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Found 4 results

  1. With Strikezone:Wotan only hours away I wanted to share a very cheap and quick to produce Space Mat. On top of this you can add spaceships, random industrial terrain, or even cram together rocks and hills to make an asteroid. A different mat can also be laid half over this one to look like the edge of a space station. Materials cost around $5. Supplies: Acrylic paint Felt 2 x Paint brush A jar of water Spray cans Cardboard First there is felt. No picture for this, but I used just black quilter's felt at a cost of $3.50 with a cupon. You could use cotton or something else if you like. I hate the feel of felt personally, but I feel like it take the paint better, and it is certainly cheaper. This stuff comes in 72" wide by however many inches you buy. Always a good idea to maybe go a little wider than 4 feet, and either re cut it or let it hang over the edge. You can't always trust the retailer to be precise on their cuts. PROTIP: go through all the steps of this on your felt using small corners of it first. If you do not like the result, keep trying until you get it right then, flip the felt and make the real board on the far side. Next for the stars there is acrylic paint and water. They ratio of water to paint is going to vary a lot. I used 3ml (2/3 tsp) of paint to 30 ml (1 table spoon) of water but you will want to experiment to get the ratio right. If you use too little the stars will be faint. If you use too much (or even straight paint) then they will look like paint blotches. You want a little variation in them so that some are bright and some a darker to add "realism" a weird term to use here. Once you have mixed your water and paint take the brush in a light grip, a medium amount of water (dip the whole thing and lit it drip) then tap the edge of the wet brush against the handle of another brush, or a piece of wood. Here is a picture of the grip. Paint will go EVERYWHERE so wear an apron or old clothing. A little experimentation will let you get the hang of it. I find it looks best of have some clusters and some more empty spots. You should also give yourself enough room to go all around the mat and tap from different angles. This will keep it from looking two dimensional. At this point the project is done, but for the extra sci-fi you can add nebulae with a spray can. Cut a piece of cardboard or card to a wobbly shape. Make sure that you give yourself a lot of space on the flat end (the right side of this picture) and that you are not in a windy place, otherwise you can end up with paint on the far side of the nebula. This is all normal spray paint but I find that the glossy kinds and bright colors look the best. Spray from a far distance and hit the areas closest to the card the hardest or multiple passes. It also can look good to give a few hits from very far above the mat and fanning out along the "fuzzy" side of the nebula. The "sharp side" of the nebula (which you are covering with the cardboard) should be kept covered until you are done. Allow an hour or so to dry. And the finished mat: You can go back and add stars later if the ones on the mat didn't come out right. I strongly recommend doing the back side of the cloth first. in a best case scenario (it looks right the first time) you can do the far side with different colors, or no nebula (or tons more) to give a different look to the board. See you in Space.
  2. Hello! I am new to the game and community, after taking a 3 year break from wargaming i'm really glad to have tried out infinity. one of the things most striking to me coming form mostly 40k is terrain and its importance to the game and culture of infinity. when Wotan was launched I decided to pull the trigger and build a table. Here is the sketchup design. I wanted to make sure that the table had the fell of a corridor table but also be playable and be able to take advantage of the range bands.The other consideration was that it be made fast and cheap. I have a short attention span and if the table is horrible to play on I didn't want to waste a bunch of time and money. So foam core is my friend. Here is the original plans in sketchup. (red means door) To ensure modularity It is all made from 1'x1' segments. To ensure modularity It is all made from 1'x1' segments. everything is cut using my trusty metal t-square and assembled using hot glue for assembly. The walls are a simple score and snap; I used scrap to reinforce the foam so when I put paint on it it won't warp too much. Also raises the piece for aesthetics. All built! Next is paint, I was going to airbrush but got lazy and it was a warm enough day when i was working on it so I bit the bullet and used spray paint. the floor is just using a hex stencil from the art store. By the time it off gassed I had to use it in a game so the pics of it painted are also the pics of it in play. the planters are foam core plants from major hobby/craft chain that were on sale and boxed from Diaso Japan(a treasure trove for terrain) So far it works! Its not so cramped like other corridor tables, the biggest problem is objectives. They cannot always be placed on their exact locations due to walls. If i play more games on it and like it I may design a mdf wood version of it. Until then more games and more scatter to make for it. Thanks for reading! TLDR: I made a table from concept to game in a day. It gets the job done. EDIT:: Have been asked for a guide, best i can do at the moment is adding the .Skp file i used for my measurments. corridor terrain.skp
  3. Since Bostria spilled the beans on this one in his Beasts of War Interview (at the 36 minute mark), I thought it work a topic of its own. First, it's the first time to my knowledge that the fighting will be "space based," meaning aboard space ships and space stations. He also mentions that they have art material ready to roll for that, which I would hope includes art of the ships and stations involved. I wonder what else this presages...
