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  1. So, Inspired by some discussion on forums (regarding the fact that "in fact" Squalo do not have HFT ;P), and my own experience let post some small rules mistakes, stats misunderstanding which are quite small but you always (wrongly) remembered/understood: - I never knew that actually Avatar does not have 2 level of unconcious as he in fact do not have a Remote Presence skill ^^ (I was quite surprised when my CA opponent informed me about that, I would always assumed that Avatar is Rem:Presence TAG due to well being big scary TAG without a pilot at that time ) - Auxilia although being PanO unit and having a base cost of 10 are actually .... BS11 ^^ hello Pano^^ - Hexa have Electric Pulse ^^ - Dropbears are Thrown Weapon thus use PH when thrown and not BS... (again another great antysynergy... hello PanO again^^ ;P) - All Knights carry big swords and none of them have a knife to siletly destroy this damn repeater which they all are staring at ^^ (I mean first time I really needed it I've realized that all of them are missing this "trivial" piece of equipment and that CB deliberatly removed this from all those profiles) BONUS: That Army VI is still lying to us about Kamau and it in fact does not have LGL anymore ^^
  2. The Outrage box is out... But are we getting rules for these guys?
  3. I know that when you place a template (like from a flame thrower) you have to put the small end b2b with your model. Do you then have to center it along the target of the hit or can you drop it anywhere so that the target is in the tear drop? Can you please provide a link to where this is explained. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys! Disclaimer: this is not a post to whine about "OP skillz", "OMG NURF CRIT§!!" and such. It's more about weird rules/interaction, and how some of them could be streamlined to make them more logical and easier to understand (especially for new players). Personally, i have a two issues in mind. I'm no game designer, but even though i can understand that some rules are weird for balance purpose, there are other that just don't make sense to me, and i'd like to discuss those with y'all: Dodge, low/poor visibility and smoke. This one was add by errata, and i feel like it's a mistake. There's a bush so i dodge on -3, but if the shots are coming from smoke or an almost invisible guy i can dodge on full PH? Doesn't make sense, plain PH for dodge no matter what would be fine i think. Change facing shenanigan, and ARO declaration in general. For those who don't know about it, if you're within 8 of your opponent and out of LOF, the only things he can do is change facing/reset, even if your 2nd short skill is walking into LoF or shooting from smoke, because if he doesn't then he lose all his ARO's opportunity. I don't know you guys, but it feels like an exploit of the ARO mechanic, and i don't like. My proposal is to change how the ARO mechanic works a bit. Simply put, when you declare your ARO, if you decide not to declare any skill then you only lose those skill options you could actually declare. In this case, it means that if you chose not to use change facing, you still have the option to shoot/dodge/engage etc... if the guy walks around the corner or shoots you from smoke, so this problemn is solved. But there are others added benefits: Defensive/EVO hacking device could actually use their defensive program. Nowadays, if a hacker walks into your ZoC, you can't use those programs because you can't declare them until you're targeted by an hacking attack, so you can use change facing or reset (and brain blast for evo hackers), and that's it. With my proposal, you could deny those options in order to use the defensive programs. Marker/ARO interactions would not require any exceptions. You could discover, and if you decide otherwise you could still shoot/dodge etc.. if the marker reveal itself. If it doesn't, then you can't do anything else. Simple, no additional rules like delay and stuff, it would be all included in the ARO mechanic. Sadly, there's an issue with holoechoes, but nothing that couldn't be fixed (i don't like how those works right now anyway. Even Holo 1 could use some clarification regarding hacking and stuff. But i digress). I'm probably overlooking a few things, and there's certainly some other weird rules that i didn't think about. Hence why i'm submitting this to the community instead of making plans and taking notes alone in my lair like a madman. Hopefully, this thread might give Corvus Belli some insight on how the player base feels about the rules, and (maybe) give them ideas. Together, let's make Infinity great again even better!
  5. Myself and friend @MeVz took up the game in October, but have since had a lot of difficulties trying to get rules straight within our play-group; especially measuring for movement. So we devised this video (here in it’s third incarnation …) "Infinity - Measuring for Movement" to try to establish some baselines about what we think players are obliged to do, and what is and isn’t in the rules To paraphrase, we’ve suggested that to be rules-compliant, players must at very least clearly declare their intentions, specify their entire route precisely, and estimate all those distances and positions before they can use a measuring tape. A lot of the opposition to that notion has been pettifogging and discursive arguments that estimates are not always necessary or desirable, and that they slow the game down, etc. So we leaned heavily on that word ‘estimate’ throughout (which critical sense I think the translators missed), and try to distinguish what’s actually in the rules, leaving the rest to the viewer to decide. Feedback from previewers so far is that we didn’t address some common situations, such as how the opponent interacts with player declarations - how they can assist with decisions by providing Line of Fire information, or perhaps their own estimates about Zone of Control, etc. Our apologies for this, because we had included it the first version we shot, which was a two-hander with myself and MeVZ playing together, and staging situations like that. We evolved it into the monologue version we’ve published here, and which is intended to discuss only the active player’s obligations. Perhaps viewers think we do still need to cover it? Otherwise, and if the community generally think it’s accurate and representative enough, we can have portions of it subtitled to clarify the situation here for native Japanese speaking players, and leave it up on YouTube to be discovered at need. We could shoot a second video that covers FAQ type situations. What do people think, please?
