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Found 3 results

  1. One of my methods for dealing with lists with lots of mines and camo troops (especially Chasseurs) had been using the Sat-lock + guided ammo setup. Something I see relatively often was enemy camo troopers remaining near mines they had laid, possibly re-camoed, so I had started using Sat-Lock on the mines and hitting them with a guided weapon, side-stepping the ability of the camo'ed troops to Reset. After a ruling that indicated that you couldn't Target scenery items (like in The Grid), I was wondering if the same would apply to deployable weapons/equipment.
  2. I'm a little confused about this interaction. Does sixth sense allow the use of dodge when one is a target of a Comms Attack from Zone of Control?. To help clarify, the specific case I'm wondering is in the case of a REM using "Sat-Lock" on a member of the link team, and the link team declaring dodge and subsequently a two of them moved a few inches. In my case, I failed my sat-lock roll, so the outcome was basically irreverent, but it still made me curious how it should work. Mostly I'm confused because I feel like a Comms Attack is a sort of non-obvious attack and target's wouldn't really be aware of it enough (other than to reset their devices) in order to try and dodge. Part of the Effect and Requirements for Sixth Sense is that the user be the target of an "Attack" from within their ZoC; In this case is "Comms Attack" considered an attack? Sixth Sense: Allows the user to respond with a Face to Face Roll to Attacks (and only Attacks) directed at him by an enemy inside his Zone of Control, even without LoF to the attacker and regardless the facing of the user. Part of my confusion is the word "Attack" which seems to generalize all attacks, but also the fact that, on the wiki, clicking "Attack" redirects to "BS Attack" (but that could just be an issue with the wiki) making me think it's specific to that. I'm pretty sure dodge wouldn't have an effect on the attack itself based on this wording: Dodge: Dodge does not allow the user to evade Attacks caused by Hacking Programs or Comms Attacks, but the Reset Skill does. I just can't figure out if the Dodge Attack would even be allowed in general in this case do to the generalized wording on Sixth Sense.
  3. Can you bring 2 EVO repeaters and have a +6 Bonus to Sat-Lock (Making it a flat WIP roll, since it's normally -6)? I don't think it's particularly unbalanced if you can (EVO's are AVA 2 making flat WIP the max, and opponent can reset anyway). But the FAQ text implies to me that you can't, without explicitly saying so: "Furthermore, EVO Repeater gives you an automatic +3 MOD to all your attempts to use the Sat-Lock Special Skill, making it a WIP-3 Roll. " (HS + CP N3 FAQ p3) It'd be a nice tool to have vs camo.