  4. The stream of stars seem almost to evoke a sense of beauty and calm just before the jump in warp space ended. This fortuitous fact was definitely not lost on Captain Haneda as he sipped fine Chinese tea on the bridge of the Fei Lung. After weeks of patrolling the outer rims of Dawn, they were finally going home. Initially tasked with escorting the Yu Jing Battleship, the Yellow Destiny, to the Orbiting Circular at Svalarheima, the Fei Lung was suddenly recalled and given a new set of orders and coordinates to scout. Not that he was ungrateful for the sudden high command decision to patrol a backwater area though. Given the imminent conflict on the blasted rock of ice called Svalarheima, anywhere far from there was infinitely preferable. “ Kim, plot a course for that asteroid belt in sector 2.36A now” commanded Captain Haneda. “Aye! Aye! Captain” replied second mate Kim as he hurriedly followed his captain’s orders. Minutes passed as the ship changed its course and steadily followed its projected path towards the asteroid belt. Long range sensors now constantly pinged the surrounding area for possible obstacles or worse. “ Any potential threats at large?” Asked the captain calmly. Years of training and indoctrination at the imperial naval academy had helped Captain Haneda project authority and confidence even in the direst of situations. “None sir.” Replied first mate Hiro. Hiro, like captain Haneda, hailed from the same town in YuTang, east of the Yang Chi sea, and it was this affinity and relationship that had seen the two men bond in ways very few crews could boast of. “Good! Maybe if this keeps up…” but before Captain Haneda could finish, a sudden explosion rocked the ship violently to its side! Crew and officers alike were thrown off their feet as the blast reached critical areas. “ What in the nine hells is that?!! Bellowed the captain as he struggled to steady himself on the podium. “ We are under attack captain!” cried the second mate as he wiped blood from his lips. “Dammit! I can see that for myself! Who is attacking us? Scan the surrounding space for propulsion signals now! “ Captain! I am unable to lock on to the enemy ship signals….wait! something is coming up on portside now!” Like a ghost from a distant era, the outlines of a very large, menacing battlecruiser slowly emerged into view. Skeins of energy still crackling on its surface. “ My Lords! It’s the Elysia!” Exclaimed the first mate as he nursed his bruised leg. “How are they able to fire in cloak?” Of all the Yuan-Yuan pirates, none was more feared or hated than the crew of the Elysia. Pillaging, killing and robbing ships of all nations for the better part of the last decade, it was and still is, the most wanted and feared ship in the human sphere. Its distinctive black and red hull and mocking skull like bow has struck fear in many a captains’ hearts over the years. “Battle stations!” cried captain Haneda as he pressed the alarm klaxons to signal the beginning of hostilities. Although he had studied the pirates at the academy and knew their tactics well, it was another thing to actually face-off with one of these dreaded ships. And not just another pirate ship but the very essence of villany and ruthlessness. In his heart of hearts, captain Haneda knew he was in for the fight of his life! And for the very first time since he begun his career, Captain Haneda wished he was actually on Svalarheima instead. Across the expanse of space and on board the Elysia, it was actually quite serene and zen-like in contrast to the chaos on the Fei Lung. A solitary figure sat on the captain’s chair and watched in anticipation as the battle commenced itself. “ Don’t you find it fascinating my silent friend?” said the captain as she gestured at the scene before them in the stillness of space. “So fragile and yet so futile, the human race has found itself….” In response, the spectator who a moment ago, was hidden in shadows, stepped out into the light and bowed slightly. “ Yes, I am bored already Saito….come! Let us finish this and see what the good men and women of the Fei Lung has to show for itself!” The stars seemed to shine a little brighter as blossoms of light expanded in the emptiness of space. ________________________________ this is just a short intro to what i may have in mind to write about. I have always wanted to write space stories and in particular about the outcasts and rogues of the infinity verse. If you like this, pl let me know how you'd like this to go. thanks! G