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  1. I've recently started playing Morats (largely because I can actually see the models to paint them!), find they're making a refreshingly straightforward change to my usual Pan O lists, and have a couple of questions for those more experienced in the path of Direct Brutality. I like playing at least one AD: Combat Jump troops in my Pan O lists, ideally to run some tactical interference, but I'm always happy to just trade some orders out of my opponent's back line if there's nothing else available. The reckless charge does seem like a very Morat thing to be doing, so how do Rasyat's play in Morat or CA lists; what uses do people find for them. Finally, do we know if there's any chance of a new design; I don't think anything was announced at Vigo this year? The sculpting of the Sogarats is one of the best in the game (not to mention that whole 'solid lump of pewter' feeling when you're marching them around ) but the same really can't be said for the Rasyats, sadly.