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  1. please return them. My Druze feel inferior.
  2. Hi, Anyone have any idea how Arslan suppose to look like? I am thinking to convert one of the old Druze Shock Trooper (One with combi rifle +GL) with a Mohawk head to make him looks like his appearance in Outrage? Or should I just use the Beyond ICE storm special edition Authorised Bounty Hunter with breaker pistols as a proxy? thank you
  3. How do you add the 75 points of mercs for 1 SWC on army builder now?
  4. Will we be able to run Mercenaries with this option? Could be interesting...
  5. While it may seem that corregidor is not the best Sectorial to apply the "soldier of fortune" enchancement, i think that it may give a couple of funny gameplay. example: Blitzkrieg Corregidor ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 16 4 4 YUAN YUAN Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 8) YUAN YUAN Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 8) YUAN YUAN Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 8) YUAN YUAN Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, Shock CCW. (0 | 8) SALYUT Hacker (EVO Hacking Device) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 25) HELLCAT Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 21) HELLCAT Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 24) HELLCAT Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 28) TRANSDUCTOR ZOND Flash Pulse, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) HELLCAT Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 21) GROUP 26 1 INTRUDER (X-Visor) MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 43) JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 10) JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 10) SEÑOR MASSACRE Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW, E/M CCW. (0 | 26) JAGUAR Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 13) JAGUAR Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 13) BANDIT Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 25) 4.5 SWC | 299 Points Open in Infinity Army Strategy: Try to get the second turn. Let the enemy come forward and minimize as possible the losses. Impetously drop the YuanYuan (EVO hacker helps them) into the enemy DZ. Use YY to clear cheerleaders and/or overwatching models, drop smoke if that's not possible.Don't worry if a couple of YY bites the dust. Use Intruder, possibly supported by smoke, to clear any MSV or long range model that may counter this strategy. Drop Hellcats on now secure landing area. Use paramedic to revive a couple of YY (thanks to their PH 14, it shouldn't be difficult) use a coordinated order to go in suppression with as many hellcats as possible. second turn, use Massacre to apply pressure on both sides of the enemy deployment. ??? Profit.
  6. Retransmiting a Intercepted Transmision, encoded by the imperial state of yu jing while searching for commander @bostria at shanqian This is a formal accusation on the IMPERIAL STATE army, that not happy with selling surplus to illegal smugglers and making illegal chainrifles (forbidden by Concillium O-12) now they give a regular state to prosecuted criminals around the human sphere, first taking refuge on deserters as lunah, then protecting the heretical Lucien Sforza, an outcast from the church, then giving the regular status to the edgy Miranda Ashcroft, that has several arrest order from many authorities.... I wonder if they find themselves weak that need the use of such criminal scum, to fight their battles. An Report with all this information, detailed at maximun it´s already sent to O-12 to make legal actions, since in the face of the menace to WOTAN we can´t allow the civilization crumble from within with criminals and proscrits. High command of the Imperial state shall respond @Yasashii Fuyu @bostria @masterofmelee and we ask to depose your deplorable actions Dossier of the report here: To all those following these actions, we remind you how the Imperial State treat with those who not accept their dominance or seem to be a stone in their jade sandals . FATHER KNIGHT LUISJOEY ENCODED D3vS Vvl7!!!
  7. Do you ever get the feeling that there's too many agents - too many low level agents - in Yu Jing? Let me first pre-phrase this by saying that this is not a "this should happen" rather than simply a retrospect "what if". Also, this isn't quite as much about ISS as it seems, and a lot more about Invincible Army than it seems. ISS is supposedly similar to Qapu Khalqi in that they make high use of mercenaries, but unlike QK it's not very prevalent in Yu Jing. Instead we have a combination of Celestial Guard and Kuang Shi filling the role that essentially glorified rent-a-cops could have filled and Zhanying filling the roles of Druze/Kaplan. This weaves in with the rest of Yu Jing faction design, because Celestial Guard could be essential low-cost soldiers for Invincible Army (though certainly the fluff might not support this, of course) but more importantly Zhanying being the lowest-cost Sensor trooper available to Yu Jing they also lock in nearly all visor troopers into ISS. Since for some reason all visors have ended up on agents, it means that the design space for Invincible Army is limited and having Agents in Invincible Army is a bit of a missed opportunity. So what would have been interesting alterations? Benefits of mercenaries. By far the biggest asset of having a slightly more mercenary driven force is that the sectorial can have a bigger focus on having the Agents be the hot-shots and the mercenaries bringing in some - for the faction - unusual and different equipment and regimental design. Sniper Rifles instead of Multi Sniper Rifles is a big one, but other "out-of-faction" stuff like