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Found 13 results

  1. Viral says: Units possessing more than one Troop Profile whose cumulative Wounds Attribute is greater than one (for example, units with Transmutation). (emphasis mine) Means Kum, Penthesilia and Yojimbo can use Dogged/NWI when fail save to Viral?
  2. Movement says: A trooper can vault over any obstacle not higher than his Silhouette Template (as determined by his Silhouette Attribute) at no cost, without declaring Jump or Climb. And Motorcycle says: Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot go Prone. Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot Climb. Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot Jump vertically or diagonally upward, they can only Jump horizontally (as in Jump Example 3) and vertically or diagonally downward. Does this mean motorbike can wheelee onto things up to its hight? Or space-hydraulics to hop over it like Knight Rider? Also, does climbing through windows (glassless) generally considered as Vault action?
  3. I have had an interesting question posed to me by my local community that I could not fine a sufficient answer in the rules for and am looking for a ruling consensus. Motorcycles have their own profile to which you can use an anti-material weapon to destroy, Now the question is can you target the bike while it is being ridden? And if so do you suffer any effects of the riders skills (Ex: Aragoto Bikers mimitism)? Or, is the profile only to be used while dismounted. If so a clarification would not be amiss in the wiki or a FAQ Link to Motorcycle rules for the reference to the profile:
  4. I want the aragoto models. They are so sexy. But I don't want 2 nice-looking models sitting perpetually on my shelf under an inch of dust. The problem is I have no idea how to use them. Sure they have a lot of Mov and Mimetism, but I don't feel like Mimetism will keep them alive when they have no smoke, can't take cover and dodge on 8 or worse. The dodge means their Kinematika L2 is kind of pointless as well. Hold them back behind a building, never use their Impetuous unless the perfect situation drops, gift-wrapped, into my lap, and then use them on turn 3 to claim objectives/mop up stragglers? Maybe? Are they good for anything else? I really want to use our bikes. But apart from having Mov 8-6 I just don't see anything worthwhile about them that I can't get better from another unit. Teach me. How do I aragoto?
  5. Hello, can I deploy dismounted? E.g. my Desperado doesn't want to drive 8" into the sunset and getting hundreds of AROs so I choose to deploy dismounted. this thread seems so suggest that I can. Where do I put my motorcycle, close by, far away? If the far away is the case, how do I have to move if my trooper is impetuous? Do I have to mount my motorcycle in every case to get faster to the enemy?
  6. I won this mini last weekend at the Pigfinity 2015 tournament. My placing was rubbish, but my hurriedly-finished Haqqislam army did take Best Painted and this was my reward. I'll post pics of the army as soon as I've had time to properly finish it off, as it still needs a few details touching up. R.
  7. Hey. I've been trying to find a TAG sized motorcycle for a conversion, but I can't locate anything appropriate. There are tons of motorcycle kits out there, but none seem to be the right size. I'd also prefer something that retains Infinity's futuristic/anime look. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. This comes from the Yu Jing subforum and I thought the notion was interesting and unclear enough to warrant a RoE question. Situation 1: Yojimbo is in total cover, 5" from a corner. Moving to the corner is the shortest route to the enemy and would cause Yojimbo to take an unacceptable number of AROs. Dismounting causes him to move 4" and be in a perfect position to toss a smoke grenade. May Yojimbo doctor his MOV characteristic by dismounting? Situation 2: Same as above, but Yojimbo is already dismounted. Does he have to mount to increase his MOV to satisfy Extremely Impetuous? Situation 3: Yojimbo is in total cover next to a Q-Building and in base contact with the wall. The most direct/fastest path to the enemy is to climb the wall to the second floor. Does Yojimbo have to dismount in order to Climb? Assumed answer to all questions: No, you only use the current profile.
