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Found 4 results

  1. So, my fellow space gypsies, why would you ever see a task force from Bakunin off ship? I get why Corregidor, and even Tunguska, might have task forces out and about, doing Merc jobs here and there, working for various benefactors or organizations/companies. But who, and why, would any one hire Bakunin Moderators, Riot Grrls and the all female clergy? Also, why would they take such a job, if their job is protect the ship and it's inhabitants? I'm just struggling with the Roleplay end of my "army". I've always played Bakunin over the other ships, but never really considered why my little metal people/people-animal-hybrids would be seen in the combat theaters I force them into. Having decided to get back into this game with a little more style and design, I'm starting to ask these kind of silly questions. Do Bakunian "police" sell themselves out like their Corregidorian brothers and sisters? I know I can, and already have, come up with my own reasons, but is there any source material which might support their activities off ship?
  2. Before I started playing Infinity, I was an avid forum roleplayer on Gaia Online. I still am there and now on Valucre. As such, I approach the game from a roleplaying, storytelling perspective, as you can see in my battle reports (this is also my commander name for Wotan), and damnit, I wanna roleplay in the Infinityverse! After all, not every soldier is fighting at any given time, and downtime is important for morale. Thus, soldiers will meet off the battlefield, and interact. That is what I want to play out. Mine would be on Indra-1 since I play the worst squad in ALEPH (squad BNB). I just want to see if anybody is interested.
  3. Have you ever felt like your life in the military was dull? Does it seem like everyday fighting for your nation is a bore? Do you feel like you have a greater potential you could reach? Then join Coalition Security! Coalition Security has a wide range of job opportunities including but not limited to : Security detail on Ariadna. Counter terrorist operations. Political security. Riot Control Research and development in the fields of biology, cybernetics, weaponry and many many more. You may even get to set sail on our flag ship... The Ibn Batuta! Sail across the sphere in a luxury cruiser with a full assortment of restaurants , bars, and entertainment. Meet the eccentric crew that has seen the sphere and lived to tell the tale. Here you will become all you can be and learn about yourself in a way not possible outside of our luxury cruiser. Sign up Today! Warning: May be placed in great danger and only seeking those with the guts to throw themselves into enemy fire for the betterment of the sphere. Alright so a few friends of mine were talking about doing a little roleplaying thing. I wrote up some details, it's not perfect mind you but I think it is serviceable for the time being. I can also make edits and repost it at a later date. I Invite you to check out what has been written so far and tell me what you think , there is room for more characters and of course if you would like to suggest a character I would love to hear it. Even if it is silly. We don't shy away from nonsense around here. After all I am pretty sure this qualifies as self insert fan fiction since the captain is named after me, or at least my online name on here. Now if only I had an army of tall Haqqislamite women, and a cute feminine guy then all would be right with the world. If you are wondering why Malachi is not presented in full detail that is because this character represents someone on the site and in all honesty I am not sure how to represent him here so I thought I would just give him the chance to place his own description if he wanted. And yes I am sure it could still use some work but after having like 5 different version I just decided to go with this one. The short version is as least technically the official story .. fan fiction... thing for now. I'll also post the really really really long version incase you want to see what got taken out and what was changed. The current version is more polished to say the least but that doesn't mean it is the best. Short version spell checked is the official. Ibn Batuta spell checked is the unedited version. So you can get an idea of the difference of size, the short version is 10,000 words, the other is 25,000. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions or ideas you didn';t just want to post here. short version spell checked.txt Ibn Batuta Spell checked.txt
  4. Feedback and constructive criticism welcome... Introduction: This is still just a rough skeleton, and there are still gaps big enough to run a TAG through. The intent of this system is to keep as close to that of the miniatures game as possible while adding enough detail to create a fun, action-oriented roleplaying game. Ownership of the Infinity book is required, as the background and many lists, such as weapons, are not duplicated here. Of course, having all the Infinity books gives you access to that much more fun. During this "development phase," default back to the Infinity rulebook for anything that seems ambiguous. Core System: The core system of the Infinity RPG is almost exactly the same as the miniatures game, and adds more detail about the magnitude of a success or failure. Normal Rolls: Roll a d20 against a target number - any result equal to or less than the target is a success. The target number will typically be an Attribute + Skill, modified by the situation as necessary. A success has a Level of Effect equal to the die roll divided by three, rounding down. A failure has a Level of Failure equal to the target number minus the die roll, divided by three, rounding down. Face to Face Rolls: Both sides roll d20s against their target numbers - the highest roll equal to or less than its target is a success. A success has a Level of Effect equal to the successful die roll divided by three, rounding down, minus the highest unsuccessful die roll, also divided by three, rounding down. RPG Attributes: The Infinity RPG uses only two primary attributes to represent your