 token, State: Locked Marker, Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack) *When it comes to random items the order of picking is as follows: 1st Place Competitive, 2nd Place Competitive, 1st Place Achievement, 2nd Place Achievement, 3rd Place Competitive, 3rd Place Achievement. Rounds: All rounds will begin on the Wednesday of that week and run until the following Tuesday. Games and achievements must be written on score sheet and initialed by opponent. There is no painting requirement, but it is encouraged. There will achievement points awarded for painting models during the league and playing fully painted. Proxies are allowed, but if there is a model for the trooper profile it must be used (weapon proxies are allowed). Achievement score sheet will be handed out by TO. It is greatly appreciated when people bring terrain to accommodate enough tables for players. All players are required to play the same faction through the league, however they may switch between vanilla and sectorials within their faction from game to game. Additionally, spec-ops are not allowed. *Note the week of Thanksgiving is skipped. Round 1- 10/05-10/11 Infinity Recon Annihilation (150 points)- no command tokens, hackers, remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 17-63 (basic rules, combat characteristics, and common skills), Infinity Recon pg. 3-4 (Recon rules and Annihilation scenario). -Know how the skills and weapons of your troops work! Round 2- 10/12-10/18 Infinity Recon Frontline (150 points)- no hackers, remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 142-148 (end game conditions, command tokens, and coordinated orders), Infinity Recon pg. 7 (Frontline scenario). Round 3- 10/19-10/25 Infinity Recon Seize the Antennas (200 points)- no remotes, TAGs, or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 135, 140, 150-161 (deployable repeater, repeater, hacking, and hacking equipment), Human Sphere 87-92 (new hacking equipment), Infinity Recon pg. 8-9 (Seize the Antenna scenario). -For assistance with hacking programs use Captain Spud’s Hacking Helper Round 4- 10/26-11/01 ITS Quadrant Control (200 points)- no TAGS or fireteams. -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 53, 55, 78, 85, 89-90, 96 (cautious movement, change facing, dodge, ghost, marksmanship, sat-lock, sensor, total reaction), Human Sphere pg. 92 (evo hacker), N3 FAQ, ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 9-10, 16-17 (Classified objectives and Quadrant Control scenario). Round 5- 11/02-11/08 ITS Decapitation (250 points)- no fireteams -Suggested Reading- N3 rulebook pg. 55, 57-58, 85, 88, 181 (dodge, engage, manned, pilot, possessed), ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 18 (Decapitation scenario). Round 6- 11/09-11/15 ITS Supremacy (250 points) -Suggested Reading- Human Sphere pg. 11-22 (coherency and fireteams), ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 26-27 (Supremacy scenario). Round 7- 11/16-11/22 ITS Annihilation (300 points) -Suggested Reading- ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 11 (Annihilation scenario). Round 8- 11/30-12/06 ITS Firefight (300 Points) -Suggested Reading- ITS Season 8 2017 pg. 24-25 (Firefight scenario).
  6. Hi there, I have an upcoming league event so I used the kit with 8 codes to enter each round in the ITS. It's the first time I use ITS. There is a field about "Round", which I have trouble understanding: - is this the league round? (so I have to put there 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) - or it's how many rounds are there in the League round? (meaning I have to put there 1 as there is just one round for a League day) - there is a field for choosing a mission on the first code, but I couldn't enter the rest of the missions on the following codes. Some questions regarding pairings and Army lists: - is entering Army lists obligatory for the players? - can I make pairings if players don't confirm? - are the army lists shown anywhere after I report a round (which I guess is something I'll see after I start the tournament)? I'll have a problem with that as the League is a game each week, I don't want players to see the lists after the first week I report. - how can I report, I have to wait for the date or there is a button I'm not seeing? Thanks in advance to anyone that sheds some light on these, ITS is not really self-explanatory.