  9. 1) I found this problem with the wording of the actual movement of a dismounted biker. It's not clear: - so i dismount and i have the biker(S2) and his bike(S4) BTB to him. (see rulebook p.138) do i get to move both these "bases" BTB at the same time? (as i can choose to drive or walk before movenment but after "using an order") - OR the bike base stays where i left it and the biker just walks away? (which COULD happen in real life, but i assume that game mecanics do not expect my HI-w-ML hop on some random maybe mine motorcycle and drive i in the sunset) ***anyway I think that your walking biker just drags the moto-token with himself btb so that explanes that he can not climbstairs etc. cus he holds his bike (DUH) i just want to know if anyone had that issue? 2) also! if a moto-token has it's own S4, does it provide cover? can i shootaro through it (as it is MY modeltoken)?
  10. [Hi everyone. I've written a "scrolling mode" motorcycle minigame up, and begun playtesting it recently. I'd love your input on rules, and if anyone wants to playtest it would be be really rad to have your thoughts especially. Corbeau and I got in a couple games the other day, and so far it's a blast. Testing with Kum/Aleph forces is needed, as is general playtest. For those in the Seattle area, Card Kingdom has gaming tables that are already set up to have the required cross-wise 2' sections that you remove each round as the tables "scrolls" behind the riders.] Hot Pursuit simulates a 1980s scrolling-screen motorcycle race videogame. It is a mission/mod for the Infinity miniatures game, taking the excellent rules of that system and adapting them for fun, fast races/battles between opposing motorcycle gangs. As the models zoom forwards, board sections will be removed behind them and placed at the head of the board: those who lag behind get left in the dust. May the fastest and baddest riders win! Gang Rumble: Forces For basic games of Hot Pursuit, forces consist of 75 points and 1.5 SWC of motorcycle-mounted units, max 3 models. This is the recommended point limit for beginning games and multiplayer games (up to four players may play on one board without too much crowding). For a full-on rumble between two players, forces may consist of 150 points and 3 SWC, max 8 models. Bounty Hunters mounted on motorcycles may be added to any force: They are 20 points with motorcycle automatically included, and can still roll on Booty L1 chart. They are Impetuous. Every model gets +2 Wounds to their profile (they've been using something). For most bikers this means 3 Wounds per model (with Dogged or NWI on top of that for some riders). All units have 360-degree LoF. Good riders keep one eye on the guy behind them at all times. [i'm still thinking about this rule: it looks cooler to have all bikes facing forwards, but might also make AROs way more powerful. Playtest appreciated.] Vrroooom: Orders No Lt. or Lt. order, no command tokens (which also means no coordinated orders). Each player receives one extra Regular order to their order pool (so 4 Regular orders for most Aragoto teams, 4 Irregular and one Regular for many Kum builds). For 150-point games, each player receives two extra orders to their order pool. Impetuous moves are made towards the top board-edge by the most direct route. You may not move through opposing models. Drive-By: Attack options No suppressive fire orders (you're moving too fast). To represent ride-by sword-swipes, models may engage in CC, but on subsequent turns they are not considered locked in CC and can automatically disengage in with a simple Move order (although they will probably also want to Dodge as well to avoid the enemy CCing them as they escape). Aiiiiirrrboooorrre!: Jumping Jumping your bike off ramps over buildings and other hazards is one of the ways you win the match, so the Jumping rules are slightly modified for this mission. You may Jump as a long skill as normal, which will go your entire first-move distance. You may also Jump as a short move skill, in addition to another short Move skill. The distance for a short-skill Jump is half your first move skill. In either case, you must make a PH check when you jump or fail the jump. Failed jumps don't do falling damage, but result in falling off your bike. The rider is automatically dismounted at the point where the jump ended and placed in contact with the bike. They may remount as a short move skill. The Raceway: Special board rules Scrolling Mode: This scenario simulates an 80s-style "scrolling mode" motorcycle-race videogame. The board "rolls" away behind the riders and new area appears in front of them, so they must keep going forwards