  6. As the title says, what is allowed as an HVT model (mostly for tournaments and such)? I would like to use some alternative models rather than the standard HVT or Dire Foes models, but I don't want to use anything that will cause issues if I got to an ITS event. I'm just unsure if the rule for no 3rd party miniatures extends to HVT or not. Thanks for all the help you guys can offer.
  7. Tohaa: Strategy, Tactics, Tips & Tricks Format of this Thread Welcome to the Tohaa guide, which covers all the basic ins and outs of the EI's most determined opponent. This thread is dedicated to Tohaa strategy, tactics, commonly used combo's, model breakdowns, notable opponents and whatever else we'd like to include. The setup for this thread is that new additions are added procedurally, either by linking to specific comments or topics, or by editing the existing texts. I implore you all to add your thoughts, provide alternative observations and whatever else, so that we might build an up-to-date guide to the Tohaa arsenal. I'd be remiss here not to mention and link to Tam's Tohaa Tactica Thread, which is excellent (be sure to read Tamrielo's thoughts on Triad composition), but deals with a more specific range of topics. TO BE CLEAR: this thread is completely open to disagreement, additions and corrections as far as I'm concerned. I'll add, change and link as needed over the course of time, including in response to model releases. Index 1. Specific to the Tohaa 2. Strategies of the Tohaa 3. Tactics of the Tohaa 4. Tohaa Arsenal 5. Getting Started 6. Useful Links 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Specific to the Tohaa The Tohaa are notable in that they're a new faction introduced into the existing Infinity universe, and they come with their own set of special rules which put their definitive marks on the Tohaa play styles. We'll be covering these first. Fireteam: Tohaa Symbiont Armor Nanotech, Swarm & Viral 2. Strategies of the Tohaa This second heading will outline a number of common strategic questions specific to the Tohaa, and provides suggestions on approaches, as well as solutions to some problems that commonly crop up. Strategies are overarching approaches to combat, as distinct from tactics, which are responses to very specific problems. ARO Zero-V Smoke Special Deployment Impetuous Range Bands Indirect Fire List Building Triad Composition Deployment 3. Tactics of the Tohaa This heading goes over a host of tactics the Tohaa can employ to bolster their advantage or deal with enemy tricks and maneuvers. The implementation of tactics will vary greatly from instance to instance, but it helps to know what options are out there to cope with potent threats. Dealing with Smoke Dealing with Fire Dealing with Template Weapons Dealing with Guided Weaponry Dealing with Camouflage & Airborne Deployment Dealing with Hacking Reforming Triads Securing the Field Using the Nullifier Using Flash Pulses 4. Tohaa Arsenal The Tohaa have access to a fairly limited model selection, so currently many lists will feature the same base models. This is unfortunate in that it means that cunning opponents can start anticipating your maneuvers as they get more knowledgeable about our army. Luckily, there is a lot these models can do. Gorgos Squad [TAG] Players are not having a lot of (reported) luck with the Gorgos, even with the Perifericial. Its especially large weakness to fire, but especially its--for a pricey TAG--unimpressive weaponry make it a selection that seems hard to justify when there is such amazing LI and HI among the Tohaa. The Gorgos is strong and tough as any TAG, and it has a Symbiont armor 'pilot' with all the benefits that brings, although it is the only TAG currently known to be affected by i-Kohl. If it becomes possessed, the Periferical is turned as well. Clipsos Infiltrator [sK] The Clipsos is amazing, at this time it is hampered by the lack of other TO options (to disguise the identity of mines), but nonetheless the Clipsos brings an amazing set of tools for a very, very low cost. The Clipsos has reasonable stats and abilities, each of its loadout options is useful and well-costed; any force that brings one or more along for the ride will most likely be happy they did. In objective-based games the Clipsos shines even brighter, bringing a very reliable way to fulfill objectives to the table for a low cost. Makaul [WB] Every other faction is jealous of the Makaul. The description '10100 : A special number whose symbolism refers to titanic strength and courage as well as the concept of salvation from a physical danger.' is right. With great stats and abilities, a low cost and great loadouts, the Makaul is as close as you get to an auto-include in this game. Only the Combi loadout might see limited use with most players. It is very possible to play without Makaul, and certainly players do play without Makaul, but the Zero-V smoke, Heavy Flamethrower, Viral CCW and Swarm Grenades on a Regular Linkable model is just very hard to pass up. Neema Satar [HI] There doesn't seem to be a clear place where Neema fits in the current Tohaa metagame; she's an Ectros with a bunch of extra tricks and a very high WIP. She's an excellent Lieutenant, but usually a very obvious one, and lacking a (non Spec-Op) Chain of Command model makes her a risky Lt, because her weaponry forces her to get relatively close to the action. Luckily, you don't have to reveal your Lt's WIP anymore, slightly mitigating this issue. Her Martial Arts Lv2 makes her more deadly up close, and grants the excellent V: Courage, but her LRL doesn't command the power most players expect from a model in her price