  7. Bad things are happening guys! I have volunteered to run a League! Specifically a slow grow league. In The Hague, we have a lot of people who "have Infinity", that is to say, they own the models but don't play with them. The most common excuse is that "the rules are too hard" or "40k is simpler and more played". I am not here to discuss this, but I would like to pick the community consciousness for any suggestions as to how to run a slow-grow league? Specific questions below: Past errors you have seen in running a league Past successes and good ideas you have seen in running a league Ideas for running a slow-grow league My current thoughts are as follows: League is split into months No specific league structure, i.e. not tracking wins and losses, more teaching people how to play slowly over time Start at around 125 points increasing every fortnight/month by 25pts up to 300pts. Have a set mission that everyone should play that month, showcasing some aspect of the game No advanced rules until 200 points Start with an intro game to bring everyone in I beg the communities wisdom! Love and kudos, Fez
  8. We have a ITS Escalation League at our local store in Norwich. The first round has already started but runs untill 24th April so there is still time to join. So if you can make one game every 2 weeks you should join. You can find the details on the ITS events finder called final re-roll escalation league.
  9. Hello all!! I am running a non ITS 200 point league starting the last week of Feb. If you want details post here or look for details on the MoKan Infinity Facebook Page! All the best, Rob (griffrat)
  10. THE S.I.T.H. SHOWDOWN! Draft Rules 1.03* The S.I.T.H. (Sydney Infinity Town Hall war gamers) present an ITS Infinity league. This Infinity the game competition is open to anyone who would like to play, with new players encouraged and catered for (a place in the finals is reserved for the best new player, as long as at least one enters!). An ITS league pack is on offer for prizes, and the ultimate winner will receive a Le Muet exclusive ITS winners Infinity figure, with minor winners to win minor prizes (blister packs, badges etc from the league pack). The entry fee is $15 for regular players, $10 for occasional and new players. All entry fees will go towards prizes, so more entrants will mean more prizes. Format The showdown consists of 8 specified ITS missions* (and a final series): ANNIHILATION SEIZE THE ANTENNAS QUADRANT CONTROL SUPPLIES FRONTLINE BIOTECHVORE HIGHLY CLASSIFIED EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION Scenario scoring will be slightly modified so that the primary mission is always worth 6 objective points, and there are always 2 classified objectives worth 2 objective points each (of which 1 may be swapped for Highly Classified). Details will follow in a post below. In addition, NON SPECIALISTS CAN CAPTURE PRIMARY SCENARIO OBJECTIVES (but NOT Classified Objectives). With a NORMAL WIP roll. TAGs CAN capture primary scenario objectives with a WIP-6 roll. Specialists can capture primary scenario objectives with a WIP+3 roll. The CORRECT specialist (specialists noted with a bonus for the mission in the ITS pack) can capture primary scenario objectives with a WIP+6 roll. This is to follow the format likely for Can Con. The purpose is to slightly re-balance specialist play (essentially away from cheap specialists spam lists). This is in order to follow the likely format for Can Con 2016. Any of these Scenarios may be played by mutual agreement between any two players in the competition, at any agreed point value between opponents, up to 300pts. The default point level is 300pts. Players may only play a single faction sectorial or non-sectorial faction in the competition for the duration of the competition. However, new lists may be used for each new game. Regular League games will commence from 1st November until the end of 2015 (or a sufficient number of entrants have completed their games, at the organisers discretion). League games may be played anytime S.I.T.H. club members attend Good Games Town Hall (for example, Thursday and Wednesday nights), as long as they do not interfere with other scheduled club events (for example The Paradiso Campaign also running alternate Thursday nights). If there are no non player club members present at a game, photos should be taken and posted to facebook verify its occurrence. The 'default' time time to play will likely be club nights when Campaign Paradiso is not running. A game is always considered for league scoring unless both players agree it should not be, or there is an adjudication by a neutral TO or mutually agreeable third party that it should not be (for example, in the case of an accusation of cheating). Resigning from a game will result in the vicor receiving the maximum objective and victory points still available at the point the game is conceded, and the loser receiving their current score at time of concession. Alternately, the victor may also receive their current score at time of concession, or another reasonable result if this is agreeable to both players and the TO. Any rules questions or disputes should be settled by mutual agreement, or may be arbitrated by a neutral S.I.T.H. player / member. All experienced S.I.T.H. members may therefore be considered TO’s for the