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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I have a question about Vallejo Primers. I guess all but black in particular. For some reason it seems as if it is not sticking at all. even light contact with nails or other objects imidiatly damages the paint. And its not just chips. Its like it lets loose and i can just peel it off like a piece of sunburned skin. I cant remember for sure, but i never saw this with my GW paints when i played 40k years ago. However, i did spray it on quite thick back then and now i do minimal coats with a airbrush. I have tried quite a few ways to improve the grip. Cleaning the mins with soap, little roughing with sand paper. Still the pain peels off. Just bad paint or would it be the same with all primers and thin coats? Regards, Sebastiaan
  2. Hoping this doesn't break the "No Advertising NonPartner Stuff" rules since I don't think any of the partners produce paint... Looking for a good gray primer. What do you recommend? For reference, I dislike the price of Citadel primers, but I still buy them due to the very high quality of them.
  3. While I am moreorless familiar with the pros/cons of black vs white primer which is well covered on the internet I was unable to find whether it made much difference. I currently use black primer for all my minis because I'm familiar with using it and well... I'm pretty rubbish and black primer is (apparently) easier and more forgiving. However Infinity's models generally suit very bright colours and my minis all turn out fairly dull which made me wonder if it was worth switching to white primer. Does using white primer really make much difference in terms of brightness? Or can any difference be alleviated somehow (by applying more layers and/or high lights perhaps)? In fact does anybody else here use black primer for infinity minis and have any tips for making the minis look brighter? Cheers in advance