bracket. Ectros Regiment [HI] The Ectros is a very powerful piece, bringing very high stats for his points, coupled with the Fireteam: Tohaa rule to boot. It is one of those rare HI that has 4-4 Mov and an effective 3 W. But, this is because it wears Symbiont Armor, meaning there is a slight catch. Current wisdom on the Ectros emphasizes its relatively large weakness to fire, which means there's a generally perceived benefit to keep the Ectros fighting at range, rather than getting close. In general, this means that the Ectros is fielded with the HMG loadout, and the other 3 options are mostly left unused. The HMG is a powerful weapon, well used on a resilient model, keeping it out of range of most fire weapons if and when they show up. A note on the Ectros is that it surprisingly does not have V: Courage, meaning it might not keep its vantage point when under attack. Gao-Tarsos [MI] The Gao-Tarsos does not feel like MI, it feels as though you're dropping HI into enemy lines. Using Combat Jump it can be deployed right in the middle of the enemy, where it's Symbiont Armor will usually allow it to survive at least long enough to rain hot lead down on the defender's heads. The Tarsos is also usually sent down with an HMG due to its cost and function, but can be used in multiple roles; although the Paramedic option will most likely be skipped over. Luckily for the enemy, the Tarsos cannot be part of Triads. While the Tarsos cán be used for grabbing objectives, it is a relatively unreliable piece, prone to scattering away from where you need to be; those are jobs the Clipsos is generally more suited for. Gao-Rael [MI] If you're looking for a specialist, odds are good you're going to look at taking a Gao-Rael. As the slowest of the Linkable Tohaa troops, with a 4-2 Mov, it will usually take the role of hunter; taking a good position, and harassing choice prey that dares show itself. The most obvious selling point of the Gao-Rael is its MSV2, which is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to ignore Camouflage and most smoke types in the game, allowing the Rael to do its job--taking out enemies that are normally hard to hit--very well. Because the Rael is in Symbiont Armor to boot, it has an extra wound, which, coupled with +B1, makes it very likely to win its first engagement. The Gao-Rael is usually a Sniper, but all of its loadouts are viable, including the once-in-a-while Lt. version when there are no choice targets to glue. Even the Boarding Shotgun loadout is interesting, because it lets the Gao-Rael bring along Swarm Grenades. Swarm Grenades create low-visibility zones, through which the Rael can promptly peek. Sakiel Regiment [LI] The Tohaa have access to some amazing LI, and the Sakiel is arguably the greatest of them all. For a very low cost you get access to a model with great stats and abilities, Symbiont Armor, and a powerful--versatile--loadout selection. Almost any list can benefit from the Sakiel. Sakiel are the most common vehicle for Viral Combi Rifles, and their high speed, Symbiont Armor and V: Courage allow them to deliver their payload effectively. Aside from the Viral Combi loadout, the Spitfire option probably sees the most play. Tohaa players the world over are waiting for a Sakiel Viral blister or box. Nikoul Ambush Unit [LI] The Tohaa are getting a new release in the form of the Nikoul Ambush Unit. Their profile has been released, but it's unclear if they'll change for 3d Edition. This entry will be placeholder until we figure out more about how the Nikoul plays. Kamael Light Infantry [LI] It's unfortunate to be simply 'good' in the company of excellence. The Kamael Infantry are good, reliable and reasonably costed fighters, but they don't get as much appreciation because of how good Sakiel, Chaksa and Makaul (not LI but still) are. That said, they are capable line troopers with good loadouts. It's very viable to bring lists with a lot of linked Kamael, laying down a lot of Combi fire, supported with the gadgets they can bring along. Do nót underestimate them. Kumotail [LI] The Kumotail is quite a package; a Doctor ánd an Engineer rolled into one with an excellent WIP14!? Pretty useful. Its most obvious ability is to recover fighters in Symbiont Armor, but the Kumotail's capabilities are actually far greater. Doctors have a hard time in Infinity, but Engineers can restore E/M'd weaponry, remove glue and immobilization etc. The combination of both rules means that when you're going on missions, odds are good that the Kumotail will nail you some extra objectives. Something to remember though is that if the Kumotail is using Chaksa Servants; activating those will pop the Kumotail out of any Triad it's part of Chaksa Servant [LI] As the name implies, it's here to help. For a rock-bottom cost of 3 points you get to expand the reach of your Kumotail. They're also surprisingly survivable, rocking Mimetism and Hyper-Dynamics L1. In any list where the Kumotail can afford to hide, getting 2 Servants to do the work is probably going to be worth it. Chaksa Auxiliar [LI] There's been quite the upsurge in the Auxiliar's popularity; as a cheap Baggage (not to be underestimated) Order, Heavy Flamer or Sensor support, or as a Total Reaction HMG badass (the GHRL not as much) its starting to gain traction within the Tohaa meta. What the Chaksa does well is fill several roles (fitting, being Auxilia) that support the other troops. The Chaksa is great at controlling the battlefield with an HMG; it's hard to hit due to the overwhelming firepower of a Neurocinetics HMG, and has 360' vision. Covering flanks is what the Chaksa do extremely well, allowing your Triads to move up safely. Auxiliars don't cost a lot of Orders, they have good stats and a reasonable price. The big downside to them is that you can't put them in Links, but honestly, that's not what they're for. There's experimentation going on with 1-4 Chaksa, and in any quantity they seem to bring something to the table. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate [LI] This is a strange model for Tohaa, especially because the Diplomat's point cost isn't a multiple of 3. It doesn't do much as a civilian, but as a Specialist it's a surprisingly cheap and useful option, if not for the Specialist skills, then for the Flash Pulse which can disable an enemy many times it's own points cost. If you're not filling gaps with Servants, consider a Delegate. Hatail Spec-Op [LI] Spec-Ops are in a class all by themselves, literally. Based on a Kamael, the Hatail can do quite a few things. Three of the most notable uses for the Hatail currently (when you can field one) are its ability to bring a full-fledged Hacking Device, it can be a reliable Specialist, and it can be outfitted with Chain of Command, which is amazing (especially if you're using Neema as Lt). There's a lot you can do with a Hatail, so mix and match away. Fun fact: if the Hatail carries a Hacking Device, it can attempt to possess a Combined Army TAG. Aelis Keesan [LI] We'll have to see what Aelis brings to tables as we get used to her, especially the impact of her option to bring K1 ammunition has caused a slight stir because of Tohaa's relative lack of AP and EXP weaponry. 5. Getting Started In the past months the Tohaa has seen quite the influx of (potential) new Tohaa players. Both new players and veteran players come to this subforum to ask questions about particular models and rules, but especially seek out advice on what models to buy and how to construct their first Tohaa Combat Groups. This heading is dedicated to those players, so there's a convenient place to find the most general of advice and we'll avoid having too many of the same threads coming up, fun as they may be. What to Buy Tohaa doesn't have an enormous selection of models at the time of writing, this makes choosing models easier than for many other factions. Most players seem to buy the Tohaa Starter Set; it's a good selection of models that gives a proper introduction to the faction, and most players will continue using at least half of the models in the Starter set. It is nót necessary to buy more than the Starter Set when first getting into the Tohaa (unless shipping costs are especially high). Tohaa take some getting used to, and starting small is far more conducive to getting a handle on how they play. But eventually most players start branching out and start wondering what they'll buy next. Almost all Tohaa players seem to buy a Makaul box set sooner or later, and most get them much sooner than later. The Makaul box is good value and provides models that end up in many Tohaa lists. After that things become far less clear, and choices vary from person to person. There is no universally agreed-upon 'wrong choice' for Tohaa, the general consensus tends towards emphasising models that fulfill roles you haven't filled yet and filling up your Combat Groups to 10 models. This is why the Gao-Rael is a popular third choice: it offers a tool against Camouflaged models that the Starter Set and Makaul box doesn't have. The only choices most people tend to make relatively late are Neema Satar and the Gorgos; these are models that aren't immediately intuitive in their use and do better once players know their way around the faction. Finally, new players should consider buying the Hatail Spec-Ops relatively early. Even outside of ITS the Hatail is affordable and an excellent proxy model that can fill gaps in your list while you try out new things. That First (Tohaa) List If the first list you make can form two Tridents/Triads and has (close to) 10 models in it you've made a usable list. For Tohaa it's that simple. No matter if you emphasize Kamael, Sakiel, Makaul or whatever else; each list has their own strengths and weaknesses, they're pretty equivalent. Build 80% of your list to preference, then consider your opponent and ask yourself "do I need Defensive Hacking, an Engineer, MSV2, Zero-V Smoke (etc)?" Then tweak the list so you're ready for expected threats. You're going to lose battles no matter what list you bring, just try things out, start small and figure it out from there. Have fun. 6. Useful Links This heading hosts a small index of some links to interesting threads or texts that are especially relevant for Tohaa players, and don't fit into the format of this thread. Feel free to post suggestions. 1. Tohaa Numerology 2. Number to Name Generator 3. In-depth discussion of the Gorgos 4. Infinity Basic Tutorial 5. Adv. Spheretactics 101 6. List Building in Infinity Notable Opponents 1. Caskuda 2. Speculo Killer 3. Avatar 4. Impersonators 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Aleph 300Pts 2. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Yu Jing 300Pts 3. Miniwargaming - Tohaa vs PanOceania 300Pts *Google Drive Hard Link for this Document*
  8. So besides the into scenarios I've now played two games. But by games I mean a couple of turns. As we are all new we spend more time reading the rules than playing. For this second game, because it was a newer player I took a fairly vanilla list. Ariadna - Untitled Roster (196/300 | 1/6) Group #1 | 10 Models | 8 2 2 USAriadna Grunt Lieutenant | Lieutenant, Rifle, Pistol / Knife (10) USAriadna Grunt Rifle | Rifle, Pistol / Knife (10) Maverick Boarding Shotgun | Boarding Shotgun, Pistol, Smoke Light Grenade Launcher / Knife (21) 112 Doctor | Light Shotgun, Pistol / CCW (12) Minuteman Rifle | Rifle, Light Flamethrower (2), Pistol / CCW (22) Veteran Kazak AP Rifle | AP Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Heavy Pistol / Knife (37) Assault Pack Handler Assault Pack | Rifle, Smoke Light Grenade Launcher, Pistol / Knife (10) Antipode | AP CCW (5) Antipode | AP CCW (5) Antipode | AP CCW (5) Devil Dog Chain Rifle | Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, AP Heavy Pistol / AP CCW (30) K-9 Antipode | AP CCW Highlander Grey Rifle | Smoke Grenades, Rifle, Light Shotgun (2), Grenades, Pistol / CCW (29) Open in MayaNet Of course he used the starter from Red Veil and was 200 points also. I think I need some work with my Devil Dog team, I bounced across the table to him, all well and good, but when I finally got to him I was caught in a crossfire and the HI mini tag guy then killed the soldier in combat. My other antipodes all got revealed and shot too. As someone really looking forward to using them they almost felt a liability. More to come.
  9. I have tried to download the ITS 2016 rules from Infinity's website (, but I keep getting a, "’s server DNS address could not be found. " error. Is this something being experienced in the community at large? Any ideas of a fix timeframe? (Or an alternate site?) I appreciate the help. Fin-man
  10. Hey I'm kinda new to infinity, and I'm starting up with aleph. I was looking at Atalanta, and noticed that it is possible to get her bs higher than 20 (14 base +3 from tinbot(spotter), +3 from range, and +3 from a forward observer marking the target = 23). And I was wondering how you would handle this, would it be like cc where it would increase the critical range. Or am I missing something...
  11. Hi guys, Question about Haris formation in MAF: Can you form a Haris with Kornak, 1 Raktorak and 1 Suryat? It's not explicitly stated, but based on the fact that you can have a Haris of Kornak and up to 2 Suryats, and that 1 Raktorak can join a Haris of Suryats, the implication is there. From those rules it's clear that you can have those three and have it count as a Fireteam: Core at least, but it's a bit shady on whether or not that can be your Haris. Anyone able to give clarification? The army list pdf doesn't clarify any further.
  12. Ok, so thank you all very much for the information you gave in my last post on a prospective 300 point list to work toward, but I had some significant questions I thought might warrant a new thread, so here we go. The thing I love the most about USAriadna is how easy it is to connect with them (being from the US and loving US military history including stories of the rangers, etc), which I'm sure I'm not alone on. So even though this isn't a unit based game, and I'm glad its not, I like the way you can have two link teams to behave like units with support units on the side. But running two link teams really does limit the variety of the list. So my first question would be . . . is it just outright foolish to not avail yourself of the haris link team for marauders? I love the basic grunt link team, although I bemoan the absence of a HML in there. Also, I'm really struggling to continue adapting my tactics because both marauders and minutemen almost seem confused in their purpose . . . they both have access to better BS than grunts (obviously) and better long range weapons such as the HML or AP HMG, but both profiles have things that seem to indicate they should be used for more in-your-face style tactics. The marauders have forward deployment and stealth, the minutemen actually have a full 4-4 move and kinematica L1 . . . and I feel like if I used either of them to sit back with those long ranged pieces, then I'm wasting their actual purpose. But on the other hand, an AP HMG is really sweet and the marauders have access to the only available MSV we have . . . so I'm really torn and frustrated by all of this. In addition to all of this, I'm not really understanding the value of Forward Observers and targeting opposing pieces. Honestly, I absolutely love the idea of using the traktor muls as artillery as well as grenade launchers, etc. But looking at the rules and profile for targeting things . . . how often do you actual get a targeted state off? I mean, the best shot you've got is WIP of 13 on the foxtrots, right? And that's the max you're going to be rolling against . . . and with AROs coming back, goodness, how do you ever get a target off? Sorry, I only get one game in every week or two, so I'm a little eager to get perspective rather than wait months to test it all out myself. Anyway, so whether or not targeting is viable really dictates the rest of the list. I'd love to use the Muls, but not being able to reliably target something really bites that idea in the bum. Ok, so I'm looking for thoughts on the AP Rifle Minuteman. He seems awesome in a quintessential ranger-type way. Obviously he's only medium ranged, but the AP thing is cool and between MM1 and X Visor he can shoot up to 24" without penalty and adds shock to the AP. It seems like this guy might be a good guy to have advance and take up station midfield and maybe go into suppressing fire whilst protecting and objective. Are my thoughts on this viable or am I missing something? Well, there's lots more rattling around in my head, but any answers to the above questions / frustrations you guys can provide would be incredibly helpful! Thanks! *edit* I might as well fit a real quick rules question in here: can a paramedic be part of a link team and heal a model without leaving or breaking the link?
