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Found 24 results

  1. Are Bit and KISS! able to be run in the Morat and Shasvastii sectorial armies? The ITS 9 document says so, but army disagrees.
  2. Dear all Im looking for my second army, and i just loved the idea of CA, speccially MAFs, i found them really appealing, but i wasnt sure to buy until I saw the new Avatar. I understand that Avatar is vanilla, but i want an advice to get him well acompanied. (I copied this army: Open in Infinity Army) Is a good idea for start? May you help me with ideas for the avatar (with some morats?)
  3. As I mention in the title I am new to combined moving over from Yu jing, which I will play while I collect and paint my Onyx contact force and with the offer that is the shop at the moment I am tempted by the Morat Aggression Force Bundle. Is it worth the investment? can I use miniatures from the Onxy Contact force to add to this? or should I just stick to one force at the moment and learn this new side and be sensible Any advice welcome. So far I have: Onyx Contact Force Umbra Legate Dr Worm Multiple Fraacta Xeodron Batroids Umbra Samaritans Plan to pick up: Ikadron Batdroids and Imetron Cheers
  4. Except for thinking my Hsien is a robot at one point, this one is pretty good!
  5. Since our discussion about possible MAF changes is hampered by different visions for MAF and discussing minute details instead of trying to put together a bigger picture, I decided to do a community survey about it to gather some data. My intention is to find out what both MAF and non-MAF players think about the sectorial, whether the discussed changes are really necessary, and how to implement them best. Hopefully we can use it to agree on the direction we would like this army to take, and create some common base before getting into details. For every player who wishes to participate, the survey can be found here: Important note: this thread is created to increase the number of people participating in the survey and for this reason ONLY. Please do not discuss here about MAF, it's balance, need for changes, or anything else. That discussion is to be contained to its dedicated thread. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the survey itself, please PM me. I'd like to thank all present and future EI subjects who already took part in my research, or are planning to do so. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated
  6. Hi guys, Question about Haris formation in MAF: Can you form a Haris with Kornak, 1 Raktorak and 1 Suryat? It's not explicitly stated, but based on the fact that you can have a Haris of Kornak and up to 2 Suryats, and that 1 Raktorak can join a Haris of Suryats, the implication is there. From those rules it's clear that you can have those three and have it count as a Fireteam: Core at least, but it's a bit shady on whether or not that can be your Haris. Anyone able to give clarification? The army list pdf doesn't clarify any further.
  7. Hello there fellow hobbyists! It was nearly two years since I played any miniature game at all and a little bit more than that since I touched my painting station and painted even a single most tiny thing. Quite a lot of time. Lately though some new arrangements allowed me to return to the glorious hobby of wargaming and since Infinity for me is the best game mechanic-wise and one of the best miniature wise, obviously it was my first choice to return to. That's enough of an intro I guess! First of all, the whole idea for my MAF is some home-brewed fluff - like they are the 'cult' that still follow the oldest faiths from their planet and did not abandoned it when E.I. came, but instead see E.I. as some God of War with Combat Aspects being the manifestations of E.I. astonishing battle prowess and magic-like level of technology. Skorn Cult therefore are all religious zealots and utmost fanatics who will gladly bring war to any target that E.I. will provide. They bear the colours of war and aggression, which for them is Red and Black and mark their armour with white ornamentals, harsh and geometric, to indicate their status and battle prowess. They also dust their entire bodies white'ish since the oldest rituals were used warpaints, and the all-white is the most usual warpaint for the Faithful of the Warrior way. In reality I just really liked the color scheme of a Skorne army from the game Hordes, and decided to try and apply it to my beloved Space Monkeys! It works for me The photos are really low quality I'm afraid, since right now the best photocamera I possess is one in my mobile phone... DATURAZI #1 - First miniature I painted in 2 years and well, it's very visible I am rusty as /hell/. I rushed into it really... painting with old brushes, old paints, without a wet palette or anything really... So pain is thick, highlights thin, shading crude... BUT I still used it to check the scheme and I liked it enough for it to stick with it! VANGUARD HACKER - First miniature I tried a little harder and decided for a grey plastek colors for their guns. I considered that such utilitarians would not pay much attention to the weapons colors, as long as it works and kills. Also, yellow markings on armour! VANGUARD with HMG VANGUARD with Rocket Launcher
  8. Edit- I guess it wasn't clear enough below. This thread is to gather data for about a month from everyone on whether they want MAF changes or not and what kinds of changes those are. No one is here to attack anyone regardless of previous threads. You can change what you have typed previously as much as you like as your ideas about MAF change or do not change as we all progress with them and against them in HSN3. After a month of what I'm sure will be intense play testing I will then create the poll from all the info that had been gather for the past month starting from today. Then the poll will be open for a week. Everyone who participated in submitting ideas including those who stated they wished to see no changes in MAF will be notified the poll is open and can vote for their own or others' changes. In order to do this properly we may actually use an outside Poll app to contain more than 3 questions if that is needed. Again this is an argumentative thread to convince others that one's opinions are best. It's an idea collector that will eventually allow all participants to vote for in the end. Then the raw condensed data will be handed off to CB. I realize some of us including my self may have been going about this the wrong way and it's my belief that this is the best way to just give data to CB without all the noise. I also apologize to CB staff for all of that and want to thank them for all their time and patience. This will be a poll eventually, this will be for what we want to see after a little bit of time with the book so that we aren't being overzealous. People can post on this as much as they like as the poll will reflect every different kind of idea. Participants will be notified when the poll is ready to start and how long it'll take place. Votes will go to CB staff in the form of raw condensed data and from there we'll wait for the magic. This poll and thread are for everyone's ideas even those who want to say MAF units are fine. If you don't like what someone suggests, that's fine, there is no need to argue with them about it as you'll will be able to vote for and not for the options you want later. If you think about the context, no one's post should actually be a response but an attempt to one up each other with better ideas. Each idea should be considered for cost as well as none of us are looking for a handout. No ones ideas are bad they'll just be voted on later. The format of a post should be the name of the unit followed by a hyphen and then the change you would like to see. Below will be something easy to copy and paste. Have fun with this one guys, try to think out side of our own little boxes and give little fluffy explanations if you like as to why each change would work. If there's nothing about a unit you wish to contribute that's fine too, you can leave it blank, you can go back and edit your post to try and keep the pages to a minimum for me and others to tally stuff up easier later. Here goes nothing. •Vanguard- •Kurgat- •Rodok- •Yaogat- •Rasyat- •Raktorak- •Suryat- •Sogarat- •Zerat- •Darurazi- •Oznat- •Krakot- •Raicho-
  9. Since Wuji's thread seems to be locked or something (I'm unable to post in it) I thought I'd start a new thread for continuing the positive aspects of that conversation. As I said in my last post on that thread... I'd like to suggest that we have a full reset of this topic. There's no reason that these threads have to always turn nasty. I'd like to propose that from now on we all try very hard to be civil, and that we try really hard to read each other's comments in the best possible context. There's nothing wrong with discussion and civil, constructive arguments. Thats what we're here for. But these last few pages have been unacceptable. Instead of pointing fingers and continuing this unconstructive argument, I'd like to get back to the real discussion that Wuji tried to set up. Here's my proposal. This thread is about: - Sharing experiences using Morats in HSN3. - Suggesting changes, if possible based on those experiences. - Sharing examples of wholly new units that you might like to see and discussing those units is fine and fun. - Battle reports are encouraged. - Friendly feedback and constructive criticism of suggested rules, changes and new units is encouraged. - Share ideas for possibly encouraging CB to take another look at the current state of Morats. This is the kind of robust conversation I've been wanting to see and trying to have for months. Can we do this please? Can we bury our hatchets, forgive each other and start over here? And if you find that the answer is no, can you, as an individual, do the rest of us a favor and just go somewhere else? I'll come back later and comment on some of the ideas from the previous thread that I really like. I'll also share some of my own ideas. And I apologize if some of my past comments in other threads caused friction. Please try to read my posts charitably,and I'll try to od the same with yours. Okay, since receiving HSN3 I’ve managed to play 7 full games and two partial games with MAF. I’ve also played two games against MAF during that time. Wuji asked for both our suggestions and our thoughts based on experience, and while 6-8 games certainly isn’t enough to learn absolutely everything about the new state of MAF, I think it is enough time to arrive at a relatively informed opinion. Vanguard Experience: I’ve played with Vanguard pretty extensively since N3 launched. Their reduced price point has finally made them a viable option, and I’ve found them to be as effective as other line infantry that I frequently take (Fusiliers, Kamael, etc).Unfortunately, they’re very expensive in a very expensive army, so taking them to do the same thing that a Fusilier or Ghulam link might do is problematic. The new Haris options help mitigate this a little, but vanguard are still pretty expensive for a mediocre core link. Small links of Vanguard led by Anyat are viable, and the solo Vanguard Hacker is pretty essential to any MAF list with HI. The Vanguard’s downgrade from Multi Sniper Rifle to K1 Sniper Rifle was really unfortunate, since it robbed MAF of one if it’s very few long ranged weapons, a weapon that was good against every unit in the game, and replaced it with a weapon that is significantly worse against most units in teh game and only significantly better against a very few. Vanguard changes: I’d like to see the Vanguard changed to ARM 3 MI. The reduction of MOV to 4-2 should more than pay for the +2 increase to ARM. This would make Vanguard a reliably durable fire team that could act as a long range firebase or more reliably take and hold objectives, and would make them a much more viable choice for their cost, trading speed for durability. Kurgat Experience: I’ve taken Kurgat Haris links in most of the game I’ve played recently, and I’ve found them to be mediocre. While having 3 Specialists in a link is nice and a B4 MK12 is a powerful weapon, the Kurgats are poor enough at shooting and fragile enough that I usually lose at least one member of the team very quickly unless I’m able to keep them completely hidden from the enemy. If I can get them to an objective their multiple Shotguns mean that they’re pretty okay at clearing it, but really Daturazi, Hungries and Zerats are MUCH better at this job. Having a full link with mines means I can lay down a bunch of camo tokens on a target, but really I never seem to have enough orders to do this, and both times I tried my opponent simply ran a cheap disposable troop into the mines to set them off. I think individual Kurgats are pretty okay, but I don’t think I’ll be trying the Haris link anymore. Kurgat Changes: First and foremost, the Autocannon profile should either be allowed to join a Kurgat Haris or should receive the Sapper skill. Second, I’d like to see the Kurgat’s armor increased to 3 in order to increase their survivability. But really neither of these fixes addresses teh problems that I’ve found with Kurgats. At their core, I just don’t think they’re a particularly compelling Fireteam. Earlier someone suggested that they should have access to ML and HMG, and while i don’t agree with this, I do think they should have a wider range of appropriately explosive weapons. LGL, Dropbears or DEP are all viable options. Kurgats are also a very logical unit for a Minelayer profile. Crazy idea: Explode lvl 1. Kurgats carry so much explosives on them that if they are hit they may explode! It’s not an ideal skill at all, but it could be used to drive their cost down. Continued... Yaogat experience: I have a long history taking full Yaogat teams, so instead I’ve been experimenting with the smaller Haris teams. My hope was that a Sniper and two Combi+Panzer team would be viable, but I’ve found that the sniper dies very easily in ARO and has a lot of trouble in the active turn. The full team is a credible ARO threat when all three can cover a field, but it also makes them extremely vulnerable. I’ve had MUCh more luck with a Spitfire, Panzer+Combi and Boarding Shotgun team, which can move up the board and engage at several range bands while rooting out Camo and dealing with ODD. Unfortunately these guys are a little too slow, and end up eating a LOT of orders, especially if they’re having to go around discovering Camo markers. I always want to include a Hacker in this team in order to have a Specialist, but the Hacker is an expensive profile that just doesn’t bring much to the team, and I really like having the Shotgun in this team. I haven’t taken Number 2 yet, but it seems like a nice addition to a full team. Yaogat changes: In the past I’ve recommended that the Yaogat become better shooters, but I’m not sure what would help them with that. I wouldn’t want to see them gain Mimetism, since that skill is already widely distributed in MAF and a staple for the Rodaks. I had suggested Marksman lvl 2 for the Sniper profile, but was told by many that this was too powerful for a 5 model link (Although I suspect we’ll see it in a link at some point). That doesn’t leave too many options other than increasing their BS, but Morat MI BS seems 100% set at 12. So instead I’d like to suggest that Yaogat should be faster. MAF isn’t a fast army, but it’s not a slow army either. Currently the