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Found 7 results

  1. So to be cover, it needs to be taller than 1/3rd of the model's silhouette. It also has to cover one third of its base... or the "equivalent." That's where I'm mildly confused. Cover is pretty easy to come by, it seems, so I'm just wondering what exactly is cover-- and when are you out of it? My local rules meta has said that "1/3rd of your base" means height and "1/3rd of your height" is your width, which is... confusing. You must have the entire left/right/middle covered, no exceptions, all the way vertical or horizontal, full stop. I've been told I am out of cover before when my miniature's entire base was behind cover except for three squares because the cover was equal to my silhouette marker's 1/3rd mark. Are these cover? 1. Maghariba is behind a big piece of terrain, but it doesn't cover her whole base. It does cover more squares on the top and right than are not covered on the left. 2. Maghariba is behind a wall that is very tall, but it isn't 1/3rd of her base. 3. Maghariba is behind a crate that is exactly as wide as 1/3rd of her base and exactly as tall as 1/3rd of her silhouette. Bonus Round: Blue model shoots Red model who is on top of a building facing away. Blue model can see the top of Red model's silhouette over the building, but only barely. Red model is in contact with the opposite building side's wall but not the building side from which Blue model is shooting. Thanks for reading! I value the community's ability to ELI5 the rules to a dense person like me.
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to post some pics of some figures I painted in here, but I keep getting an error message that says -200 when I try to upload the image. Can someone tell me why, or point me in the right direction of which forum I should be asking about this problem in? Thanks, Will
  3. i just read from the wiki that said, "Each of them has the height of a basic troop from the army it belongs to. The Nullifier has ARM 0, BTS 0, STR 1." so does it mean nullifier's silhouette is 2? that's a huge different from something like sniffer, repeater and so on... any suggestions?
  4. From N3-p61: allied troopers, and only allied, whose Silhouette Attribute be equal or inferior to the trooper’s Silhouette Attribute does not block his Movement. Does Inferior refer to height or Silhouette number?. In other words can S2 walk through everything except S6-S8?
  5. What are the height measurements of the Silhouette Templates? I am thinking of making a bunch of proxies using wooden dowels of 25mm, 40mm, and 55mm diameter and the appropriate height for each Silhouette Template. Then I will assign a letter to each dowel and label them as such. I want to get back into Infinity but I want to be able to really test out a bunch of different armies before I make a commitment. Does this sound like an acceptable method of proxying? How many proxies of each size should I make to have on hand to make two large lists? I want to be able to make almost every list possible and dowels are relatively cheap, so I don't mind making a lot of them. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  6. As a lot of other players, I thought about starting a new army with the arrival of N3. I'm yet undecided what it will be but started assembling my new miniatures nevertheless. Step1: Step2: Done
  7. Hey there guys, first post on this forum and I sincerely hope I posted this in the right sub-forum I wanted to share my 3D printed Silhouette markers. I made files for all sizes but I just printed S1 and S2 for now. I made 3 variants of each of them. You can find the files on my thingiverse page I am planning on printing them in brighter colours, for now, black has to be sufficient Sorry for the bad photos, I don't own a good camera and glossy black is very hard to take a picture of Feedback would be appreciated Have a nice one! Jakob p.s. I made an Aleph lightswitch with glow-in-the-dark material too ^-^