tournament. Player Classifications Participants will be classified according to experience and attendance, with special rules as follows. Tournament Organisers categorisation of players is final. REGULAR S.I.T.H. Frequent S.I.T.H. club players. Must complete 6 ITS of the selected scenarios against other participants to qualify for the finals. If more than 6 selected scenarios are completed a S.I.T.H.'s worst results in excess of 6 may be discarded and not used for league scoring (subject to the condition below). At least half league games played must be played against different individual S.I.T.H. (non Apprentice) league participants. May serve as 'stand in' players - providing a S.I.T.H. opponent to players who need one for a scenario the stand in has already completed. The stand ins' score will not count towards league scoring in this case. May play against Apprentice players as a scored game league game (with special Objective Point rules: see below). Scenarios S.I.T.H. play against Apprentices may be replayed against other S.I.T.H. If a scenario is replayed, the second result counts for the S.I.T.H. s’ league scoring (the first game no longer counts at all for the S.I.T.H.). S.I.T.H. may only count scored objective points up to a maximum of one more than an Apprentice opponents’ score. For example if the Apprentice scores 1 Objective point total, the S.I.T.H. may only count a victory as 2-1, even if they achieved every possible objective and otherwise would have scored a 10-1 victory. This is to encourage experienced players to cooperate, teach, and play considerate, but still finely balanced, competitive games with new players OCCASIONAL S.I.T.H. Experienced but irregular S.I.T.H. players Same rules as Regular S.I.T.H. except Occasional S.I.T.H. are only required to complete 4 selected scenarios to qualify for the finals (though they may play more) Regular S.I.T.H. choose the scenario played in games between Regular and Occasional S.I.T.H. (this is to prevent occasional players cherry picking the 4 scenarios they play) APPRENTICE: New players (less than 10 full Infinity games played). Have one spot reserved in the finals (assuming at least one Apprentice competes). Must complete at least 4 of the selected scenarios to qualify for the finals. An Apprentice who defeats a S.I.T.H. is no longer considered an Apprentice (from the game won forward, inclusive) Conduct All games are expected to be conducted in a friendly, fun, co-operative and competitive manner. In practice that means doing your best to win in the the fairest and funnest possible way. Some examples expected conduct are: Co-operating with your opponent to determine game states like Line Of Fire in a reasonable way. Providing Courtesy lists where practically possible. Using a co-operative and reasonable mind set to resolve rules disputes. Maintaining a calm friendly demeanor at all times, and prioritising being fun to play with. Maintaining and assuming good faith. Refraining from complaining unnecessarily about the game, the rules or your opponent's army. Being gracious in both victory and defeat. Pointing out obvious factors (like ARO's) that might affect what an opponent is about to do, or rules they may be unaware of that may advantage them. Not asking to take back already resolved orders. Allowing reasonable grace to your opponent where appropriate. Playing at an appropriate pace. Making sure your opponent always knows what you are rolling for, sees the result of all die rolls, and that everything necessary is declared before rolling. Your opponent is within their rights to ask you to roll again if all of these are not the case. Avoiding pre-measuring. Not unnecessarily touching your models (especially in your reactive turn). Abuse of Tournament Organisers will not be tolerated, and will result in instant disqualification from the competition Such factors should all be considered in awarding Best and Fairest nominations (see below). Best & Fairest Each participant who has played at least 4 league games may nominate one opponent for Best and Fairest for every four games (or part thereof) they play. Nominations must be posted to the relevant place on Facebook (be it PM to the TO, or public post). A player may not nominate another player for Beat and Fairest more than once, though they may choose to make only one nomination if they qualify for more. Players may only be voted for best and fairest if they have played enough league games (4) to qualify for the finals, and have not otherwise qualified for the finals. Scoring The competition is scored by wins (draws are counted as one half a win), Objective points, and Best and Fairest. Victory points are counted for tie breakers (games with non reported Victory popints score 50% for the winner and 25% for the non winner). The S.I.T.H. with the highest win percentage (Wins / Games) earns the first place in the finals. Ties are broken in order of preference by average objective points then Best & Fairest average then victory points average, then a playoff. The S.I.T.H. with the highest objective point average (Objective Points / Games played) earns the second place in the finals. Ties are broken in order of preference by win average, then Best & Fairest average then victory points average, then a playoff. If the player with the highest objective point