only slow unit in MAF is the Yaogat (I know I just proposed that the Vanguard should be slower, but thats because they don’t NEED to move faster). Yaogat are strike infantry, and are clearly designed to hunt camo and clean out enemy occupied positions. Both of these roles require mobility. I’d suggest either increasing the units MV to 4-4 or giving them Forward Deployment lvl 1. I also think that the Hacker was a very poor choice for a Yaogat specialist. Hackers are already MAF’s most plentiful Specialist choice, and we have two very good and much cheaper options that fill the same roll. Yaogats would have greatly benefitted from a Forward Observer option (although some people have pointed out that a MSV2 FO in an army with plentiful smoke might be overpowered. I don’t see it used much in Qapu or Tohaa though, where it would be even cheaper). A paramedic would have also been ideal, considering how often Yaogat snipers go down. Even just a Specialist Operative profile (possibly for the Number 2 profile) would have been a better option to save points in an already expensive unit. Raktorak experience: I have a fair amount of experience taking Raktoraks in Suryat Fireteams in N3, so I decided to focus on the Raktorak as a solo unit, and have taken 1 in each of my last 6 games. I had previously considered the Raktorak to be one of the very worst units in the game,s o I was surprised to find that it’s… mediocre. The Raktorak is still just a slightly better Vanguard with a HFT, but the addition of Specialist Operative gives it an actual role. It’s still not a great unit, and Zerats, Daturazi, Hungries, Krakot and even Oznats are all better at taking objectives away from opponents, but the Raktorak is an actual specialist and can do the job once he gets there. Really, his competition here is the Zerat, and the Zerat has Mimetism, her own set of viable weapons and Infiltration to help her get to her goal. But the Raktorak is still an okay alternative. I wish he packed a little more punch or was more durable. The Red Death profile seems like a trap to me, since on his own the Raktorak just isn’t a very viable shooter and in a Suryat link he’ll always be your weakest and most vulnerable shooter. Raktorak changes: I’d like to suggest a few changes. Like nearly everyone else, I’d like to see the Raktorak be able to link with any other MAF Fireteam (or possibly just non-warband Fireteams). The addition of a Raktorak to a Yaogat team would eliminate the need for the awkward hacker and make the link significantly cheaper. I’ve also been suggesting that the Raktorak gain baggage for almost 2 years now. I know this seems like a strange choice, but Baggage allows the Raktorak to refill spent PAnzerfausts and restock mines, making him a welcome addition to Rodak, Yaogat and kurgat links and a friend for Zerats. Baggage also gives the Raktorak increased ability to Casvac, allowing him to literally carry a wounded officer off the board. I know thats not really important at all, but it’s an extremely fluffy example of the Raktoraks role in MAF. I also think that Raktoraks need to be more durable. I’d like to see the unit either increased to AMR 3 or recieve Dogged. Dogged seems fantastically appropriate for the morat who absolutely won’t die before his officer. Rasyat Experience: I was a huge fan of the Rasyat before HSN3, and the consolidation of his close combat ability makes me pretty happy. I do miss the versatility of MA3, but the new NBW is versatile in it’s own way, and I don’t miss the AP weapon at all. I have no idea what targets the NBW+AP CCW was intended for. Achilles? Joan? Anyway, the Rasyat is still a very solid problem solver in my opinion. Rasyat Changes: The only change I’d make to the Rasyat (Besides bumping up his PH to 14) is to replace the E-Mitter (a weapon that I’ve never seen anyone successfully use) with either E/M grenades or an E/M CCW. Suryat experience: I’ve been focusing on Suryat Duos since i no longer own more than two Suryat models, but I’ve found they perform very well. Without link bonuses I don’t expect the Suryats to be able to face off against high BS or Mimetism/ Camo/ODD/TO targets, but they’re great for storming positions. Currently I’m letting a HMG and Vulkan Shotgun drag each other around and they’ve done just fine. Suryat Changes: I’m very pleased with the current state of Suryats, even if it took a decade for the unit to finally catch up to the rest of the game. I would like to see their PH increased to 14, perhaps at the cost of the completely meaningless CC bump they received. Sogarat: Over my last several games I’ve taking both one and two solo Sogarats, as well as a Fireteam with Kornak. I’ve always wanted to love Sogarat, and the unit is better than it was before, but I still find that for the cost I’m not impressed. The Sogarat’s armor just doesn’t do a good job of keeping them alive, especially since they tend to attract the heaviest firepower on the field. That same firepower very often kills them without allowing them a chance to use their Automedikit. Sogarats are very good at dodging, and sometimes thats exactly what you need to do, but I feel like heavily armored tank units equipped with the deadliest weapons in the game should be shooting back, not dodging. And even linked Sogarats aren’t that great at shooting. I know that’s not a popular opinion, because every time I bring it up people tell me that BS 13 is a very good stat, and that paired with a high burst weapon like the HMG tht should be enough. And it is for a lot of lone targets. But the Sogarat has trouble dealing with links, with Total Reaction and Neurokinetics units, with anything that has Camo/TO/Mimetism/ODD or just eliete models with BS 14 or 15. And when I say “trouble” I don’t mean that the Sogarat is a hopeless mess. What I mean is that for a 56/57 point model the Sogarat loses shooting face to face rolls a lot more than he should. The fact that the Suryat is just as capable at winning face to face rolls as the Sogarat for 12 points less is notable, but that the Rodak is BETTER at winning face to face rolls than the Sogarat at half the cost is ridiculous. The Sogarat is only 10% better at winning shooting face to face rolls than the Vanguard, a model that costs 38 points less. The Yaogat is only 5% worse at winning face to face rolls than the Sogarat, unless the enemy has TO/Camo/ODD/Mimetism, then the Yaogat is significantly better. And this is if the Rodak, Vanguard and Yaogat are unlinked. Yes, the Sogarat’s AP ammo makes him more likely to kill heavily armored units, but one of teh very few things Morats have ever been good at is killing armor. Yes, the Sogarat is more durable than any other unit in the army (except the Raicho). But being good at sucking up bullets isn’t incredibly useful if you’re not also good at returning fire. The very expensive Sogarat?Kornak Haris will take up more than half your points and SWC and will be very tough, but won’t provide the level of shooting you’d expect from one of the most expensive Haris teams in the game. Sograt changes: First and foremost, I’d like to see Sogarats be able to form a Duo. While this would not solve their shooting problem, it would allow a pair to be more mobile. As for the shooting problem, the Sogarat needs to be able to more reliably win face to face rolls, and there’s only a limited number of solutions for that (short of reducing the BS of every other model in the game). The easiest solution is to increase the Sogarat’s BS to 14 (with an appropriate price increase). This hasn’t been a popular option, partially I think because Morats have very regimented BS, and Morat HI BS seems to be set at 13. The second option is to give the Sogarat Mimetism. This is a bit boring, but I think