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  1. OK, so we're seeing new rules for units to be 'officially' released in Paradiso N3 now. From what I remember of the original Human Sphere release, this means we're 6-12 months from new book, and probably on the low end (though I'm still expecting Paradiso N3 to be released at GenCon 2018, which lets me be pleasantly surprised when we get it sooner). We know that it's going to have the Paradiso campaign and the Infinity Campaign System in it, which means Spec Ops. The original Paradiso book only had like 2 pages of new rules, so I'm not expecting much there. I'd like to see faction-specific (or maybe even sectorial-specific) skill and weapon lists for Spec-Ops, as well as expanded choices for what units can be spec-ops. Because while I'd love to get a Zuyong spec-ops, I'd hate to face a Zuyong Spec-Op with NWI. I'd also like better guidelines for making your own campaign. So what ELSE would you like to see in Paradiso N3? [edit: I'm adding what we know will be in Paradiso N3 to this post as it becomes available.] What we know Paradiso N3 will contain: The Paradiso Campaign (both missions and story), which is going to take up about 50 pages. A whole list of new Sectorials, and the units that the contain: PanO's Varuna Sectorial Yu Jing's Invincible Army Ariadna's Kazaks Haqqislam's Ramah Task Force (which is the 'Caliphate', IIRC) Nomads Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Something for Combined Army, probably Shasvasti Mercenaries - Maybe 'Mercenary Companies' but details are scarce Aleph's Operations SubSection, the Vedic (Indian) troops Tohaa - Triumvirate, basically Tohaa Illuminati with a mix of Tohaa and Mercenary troops Rules: Infinity Campaign System and Spec Ops rules. New General Game Rules known: Ghost:RP TAG pilots (and modified Pilot stats from TagLine) Skills: Full Auto Fatality Tech-Bee's Remote Assistant Equipment: None known, not much rumored.
  2. Just finished reading the book and am looking forward to playing the campaign. With the rapid growth forest, I want to include at least some wooded or jungle terrain in my boards. At first read, the movement rules through jungle / woods seem that they could end up eating a lot of orders. Is this the case? For Paradiso games, how much jungle / woods do you use?
  3. PROLOGUE McClendon Clan Hall Northwind, Caledonia 14 July 2172 The McClendons were not one of Caledonia's wealthiest clans. In truth, they were rich enough -- and powerful enough -- to rank as one of the "major" clans that helped to rule their particular slice of Ariadna, but the flow of teseum coming out of the Long Glen mines wasn't enough to compete with the Clans Robertson, Wallace, or MacDougall. The pecking order at the top was already to firmly established; the only power-shuffling took place at the bottom and middle ranks. The fact that the McClendons were firmly ensconced in the middle, then, made the sumptuousness of the Clan Chief's personal reception office all the more insulting. The carpet was thick and soft, so much so that a visitor could at times feel themselves sink into it a little. The walls were paneled in USAriadnan sentinel pine, the crushed velvet drapery hung from gold-chased curtain rods, the battleship of a desk in the center of the room had been lovingly carved from a single massive hunk of Ariadnan Redwood, and the high-backed chairs on both sides of the desk were overstuffed and upholstered in calfskin leather. Everything about the room absolutely screamed "old world wealth". . . which was a hilarious lie. Sitting in one of those eminently uncomfortable chairs, Malcolm McClendon silently seethed. He remembered this room the way it used to be when it belonged to his grandfather, Fergus. The furnishings then were much simpler, made for function and comfort rather than intended to impress. Old Fergus had deliberately not hung shades or drapes on the windows, and this far north, sunlight filled the room for up to twenty hours at a stretch. Now, the deep crimson curtains cast a bloody stain across everything in the room, cloaking the chamber with gloom. Just walking in, it had felt like a heavy cloak had been thrown over his shoulders. Malcolm rose in impatience and started to pace back and forth. His long-legged strides took him quickly across the space and back again, his blue-gray eyes locked, unfocused, on the floor as he furiously organized just exactly what he was going to say to the chief when he came in. He was still in the process when the side door opened and his quarry entered. Angus McClendon, Chief of the McClendons, had the bearing of a king of old. His back was ramrod-straight, unbent and unbowed by the weight of his stewardship over one of Caledonia's wildest districts. His suit was tailored along martial lines, cut almost like a uniform jacket in the way it lie across his shoulders. He eschewed the traditional kilt thanks to the eternal biting breeze that gave the city of Northwind its name, preferring warmer slacks in violation of Caledonian custom. Angus ignored his visitor at first, striding purposely to his large desk and shuffling a few stacks of paper about. An uncomfortable silence settled on the pair even as they sank into their seats on either side of the expansive desk. For two full minutes, they simply stared at each other: Malcolm, his jaw clenched so hard his teeth were grinding, and Angus, staring back intently over steepled fingers like an action film villain. Angus finally took a deep breath and said, "Hello, Malcolm." His voice certainly carried more than a hint of the traditional Scottish brogue, but it was clipped, as if he tried to train the rough edges away. The younger man, still frowning, inclined his head in respect. "Good afternoon, sir." Malcolm's speech followed the same pattern. "Sir? Oh, son, there's no need to stand on ceremony here," the chief replied, one side of his lips slipping into a smirk. "Really? What would you prefer?" Malcolm half-rose as his temper fought its way to the surface. "Chief? Father?" Angus snorted in derision. "Fine, have it your way. I assume this is about the enlistment?" Malcolm settled back, taking a deep breath before answering to give himself time to compose himself. "Yes, it is. Why did you cancel it?" There was a pause before Angus answered. "Because I am the chief, and you are my son. You don't need to enlist in the Volunteers, Mal. All you had to do was ask, and I would have given you a commission." "And that is exactly why I enlisted, dad," Malcolm replied with a sneer. "I don't want to be given a damn thing, I want to earn something for once in my life. You bought my way into the MacGregor School, you bought my way into the Ecole Nationale. . . everything I've done so far in my life has been a product of the clan's money." He shook his head slowly. "I want to earn this for myself." The elder McClendon's face had steadily pulled into an angered glare during the tirade until it looked as though he was a half-step from violence, and his voice reflected the same emotion. "You ungrateful little shite! I've sacrificed everything for you! Those funds didn't come out of the clan's coffers, they came from ours!" He rose from his chair and leaned forward, his knuckles resting on the writing surface. "I know I'm not the easiest man to get along with, but you've spent your entire life trying to run away from your family and your responsibilities. You are not going to keep running, and the army is not your escape hatch. You're going to report back to this office tomorrow morning and you are going to learn how to run our holdings." He leaned even further forward, his hard gray eyes locking onto Malcolm's stormy blue ones. "And if I see your name come up on the military rolls again, there will be Hell to pay. Got it?" Malcolm slowly stood, his own gaze staring daggers straight back at the father. He said nothing, simply turned on his heel and strode from the office without looking back. * * * * * Northwind was a small city even by Ariadnan standards, housing less than 100,000 permanent residents. The city had begun, as most Caledonian settlements, as a mining town, and the oldest sections of the city buttressed the sheer, cliff-like slopes of Mount Monmouth. By the time the teseum veins ran dry, the