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  1. OK, so we're seeing new rules for units to be 'officially' released in Paradiso N3 now. From what I remember of the original Human Sphere release, this means we're 6-12 months from new book, and probably on the low end (though I'm still expecting Paradiso N3 to be released at GenCon 2018, which lets me be pleasantly surprised when we get it sooner). We know that it's going to have the Paradiso campaign and the Infinity Campaign System in it, which means Spec Ops. The original Paradiso book only had like 2 pages of new rules, so I'm not expecting much there. I'd like to see faction-specific (or maybe even sectorial-specific) skill and weapon lists for Spec-Ops, as well as expanded choices for what units can be spec-ops. Because while I'd love to get a Zuyong spec-ops, I'd hate to face a Zuyong Spec-Op with NWI. I'd also like better guidelines for making your own campaign. So what ELSE would you like to see in Paradiso N3? [edit: I'm adding what we know will be in Paradiso N3 to this post as it becomes available.] What we know Paradiso N3 will contain: The Paradiso Campaign (both missions and story), which is going to take up about 50 pages. A whole list of new Sectorials, and the units that the contain: PanO's Varuna Sectorial Yu Jing's Invincible Army Ariadna's Kazaks Haqqislam's Ramah Task Force (which is the 'Caliphate', IIRC) Nomads Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Something for Combined Army, probably Shasvasti Mercenaries - Maybe 'Mercenary Companies' but details are scarce Aleph's Operations SubSection, the Vedic (Indian) troops Tohaa - Triumvirate, basically Tohaa Illuminati with a mix of Tohaa and Mercenary troops Rules: Infinity Campaign System and Spec Ops rules. New General Game Rules known: Ghost:RP TAG pilots (and modified Pilot stats from TagLine) Skills: Full Auto Fatality Tech-Bee's Remote Assistant Equipment: None known, not much rumored.
  2. HSN3 UPDATE: I think the scots have been probably the biggest recipient of love outside of Yu Jing's IS sectoral. Having previously had a reasonably rough time of grabbing objectives due to a parsity of specialists available, we've not only got more specialists now, their delivery systems have also received a massive boost in ability. The whole faction now benefits from the ability to mix and match core, haris and duo links and has become very order efficient, as well as the ability to utilise cheap volunteers to power up 3rd rifles AP HMG to BS16 should give us more ranged punch, leading to a lesser reliance on CC to deal with heavy hitters. I've recently updated the MRRF N3 listing and there seems to be a need for the Caledonian one to be updated so I thought I'd weigh in with my thoughts. Please feel free to comment, add suggestions and criticisms etc, I'll do my best to accommodate and update this with your thoughts and experiences. Without further ado, lets crack on: So, why play the Scots? Well, aside from being a masochist and learning to paint tartan, you're joining the sectoral to make use of numerous threats that need to be dealt with. Even a 6pt chain rifle Galwegian can cause your opponent serious headaches, but when you stack super-jumping werewolves, excellent HI with APHMGs, camo snipers and the ever present threat of SAS attacks, you begin to see that you can make your opponents day pretty shitty when you attack from all angles. As with all things Ariadna, you're going to need to deal with the fact that you don't get the cool tech to play with. We only have one MSV choice, poor access to REMs, no TO (though we do have good camo options) and no mines or hackers means you're definitely joining up to an aggressive force that is lighter on tricks but heavier on raw power. T2 is a boon and is available widely here, making our low tech hit harder for every failed ARM save. @colyork Very kindly pointed out that T2 is now "exotic", meaning it bypasses total immunity, making it very handy for putting down opposing ariadnans and other key units with the ability. N3 sees a buff to close combat and most of our troopers are very capable there, though getting there remains fairly difficult. Thankfully, we have smoke grenades in abundance, but beware of MSV2 heavy forces as they negate our biggest strength. The main learning point for success with the scots is learning to manage impetuousness. Many of our best units are impetuous, frenzy or extremely impetious and failure to plan for this can lead to preventable losses to AROs and much frustration. Many times I'll prefer to choose deployment at the initiative roll and opt to deploy second; the knowledge of where my enemy is means you can then set up to deal with the MSV2 snipers and TR drones that would otherwise ruin your day right from the off and mitigate their effect on your game. The old complaint of ITS players in N2 was that there simply were not enough specialist options, but now paramedics are classed as specialists in ITS missions, the 10pt volunteer paramedic means we can easily get enough guys on the ground in combination with Dozers, SAS Forward observers, Isobel and Uxia. HSN3 adds Scots guard FO's to that list and adds a mercenary wardriver hacker into the mix as well, hugely widening our available specialist options. Oodles of smoke makes taking objectives much easier and I think we're in a good place for ITS now. Light Infantry: Volunteers These guys are our basic cheap line infantry and provide rifles and regular orders on the cheap. They come equipped with the stats to match their low cost; a paltry BS of 10 and a WIP of 12 offset by the 6pt entry price. They are linkable however and they do have access to a specialist profile, a HMG for some ranged punch and can link with Isobel, a spec-ops (where allowed) and the mighty William Wallace if you need your link team to have some extra options. They're much more potent when linked; gaining extra burst, sixth sense and an extra +3 ballistic skill which really helps with the crappy starting stat so they can be damn good link that wont break the bank. HSN3 Update: Whilst largely the same as under N3 rules, they received a fairly sizeable boost in that they can now link with a 3rd grey rifle. This allows them to very cheaply give the full link bonus to a BS13 AP HMG, which is frankly awesome. Even more awesome is that the greys bring smoke grenades, meaning you now get smoke dodge AROs and clouds of smoke to cover your advance up to objectives letting your paramedics and Isobel do their job unimpeded by pesky ARO fire. Standout profiles: Chain rifle/Light shotgun 6pts This guy provides B2 huge templates for attacking densely packed models or as a solo anti-AD deterent. In a full link, the shotgun provides a nice close range FTF and defense against CC troops, giving +9BS before cover in its sweet-spot. Rifle 8pts Solid price for a regular order with a rifle. good for filling out links or for covering your DZ as a solo model. Can also be taken as a 0SWC lieutenant option and easily hidden amongst many cheap clones or in the safety of your link team HMG 19pts 0.5SWC Provides some ranged punch on a budget, becomes vastly better with the bonuses of a full link team. Paramedic; Rifle 10pts Not hugely useful as an actual healer, but it allows you to get a specialist into your link team for an order efficient way of getting a specialist onto ITS objectives and gives an option (though not a great one) for grabbing the 'experimental drug' secondary objective. Avoidable profiles: Light shotgun/light grenade launcher 10pts 0.5SWC The LGL is a nice-to-have bit of utility, now that it doesn't kick you out of the link for spec fire. If you're struggling to burn all your swc and have enough points spare, its not a terrible choice, but its still fairly low damage and reasonably easy to dodge. That said, if your meta includes a lot of TO gunners on rooftops, spec fire isn't an awful way to deal with them given our lack of msv. Limited camo, inferior infiltration; Rifle/D-charges 11pts Limited camo, inferior infiltration; Light shotgun/Light grenade launcher 13pts 1SWC Both interesting options in theory, they're forced to attempt to infiltrate over the midline and have poor PH so more often than not, they'll end up deploying in your DZ having failed their roll. That said, if they do pass, the d-charges may be handy if you manage to get lucky and roll "sabotage" as your secondary objectives. The LGL profile is a bit of an ask at 1 full swc, but at least you're likely to be in your +3 range band. still, hitting on 7's with speculative fire only gives about 1/3 chance of hitting so you could easily burn several orders and hit nothing. 