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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone know of or is willing to host/join an Infinity RPG play by forum? I've been looking for one for quite a while now and I cannot seem to find any or at least something that's still active. I am thinking that we can use the Modiphius rules - I've backed the project up and while waiting for the actual print book to drop I'm extremely hyped to give it a try. The quick start rules are a free download from the Modiphius website. We can use the predefined characters from the quick start rules and the campaign setting from there. For dice rolls we could use and for keeping track of the campaign log, wiki and additional resources we could use the forum or obsidian portal. If you know of a forum that hosts a live inifinty rpg session or you'd be interested in hosting or joining one please let me know.
  2. So recently we've been using savage worlds to roleplay some infinity characters. One of my friends mentioned they wanted to try something different though and suggested dungeons and dragons. I was just wondering what experiences people had with dungeons and dragons here ? which edition is best to start with? or is there a better system?