city had already expanded, filling the valley between Monmouth and Beacon Peak. It was the terminus of the north-bound rail line from Scone and a waystation for travelers of all stripes venturing into the northern wilds of Dawn. Even without the local mining industry, Northwind had already become too much of a locus of human activity to die off. As Malcolm stormed out of the Clan Hall, he was all but impervious to the normally breath-taking view. The Hadrian Range rose up all around in all its primordial glory, its jagged, knife-like peaks coated in white as Dawn's early winter approached. The mountains had become something of a tourist draw for Merovingians and Kazaks despite the dangers of marauding caterans and savage antipodes, their slab-sided granite flanks perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The Americans, apparently, had their own mountains to worry about. The valley within which the city lay was picturesque in a rugged way, and the mountains and hills fell away to the northwest. The view from the city's West Wall ramparts was one of the most-photographed areas in all of Ariadna. The rocky valley floor gave way to a few river-fed moors before even that disappeared into open tundra; the colors of the hills and taiga changed with every season, and there was no shortage of artists willing to brave the dangers of Caledonian living to capture that frontier on screen and canvas. But Malcolm ignored all of this as he shoved his hands into his coat pockets and all but stomped down the street. What he couldn't ignore, however, was the biting wind that blew in under his kilt. That beautiful tundra was the beginning of Dawn's arctic circle, and freezing winds blew south in an eternal stream. Those winds would strike the wall-like flanks of the Hadrians; lacking the strength to climb over the mountains, the winds diverted into the valleys between them, bringing freezing temperatures with them. That indeed had been how the city got its name, and even now that rushing, ever-present breeze cut its way through the stone and concrete valleys of Northwind's streets. This far north and in such conditions, the old joke about what a Highlander wore beneath his kilt lost its humor. Even with his thick jacket, woolen briefs, and high stockings, the winter winds cut Malcolm to the bone. He wandered for a bit, dodging traffic and pedestrians as he tried to blow off steam. It was midday so the streets were crowded, kilted Caledonians everywhere bustling through the chilly fall weather. He used to like to people-watch on the streets before he went off to Mariannebourg for college, but lately the practice had lost its luster. They were his people -- McClendons, McClellans, MacLennans, MacLanahans, Colquhouns, Quinns, Kennedys, even Ericksons descended from the Danish settlers -- and he was destined to rule them all. His father was proud and arrogant and frittered away the clan's resources. Malcolm knew his father had been coddled by his grandmother and had never spent a lot of time actually living among his own folk. Malcolm had. He knew that living in Northwind or Conner's Stand or Bridgetown was not easy. McClendon lands were on the very northern edge of Ariadna. They were the limit of human civilization, and yet Angus McClendon lived like he was the Justicar safe in Scone. Malcolm blew out a resigned breath, his exhalation misting in front of him as yet another reminder of the coming cold season. He paused in his wanderings, realizing that he hadn't been paying attention to where his feet had taken him. He found himself at the corner of Smith Avenue and Wesson Boulevard. The neighborhood around him was one of the older ones, its buildings made from mortared granite hewn from the mountainside. The district was known as Gun Corner (the next streets over from Smith and Wesson were Vickers Road, Browning Ave, and Enfield Way), and it was not the kind of place you wanted to end up alone at night. He turned to start walking back the way he came and promptly collided with someone else. He bounced back a step, which was odd in and of itself; Malcolm was six foot one and just shy of two hundred pounds. Usually, people bounced off of him. He found himself looking up into the fang-filled face of a Wulver who stood at least another six inches taller than Malcolm. A bushy blonde beard framed a face crisscrossed with scars, most of them in the tell-tale parallel pattern of antipode claws. He experience a brief moment of panic before he took in the man's dark blue uniform jacket and its three rows of ribbons. On his shoulder, proudly displayed, was the red and yellow emblem of the 9th Regiment of Grenadiers. The Wulver flashed Malcolm a toothy smile and asked in a deep baritone, "Ya lost, laddie? Or just lookin' fer work?" Malcolm shrugged. "Both, I guess." The Wulver's grin widened even further and he slapped a heavy arm around Malcolm's shoulders. "Fookin' great! Step inna ma wee office 'ere, and let's talk about the best kind o' work there is, eh? So what should I call ya?" Malcolm cocked an eyebrow up at the big man, but let himself be led into the building before him. The sign in the window read, 'MCCLENDON LIGHT BRIGADE RECRUITING CENTER.' As they stepped across the threshold, a grin split Malcolm's face. "Callum," he replied. "My name is Callum McClendon."
  4. When it comes to terrain my vision of what I want has always out stripped my ability to make things from scratch. Plasticard and foam board never cuts straight, my walls are wonky and my Styrofoam ends up looking like bady cut Styrofoam. This led me to stick to store brought terrain that has been great. However one kind of terrain I always wanted has never been made to a standard I want and that is trees. We all know the perfectly cylindrical wire and flock trees that occupy so many gaming tables. I have used them but always felt like they we too small and perfect and blocked my immersion into the environment. I always wanted a great looking forest to game in since my teens but did not have the skills to make it. Then About 6 months ago I saw two terain blogs that inspired me. And I then decided to try my own trees. Over the past 5 months I have tried a number of variations of tecnics and have found a method that I am now very happy with and am well on my way to having he forest of tall trees to play on. Step one was to get a load of cheap wire from the 100¥ store. About a roller or 60p. This was to form the frame of the tree like so. (1.2mm wire) The bigger the tree the more coils you use different lengths for different highs etc... The first trees I made had roots at the bottom but some of my later ones do not. The next stage was to use a thinner wire (about 0.7-0.8mm) To coil around to strengthen it and provide a smoover serface for adding clay or green stuff later. I did not do this with my first and it made the next steps much harder. Next stage was to add green stuff or equivalent to the outside of the tree. I used clay at first but felt it did not come out quite right and was hard to stick to the metal. The above tree will be a mangrove stile tree and will have a water base when done. It will be paradiso forest after all. After this the trees were undercoated brown and used sponge to add different shades and bark effects. The last stage was the hardest, the leaves. I do not like the moss sponge stuff you see on railway set trees, as once again it just does not look quite right to me. I spent a long time trying to find a solution and once again the 100¥ store held the answer. I found these. Gureen baru. In a number of stiles. You can pull the sections off little pegs the hold the on and rethread them on to wire (I found green wire a the 100¥ store too) and then attach the bunches you make to the trees. The end results are great. The scatter was made from driftwood with some weathering powers and other plastic plant bits from the 100¥ store. I have about 8 finished so far and about 10 more a various stages. I also have large rock formations that are planed and being made but that will be a post for another day. Here is a shot of my plan for my jungle/ forest table. And I will keep updating the progress as well as some other projects. I hope you have not found this to long winded and dual and any advice and comment is welcome.