average is the same as the player with the highest win average, the player with the second highest Objective point average will earn a place in the finals. The Participant with the highest Best & Fairest average (Best and Fairest nominations / Games played with Players eligible to Vote) earns the third place in the finals. Ties are broken in order of preference by Win average, then Objective Points average then Victory Points average, then a playoff. If the player with the highest objective point average is the same as the player with the highest win average, the player with the second highest Objective point average will earn a place in the finals. The Apprentice with the highest win average (Wins / Games) earns the fourth place in the finals. Ties are broken in order of preference by average objective points then Best & Fairest average then victory points average, then a playoff. Alternately If no Apprentice qualifies for the Finals, the player with the best combined rank based on Win Percentage and Objective Point Average (who is not otherwise a finalist) earns the fourth place in the finals. Ties are broken by total Victory Points. A participant can only qualify for the finals once. The finals places are determined in order from first place in the finals to fourth. If a player has already qualified for a place, they are not considered for further places (the next most eligible player qualifies) Game participants, results, objective points and victory points must be added to the relevant facebook post to count for league scoring. Finals At the conclusion of the league, the top finalists must issue game challenges to each other in the appropriate post on facebook, in order of their finalist placing (first place in the finals challenges first). A challenged finalist does not get to issue their own challenge, but can only accept. A challenge can only be issued to a finalist who has not already been challenged. A finalist who loses a final challenge game is immediately eliminated. Finals are to be played with mutually agreeable ITS scenarios, and a mutually agreeable time, at 300pts. TO will decide an ITS scenario to be played if none are mutually agreed. The winners of the first two finals challenges will then play off to determine the ultimate winner. If only three finalists are able to compete in the finals, the two lower placed finalists will first play off, with the winner then playing the highest placed finalist to determine the overall winner. If only two finalists are able to compete in the finals, those two finalists play off in a single elimination (or a best of three series if mutually agreeable) to determine the overall winner. If only one finalist is able to compete in the finals, they are automatically deemed the overall winner. A day may be set aside for finals games, depending on finalist availability. Finalists have one month from the end of the league to complete final challenge games (this may be extended for exceptional circumstances at the organisers discretion). Finalists will be eliminated if they refuse to challenge or unreasonably delay when challenged (at the tournament organisers discretion). Games should ideally occur within 1 week of a challenge being issued, and a maximum of 2. The format of these finals is a draft, and subject to change. Prizes Major Prize The overall winner will be bestowed the title of S.I.T.H. MASTER, will receive a Le Muet ITS winners exclusive figure, the enduring fear and respect of all the S.I.T.H., and the right to repeat "Now, I am the Master" ad nauseam and to the great displeasure of others. Minor prizes Secondary prizes will be awarded to all finalists. Minor Prizes will be awarded in order of priority for players who complete the minimum number of games to be eligible (4). Other prizes may be available to players who do not complete the minimum number of games, in order of priority of played games, depending on the amount of entries. 8 ITS codes are available from the league pack, so ITS scores will be entered for those who provide ITS PINs. Rules Variations Particularly since this will be the first use of this league ruleset, the league organiser reserves the right to vary these rules to maintain optimal integrity and fairness in the competition. For example, the timeframe of the competition may be altered to allow participants to finish outstanding games where reasonable, modifications may be applied to the format and / or rules, and penalties (including elimination) may to players to prevent participants exploiting their features for purposes for which they were not intended. For instance, players deliberately avoiding challenges or not completing matches in a reasonable timeframe may be eliminated. *These league format rules are still in draft stage, and subject to change
  11. Hi everyone! I played a bit of Infinity two years ago and my local game store (Mugu Games in Everett) just started carrying it! People are very excited and we are going to be starting a 200 point league. Myself and another fellow are going to be in charge and run it. We got a league pack with prizes and such but there are no instructions on how to run one. We were thinking of just using ITS scenarios and strait kill missions. We were wondering what other people have done and if anyone has any ideas for a fun time? Thanks guys!