SMGs and maybe even more readily available Booty or Scavenger would be interesting. Not that ISS needs more interesting, mind you, I do think that the biggest opportunity lies in shifting some of the "in-faction" equipment to Invincible Army without bloating Vanilla with semi-duplicate profiles. Celestial Guard. The worst fault of Celestial Guards isn't that they are a solid, if slightly costly, line infantry - but rather that they are strictly a Zhanshi+ while Keisotsu are a Zhanshi-, leaving no room for normal Zhanshi whom are either too costly or not competent enough. Meanwhile we are looking forward to the "prospect" of having Zhanshi form the backbone of both Invincible Army and White Banner, so... what if Celestial Guard were given the opportunity to shift allegiance to Invincible Army instead of the Judiciary? Nudge their design somewhat, and replace them with what would essentially be Regular and linkable Bounty Hunters in ISS. Zhanying. While it is easy to device a Mercenary company that's just a copy-paste of the Zhanying, I would like to take the opportunity to note that Zhanying are relatively new. I'm not entirely certain what hole they were meant to fill, except for the conspicuous lack of medium infantry that I'm less certain needed filling. They do provide somewhat decent profiles to tag along with Hsien and Wu Ming, but as a lone profile in Vanilla or as their own unit I don't think they actually contribute all that much by being an Agent. As with the Celestial Guard, I am left wondering if Zhanying doesn't also mean that the opportunity to get visors into Invincible Army diminishes. Add to this that I think that Zhanying as a unit that acts similar to how they currently do in ISS would be a benefit to Invincible Army, giving access to decently cheap (if fragile) visors and some asymmetric warfare to a sub-faction that currently looks like it's going to go for a very gunline style (sort of like Pan-O, but with less variation and less accuracy). Pheasant. CB did a brilliant job taking one of the least liked units and refreshing it, while making it a very interesting choice they still did not optimize the unit so that it became an auto-include in the same way a Kempeitai is. I do question whether Pheasant could not have been the work-horse, filling several of the dirty-jobs that Celestial Guard or Zhanying fill. Imagine each Pheasant profile having a cheaper non-CoC profile duplicate and an additional profile that's carrying a Kuang Shi Control Device. Pheasants providing support to Hsien, Pheasants providing moderation to Bao, Phesants being a gaoler to Wu Ming and Pheasants being the veteran law enforcement officers that's entrusted with the task of handling Kuang Shi. In short, getting all the crap jobs due to low level agents. I do not hide that I like the design of both the new and the old Pheasants, but the key to make them playable in these roles is to provide the non-CoC profiles due to the need to; limit costs, limit CoC exposure (having the LT and CoC in same offensive 100+ pts link!?) and to enable a CoC shell game.
  8. The Caledonians get McMurrough and the Merovingians get Nomad support in the form of an Alguacil Hacker and a TAG. What kind of Mercs do you expect to see for the USAriadnans and Kazaki of Tartary and Rodina?
  9. People have said the "mercenary army" lists are overpowered, but how? As far as I can see most of the best units are AVA 1 in vanilla, so having a wide range of "secondary" type units doesn't seem too powerful. So... Please show me some of the unfair lists this allows.
  10. Hi folks! I've recently developed an interest in Infinity and painted up a couple of Yuan Yuan miniatures that I got from a clearance deal. I've been into miniatures for the last 14 years or so and I already have sizeable collections of WHFB, 40K, FOW, Dystopian Wars and BFG. Anyway, I originally had an idea that I wanted to work with some shocking colours and space pirates - the pink was a request by my fiancée, but I thought it could make for a good challenge since I normally use brown, drab colours for that realistic feeling. After re-watching Firefly and partaking in some contemporary sci-fi material I knew that I wanted to use Mercenaries, particularly pirates, with that white-spacesuit-look. So here are my first two offerings: Now, I don't know the rules and I've yet to play a game, so I haven't settled for a faction yet, but I know that I'd like a tournament legal army. I just haven't decided if I'm gonna go with the Haqqislam sectorial currently available or wait for the white stars. Wish I had that 3rd Yuan Yuan miniature to go with these fellas, but I think I could expand them using the Ragik models as "counts-as" Yuan. I also got 2 Karakuri models in the pipeline that were unfortunately ruined by the army painter primer, so they need stripping before I get back to them, but I was considering using them as "counts-as" Yuan by giving them drop packs or something. Any ideas? Currently trying to figure out what my initial 250 pts list should be like with the Haqqislam... suggestions greatly appreciated!
  11. I just had this idea, what if to take Mercenaries you just have to pay SWC. Maybe like 1 SWC per Mercenary? I mean, If Pan-O has to pay 1 SWC for a Yuan with Smoke that sounds kinda fair. and for Armies that don't have Holo1, paying 1 SWC for hiding your LT. with Sforca sounds about fair either. I think this would encourage the use of Mercs, since 1 SWC is something you can spare to add a little bit of flavor. And it prevents you from exploiting it, buy using 3 Yuan in combination with Inspiring Leadership. Now I now its rather pointless now between Editions, but I believe its an elegant way that would bring some of that nice merc flavor into the game.