  5. This is a Paradiso themed table that I’m just about to play a game on using all the lovely Micro Art Studio terrain I have now. Ive been buying bits and pieces and somehow never painting any of it. The idea is a short range shuttle has gone down on the outskirts of this small border town mowing down some jungle and the barricades and now the PanO and Combined Army troops in the area are converging to seize the sensitive intel on the ship.
  6. Hey all, I wanted to drop a few question with regards to the changes we've seen recently to the game. New units, a new set of rules, extra models/load-outs, additional rules like Bio-immunity and Marksmanship. I was wondering how these things will effect the systems that were set up with 2nd edition in mind (like Dire Foes and Campaign Paradiso). Is Paradiso playable with N3 rules/units? For example; There is one mission in Paradiso which uses the contamination areas. (402 according to IJW). It looks like the Bolts and Tarik will shine in that mission, as they have the BioImmunity special rule, and therefore are must more resistant to the effects of the Contamination. Could that unbalance the Campaign? I'd like to hear the thoughts of others on these matters! ^^
  7. Hello everyone, Sicner we had a change in the local player base I am going to play Paradiso mission 301 with my JSA versus Ariadna (most likely vanilla). Since I have only played versus Ariadna twice and that was years ago versus some Scots, I am not quite sure what to prepare. MY basic idea was to run lots of Keisotsu for linkteam speed and Yuriko as main engineer for the objective, with a abckup engineer soemwhere. Other than that a minesweeper and a TR Remote. Now at first I had planned to take an O Yoroi to deal with enemy shooters (When I was still going to play vs Haqqislam), but that option seems less attrractive vs DA+AP weapon wielding Ariadna. The two special remotes seem like a good option due to their visors, as do TO troops. Oniwaban might be an option in case I get the initiative since a lack of SS Level2 can make them quite devastating in the enemy DZ. I should also mention that my Yojimbo is dead for the campaign. What would you folks reccomend? I frankly have no idea what to expect.
  8. So hello everyone, who bothers to look at these pages. As I am finally playing the campaign, I brought in a bunch of stuff to paint for it. My Aleph had been on a hold for some time, mostly due to too many people playing Aleph. In the Campaign, I am the only one therefore...I pledge to uphold my record, of Infinity the only game I ever played only with painted miniatures. We´ll see if that or sloth wins out Anyway here is the list of things to paint atm: (I will put pictures in here when finished, and in extra posts) 2Mulebots (done) 2 Devas [Generic, Spitfire] + 2 Devabots (done): 5 Myrmidons [Chain Rifle, Spitfire, Shotgun, Combi, Generic] Machaon Patroclus Diomedes Marut As a bonus, because I bought and painted them shortly before I joined the campaign, my HMG Range: Well, I hope someone might like them.
  9. Ok welcome to my newest Infinity Terrain building adventure. In this Build Log I'll be not only showing progress but going over how I've managed to achieve the results I've aiming for. First off here is a little fluff about the table design. In Infinity one of the Factions is its made up of a mixture of South America, South East Asia and Oceania yes that includes Australia. Its the No.1 great Power of the Human Sphere. It owns the greatest number of planets, has the richest economy and possesses the most advanced technology. One of the big things about Pan Oceania is its Knightly Military Orders which are a direct tip of the hat to the Christian Knightly Military Orders from the Crusades. The one which is important to note here is the Pan Oceanian Knights of Montesa. Their not the largest, the most well funded nor do they have the best profiles in the game what is important is they are a part of a Sectorial (derivative) force of the Vanilla Pan Oceanian Faction called the Shock Army of Acontecimento which is one of the Sectorial forces I play. All of the Pan Oceania Knightly Military Orders are known for having Fortress Monasteries on various planets in or on which they operate the Knights of Montesa's largest, best equipped and resourced would be on the planet of Acontecimento a however given their offensive nature and ties to the Shock Army of Acontecimento and the Shock Armies inevitable use on the planet of Paradiso thanks to the similarities between the planet Acontecimento and Paradiso. It's reasonable to assume they would have some Fortress Monasteries from which to operate although they would not be large, well equipped or as formidable as say the The Order of the Teutonic Knights of Saint Mary of Jerusalem who were stationed on Paradiso from the first Pan Oceanian colonisation. So with that all in mind we know the basic concept of the table. The core will be a Fortress Monastery made mainly of a single curtain wall enclosing a simple courtyard. Some laser cut terrain will be in the courtyard to help make it '175 years into the future' the rest of the board will be jungle based. Now there is one more thing to note. Between the two most recent expansion books to Infinity. Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso there has been allot of information given about the Combined Armies invasion of Paradiso and more importantly how unprepared the Powers of the Human Sphere were prepared for this alien invasion. The first precision missile salvos from the Combined Armies ships were completely unexpected and many fortified positions were destroyed without warning. This sites were quickly overrun in the first or second expansions of the Combined Armies beach heads. I intend for my Fortress Monastery to be one of these positions. The Combined Army has no need for these sorts of positions and so the jungle has being allowed to reclaim what it can. The curtain wall will be breached in several areas the main gate will be destroyed/gone/inoperable depending on how I decide to make it and any sally ports that I include will be the same. Basically the Fortress Monastery will provide a great piece of LoS blocking terrain. It will provide huge amounts of cover to anyone able to get into it but will not allow you to dominate much of the board due to its irregular size and nature. I'll add some creeper vines, fast growing shrubs and the like to areas where I think these sort of things would have being able to grow in 12 to 24 months if left untended. Finally to fill out the rest of the table I will make dense jungle areas which will block LoS, light jungle areas which will count as Low Visibility Zones (area terrain -3 to shoot in said terrain or to shoot through) and finally some rubble/rocky outcrops to give partial cover to those models not in the fortress itself. The laser cut terrain will be the following. Micro Arts Studio District-5 Apartment and Catwalk Set I picked up recently which will help flesh it out and try it into the 175 years into the future concept of Infinity. Finally I'll add a CNC Workshop Watch Tower in one corner. OK ON WITH THE BUILD! Here you can see what I'm using for the base & curtain walls of the monastery. Pretty sure its from the dryer we brought about a year ago. I'm lucky I have a nice big Garage to hoard my terrain building bits in. Now the first step was to do a quick dry run and work out how I wanted to walls to go on. I decided the corrugated edges looked best on the outside. Now anyone who knows anything about castle/fortress construction after the introduction of the cannon to strategic warfare knows that fortifications should either be built with rounded edges to help deflect the force of any projectile/explosion or built in a fashion like those of the star forts where you maximize ability of one area to support the other and leave the enemy with no dead zones in which they will not be subjected to enfilade fire. I'm totally going to ignore ALL of this because this is a quick build for an upcoming tournament in the new year. The corrugated area is just more uniform and aesthetically pleasing to me so thats how I'm going to roll. That aside when I was doing my dry fit I noticed was I was going to need to cut down my base. I did this using a normal extendable box cutter. I then took my belt sander to it quickly to clean up the edges. After that I knocked the walls together and cut off any overhang length wise. Now I needed to get my two shortest walls to fit neatly inside the two longest ones since the base is not a square but rectangular. So after a quick little dry run I realised I could cut recesses into the longest walls and have the smallest walls sit pretty nearly inside there. Now you're likely not notice its not all square and the walls vary allot inside I'm not worried about that right now as I have an idea on how to create some areas to use as parapets or breastworks. More on this later as the build comes together and I work out where the MAS Catwalks fit into the courtyard build. OK so you can see I've got those 3 walls on and 1 more to go maybe your wondering how? Aside from cutting and sanding the white styrofoam with a box cutter and a belt sander the only other tools and materials are a paint brush some nails and some PVA wood glue. The nails are just pushed through the bottom/base into the walls they may come out later depending on what damage I do to the walls but for the most part they will add some much needed strength to the walls and base while I wait for the PVA to dry. Onto the next step. Need to build me some MAS terrain! A quick shot of to show you how much this single piece of terrain will dominate this board. The O-Yoroi Kidobutai (TAG) on the left is one of the tallest models in the game and as you can see it will not be able to see over the monastery so I happy with that so far. The REM and LI to its right have no chance all in all I think it will do the job well. That final shot is of a wall I built almost a year or two ago using the same principles as I have used so far to build this. White Styrofoam, MDF base nails through the base into the Styrofoam w/ PVA glue to bond. The walls are then painted with a mixture of fine sawdust and PVA glue w/ a little paint to ensure I know what I have 'covered' and what I haven't. The entire thing when dry gives a good coat of a grey paint and then a couple of highlights w/ the same paint lightened with a little white paint each time. All in all a pretty decent effect. Keep an eye on this thread as I progress further and further along with this build.