  13. Hey, as i now have assembled my Forward Base Kickstarter almost complete, i have to say that they are gorgeous to play on with. there is just a little caveat - since we like to play on our terrain with destructible scenery rules, we still have trouble with defining the scenery traits of the Forward Base Habitats. and i would like to get your opinions on which scenery profiles the Habitats should have. especially with these big structures like the science hab and the Med Hab i see the opportunity of shooting down walls to get easier through the terrain :3. @Antenociti - do cou plan to release official rules four wour buildings as well ? i would really like to have a sheet of paper that me and my opponents always have an "official" ruling for these advanced rules. and as you like to give us some rules for the rest of your scenery, liek cars, buildings would be fine!
  14. Ok, I'll ask this here instead of the rules forum so that any actual tactical tips are reasonably added. So I'm adding an Odalisque into my forces for the first time. Well, first time that wasn't a total lark where all they did was stand around and do nothing all game, or are killed on the first turn. Now the original though was that "Boy! This will really rock with the spitfire and the 360 vision!" But now I wonder if perhaps the Sixth Sense might be a better general approach. I find that getting shot from behind is a relatively rare of an event, but being able to _not_ getting Surprise Shot in the face by a camo sniper, or boomed by some weird angled template to maybe be a nicer perk to have? So, the actual rule question, or at least clarification. Sixth Sense lvl1 allows one to delay their ARO declaration if they are within your Zone of Control. I presume that lvl 2 shares that restriction? Otherwise, random perk thoughts. Or at least situations to try to exploit or avoid. Since I'm a Odalisque with a spitfire and Sixth Sense... It's rather pointless to try to CC me, since I-Kohl takes 9 off your CC value, and Sixth Sense negates Surprise Attack. Of course, I can't knife my way out of a paper bag, so... I'm a giant bubble of FU Stealth guys. Martial Arts Heavy Infantry may be more cautious if there's a hacker/repeater around to take advantage. Or at least maybe I might manage to turn around in time! Camo guys at least don't get to force an extra -3 on me from SUPPLIES! Smoke stops being a thing to worry over. Now I can concentrate on only have B1 to ARO with. So any other tidbits?
  15. I didn't find the answer on the forum so I pose my question here. Is the rulebook gonna be released in french? If yes did we have an idea of when? Thank you
  16. So, I played a game today and a big question came up. What can netrods actually do? I can't find anywhere it says they cannot Dodge or Reset. Also, now looking on it, they aren't Remotes, so they dodge on full PH, right? Can they move their 2 inches?
  17. OK slap me if this is the umpteenth time you've been asked... If I have twin weapons - lets say 2 Breaker Pistols and nothing to do with a recent Acmon purchase - can I ARO with B2? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello everyone, Firstly, loved all the help on the ARO vs. Hacking issue -- helped the gaming group out a lot. Now, since that game, a lot of people have had interest sparked in Infinity (yay!), but back when I first started, there were some things that were a hurdle for one of the would-be players. The man loves Senor Massacre as a character and a model (he gets a Metal Gear vibe from him), and he always wanted to use him; however, back when we were first introduced to the game, the Mercenaries were linked to either their own army (where availability was halved and all that jazz) or to specific armies only (I believe Senor could only be in Nomads, which he detested aesthetic-wise). My question is mostly if I understood the writing correctly. In the rules and the Wiki, it states... Players can only add Mercenary Troops to their Army List by mutual accord, or if such troops are available for their faction, or their Sectorial Army (see Infinity. Human Sphere). Unless otherwise stated, players cannot add Mercenary Troops to any Combined Army or alien Army List. The "available for their faction" sounds like the old system, which is perfectly fine; however, the mutual accord part... if I understand it correctly, I imagine this just means, "If a player wishes to field the model in their army, it must be agreed to by their opponent"? I know it may seem silly to double-check on something that may seem obvious, but his interest solely lies on this model and finding a different army from Nomads to play with -- I know you can always house rule these things, but if it's "legal" to do it, it helps his case a lot more. Thanks in advance!
  19. Non-Aleph people don't count. Here's a few questions regarding one of the less precise rules in Infinity. I will be restating a lot of stuff just to make sure everyone is clear. Here's a link to Ghost Jumper on wiki. The inns and outs of being a Posthuman: 1) At the beginning of the game, all proxies must start inactive? Yes. 2) If an inactive Proxy receives an ARO, Posthuman can jump in it while the Proxy itself Dodges? Yes. 3) If one inactive Proxy receives an ARO, Posthuman can jump in a different Proxy (that did not receive an ARO)? Yes. 4) AROs allowed for inactive proxies are: Alert, Change Facing, or Dodge AROs to any Order declared in their LoF or ZC. This does not list Reset (probably because these are from 2nd edition). Can inactive Proxy declare Reset? I don't know. I hope yes, but RAW is no. 5) Read the wording in the previous question again. Does this mean inactive Proxies can declare Dodge ARO even when they do not have LoF to attacker, only responding to order within Zone of Control? RAW is yes. Waiting for RAI. 6) While Posthuman is inhabiting one Proxy, and another inactive Proxy receives ARO, wording allows it to Dodge without LoF or ZoC. Is this correct? Again, RAW vs RAI. Waiting for confirmation. 7) I have an inactive Mk.I Hacker on the board. Something gives him a hacking ARO, such as enemy firing a smart missile or trying to jump in with an AD trooper. Does it give my Posthuman an ARO to jump into a Proxy? I would assume yes. Confirmation please. 8) Here's a fun one: I don't have a Mk.I Hacker, but a Mk.II Assault Hacker in Hidden Deployment. Something gives that Assault Hacker an ARO (could be hacking, but could also be LoF or ZoC). I choose not to do anything with that Proxy, all fine. BUT! Does my Posthuman receive an ARO to jump to one of the other Proxies? I have no bloody idea what the answer to this is. Before everyone attacks, no, I haven't been doing this, but I want to see if I can do it. 9) Another for the brains. My brave Machaon charges up the field and dies. Oh, no, I lost my Lt. Can I nominate the Posthuman to be my Lieutenant? Yes. 9.1) Do I nominate a specific Proxy or is the Posthuman ego my Lt.? RAW... Doesn't have anything on it. I'd go with ego, but that's just me. 9.2) If I have to nominate a specific Proxy, do I have to spend my Lt. order on Posthuman doing stuff with *that* proxy or can I spend it on any Proxy? In that case, my guess is that specific Proxy, but want to check. 9.3) If I have to nominate a specific Proxy, what happens if that Proxy goes inactive? I'd say all is fine and dandy because "Inactive Proxy" state isn't a NULL state. I have an Lt., (s)he's just not doing much. 10) How to switch combat groups with Posthuman? Is it even possible? I guess yes, but who knows? Palanka! 10.1) Do we simply use as many Command tokens as there are Proxies and they all transfer simultaneously? This would be my guess. 10.2) Are we allowed to leave Proxies behind? Can we switch only 1 of our Proxies? Ja njet habla deutsch. A bit of guessing: no we can't. But if we could: 10.3) If we can leave Proxies behind, is the situation then that we need to specify in which group is the ego (at the switch time), and then Proxies in other group(s) can't do anything? This is murky waters really, because what happens then if all Proxies in the CG with Posthuman die? Is the Posthuman lost, or does he return to the other Combat Group? Yeah. Anyway, so much for me (for now). If anyone has any additional questions, pile them on!
  20. So, I'll start the ball rolling and let Palanka bury this whole thing (along with my mixed metaphors). Netrods - what are these elusive yet invasive species that precede every significant Aleph force? And by extension, Imetrons as well. So the questions are: 1) Are Netrods equipment? Yes they are. [i know this has been answered, but putting it here for completeness]. 2) Do Netrods take up trooper slots in Army Lists after deploying? i.e. can you transfer troopers using Command Tokens and go over 10 orders? I assume yes, they take up slots so no transfering above 10, but let's get it confirmed so people (hopefully) stop asking. 3) Do Netrods allow you to fill up to maximum of 10 orders when using Posthumans? Again, I assume no, but I've seen it asked multiple times so if we can just get it confirmed, it would be great. 4) Rules say Netrods provide a Regular order. Does this mean that they keep providing Regular orders during LoL? I would assume yes, but want to check. 5) Again, what happens with Netrod Regular order during Retreat? I remember there being a note about equipment not functioning, but not sure how interaction works here. I have no idea what the correct answer to this one is. 6) Can Classified Objectives such as Data Scan be accomplished on Netrods, given that they are equipment? I would think not. Who knows? 7) Can you deploy EVO Repeater before Netrods to get the +3 for AD Jump? I assume yes. 8) If you take 3 Netrods and they all deploy without scattering , does that give you extra 5 points in ITS missions? My gut says yes, but let's just make sure you are paying attention when reading.