  12. Hi all, we are doing a fall Escalation League at B.C. Comix in Battle Creek Michigan. It is a new group and we are all new to Infinity. Just wanted to let everybody know it is going on and everybody is welcome to join up. participants get 20% off purchases for the league and its only $5.00 to enter you can sign up now, but the league starts the week of September 13th. the league facebook page is here
  13. I have played only casual games up to this point due to a light interest in my area for infinity. Finally though an escalation league is being assembled in which I plan to take part. My lists have been mostly "what sounds fun to try" up till now and so I am basically looking for what to start with at the 120 pt teir. Model wise I have the IS starter the CG swc box and a Su Jian. As far as I know proxying is going to be allowed. At the moment I am thinking of going with a simple a Hsien with guards and utilize the smoke/visor combo. Any other notable suggestions?
  14. Flat Land Games in Wixom Michigan is beginning an escalation league April 13th at 630 pm. We have a mix of new and veteran players and are extending the invite to the community at large. Players will be expected to abide by the rules for the ITS 2015 rules. If you have any questions regarding this event either address them here, by pm, or via [email protected] Thank you Lee
  15. What: Infinity ITS Escalation League - a slow-grow league aimed at getting new players into the game, or existing players into new factions, or simply having an excuse to play When: Sunday, April 12th - Sunday, June 7th, 2015, 2:00pm - 8:00pm - League days are every other Sunday (4/12, 4/26, 5/10, 5/24, 6/7) Where: Game Nite in Saint Louis, MO, USA Entry Fee: None! Tournament Organizer: reddragon76 Prizes: ITS Tournament Kit Prizes - badges, miniatures, and more! Rules: The rules for the escalation league can be found on Page 47 onward. Important: Since this is an ITS league, in order for your games to be recognized you must provide your ITS pin to the TO. If you don't have an ITS pin you can register for ITS at: The five sessions of the league are dictated by the escalation league rules. In summary: Session 1 (4/12) - 120 points / 2 SWC - No Retreat! - No Lieutenants - No Advanced Rules (Hacking, Command Tokens, Special Terrain) Session 2 (4/26) - 150 points / 3 SWC - No Retreat! - Lieutenants are used from here on - No Advanced Rules (Hacking, Command Tokens, Special Terrain) Session 3 (5/10) - 200 points / 4 SWC - No Retreat! - Advanced Rules are used from here on - Classified Objectives are used Session 4 (5/24) - 250 points / 5 SWC - No Retreat! - Classified Objectives are used - Each player may field one Spec-Ops model with up to 12 exp Session 5 (6/7) - 300 points / 6 SWC - Special Scenario: Capturing the Antennas (see rules PDF for details) If you have any questions about the league please feel free to ask! If you cannot attend the first session on 4/12 please send myself or reddragon76 a PM to let us know about your interest. Please provide your ITS pin when you do so.
  16. Hello everyone! We wanted to inform you that is about to start a new Italian tournaments circuit for Infinity - The Game: "Sector Wars"! “ModeNa - Sector Wars” is a serie of tournaments that will culminate with the first Italian National Tournament for Infinity which will elect the first Italian champion of our game!!! It is a League that can be requested by each store association club etc. It takes place from January to April: in this time those who request to attend the event will organize a minimum of four to a maximum of eight tournaments. The last stage of the League is the final: a reserved event for the best players in the league! The winner of the final wins the free entrance to Modena Play, where in April will take place the “Final Conquest” (the National!) Anyone interested can ask your local Hobby Shop or go to this links Ciao a tutti! Volevamo segnalarvi che sta per partire un nuovo Circuito di tornei di infinity per il 2015 : le"Sector Wars" ! Una serie di tornei che culmineranno con il primo Nazionale Italiano di Infinity!! Si tratta di una lega che può essere richiesta da ogni negozio associazioneclub ecc Si svolge nel periodo Gennaio-Aprile, periodo in cui, chi fa richiesta di partecipare all'evento potrà organizzare da un minimo di 4 a un massimo di 8 tornei. L'ultima tappa della lega è la Finale : un torneo riservato solo ai migliori giocatori della Lega! Il vincitore della finale vince l'ingresso al Modena Play la fiera del gioco, dove ad Aprile si tiene il Final Conquest (il Nazionale !) Il Volantino Ufficiale dell’evento La nostra pagina facebook Il sito dell’Organizzatore
  17. So my group just finished its first round of the escalation league. I entered one of the 8 codes I got for the first round, but there is no "league" check box (so I left them all blank) and there is no option for 120 points in the drop-down (so I used 200). Also, after the first round I had two players tied in both Objective AND Victory Points, would the tiebreaker be strength of schedule? Thanks!