  10. Hey everyone, With the newly introduced base sizes, people have been coining up all kind of rules from 2nd edition, HS or C:P in order to get clarification on how to use these new bases. Things like Line of Fire, doors and ending movement where the base doesn't fit are just some examples. Now this isn't the first time rules seems to contradict things happening on the table or each other. Also sometimes FAQs feel to contradict other rules or even their own rules. I've noticed the Infinity rules build forth on their previous rulebooks (HS builds forth from 2nd editions, C:P builds from HS and 2nd) but I'm wondering, with all the changes that has been happening within Infinityin the recent years since the first rules came out I was thinking: 'might it not be better to give the rules-system a total revisit in order to clarify all the rules, minimize loopholes, take out the double or contradicting rules or to delete rules that have been nullified in newer updates? I want to make clear I am in no way trying to insult Corvus Belli for their work. I think they did a great job in the recent years creating a beautiful and fun game. This thread and poll are meant to start a constructive discussion about the upcoming edition of the rules and the story of course (but that's for CB themselves to work out ). I personally feel spreading all the rules throughout four different books, with the build-up as it is at this moment will only hinder newer players to get into the game; those that don't have a local LGS endorsing Infinity, for example. I personally think it would be a good idea to combine the rule sets of 2nd Edition, HS and C:P, re-write and re-edit all the work in order to give it a more logical build-up and maybe rewrite all the rules that create loopholes or that are not clear on certain subjects before new rules are going to be added. I think this will be a great way to update the whole game to the level it is now, without bringing 3 (then 4) different books, some printed supplements about new units/army-lists, etc. I'm willing to spend some more euros/dollars/francs/krones than previous editions if that one book would contain all Infinity rules/army-lists till that date. Of course together with the great level of art we've come used to! Also, and this has been mentioned before by all non-Spanish speakers in the world, it would be a good idea for CB to hire professional translators in order to minimize the language barrier between all the different languages Infinity is translated to. Infinity has grown in the recent years and will continue to grow in the next couple of years I think! This means more people will have a language barrier with the rules, keeping the rules as clear as possible would be a good idea I think! I feel the way Corvus Belli made the rules accessible (rules free, fluff and art to buy) will be enough for people to still purchase the older books. If I hadn't already collected them all, I know I would! Nobody buys them just for the rules now, all fluff and art. Long story short, tell me what you guys think. How can CB release 3rd edition the best? Should they change some things in order to keep up with the growing international community, the recent additions to the game and to keep the game interesting for newer players as well? And if yes, what should they change of keep in mind when they will be releasing the new book and rules. p.s. if you have something to add to the poll, feel free to PM me or say it in this thread!
  11. Here I intend to protocol my Paradiso games, with a short write up and a short story. I hope I can keep it up all the way. 101 Incursion in the Niemandszone `Dropship in Place, Deployment commences on orders, Unit Gar-03ξ-001 on Standby.` Blinking away the message with a flicker of his eye, Eleftherios took a look at the rocks before him. It was almost dawn and the light slowly crept downwards on the jungle around him. Light rain was falling, it made him…eager. “Selene, report!” “14, maybe 15 hostiles in the zone. Objectives ahead at 10, 12 and 2. Deployment orders confirmed. Secure with extreme prejudice.” “Spotted hostile on 12, Identification human, Troop Profile Keisotsu, heavy Armament.” That was the voice of Sri, the Naga never failed to only submit vital information. With a thought he ordered the deployment of the Garuda. “Kumatra prepare for break for central objective. I clear the path. Zeus may watch.” He barely acknowledged the affirmation of the Sophotect, as he threw smoke around the rocks. Running into it he switched his orientation to sound and memory. Jerking up his weapon he runs from the cloud, his blood now full with anticipation and rage. With a cry of defiance he emerges from the smoke again, running through the open ground towards the cover before him. His opponent realises his ploy to late and is hit by several bullets, as he tries to raise his weapon in time. “One down.” Eleftherios almost screams into the com, as he ducks from the bullets impacting in his cover. Rising up he spots his enemies comrade, slightly further back, beside a rock formation. Both raise their weapons but the Myrmidon is faster. The human tumbles backwards with his chest full of lead. “Two down, Kumatra move in.” “Affirmative, disabling mine.” As she spoke the words a pair of bullets flies past Eleftherios position. A small explosion follows. He hadn´t seen that one. Anger welled up inside him. `Reaching combat zone. Enemy fire detected.` The message from the Garuda, made him activate his tactical overlay. A small map of the surroundings appeared on his left eye, not obstructing his vision, but enough to assess the situation. A new contact just had appeared close to the Garudas position. “Thermooptic on 10.” Actually there was no need to transmit this to his troops, all of them were linked into the stream anyway. Still he practiced to do it. Some seconds later the Garuda reported three hostiles down, before he stopped transmitting. “Objective is on 10. Moving into position.” As soon as Kumatra made this transmission, she was hit by a projectile. Without hurry she ducked behind some rocks. “Attack by human assailant, Identification Troop type Aragoto.” With a supressed cry of rage Eleftherios started to fire. The biker had to come around the rocks before him, if he wanted to get to Kumatra. He wasn´t disappointed. The engines drowned out the rain and bullets, so fast he came around the corner. Despite it jerking powerfully in his arms, Eleftherios held his highly powered weapon steady. A bullet strayed his face and the crates to his feet were holed, but his shot was true. The bullet went straight into the collarbone and did not re-emerge. Violently torn from his bike the man flew to the ground and didn´t move. “Three for me. Kumatra move on.” “Reading hostile movement on left flank. Thermoptic back in movement.” The Deva transmitted with the proper disinterest, what it could read on her scanners. “Kumatra hold.” “Affirmative.” “Selene, take it out.” ´Impact detected, applying defense protocols.