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Found 3 results

  1. It's Monday so time for another instalment of 'Noob question of the week'. As I continue to learn the game I'm starting to struggle with the whole Close Combat thing in Infinity. On the face of it, as a faction, we have some close combat capable troop choices (Imperial Agents, Ninja, Oniwaban) but Infinity seems to be a 'gunfight' game where close combat doesn't really happen much. On the few occasions I've tried to get into close combat I've been gunned down on the approach. Now I accept that a lot of this is due to inexperience. I mean running down the street waving a Katana at someone is all very well but when that someone has a gun it tends to end badly for the Katana owner. So as a general rule of thumb how do other Yu Jing players deliver their close combat guys to the enemy? I'm assuming that dropping smoke is a good idea as that removes LOS (visors not withstanding) so that the victim is robbed of their ability to ARO shoot at you on the way in as long as you are not tempted to shoot at them and allow them the shot back? Do you rely on the camo state that things like the Ninja can start in to help protect their approach? Do you just not bother given that it's order inefficient? (drop smoke + move + getting into cc usually means 3 orders or more. Much like the famous clip form Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy pulls out his pistol to just shoot the sword wielding guy coming at him as it seems like a better option) Is my desire to be waving sharp metal objects around just not a good idea in a game where shooting is king? As always; thanks for reading and helping the new guy out.
  2. I have been saving for a while to get into a miniatures game and jump in with both feet. I am ready to order but need help with what I should get. From what I have seen so far I'd like a great sniper and or rocket launcher I also would like to get the japanese starter as I understand the Oniwaban is a fun one to start with. Budget is around $150 or so and I am ordering from miniature market so it'll be slightly discounted. So can I get some help with a list with some alternates?
  3. Hello all, I've recently gotten into this game and coming from a 40k background, Infinity's game mechanics are genius. I decided to grab a JSA starter kit and some blisters to go with, well because ninjas... Reading up the rules, I read that obiwan ninja can do a hidden deployment way down the enemy player's half of the board. My noob question is do you have to declare, before game starts, that you're putting a "model" (e.g. oniwaban) in hidden deployment in said area? or can you just declare it in your game turn that you'll reveal the model (with exact location on the board of course).This has got me thinking for a while because running a JS army means that you have just a couple of models doing superior infil, and that kind of makes doing it seem predictable.