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Found 61 results

  1. Smooth Crates: A set of 6 individual mall crates that each offer S2 cover. (£8.00 inc VAT, £6.66p ex VAT) "Emancipators" A set of 2 "emancipator" service robots. (£9.50p inc VAT, £7.92p ex VAT) Samsara Explorer: Exploration type of TOPOs fantastic Samsara vehicle. (£27.00 inc VAT, £22.50p ex VAT)
  2. "Azure Dragon" dropship is now available in-store:
  3. The Super-Hawk is now available in the online store:
  4. The "Happy Panda Noodles" is now out in the store: Happy Panda Noodles Price for this with pre-painted MDF and coloured interior and exterior resin, photo-print screens, acrylic lights, hinged doors and etched detail is £33.75p Size, without sign, is 188mm x 128mm x 73mm The MDF is pre-painted as shown, the Resin is pre-coloured to the dark-grey shown in the images which means that you don't have to paint it if you don't want to. If you don't paint it, and assemble it straight out of the box (instructions included) then it will look just as you see it here... we've not painted anything on the photos. The Doors are a new feature on this (and many future models) which are now hinged with an exterior resin door and detailed interior MDF backing - which means you can have it open or shut to suit the game without needing to take doors in and out. The sign, as can be seen, is two-sided with a reversed rear, so that it reads correctly from both sides. Roof is removeable. Lots of interior detail included food and drinks racks, fridge, screens and etched cooking area. I will add a full Scenery profile a little down the line.
  5. So... The train for the Paradiso mission 205 is already in production (I know, I know, it was about bloody time). I don't have any official images to show but I've seen the prototype in person and I must say it's one sexy, sexy beast which will make a spectacular centerpiece for any Infinity gaming table. It's also compatible with the Bandua "Made for Infinity" containers. We expect to have it available within the next month or two at the most. I'll keep you posted if I manage to grab some photos or any other information.
  6. After seeing this type of scenery at an ITS tournament I decided to make them myself. Some high flower pots for that could be used for parks or maybe living quarters on space stations. I got some little cardboard boxes and wood pots, filled them with some mass used for flower bouqets and glued different types of moss onto them. I think you could also spray the moss for different colors, but this was enough for me. Additionally I had some Star Wars figures lying around from a cheap game, my friend scavanged for bits and figures. So I put them together for a memorial statue of some kind. Or maybe the franchise has some special meaning on said space station? EDIT: I forgot to take a picture with a miniature for scale. Just know that models standing upright can usually peek over the boxes, but not the bushes. Kneeling models disappear completely behind them.
  7. Asian Fencing now available: Pre-painted MDF (Weathered) and pre-coloured Resin (Dark/Grey as shown). 11 sections each of 106mm long with 1 section with hinged moon-gate entrance, making a total of 126cm (~4 foot) of modular fencing. (No need to paint the resin if you dont want to - the images show the unpainted resin) Scenery Profile: Cost is £35.00 a set from here: Assembly Guide here:
  8. Assembling the DICE TOWER, the containers and the Walls for XLC terrains! great gaming solution if you like them please like and join in the channel CALABOZO CRIOLLO CHANNEL fast Assemble and few words (not need to translate the acts)
  9. Hey guys! I didn't find anything about it, but does E/M ammunition affects scenery in any kind of way? I think not, which is sad, but i'd like to be sure...
  10. Hi guys, been building and painting terrain for infinity / necro / deadzone that are made out of old disused/broken/outdated electronics components. These pieces make each building totally unique and create a kind of junkyard scifi vibe akin to borderlands
  11. The production of the Fast Panda is now underway for those who backed the Kickstarter.. First model off the line was assembled today and we took some quick snaps...
  12. Hi, It is said that you cannot have LoF through destroyed wall/gate/whatever, it's very difficult terrain and saturation zone. You can MOVE through it though. Now the question can you speculative fire a eg. grenade through it ? Can you deploy a mine on the other side of destroyed wall/gate (while in B2B with it) ?
  13. Hi all, I said I'd start an Archologies Thread with pic's of the Forest board I am making for Conrontation but will be adapting for games of Infinity. All feedback very welcome - remember I'm doing this thread to get feedback about the playability of the board and any problem you guys see during the WIP are great as I can direct creation of the board with that feedback in mind... What skills/Weapons should I be wary of... MSV has been raised but I may have a home-brew solution... Wire Tree's, Further away... Another Tree further along in the process... it has had Milliput added and sculpted over the wire skeleton... This is obviously WAY off the terrain density I intend for Infinity games... but gives a hint at the general aesthetics that are developing for the board... This pic shows the developing 'large mound' in early form... this will be developed with the Cork Bark effect and 'randomed' up a bit with additional Tree's and bushes... This will kind of take the place as a 'big building' in Urban Games... Model style POV... there will be way more added to this thing so I'm hoping this kind of approach will stop the board from being an MSV Turkey Shoot... probably the highest level of the board will be a combination of Low Visibility Zone + High Saturation Zone... with plenty of cover available in the form of tree's and roots etc... the whole board will have clear areas as well... More very soon...