112 The 112 is our only "true" doctor but lacks the army-wide support most other factions get that actually makes doctors useful. Without an army full of cubed profiles, we can't make use of the command token re-roll and the WIP13 is likely to "off" your patients rather than help them. The other main issue is the lack of G:synced bots, which means he's got to spend a lot of orders to get upfield to try and heal. The medikit is a nice touch, being able to shoot healing syringes so as not to expose your doc to the gun that killed his patient, but his pretty average BS means you might waste orders trying it. Thankfully, he is the price most people pay for their line trooper paramedics, so he doesn't exactly break the bank. Worth a pop I suppose if you've got a strong defensive link team he can lay prone behind or as a cheap specialist for ITS games. Being armed with a light shotgun, fairly low BS and no way to get up the board but to footslog means he is not going to be a great gunfighter, but hey, he's cheap! Dozer The Dozer is the only engineer profile available to us in Caledonia and is the generic engineer for Ariadna as a whole. They haven't got a huge amount to fix compared to our allies and enemies but they don't break the bank and are rifle armed so are effective at greater ranges than their medical compadres. WIP 13 isn't fantastic but they are necessary if you want to unlock our REM choice, the Traktor Mul. A reasonable points drop helps get them into your forces too, they're not going to break the bank at any rate. Well worth a look if you're taking HI and your foes like to crack out the ADHL or E/M ammo types. Standout profiles: All of them! Rifle/D-charges 13pts Rifle/D-charges/Traktor mul device 14pts Rifle/Akrylat Kanone 14pts All of these profiles allow for engineering of damaged kit and REMS and the akrylat kanone isn't a bad call for some long range ARO potential or a bit of glueing when you don't need the traktor mul device, plus the 1pt upgrade is pretty manageable though you do lose the charges. The other profiles do keep their D-charges, and these allow you to blow holes in walls, objectives and models as well as grab a secret objective too. Warcor 3pts for a flash pulse toting model is ok, but the fact that it is irregular is pretty annoying. Not a lot to recommend here other than flash pulsing with its pretty decent WIP of 13 which is fine for a distraction/speed bump. This becomes worthwhile if you're taking William Wallace as LT because of his inspiring leadership trait; it makes the warcor the cheapest source of a regular order in your list! Highlander Caterans These guys are some of the best snipers in Ariadna, possessing climbing plus and limited camo to make sure they can reach the best sniper nests and surprise attack their prey. They're also seriously cheap and have solid BS, falling back on mimetism and long range DAM15 rounds to keep them safe in ARO. They're capable of defending themselves in CC should they be attacked, a healthy CC19 and APCCW rounds out their profiles. Both profiles are great, but for me, the T2 ammo is well worth the 1pts and 0.5SWC upgrade price. The downside is their irregular status, but you'll probably want to be spending orders on them every turn anyway. HSN3 update: They became slightly more expensive but remained largely the same, still delivering active turn power. The T2 is now a +3/0.5 upgrade over a standard sniper rifle but still the better choice. Medium Infantry: Scots Guard These guys are a versatile and well armed regiment, having options for both camouflaged heavy weapons users and a versatile non-camo linkable squad. Both sides of their coin have their uses and the models are some of the newest and most detailed in the sectoral. Downsides are their MI status, bringing with it a 4-2MOV stat and a lack of specialist profiles. HSN3 update: These guys got seriously good, gaining two specialist profiles and the fireteam duo skill on the 1st battalion. Now they don't require a full squad to be useful, they'll no longer be outshone, easily being able to bring a big gun to cover the advance of a specialist. They were previously fairly unloved given that a team of these prevented you taking a link of specialists for missions, that restriction has now gone thanks to the FO profiles and I expect to see much more table time for these guys Standout profiles: 1st battalion; All of them when linked. The mixture of weaponry in this team is excellent; the AP marksman rifle gives a healthy punch at medium range and makes for a decent 0SWC LT option too. The missile launcher is damn handy for blowing holes in TAGs, walls and lifeblood crates and benefits hugely from the +1B and +3BS of a full link ensuring that you win the FTF and hitting with those AP+EXP rounds. The dual SMGs gives you a high burst option for getting up close and dirty and the DEP is a nice throw-away solution to HI and TAGs too. A Fireteam: Duo of Molotok and forward observer(2SMG's, DEP, D-charges) will make for a very potent addition, able to cover a good mix of range bands as well as achieve Telemetry/HVT:designation/Sabotage and push buttons and the DEP allows them to take out scenery structures for missions where that counts. 2nd battalion; Missile Launcher, assault pistol 31pts 1.5SWC This guy benefits hugely from surprise attack rule, camo, cover and long-range. He is a deadly threat but can still be very swingy with his B1 launcher. He can perform in up-close firefights though with that assault pistol so he's pretty versatile. Molotok 30pts 1.5SWC Arguably this gun got worse for the link team, effectively now just costing 1.5SWC for +1B over the AP marksman rifle, but coming from camo with surprise attack with AP ammo makes for a good medium range hunter-killer and you can certainly do worse than pick this guy. Avoidable profiles: 1st battalion; Molotok 26pts 1.5SWC (when linked) Outside of being the gun to cover a Duo FO, you're paying a huge amount of swc for effectively +1B over the marksman rifle, and the marksman rifle can be an FO specialist as well.. All of them (when not linked) If you're not linking these guys, the safety and flexibility of camouflage makes the 2nd battalion the better pick or one of the LI/HI choices that gets a 4-4MOV stat. 2nd battalion; 2 SMGs, DEP 22pts Kitted for close range combat but lumbered with a 4-2MOV stat, its not ideally suited to getting to its hunting ground and will burn a lot of orders to do so. Take the longer ranged options I think! Heavy Infantry: Caledonian Mormaers: Premier Heavy infantry, these guys hit hard and can take a hit or two in return with that ARM5, though they lose out on the standard 2W of the HI class and get the worse (though now much improved) V:Dogged skill instead. Shock immunity does help offset the issues V:Dogged has with mines and MULTI rifles and they're not hackable either which will wind up your nomad adversaries no end! The tesium plates must weigh a shit-ton though as they do keep the old N2 HI stat of 4-2MOV. Both options make for good choices, the T2 rifle getting an X-visor to offset the low optimal range of the rifle platform. T2 ammo is dangerous to be hit by and at 0SWC and 32pts, this guy makes for a decent attacking platform and once stuck in cover in suppressive fire mode makes for one hell of a roadblock or overwatcher near an objective. For me the more interesting option is the APHMG, packing punch, range and durability into one 42pt 2SWC platform as he can really take the fight to the enemy, utilising higher burst, range, AP ammo and DAM15 to threaten everything up to heavy TAGs. Both options can be made LT for no extra cost. HSN3 Update: They received a very interesting additional profile, gaining Fireteam: Haris on the AP HMG profile at the cost of an additional 0.5SWC. Able to form a Haris team amongst their own profiles, or swap in one of the cheaper utilitarian 3rd grey rifles profiles, I can see a Haris of AP HMG, T2 rifle/Xvisor and grey rifle with T2 Boarding shotgun being a very solid loadout, able to answer at all ranges and gaining smoke for advancing up the board and D-Charges for sabotage or breech-'n'-clear manoeuvres. 