it’s probably the best option because it’s easy, it’s cheap and it can be countered. The final option is to take away AP ammo from the HMG and give the Sogarat Marksman lvl 2 (with an appropriate price increase). I originally suggested this a few weeks ago as a way to turn the Sogarat into the kind of bastion of firepower it was clearly meant to be. This would definitely turn the Sogarat into a much more powerful unit, but I think that the Sogarat was always intended to be the MAf equivalent of the Swiss Guard, Charontid, Asura or Hac Tao. The Sogarat is the elite Morat unit (remember, it originally cost 70 points). It should stand beside these other units in cost and capability. Anyway, those are the three options I see for fixing the Sogarats shooting problem (which is really a face to face problem and not a damage problem). I thinkany of the three would be very acceptable. If anyone else can offer a non-TO/Camo/Holoprojector/ODD solution I’d be very interested in hearing it. The Sogarat’s other problem is less pressing, but still worth mentioning. The Sogarat sucks at close combat. Normally that would be fine. There’s no reason the Sogarat needs to be good at close combat. Except that CB has increased the Sogarat’s CC stats twice in the last two years and given it an AP CCW. So the Sogarat is already paying for close combat capability, but the problem is that CC 20 without any dedicated close combat skill isn’t reliable, especially agaisnt close combat specialists who can make easy work of the Sogarat. I suggested that the Sogarat be given NBW awhile back, and it seems to be a popular idea. NBW seems to be a very cheap skill, so I doubt it would raise the unit’s cost much. What it would do is allow a real measure of protection against Warbands, Ninja’s and other close combat specialists who might want to try to take the Sogarat down in close combat, giving the Sogarat a more or less equal chance to win the face to face roll. It would also allow the Sogarat to be effective in close combat on the rare occasions that you want to try that. Zerat Experience: I was disappointed that the Zerat didn’t receive substantial changes in HSN3, so since then I’ve been trying to make the most of what she does offer. The Zerat is a subpar Skirmisher, but she’s the only Skirmisher that MAF has access to at all. The Zerat is okay at planting mines around an objective and okay if you have the first turn and can rush unprepared enemies, but her line infantry stats mean that she’s fragile and weak in a fight, and without the benefit of Camo she’s very easy to hunt down and kill.This would be fine if she was a cheaper unit, but since she costs the same or more as equivalent units with Camo I always feel like I’m fielding a sub par unit. The new FO profile does allow me to squeeze a mobile forward deployng specialist into my list for a few points cheaper than before, but the Zerat still feels like it’s under capable or over priced. Zerat Changes: I’d like to see a few changes for the Zerat. First, the Zerat can’t be stealthy, I think she should be fast. The Oznat’s 6-4 MOV would fit the Zerat just as well, allowing her to outflank enemies and reach her target with a minimum number of orders spent. I also think Zerat’s should be able to do a better job at clearing the way for Morat forces,a nd adding marksman lvl 1 to all profiles wouId certainly do the trick. Finally, I’d like to see the Zerat’s PH increased to 13. Since every other Skirmisher in the game gets a 1-2 point PH buff, it’s bizarre that the Zerat is remains at the base Morat line trooper level. She could certainly benefit from the increase. As for individual profiles, Marksman lvl 2 on the MSR profile would also give it some real punch and make it a more viable option, even at an appropriately increased price. A Killer Hacking Device profile in addition to the current AHD profile would be a good fit for taking out Hacking threats. I’d also like to see a Sniffer added to at least one profile, giving the Zerat some actual utility against Camo. Finally, the E-mitter should be changed to E/M Grenades. Daturazi Experience: I really believe Daturazi are the best unit in MAF, and the increase in BS and addition of Grenades in N3 have really been useful to the unit. I do think that the changes to Extreme Impetious, denying the Daturazi cover, probably hurtthem more (and MAF by extension, since we rely on them so much) than any other Warband. Other elite Warbands like Myrmidons and Makaul largely get to ignore this handycap, but Daturazi suffer for it unless linked, and using our Core link on Daturazi is severely limiting. Honestly, I also miss the days when Daturazi were the premier close combat troops in the game. Daturazi Changes: I’d very much like to see Daturazi receive either Duo or (preferably) Haris, allowing them to maintain cover and move together at the expense of their Impetuous Order. As a tax, I’d be perfectly fine with either Duo or Haris costing 1 swc and coming with the expensive Combi Rifle profile. I’d also like to see the addition of a Killer Hacking Device profile. I know that may seem like a strange choice at first, but the Daturazi were the first Morat unit to incorporate the Comlog and form a direct link with the EI, giving them almost superhuman combat powers and earning them the name Witch Soldiers. The most direct manifestation of this used to be the Coma skill which allowed Daturazi to sacrifice themselves to become a Sepsitor repeater. The Killer Hacking Device would be a new manifestation of this connection, and the addition of a Specialist to the Daturazi ranks would make a full Core link and small Harris teams very attractive. A hacker Warband is far from unprecedented, since the Daturazi’s counterpart unit the myrmidon has had one for years without any complaints. Finally, I’d like for the Chainrifle Daturazi profile to have the option of AP or Shock CCW. Oznat experiences: The Oznat works well enough as a Hungries fireteam leader, but otherwise brings little utility to the army and is seriously sub par on her own. I’ve found that the unit is incredibly fragile on her own and mostly is reduced to smoke duty once her Hungries are dead or scattered. As a solo unit the Oznat can close in for close combat or close range shooting thanks to smoke and her high move speed, but once she’s there her low BS, inability to take cover and mediocre close combat prowess means she’s unlikely to get much done. Oznat changes: I’d like to see the Oznat add Sensor to both her profiles. This fits her role as a hunter and adds a lot of utility to the unit, making her a worthwhile choice in both MAF and vanilla even without Hungries. Giving the Oznat NBW or Beserk is potentially overpowered because her capabilities increase so much when linked with Hungries, but adding the Assault skill allows her to make unexpected close combat attacks when on her own and keep up with hungries after they break from their link. Finally, I’d like to suggest that the Oznat lose Extreme Impetuous entirely. This would cost the unit their impetuous order, but it would allow the Oznat to benefit from cover. I see the Oznat as a methodical hunter, not a combat thirsty berserker. One finally change that’s affects Hungries more than the Oznat. I think the Oznat’s compulsory inclusion in order to purchase Hungries should be removed. It’s an unnecessary tax in an already expensive army. If you just want to bring unlinked Hungries, having to include an Oznat (which currently doesn’t bring much to the army) makes list building difficult. It also makes our very best option for dealing with Camo and Mine spam MUCH more expensive. It’s also bizarre that this restriction exists ONLY in MAF and not in CA, where Hungries are equally as useful.
