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Found 16 results

  1. Hy guys... I was wondering... What's the best Bakunin Lieutenant option for Hunting Party in your opinion? I'm leaning toward playing a full Riot Grrl fireteam (3x Blitzen, combi and stun grenades, spitfire, missile launcher) to abuse Blitzens and Stun grenades. However I'm kinda lost on who to pick as a lieuenenant. Our options are: - Moderator: cheap and simple... However I feel like it is a very squishy choice. - Reverend Moira: a little bit better, but the 1 SWC cost hurts and she has PH 12 and BTS 0, making her very vulnerable to ADHL and E/M weaponry. Further, it is costly and you are basically paying 30 pts and 1 SWC for a model which will not contribute to the fight. - Reverend custodier: She brings more utility than the Moira but she is vulnerable to Isolating CLAW programs - Kusanagi: Has the same flaws of the Moira Lieutenant but she is even more expensive. A sub-par choice in hunting party IMHO - TaskMaster (red fury and CK): I like him. He is sturdy and sports decent PH 14 and BTS 6, as well as bringing Koalas that will enhance his protection. However, he is vulnerable to Hacking. I am leaning towad the Moderator (hide him at all costs!) or the Taskmaster (Maybe coupled with a EVO Zond, in rder to reload Koalas and the ADHL, as well as providing general support through Fairy dust and GADGET EVO for the Riot link) What's your opinion?
  2. Hello fellow commanders For some time, i've wanted to have a discussion about the Lieutenant options for Military Orders, and with all the talk about Campaign Paradiso and the new units, i thought this might be a good time to bring it up... Below is a list of all the Lieutenant options the MO get. Military Orders ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 JOAN OF ARC Lieutenant MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW. (+1 | 49) JOAN OF ARC Lieutenant MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, DA CCW. (+1 | 50) JOAN OF ARC Lieutenant Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 51) DE FERSEN Lieutenant Spitfire / Pistol, Templar CCW (AP + Shock). (2 | 58) FATHER-KNIGHT Lieutenant Spitfire / Breaker Pistol, DA CCW. (2 | 50) FATHER-KNIGHT Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Breaker Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 44) KNIGHT OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE Lieutenant Spitfire / Pistol, DA CCW. (2 | 56) KNIGHT OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE Lieutenant Combi Rifle, D.E.P. / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 51) KNIGHT HOSPITALLER Lieutenant MULTI Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 37) KNIGHT HOSPITALLER Lieutenant MULTI Rifle / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 38) GROUP 24 KNIGHT OF MONTESA Lieutenant Spitfire, Chain-colt / Breaker Pistol, Shock CCW. (2 | 50) KNIGHT OF MONTESA Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Chain-colt / Breaker Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 44) KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Lieutenant Spitfire, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 44) TEUTONIC KNIGHT Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 34) 11 SWC | 656 Points Open in Infinity Army In my opinion, it can basicly be sorted into 3 groups: - The Knightly Orders (this alco includes Father Knights) - The Named Characters (Joan in different versions and De Fersen) - The Odd One (Fusilier Lieutenant) The Knightly Orders options more or less all fits the same profile: Strong HI gunfighters, which for some most often come in Link Teams. Acceptable WIP 13 for most, and besides the Lieutenant Order, doesn't get much else from being a Lieutenant. Main problem is the risk of losing your Lieutenant, since these guys are usually your frontline heavylifters, and meant for fighting. Fury on some complicates the matter even more. Opinions may differ, but i rarely if ever take any of these as my Lieutenant, since I feel the risk of losing them is too great. The Named Characters: De Fersen has slightly better WIP at 14, but is more or less in the same place as the other Knightly Orders. Joan is great, and she rarely disappoints. Personally i prefer v1 with higher armor, but the mobility version is also quite nice. Inspiring Leadership shapes the way you build a list, letting you coordinate with Lieutenant Orders is very strong, and converting irregular to regular is juicy. Only problem is, she is rather obvious. With Switch and Holo1, you can try and hide her in plain sight, but there is no doubt that one of the Joan's is your Lieutenant if you bring her to the table. You also tend to bring a lot of the same units every time you choose her (Warcor, Tech-Bee, Switch comes to mind), and you need units that can be coordinated for her Inspiring Leadership to be effective... The Odd One: Fusiliers are AVA3 in MO, and has the Lieutenant option. More often than not, i see MO list's with 1-2 Fusiliers, one of them being a Lieutenant, the other a decoy. Besides being the cheapest Lieutenant option in MO, WIP 12 and a barebones profile doesn't bring much goodness to the table for our Lieutenant choice. With the above options, i can see the reason for a simple LI Fusi being choosen, i just feel it's a shame. I simply don't feel it is right, that the mighty Military Order Knights should be led by a lowly Fusilier, one that doesn't really belong in the sectorial. So this is my dilemma: The Knight's are too risky, Joan is great but obvious and always shapes the list i build (hard not to bring Warcor, Tech-Bee, Switch, and unit's that can benefit from Coordinated Orders), and therefore i often end with the lackluster Fusilier. I simply feel something is missing. I would personally love for the Order Sergeant's to get a linkable Lieutenant option, and being WIP 13 would be a rather nice Lieutenant. Alternatively, i would really like to see a Chain of Command unit in MO. That would make all the Knight Lieutenants viable as a frontline gunfighting Lieutenant, and guarantee we would nok end i Loss of Lieutenant. Since the Knights are rather famous for their "Charing into the enemy" (them having Frenzy on most profiles), i'm actually a bit surprised nobody in MO has developed a contingency plan for when their Knight commander dies... What are your thoughts? Do you see something in the different Lieutenant profiles i don't, do you think it's quite fine that MO is led by a Fusilier, or do you have any suggestions for making the Lieutenant choice in MO a bit more interesting? This is not meant to be a "PanO doesn't get nice things!" post! It's meant as a constructive debate about the Lieutenants available for MO...
  3. We play in a small casual group (some of us are more casual than others, as this question will demonstrate...) Obviously the identity of the Lieutenant is private information, as is the points cost and SWC of each troop, BUT, in each list, the Lieutenant options usually have one or two weapon options (example, USARF Minutemen can be a lieutenant, but only options are AP HMG or Rifle + flamethrowers). One of the players has said, that as we deploy and explain what each troop is / how they are equipped etc (essentially the same as providing a courtesy sheet, but without the printout), is we also have to say who could be the lieutenant, based on the specific weapon / equipment combinations that each troop has. I would say, that you do not have to inform the other party about who the lieutenant could or could not be, at all - but his reasoning is that the opponent could look up in the army builder exactly which model could or could not be the lieutenant. While I see his point, I would class that as being unsportsmanlike, and getting a bit anal about the other army. (as technically you could also look at the troop combinations in open info, look at the army list, and work out how many points are left over, how much SWC etc, and therefore work out if he has troops in hidden deployment) The question really, is that in ITS, is it expected to be that specific about which trooper could be the lieutenant, or is it left completely open ended?
  4. 1: First an easy semantic question - Every list has to include a trooper with the lieutenant skill. If s/he gets killed, a new one is appointed. Does this new model have the actual "Lieutenant" skill or is it just appointed as a replacement lieutenant? I would think it must get the actual skill, but it never actually says so in the Loss of Lieutenant section. This came up in the 20X20 secondary objective "Kill the Lieutenant." Can a second/third/fourth model gain the skill and thus be counted as a casualty? 2: I am confused about the chain of events surrounding a manned pilot when their TAG loses its last STR point. Rules from the "Pilot" section: This Special Skill allows the user to use an alternative Troop Profile. This Pilot Troop Profile is usable only after the trooper declares a Move Short Skill and specifies he will use it to Dismount his Manned TAG or Vehicle. The Pilot Troop Profile may also activate as a result of a successful enemy Hacking Program with that Effect. The Pilot of an Unconscious Vehicle or TAG generates no Orders for himself or for his Order Pool. The Pilot of an Unconscious Vehicle or TAG is not considered either as a survivor or a casualty for Victory Points, Retreat! or any other purposes. From the movement section (abridged): By declaring Move, a trooper may Mount or Dismount a Motorcycle, TAG, Vehicle, etc. at the start of his Movement at no cost, the new troop profile will be applied during the whole sequence of the Order. From the manned section (abridged): This Special Skill allows the user to receive Orders from its Order Pool despite being Unconscious. These Orders can only be used to Dismount the Pilot (see General Movement rules, Move), and use the Pilot's Troop Profile. A Manned trooper whose Pilot has dismounted cannot use its TAG or Vehicle Troop Profile to declare Orders or AROs. The TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot has dismounted is still a valid target for enemy attacks. If the TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot dismounted enters the Dead state, remove both the TAG or Vehicle and the Pilot from play. From the dead section (again abridged) If a trooper in the Normal state loses all the points of his Wounds/ Structure Attribute, and takes one or more extra points of damage, he enters the Dead state automatically. My Note: Because it confused me - TAGs do not get damaged or destroyed. They suffer wounds, fall unconscious, and then are dead just like models with the Wound characteristic. They are not scenery, markers, or equipment and do not follow any of those rules. They also dodge with a -6, because that rule is scattered elsewhere in the book, and why the hell not add it here...? So after hunting all this down (it would be nice to have all the TAG rules together in one place,) I think this is how it goes: 1: Manned TAG loses its last STR point going to exactly zero and enters the unconscious state. 1a: (Any further damage would destroy TAG and transfer wounds to pilot? It only actually says wounds transfer if the TAG has an ED? More than one wound would effectively kill the pilot twice as per dying from wounds AND the 4th bullet of the manned rule above. Is there somewhere that states wounds transfer on a non-ED TAG? Doesn't make sense not to...) 2: Pilot does NOT die or automatically dismount. 