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Found 54 results

  1. So mines as a camo is S2 size, while without camo it is S0. What happens if a mine is behind low wall and enemy comes into 8" of it ? S2 can see enemy but the mine itself (S0) cannot. What should be a proper resolution of this interaction ? 1) Mine does nothing ("idle ARO"). 2) Mines tries to explode but lacks of LoF so it just "drops camo".
  2. A question about mine placement during movement. During a recent friendly game, I was moving my Rodok link team across the top of a building. I moved the link leader to the edge of the building (which was about a story up) and declared on the second action as place mine. Placing the mine in base to base contact with the Rodok but over thin air off the side of the building. In effect "dropping" the mine over the edge and straight down next to Joan dArc and De Fersen. I wanted to inquire about whether that is a valid use of mines. My opponent and I decided to not allow the action and we rolled back to just before that order and continued. We figured as we couldn't find anything that said we could do that (nor anything that forbade it) and as drop bears are a thing such an action would be reserved for them. What do you guys reckon? Can you drop mines off an edge and let gravity work or would that not be a valid position and not class as base to base despite no lateral movement of the mine? Cheers
  3. Okay, help me out with this one: We all know a cammo token holding a deployable, like a mine, is S2. However, the mine itself is S0 If I put the mine behind an S1 cover, the oponent can see the cammo, but not the mine. So far so good, the mine won't blow up until they round the corner, and if they discover the mine they can't shoot it because it's out of LOF. The problem is: what happens when I intutive attack the mine? The rule for cammo tokens say they must make an armor save in order do be revealed, but the rules for DTWs and intuitive attack state that they can't hit a model out of LOF. How does it work in this case?
  4. Hi guys! I need some help confirming some ruling for me. Suppose I have a cluster of camo tokens - some are mines, some are units. My opponent lobs a grenade, either with a launcher or by hand, and hits. Do I resolve the mine's armor against the grenades as if they were it by the explosion? It would make sense to do so, but I can't find a ruling about it; can you pls clarify this?
  5. Hello, i walk with a minesweeper drone in the ZoC of a Mine, the mine drops it´s camo and i declare minelayer. Is that a valid move or is the mine "gone" after activating. What happens when it resolves and I win? Do i have a mine?
  6. This is not exactly a rules questions, but a general tactical one which is why I decided to post it here. Having recently had reason to read the Minesweeper and Deactivator rules more closely I noticed there doesn't seem to be much to be done against mines. Dodging is at PH -3. Minesweeper is all but useless since mines usually are behind scenery corners and not conveniently out in the open to be discovered and shot at. Even with a sensor you still need to get a minesweeper in LoF with a mine but outside its trigger area since there is no more way to disarm it from within said area and even camo markers cannot pass a mine. So unless you spend 5 or so orders on sensor and minesweeper remotes moving around the board like crazy while your opponent is friendly enough not to shoot them, I don't see much you can do against them. Which seems a bit extreme for an action that costs the opponent 1-2 orders to place the mine appropriately. Of course the other option is running cheap models (if your army has them at all) in to detonate mines and hoping they roll 7 or less (on average PH) and don't just die. This quite surprised me, since Infinity usually has counters against everything. (Like camo - msv, hacking - tinbots, bs - odd/camo etc) Did I miss something obvious here? Would be happy about suggestions because this kind of put an end to my motivation to play.
  7. The Guilang profiles have Camouflage, infiltration and antipersonnel mines. I understand from the wiki that placing a mine is a short skill (or ARO). So does the Guilang deploy with no mines out on the table and have to place them? Does deploying a mine reveal him from the camo state? Sorry for all the noob questions but trying to decide if including one for a tournament at the weekend is a good idea! I basically want to use one as an area denial tool. Deploy close to an objective, drop some mines and sit there with a boarding shotgun to make the enemy approach to that objective as painful as possible. Maybe sitting there with a combi rifle on supressive fire might work better.
  8. So Bolts in a 3+ link get B2 Drop Bears in ARO. But generally you have to target the same target in ARO (no split burst). With Smoke that seems to mean you effectively get two chances to land smoke at one location. Does this mean it's the same for Bolts - i.e., you can only land one mine in ARO - even if you succeed on two rolls, but you expend two of your three drop bears? Because I'm guessing you can't land two mines in one spot.
