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  1. Sometimes my friends have told me they would prefer it if the military orders weren't a thing or weren't a part of panoceania. Sometimes I have seen similar feelings posted on this forum. So I just thought I would ask " What would you replace the Military Orders with if you could?" If there is any other sectorial you'd like to replace go ahead and list them as well. If you think they should stay right where they are you can feel free to make your case as well.
  2. Finally getting back into this game and playing more, which hopefully means more battle reports! As always, need more/better pictures. Hope you enjoy! I had originally had a list of all the batreps here, but it was getting a little long/un-maintainable. Here's a link to the full list on my blog which is automatically kept up to date: Thanks for stopping by! Original Batrep from the first post: Arachne Update: JSA Biker Gang Repelled Armies: Nomads versus Japanese Sectorial Army (300) Mission: ITS Supplies
  3. So, as time goes by, the gaming experience changes. i have the impression that about Bakunin is still good enough, since 1) not really much changed in Bakunin and 2) my own playstyle matched what N3 now is more than it was in N2 ... but i still think it can get some overhaul. i have a pretty busy time at the moment in my life, so i will not take a full attempt to rewrite this thread until at least the midst of march 2015. so until then, we can have a discussion about the units, what i wrote back then, and how we think about it now. please post any indeas/opinions. but to get this a bit sorted, lets start with Bakunin in general. what are the strenghts of Bakunin ? what are its weaknesses ? how do we get better options than vanilla ? which playstyles do you prefer ? what are your ways to play Bakunin ? EDIT: Here the actual Guide (i will edit new articles in here now and then): Bakunin in General --- Moderators from Bakunin --- Reverend Morias --- Reverend Custodiers --- Reverend Healers --- Sin-Eater Observants --- Prowlers --- Riot Grrls --- Lizard Squadron Treehouses thoughts: --- Zeros --- Der Morlock Gruppe --- Bakunin Uberfallkommando --- Reverend Superior Cassandra Kusanagi --- Bran Do Castro, Triple Zero --- Zoe and Pi-Well Treehouses opinion on this: --- Avicenna Treehouses ans Icchans thoughts: --- Tsyklon Sputnik Lunokhod Sputnik --- Stempler Zond Reaktion Zond Vertigo Zond Meteor Zond Transductor Zond Treehouses thougts: Salyut Zonds --- Clockmakers Treehouses rewrite: --- Daktaris Treehouses opinion on this unit: as requested in another thread i will try to not only update this thread as time goes on, but also try to post some lists. i normally do not like luist postings and their discussions, since often players post lists without their own thoughts about them, and without knowing how their playstyle is there is n way for me to have "right" comments ... i do not have any direction in which the player wants to go, and as long as one knows how to use the units, there is no real "wrong". but some players seem to struggle with this knowledge of in-built tactics, the direction a list gets you to play in Bakunin. also we have many strengths and abilities to which hard counters exist, like ODD and Camo, so we always have to plan to have a way to counter these counters. pretty meta, eh ? so, i want to give some examples of how i would play some tournament lists with setting certain themes. these themes will be using some assets in the Bakunin sectorial list which you could not do in Vanilla, so for example exceeding the Vanilla AVA or using Link teams. of course i am happy to get comments on how other players would change these lists to suit their playstyle and on how i could use the list more effective, if i forget some thoughts i could use on the battlefield. so on to the first example. 3 SinEaters was my intention. first the list, then my thoughts,