3rd Grey Rifles: These guys trade off some of the heavy tesium plates of their mormaer cousins and gain 4-4MOV in the process as well as gaining the "linkable" trait for making a hard hitting and well armed link team. Dogged + shock immunity stays here as per the Mormaers above. HSN3 update: These guys got the ability to Core link with volunteers and Haris link with mormaers as well as link amongst themselves. They've become fantastically more versatile, able to provide smoke + close range coverage for mormaers or utilise a super cheap power boost from volunteers to hit BS16! (and higher than that with shotguns :-) ) They also give a lot to the volunteers, able to provide smoke coverage to allow the paramedics and isobel easy access up to objectives, where previously they'd have to have relied on high burst or dodges to cross firelanes/suppressive fire arcs. Stand-out profiles: Linked: All of them Not Linked: APHMG/Smoke grenades 34pts 1.5SWC. T2 rifle/2 light shotguns/grenades/smoke grenades 33pts Both of these guys make for excellent choices, the APHMG providing an excellent counter to pretty much everything and the smoke grenades giving you an excellent ARO alternative and method of crossing contested firelanes without getting shot. The T2 ammo as always is deadly and the double shotguns make for deadly close range gunfights in that +6 band. Again, smoke is most welcome and the grenades are a nice touch for speculatively firing over walls and round corners. Avoidable profiles: Not linked: T2 boarding shotgun/grenades/smoke grenades 25pts A true close range specialist, this guy will suck a lot of orders to get into his sweet spot and just works better when the longer ranged members of a link team (either Core/Haris with mormaears/core with volunteers) can help get him there in one piece. Skirmishers: S.A.S Our premier objective grabber in ITS games, they come with camouflage and infiltration and a variety of weapon options, plus are capable in CC with MA L2, CC19 and AP CCW's. They are more expensive than the other Ariadna equivalents but feature a better statline in many cases. They do drop the mines of their foxtrot and chasseur rivals but are kitted for more aggressive maneuvers like silently shanking snipers in CC with their martial arts. HSN3 changes little for these guys, they're still just as good as they've always been Standout profiles: Forward observer; rifle 24pts. Your standard go-to for ITS objective grabbing. Starts near the objectives, can tag people for guided missiles and can grab "telemetry" secondary objective too. Chain rifle/Light shotgun 21pts Able to switch between chain rifle for taking out bunched up enemies and the shotgun for +6 band attacks, he's versatile and great at close-up attacking work. Chain rifle/grenades/assault pistol 22pts A toolbox of stuff you don't want to play against. Camo and infiltration get him near the bad guys and the assault pistol is great for winning FTF rolls, Chain rifle is great for taking out bunched up enemies from camo and the grenades are great for lobbing off roofs and over walls for attacks from unexpected angles. Boarding shotgun 25pts Starts well up the board and is well capable of getting into its +6 band for causing havoc. High DAM and AP slugs make it good for taking out REMs, HI and TAGs. Avoidable profiles: Sniper rifle 30ts 0.5swc Come on guys, we've got Caterans with T2 sniper rifles for 6 less points. Lieutenant; rifle 23pts 2SWC 2SWC is a steep price to pay, but if you're SWC light (for example a wulver link team making up the bulk of your list) its not a terrible call, though does eat into your SAS FO numbers and therefore your potential order-efficient specialists for ITS games. Camo helps keep him safe, but it would be recommended to take plenty of other camo nearby (caterans for example) to play a shell game with him. Warbands: These guys are some of the most iconic units in Ariadna and really provide some serious punch on the table. No scots army is complete without at least one of these guys :-) Cameronians: Giant fricking werewolves, these guys rock! Courage, 2W, Total Immunity and Super Jump combine with 6-4MOV and smoke grenades to pretty much guarantee that they'll get where you want them to get and for them to then cause havoc. They will regularly die in T1 or beginning of T2, but they're effectively a 23pt cruise missile. Point them at something that needs to die and they'll stand a good choice of eliminating it! They're irregular and extremely impetuous so can be very hard to control (and don't get cover bonuses so be careful with their S6 size!!), but if you take Wallace as LT they will behave themselves a bit more and contribute their order to the pool. Dual chain rifles and AP CCWs with PH16 mean they're a terror to LI and TAGs alike so don't be afraid to push them up the board and start hacking stuff down. HSN3; No change, still very solid. If anything, their ability to bully densely packed minis is going to be more useful, given the extra numbers of haris/duo/core on the table and the more stringent rules for coherency. 45th Galwegians: More diminutive than the cameronians, they're still dangerous in close combat; being beserk and toting AP-CCW's. They advance under the cover of their smoke grenades and they also pack ranged weapon options to win FTFs at close-medium range. They retain the irregular/extreme impetuous status of the above so can be difficult to manage and easy to lose to ARO fire if not used well, though dogged helps offset the loss of the 2nd wound that the cameronians receive (look out for mines and MULTI/shock weapons though) All three weapon options work for me, though my picks would be the rifle for the +3 band extending out to 16" and the chain rifle for its low asking price of 6pts. Again, Wallace as LT makes these guys regular, though they do retain their "free" impetuous orders which does help their ability to advance. HSN3 update: They were always solid in n2/3 as a link or smoke chucker option but where they really shine now is as a core link team, giving the obvious lt of wallace a safe bunker with chain rifles, SSL2, smoke and shotguns to keep him alive. The bonus to BS and Burst really gives the ranged weapons the kick they need, and the new rules for links in CC makes them utter death to anything they can get B2B with. They make excellent TAG hunters, able to smoke their advance and then slice the thing to bits in CC. Wulver Grenadiers Ok, I love these guys. They're not cheap, but they effectively behave as a linkable HI squad from another facton, benefiting from ARM3, 2W and a whole host of other cool rules. They're light on SWC but bring high DAM weapons and are extremely mobile with 4-4MOV, kinematica L1 and climbing plus. As a sweetener, they're also fricking brilliant in CC, being Beserk at CC21 and having natural born warrior to cancel enemy martial arts skills!!! As their name implies, they bring grenades as well as their weaponry and their mobility means that any of their profiles are a good choice. For me, a mix of the profiles taken as a link team is my favourite way to field them, especially when led by Wallace for the DTW and smoke coverage. with their AVA 4, you'll need Wallace to really make them shine with the +3BS HSN3 update: Another unit that got a lovely lick from the new book, the wulvers gained haris on the T2 rifle profile for 1SWC. Its more expensive than the mormaer asking price, but tbh, a haris of 2 is going to run you 50% of your list and the MK12 is SWC 0, so its no major drama. I always felt a full link of four/five with wallace was too much in caledonia, it felt like you were breaking your list a bit just to use the full squad (even if it was pretty powerful). You can now safely take a haris, get some serious power and mobility out of these guys and still have options for a full volunteer link +/- scots guard duo! Characters: Isobel McGregor Our named spec-ops character, she comes from the dire foes line and has a defensive hacking device which makes her a nice specialist for us, able to grab the "data-scan" secondary objective in ITS games and help defend against guided ammunition. As a hacker, she's nothing special. there's nothing on the defensive hacking device we particularly benefit from, given we have no repeaters, no AD3 etc. It brings situational benefit against smart ammo and AD3+ usage, but she's really a tooled up lass to upgrade a volunteer link with, getting a lot of benefit from the extra burst and BS on her T2 rifle/assault pistol and the order efficiency inherent to link teams. She also brings a multitude of nice kit, including D-charges for the "sabotage" secondary objective and extremely useful E/maulers so you can join in the deployables game like