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  1. Hello there! This is my 1st post here, so it will serve both as the starting point for my Morat -blog and an introduction of sorts. A few weeks ago a lot of my friends suddenly shifted their interest towards Infinity. We have all played different miniature games for as long as we can remember, and usually when this sort of thing happens a lot of us go all in. This time it was no different. At least 10 of us now, all either ordered their armies or all ready received them. I really dug the look and feel of the Morats, and decided I would get a nice group of them. About a week ago I received my miniatures and I was itching to crack on with them. First week results you can see in this 1st post, but I will try and add stuff every week if I can, untill I feel I am done. So. Lets start. First off, here is a rather standard Axe-wielding Daturazi. I really like this model, and felt tilting him forwards with a base design adds to the aggressive stance. I chopped the axe a bit, since I felt it looked a bit unwieldy. Next, this guy had a little more done to him. Another Datu, but I wanted him to dual-wield swords. Nothing too fancy, just some minor sculpt work to get the arm to fit the socket. I really wanted to go all-Morat, so I needed an engineer. The old Kurgat models did not convince me, but I found a Kurgat conversion from these forums somewhere (sorry that I cant give better credit where credit is due - a nice idea!) and I had to do the same. Its basically the Raktorak model from the Agressor-box but I used a dremel to carve out some of the armour from the torso to make room for the shotgun arms of a Daturazi. I also added the loin cloth from a Datu. Need to go back and greenstuff some minor problems, like the butt of the shotgun and the loincloths connection to the groin. I guess here it gets interesting? I was trying to figure out what to do with an unarmed Datu, and while browsing the list builder I started to zoom in on the Spec Ops Morat. Not really knowing the rules behind them, I looked them up and realised I really want one. More accurately, I wanted a Rambo. I used the spare torso from a Datu combined with the spare arms from the Raktorak model, but replaced the gun with a HMG from the vanguard box. The trickiest part was to carve the support hand from the HMG, as I wanted him to sport that gun with a single hand. I also wanted a bayonet. I am from the 80s and I can not help myself. I also removed the beard with a dremel before I started to sculpt details like the pouches and leg bag. Also needed to add some muscle to the arm joints to make them fit. I love this guy. Last but not least from the first 5, I wanted to make a medic. I decided to use the spare vanguard torso and the support arm. Again I raided the Datu box for the gun arm. I was thinking of using the unclenched hand from the Datu's too, but decided against it and sculpted the missing hand together with a medipack. Also added some other details, like the leg bag and the shoulder armour for the naked arm. I feel the Doc came out more badass than I was thinking, but I am glad he did. So yeah! That is my 1st week done. So far I am LOVING it. Cant wait to get painting. Hope you fellas dig what I have come up so far. - M