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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Anyone have any idea how Arslan suppose to look like? I am thinking to convert one of the old Druze Shock Trooper (One with combi rifle +GL) with a Mohawk head to make him looks like his appearance in Outrage? Or should I just use the Beyond ICE storm special edition Authorised Bounty Hunter with breaker pistols as a proxy? thank you
  2. Please suscribe and like if you please
  3. OMG about time we get something super awesome in the game, fat yuan yuan is going to be epic addition to both the RPG and regular gaming, can't wait to get my hands on the mini. I love that unlike normal yuan yuans this guy have decided to bring booze instead of smoke grenades, now we need a stonner yuan yuan with a bong instead of weapon but with extra smoke grenades. PS: ava 1 is BS make it at least 5-6 PPS: can we get all merc faction nomads are cool and stuff but all mercs team would be even more baddass
  4. Picked up an anaconda impulsively, because I wanted to run it alongside my antipodes. Just wanted to know if this guy is worth it for Ariadna? Thanks!
  5. Mercenaries are a colourful element of Infinity. In friendly games, some people allow the free use of mercenaries. However, I found that this may be a bit over the top and jeopardises the balance between the factions. I had the following rules idea. Please tell me what you think of it. Mercenaries may be used just as being described in the N3 rules. If players agree, the following suggestion may be used instead: Any generic army may use troopers with the troop classification of mercenary even if it is normally not allowed. Three restrictions apply: a) Only one trooper per 100 army list points may be used The total of the army list points used up by such mercenaries may not exceed 25% of the total. c) The narrative mode restriction laid out in Campaign: Paradiso (p. 168) also apply. This means that in a 300 point game, a generic army may include up to three mercenary troopers costing up to 75 points.
  6. double post, sorry. Why can t I just delete it?
  7. Hello everyone, Firstly, loved all the help on the ARO vs. Hacking issue -- helped the gaming group out a lot. Now, since that game, a lot of people have had interest sparked in Infinity (yay!), but back when I first started, there were some things that were a hurdle for one of the would-be players. The man loves Senor Massacre as a character and a model (he gets a Metal Gear vibe from him), and he always wanted to use him; however, back when we were first introduced to the game, the Mercenaries were linked to either their own army (where availability was halved and all that jazz) or to specific armies only (I believe Senor could only be in Nomads, which he detested aesthetic-wise). My question is mostly if I understood the writing correctly. In the rules and the Wiki, it states... Players can only add Mercenary Troops to their Army List by mutual accord, or if such troops are available for their faction, or their Sectorial Army (see Infinity. Human Sphere). Unless otherwise stated, players cannot add Mercenary Troops to any Combined Army or alien Army List. The "available for their faction" sounds like the old system, which is perfectly fine; however, the mutual accord part... if I understand it correctly, I imagine this just means, "If a player wishes to field the model in their army, it must be agreed to by their opponent"? I know it may seem silly to double-check on something that may seem obvious, but his interest solely lies on this model and finding a different army from Nomads to play with -- I know you can always house rule these things, but if it's "legal" to do it, it helps his case a lot more. Thanks in advance!
  8. what about this le muet painted at venezuela? does it clasify as propainted? note the custom made base!
  9. Hey Folks, An odd one, I am here to show off someone else's work... the legendary Panowner (see his thread here ) has been kind enough to paint up a magnificent Anaconda TAG which he has donated to our FLGS (Lvl Up Gaming here to be raffled off for charity! How cool is that? So here's the TAG and pilot in all their glory: If you'd like to get involved you can buy tickets for £1 per ticket via the events PayPal: [email protected] All profits will be paid directly to a local children's hospice, Naomi House: Please note that if you enter from outside the UK then the mighty Panowner will pay postage to you. Isn't he lovely? If you have any questions then please let me know. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi folks! I've recently developed an interest in Infinity and painted up a couple of Yuan Yuan miniatures that I got from a clearance deal. I've been into miniatures for the last 14 years or so and I already have sizeable collections of WHFB, 40K, FOW, Dystopian Wars and BFG. Anyway, I originally had an idea that I wanted to work with some shocking colours and space pirates - the pink was a request by my fiancée, but I thought it could make for a good challenge since I normally use brown, drab colours for that realistic feeling. After re-watching Firefly and partaking in some contemporary sci-fi material I knew that I wanted to use Mercenaries, particularly pirates, with that white-spacesuit-look. So here are my first two offerings: Now, I don't know the rules and I've yet to play a game, so I haven't settled for a faction yet, but I know that I'd like a tournament legal army. I just haven't decided if I'm gonna go with the Haqqislam sectorial currently available or wait for the white stars. Wish I had that 3rd Yuan Yuan miniature to go with these fellas, but I think I could expand them using the Ragik models as "counts-as" Yuan. I also got 2 Karakuri models in the pipeline that were unfortunately ruined by the army painter primer, so they need stripping before I get back to them, but I was considering using them as "counts-as" Yuan by giving them drop packs or something. Any ideas? Currently trying to figure out what my initial 250 pts list should be like with the Haqqislam... suggestions greatly appreciated!
