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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently ordered the new Taskmaster model with the tinbot and crazykoalas. I've used the Lunokhod a lot before, and the moran as well. Now, the crazykoalas profile says disposable 2, and the lunokhod and moran have Crazykoalas (2), while the Taskmaster only has Crazykoalas. What's got me confused here, is that 2, since when more than one of the same weapons are carried, it'd say something like 2 Combi Rifles (in the case for the Gecko), not Combi Rifle (2). I'm confused that this might just be an inconsistency. But from my understanding, the Taskmaster does indeed get 2 crazykoalas. And if the morans and lunokhods have crazykoalas (2), then does that mean they technically have 4 crazykoalas? Additionally, can I start the game with crazykoalas on the table? Or do they need to be deployed? If the prior conundrum is true, then that means morans and lunokhods can start with 4 koalas on the table, which seems like a bit of overkill, also considering that neither of the kits provide that number of koalas. Does minelayer allow them to be deployed on the table along with the model? (not that any of the three troopers in question have that skill) So the baseline question is: Do taskmasters, lunokhods, and morans all have 2 koalas, or do the latter two have 4? And must they start the game in the trooper's inventory?
  2. If I have a trooper with perimeter weapons, can I declare a coordinated order together with a trooper with baggage in base contact with it, then place the perimeter weapons in stand by with the first short skill (while the baggage model idles). Then with the second short skill reload the perimeter weapons with the baggage bot (while the controller idles)? Potential issues: - Reloading and placing in stand by happens simultaneously in the resolution phase. I think this is OK, since there are other examples of reversing a state with a skill that happens in the same order (e.g., a NWI doctor healing themselves as they are shot in ARO). - Both models declare one short movement skill (idle) and one non movement short skill (and neither have a target) which is legal. But the Perimeter controller declares a short skill attack then idle, and the baggage model declares idle then a (non movement) short skill. I can't see anywhere in the rules that disallows this, but it was mentioned as a potential issue since they don't do the same type of short skill at the same time. So I think this is OK but I wanted to check.
  3. Hi guys, my question is quite simple: I play nomads, first turn, I go second. Enemy enters crazy koala range, can I declare boost? To my understanding I can, but last time we played that you have to declare stand-by first. By looking at the rules again, Stand by is used in active turn to simply stop them from moving with the Moran, while boost can be used in my passive turn, no matter if they just deployed or if they were in stand by mode. Thanks
  4. Let's se a Daturazi moves in ZoC of a CrazyKoala, is the Koala triggered or does Daturazi's Stealth prevent it? If so, can the Daturazi declare Dodge to trigger the Koala despite not having LoF to any enemy trooper? Ok, sure, the Daturazi still could to just opt out of using Stealth, but I'm still interested if Stealth actually does protect against Koalas and can you dodge without LoF on the active turn.