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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I've started Infinity this year and I've been very impatient from the start to build up a Yu Jing force composed around the theme of japanese clans (ninja and samurai all mixed in together). I'll start by showing you off the units I had bought for my army: I've came to love the Shikami profil and lore, since there is still no release for this miniature I decided to convert my own (I really wanted to make him dynamic, giving the feel of jumping from a rooftop) : (I've converted him from a Domaru Butai as you could guess, the mouth is from Games Workshop's bloodletter demons as well as the horns) Then I started this little guy :
  2. I have recently been looking into starting Yu Jing. What is the best sectorial to start with? Which is the easiest to learn about and the most forgiving for players new to yu jing? I was looking into buying some of the JSA samurai (because I have been playing Nioh lately) but the starter kit is still looking pretty old. Do we have any idea when a new one will be released? Last but not least does anyone know of any good historical samurai or ashigaru miniatures? The only ones I've seen lately are from warlord games and I generally don't like the proportions on their figures. Could be different this time but I am not sure. Anything helps.
  3. So the new profile for the Domaru is out! what actually changed? I see they got Kinematika lvl 1. eh and ofcourse the spitfire, option to take a Combi rifle~ and a little increase in costs?
  4. The JSA are my second army, and are a nice change of pace after Nomads. For the scheme I just couldn't get away from the classic red, black, white and greys. Again, like my Nomads I painted these guys fairly quickly to get them on the table, so they are a 'table.5' standard. I have a few more to add, but have got sidetracked by terrain and a 3rd army. Asuka and some Karakuri are in line at some point. But for now, here they be...