´ Linking into the data feed of the remote, he saw the heavy projectiles, from the remotes machine gun, tearing of the leg from a wavering shape. “I take this order cancelled?” “Yes, Kumatra, move.” Scanning the grounds before him, he didn´t bother with the missing Affirmation of the Sophotect. “Engaging hostile, Profile Keisotsu.” The sound of gunfire transmitted well over the rain. “Hostile down. Accessing objective. Data present, ET 30 seconds.” “Good. Selene cover the retreat. I go in.” “Affirmative Zayin deployed.” Eleftherios jumped over the remnants of the crate and hurled a grenade, towards the nearest jungle. There had been movement. Taking to his stealth training he advanced through the bushes, until he heard the sound of someone breathing. With a short jump he landed next to her. Unsheathing his blade, he could see her surprise. With a quick strike he gutted her deeply. Ripping his sword upwards, it came free around her shoulder. Soundless she slipped to the ground. Something felt odd about killing humans. “Four for me.” He ran out of the jungle to the position where he shot down the first one. Bullets greeted him. Shooting at the lone soldier, who jumped into cover in response, he also sent some bullets towards a remote further back. A shower of sparks, was his reward. Once more his blood boiled. That was living. “Five down.” “Uplink failed, hostile hacker in vicinity.” Cursing at Kumatras message, he came under fire from two directions. Smoking his position did not faze his enemies, so he fired back at the last position of his assailant. He heard a cry. “Six dow…” He didn´t end the message as his throat was torn out along with most of his skull. She saw Eleftherios Icon go dark, again. “This is Selene, I take command of the mission. Antolius break for 2. Zayin deployed to cover your flank. Kumatra attempt link asap, Tarana, Sran standby for Hacker interdiction.” No one affirmed the general orders, as the change of command, had been effected immediately, after Eleftherios went out of order. “Hostile uplink attempt, blocking ineffective.” “Second that, protocols are disrupted.” Taranas´ and Srans´ message was dire, might they have failed? “Interference prevented enemies transmission, Hacker located.” Tarana Quickly she adjusted the remotes path to attack the Hackers location, shortly after it reported him down. “Antolius, status?” “Heavy encryption over here. Need more time.” “Negative, Kumatra start.” “Affirmative. Uplink in 120.” The icon of the remote went dark in front of her. Quickly she crouched low and peered through the jungle. “Antolius, hostile en route your position.” “I see it, engaging.” This was the last thing she heard of him. “Sri prepare for flanking assault.” “Affirmative.” The assault never came. “Uplink complete.” Reported Kumatra. “Succesfully disrupted enemies data storage, data secured.” “Well done Tarana, Sri, Sran cover me for extraction.” _________________________ An hour later Eleftherios opened his eyes again. Immediately straining his cold muscles, he sat up straight. The first thing was checking his kill count. Still number one on this detachment. Second thing was to check for the post mission report. Then he requested immediate dispatch back to the frontlines. There still was much to do. Report So here are the army lists and two rather bad pictures of the board. ALEPH ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0): Tarana DEVA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 35) Kumatra SOPHOTECT Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (31) Antolius THORAKITES Engineer Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Flash Grenades, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (20) Sri (Suerte) NAGA (Minelayer) Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 27) Sran NAGA Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 37) Selene MYRMIDON (Chain of Command) Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 39) Eleftherios EUDOROS Lieutenant Mk12, Nanopulser, Zero-V Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0.5 | 40) Gar-03ξ-001 GARUDA Tacbot HMG / Electric Pulse. (1.5 | 31) Zay-04φ-001 ZAYIN Rebot HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 27) Pro-EVO-001 PROBOT (EVO Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 13) 6 SWC | 300 Points ARMY CODE: eNodibkRADEMAquBWAg/48YcXfFnKWGB3QIcgQXT1KegHtKcD4ujs/ppYTHLdyr7066FO358TBDM JAPANESE SECTORIAL ARMY ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0): GUĬ FĒNG Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (9 | 0XP) YURIKO ODA Combi Rifle + E/Mitter, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, CCW. (23) KEISOTSU Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) KEISOTSU Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) KEISOTSU HMG / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 18) KEMPEI (Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, CCW, Electric Pulse. (24) TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) SAITO TŌGAN Combi Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, EXP CCW. (41) ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 29) DOMARU Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (27) GROUP 2 (Regular: 5/Irregular: 0): TOKUSETSU KOHEI Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (14) DOMARU Lieutenant Chain Rifle, E/M Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (27) PANGGULING (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) PANGGULING (Minesweeper) Electric Pulse. (8) KEISOTSU Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (12) 3 SWC | 300 Points ARMY CODE: eNpli0EOgEAIAz8jPUO7q/syTz5ewIMmpslAoaXM5G4yHogUvLR9hB8vrspegb05m0wSqt3bhDqlNvNp1IdpRpJ5f0dggXaOGxz8HhU= I deployed the Thorikates to the East in order to run for the closest objective, the Sophotect was in the middle, close to my smoke bearing leaders. Close by were both Nagas under one single marker, which secured the central objective with a mine. A move that was mirrored by Oda Yuriko, which was standing behind the bushes with her link team. My Hacker and Probot huddled inside the only structure and my Zayin secured the left flank. His army was well spread with the fireteam in centre, with the missile launcher aiming at the central objective. One Tokusetsu was on my left flank, guarded by a Domaru (and Saito Togan as I was to find out). The other Domaru hid behind a rock and the medic and Kempetai were nearby. The Aragoto was on my right flank and the last Tokusetsu in the middle. His Baggage Remotes stood in between. Round 1: Eudoros goes nuts and smokes his way to the central objective in order to shoot down the Missile Launcher and HMG Keisotsu. Nice start. Now sitting nicely at the central objective, he ist quite the danger to the JSA. The Sophotect moves up, discovers the mine and shoots it. Then he proceeds to the central objective. There he discovers that the one closest to the JSA is the right one. As expected. In comes the Garuda from the side. Saito Togan reveals and misses. Then he is duefully critted into unconsciousness. The Garuda walks leftwards downs the Tokusetsu and the Domaru, while taken down by his Chain Rifle. That was a nice first turn. The Japanese push forward immediately and the Aragoto shoots at the Sophotect, the one hit ist saved and she scuddles into cover. Then he gets into a shotout with Eudoros and ist critted. (It was four dice 6 vs three dice 7 (Eudoros was on suppressive fire)). The brave Paramedic sprints over and revives the Tokusetsu and Saito Togan! That was awesome. Saito proceeds to assassinate the Zayin from Camo, fails and is critted again! By this point I started to feel bad for my opponent, but it wasn´t necessary as time will show. Round 2: Eudoros smokes his way to Yuriko and beheads her in close combat. I love Myrmidons. Then he proceeds to drive a Keisotsu into cover and takes down one of the baggage remotes. The Sophotect runs to the objective, guns down the Paramedic, grabs the data, runs back to the EVO remote, tries to load up the data and.... the JSA Hackers crits to prevent it. Damn, but cool. The Tokusetsu gets the data and there his order pool ends. The Keisotsu try to kill Eudoros, first he smokes, then kills one of the Keisotsu in ARO (Suppressive Fire through smoke, is a great trick), then receives two crits from the Hacker! Lt down. Round 3: The Thorakitai moves to get the last objective and fails to download it, twice. My Remote comes over and kills the Hacker. Now unopposed my Sophotect fails to upload... The Kempetai comes around and kills my Thorakitai and then crits the Zayin. Wow, what a tough bastard. The Tokusetsu tries to upload, my Naga Hacker reveals to block: 17, my Deva blocks: 18. The Tokusetsu rolls....: 13, he doesn´t make it. Phew. Round 4: Sophotects tries and suceeds. Mission ends 6:4. It started as a slaughterfeast and ended quite tightly, I love this game. Everyone was medevaced (Yuriko and Togan) or revived (Eudoros) and we both bought logistics level 1, no promotions.
  12. Hi! My gaming group has been thinking about starting a campaign but we really need something more casual than the official Paradiso campaign. So I threw together this map based campaign rules to be used with the Paradiso story. I think it helps if you have some knowledge of the Paradiso fluff and what a Digester is ;-). This is the current state, still work in progress. It is written to be used with the warhammer/40k hexagonal campaign map but any map should work. The points and details are still not balanced, and the rules are not playtested at all. It is more a showcase of a different way to think about and approach a campaign. *** Old link, see below *** What do you think? Comments? Balance issues? Would you like to play in a campaign like this? Questions? Better language suggestions (english is not my first language ;-) )? Better structuring of the rules? Glaring weaknesses or exploits? Wtf is this?...
  13. Wir spielen Kapitel 1 der Paradiso Kampagne als Turnier über einen Zeitaum von drei Wochen - die Ergebnisse werden in das Internationale Ranking übernommen.
  14. Is there any information on how the Digester on Paradiso looks like? I'm running a campaign centered around the Digester and would love to have a terrain piece or model to represent it. And I need some inspiration. For some reason I am thinking about a huge egg, with a flaky surface. Or something... What do you think would look cool, and how does one build it ;-)?
  15. "Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him." ~Dwight D. Eisenhower Sometimes the "train of the future" just doesn't cut it in a warzone plagued by E/Maulers. ~WO3 Robert Pearson : Operation Infinite Dawn
  16. I played Paradiso in Ottawa but only joined in at chapter 2 and I really liked Tevesh stories. He inspired me, like others, to make chronicles of our campaign. Now that I'm starting anew in Hull, I want to try it. I am not really sure which format to use. This time I'll just try a dialogue format used in French but I couldn't find any English example of what is equivalent. Alternatively, I also made a Picasa album with legends for each picture about what happens. It is mostly how I make batrep for other games. Mission 101 Data Recovery Opponent: Lali (ALEPH) We’re going in the Niemandszone to recover alien data from site #32454. ALEPH is going there too and we’ll continue to reveals the truth behind their actions. War correspondent Idoya Lafrenz will capture clips from the scene and she’ll accompany the moderator team. As this is our first mission I'll make a brief round of introduction. Starting with the Moderators link team we have Sniper Konrád Waldfogel, Fire Spitter Meino Ivanov, and the three Hackers, Oliver Kappel, Lúcio Rosenfeld, and Valerian Breiner who’ll intercept ALEPH transmissions. They’ll open the furthest techno-crate. Clockmaker Fátima Raskob will work on the closer ones after Überfallkommando chimera Nilda Velazquez clear the areas around them. I will not risk infiltration for this mission. Two Zeros, Minelayer Nela Porsche and Minelayer Hiltraud Arce, will secure our deployment perimeter before advancing with precaution. As supporting remotes we have an EVO Repeater baggage remote, a Minesweeper as secondary baggage remote, and a Transductor Zond. Finally, I present Avicenna who’ll travel with us under the name Doctor Noemí Zolnerowich and Vortex special operative Matias Vargha. Lieutenant Johanna Pasternak, a Reverend Custodier, briefing his team. Army lists Deployment The jungle is generally open with some difficult areas that are denser, blocking line of sights*, and some very difficult hedgerows providing hard cover. A few scattered ruins provide good rally points. One techno crate is in the middle room. Two more techno crates are hidden in dense areas. *house rule used for lack of having a fully modelled jungle The doctor Noemí deploy center of board behind trees with her zondbots in the ruins on both flanks. On the left flank, where the crate is the furthest, the moderators and vortex are ready to exit the ruin on the outside corner. Zero Hiltraud is watching the inside corner, with the EVO behind her. The lieutenant deploys behind tree in the middle-left section with the Überfallkommando. In the middle-right section we have the Transductor behind a crate to provide EW coverage and the engineer on the frontline behind a mountain. On the right flank we have Zero Nela watching the outside corner of the ruin, protecting the EVO and the Warcor. The ALEPH deploy, from my left to right, a rooftop sniper Atlanta and a Deva hacker on that building porch. Probot minesweeper is tuck behind the building, the Baggage bot being a critical part of this mission. Next, behind a hedgerow are a Deva and Devabot. A Chandra SpecOp and a second Deva are in a forested zone in the back. Opposing my middle-right, a longer hedgerow provides cover for an E/M LGL equipped Zayin Rebot, a Sophotech, a Devabot, and a Spitfire Deva. Action Rev. Custodier Johanna: Everyone's in position. Nilda, begin the assault. Chimera Nilda moves forward and toss smoke. Chimera Nilda: The sniper on the rooftop is slowing me down. Rev. Custodier Johanna: Roger that. Konrád, take out Atlanta. Moderator Konrád: Moving in. I'm taking fire from Devas. Lúcio, cover me. Enemy sniper is down. Moderator Lúcio: Man down! Konrád is KO. We are pinned by the Total Reaction remote. We can't reach the crate. Chimera Nilda: On my way. Ah! I'm burning! Moderator Lúcio: Her smoke landed but she got too close to the devabot. Team, grab cover. Damn! I cannot open the crate. Rev. Custodier Johanna: OK. I'll try the central one. I see the Deva hacker. I wounded her and she moved out of the way. Johanna backs off from the building to shoot a marker. Rev. Custodier Johanna: The marker landed in place. Hacking Zayin, activate Icebreaker. Missed! Trying again… &?