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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I just got some of the Infinity resin urban bases (blue ones), and the instructions about how to prepare them are kind of involved - I don't have them here, but it's a choice of a two-stage approach with talcum powder or leaving them for 24 hours in some kind of degreaser. Does anyone know if this is really necessary? Or will my usual approach of washing them in some warm soapy water with a toothbrush probably be fine?
  2. I am looking for some bases for my first set of Infinity figures and I am looking for a "subtle" base for them. By subtle I mean something that doesn't overshadow the work on the figures. I would like to use the Customeeple base tops for PanOceania and Nomads, but living in the U.S. makes them expensive and I don't know I want to wait for them to be shipped from Spain. My first question is: Is there a company in the U.S. that sells those base tops? I know several that sell other items of theirs but I've not seen the base tops. I am particularly interested in the PanO tops with the perpendicular lines. It's simple, but can be made to look like a warehouse, or the floor of a ship, or military base. Also, is there a large preference of resin or plasticard tops? Resin obviously is one piece versus glued pieces, but do people have a strong preference for one or the other? As I said, this is my first attempt at painting, but I prefer to buy good materials the first time around rather than having to go back again and again because of shotty craftsmanship.
  3. You want to make terrain but you need materials? These links might help. If you have a link that is not in here let us know  I try to update this first post regulary. Please PM if a Link is broken. :glomp:    First the official Infinity terrain companies:   Antenociti:   Bandua Wargames:   Customeeple:   Micro Art Studio:   Plast Craft Games:   Warsenal:         [super]Paper Terrain for Free   :D [/super] official Infinity droppod:   instructions :   Other stuff from Topo, the creator of the droppod:     Chickenhawk: Samsara von Topo Infinitycontainer: for example   from devilteam:   Miniboxes:   Ariadna :ariadna: :   Haqqislam  :haqq: :   Nomads  :nomad: :   Yu Jing  :yujing: :   Pan-O  :pano: :   Made by Yasbir:     Made by Herkellen:   Made by ToniMcKellie: (Foamkore paperterrain) tutorial:   Ebbles masterpieces now for free:   Antenocity other containers:   simple buildings and interieur stuff:   british police and ambulance cars, and simple street tiles   Papertrains (print them bigger to make them fit)   WW2 barracks:   2 garbage containers:   Homeworld 1 und 2 models: kmothership.jpg   Command&Conquer models:   Star Trek Galactica and other Sci-FI spacecrafts:   Alien vehicles and other cool stuff (1:1 Starcraft2 and Aliens Pulse Rifle): the scale is a little bit small   a very big Mechwarrior collection http://www.mechwarri...opic.php?t=3244   Mech from FM 5 - Numsekar -   Starshiptrooper and Robotech and further SciFi models:   cars from Nissan:   Combat storm building and further stuff :   bad build web page with paper stuff:   Model Paper World with models from Tommygun   Dropzone: 10mm dropzone buildings:   Textures: