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Found 11 results

  1. Title: The Brooklyn Bash Date: October 28, 2016 5pm Until October 30, 2016 6pm Entry Fee: 3 Day Tickets can be purchased: Friday Night only, Main Event Only tickets are also available. Sponsors: Wargamers Consortium Death Ray Designs Impudent Mortal Black Maria Designs Black Sheep Industries Monkey Sword Games Top Down Terrain Warsenal and more! Location: Nu Brand Gaming, 194 31st St, Brooklyn, New York, 11232 Welcome to New York City's first Infinity Celebration Event. The Brooklyn Bash is a get together for Infinity players to come an play infinity casually as well as in a Grand Event for the title of WGC North East Infinity Champion. The celebration event will be three days long and have up to 54 Spots (final number is still pending) for Infinity players to come and relax in a comfortable atmosphere in Brooklyn, NY Nu Brand Gaming has opened its doors to us and I intend to make full use of the wonderful club that Ade Sanya has created. Friday will be used for free gaming, with players using Objective Points to pick up prizes as well as play in Beerfinity showdown events.Saturday starts the two day Grand Tournament. The first three rounds taking place during the day. Once the third round is over continuation of Free Play and Beerfinity Showdowns for those who feel they didn't get enough the first rounds. Have to keep the celebration going!!! Sunday will be the final 2 rounds as well as Award Ceremony for the WGC Infinity Champion, WGC Infinity Sharpshooter, WGC Infinity Master Painter and many others. I look forward to letting everyone know more info including entry fee for the weekend, Friday only Entry as well as just the Grand Tournament. Also keep a look out for our sponsors of the event to keep the celebration going. I don't know about you guys but I am feeling like Balloons. Hope to see you guys there. Lazlo I am in talks with the other Warcors in the Tristate area to run qualifiers for winners of their July event to get a free pass to the Brooklyn Bash. More info incoming. Thanks to @dtjunkie19, @cmweinst and @Kinsman for helping me out on this.
  2. Once again it is time for New York to have a Dire State throw down. To see who comes out on top and represent their state to victory but also have a blast....oh and beer....we cant forget beer (Friday evening get together for anyone that can make it). 300 Point ITS Tournament Spec Op Hobby Scoring (unless removed in ITS 2016) Date: 4-9-16 *Thanks, sorry about that* Rounds: 4 Missions : TBD 2 Lists Lists MUST be printed and provided to [email protected],com by April 2, 2016 using ARMY V. Entry Fee : $30 Spots available now, Send Payment info below to : Facebook Link Paypal Link Send as Friends/Family Spots Available: 32 Terrain Support Greatly appreciated Sponsors: Wargamers Consortium Tabletop Gamers United Impudent Mortal Mats by Mars Monkey Sword Games Underground Lasers Black Maria Designs Black Sheep Industries Top Down Terrain @warsenal @Customeeple More info incoming for the NY Dire State event.
  3. Hosting another monthly ITS tournament at Nu Brand Gaming in Brooklyn, NY. 300 point ITS tournament. 2 lists, 12xp Spec Op. Sunday November 1st. 11am to 7pm Seize the Antennae, Quadrant Control, Nimbus Zone $15 entry. Covers Nu Brand day fee and tournament pack. Hope to see you there!
  4. Its on over the Tappan Zee bridge, 300 points Spec Op tournament with Hobby scoring. MissionsCold Sleep TRANSMISSION MATRIXNimbus ZoneRounds 3Entry Fee - $15 dollars for ITS Tournament Pack, and Store Credit with some extras if possible.Terrain Support is appreciated Location Toy Wiz Collectibles 347 W Route 59 Nanuet, New York (845) 624-2224
  5. Well, not to be left behind New York - The Empire State has called for battle. We welcome everyone from the Tri State area to bring this battle together and defend from any foreigners (anyone outside of NY, NJ, and CT). So far Georgia has conquered two Dire State events...we must defend NY, and to some degree NJ and CT....I dont why but hey....WE MUST DEFEND THE TRI-KINGDOM AREA!!! TO WAR!!! PS: New York Style pizza is the best.... #firstshotsfired Event: Dire States NY - Battle for the Empire State Date: April 25, 2014 Start: 10am - 8pm Country: US Place: Grimfoe Games 598 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush, NY 12061 Format: Classic Extras: None Points/Tier Level: 300 Rounds: 4 rounds - Scenarios: Round 1 - Highly Classified Round 2 - Supremacy Round 3 - Transmission Matrix Round 4 - Supplies Size: 32 players Entry Fee: $20 before April 11, 2015. $25 at the door. All preregistered players will receive some awesome goodies to be announced soon. All lists must be sent via email by April 18, 2015 for confirmation of points. Paypal info: [email protected] Please put what state you will be representing. I can not guarantee space unless you preregister. Registration will open February 9, 2015 Sponsors: The Wargamers Consortium Tectonic Craft Studios Warsenal Corvus Beli Underground Lasers Systema Gaming Registered so far: 32!!! New York - 12 Massachusetts - 6 New Jersey - 5 Maine - 1 Georgia - 2 New Hampshire - 2 Connecticut - 1 Texas - 1 California - 2 Represent your state!!! More information incoming.