  11. This has been somewhat of a labor of love of mine. I have been taking ideas from my experiences with Infinity and trying to create something that is interesting and fresh for the Infinity universe. So, what is this expansion and why am I bothering to try and get you to play it? Well, just like you I enjoy Infinity, and I also happen to like Mercenaries and wish they played an even bigger role in a game about differing shades of grey (nothing is black and white in this universe). With that in mind, I decided to try and craft a campaign based on the idea of a group of Infinity players vying for supremacy as a Mercenary company. Right now, it is at the infant stage. I finally have some base scenarios to start the game, but I require a lot of feedback on it in order to keep things interesting. I will be trying it out tomorrow with my playgroup, but I was hoping that the community would give it a shot in their spare time. I have tried to keep true to the background as much as possible and will eventually catalog as many of the corporations, companies, and mercenary groups in the Sphere. If anything is not clear within the document, I want to know. I want it to be clear, concise, and flavorful. A few of my colleagues say it has the spirit of Infinity, and one of them even went as far as to saying he was reading something directly from Corvus Belli as in it was official. That is indeed a compliment, but I know it can be so much more. I am asking that the community just give it a shot. I will be updating this post periodically as I make improvements and add on to the document. Some things I am working on in no particular order: Actual Campaign missions More Tier systems A.L.E.P.H. Support Tree Side Missions Role Playing aspects (faction choices dictating company and Mercenary Leader). Currency System (As of now, IP or Influence Points are the primary [and only] means of upgrading and expanding a Mercenary Company, while XP gives experience to your Mercenary Leader). Character contracts (Enlisting Saito Togan for his services, calling in a biker gang leader Asuka, or assigning a target marked for death to Father Lucien Sforza) Company contracts (Joining with companies like Beyhan Resources and others). There will be more charts, maps, and datas once I get a template sorted out. Very W.I.P.. MercenariesASupplementalCampaignforInfinity.pdf
  12. So I was looking through the Mercenaries section of the website, and while the units that are obviously fluffed as Mercs are all in there, (Druze, Kaplan, Yuan etc.), there are others that aren't, like the Brigada, Alguaciles, Wildcats and Ahl-Fassed. Now, there is the justification that those units are actually Nomads/Haqq respectively, but why is the Bashi, who are employed by Haqq, in there then? The same can be said for the Caterans and Kempei too. There is the argument that some units are there because there are rules for them to work outside their faction. Kempeitai come to mind. But if that's the case, then would there be a reason for the Caterans and arguably the Bashi to be there, and not the Alguaciles/Brigada? So, what makes a Merc? Is it the fluff, the rules, a combination of both, or is it a conspiracy section that foreshadows what the Mercs sectorial(s) would look like/be about? Edit: Or am I just overthinking things and just that some profiles are listed as Mercs in the books and some aren't.
  13. I am discussing the addition of Mercenaries to regular Factions, not those monstrosities of three blended factions. Prior to Paradiso, I'd slap yo' mama before letting you play with any Mercs with any regularity. There were no rules for them. You wanted to play with Miyomoto Musashi? Well, there's JSA for you. Now with Human Sphere giving a list of who Mercs work for, I like the idea of seeing Mercs all over the place, even if my beloved KTS are traitors and will play with practically anybody. Would you now allow people to run Mercs in regular games as long as they follow the Paradiso structure? And now we have Ryan Gosling. I like the stats but the cheap Irregular doesn't stand out in my mind that much. To me, he's a very cheap gamble. I pay 14 points and hope I roll something ridiculously undercosted like a Bike, HMG or OD. Booty 2 is a definite improvement over 1, so I don't see you ever using 1 with Gosling and pals. Your guys thoughts on da Gosling? These are two things that I've been musing over.
  14. I assume that the Mercenary army list is generated automatically? There are some units with AVA 0, which I assume are impossible to take. Can we have them removed from the list, it's way too long as it is?