french and americans do! The flash pulse offers a nice long range ARO too. Her T2 profile is probably the best of the two if you can afford the extra points though the assault pistol is not without its merits. Uxia McNeill A special named SAS character, Uxia is absolutely brilliant, coming with a bucketload of special skills and equipment on both of her profiles: Her "covert action" profile is probably the "go-to" one for ITS players, coming with the 'specialist operative' skill for grabbing objectives, d-charges for lifeblood crates and "sabotage" objective. Her ltd camo, smoke and superior infiltration means she can often grab objectives with relative impunity and few orders expended which makes her absolutely golden. She's no slouch as a fighter either, boasting a boarding shotgun for tough stuff and twin assault pistols for kicking down doors and clearing rooms. The SAS profile is interesting for non-ITS games, bringing the only source of MSV in Caledonia, though its only level 1, its damn useful for helping against camo heavy forces or discovering minefields at range. Both profiles retain the SAS's great close combat ability of CC21 and MA L2 with AP CCW if you need to get stuck in. In other words, she's about as close to an auto-include as you get in infinity! Personal tip; if you're going first, hold Covert action Uxia as a reserve deployment and then roll your superior infiltration roll and go for some exposed part of his lines. Alpha strike hard with her, cause carnage. Then duck into cover and make your opponent come dig her out, as they'll know she can't be left in their backlines unchallenged. SAS uxia is similar as well, benefitting from being a reserve drop and then deploying in your half opposite from where their camo marker density is highest. William Wallace Not a true scot, he's an Aleph construct and is the only trooper with a cube in the force. At 35pts, he doesn't break the bank and can link with any of our linkable troops, greatly enhancing their abilities with his flamethrower, smoke grenades and excellent close combat ability (Berserk + EXP CCW!!). He also has the only combi rifle in Ariadna so is more than capable in close-medium range firefights. He's not the most durable of LTs in our army choices, losing a true 2nd wound in favour of no wound incapacitation. Its not terrible, but it does leave him vulnerable to shock ammo so watch out for MULTI and mines. As an LT he's interesting. His inspiring leadership means that everyone follows his status, making those irregulars into regulars which makes managing your order pool an absolute breeze. The downside to this is that just by looking at your order token stack, your opponent knows exactly who your LT is. My suggestion if you want to take him in this role is to bunker him down in a solid link team (I like the Wulvers as they're durable and well armed) so that executing him is damn hard for your opponent. As a solo-choice, he hits hard, is quick with his 6-4MOV and has a versatile weapon load out to help put pressure on your opponent though is easily out-ranged by snipers and the like so make good use of smoke and co-ordinated orders. McMurrough For a small price, you can effectively upgrade a Cameronian to McMurrough, gaining MA L3, Templar CCW, +2CC, +3BTS, Kinematica L2 and +1ARM in the process. He represents a great investment and if you like Cameronians, you'll love the big lad. He retains all the issues of its Cameronian colleague though, so you'll have to deal with impetuous orders and the like. Wardriver; Mercenery hacker A new addition for HSN3, we now have access to the wardriver's duet of profiles. The wardriver sports standard light infantry stats and comes with a boarding shotgun, meaning advancing them up the board to cap objectives is going to require some support. Thankfully, our abundant smoke fits the role perfectly for this, allowing greater utility than the profile otherwise shows. For me, I'd always go for the full hacking device at the full 1swc. Given we have so little to benefit from the meagre selection of programs on the defensive hacking device, you might as well get spotlight and the rest of the "proper" hacking programs plus supportware if you're keen on muls. If all you need is for a defensive hacker to run datascan/hvt:espionage, then Isobel is a much more reliable choice given her better weapons, equipment, linkability and statline, even though she costs quite a bit more. Given that the full hacking device can do HVT: Designation, HVT: Espionage, Telemetry and Data scan, ITS players will definitely see the benefit for having a wardriver around! REMs: Traktor Mul Previously a slightly complex mishmash of firing modes, circular template shenanigans and non-hackable guided munitions, they've been streamlined and stripped back a bit now. There is also a slight boost in synergy after HSN3 given that we now have access to a regular hacking device in the form of the wardriver, opening up "spotlight" as well as supportware. Not a major bonus, but hey, its still a bonus! Minesweeper: 5 pts Super cheap regular order, brings baggage (for reloading disposable/deployable weapons) and can help counter your opponent's crazy koala/minelayer frenzy. Not often worth the orders to make use of either strategy but if you're taking a dozer anyway, this opens up a cheaper regular order than a Volunteer. Katyusha MRL: 11pts Cheap, but very short range DA ammo launcher. Capable of guided and speculative firing, this really needs the support of your forward observers if you're going to shoot at more than 16" away. Uragan MRL: 18pts A little more pricey, but picks up B3 and total reaction plus AP+Shock ammo effects in the mix. Good for defending a suspected drop zone or objective, but suffers from the same horrible range bands as its Katyusha cousin if you want to use it more aggressively. Can spec fire and do guided, but both really require FO support from your SAS and the guided mode is hackable now. Example lists: All the links!! Caledonian Highlander Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 19 VOLUNTEER Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 8) S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) WARDRIVER Hacker (Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 19) WULVER (Fireteam: Haris) T2 Rifle, Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 34) WULVER Heavy Shotgun, Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 32) WULVER Mk12, Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 37) SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo) Molotok / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 26) SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo, Forward Observer) 2 Submachine guns, D.E.P., D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) GROUP 25 HIGHLANDER GREY AP HMG, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 34) VOLUNTEER Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 6) VOLUNTEER Lieutenant Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 8) VOLUNTEER HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) VOLUNTEER Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army We get a dummy obvious LT cheerleader, a full powered up link of volunteers/AP HMG grey, a Haris of Wulvers and a Duo of Scots guard. All the links are dangerous in their own right, plus we have enough specialist coverage that we can do all but "Test Run" and "HVT: retro-engineering" ITS Overdrive: For this kind of list, you're swimming in specialists, 5 of which have camo and can infiltrate practically on top of objectives. You can achieve every single classified and still manage to bring a specced up fireteam with smoke, big gun and specialists. Caledonian Highlander Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) S.A.S. (Forward Observer) Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 24) UXÍA McNEILL (Covert Action) (CH: Limited Camouflage, Superior Infiltration, Specialist Operative) Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges, Smoke Grenades / 2 Assault Pistols, AP CCW, Knife. (0 | 27) VOLUNTEER Paramedic (Medikit) Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) VOLUNTEER Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 6) VOLUNTEER Chain Rifle, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 6) HIGHLANDER GREY AP HMG, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 34) ISOBEL McGREGOR T2 Rifle, Flash Pulse, D-Charges, E/Mauler / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 26) GROUP 25 2 