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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to do this but I decided I wanted to do a D&D themed infinity project. I wanted to have a miniature to represent all the basic classes for either 3rd or 5th edition D&D. This would include... Fighter Rouge Cleric Wizard Monk Paladin Barbarian Bard Ranger Warlock At least for fifth edition that is what I would be working with. Now I think some choices are obvious. A fighter could easily be HI or a unit that specializes in Melee, a rouge might be like a fiday or a ninja . Something like that. I would love to hear suggestions , also if we could make it so the cleric and the paladin aren't both from panoceania and their military orders that would be great. Also multifactions is preferred.
  2. Hi! My name is Deceptikon, Im from Czech Republic and this is one of my painting projects It all started here: An evil ape with hacking pokeball of doom Then you gave me a LOT of useful tips and now, now it looks like this! Thank you for everything guys!! This post will be edited, when i upload more photos..
  3. Hi, my name is Pierzasty, and I have a problem. (Chorus: Hi, Pierzasty!) The problem in question is that I have quite a lot of miniatures, sufficient tools, paints, time and skill to paint them all to at least a "decent tabletop" level, but I'm notoriously lazy and end up playing with the Pewter Police. Since one of the reasons for me starting Infinity was to combat this sort of behavior, I say it's time to stop slacking off and start painting. I'm creating this group to have some motivation and support each other in painting our armies. The rules are as follows: 1. On first posting in this thread, post picture(s) of the army you want to paint (expect mine in the second post). 2. You must post pics of your progress every week, regardless whether you made any or not. If you haven't, you'll be poked and prodded into painting. 3. Advice and commenting is encouraged (but see rule 1), as long as it's related to painting, motivation, or this thread (I'd love to hear about how you keep painting). 4. If you have completed a project, you're free to roam here, but we'd like further projects if you get/want to paint more minis. 5. A "completed mini" is one that's ready to play, varnished, based, and isn't meant to be repainted in the coming months. There are no prizes, only a sense of accomplishment and self-improvement. No deadlines, if you post one (OMG a tournament is in 3 weeks I have to get this painted!!1!oneoneone) I'll treat it only as a rough estimate / statement on what kind of techniques (speedpainting?) you want to use. No minimum quota, as long as you make regular progress. If you paint 1 mini a week, it's OK too. The quality of painting will not be judged, but please remember you're painting for yourself and do a level you're comfortable with. Want meticulously painted masterpieces? OK. Want to do decent tabletop? OK. Want to learn speedpainting/don't have time for more? OK too. Hell, I've seen "impressionist Infinity minis" - rough drybrushes on black undercoat, fugly on closer scrutiny but looked great from 3+ feet away. So, let's get off our lazy asses and start painting!