2a: (Assuming it does not have an ED system, of course.) 3: Unconscious TAG does NOT generate an order, but can use an order from the pool to declare the skill "Move" and dismount pilot. Pilot is placed on table in b2b with TAG and then can then move full distance? 3a: (This is a special case that somewhat contradicts movement rule listed above, as the pilot is not technically on the table at the beginning of the order, I think... The rules for dismount are a bit vague. I am looking at the rules for ED Level 1 for the b2b reference above. Could the pilot appropriate the unconscious TAG's order and declare shoot [or any other short skill, including move] for the second half? Unclear as the unconscious TAG spent the order and cannot declare anything other than "Move" to dismount the pilot. Pilot taking over the skill is likely though, as per the "new troop profile" clause of the movement rule listed above.) 4: Pilot can choose to hang out aimlessly in unconscious TAG rather than being dismounted. 4a: Ignore for TAGs with an ED. 5: Escaped pilots (from an unconscious TAG) do NOT generate an order as usual. 5a: Ignore for TAGs with an ED. 6: If, after pilot has escaped, the unconscious TAG loses one or more STR points, it and the vacated pilot are considered to be KIA and removed from table, both generating VPs to opponent. 6a: Ignore #6 for TAGs with an ED. 6b: Ghost: Remote Presence TAGs would ignore this entire process in exchange for a second level of unconsciousness, after further wounds yet, it would go to the Dead state. Does this mess sound right? Part of my confusion stems from the use of Wounded/Unconscious/Dead terminology with TAGs, as opposed to Wounded/Damaged/Destroyed terminology used with scenery and equipment. More confusion comes from that pilots do not get orders, but unconscious TAGs somehow do... Still more from the huge difference between manned TAGs with an ED vs. those without. Thanks.
  5. A lieutenant should not be able to use their lieutenant order along with a command token to coordinated order with other troopers, even if they're in the same combat group, due to the lieutenant order not being a regular order. As such it can't meet the requirement of (Regular Order + Command Token) for coordinated order. Is this correct?
  6. I was wondering with US arianda we have a few ways to keep out of loss of Lieutenant. I was wondering how this chain would work. For this I have four units setup USAriadna Ranger Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 4 MINUTEMAN Lieutenant Rifle, 2 Light Flamethrowers / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 22) VAN ZANT (Executive Order) AP Rifle / Heavy Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 39) UNKNOWN RANGER (Chain of Command) Rifle / Heavy Pistol, T2 CCW, Knife. (0 | 41) INTEL Spec-Ops (8 XP) (Chain of Command) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 8) 0 SWC | 110 Points Open in Infinity Army IF we say Van Zant is coming in on second turn. and lieutenant dies who becomes new lieutenant then that guy moves out and gets killed. Then say Van Zant comes in and as we know is now new lieutenant. If he dies the next in chain becomes lieutenant. Though I was wondering if you only have one chain could he use chain more then once?
  7. I like how the new Posthuman rules were simplified and cleared up, but I realised one missing information. What happens if I nominate my Posthuman as my Lieutenant? I know the old Palanka ruling that it is the Posthuman "ego" rather than any individual body that is the Lieutenant, so enemy has to kill all the bodies before you are in LoL. This has several odd interactions with new rules: 1) What happens when all Proxies die, but I have a Netrod on the table? Do I go into LoL or does the Netrod now keep that Lt. order, making it inaccessible but also keeping me out of LoL. 2) How does this interact with Decapitation ITS scenario? Until we get a ruling, I'm planning to follow this approach (unless someone can give a good reason not to): A1) Posthuman order gets left with a Netrod, but force goes into LoL and the player needs to nominate a new Lt as per normal rules. A2) If Posthuman is made a Lt, every time Active Proxy model is killed, opponent is treated as having killed an Lt. Killing an Inactive Proxy model does not give the point. Covered by rules, HSN3 page 28 as Solkan points out.
  8. So I've been thinking about low-cost lieutenants for Haqq and I thought it might be useful to ask the forum's opinions. As far as I can tell Hafza lieutenants seem to be very popular (for good reason). What else do you like to field? The Barid hacker seems like a great choice. What about the FO option? How do the Govad and Muyib choices hold up?