%* deva hacker! Moderator Oliver: The devabot have burnt the marker. Zayin is aiming for a grenade shot. Moderator Valerian: The grenade dispersed. Moderator Lúcio: The Zayin is hit. Good job team. Moderator Valerian: Ah shit! The sophotech repaired it. It's coming toward us. Moderator Oliver: We're taking heavy fire! Moderator Meino: Man down! Lúcio and Valerian are hit. Moderator Oliver: They are unconscious. Watch out Johanna. Rev. Custodier Johanna: Zayin is hit. It missed me. Zero Nela: Enemy movement on the right flank, from a thermo-optic camo unit. Rev. Custodier Johanna: Good riddance, I destroyed the Zayin beyond repairs. I'm entering the building. A Dasyu Observer has revealed herself; she's watching the door. Spitfire Deva is killed. Ok, I've analyzed the crate, the data is on our right. Nela, move in. Zero Nela: Roger that. Dasyu is wounded. She's still conscious and moved away. Rev. Custodier Johanna: Good, moving back outside. Moderator Meino: I got line of sight on Deva and Chandra. Chandra is down, the Deva dodged. I'm laying down suppression fire on the sophotech and devabot. She's wounded but not incapacitated, she moved away. Rev. Custodier Johanna: Hiltraud, move closer and cover Meino. Zero Nela: I lost sight on Dasyu, be careful. Rev. Custodier Johanna: There! She only hit my armor. Johanna moves away, around the corner. Moderator Meino: Devabot is moving, killed it. Moderator Oliver: The other devabot moved; I missed my shot. Moderator Meino: Got it! Shit it managed to get close enough to burn Johanna. Zero Hiltraud: She's unconscious. Doctor Noemí: I can reach her, she's not far. Vortex Matias: Negative! The terrain is too rough; we'll lose too much time. I'm taking command. Zero Nela: The sophotech is moving to the back of the sniper's building. She realized my shot are from too far away, she's finally climbing up. Moderator Meino: I'm not dropping my suppression corridor, Hiltraud? Zero Hiltraud: I don't have a shot. Vortex Matias: Luck on our side! She was unable to heal Atlanta. Zero Nela: She moved back behind the building. Vortex Matias: Nela, recamo and finish off Dasyu. Zero Nela: Roger that. Target eliminated. Vortex Matias: Fátima, your path is clear. Meino, get the Deva hacker. Clockmaker Fátima: Ok, opening crate… Moderator Meino: She dodged my shot and ducked behind the sandbags. Vortex Matias: Fátima! What's taking you so long? Clockmaker Fátima: Damn crate is &?%* hard! Clockmaker Fátima: I finally got the data. Vortex Matias: The deva hacker is still alive; meet up with the Salyut EVO. Moderator Meino: The enemy is retreating. Vortex Matias: Kill them. Moderator Meino: I got the Deva hacker with suppression fire. The Deva, Probot, and Sophotech got away. Vortex Matias: Ok. Start evacuation. Mission 101 Statistics MVP - Moderator Team: They made Lali waste a lot of orders, twice they dodged in place and died on the third FtF. Surviving Points: 175 Promotion: Yes VP: 4 Game Status: Won 4-2 Casualty Report: (None so far - They all passed Medevac/Cubevac) Moderator Sniper (23|1.5) Konrád Waldfogel - KIA - Killed by a Zayin Rebot Total Reaction he didn't see. Cube recovered. Chimera (21|0) Nilda Velazquez - KIA - Burned to death by a Devabot. Cube recovered.
  17. Hello everyone, Since the dice gods were not with me in mission 203 (I was leading but kept failing to roll 1-8 to find an engineer ) I need to make up for it in mission 301 I am not quite sure what to take yet - some long range weapons seem wise, given the deployment zones. Maybe a ninja-sniper to take out targets with surpression fire/ TR , etc because at the extreme range between deployment zones in this mission many targets will not be able to fire back at a ninja in cover at all. So far I think bikes are out because impetuous takes them in the wrong direction. So either take an evo repeater, run a repeater to the furthest mission objective (prolly one with long range weappons as well) and a hacker to the middle console - for good stats for the rolls, but spending lots of orders. OR getting an engineer to the middle console and a servant to the furthest objective for worse rolls, but with only about three orders to get both models in position. Then probably have a link team standing by to make the run and get evacuated due to their great speed. I reckon Haramaki first - with MLs in there. They have a greater chance to make it than Keisotsu and some long range capabilities. Smoke may of course pay off, bt I have yet to make a MedEvac roll for Yojimbo and he is impetuous... Our other smoke sources are somewhat expensive for this mission I reckon plus they are all characters and likely to die if the place blows after turn 2 What are your experiences and/or thoughts on this? I would appreciate some input
  18. Just to clarify... According to the Mission Objectives, it seems like you'd score 3 OP for evacuating/abducting at least one Civilian Engineer. However, the mission ends when all three Engineers have exited the table, which leads me to believe that you can score multiple times (once for each Engineer that leaves). Thoughts?
  19. Something I don't see very often on the table are low-visibility-zones like forests. I know many people who would love to play more with forests to make their table more "paradiso"-like. But the rules aren't that useful because there are too many troops with visors out there to make them playable. What's your houserule to make low-visibility-zones playable? Last game we tried a different approach: When shooting through or out of low-visibility-zones the normale rules apply, so -3 for all troops without visors. When a model is inside the low-visibility-zone he gets partial cover when shot at(like the ruling for drop-pods) without the additional -3-Mod to the BS. So a total of -3 to the BS all the way. What you get now is the bonus +3 to cover when you are inside the zone. My opponent disliked the idea because he had to deal with a Intruder HMG inside the little forest... What do you think? Is this playable?
  20. Well, we all love our SpecOps. But honestly, do any of you consider it worth any XP? Everything you can do with the SpecOps doesn't improve your army as much as does any XP spend on other thing. I mainly came to this point of view, as it all depends on a single model. And we all know, how easy it is to get rid of any model in Infinity. As soo as any SpecOps has more than 5 XP spent on him, you just go and kill him, to get into the lead again. We came to an agreement to circumvent by creating a house rule: SpecOps as usual, but if it's unconciuos at the end of the game, it can be Medevac'd. If the roll fails, the SpecOps can't be used during the next game. Any SpecOps killed in action (not because of a failed Medevac roll) can be Cubevac'd as usual. If it fails the roll, it has to skip the next two games. No matter how much you hate it, we'll finish our campaign using these rules anyways. But feel free to comment anyways
  21. Listen up Warsenal - I think I speak for all of us when we all opened up Paradiso and looked at that artwork of the inside of the cosmolite and thought "now how can I scratchbuild that?" Seeing your other crazy-good MDF stuff, I wonder if you could pull it off? The BGH is kinda polygonal, and acrylic would work nicely for the antenna and other glowy bits on it. I know you could do the cosmolite platform it sits on. So, what do you say guys?