  10. Check out ROUND 1 on Gaming with the Cooler's Channel as well!
  11. What is everyone's "go to" link? I'm stuck on Rodoks right now, but I think it's because I just got the models. I'm actually new to MAF though... I'm just going in to Army Builder and making lists over and over. So I was wondering what everyone likes for links. I do wanna try 3x Sogarat and Kornak.
  12. I'm a little bored so I thought I'd post about the changes and updates to Morats I'd like to see in HSN3. Please note, I don't expect any large changes. This is pure wishlisting. Feel free to post your own ideal changes and updates! Kurgat: I think the Kurgat is a pretty great unit, especially after the price reduction from N3 and the changes to make Engineer more useful. However, I'd love to see the Kurgat gain an ability similar to the Hafza, allowing them to join any MAF link. This would solve several problems with a single easy solution, including MAF's shortage of reliable specialists. It would also make the Autocannon profile a much more viable choice. I love the idea of a Kurgat with a Daturazi escort working his way up field, or a Kurgat tagging along with a Sogarat unit. Kornak: No changes. I feel like Kornak is just fine as is. Raktorak: I would like to see the Raktorak gain some skills that would give it utility and make it a more attractive choice for it's points both in and outside of a link (as well as in vanilla CA. because seriously, why would you ever take one now?). I'd also like the Raktorak's role to reflect his background as a tough sergeant that holds his unit together through a combination of determination, skill and sheer grit. Baggage is a fluffy skill with a surprising amount of value for the Raktorak. It would allow the Raktorak to cancel the Unloaded State on limited ammo weapons (like the Yaogats Panzerfaust) and improve their ability to Casevac. It would also be situationaly useful for certain missions like Supremacy. In addition I would like to see one Raktorak profile Gain the Specialist skill (or possibly Paramedic) and the other gain Advanced Command. This second profile would only be available to MAF. Beyond that, it would be nice if the Raktorak could join Yaogat and Sogarat links as well. Rasyat: I feel like the Rasyat is pretty close to being the perfect Morat unit. It's heavily armed and packed with skills yet fairly priced for what you get. Even still, I'd like a few changes. I would very much like to see the Rasyat replace his E-mitter with E/M Grenades. I'd also like to see both NBW profiles replace their AP CCW with... pretty much anything else. I'm not sure what target the Rasyat is supposed to be taking out with NBW and an AP CCW. How many heavily armored close combat specialists are there? It seems like the vast majority of units a NBW Rasyat would want to target would have ARM of 0-2, and even against more heavily armored foes like Joan or Father Knights a DA or E/M CCW would be more effective. AP CCW is only a better option against TAGs, and NBW is wasted on TAGs. Rodak: What a lovely unit. No changes required! Yaogats: Oh boy. Yaogats are looking pretty shabby in N3. They seem really mediocre compared to almost every other MSV2 unit, and even several MSV1 units. I used to feel like their ARM 3 was their big advantage, but ARM 3 has become so common on so many cheaper or more versatile units that it hardly seems to set them apart anymore. I'd like to see Yaogats improve in several ways. Increased survivability would be nice, but I doubt we'll see an ARM increase or the addition of a skill like Dogged, so instead I'd settle for BTS 3. It's not much, but it would help a little bit. The bigger problem is that Yaogats aren't particularly good at shooting, which is too bad because they're MAFs primary long range unit. I'd like to see the Yaogats get 13 BS, but Morats seem to have strictly regimented BS and ARM based on whether they are LI, MI or HI, and BS 13 seems to be off the table for MI. So Instead I'd like to see Yaogats get Marksman Lv 2 or Marksman Lv X. Level 2 would allow them to negate enemy cover bonuses, effectively increasing their shooting ability in many situations without increasing their BS or giving them a protective skill like Mimetism. Marksman X would give them a similar boost in certain situations and allow them to out shoot opponents at the cost of burst. I'm not sure if X is usable with linked Panzerfausts, but if it is than it would also make those Panzerfaust shots a lot more likely to land. Finally, I'd like to see Yaogats MOV increased to 4-4. MAF already has a 4-4 MOV MI in the form of the Raktorak, so I don't see any reason why Yaogats can't be 4-4 as well. This would greatly increase the ability of the unit to fight at close range, which their boarding shotgun and grenade profiles suggest they should be good at. Sogarats: Sogarats remain the toughest HI in the game, but since ARM is arguably the weakest stat and Automedikit often never has a chance to come into play the toughness that they pay for isn't always everything it should be. Sogarats are also surprisingly poor at shooting for their cost. A BS 13 Sogarat can be reliably out shot by almost any link or any model with camo, TO, ODD, Sapper or even Mimetism, Even models with lower BS can expect to win a shootout if they catch the Sogarat outside it's prime range bands. Of course no model should be unassailable, but the Sogarat seems suspiciously poor at shooting for it's cost and armament. Moreover, the ridiculously expensive Sogarat link can only benefit from the +1 burst link bonus. That's not to say that the Sogarat is bad at shooting. He's just not particularly great at it, And he should be. So I propose that the Sogarat either needs to be a few points cheaper or have it's BS increased to 14. I would also love to see a 3rd Sogarat weapon loadout. I don't care what it is. I just want a 3rd model so I can build a link without having 2 identical models. Suryats: Suryats seem slightly overcosted to me when compared to the other classic HI. They pay 4 more points for their MR loadouts, which would suggest that their other benefits are worth the cost difference. But I doubt anyone would argue that Morat, Courage and Jungle Terrain are worth 4 points (especially when the Morat ability nearly makes Courage irrelevant). So I'd like to see Suryats either get a 2 point reduction, be returned to 14 PH or changed to 6-2 MOV. At