  9. So, my Lt. dies, my turn comes and goes, and I get to nominate a new Lt. I nominate my Posthuman. What happens when he jumps Proxies? My reading is that the Posthuman ego is the new Lieutenant, so there is no problem. Kinda like G:Mnemonica, but much more limited. Only if all Proxies are down (or Posthuman ego gets stuck in a Null-state Proxy and no Netrods are around) will LoL occur.
  10. I recently started playing USAriadna and discovered a discrepancy between the original Grunt's statline in the N3_Unit_Profiles PDF/book and ARMY5. ARMY5 shows both Grunt Lt. options, the one with just a rifle and the one with the rifle/LGL combination, costing 1 SWC. However, the PDF shows the rifle Lt. costing 0 SWC, and the rifle/LGL costing 1/0 SWC. Which is correct, and if the PDF is correct, how does the 1/0 work out? Is it 1 in a vanilla Ariadna list and 0 in a USAriadna sectorial list (or vice versa)?
  11. Hello all, now that my USAriadna Army pack(!!!!) (I'm a grown-ass man and I'm still squeeeeeeeeing about it) is pre-ordered and on its way I've been looking into who to use as my Lt. Seeing as I want to learn the game as USAriadna (eventually expanding to all of Ariadna and maybe a couple other sectorials from other factions) I now need to pick my go-to Lieutenant. I know I probably won't be using Van Zant and his paratroopers initially so I counted him out - Tangent: If the model with Executive Order dies, does the army's "actual" Lieutenant-the one with the actual skill-immediately become the Lieutenant? That leaves these guys: USAriadna Ranger Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 1 6 0 0 MINUTEMAN Lieutenant AP HMG / Pistol, CCW. (1 | 34) MINUTEMAN Lieutenant Rifle, 2 Light Flamethrowers / Pistol, CCW. (22) MARAUDER Lieutenant Rifle, Heavy Flamethrower / Heavy Pistol, Knife. (21) FOXTROT Lieutenant Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 17) GRUNT Lieutenant Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 14) GRUNT Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 10) 5 SWC | 118 Points Open with Army 5 In addition to possible options from the Blackjacks, Desperados and possibly The Unknown Ranger. The AP HMG Minuteman has been recommended to me in the past as the equivalent of a Vet. Kazak for an initial pick playing Vanilla Ariadna. However with new options available I'm curious as to what you guys recommend? Should I build around my Lt.? Or pick a Lt. based on the army?
  12. I have a serious question guys. After play testing many games, I found myself in a situation where I can't really decide on one thing. Bringing a cheap lieutenant to allow for more guys in the list or a strong durable one at the cost of less guys. An aswang for example costs 25 points for a lieutenant. But more expensive ones like the Umbra Legates costs more but has more traits that allow it to survive more. My question is, what would you bring to maximize effectiveness of your entire army? Thanks for the feedback
  13. When your Lieutenant goes down, how do you know who can and can not become the new Lieutenant?
  14. A Knight Of The Holy Sepulchre can use holoprojector Level 1 to deploy as another miniature from the army. But the Knight can also be a Lieutenant. 1. What happens when there are no miniatures on the battlefield from the Knight's army, that could be a lieutenant, with all open information about miniatures on the table being available? I assume the opponent doesn't have to trust me that one of those models on the table (assuming the correct Silhouette, and nothing else that gives it a was like ghost synchronised) is the Lieutenant and I'm not in Loss of Lieutenant? 2. Human Sphere states that the holoprojector l1 model is revealed if it uses certain skills, goes into base to base contact, or is discovered, but what if it is shot? I'm assuming that reveals the true identity of the model so that the correct armour saves etc can be made? Bit of a noob question. Sorry. The FAQ just talks about how N3 changes holoprojector.
  15. It is in our best interest to keep our LT's unknown to the other player for as long as possible. But when playing with Proxies you must reveal what unit your designating it to be before play begins. So does that mean that if I proxy my LT that I will have to reveal it as such before deployment? Example: I wish to proxy the Chandra Spec-Op for a Myrmidon Officer which in turn will be my LT. I suppose I could fill my list with other LT options to confuse the issue? Any suggestions or similar quandaries are welcome. Thanks.
  16. Hi all! I have been playing a CHA for a while now and am looking at Aleph as a new techy change of pace. I know I want to use the Marut at my Lt as I think the idea of that is really cool. I'm not really sure what else would go well with that. Is there anyone who plays her that way that has tips? The post human hacker and sniper seem like cool options and Sophotects look like they would be useful. Any help from experienced players would be great! I would like to go into this army with a list before I just start buying every cool looking model like I did with my last faction! Cheers!