  14. Combat Jump Troopers using Airborne Deployment cannot deploy Prone or in base to base contact with another model, Marker, mission objective or piece of scenery. What is the definition of "scenery" in this case? Does that include major terrain pieces like buildings or only small pieces like barrels? Basically, are airborne deployed figures allowed to enter contact with anything? or are they restricted to contact with nothing? I find the term "piece of scenery" and what it encompasses vague at best. The rules list all kinds of things for scenery, but another player claims their combat jump can place them into contact with buildings, and thus gain partial cover (at least for their next order). Relevant links and text: Scenery Structures, Scenery Item Profile, Scenery Building Profile
  15. Stand Alone Vendors are Asian themed vending machines with products and/or advertising on the front, sides and rear, that allows you to place them anywhere on your table without leaving any ugly blank sides on show.They come in a pack of four (4) and include the glossy photo-prints as shown in the images.
  16. The Scenery Profile for the "City Hopper" is now available: The product releases for retail in Jan 2016, but those who obtained them form the Forward Base kickstarter can use them right away with the given profile. AW: It can act as a small dropship if required, the narrow access limits it to taking onboard S1 or S2 figures, its main bonus if its tiny footprint (Landing gear footprint) so that it can land on surprisingly small platforms. There is more detail on our blog:
  17. Hi everyone, The Marrua Nemesis and Nemesis Interceptor will be coming out next week, prices £9.50p and £13.50p respectively: Note on Decals: We're working with a Decal manufacturer to produce a whole range of decals for a variety of things, starting with the Azure Dragon dropship in July. Within that work will be decals (to go to retail release) for this and other vehicles.
  18. We have a very small Kickstarter now live for a rather stylish and functional game aid called the Infinity Game Box. This is a combination Token and template storage box that will also hold cards and even a tablet... the kickstarter is here for those interested: There's a short video on youtube here also: We also have some new templates and a scenery-functional dice roller: And the Sun Tzu Template set: Prices, pledges and more info on the kickstarter page.
  19. We have a ton of new product from Bandua now in stock fresh from Spain and ready to ship!
  20. Hi there, What are people's opinions on the MotoTronica and Hephaestus scenery packs? Will most likely get 2no. of one of them, can't decide which though. Mostly interested in using the mats but more buildings doesn't do any harm
  21. Great terrain pieces and very handy for battle! With the cards removes the monotony from our tables! Thanks Customeeple . take a peek on more pictures at
  22. As our range of vehicles increases we will periodically adapt the vehicle box-sets that are available, to reflect both customer buying preferences and bundles tailored toward specific themes. These box-sets are exclusive to Antenocitis Workshop online store and are not available anywhere else. Town Set – £20.50p City Set – £40.50p Metropol Set – £75.00p Arcology Set – £99.00 Inner-City Set – £66.00p
  23. Bandua has some more fantastic releases that we will shortly have in stock! They are a set of oil tanks, an industrial crane which is perfect for your train yard, and some great building signs. These are a super clean, uncluttered designs that will look and work great on your tables! Check out the full details at Infinity Harbour!
  24. New vehicles in store: We have four new vehicles for Infinity the Game, now available on the online store: Tucuxi Senna: Scenic version priced at £7.50p: Original design ©Haishan Deng. Painted by Tom Schadle The Senna now also has its official Scenery Profile: The Tucuxi "Pushmi", named after Doctor DooLittles two-headed Llama - this vehicle can be setup in the "muscle-car" format as seen in the images, or you can move the wing mirrors, tail fin and exhaust so that it is driving in the other direction. This is a non-scenic version with separate wheels, exhausts, tail-fin and mirrors. Price £9.50p Painted by Tom Schadle The Pushmi also now has its Scenery profile: The Marrua Federale is a heavy-weight Police Interceptor for Urban streets (many of which in Infinity have under-floor wireless charging and mag-lev support) Price: £9.50p Original design ©Dmitri Popov Painted by Tom Schadle Its Scenery Profile shows its somewhat more resistant nature: And finally the Taruca Lautaro: a rugged all-terrain vehicle sued for surveying and exploration, capable of 1-2 person or UGV operation: £15.50p Original Design ©Pascal Eggert Painted by David Woods
  25. Hey, as i now have assembled my Forward Base Kickstarter almost complete, i have to say that they are gorgeous to play on with. there is just a little caveat - since we like to play on our terrain with destructible scenery rules, we still have trouble with defining the scenery traits of the Forward Base Habitats. and i would like to get your opinions on which scenery profiles the Habitats should have. especially with these big structures like the science hab and the Med Hab i see the opportunity of shooting down walls to get easier through the terrain :3. @Antenociti - do cou plan to release official rules four wour buildings as well ? i would really like to have a sheet of paper that me and my opponents always have an "official" ruling for these advanced rules. and as you like to give us some rules for the rest of your scenery, liek cars, buildings would be fine!