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 12) DOZER (Traktor Mul Control Device) Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) TRAKTOR MUL (Total Reaction) Uragan MRL / Electric Pulse. (1 | 18) TRAKTOR MUL (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (0 | 5) WARDRIVER Hacker (Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (1 | 19) CATERAN T2 Sniper Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 24) WARCOR (Sixth Sense L1) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3) 5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Bum Rush: A bit of a silly list, fine for annihilation style missions or direct action kinds of games. The focus is on smoking up the field and fucking up your opponent. It still keeps a sensible firebase in group two, utilising a pair of duo teams that bring a specialist along for the ride and close-in support. This is a list that you really, really wouldn't want to have left the MSV2 at home for as an opponent to it! Note that all the orders shown should actually be regular thanks to William Wallace, giving you 10+ 6 orders to play with, plus a few impetuous orders Caledonian Highlander Army ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 11 9 8 HIGHLANDER Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 6) HIGHLANDER Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 6) HIGHLANDER Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 11) HIGHLANDER Boarding Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 13) WALLACE Lieutenant Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW. (0 | 35) McMURROUGH 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / Templar CCW (AP + DA). (0 | 31) CAMERONIAN 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CCW. (0 | 23) CAMERONIAN 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CCW. (0 | 23) CAMERONIAN 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CCW. (0 | 23) CATERAN T2 Sniper Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 24) GROUP 25 1 SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo, Forward Observer) 2 Submachine guns, D.E.P., D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo) Molotok / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 26) SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo, Forward Observer) 2 Submachine guns, D.E.P., D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) SCOT (1st Battalion) (Fireteam: Duo) Molotok / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 26) 112 Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (0 | 12) WARCOR (Aerocam) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3) 4 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army
  3. Everything in Threes: An Introduction to Tohaa The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army. 1. Thread RulesWelcome to the N3 Tohaa faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outlines of the Tohaa faction. This thread is aimed at compiling common approaches to Tohaa gameplay, things to consider and whatever else we feel is useful to include. This thread is procedurally generated as new models and ideas develop, and all of its contents is subject to discussion. To be clear: the content of this thread is completely open to disagreement, and is intended to be updated over time: its assertions are neither complete nor absolute. Enjoy. 2. Tohaa Playstyle The Tohaa are a faction predicated on a curious blend of influences, mixing high mobility, above-average durability, exotic weaponry and a synergistic approach to combat. Tohaa warriors work together very well and support each other on the battlefield. Each fighter has a purpose, working together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Each model has a role to play, there is a rarely a cheerleader nor a Rambo in sight, and Tohaa typically do not play fire-and-forget with their troops. Tohaa use a combined arms approach, bringing multiple weapons to bear against the enemy rather than relying on a few big damage-dealers, and relying on high order efficiency and volume of fire to bring the enemy down. Tohaa are proficient at all ranges, but do best at medium-range combat overall. 3. Specific to the Tohaa Tohaa have an appropriate three features that define their battlefield identity to a large degree. Tohaa units fit together like pieces of a moving puzzle and each model should be viewed in the context of the rest of that faction, it's very much a faction with a few consistent themes. 3.1 Fireteam: Tohaa 3.2 Symbiont Armor 3.3 Biotech Weaponry 4. Tohaa Strategies Knowing what your options are before even entering into combat makes a great deal of difference to the odds of victory and defeat. This entry discusses some of the strategic considerations Tohaa players go through before the start of a battle. 4.1 Force Composition 4.2 Trident Composition 4.3 Lieutenant Selection 4.4 Combat Styles 4.5 Iniative or Deployment 5. Tohaa Tactics Like every faction Tohaa have difficulties with some matchups and specific tricks they can levy against their enemies. This entry catalogues some of the more prominent tactical concerns Tohaa player might have. 5.1 Coping with Fire 5.2 Coping with Templates 5.3 Tohaa in CC 6. Tohaa Trickery 6.1. Cyberwarfare 6.1. Pherowarfare 7. Command After you've gotten some games behind your belt, you might consider playing with the Advanced Rules for Infinity that introduce Command Tokens into the game. Both players start the game with four of these Command Tokens which they can use to influence the game. Tohaa can benefit from Command Tokens, but not to an exceptional degree in comparison to some of the other factions. 7.1 Strategic & Tactical Use 7.2 Coordinated Orders 8. Tohaa Arsenal This chapter discusses all Tohaa models that are currently revealed, it is updated each time a new Tohaa model comes out. The discussions are kept broad and cursory, and assume that every model is useful to the faction in some way. Each discussion is capped off with an 'Ease of Use' indicator ranging from 1 to 5 which should give new players an idea of how easy it is to make beneficial use of a particular model. Models with a score of 1 are the hardest to use, models with a score of 5 are easiest to use. This is not meant to be an assessment of how good the model is, it is simply meant to help new players understand what they kind of performance they can expect from a model, given their own skill level. 4.1. Tactical Armored Gear [TAG] 4.2. Skirmishers [sK] 4.2.2. Igao Unit 4.3. Warband [WB] 4.4. Heavy Infantry [HI] 4.4.2. Ectros Regiment 4.5. Medium Infantry [MI] 4.5.1. Gao-Rael Unit 4.6. Light Infantry [LI] 4.6.2. Kotail Mobile Unit 4.6.3. Kaeltar Specialists 4.6.4. Rasail Boarding Team 4.6.5. Sakiel Regiment 4.6.6. Kamael Light Infantry 4.6.7. Hatail Aelis Keesan 4.6.8. Hatail Spec-Ops 4.6.9. Kumotail Bioengineers 4.6.10. Chaksa Servant 4.6.11. Chaksa Auxiliars 4.6.12. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates 4.7. Mercenaries 10. Getting Started New Infinity players are often overwhelmed with information, and it can be difficult what steps to take first. Tohaa is unremarkable in that sense, but the subheadings below touch on some general ideas to getting started with playing Tohaa. 10.1 First Buy 10.2 Markers & Tokens 8. Player Resources 8.1. Rules & Errata Unfortunately the Infinity rules are dispersed over quite a few documents which can make it hard to find everything you need to fully play the game. This chapter brings together links to all rules you will need to play Tohaa. There are even more documents to work through, but these are essential to fully understanding Tohaa. It’s an annoying situation to be in, just make the best of it. 8.1.1. Official Rules & Tools 8.1.2. Unofficial Rules & Tools 8.1.3. Tohaa-specific non-Core Rules 8.2. Notable Community Threads 8.3. Battle Reports 8.4. Assorted Cool Stuff by Bookkeeper Yet Another Mission System (YAMS) v201.1 by IJW Wartrader 9. Getting Started
  4. Hi! I can't find any clarification for VP provided by Operator (Evacuated by TAG with ejection system). In Infinity Army Iguana's Operator costs 0pt and N2 rule (below) wasn't transfered into N3 wiki. In old wiki there was a note: T.A.G.s with Ejection System don’t give Victory Points until the Operator is eliminated, in an Unconscious or Dead state. If the Operator is a troop type that can be hacked, or affected by E/M Special Ammunition, it is not allowed to perform any hacking on him, or apply E/M effects to him, until his figure is placed on the game table.