one point Suryats were the fastest HI in the game. They lost that niche and instead became the lightest HI in the game (with a huge point decrease). Now they've also lost that niche. Zerat: Zerats are surprisingly solid, and yet... almost every other skirmisher in the game is a better value for it's points. You would think that Zerats would get some kind of benefit in exchange for camo, but they don't. For their price you'd expect a camo unit and instead just get Mimetism. I'd like to propose that Zerats gain the Superior Infiltration skill. If they can't have camo they should at least be reliable infiltrators. Daturazi: Daturazi are the other Morat unit that I consider being close to ideal. However, they aren't perfect. The removal of EXP CCW was a big blow to the unit. At first I accepted it as a general trend but recently I've been surprised to see how many units kept their EXP CCW option. I believe Daturazi should have this option returned to them. If you're going to invest 22 points into a Daturazi you should really be getting a better CCW out of it. I'd also like to see the BS Daturazi's AP CCW replaced with a Shock CCW. Oznat: the Oznat kind of sucks. She allows you to form Hungries links, which is all good and fine, and she comes with a 0 SWC LSGL, which is great if you need it, but otherwise she's just a vanguard that can't claim cover. I'd like the Oznat to actually be good at close combat, and currently she's very mediocre. Her high CC score is nice, but her Shock CCW is a mediocre tool and her lack of any CC related skills seems like an over site. I'd like to see her pick up either NBW or Beserk. I'd also like to see the Hungries Control Device reimagined to be similar to the Antipode Pack. Either that or the Oznat should be given Harris. Additionally, I'd love to see an alternate profile that replaces the Hungries Control Device and LSGL with Forward Deployment, Boarding Shotgun and Sensor. Anyat: Can Anyat have Mimetism please? The poor woman looses almost every firefight she's in. Also, I don't know if anyone else has realized that K1 ammo in a combi rifle is kind of mediocre., but I'd love it if she had a second gun that she could use to shoot the vast majority of models that have ARM 0-2. Honestly, given the option I'd chose a combi rile Anyat over the current version pretty much every time.
  13. Here is my suryat I painted but failed to enter in data spheres summer painting thing.
  14. Here is a list I'll be using in some "ITS based" friendly games tomorrow. Morat Aggression Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Group 110 0 0 KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (41) ANYAT K1 Combi Rifle, Chain-colt, Smoke Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (25) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (15) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (15) MORAT Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (16) MORAT HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 22) ZERAT Hacker (EI Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (23) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (3) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (3) M-DRONE Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (17) RAICHO MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2 | 91) Group 20 1 1 GAKI AP CCW. (4) 3.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 5
  15. I'm CA player for last two or three years, starting as Shasvatii player, then building my list around vanilla CA and then for last few months I focused on MAF. It wasn't so good before N3, but now with reduced cost, new CC rules I think it's much better. I's like to share some of my thoughts about building MAF lists I'm very big fan of hungries, especialy Pretas in N2, but now with changes in N3 they are not as good as they were, but still it's decent choice. Then goes realy bad ass troopers like Sogarat or Raicho. They wreck havock in enemy lines especialy in low points games. Least, but not last are drones of different kind, that help me to get full size group. Here are my ideas, i'd like to know your opinion. MAF 200p It's not easy task to build something good at low points limit. Our troops are good, but we pay a lot for all these extra rules. So what's my idea?! How about bringing a TAG? Let's suprise oponents! Here it goes: Combat Group 1 Orders: 6 Raicho Armoured Brigade » MULTI HMGHeavy FT SWC:2.0 Cost:91 Morat (LINK) » Lieutenant SWC:1.0 Cost:14 Morat (LINK) » Hacker (EI Hacking Device) SWC:0.5 Cost:22 Morat (LINK) » Combi Rifle SWC:0.0 Cost:14 Kurgat Assault Engineer » Mk12AP Mines SWC:0.0 Cost:23 Oznat (LINK) » Combi RifleSmoke Light GL SWC:0.0 Cost:20 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Total SWC: 3.5 Total Points: 200 Great list for Annihilation and Supremacy! Just place Raicho in good position, then move from cover to cover. If possible leave him in mid-table zone and put in supression fire (along with other three tropers if using in coordinated order). This beast can win game by himself and miniature is just great! But what to do if you dont have TAG, or you afraid to loose him in one order? Or you just want to be able to do some missions in scenarios. Well... then you can field Vanguards, but don't forget about suprise! Here is my list: Combat Group 1 Orders: 10 Morat (LINK) » Lieutenant SWC:1.0 Cost:14 Morat (LINK) » Paramedic (Medkit) SWC:0.0 Cost:16 Morat (LINK) » Hacker (EI Hacking Device) SWC:0.5 Cost:22 Morat (LINK) » HMG SWC:1.0 Cost:22 Morat (LINK) » Combi Rifle SWC:0.0 Cost:14 Kurgat Assault Engineer » Boarding ShotgunAP Mines SWC:0.0 Cost:17 Kurgat Assault Engineer » Mk12AP Mines SWC:0.0 Cost:23 R-Drone » Flash PulseSniffer SWC:0.0 Cost:8 Rasyat » (Martial Arts L3) SWC:0.0 Cost:28 Oznat (LINK) » Combi RifleSmoke Light GL SWC:0.0 Cost:20 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Gaki » SWC:0.0 Cost:4 Total SWC: 2.5 Total Points: 200 Generated with Infinity Pool What's the trick? Use command tokens to your advantage! Let oponent start the game. Take two of his orders (usualy it hurts a lot in low points games) then stand firm with your link team, Gaki fireteam What might be even more nasty? Deadly AD trooper with 5 orders just for himself... Then when Rasyat gets killed (he will sooner or later) swich to Vanguards and start killing! It's what Morats do best! If you like it, I'd post more ideas about MAF in bigger games.
