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  1. I made the following building in 2012 for a tournament in Washington D.C. The project was to build terrain based on buildings and monuments on the Mall in Washington D.C. For some reason I found myself "volunteered" to build this, a scale model of the National Museum of the American Indian. So, armed with nothing but the internet, I managed to cobble together enough images to draft some plans and to produce the ~ 1/200 scale building you see below, and which you can see in person at the tournament, since it is used-- it is a playable piece of terrain, and would work for Infinity too --in the 40k narrative tournament. Some of you who were at last year's tournament may have seen it, and the other very impressive monuments and buildings we had. This building is roughly 18" x 24" in size. The base a bit larger. (Yes, the base was an afterthought. I did not want to distract from the building. So it is pretty simple.) This gives you an idea of its size, since there are no visual indicators in the photos. I think that the style, which is meant to evoke the American southwest, particularly lends itself well to the sort of architecture that one finds on Bourak, rammed earth constructions, thick curving walls and other touches. The color seems close too. I do imagine Bourak having redder tones. Perhaps the buildings should have a few details reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire or the Casbah. Since I play the Haqqis, I intend to build a Bourak board, and use this style as the inspirational source for its buildings. I am undecided about building sizes (footprints, heights) and amounts. Plus the small matter of scatter terrain. Any suggestions, I welcome them. I intend this to be a terrain blog. I may also deviate a bit into other Infinity terrain projects too. Thanks for stopping by.