  12. So I was looking through the Mercenaries section of the website, and while the units that are obviously fluffed as Mercs are all in there, (Druze, Kaplan, Yuan etc.), there are others that aren't, like the Brigada, Alguaciles, Wildcats and Ahl-Fassed. Now, there is the justification that those units are actually Nomads/Haqq respectively, but why is the Bashi, who are employed by Haqq, in there then? The same can be said for the Caterans and Kempei too. There is the argument that some units are there because there are rules for them to work outside their faction. Kempeitai come to mind. But if that's the case, then would there be a reason for the Caterans and arguably the Bashi to be there, and not the Alguaciles/Brigada? So, what makes a Merc? Is it the fluff, the rules, a combination of both, or is it a conspiracy section that foreshadows what the Mercs sectorial(s) would look like/be about? Edit: Or am I just overthinking things and just that some profiles are listed as Mercs in the books and some aren't.
  13. The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries: So you want to run an All-Merc List? This article was written in response to seeing a question that comes up every few weeks or so in both the Haqqislam and Mercenaries threads: "Can I run a mercenaries-only list, and how should I go about doing it?" Or something to the effect of, "Hey, I just met Infinity, and this is crazy, but I just bought all the mercenaries, so list me maybe?" The answer to this is, of course, "Yes, you can play an All-Merc List with QK. Here's how..." While there are already some very well written guides profiling the Qapu Khalqi units, they may not cover the particular synergies and limitations of focusing on solely using the Mercenary units in QK (Which is the only ITS-legal list at the moment). Hence, I will, in this article, attempt to address this gap in knowledge to the best of my ability. So what does it mean to run an all-mercenary QK (MERQK) list? Running a MERQK list would mean running a list which consists mostly, if not exclusively of, the following units: Unit (AVA) LI Kaplan (5) Alguacile (4) Bashi-Bazouk (4) MI Druze (4) HI Brigada (1) WB Yuan-Yuan (3) TAG Scarface & Cordelia (1) Iguana (1) Should you choose to go "pure mercenary", the units available here, while good choices, do skip on some of the arguably most useful technologies/abilities available to QK, such as MSV2, Haris and the majority of the Link options, including the ubiquitous Hafza, and the great Haqq-standard WIP 14. However, what you do have access to, is the full range of AD and TAGs, along with good solid LI/MI/HI to back them up. As these units are very well-explained in their respective (Nomads/Haqqislam/QK) guides already, I will not be writing another review for each unit. Instead, I will be focusing on the specific synergies and roles these units can play in the MERQK. Overview So basically what you will be missing out on are: - MSV2, Haris, Hafza (Universal Link) - Advanced Deployment Specialists (Al'Hawwa) - All of the linkable HI options - 0 SWC, WIP 14 LT options What you do have is the following: - All the great AD (arguably some of the best in the game) options (Yuan-Yuan, Bashi-Bazouk) - Cheapest Regular Infantry in QK (10-point Alguaciles) - Both the TAG options in QK (Scarface, Iguana) - One sole multiwound unit/HI (Brigada) - The best Engineers/Doctors in QK (Kaplans, Cordelia) - Grand total of two Linkable options, albeit solid ones (Druze, Kaplans) - Only 3 LT options (Brigada, Druze, Alguaciles), out of which two require SWC, and all of which are (only) WIP 13. Strategy What this means is that your MERQK list will invariably favour aggressive tactics via TAGs and AD, backed up by strong, reliable lineholders. With no advanced deployment Specialists, your objective capture game might start off a little slowly, but you should almost never fail the objective game once you're there. Don't neglect or forget that. With a lack of MSV2, you will almost definitely face problems against units with TO/ODD, hence be prepared to either use speculative fire (of which you have a relatively accurate one via the X-Visor-equipped Druze), or leverage on your HI/AD/TAGs (of which most come standard with template weapons) to quickly pick them off. Your LT options are limited to just Brigada, Druze (2 SWC) and Alguaciles (1 SWC), which are less effective (only WIP 13) and/or SWC expensive in general compared to the Haqq unit options available. This however, is arguably relative, for many other factions typically deploy LTs that are WIP 13 or less and require at least 1 SWC, or both. So really, they are en par, but not inferior; just that they pale in comparison to Haqq LT options. Tactics While limited (even more than a Sectorial usually is already), the MERQK list still lends itself well to certain tactics: Blitzkrieg - What it says on the tin. Judicious use of TAGs and AD to move up and overwhelm the enemy's defences before he can react to you. Aim for his command structure and specialists where possible, and next prioritise targets which either a) will be the most dangerous to you in his active turn, or b.) you are able to kill most effectively. Basically, your objective is to remove the enemy's capability to prosecute a war effectively, not to wipe him on turn 1. Let your slower moving line infantry mop up whatever the TAGs/AD