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  1. It's here!! He has returned like all the years by July the mega tournament of Infinity of Alcalá de Henares, the city of Cervantes, in Madrid. On the 1st and 2nd of July, you are invited to join the tournament that celebrates the Association of wargames HABEMUS LUDUM in collaboration with LUDUS BELLI, CORVUS BELLI, DIACASH and many other sponsors. That we will announce soon. If you have already come and look for how to have the free end: you know you have to be. Those who have not been asked to recommend it. Big awards for all and this year hopefully even more. And subscribe to twitter @Complutum_Belli for the news. THE TOURNAMENT WILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS: It will be held the weekend of 1 and 2 July. The registration fee per participant will be 15€. The format will be ITS: Mid-Tier to 300 points without Spec-op and 5 rounds of play: 2 on Saturday morning and 1 in the afternoon; And the last 2 on Sunday morning. The capacity of the event is limited to a maximum of 60 participants. For the pairings we will use the Swiss system without repeating rival or table. Scenarios of game of 120x120 cm, each different from the others, some with special conditions. The missions will be: 1. Firefight 2. Show of power 3. Frontline 4. Decapitation 5. Annihilation All the miniatures should belong to the Infinity: The Game miniatures collection. The miniatures must be properly represented. In case of carrying several miniatures of the same type with the same equipment, with the exception of the first, the rest can be represented with miniatures of the same type with different equipment, as long as the rival is properly informed. If someone needs to use some proxy he will have to tell to us before to evaluate it. As in previous years, it will be a tournament for those who want to prepare for the INTERPLANETARY and for those who want to spend an entertaining weekend. All participants are requested to bring tokens or scenery elements to represent the beacons and other necessary elements specified in the ITS missions. And above all civilians, for the rescue mission. SPECIAL EVENTS: · VISITING AND CHATING A MEMBER OF THE STAFF. Who? Surprise. · EVENT NIGHT. Which? Surprise. · LUNCH ALL TOGETHER. How? Surprise. · EXTRA TOURNAMENTS. Why? Surprise. PLACE: The tournament will be held in the Young Space of Alcalá de Henares. Be careful that we change the usual site! But we still have air conditioning. Address: Av. Miguel de Unamuno, 7, 28806 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. AWARDS: Still to be determined. ORDER OF THE DAY: Still to be determined. INSCRIPTION: Participants should send a mail to [email protected], with subject "VI Complutum" and "nick or name of participant" before Sunday, June 4. The following information should be included in the mail: Nick of the forum. Faction or sector that will lead to the tournament (remember that you can not mix sectorials with generic). Email and / or contact phone number. If you want the email from which you send the information, you do not need to add anything else. Club or group of players. If you let us know that you come from the same group of players (or friends) we will not put you together in the first round, although in the following it may be. Food: We are managing a catering. Soon more information. Payment method: Warn how you are going to make the payment, especially if it is going to be at Ludus Belli, to organize ourselves better. Army Code of the TWO Army LISTS that will be taken to the tournament. Name them well as list A and list B, please. If there are any problems or you do not know how to get that Army Code say it in the mail. To copy and paste in the mail adding the data requested: - Forum Nick: - Faction or sectorial: - Email and / or telephone: - Club or player group: - Food: - Pay method: - Army code of the two lists: The payment of the registration can be paid: · By hand in the Ludus Belli Store (C / Rio Tajuña 8, Mostoles (Madrid) Telephone: 912393829. · By bank transfer to the account of Habemus Ludum, in the bank ING Direct with number ES75 1465 0100 9119 0029 6580 and holder Habemus Ludum. Indicating in observations "Nick Comp Belli" IMPORTANT: A person will be considered enrolled when he / she has paid the registration fee. The deadline to pay for registration ends on Sunday, June 4. From that date, those who are on the waiting list and pay will be removed from the post to those who are pre-registered. If you see that you are going to have problems making the payment talk to flautaman666 to manage how to do it. For any related questions do not hesitate to contact us at our email address [email protected] or by private to flautaman666. Possible changes that may arise will be discussed here in the forum. ANNEX I: Special types of terrain. Each table will have different elements and rules so that, with the addition of missions, each game is completely different: Urban: No special rules. Desert: The whole table is considered low visibility area. Forest / forest: Any LoS that is carried out through a jungle zone will be a low visibility area, and moving through this area is considered difficult terrain. The trees and rocks in these bases continue to cut LoS in a normal way Water elements will be treated as difficult aquatic terrain. Mountain: The whole table is considered difficult mountain terrain and the hills very difficult mountain terrain. As much as possible try to upload the lists to the event when you are invited. Additional tournament information: Https:// It's the last chance to get a place for de Interplanetary. @Gamma Ray, @Phlyk, @War Hound, you have a reservated place for our tournament. If yoy want to participate please confirm. Thank you. Also there is 7 reserved places for people out of Spain. Last day to confirm and pay 5th of march.
  2. I. General information: Location: ul. Krakowska 10 (Poznań, Poland) Date: 19-20.11.2016 Format: 300 points, 6 SWC Spec-Ops, Limited Insertion Judges: Mruczyslaw, Dredd Afterparty: TBA Painting contest: best painted miniature. Voted by players. Teams limit: 60 players II. Requirements: Every player must have: - Two copies of their army rosters. Open (with all information you can show to your opponent) and Private (with Lt., points costs, camouflaged and airborne troops etc.). - All of the needed templates and markers. - d20ddices (4-5 of them) - Measure - Models are expected to have their Front Arcs marked. Disputes will be resolved in the favour of the player having Front Arcs marked. - Each Player can have max 3 proxies. Model can be proxied only with model of same type (LI with LI, TAG with TAG etc). Units that don't have models released yet doesn't count to proxies limit. III. Timetable: Saturday10:00 - 10:30 - Sigining in10:30 - 11:00 - Pairings11:00 - 13:15 - Round one (Supplies)13:25 - 15:50 - Round two (Antennas Field)15:50- 16:20 - Lunch brake16:20 - 18:30 - Round three (Safe Area)19:00 - AfterpartySunday10:00 - 12:15 - Round four (Firefight)12:30 - 14:15 - Round five (Comms Center)14:30 - Awards ceremony IV. Sign-in Here is link to ITS sign in - VII. Facebook event: - War of the Worlds facebook page. - link to Infinity Tournament. Scroll down to see english version of regulations (but its the same as here tbh;) ) VIII. Sponsors: 1. Titan - Forge 2. Tereny Do 3. Cube ... And more to come!:)