  9. So I was wondering why the rules for killing an HVT exist as it's has to basically be intentional to kill one. With mines and ect. you are allowed to "slice the pie" on any angle to his the troop you intend to without really endangering an HVT (or your own troop) because of just placing them template in any way you want. Are these rules just a carryover or am I missing something in the template placement that would make this a bigger risk? Also are teardrop templates a 3D teardrop area of effect or just on the line you place it (horizontal or vertical)? ANd if thats the case what is the official width of the template? thanks
  10. Hi, It is said that you cannot have LoF through destroyed wall/gate/whatever, it's very difficult terrain and saturation zone. You can MOVE through it though. Now the question can you speculative fire a eg. grenade through it ? Can you deploy a mine on the other side of destroyed wall/gate (while in B2B with it) ?
  11. Like it says in title, what happens when I discover and then shoot a mine ? Does the mine explode, does it just stop existing in her imaginary plane of existence or something third happens ? Also, if the mine explodes when shot, can my troops get damaged by it in that case ?
  12. So, I saw that the Pan-O TAG "Tikbalangs" has anti-personel mines. If I possess the tag with something like Total Control hacking program, then plant the mines, which player's models set off the mines? it's his tag, possessed by my hacker. does the tag set off its own mines while possessed. -Proxy
  13. Hello everyone. Faced strange situation last game and didn't found solution in Rulebook and FAQs. Model A sees Camo marker on the roof and declaring Special Maneuver: Discover + BS Attack. Model A discovers Camo. There is Mine and while it was S2 Camo it was visiable for Model A at Order Declaration. But Mine is S0 and Model A can't draw LoF to it on the roof. What happend next? 1. Model A can Shoot and kill Mine or 2. Model A can only Discover Mine coz after roll it became out of LoF
  14. Ok so this seems to be a very weird rules misstep from HSN2 - HSN3. In N 2 declaration of minesweeper would work before the mine goes off turning it to a friendly mine. In N3 minesweeper works differently and there's no mention of it working inside a mine's radius. You then have to read the rules for perimeter and mine to get to the awkward ruling that from 0-8 inches minesweeper cannot be used against a deployable weapon. (Although it can against other deployables) if there was something in the minesweeper and deactivator rule specifically stating they no longer work at 0-8 for deployable weapons or if there were an example, there wouldn't be an issue. That is not the case though. So was it CB's intention to make mines and perimeter weapons avoid deactivator and minesweeper from 0-8?
  15. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask a question about how mines work in N3. Do you need an enemy inside a trigger area to place a mine, or you can place them whenever you want, using a Short Skill?
  16. Hello everyone, I'd like to specify one thing about how mines work. In the mine profile you can see that it has Direct Template rule. So, can you use a mine like a flamethrower or not?
  17. 1) How do mines and other deployables interact with coordinated orders? The FAQ explicitly calls out target less weapons which must hit the same spot, but I have not seen that attribute attached to deployables 2) Does the -3 to dodge deployables apply to engage? 3) Do mods from separate sources stack or applied separately when a single roll is used to oppose? I do not mean something like dodging a single surprise shot across a low vis zone, but dodging a BS attack as well as a mine. If the model passes the PH roll and beats the bs attack, but would fail the PH at -3, are they hit by only the mine or by both the mine and bs attack? Other examples include: A) Dodging two separate BS AROs through a low vis zone, one being suppression fire and another a regular BS attack. reset vs sucker punch and another hacking program
  18. Another question concerning mines: Q: Is it true, that a mine deployed as a camo marker, has S2 (because it is "concealed"). But if someone discovers it, the silhouette changes to S0? If it's true, is it just "a rule" one has to accept or is there any reason for it? It seems a little bit strange, that the mine changes it's silhouette... Follow up Question: We had a discussion about exploding mines. A friend meant in a game: "The mine has S2, so it is able to see my model (which had spent an order in the trigger area. There also was some scenery between the mine and the enemy model). But now the mine changes it's silhouette to S0 because it is triggered and with s0 there is no more LOS to my model and so it can't be hit." So the question is: Q2: When do you check LOS? (1) As long as the mine is still concealed (silhouette 2), or (2) does the mine first change to s0 and then you have have to check LOS for the small template if it hits someone? This could create strange situations. A mine could be triggered due to s2, then change to s0 and then not being able to hit the model, which triggered it, anymore, and there for be wasted. My opinion ist, that the change to s0 would happen at the end of the order/ARO, so after the mine exploded (which of course then isn't relevant then).