  22. Tevesh (and also vorthain - thanks guys!) has inspired my to try to narrate my Campaign: Paradiso experience as it takes place at my LGS. We are playing the first two chapters over the next 6 weeks, followed by a break (not sure how long) before we do the final two chapters. We're playing the easy level of the campaign, so mercs are allowed, you can change sectorials within your faction between missions, and there's no perma-death for characters. That said, I am creating a character for every individual model I use and will be making the appropriate MEDEVAC or CUBEVAC (though not many of those since I'm playing Ariadna) rolls after each battle. I'm not sure how good my writing/narrative is going to be, but you can be the judge of that. I think the narrative will be from the perspective of the commander (me), as Tevesh demonstrated. The characters who survive more than one battle will be developed more, as it's tough to find too much motivation to write about guys who are likely to die in their first mission (I'm looking at you, Highlanders). I'm going to start with an introduction to the whole campaign from the commander. Before each mission I will try to write up a short briefing as well as a summary of the soldiers taking part. I will write a debriefing after each mission as well as who was lost in action and a summary of the deaths over the campaign (I expect the list to be long). Again, thanks to Tevesh for the format and inspiration. EDIT: Apparently you can't use all caps in the thread title! Frustrating! INTRO - PART 1 "Welcome to Paradiso, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you had a pleasant trip," Captain Johan van der Jung's voice boomed out over the room, his lips curled in a smirk, "because your life is about to get messy." He looked out over a room half full of soldiers, each sitting with a few others from the same territory. "We're on this planet, knee-deep in aliens and arrogant foreigners, to protect our planet and our race. The aliens want to destroy us and the other nations of the Sphere would love to take our planet and rape it for its resources." He stepped out from behind the podium and began to stride about the room, making sure to pass by each group. "Whatever they told you when you volunteered, that's the truth: everyone else wants what we have, and we have to stop them from taking it. It makes no difference if that requires kissing some O-12 liaison's ass or blowing someone's head off." Van der Jung stopped in front of a big dark-skinned Ranger. "I'm sure some of you are wondering why a captain from USAriadna is commanding this team, since Corporal James here is the only other soldier here from my part of our beloved nation." His eyes scanned the room as he paused, watching for reactions from the collected men. "That is exactly why I command here. Nobody wants someone else to be the commander's favorite, so that excluded the Merovingians and the Caledonians. The Stavka had enough sense not to put a Kazak in command as well. That left me as the only volunteer captain with the experience for the work ahead of us. And we all know scouts don't get coddled," van der Jung finished as his eyes flicked down to Cpl. James. "Colonel Voronin and myself chose this group from the AEC as a whole. We picked each of you for a reason. You are all professionals, even the Highlanders." Low sniggers could be heard from the Merovingian groups. "You understand that we're going to get our hands dirty. Speed will be paramount. No matter the mission, we will get in, do the job, and get the hell out as fast as we can. I expect you all to work together, no matter what territory you hail from. Remember that you are here for your families, your friends, and our great nation. And perhaps the cash bonus, too." Van der Jung grinned. "Dismissed to your quarters. Have a good drink tonight; you might not get another." He marched out of the room in silence.
  23. So, everyone knows and loves their friendly neighbourhood spec ops by now for ITS missions (usually a hacker or CoC build). But, in the Paradiso book there's something else you can spend XP on. That's right, Military Specialties. Now, I wonder if it would be possible to use these in some future form of ITS. With only 12 XP, you're limited to a maximum of level 2 of a single specialty. Aside from Logistics Spec, they seem fairly balanced against each other, but I'm not sure if it's more worthwhile taking these, or a spec ops in ITS—If these were added, I'd want it to be a tough choice between a full Spec Ops, or 7 XP on Military Specialties/5 on the Spec Op. I'd also consider adding the option to purchase a second Military Specialty at Level 1 for 5 XP (so people could spend all 12 XP on Mil Spec if they wanted). I'm just not sure how balanced this idea would be. I mean, I love the idea of it, but I'm not sure on the Meta. Say someone takes a Spec Ops with a Spitfire, Hacking Device, Mines, and NBW plays against someone that takes Level 2 of Immediate Deployment (+6 to pre game initiative roll) and Level 1 of Psi Ops (10% higher retreat threshold). To me that looks very uneven, unless the spec ops is used exceedingly well. On the other hand, if the Mil Spec player took Logistics 2 and Mobile Reserve he's only getting +1 SWC and +5 points, which seems worth rather less than a Spec Ops can do. And Intelligence 2 (Know if AD, Holo 1, Imp, and/or HD units are in their opponent's list) combined with Immediate Deployment 1 (+3 to initiative roll) could be a game breaker in some situations (Shasvastii, Hassassin, TO Camo heavy YJ/ALEPH). I'd like some ideas on how these could be balanced out versus both themselves, and the usefulness of spec ops. Examples: Intelligence 1: Can know if opponent has the following (Pick 1) [AD] [Holo 1]. Intelligence 2: Can know if opponent has the following (Pick 1) [HD] [imp]. Intelligence Type must be decided when building your list. Logistics 1: +0.5 SWC. Logistics 2: +1 SWC. Immediate Deployment 1: +3 to Lt WIP for initiative roll. Immediate Deployment 2: May give 1 non-SWC model Mechanized Deployment.
  24. I may be up against our local Shasvaasti player in my next Paradiso mission 204 (depending on whether he wins his next game or not). Regardless of that however - I have never played against them yet and it got me thinking. What would you use against a very camo-heavy army? I figure that a Domaru Link-team would make sense due to chainrifles, good WIP and E/M grenades. - Throwing the latter at opponents with spec fire, may well result in hitting camo markers or models in hidden deployment and can destroy high-tech equipment. The Karakuri may be a good alternative due to Total Immunity, thus withstanding those combat camo missile launchers (and teh sphinx if they can make one of the two ARM saves from fire) The sensor Remote is helpful for both revealing and marking targets and could be used in tandem with a Keisotsu LGL. Other than that the MSV2 remote seems to be an auto-include. What do you folks think? Does anyone have experience with playing against camo heavy lists? Any ideas as to how to deal with the Sphinx threat ?
  25. Since Dropships become relevant for the Paradiso Campaign, I would like some clarification on the Dropship rules concerning size of models able to enter them. The dropship rules say that they can carry normal models, REMs and TAGs - so can all these models enter the Dropships present in the campaign? (the TAG basically crouching down enough to fit) Also a Dropship has 4 slots, of which a TAG takes up three. So would you say a TAG can enter a dropship as long as no more than one of the slots is taken? And a REM as long as no more than two of the slots are? How do you folks handle this? It does seem very relevant for mission 204 since it determines who can extract civillians from a Dropship (of course rolling a 20 on your mission roll and having the dropship explode destroying a TAG may not make it the best of options, but baggage REMs would make sense)