  16. So, we have the new stats. How do you like them monkeys in the shiny new edition? We've seen some changes, some recosting, time to discuss the changes Morats do not discuss, they interrogate available information by force. The good: Morat rule in general Kornak - with Berserk he's an all-around beast, and the new Morat rule makes taking a beatstick LT worth it. Sogarats - cheaper, actually viable as 2+Kornak link? Rasyat - cheaper, has Stealth (can it land using Stealth), actual alternative to Ko Dali now Vanguards got cheaper (2 points, but still!) We've got Rodoks, which are different, interesting and might shake up list-building a bit. The bad: Specialist situation - Morats struggled in ITS due to a total lack of AD/infiltrating specialists, this hasn't changed Yaogat BS loses Panzerfaust. Like there was too little reason to take a homogeneous "3 CombiPF, 1 spit, 1 MSR" link. What hasn't changed: Raktoraks are cheaper but still filler for Suryats (though maybe the HRL will see more use now, we'll see how it changes), Zerat still expensive for what's a special care unit. Hungries - OK, Pretas were OP and deserved a nerf. Still, losing mines and getting more expensive? Not convinced. The ugly: No specialists = no ITS. Morats were widely considered hardly playable in clicking mission and I'm afraid that little has changed on this front. Let's hope that ITS 2015 double list standard allows taking different sectorials or vanilla+sectorial.
  17. Hi to all fellows composing CA and especially MAF crowdmind! I address you for help in prepairing for ITS tourney that would be held on February, 7th. I'm not a competitive player, but don't want to be a piece of cake for my opponents. I need a help to compose lists and discuss tactical benefits/loose moments in their application. So, about tourney format: 300 pts + 12 XP for specops or Character specops two lists strict WYSIWYG missions LIFEBLOOD QUADRANT CONTROL FRONTLINE Players' armies (expected metagame) would be 5x PanOc (2x vanilla, NCA, ASA, MO), 2x Haqqislam, Ariadna, Bakunin and Yu-Jing Miniatures that I have access to: Vanguards (8 Combi, 2 HMG, 2 Hackers, 1 Sniper, 1 Missile) Treitak Anyat Kurgats (1 Autocannon, 1 Mk12) Obsidon Medcanoid + 2 Slavedrones Yaogat Sniper Rasyats (1 Spitfire, 1 Combi) Raktorak Combi Sogorats (2 Fuerbach, 1 HMG) Suryats (1 Multirifle, 2 HMG) Daturatzis (3 old-style) Zerat Hacker 2 Oznats 4 Pretas + 4 Gakis One each of drone remotes 2 Ikadrons My personal thought is that all three missions are force-oriented. And that nearly half of the armies are CAMO-heavy. And it forces me into buying Yaogats box that I'd like to avoid. So, what would you say???
  18. Been inspired by the new Morat models to get back into my MAF force. First up we have my Hungrys, these guys will form up a nice Hunting Unit once I finish up my Oznat to go with them. My new Vanguards at Daturazi are also in the pipe.
  19. Allright, so I finally manage to not only paint some of the new Morats, no, I also manage to take some half decent pictures (that was the hard part! ) The Oznat still needs some tribal tattoo´s but the rest is more or less finished. After all I´m really happy with the result, even though I started to remember why I changed my ALEPH from white to black armour ... got I hate painting white
  20. I recently took the Morat Aggression Force to the 27 attendee Burque Blitz dire states event and I'd like to share my thoughts on it. Results are here MORAT AGGRESSION FORCE ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 10 0 1 MORAT Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 16) MORAT HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 25) MORAT Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 32) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (19) MORAT Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (16) KURGAT Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (20) TREITAK (Climbing Plus, Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (16 | 12XP) ANYAT K1 Combi Rifle, Chain-colt, Smoke Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (25) YAOGAT Spitfire / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 35) DĀTURAZI Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (14) GROUP 2 4 4 5 OZNAT Combi Rifle + Light Smoke Grenade Launcher / Pistol, Shock CCW. (21) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (9) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (9) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (23) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open with Army 4 This was my list for Beacon Race, Antennae Field, and Lifeblood. The concept was shamelessly stolen from Bashamer's Tohaa objectives list that he brought to the Rumble on Route 66. If I win initiative I start with the Oznat/Preta linked for the orders. If I lose initiative I start with the Vanguard linked for the defensive capability. The second combat group focuses on smoking up the table and hunting enemy infiltrators, then the first group takes over and the specialists get the job done. At the end of turn 1 I reform the Vanguard into a defensive link if I have to. I believe Bashamer's Tohaa list is strictly superior for the job with its zero v smoke and fireteam Tohaa but the Morat version has its own advantages, namely the full 5 monkey fireteam and pretas, pretas, pretas. I also tried to build some synergy in there with the Yaogat MSV2 and a few sources of smoke. MORAT AGGRESSION FORCE ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 7 3 3 KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (43) SOGARAT HMG / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 67) SOGARAT Feuerbach / Assault Pistol, AP CCW. (1.5 | 70) SOGARAT Feuerbach / Assault Pistol, AP CCW. (1.5 | 70) TREITAK (CH: Mimetism, Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Plasma Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (16 | 12XP) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (9) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (9) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) PRETA Chain Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / CCW. (5) 5 SWC | 299 Points Open with Army 4 This was my Annihilation list. It doesn't really need any explanation, and I was pretty iffy on how it would work out but I've been wanting to throw down a full Sogorat + Kornak list and this was going to be my opportunity. GAME 1: Beacon Race vs Tohaa. My opponent was very new to Infinity, but was a veteran with tabletop gaming and played pretty slick despite having structured his combat groups in a disadvantageous way. He won initiative, popped the doors on the Beacon room, grabbed a beacon and made it halfway back to scoring it before he ran out of orders. He also left a pile of Makauls and maybe a Kamael guarding the room with a revealed Clipsos behind the room. On my first turn I sent the Pretas in to clear out the objective room. None of them survived but they got the job done as well as taking down the Clipsos and even