  18. The Escalation League PDF, the score calculation for players who've taken byes is (paraphrased): 1. Multiply all OPs earned by 10 2. Divide by the rounds played (should be 9), rounding up But, there are only 8 rounds to be played. Is this instead supposed to be: 1. Multiply all OPs earned by 8. 2. Divide by the rounds played (should be 7), rounding up ...or am I misunderstanding how byes work?
  19. I had an idea about continuous play mechanics, which could be used with any type of campaign. Paradiso, string of ITS or YAMS missions, a series of simple 'kill'em all' games. Count the AVA of your troops. Depending on army or sectorial it should be something between 60-80 men (I counted Total as 20 or something like that). This is somewhere between platoon and company in size. We're playing special forces, so let's go with company, special forces unit are probably a bit smaller. And there we go, you've a company. Company of Heroes. My main army is an Acontecimento company. 2 Knights. 4 Guardas. 5 Akalis. 4 Bagh-Mari. 2 Nagas. A few TAGs, some support troops and special characters. Limited number of drones. Lets play it that way. As if our units AVA was the number of troops at our disposal for the duration of this campaign. If one of our soldiers dies, it dies. If it's unconscious, it's unavailable for one or two battles. That's it. It is supposed to be a small, funny idea to create some narrative to campaign and to force us to think on a more strategic level. When to field a key unit. How much risk to take with someone. Is it better to take 'enemy gate is down' approach and go for the throat regardless of casualties, or avoid any risk and carefully plan every move as our limited number of turns is clicking down. I'm sure as hell it won't be balanced, but I'd like to give it a try in my local group and see if it works. What do you think?
  20. I cannot take full credit for this as it is largely an amalgamation of various works from various individuals most of whom contributed to mission systems such as YAMS, TaoS, ITS scenarios, etc. Without such works this would not have come to be. Please try it out and let me know how it works for you, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions do let me know **updated Mission List and table word document attached Mission Table.docx
  21. Infinity Escalation League- Begins Oct 6th – SpecOps Kick-off event also on the 6th Sign Ups at Game Kastle - Santa Clara Week 1 – 100pts with optional 4xp SpecOps Week 2 – 150pts with optional 6xp SpecOps Week 3 – 200pts with optional 8xp SpecOps Week 4 – 250pts with optional 10xp SpecOps Week 5 – 300pts with optional 12xp SpecOps League Rules: 5 dollar entry to the league (so that at the end we can have some kind of prize support; I will work this out with Game Kastle) Each League player needs to declare their League Name and Faction prior to week 1 All lists must be legal (must have Lt, fit within SWC limits, fit within point limits, etc) Factions must remain the same throughout the schedule, however the lists may change from week to week/game to game, and Sectorial lists count as the primary faction (and thus may be swapped out within the faction as desired) Lists used must be provided to your opponent at the end of the game (or prior if desired), this is to help new players understand what they faced Games played for the league must be reported to the League moderator (z3n1st) by Sunday evening of each week, games not reported will not be counted towards the League. When reporting the game please include the date and the name of your opponent. Don’t be ‘that guy’, be courteous, kind and above all patient League points for: Playing a unique league member +1 LP (unique status resets each week) Note that there is NO RESTRICTION on where the games are played or when, but for the game to count it must be against another League Member and reported to z3n1st by that Sunday evening. We ‘officially’ meet on Sunday at Gamekastle Santa Clara, but if you get your games in on weekday at your house that is perfectly fine too. League Rewards: Best SpecOps Paint Job – voted on by all League members Most League games overall – Speaks for itself We will run an ITS tournament at the end of the League, open to all League Members and Non-League Members. Once I have a list of all attendees for the League I will post that information for all participants, so that you can start scheduling games. An important note, is that it does not matter who wins or loses the games, just that you played them. The Tournament will of course be all about ghosting the opponent, and claiming victory! Details on the Kick Off event coming shortly!