  21. Hello one and all I'm completely new to these forums and forums in general so if I commit any deadly sins please go easy on me. The issue for today is all about the skill engage and how it behaves. So, I would like to get some clarification on a few examples that got tossed around in a argument I had with a very good friend of mine. 1) Say a Yuan Yuan chooses to engage a Kum biker 2" away. The Kum biker decides he ain't about CC and moves away his full 8" making him 10" away from the Yuan Yuan. Does that mean that the Yuan Yuan gets to move 10" so he can be in BtB if he passed his PH test (assuming no AROs from elsewhere)? In addition to this the engage rule says it follows the "general rules of movement" which says that the "Mov values indicate the maximum distance the unit can move" (P61 core rule book) so wouldn't this mean the above chase isn't possible as theYuan Yuan Mov is 4-4, so even if he got to make a 'move-move' action as part of engage he still would be 2" short? or is it that the Yuan Yuan moves his 2" first to get BtB and then gets 'dragged' along thus conveniently ignoring his max move? Or some secret option C that I can't think of? 2) Its that pesky Yuan Yuan again, this time he's punching above his weight class and hunting for Dog-Warriors. (same 2" starting distance) The Dog-warrior figures he has bigger fish to chainrifle and decides to super jump 6" up a building. However, that Yuan Yuan is very insistent and passes his PH test again. Does that mean the the Yuan Yuan learns to fly and ends up in BtB with the Dog Warrior on top of the building? 3) this time less of an example and more general theory say a Yuan Yuan wants to chase a SAS through some heavy woodland thus slowing down the Yuan Yuan while the SAS is unaffected. Does anything different happen? These were the most major concerns raised. I would be very grateful if this could be cleared up.
  22. I am not sure but, tohaa can be the only army without any six sense unit. in tohaa, there is a limit of 3 units in links, so you can not have six sense by links either. any sectorial in other armies have 4 or 5 unit link options. isnt it interesting in an army type famous with communication on senses ?
  23. Hello guys. We have been playing the game for a while, sure that it rocks. here are some questions from my side regarding rules that i am not %100 sure. anybody to clarify for me ? 1. shotgun shotgun is a bs attack. after bs face to face,if shotgun wins ( or has one success any way ), we put the template on table. my question here is, since it is a bs attack, opponent in cover can get his cover +3 bonus although it is template weapon, but can not get this cover bonus to arm save since it is a template weapon. is it ok ? what do you think ? 2. there is a sniper on the table, myrmidon link is moving together. still sniper can hit anybody in the link right, although the link leader is somebody else. can i clarify my link leader after short skill ? to protect the link member from this ? what happens if i bs attack with the link leader then use idle as a short skill. still sniper can shoot anybody in the link ? 3. there is a chain myrmidon who can wield smoke grenades who is in a link. can he throw smoke such a way that he can protect his friend under fire ? for the moment these only.
  24. We've come up with profiles for each of our terrain pieces. As always it's up to you and your opponent whether you use them. We think they are pretty fun though. Plus, it gave us an excuse to do a Comanche logo. Let us know what you think!
  25. Well, I thought I had this right. Game logic, life logic, and movie logic never play the same. When shot out of your LoF and ZoC with a normal weapon, you do not get to react unless you survive. However, templates seem to invoke the third clause of this: A trooper owned by the Reactive Player can declare an ARO if any of the following is true: »»It has Line of Fire (LoF) to a trooper being activated by the Active Player. »»An enemy trooper activates within its Zone of Control (ZoC). »»It has a Special Skill or piece of Equipment allowing reaction to enemy actions without LoF. and »»Troopers affected by a Template Weapon or Equipment can declare Dodge as their second Short Skill or ARO, even if they do not have LoF to the attacker. I had a Moira and a Sineater underneath a LGL shot at 15in. I knew the dodge rules were clarified a lot since N2, so I explained to my friend they both get to make a dodge roll. He was somewhat irked I got to roll. I explained it as best I could, and tried to incorporate real life logic. Imagine people hearing the clank of the grenade, and just rapidly hitting the deck(hence the -3 to PHI). Was I right? I do get a dodge roll right? It seems irritating if I don't, considering he had a 9 BS that ignored my would be cover armor and ODDCh:Mimetism. No amount of spot cover would have helped me. He had 10 solid orders he spent on that one model to make sure it got 3 speculative shots.