  5. Hello!!! I made Hacking Programs cards for the Spaniard forum and after several requests I have decided to upload an english version. Format is a variant from @Locksmith design that published in Hacking Programs Cards [PDF] (back of the cards at end of document): [MEGA] Infinity N3 - Hacking Programs.pdf Hacking Programs Cards [PDF] (back of the cards inserted - quick print) [MEGA] Infinity N3 - Hacking Programs (quick).pdf I put original document (CDR extension - Corel Draw) for those who wish to modify it: [MEGA] Infinity N3 - Hacking Programs.cdr If someone want spanish version cards, go to: N3 - Programas Hacker [spanish] Please, tell me if you discover any misprint. Enjoy it!!! Edit: Zero Pain is corrected in both files. Thanks to @LaughinGod. Edit2: Overlord an Total Control were corrected in both files. Thanks to @Eathos. Edit3: Carbonite was corrected in all files. Thanks to @TacCom98.
  6. My group would like to replay the Prisonder P09 pre-Paradiso scenario. However due to the rulechanges in N3 it isn't working anymore as written. While the penalty for Infiltration works imo, what if your onmly chance of moving past the deployment zone as attacker is Infiltration udn you fail all infiltration rolls? Inn N2 you would have scattered, in N3 you are placed inside your DZ and thus the game basically ends. How would you fix this issue? I would say it could be possible to place failed infiltrators into B2B with the deployment zone outside it in this scenario. Any other issues I may have overlooked? On a side note: I ind that jammers pretty much break many scenarios. In this case for example Hassassin Bahram could place 4 Muttawi'ah inside the control room, who could not leave it due to the closed doors despite extreme impetuous, thus throwing 4 AROs on the opponent trying to open the door. Sure this mission was not designed for N3 but I can see it problematic for many scenarios...
  7. TLDR version: GML combo is cheaper in Points but the same SWC, is more order intensive, but no longer results in your opponent not getting to do anything while you roll dice and annihilate his mans. Please tell me if I missed anything. Purpose of the post is not to preach or complain, but just to organize the process in my head. In my first game of Infinity I got ROFLSTOMPED by GML. I eventually learned how to deal with it, and ultimately I dismissed them in second edition as: Too Order Intensive Too Point Cost Intensive A Negative Play Experience In second edition, I considered the minium effective package for GMLs to be 2 hackers with HD+, 1 GML Vertigo Zond, and a repeater (preferably not a 3rd hacker) with a forward deployment skill of some kind. Cheapest version would then be 2 Interventors, Vertigo, and a Moran Maasai. That's 107 points, 4 wounds, 4 orders, 2 specialists. 3 if I bump to the Moran FO, which I probably would do. Call it 110 points & 2.5 SWC. Best case scenario to kill 2 models that are within ZOC of each other but can't be put under 1 template: Win first turn. Opponent has no Hackers. Keep Moran as Reserve. Send him over the line and pass the roll to deploy within 8" of my first target. Mark first target (orders: 1) Fire missile, kill target (orders: 2) Mark second target (orders 3) Fire missile, kill second target (orders 4) So, a pretty miserable experience for my opponent when it works. He doesn't get to roll anything, I kill 2 pieces without retaliation. And miserable for me too, since I spent all 4 orders I earned from my 4 pieces, and managed to kill 2 models... a best case scenario that assumes the opponent has no hacker, I pass (or fail-pass) the Infiltration roll, the targets do not have SS2, & I never fail a roll to Mark the target. So much for GML In N2. So N3: 2 Interventors, a Vertigo, and a Zero with a Deployable Repeater: a respectably cheap 89 points. The Vertigo is now 1.5 swc, but the Zero is 0 SWC, so no change to the total SWC cost of 2.5. I lose the Moran FO Specialist, but the Zero is a lot cheaper. Again, best case scenario for the nomads: Win first turn- No real change here. Relative LT WIP seems to be about the same. LTs are better armed in N3, but WIP is pretty much the same. Opponent has no Hackers- Ouch. With devices coming cheaper, and more options available to each hacker, the likelihood that anyone's going to leave a hacker out of their list is pretty slim. Keep the Zero in reserve- No real change. Though you're a lot more likely to see Sun Tze if you're playing against Yu Jing. He is totes my new fave. But I digress. Deploy over the line- Only change here is the elimination of fail-passing (that is, failing the roll, but deviating to an acceptable or better place). Probably wouldn't go over the line anymore. The cost in orders to get back into position would be too much risk. Better to just deploy at the midline and walk into range. (orders: 2. One to walk up, another to close the last distance and plant the repeater.) Mark my First target- This uses the Spotlight program (CLAW -1, Infowar p164). The roll is now WIP -3 instead of WIP, so we take a lot of hits here. (orders 1) Even targets without SS2 can declare a Reset ARO, (p62) using full WIP, causing a FtF now instead of the normal roll of N2. Oof. Enemy Hackers who are in ZOC of my Repeater can also declare Hacking against me... using my own repeater! (p140) (though I do get a firewall, and modified BTS 12 means my Interventors aren't too scared! p151) Let's say we win the FtF roll against the target's Reset ARO. Now we fire the missile... and Roll to Hit! That's right. In N3, Guided ammo rolls to hit. (p106) Vertigo has a BS of 12. We get the +3 for the Spotlight Program and +3 for using ammo in Guided mode. (rule book calls this +6 that includes the targeted state) So we only fail on 19-20. But... In N3, anyone can 'dodge' an attack that comes from out of LOF at PH-3 by using the Change Facing ARO. (p52) The U-Turn Program allows an enemy hacker with a Defensive, Basic, or Plus device to declare an ARO that gives a cumulative -3 to guided shots. (p156) Ok, So we land a hit by winning another FTF roll. N3 Smart Missile launchers are now AP+DA instead of AP+EXP (p125) darnit. Infinity Math tells me that after I mark the target, I have about a 59% chance to deal at least 1 wound. That's down a bit from the N2 95%. So our best case scenario (which requires a lot more luck now that we're making 2 face to face rolls instead of 1 normal roll) is up by at least 2 orders, since we have to move the zero into position and plant the repeater.