  4. What kind of content would you want to see out of an infinity youtube channel?
  5. H-Logs stands for „Hydra Logistics“, a company that has its origins in the Nomad Nation and is specialised in providing transport and/or logisical solutions for every kind of cargo. The good relations to the Nomads provide the company with a prominent location in VaudeVille and access to almost every sort of military support. That is highly neccessary, since the cargos are very often targets to all sorts of attacks. Looking for a professional transport solution? -Go H-Logs! Brookers have to be the best in several different aspects. They represent their company on offical occasions and in an economical and financial way, so they have to know their way around market-strategies, numbers and calculations and everything else a real buisnessman has to provide to run a buisness. On the other hand they have to be highly trained warriors, knowing their way around combat tactics, infiltration and every other aspect of warfare they need to deliver their cargo, no matter where it goes. Well, enough of the fluff part. When I started with Infinity I was rather short on funds. Since I wanted to play the game nontheless, I took what was available and fitted. Maybe you recognise them. By now, I am proud owner of some original Infinity Models... tendency growing. Here, I shall keep you up to date on my progress. I am pretty proud of the light reflex on the helmet... Here some "house staff" of H-Logs. I play them as Alguaciles The securtiae lady Mobile Brigada Agualciles Hacker So, that's it for now. Next up a Zero
  6. Someone I know suggested the idea that yu jing and pan o could unite to take over the entire sphere. I wanted to know what you guys thought. Is it possible for these two to unite? Would it make sense? Would it work? Would haqq or the other sphere powers find a way to stop them or at least put up a fight? It should be brought up Yu Jing and Pan O have fought together before against the combined but that isn't quite the same thing as a temporary all out alliance to fight other parts of the sphere.
  7. Hi there, decided to finally sign up and start to contribute, as I'm lurking the forums for news, tactics and painted minis for quite a while now While I'm not totally new to the hobby (played & painted some GW LotR, collecting single minis from different manufacturers and genres), I would say I'm quite a noob when it comes to infinity. What dragged me in is the awesome artwork and lovely miniature range which I stumbled upon watching YouTube videos. I guess it was Corvus Miniatures that pulled the trigger. So I first started with collecting some of the miniatures which I liked the most: OP:I first, then some single minis from pretty much all the factions (except CA and USAriadna). First mini I painted was the Mobile Brigada, absolutely awesome sculpt. After reading more and more I thought this game might actually be fun, lol! So I began to collect, build and paint some terrain as well. Bought an airbrush, wanted to throw it away after the first results, read tutorials, bought some more terrain (lol)... After months of hard labour I finally had a table worth playing on, with the OP:I minis fully painted to my "minimum painting standard", invited a friend over to play my first session of infinity (introductory missions of OP:I). That was in January... In the meantime I actually slowed down with buying more minis, meaning I didn't buy every new mini that came out (lol). Now I'm buidling up my Yu Jing force (Imperial Service ftw!) to start having a real game of infinity sometime. tl,dr: I painted some minis: My first infinity miniature, I was actually quite pleased once I finished him. Now I'm thinking about adding more detail, re-do his gun etc. PanO:
  8. Hi all, Just want to share with you my blog. Its purpose is to provide me an index of what I am finishing, a catalogue of my present and past miniatures and (hopefully) will provide you some references and/or inspiration for your projects. Https:// I promise will translate it soon, and all my future posts will be in English as well. Hope you'll like it.
  9. I'm sure some of you guys have heard of tabletop simulator. For those of your who haven't it is a pretty great little tool to play just about any tabletop game out there for free or close to free on steam. Recently I've been using it to play Infinity and it's been pretty great! It's allowed me to try new army lists, new factions and all kinds of terrain setups. I wouldn't of known how much I enjoyed Ariadna without being able to try out their various sectorials in Tabletop Simulator. I've gone from playing infinity every once in awhile to getting almost 20 games in in the last week and a half. One of the only downsides for the moment is that you are gona have to proxy some units. You are going to have to use some units as other units until the models for the various different armies actually come out. That being said it's easy to do since you can just change the name of the model and give it a description while playing and I am currently looking into making models for the various different factions. I would highly recommend getting tabletop simulator if you have a couple of friends to try it out with. It's been a great help to me and has shown me that I might need to get a few more Ariadna miniatures in the near future.
  10. Hey everyone! With another tournament having come and gone, with prizes being won and crits being dished out left right and center, it's time to get back to shifting stuff from the mountain of unpainted metal into the (much smaller!) painted pile. With that, Korina did me a HUGE favour and worked up this bad boy up in time for the event: As you can see, he's brought a big gun and a bad attitude to the party, and boy did it show in the five round event! Korina took it one step further for her first Nomad mini, and put together a comprehensive write-up of how she went about putting this awesome paintjob together. You can find that HERE if non-airbrushed techniques are your thing. Expect to see more nomads follow- I hear that there's bandits around... As always, C&C is very much appreciated!
  11. Victor's Nomads attempt to defend the repurposed Freighter: Don Peyote from the vengeful ISS Assault! Check it out on Warconsole HERE:
  12. Hi! I'm a complete newbie to Infinity.These are my first painted Infinity minis. I find them a small pain in the butt to assemble and paint cause of the tiny details but the minis are gorgeous. Most detailed minis I've ever painted. See ya around.
  13. hey guys, i played against pano using this list, data recovery ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 8 INTRUDER Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, CCW. (0.5 | 43) INTRUDER (X-Visor) MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 43) HELLCAT Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 28) WILDCAT Lieutenant Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) WILDCAT Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 24) WILDCAT Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 19) ALGUACIL Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) ALGUACIL Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) 4 SWC | 200 Points Open in Infinity Army and i lost, badly, i got wiped by the second turn, having only killed a fusilier. is something wrong with my list, or do i have to realise that it is my playstyle. any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi there, I started painting my Nomads about a year ago and changed the colorsheme halfway. Therefore not too many miniatures are finished yet, but I keep on painting to reach a nice large group of Corregidor Nomads someday. The colorsheme I use is influenced by Deus Ex and I really like it hopefully, you do as well. Sorry for my bad English. I’m from Germany so English isn’t my mother tongue. I hope I can answer your comments fair enough though. Here's a picture of my group so far. Well the Gecko is not really finished yet and the picture itself a bit too dark, but I think you get a viable impression of my nomads. This two were finished this weak, so I've made single pics for them. First is a Intruder with HMG: Second is a Marine Engineering Officer I'll use as HVT.
  15. Going to be starting a Nomads cosplay, and I'm considering either a Bandit Killer Hacker or a Sin-Eater w/ HMG. Starting to get a material list for both. Also have a friend who is trying to get a female Hexa hacker worked up so I'm a bit torn. I think my build would fit a Sin-Eater better as they appear taller and I'm 6'4", but a Bandit and Hexa hacking each other may be sick. Starting to draft up the designs for the HMG now, but would love to hear what people would think would be cooler to see.
  16. It's a double header today! With Strikezone: Wotan entering Phase 2 I'm dumping my Phase 1 Battle Reports so I can record new one's while the current missions are active! Here's the first one: Yu Jing vs. Haqqislam in the 0-12 Ariadnan Zone!
  17. "We've got it!" Facet shouted aloud, echoing the digital announcement she had just received. "Full access!" Agreed her companion, ecstatically. After nearly a full week of open battle, the Nomads had been pushed out of the vital control zones of their ship. With support from PanOceanian forces, ALEPH now had control of the vessel. A direct up-link was now available. The sounds of gunfire and the chaos of battle further down the corridors of the Don Peyote were joined by a rapid series of concussive thuds. Netrods. Hundreds of them. Striking the hull of the modified freighter. Each boosting up-link bandwidth. With full access to the Don Peyote's digital resources, copies of every file, transaction, datapoint, and video recording were being sent to ALEPH through the Indra-3 Echo Commodule, currently secured by Ariadna guardians. No EI threat or Nomadic betrayal would be hidden for long. "Now even if we get pushed all the way back off the ship, we've got them." Facet dropped from her MKI Hacker host and dipped her consciousness into the great stream of pure data flow currently exploding outward from the Don Peyote. It was rare to taste such currents, and she allowed herself a moment's pleasure, savoring the experience. A ping brought her back to her MKI, still standing next to her Asura friend. "...said we've gotta get going! No time to analyze it now. They're already pushing back this direction!" Shard was yelling, and gestured down the causeway. "Yeah. Let's go."