making an assassination run at a backfield Tohaa link which killed another Kamael and stripped a Sakiel of his symbiont armor. I then sent in the main group and scored a Beacon. The rest of the game saw me score 2 more Beacons and a classified while my opponent score 1 more beacon through some pretty slick moves. Final result: 8-2 Morats. GAME 2: Antennae Field vs MRRF. In this game I mind tricked myself in deployment. I won the Lieutenant roll but chose to go second, and somehow thought it was a good idea to start with the Pretas linked. (Because I won, even thought I chose to go second) This mistake really cost me. My opponent exploited my mistake with masterful use of Duroc and an Anaconda. The alpha strike really crushed my order pool and he also took out most of my specialists in turn one. I managed to tie the first turn on scoring, but after that I was just too hurt to stop him from having his way with the Antennae. It was a fun game, with my depleted forces meting out some good punishment as they died in true Morat fashion. Both of us kept having to check our retreat thresholds every turn, and sadly the Morat retreat curse combined with having two baggage bots really took a bite out of me. Final result: 1-8 MRRF. GAME 3: Lifeblood vs Vanilla Ariadna. This game was a perfect storm of everything going right for me. 3 crates landed inside a large central building, 1 landed on my side, 1 landed on my opponents side, and the last 1 landed just to the side of the central building between us both. I won initiative, smoked up the table and checked 5 crates before I ran out of orders. I also left a giant pile of mines clustered around the crates. My opponents lack of MSV2 or higher meant that there was little that he could do. On turn 2 I destroyed all 5 crates, then scored a classified on turn 3. My opponent tried to amuse himself during his turns by forward observing and obliterating whatever he could see with an Uragan, but couldn't score any objective points. Final result: 9-0 Morats. GAME 4: Annihilation vs Vanilla Haqqislam. My opponent won initiative and I deployed my Sogorat link in a commanding rooftop position. He then stuck his Impersonation roll and placed a Fiday right next to my painfully, painfully obvious LT. They Fiday moved into CC and rolled a crit on Kornak, but I miraculously made the 2 other armor rolls I was allowed to take leaving my LT standing due to his No Wounds Incapacitation. Kornak then struck the Fiday down with his return attack. Whew. While the Religious rule would have mitigated the Loss of Lieutenant somewhat, I was still really lucky I didn't have to deal with it. My opponent then dropped an HMG Ragik on my flank and started a 4 or 5 order duel with my HMG Sogorat that the Ragik eventually lost. Then a pair of rooftop Lasiq snipers knocked the HMG Sogorat Unconscious and put a wound on one of the Feuerbach Soggies. On my turn I swept my pretas towards his forces, used the Automedkit to revive my HMG, reformed the link and used him to sweep the enemy Lasiqs off of the rooftops. I used the rest of my orders to run up the pretas and take out a few lurking models and score a classified. My opponent was a true gentlemen here and let me roll my classifieds which I had forgotten to do at the beginning of the game. I then jumped my Treitak off a 4 inch roof in the hopes of Datascanning something, but he broke his ankle on the landing. My opponent knew he was in really bad shape so rushed to complete his classifieds, but lost everything he had left to some really lucky ARO rolls from my Feuerbachs. I need to say here that while I think my plan was a good one, this game all came down to luck. And by luck I mean my opponents near total lack of it. His dice really betrayed him, and I don't mean fluffing a meaningful roll here and there, I mean the most atrociously bad rolling I've ever seen in my life. And he was really a champ about it. He didn't curse or lose his temper or start sulking, he just accepted it and stayed genial and I just really cant state enough what a gentleman he was throughout the whole ordeal. I think he scored 1 classified and 1 objective point for my Treitak's suicide. Final result: 8 - 3 Morats. So that was it. 4 games straight in 1 day is a bit much for me but I had a lot of fun and did pretty well with my first attempt at playing the Morat Aggression Force. I'll probably come back and post up my general opinions on how the faction played and maybe some unit specific evaluations. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hi all! I've spend a lot of time choosing colours for my Morats. But was realy doubtful, if they are compatible. And today I encountered some tools that enabled me a bit step towards visualisation. I'm not a pro-desighner and It's my first attept at digital arts (cropping photoes doesn't count). Cetral part of image takes red mask, white ears and cyan mane. Torso will be grey (so as rifle), hands and hips - naval blue. All armor highlighted into very light clestial blue. Armor on the belly and knees - orange and green for trauses. C&C welcome.
  22. So, I bought a bucketload of CA and I finally have some Morats. The question is, assuming that I want to form a link team of Vanguards (instead of Yaogats or whatever), what should I put in there? So far we have the following variants: A: Combi - I assume these will be the filler for most links. B: Combi + LGL - against enemy link teams? I'm not convinced. C: HMG: This will serve as a good link leader normally. D: Sniper: +1 B and +3 BS will serve him well in long range. Besides, I like the model (did you know that the aiming Vanguard has the exact pose needed to replace his combi with a Yaogat's sniper rifle?) E: Launcher: The weapon of choice against TAGs / enemy link teams. F: Hacker: Filler + Drone enabler + counter hacker. Definitely not the link leader in most cases. G: FO: hmm, maybe. The question is, is it worth using a whole link for it? H: Paramedic: Goes as filler and a helper role, unless I take a Medtech. I: LT: I rarely have 2 free SWC :/ The question is, how many specialists should a link have? Should I stick with a basic AAAAC, or maybe something more versatile like AAHFC or AHFDC? Or an expensive AHFEC?
  23. I need help evaluating a color scheme. Lately I got a whole lot of Morats and while I'm confident in my painting abilities, I lack a solid feel of color theory. I want actual honest constructive criticism, not ooh aah comments. Help my army not look like crap when painted. My schemes are (dirty photoshop mockup): What I would like to keep is the face (studio Morats looks like monkeys, I'm trying to avoid it and go for an Oni/devil look) and hair color (I like the combination with face and it fits my paints). I can modify them if I hear a better idea though. It's not clear from the picture but the weapons will be either boltgun/chainmail with Devlan Mud (fast, easy, fits enough), or have a blue sheen. PS. Original b/w Morat silhouette shamelessly stolen (from baka-shironeko on DA, IIRC).