  8. I've been on a break from Infinity since the change to N3 (although I did play a few games just after the shift), but there has been growing interest at my local store, and I've decided to start playing, and teaching how to play, again. Now, while the N3 and N3:HS books have some nice reference sheets, are there any other options, perhaps ones were the N3 and N3:HS parts are integrated and organized into one nicely structured document? I would prefer not having to look for hacking in two places, as well as some other rules. So is there any other fan-made option out there?
  9. IMPORTANT - if the file you downloaded ends with 'v5', please go and download the new version from the same page! I decided to rework the Hacking Programs charts by combining them and splitting it up into more columns and adding a tickbox section for Hacking Devices: A4, two pages: A3, single page: UPDATE 16th Jan - the first link now goes to version 7 with better colour coding and duration added for some programs that I'd missed. The second link goes to a completely new single-sheet A3 version - if you're really a glutton for punishment you could even print it at A4 and kill your eyes...
  10. At this point I am getting a little baffled by the baggage rules and what it actually does - specifically the +20pts part of its rules. From the N2 HS pdf and wiki; Owner: gets +20pts when calculating retreat Opponent: gets +20vp if the baggage model is in a null state at the end of the game However, I am not sure if the following is also true (It seems to be played mostly this way in my area at least but I cant seem to find the rules); Owner: gets +20vp when calculating areas controlled (e.g. quadrant control) Owner: adds +20vp to surviving troops when scoring surviving models (e.g. annihilation) Are these last two uses correct? does the baggage rule change in HSN3?
  11. As i understand it, this is the full Asawira profile. (Please point out any mistakes.) [This should finally be right now, thanks for the corrections.] What are your thoughts? I'm looking forward to tearing things up with my Asawira, most likely in a Muyib sandwich.
  12. Hello everyone, Firstly, loved all the help on the ARO vs. Hacking issue -- helped the gaming group out a lot. Now, since that game, a lot of people have had interest sparked in Infinity (yay!), but back when I first started, there were some things that were a hurdle for one of the would-be players. The man loves Senor Massacre as a character and a model (he gets a Metal Gear vibe from him), and he always wanted to use him; however, back when we were first introduced to the game, the Mercenaries were linked to either their own army (where availability was halved and all that jazz) or to specific armies only (I believe Senor could only be in Nomads, which he detested aesthetic-wise). My question is mostly if I understood the writing correctly. In the rules and the Wiki, it states... Players can only add Mercenary Troops to their Army List by mutual accord, or if such troops are available for their faction, or their Sectorial Army (see Infinity. Human Sphere). Unless otherwise stated, players cannot add Mercenary Troops to any Combined Army or alien Army List. The "available for their faction" sounds like the old system, which is perfectly fine; however, the mutual accord part... if I understand it correctly, I imagine this just means, "If a player wishes to field the model in their army, it must be agreed to by their opponent"? I know it may seem silly to double-check on something that may seem obvious, but his interest solely lies on this model and finding a different army from Nomads to play with -- I know you can always house rule these things, but if it's "legal" to do it, it helps his case a lot more. Thanks in advance!
  13. we already know that kerail with symbiont mutan and surda is coming for us. it will give us 2 new unit profiles. secondly, we know that a new thing called symbiont bugs which is used like moran koalas on the way. So these will need a unit or more to field them. will it be infiltrator like moran ? We will see. before n3, corregidors suprisingly got 2 new units ( jaguar and bandit ) with no news before seing them in the books. can we expect more units on tohaa side in the book ? Which are never mentioned before.
  14. I'm looking to come back to Infinity after a long absence. I have the currently downloadable N3 rules PDF, but I remember hearing about a version someone did where they "flattened" it (or whatever the appropriate term is for PDFs) so that it would perform better. I think it had something to do with the rules PDF maintaining multiple layers that aren't needed. Something like that. I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking about it, or even if I'm ALLOWED to be asking about it on the official forum, but I haven't been able to find it after quite a bit of searching both on Google and directly on the forums. I'd like to be able to use my tablet to read the rules, but it's getting on in years, and a less laggy PDF would be really nice.
  15. I think my group needs some clarification with impact template weapons (ie, Shotguns). When we all read it we all came to the same conclusion: "The template hits those affected regardless of the rolls to hit on the target." But yesterday I played a game and it came up and after a discussion I found the following info: On Page 39 under the Example of Hellcat vs. 3 Fusiliers: "Since the Boarding Shotgun has B2, the Hellcat can make two BS Attacks, each of which, if the BS Roll is successful, places a Small Teardrop Template." As I kept looking, Page 36, under Impact Template Weapons: "Impact Template Weapons require an Attack Roll, using BS or the appropriate Attribute, to hit." Top of Page 38, under Effects: "The Template only applies its effect on each affected trooper if the Attack Roll is successful." Then lastly, if the template auto hits all shotguns auto hit their target due to the rules of how to the template is to be placed (Page 38, Teardrop Impact Template). It says in bold "so that the main target is unequivocally affected by the Template." So somebody throw me a bone, is the template placed regardless of the "to hit" or is the template only placed if the intended target is actually hit?
  16. Rulebook says that bikes can never use the Climbing skill, it also says that ladders and stairs allows for normal movement without declaring Climbing skill. Conclusion: Bikes can move on ladders? Wait for FAQ?
  17. So I had my first two games of infinity against the Nomad Starter Box and a combined army's Morat Aggression force. Watch to find out how it went and how I'm tailoring my list from the original build.
  18. Hey guys check out how I got on in my first ever games of infinity and how it's causing me to tweak my ariadna list
  19. What it says on the tin - what are your favorite changes that came with the new edition?
  20. Let's discuss what changed in N3 and how it can be used to promote the continued survival of the Continuum. Shasvastii rule - apparent nerf because we're no more hugely annoying to remove in area control missions. Indirect nerf because of the new Shock multis/snipers/marksmen. Possible advantage because we can now be put in retreat and end the game without allowing the opponent free reign over the battlefield for the remaining turns. Seed-Soldiers - still too expensive, still shelf-warmers. Now not even worth thinking about in vanilla, too, since Unidrons/14pt Vanguards exist. Aswang - ouch. Nerf to ADHL, no camo first strike, Dogged (possibly including Striga?) doesn't allow turning non-Dogged after healing, these combined nerf the Aswang's internal synergy quite a bit. The biggest WTF is no shotgun LT, though. Many new loadouts, heavy weapon LTs, other weird things, and we can't get a LT model for the best LT in sectorial? WTF, CB!? Haiduk - wow, so cheap (such sniper). MSRs got cheaper, SMSR got an even bigger discount from GMSR, the unit itself got cheaper - now worth taking for area control if you've got excess SWC. Cadmus - Hmnmn. Mine nerf (for the purpose of Cadmus Surprise Strike), but AD BS units suddenly got a lot nastier. We'll see. Noctifer - ML got a lot cheaper. Another sniper for board control. Speculo Killer - good thing is, she got a BS, which we've long envied the Fidays. Bad thing is, failed impersonation loses not only the status, but position, so enemy DZ deployment got a lot harder. Gwailos got a huge buff. Cheaper multis, way cheaper HRLs, better shotguns, better/cheaper hackers... I'm looking forward to trying them out. Finally a reason to run pure Shasvastii. Drones got cheaper, T is an actual option now, especially with the many camo infiltrating FOs/hackers (actual alternatives! Wow!) So, what are your thoughts on the new situation?