character. These are exactly the same as the tabletop game: Physical Capability (PH) includes strength, agility, and physical resilience. Mental Capability (WIP) includes intelligence, will power, wisdom, and mental fortitude. It uses two secondary attributes, both familiar from the miniatures game. Movement translates directly, and Wounds have been given a larger range, allowing for less granularity than OK - Unconscious - Dead. Movement defines how far you can move in a period of time, and can be modified by equipment, encumbrance, and /or training. Wounds represent how much damage you can take before being affected or overcome by your injuries. MOV - Race base - may be modified by Masteries PH - (Physical Capability) 1-20 range WIP - (Mental Capability) 1-20 range W - (Wounds) - initially equal to PH; may be modified by Masteries RPG Skills: There are eight skills in the Infinity RPG. Any untrained skill starts with a value of - 3 and can be trained up to 6. Close Combat (PH) - Military Norm = +2-3 Ranged Combat (PH) - Military Norm = +1 Dodge (PH) - Includes Athletics Subterfuge (PH) - Hiding, misdirection etc. Knowledge (WIP) - all knowledge and intellect based tasks Influence (WIP) - all charisma and personality based tasks Perception (WIP) - all sense and empathy based tasks Tech (WIP) - tech and computer use RPG Masteries: Masteries allow Skills to be used in unique or specific ways. Hacking - allows Tech to be used for Hacking Medic - allows Knowledge to be used for Healing Engineer - allows Knowledge to be used for Demolition Impersonate - allows Influence to be used for Impersonation Two Weapon (CC) - allows use of two Close Combat weapons in a single attack roll Two Weapon (Ranged) - allows use of two Ranged weapons in a single attack roll Camouflage - allows use of Thermoptics to support Sneak Leadership - allows Influence to be used to benefit others Martial Arts (multiple levels) - various advantages to unarmed attacks Sixth Sense (multiple levels) - various advantages against surprise Power Armor (multiple levels) - allows use of powered armor systems from Medium to TAG Valor (multiple levels) - allows WIP rolls to ignore injury MetaChemistry (multiple levels/multiple types) - allows control of various biotechnical implants/substances Pilot - allows Tech to be used for piloting Science (multiple types) - allows Knowledge to be used in specific fields Scout - allows Perception to be used in harsh environments Superior Movement (multiple levels) - increases MOV Deceit - allows Subterfuge to be used to support others Diplomacy - allows Influence to be used to benefit a group or organization Tough (multiple levels) - Increases W Character Creation: Attributes - PH and WIP both start at 6 and you have 10 points to distribute between the two. MOV starts at 4-4 for humans. W starts equal to your PH attribute. Both MOV and W can be increased by Masteries (see below). Skills - pick 4 Skills to start at 0; all others start at -3. You have 12 points to distribute amongst all your Skills, and any Skill improvement beyond +3 costs 2 points instead of 1. Example: You decide that Dodge is one of the skills you'd like to start at 0, and want to buy it up to 4. You spend 3 of your points to get to 3 and then 2 more, for a total cost of 5 points, to get to Dodge 4. Masteries - pick 4 Masteries. You may choose the same Mastery more than once of it has multiple levels or multiple types. Equipment - you have ?? to spend on starting equipment. Conflict (Turns): When it comes time to resolve a conflict, either combat or otherwise, follow this sequence. Roll Initiative - every character rolls a d20 against their WIP, just like the miniatures game, and the highest roll for each side is their Initiative. The side with the highest Initiative acts first, with a number of Actions equal to the number of characters or NPCs on that side. These Actions forum your Action Pool. Actions can be used by any character or NPC. A single character or NPC can use multiple actions, but suffers a modifier of -3 to rolls on the second action, -6 to the third, and so on. Any Action taken in an opponent's Line of Fire or Zone of Control allows the opportunity for a Reaction. The side with the next highest Initiative acts second, with their Actions, and so on till all sides have acted. Actions & Reactions: An Action or Reaction consists of using one or more skills. An Action may consist of one or two Short Skills (including Movement Short Skills), or one Long Skill. Taking an Action reduces your side's Action Pool by one. The same Short Skill may not be used twice in the same Action, excluding Movement Short Skills, exactly as the Infinity rules. A Reaction consists of one Short Skill. A Reaction does not reduce your side's Action Pool. Your first Action or Reaction is made with no modifier to the roll. Your second Action or Reaction has a -3 modifier to the roll. Your third, -6, and so on. When acting, you may reserve one of your Actions for future use during the Turn as a Reaction. If not taken before the end of the Turn, the opportunity is lost. Example: Knowing that he has tripped an alarm and security could enter the room at any moment, Carlos reserves his unmodified roll for use as a Reaction, and takes a -3 modifier to his Action of Hacking a corporate terminal, as if it were his second Action. Combat Rolls: Combat uses the basic core mechanic to determine success and Level of Effect. Example: Carlos and a security guard are shooting at each other, both with a target of 13. On the Face to face Roll, Carlos rolls a 9 and the guard rolls an 18. Carlos has hit with a Level of Effect of 3. When hit, you roll a d20 and add your ARM value against a target number of the weapon's damage value plus the Level of Effect for the strike. If the modified roll is over the target, the armor absorbs the damage. Otherwise, subtract the modified roll from the target and divide by three, rounding up. This is the damage taken. Example (continued): Carlos adds 3 to his weapon's DAM value of 13, making a target of 16 for the guard. The guard rolls a 9 and adds his ARM of 3, for a total of 12. The difference between target and roll is 4, resulting in 2 Wounds.