  18. -//On the ECHO Commodule//- Scylla of the Argyraspides looked archly down through the angled glass of the observation window at her test subject. A biomechanical monstrosity. Constrained by the most advanced electromagnetic flux containment field that transhuman minds had yet devised - it was now reduced to mewling its frustration through its underdeveloped vocal cords. Such creatures had little need to speak, she supposed. She had personally supervised the amputation of its sepsistor wielding proto-limb on the transit shuttle from La Forja, and the disassembly of its isolated comms equipment. The way in which it's entire strike team had collapsed into chaos once Charybdis had relayed her blackout programme into its unsuspecting data nexus still thrilled her. It was the talk of the Commodule. Below, behind the glass, and still entombed in the tactical poly-adhesives applied to it on the command deck before extraction, the Skiavoros was alternating between futile attempts to free itself from the physical trap, and broadcast it's mindstate away - anything to escape the now useless husk of this captured body. She adjusted her glasses and cast a dusky glance back over a slender shoulder as the laboratory door slicked open behind her. The glasses were an affectation of course - the mere gesture one calculated to beguile and disarm - but it was entirely futile in this case. Her eyes saw an unassuming man, but she perceived with her mind what seemed like an ancient behemoth surfacing in her little shallow of the sea of information. It was a High Functionary, come to review her experiment and approve it's next phase. The painfully beautiful Asura Urvashi came with him, arms crossed and face inscrutable as she looked through the floor at their captive. "Quite the prize, but one dearly bought." The Functionary said, stepping forward and looking down through the glass. The mewling stopped abruptly, and the creature started keening as the aspect of ALEPH hoved into view. He met it's baleful eyes with his own. "All is prepared?" He did not look back towards her. "Yes, yes sir... the retroviral amendment to its code is complete. We will be able to trace the transmission to its next host once we release the angular confinement beam." "Very well. I wish to speak with our guest before it leaves us." She nodded, mutely and triggered the microphone between the operating theatre and the observation platform. It seemed to understand, and in a thin, insidious voice for the first time it spoke, haltingly: "You. have. won.... -nothing-" Even when she had sawed off and cauterised it's limb, it hadn't deigned to speak, or even cry out. The Functionary smiled a thin smile, then tipped his head imperceptibly towards Scylla. "We will see you again... soon." She realigned the containment field, allowing the malevolent intelligence an avenue of escape - out into space. Away to its next hiding place on the blockading fleet. Abruptly the creature shuddered, then sighed it's death rattle as the consciousness fled it's body. He looked back at her, expectant. Data reflected from the console off the thin glass slivers of her lenses, flashing at an alarming rate. "Ah," She said, presently. "Ah?" She preened at the pink flower in her hair, and explained, almost apologetically: "Well. It's a bad week to be a Nomad, sir. It's on the Don Peyote." "Ah." He agreed.
  19. Hey All, New player here from Illinois. I'm looking to get started in Infinity on a fairly casual basis and just had a couple of questions. First: The three factions I've narrowed it down to are Pan-O, Ariadna, and Nomads. I'm really only looking to get into one faction at the moment as this is a second wargame for me at the moment and well, funds are a tad limited. My question is about the relative expected play style of the three factions. From what I have seen/read, Pan-O has the advantage of more or less the best technology, often at a relatively cheap price point (list wise), and they especially excel at shooting, but at the cost of having relatively low WIP. Ariadna on the other hand tends to be more of a death by a thousand cuts. Cheap models that have relatively limited technology but can overcome that limitation through numbers (high order count) and being extremely sneaky (lots of camo, AD, etc.). Is that about right, or am I missing something? Realizing of course that these are generalizations. What about Nomads though? How do they play out? I know that they are supposed to have really good hackers, but what else do they bring to the table in terms of play style? Considering that I am more looking to play casually than competitively, I'm not worried per se about overall balance as I figure for my purposes all the factions are relatively balanced. I'm more looking at the overall style. The followup question to the above then is for a player on a limited budget do you recommend sticking to a Sectorial, or going more vanilla. Or does it really matter? I understand the pros and cons of sectorials (individual models can potentially do more in a sectorial at the cost of limiting the models you can choose from) but not sure if the end result can run into a higher financial outlay one way or the other. My gut says it probably doesn't matter a whole lot either way, but obviously I am not as well versed as you fine folks. Either way I'll be building my collection slowly anyway since I'll need to work my way up to 300 point lists (have only played two games so far). Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  20. ******* accessing datasphere ****** uplink established ********* Lhost acquired I am here only to inform the 0-12 that Aleph has finished conducting our investigation at the La Forja Mobile Shipyard Control Deck. It has been a difficult fight with the Nomads resisting, the Ariadnan forces overstepping 0-12 regulations and trying to investigate the same area rather than the Military Harbour as they had been assigned by 0-12 and two separate alien encounters aboard the vessel. One with the Tohaa and one with the EI. Our report will be available with our findings to 0-12 within a few days as we compile and sort through all of the findings. Attached is proof that we, no matter how small have overcome the odds and finished the investigation that the 0-12 bestowed upon us. In addition we will continue to stand with Pan Oceania against the EI and their sympathizers. We publicly declare our support of Pan Oceanian forces and commend them for defending the defense platforms around the Wotan Gate. General Blitchga Aleph Wotan High Command ******releasing Lhost ***********uplink disconnected
  21. Official Response to the press release on La Forja to the Limit. Coming straight from the front lines. ******* accessing datasphere ****** uplink established ********* Lhost acquired I will not have our motives questioned. We are always watching over Humanity, especially since it seems so incapable of watching over itself. Our most recent incursions upon La Forja Control Deck have led to new developments. In the interest of all Humanity within the Human sphere all Nomad specialist officers will be held for questioning regarding smuggling allegations. The Ariadna forces are in full breach of an 0-12 investigation of the afor mentioned allegations against the Nomads. Since Ariadna forces are in direct violation of 0-12 regulations they too will be captured for questioning as their presence brings into question their loyalty to the Human Sphere. As always we will continue to support Pan O forces at Sygtir -1 with any available forces and training to fight back the EI. General Blitchga Aleph Wotan High Command ******releasing Lhost ***********complete
  22. -//Flash Broadcast, O-12 liaison INDRA-3//- Sirs, ALEPH can report continued success at the La Forja Mobile Shipyard Command Deck, which has nearly been secured as part of our ongoing O-12 directed investigation into Alien infiltration of Nomad forces. Unfortunately despite repeated official requests via your office, Bureau Aegis forces are still jeopardising O-12 operations by continuing to interfere with ALEPH's good work, and neglecting the strategic opportunity to neutralise the threat of the Military Harbour which remains under control of Alien infiltration units. We note with trepidation that following interrogation of captured Ariadnan units, it has become clear that their publicly professed O-12 security mandate is nothing more than a cover for 'Project Buran' - a secret directive from the Ariadnan Stavka to seize foreign space-faring assets for use by Dawn. ALEPH recommends an immediate O-12 investigation of this illegal activity, which is in clear contravention of O-12 regulations and Nomad sovereign rights. ALEPH socio-political projections suggest that in the interests of openness it may be prudent for O-12 to publicly distance themselves or otherwise condemn these Bureau Aegis activities, and make official statements to this effect to Nomad Command. The remains of the Ariadnan interrogation subjects (including forced cube archive encodings) will be made available for your review. Please find attached 'Project Buran' mission patch removed from interrogation subjects' uniforms. High Functionary, Paradiso (Wotan) AL-X135
  23. Hi there, my names Carlos and I’m from Germany. I started Infinity about 2 years ago and though I don’t play as often as I would like, I’m still a big fan of this game. I like the setting, the miniatures and well of course the great wargaming boards many of you have built. Playing a game of Infinity with painted miniatures on a board with beautiful terrain is simply great. Therefore I’d like to have a unique looking, detailed board myself one day. I bought lots of terrain second-hand, so I already have the possibility to assemble a good Infinity board. But well it’s neither detailed, nor unique. But I’m not only disappointed from the look, it although feels somewhat flat. Of course there are buildings where snipers can get on top, but well, the buildings often just have one way to