fail to kill, preferably in his active turn, or your second turn. You did ensure that he wasn't in retreat by Turn 1 didn't you? Be careful not to go overboard on TAGs/AD however, as TAGs are expensive and your AD options are Irregular, draining orders both on and off the board. Ensure that you have enough to break through his lines, but not so much that the rest of your list is severely lacking. Link Taxi - Both a method for overcoming the lack of advanced deployed Specialists, as much as a means of conveying them safely into the battle zone. This encompasses moving a Kaplan link up to the midfield to capture objectives in as expeditious a manner as possible. Don't be afraid to drop the link once at your Forward Rendezvous so that your Specialists can go after one objective each, but do ensure they are able to get somewhere safe out of enemy reprisal so they do not get isolated and killed. A useful thing to do may be to have a Druze 4-man somewhere in Command Range of each other, so that if you choose to drop your Kaplan link entirely, you may transfer the Link to them to provide covering fire for the next turn. This tactic invariably means that a) the Kaplans are almost indispensible in the MERQK list, and b.) they will probably take high casualties. Therefore, protect them well. Recommendations Hafza - Given their status as an "officer cadre" of QK, it would make sense to include at least one as a "Mercenary Handler", just to round off that Druze Link to a 5-man, to play shenanigans with your rather limited LT options, or as a straight up highly effective LT. Lastly, it also does not hurt that they are one of the options for a... Husam (Spec-Ops) - If you're allowed to bring one, it is always best to equip him in a manner that best complements the shortcomings of your force. For MERQK, do consider giving him Infiltration, if you want some quick objective grabbing (but ensure he can be properly backed up), or just plain fielding him as a cheap backup specialist embedded in one of your link teams. Lastly, you might consider Minelayer (for something QK lacks), or Chain of Command (to compensate for your rather obvious LT options) Al'Hawwa - Among the rest of the non-Merc QK options, the Al'Hawwa alone may singularly add the most capabilities to the MERQKs. Their Camo-Infil, combined with their Mines and Forward Observer status (though not both at once, strangely), are perhaps the best force multipliers for the MERQKs should you choose to bring in another Haqq-authorised Merc-handler for a mission. Odalisques - As others have mentioned, Odalisques are technically bodyguards, and so might find their way into a MERQK company sometimes. The main point though, is that they have quite a lot to offer to even the standard QK: Sixth-Sense L2, No Wound Incapacitation and a Haris 3-man Link makes them useful as a general anchor or assault force for the rest of the MERQK (which aren't as tough as them in general). All in all, I hope this was useful as a primer into the world of the QK Merc. I shall add more once I'm more free in the coming weeks. Or I may move to the Mercenaries board to add another section on the utilisation of the Mercenary Personalities in their respective Sectorials. Good Hunting, ARO_intheknee Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission Liaison Officer, Outreach
  14. As a vanilla Yu Jing player who can't enter the field without a few monks in a separate combat group, and a Rui Shi (the MSV 2 rem) to shoot behind their smokes, I fielded the Bounty Hunter (aka Punisher mini) and as it is well known the effectiveness of monks, the Bounty Hunter just rocked the whole game everytime i fielded him. Tag him along the Paramedic Shang Ji, place a suppression fire or set him loose on a otherwise order ineffective alley, everytime he costed the enemy at least 4 to 6 orders in his active turn per game, be it because of choosing an alternate route or simply because he has 12 bs and a combi and his loss means nothing to me. I mean, he has so much of a diverse booty list,and a rarely found BS 12 you can find him a job anywhere on the field. (except for chains and nanopulsar, we got monks for that kinda work) As ı have literally no experience of Yojimbo, but has heard so many good remarks of him, I assume our Irregulars are quite a piece of work. I know bounty hunters are not spesifically ours but with the superior army synergy the Yu Jing has, he always does his work well. So what do you guys think of this? And my choice of putting irregulars as a second combat group and having a single 10 order combat group seemed to work wonders for me, your opinion on that would be more than welcome too
  15. I've had a set of Kaplans I've been working on; they aren't entirely finished but I'm getting there.
  16. The Infinity website lists the KTS in the mercenary models section, not the Haqqislam section, but the KTS have an availability in not only the merc-heavy Qapu Khalqi, but the full access Haqqislam army as well. This is confusing to me because the Bashi Bazouks are also billed as mercenaries, and have an entry in the mercenary army list beyond the usual "former warfighter for Pan Ocean/Yu Jing/Haqqislam etc." entry, but also list with Haqqislam models section. So, are KTS mercenaries from Haqqislam as the Bashi Bazouk appear to be, or are they mercenaries that simply often work for Haqqislam, like the Druze?