  21. With the N3-ification of the Human Sphere and Campaign: Paradiso into the N3 ruleset we're all expecting some changes to the rules established in those expansions. Perhaps Fireteams will work differently, perhaps the Paradiso campaign missions get tweaked, but what about the Tohaa's infamous Symbiont Armor rules? Symbiont Armor is weird, and how it works does not seem to follow intuition. It's biological, but it can be hacked? Once it's removed former wearers can still only be treated by bioengineers? I've been wondering what kind of substantive changes we might see to Symbiont Armor (if any at all) that would clarify and improve the exact ways Symbiont Armor works without making Symbiont Armor any more or less valuable in a way that should be reflected in points changes. These are my thoughts on all/some of the changes I'd like to see come to Symbiont Armor for N3. The Active and Inactive Profiles: I'm not looking for any real changes to how the different profiles for Symbiont wearers work. I like how they work (even the forced Guts fail) and think only the language should be cleaned up.Repairing & Healing: There should be a clear distinction between models' Active and Inactive Profiles. Inactive Profiles should effectively be treated as 'normal' profiles that can be healed as normal. It doesn't make sense that its Doctor should álso have to be an Engineer áfter the Symbiont has already died. MediKits should work as it does for all other regular profiles. Symbiont Armor shoúld be 'healable' by bioengineers. Healing & repairing isn't so powerful that it would break game balance and this change would serve intuitiveness and gameplay diversity. Once a model goes into its Inactive Profile its Active Profile can still not be restored (barring some kind of future Symbiont-dispensing model).Hacking Vulnerability: Hacking biomatter doesn't make sense. HI and TAGs with Symbiont Armor should be immune to Hacking except for two Programs that affect communications: Blackout and Oblivion. Hypothetical future models with Hacking Devices (etc) ánd Symbiont Armor would still be vulnerable through that vector. Weakness to Sepsitor and i-Khol remain as they are.Detaching the Symbiont: This function should only be clarified; when a Symbiont wearer becomes Immobilized it may go into its Inactive Profile for free or spend an Order later on. It could even be expanded to allow the detached model to immediately go Prone but that's probably too much.Special Ammunition Interactions: I think the harsh Fire weakness should stay as it is, and some of the Symbiont interactions with other ammunition types should be cleared up.These were the things I could come up with, what are your ideas/hopes and dreams to be dashed upon the cliffs of unreasonable speculation?
  22. So my friend and I are moving along in the game and feel we have a firm grasp on the game thus far, thanks impart to the many questions we've asked on the forums and all of the helpful insights and corrections given by you fine folk. We are moving onto Link Teams and integrating them into our game when we came across a puzzling situation in the Human Sphere book. On page 143 it talks about bursts allowed with MULTI weapons and integrated special ammunition. Am I missing a feature with MULTI weapons cause I have no idea what this is. It seems like to can combine both ammunition types or something? Here is the quote from the book, "The Bonus is applied to the corresponding B of the type of ammunition being used. Example: a MULTI Sniper Rifle, in an active turn, will have B 3 shooting AP or DA Special Ammunition, but only B 2 shooting Integrated Special Ammunition (AP + DA). A MULTI Rifle shooting Normal Ammunition, in an active turn, will have B 4, when shooting Special Ammunition B 3, and when shooting Integrated Special Ammunition, B 2. Applying the Bonus in ARO, the MULTI Sniper and the MULTI Rifle have B 2 to shoot Special Ammunition, but they still cannot shoot Integrated Special Ammunition." A MULTI Rifle doesn't appear to have the option of firing Normal Ammunition, at least according to the N3 book. And again, integrated special ammunition? I'm lost...
  23. As there seems to be some confusion, here's a step-by-step description of applying the Impact Template Weapon rules. This is based on my template article for Beasts of War and the modified version that just went up on the front page of the infinity site... Example situation - two enemy models are behind a building. E1 is near the corner, E2 is further back. The active trooper A is at the corner of the building with a Light Shotgun. E2 doesn't have LoF to A because E1 is in the way. Declare short skill BS Attack. Immediately place the teardrop template extending behind the target E1. To work out which models are in the template area, draw LoF from the blast focus of the template - so anyone in Total Cover from the blast focus can't be hit. AROs are declared. Note that having the template affect a trooper grants them a Dodge ARO even if they are outside LoF or ZoC of the active trooper. For the sake of the example there will be no second short skill. Resolution - the active model rolls to hit the main target, E1, applying all the usual BS modifiers. This includes the -3 modifier for Partial Cover if E1 is in Partial Cover. Use any successes in this roll in FtF rolls against all targets within the template. Note that you don't reapply any modifiers and that the hits are applied completely separately against each target. E1 has LoF so can choose to shoot, Dodge etc. for his FtF roll. E2 has no LoF so will be restricted to Dodge but will suffer a -3 penalty. Note that the templates get placed even if the active model missed with all rolls, so any Dodge AROs have already been declared and can involve moves. As template weapons ignore the ARM/BTS bonus, any troopers hit will not be getting Partial Cover bonuses to their ARM or BTS roll, including the main target - even if they were in Partial Cover for the BS rolls. Variation 1 If the active trooper moved for their first move and was within ZoC of E2, E2 would have to declare a Change Facing ARO but this makes very little difference as the -3PH penalty for Change Facing doesn't stack with the -3PH modifier for being hit by a template from outside LoF - but of course because it's not a Dodge ARO a success will only include a turn on the spot rather than a 2" ARO Dodge move. Variation 2 If both E1 and E2 could see active model A, there would be no PH penalty for Dodge but E2 could also declare a BS Attack instead. This would also be FtF against any hits by A. Variation 3 Swap turns. E1 activates to shoot A. A shoots with a shotgun, catching E2 in the blast. If A rolls any hits, these hits will affect E2. Because it's the active turn, E2 cannot declare an ARO and is not the active model to be able to declare a Dodge. This is unlikely to be good for E2...
  24. Hello Everyone, Link to battle-report: And pics.... And action shot: Enjoy!