  19. It's my active turn. With my first short skill I shoot an enemy trooper, which dies. Behind that enemy tropper is one of his own mines, which didn't go off. It didn't go off due to my shooting (although I'm in the trigger area of the mine) because the template wouldn't just hit me but also the enemy trooper. My first short skill is over, the enemy tropper is dead, the mine didn't go off. Q: Do I have to declare a second short skill? If so, the mine would now go off and hit me. Or can I say that I skip the second short skill and do nothing - so no skill done, mine doesn't go off. Would that "doing nothing" be considered as the short skill "idle" (idle is a short skill and would trigger the mine), or can I literally skip the second short skill not declaring idle?
  20. 1)Can miniature place mine, if there is an enemy within mine AoE and LoF blocked by Zero-Visibility Zone? 2) In active turn, miniature entered mine AoE with LoF blocked by Zero-Visibility Zone. Can miniature use Second short skill of an order to shoot mine back (just like camo or MSV 2 unit attack) and possibly hit with template weapon another enemy miniatures?
  21. hi guys, i just have a question about our lovely deactivator, and argue with my friends for a while, so look for any answers here, very appreciated for replies let's say there's a mine behind the wall, since any camo deployable weapon is S2, so my engineer can see it from other places. now i just stand there and use the combination of discover+deactivate. i rolled successfully for my discover roll, but then my friend argued that the mine's S value is 0, so once i discovered it i can't see it. but i think the S2 to S0 process only take place at the resolution of the order, so if i discover it successfully in that order, of course i can deactivate it in the same order. so what u guys think of it ? welcome for any answers, thank u.
  22. I believe the answer is yes, as mines are not comms equipment. Seems like it should work though, given that a mine is able to sense the difference between friendly and enemy troops and refrain from triggering if it would hit a friendly (even if it's an enemy that looks like a friendly via Impersonation). That has to require some pretty hi-tech electronics and software. Yes, I know, don't ask for realism in a game with werewolves.
  23. Hi there, in the situation where a Fiday has placed a mine within the circular area of a smoke template, what is the penalty to Dodge? Does the -3 for dodging an attack that originates from outside LoF stack with the penalty for a deployable weapon? To give you the specification by example, there are three Fusiliers camping behind a building in their deployment zone. A Fiday wanders up to the corner and throws a smoke grenade out, and then walks into the smoke, then places a mine. The Fiday then walks out, and the Fusiliers elect to dodge, which triggers the mine. Will their dodge roll be at -3 or -6? Thanks!
  24. Mines are a piece of equipment I've been deliberately trying to learn to make the best use of. I haven't always been succesfull using them nor have I always remembered to use them when I perhaps should have. But there's a couple of things I've learned. Don't leave them where your enemy can easily use Discover them. Try to jam them behind terrain so that your opponent has to move the the short template range. Or at least put them somewhere where you can have someone ARO enemies attempting to Discover them. Having somebody who is able to ARO can also be handy against Minesweeper units though I have not yet seen such units in action. Mines can be used as a rearguard for units you plan to put in supressive fire. This is something that the numerous infiltrators with mines can best pull off. Put them in a location where they can block an area with suppressive fire, put a mine behind them before you go into sup fire (minelayer is good for this). This will give your enemy some second thoughts about trying to flank your troop. So, share your experiences and tips for using mines here.
  25. Disclaimer: I'm a noob! Would someone help clarify a rule? (one that had us confused today) Ariadna: Chasseur moves up into line of sight with camo. PanO: Waits before reacting. Ariadna: Chasseur's 2nd short action is to drop a mine. PanO: Incapacitates the Chasseur. What happens to the mine? Is the Chasseur able to complete the action? In the game we played the Chasseur was incapacitated and the mine was allowed to stay and caused many casualties on my next turn