at all costs (preferably in the lead as the fastest bike on the board). Those who fall behind are eliminated. This scenario is played on a 6x4 table, lengthwise (from one short edge towards the opposite short edge). You will need to be able to remove 2'x4' sections of the table, cross-wise. At the end of each Game Turn (when players have all had one round), the rear section will be removed and moved up to the head of the table. Terrain should be placed to not cross the breaks between sections, if at all possible: Then you can just move the section forwards and perhaps tweak terrain just a bit to keep the game rolling forwards. Models caught on the last 2' deep section before it is pulled up are removed from the game. Slowpokes have no place in the biker gangs of the future! [Eventually I'll add some pics to illustrate how the removable field works, but I forgot to take any during our first playtest games and I'm crap with Illustrator]. Terrain advice: Ramps/jumps should be plentiful, with at least one per 2' board section. It's also good if you place terrain to "channel" the riders a bit, allowing only a few ways forward off of each board section, but at least two. Deployment: Forces are deployed up to 12' in to the first board section. Equally divide the 4' wide section between the players, split lengthwise (so with 2 players they split the 4'wide and 1' deep starting section down the middle, 3 players into thirds and it sucks to be the middle guy, etc.). No models may be deployed within ZoC of the enemy (so placing first can have some advantages). Note that it's a very good idea to start your models as close to the 12"-forwards starting-line as possible. Losing 2' of board per turn catches up with you fast. [i've also considered variable speed for board removal, with a die roll to see if 1, 2, or 3 feet are removed. Will playtest that once the rest is solid.] Finish Line: Ending and winning the race Game length is 4 turns. [Also considering 3 turns, playtester feedback appreciated] Victory goes to the player with the highest number of Objective Points. Some are tallied at the end of each Game Turn, and some at the end of the game. Objective points awarded at the end of each Game Turn: Leader: Player with the model closest to the leading board edge (fastest bike), 1 Objective Point Daredevil: If you had at least one model Jump off of a ramp or other elevated object, 1 Objective Point (not cumulative so max one per turn) Brawler: If any of your models declared a Close Combat attack, 1 Objective Point (not cumulative so max one per turn) [Maybe points for other cool things? Suggestions appreciated.] At the end of the whole Game: Checkered flag: Per model that survives to the end: +2 points, max 6
  11. Hello Infinity community, A friend of mine recently came in to some JSA models, as we are preparing to play our first game with them. He has a number of Arigato, and we cannot find clarification on how Mount/Dismount works. When a character dismounts from a motorcycle, does their motorcycle stay there for them to mount on again? There doesn't appear to be clear wording in any of the rule books or on the Wiki as to whether it does or not. Any clarification would be appreciated. Cheers, Jeramy
  12. I am fairly inexperienced player as I get to play only a game or two a month, but have had my fair share of reading and was wondering whether what I would suggest would be possible. So, lets assume an Aragoto is standing on a 2" building (lets not comment how he got there), and a Moderator is standing 2-3" from the wall of the building on the lower level below. What happens if the Aragoto Jumps down on the Moderator and doesn't get killed in the process? What happens to the bike if he goes Jump + Dismount? We were having a game the other day and thought it would be really epic if the Aragoto could jump from the building, dismount in mid-air and survive the fall while his bike crushes the Moderator. EPIC!!!
  13. Perhaps I didn't search enough but I couldn't find the answer to the following question that's been on my mind. If I have a model with a Motorcycle, and I dismount the model can I have a different model mount the motor cycle? Is it different depending on the circumstances? I'll post a few examples: 1.) Two Aragotos start dismounted from their motorcycles at the start of the game. Can the one Aragoto jump on the other Aragoto's motorcycle? 2.) An Aragoto is dismounted from their motorcycle. Can a Hsein mount the motor cycle? If so do they get the improved movement? Do they get the benefits of the equipment on the motorcycle? Thanks in advance to anyone, and everyone that can help me resolve this issue.