get to the roof. Therefore a miniature which is in a position like that often won’t move for the rest of the game. I wanted something more overlapping. If you have watched movies like the new Total Recall from 2012 you may know what I mean. Ok, I want platforms, connected with bridges and big enough to provide space for MDF buildings (MAS, Zen Terrain, etc.) or other terrain pieces. As for the style, I imagine a dirty, futuristic trading outpost named “Teferox Bay” for my Corregidor nomads. I’m clearly influenced by Deus Ex Human Revolution, Battle Angel Alita New Order, Overwatch and the already mentioned new Total Recall film. The groundlevel of my board is the warehouse mat from MicroArts (very original, yeah… ^^). But well, I like this mat. Not only does it fit to my imagination of Teferox Bay, it although gave me a nice idea for the surface of the platforms. I bought a second mat and started to cut certain areas to get a two layered battlefield. English isn’t my mother tongue and pictures say more than words anyway, so here a sketch of my planed wargaming board. I already started repainting some of my second-hand terrain and the first platform is also done. I like it, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The second platform will be much more detailed. But more of it later. This picture demonstrates quite well what the board will look like in the end. A grey city with yellow details. I’d like to add some LEDs to the terrain, but I’ve no clue about technical stuff at all. Maybe a friend of mine can help me a bit with this. As for the second platform I’m constructing right now, I’m trying to add more depth into it by adding more foamboard details, and adding slots for MDF buildings. I think by doing this, the whole terrain gets a more interesting look and also more places to take cover. Obviously it will take a lot more time to finish the whole project, but that’s fine. I already have enough terrain for the board, so everything that’s coming from now on, is just to embellish the scenery. And last but not least a little scenic shot I made. Can’t wait to have the whole board ready. I hope you like it. Oh and though I've a certain image on my mind what my board should look like, feel free to write me your ideas an opinions. As I'm trying to build a somewhat organic grown city, so differences between the platforms are really desired. Let's see what Teferox Bay will look like in the future. I have just so many ideas... ^^
  24. Some time ago I had posted a bunch of topics on haqqislam and how I was supremely suspicious of them. Part of this was my own experience with Islam and muslims in the real world being for the most part very negative. I pretty much hated haqqislam and kept writing about them being secretly evil or hunting down exmuslims ect. Here is the funny part. Recently I had bought the Human Sphere book for N3 and have been reading through the factions lore in an attempt to figure out which faction I felt the most connected too and would want to live in. The funny thing was so far Haqqislam seems like the best choice for me. There is something about their values and society that I just straight up love. Not to mention after more or less discarding the other 3 factions I've read before it and the one I've read after it in the book it's starting to seem like the only choice for me. I just thought that was kind of ironic and I thought I would share. I'm not sure if anyone remembers those old conspiracy theory-esque posts that I used to flood the forums with but incase you do I thought you might also find this kind of funny. I did remember posting something similar to this when I first started playing QK but I couldn't find it if I did and I think even then I made a bunch of excuses about how my little part of the faction was somehow made entirely of nonmuslims or something. Just kinda silly really.
  25. Awhile back posted a topic about spamming the infantry button. The basic concept was to have massive blobs of infantry to swarm the enemy. An example was an army with a total of 28 grunts, another was about 18 of so myridoms. There was also a topic about starship troopers / heavy infantry and so on. I want to field one of these infantry blob armies but I wasn't sure which army had the best basic infantry. For instance which had the most versatility, the most durability and which had better damage output? If there is no major difference then that is fine too and I will just go with which ones look the best but if there is a major difference between the line infantry then I want to put out the best of the best. Another idea I was playing around with was which army would be best to do a heavy infantry list. In other words spam the infantry button but with mostly if not entirely heavy infantry? I like doing themed lists so I figured doing the basic line infantry and the heavy infantry lists would just be fun. So with all of that out of the way which army has the best line infantry and which army would be best for a heavy infantry list?