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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks, TwoDee/Effendi Yilmaz here. I've recently seen a troubling new tactic pitched in my own faction forums, and some inquiry with my spies (read: friends) have turned up that this wasn't uniquely our idea. So, I'd like to speak out against it early lest anyone come to embrace it later. I'm speaking of the notion that players should withhold battle reports in a single arena for large stretches, and then drop them all at a later coordinated time to blitz a single arena. Tactically this is sound, albeit "gamey," but I believe that it goes directly contrary to the spirit of the event. Wotan is competitive, but it's also an event of cooperative community creativity. If, at the behest of your faction leaders, you deliberately hoard your drafts to later dump them as part of a player-driven numbers game, not only are you doing your opponent a severe disservice by disallowing him or her the ability to link battle reports with yours until such time as you deign to allow, but you're also ignoring one of the fundamental purposes of the narrative batrep format. We're supposed to be building hype and community for the game, and batreps are our instrument of conveying the narrative and demonstrating the excellence of Infinity's players to Beasts of War and the greater wargaming community. They create the very momentum by which the campaign moves, and if we were all to engage in this tactic, the entire purpose of the event would be nullified: the campaign would putter along with no apparent movement, until a stuttering anticlimax as everyone unceremoniously publishes their drafts. Mutually Assured Destruction is best saved for in-character threats. Let's not inflict it on the entire campaign format because of dubious metagaming. I'll get off my soap box now.
  2. Which are the reasons many people claim that Santiago Knights are not worthy to the infinity Metagame? Could someone enumerate or point them? Thanks