  6. Please note this event is canceled. I am working on removing it from the Forums. Wanted to celebrate my Birthday weekend with friends and games and what better way with an Infinity Tournament. Come on down to Nu Brand Gaming in Brooklyn for some awesome gaming. ITS Spec Op Tournament Date: October 18, 2014 Location: Nu Brand Gaming 194 31st Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 Tel: (888) 515-9157 4 Rounds 16 Player Maximum Pre-Reg will be required to assure spot payment via Paypal or cash once the Entry Fee is listed. Entry Fee: $30 for Non Nu Brand Members, $10 for members. Paypal: [email protected] 12 pm Registration 1pm Start Terrain Support Appreciated let me know if you can provide support. Missions: Supplies Antennae Field Quadrant Control Seize the Antennae Sponsors Underground Lasers
  7. With the bad weather finally a thing of NY/NJ past I will be hosting a Tournament at Gamer's Gambit, in Saddle Brooke NJ 300 Points No Spec Op Scenarios: Supplies, Quadrant Control, Antennae Field. Time Limit: 90 Minutes (dice drop at the end of 90 minutes middle of turn or not) Date: May 17, 2014 Entry fee is $15 Registration Starts at 11:00am Tournament will start at 12:30pm. Be sure to have your ITS PIN with your. I will need it. Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377 I hope to have product on site. Terrain help is always great. Thanks.
  8. Ok guys, coming off my Templecon run I wanted to run something for those that missed in in the NY/NJ/CT Area over at Gamer's Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ but all are welcome if you just want to escape the snow blues that has been hitting our area. The following is the information you may need. Location: Gamer's Gambit 446 Market Street, Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663 Registration 12:30 pm Start time 1:00 pm Entry Fee : $15 300 point 12 XP Spec Op 2 army lists, same army/sectorial Scenarios: Supplies Frontline Emergency Transmission Please let me know if you are planning to attend. Sorry for those that cant make it because its very last minute I just decided it this week.
  9. So I just finished hosting a 400 Point Campaign Tournament over at Gamers Gambit in NJ. The Scenarios were Quadrant Control, Life Blood, and Antennae Field. The games were set with 2 hours time limits which were not needed to be enforced. The bodies just died too fast. Super Spec Ops can be possible but nothing is Absolute. If anyone has any questions it let me know. Plebian received first place. I would like to thank everyone that came out even with the crappy weather.
  10. Yeah, that's right, I got two Tournaments going on in less than a month of each other again. What Craziness is this? Aleph upload to my new LHost body had an issue so its made me want to run Tournaments within a short amount of time of each other. No worries..*****......defragmentation is running...************* ITS Season 2014 – Gamer’s Gambit - Saddle Brook, NJ 446 Market Street Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663 January 25, 2014 Registration: 12pm Start Time: 1pm Format: Campaign Tournament: At the end of each Round, players can use the Objective Points they earned to improve their Spec Ops or unlock Military Specialties, as per the Infinity Campaign System (ICS) rules set forth in the Infinity. Campaign: Paradiso rulebook. Points: 400 Point Army/ 8 SWC Rounds:3 Two lists: must be the same army/sectorial Fully Painted Armies get +1 VP per game but not required to be fully painted to play. Entry Fee: $10 Scenarios: - Quadrant Control - Life Blood - Antennae Field Grand Prize: A brand NiB Anaconda