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  1. Have a new thread. Stuff announced for November (will paste underneath as stuff becomes available): PanO: Joan of Arc multi rifle Haqq: Muyib box (rifle, spitfire, ML HRL, doctor) Ariadna: Grunt-type Intel Spec-Ops (2 arm sets: BS/Molotok) CA: Avatar Merc: Joe Turner (aka Scarface pilot) Repacks: Hac Tao, Moran Masai Murderers
  2. So, we know there's 5 new units coming for Invincible Army and we know that one of those is called Shooting Star. We also know that the overall design of the sectorial is set and play-tested and that it's mostly ready for release. Let's speculate and wishlist What'd you want to see for our beloved Invincibles? Grunts. Let's start off with a pure wishlist item, my often harped-about Grunt-like unit. I see a few reasons why this unit can be a reality, not least of which that Yu Jing is the faction with fewest MI and even two new MI won't actually push us past anyone but the poorly fleshed-out Tohaa (who are barely larger than a sectorial), so the faction focus won't actually change. Yu Jing could also do with some somewhat specialised units that are not HI. A Yu Jing Grunt would probably not have Shock Immunity and would likely end up slightly more expensive than a Zhanshi with the major difference being trading speed for ARM. From a gameplay perspective I'd like to see these with WIP 13 and Engineer and Doctor profiles as part of the basic list capable of forming a Fireteam: Core. Unlike most Yu Jing troops, I don't think Forward Observer is a great choice for this unit even if it is a staple of both Yu Jing and USAR Grunts, and unlike Grunts I don't think Infiltration in any shape or form is appropriate. Shooting Star. Okay, this one is obvious. The vaunted Korean Drop Troops. AD: Combat Jump and while because I think at least PH 13 is appropriate it would probably be the major difference between them and Zuyong. I don't think they'd have the old style ARM 4 powered armour since if memory serves those armours are supposedly heavier. The interesting thing here is what they do with armament - Tigers we have been told some time ago are in IA and Tigers have a brawler armament with Mimetism, flamethrowers and due to also having BS 13, simply having a slightly more expensive HI with the same basic idea would be odd. They could take this further and use Wu Ming as the general template with primarily the more awkward loadouts in mind; Chain Rifle + SMG or an AD Heavy Rocket, anyone? Holoprojector 2 HI. Yes. Sepulchre Knights, I know. Holoprojector 2 has sailed up as a signature Yu Jing ability almost more than Sensor and I'd like the IA to get in on the action. While Sepulchre is a quality HI unit with a wide array of proficiencies, not least a very high BS, a Yu Jing version would again be with the mindset of "armour the masses" utilizing an adapted Zuyong armour and selecting soldiers from the more promising among the Zuyong ranks. I'll make no secret that I'd like to see some form of ambush weapon for this troop in the form of Heavy Rocket Launcher or Missile Launcher, but it would also make for an interesting design choice to eschew Suppression Fire weapons for this troop type completely. Shang-Ji are one of those units that are so expensive that making anything larger than a Haris is nearly impossible to do anything decent with in normal or small games, but Zuyong are inexpensive enough that having a unit lead be Shang-Ji in a Zuyong link could work. I'm hoping that Shang-Ji get a Haris on one of the basic Combi profiles or on the Multi Rifle profile and that up to 2 Shang-Ji can join a Zuyong link. What's missing? IA have plenty of firesupport in the form of Yan Huo and less expensive such in form of Zuyong as well as the potential Grunts/Zhanshi since these are likely to have access to both Missile Launchers and Multi Snipers. The army also have plenty of brawlers, but unlike the rest of Yu Jing no melee combatants. Additionally, IA will be missing skirmishers and warbands and while it's not unheard of that sectorials miss these, I don't look forward to playing a sectorial where the rather poorly functioning AD skill replaces infiltrators. With that said, I hope we see a first Heavy Infantry with smoke grenades of some description, sort of like Yu Jing high command saw Dog Soldiers in action and said "Take this regiment and make them do that". It would also be interesting to see the quasi-armoured approach of Grunts be applied to a Skrimishing unit where, again if the basic IA soldier is a passive armour Zhanshi "Grunt" we'd have a passive armour Guilang replacement with more armour but no token state. Gun-kata. I'll just leave this last item here. Not really on the "IA needs this" or "IA might get this" more than "would be cool". How about this proposition; a more premium HI with access to either Mimetism and Stealth (since ODD is not a Yu Jing thing) or some form of marker state, that focuses on pistols. 2x Heavy Pistol, 2x AP Heavy Pistol, 2x Breaker Heavy Pistol those kinds of things as weapon options and a fairly high CC ability. Probably needs slight further defensive skills in form of the Full-Auto that grants -3 to enemy (is that L2?), Hyper-Dynamics or similar Sixth Sense would also make perfect sense. You know, stick a Priest in powered armour and send him to hunt enemy officers. Hell, this isn't even a "Yu Jing" item, it'd make a very good fit for Vedic as well I think.
  3. Here you go. Witty OP OPtional, I'll add something if I feel like it. Announced September 2017 releases: PanO: Locust hacker: Yu Jing: Shikami 2CCW (with an alt hat option): Ariadna: Volunteer box (chain/LGL/HMG/sniper): Haqq: Hassassin Bahram starter (resculpted; 3 Daylami (LS/rifle/PF) + Muyib rifle + Farzan BS? + Ayyar sniper): CA: Umbra Legate spitfire: Repacks: Nagas, Hellcats
  4. So... We all know about CB plans to release O12 faction. But what it would be like in your opinion ? Totally new stuff or a mix of old and new (partly mercs or other faction units) ?
  5. From the Infinity RPG newsletter it seems that Modiphius added some new kind of REMs to the manuals, based on requests from CB. So let's wishlist and design some new nomad REM, shall we? C.A.T. (Complex Autonomous Task) REM MOV 4-2, CC 10, BS 0, PH 12, WIP 0, ARM 1, BTS 3, STR 1,S 1 Skills: Climbing Plus, Mimetism Extremely impetous, Irregular CCW 2points? Lore: Nomads live in large, obsolete ships, keep togheter with glue, rubberbands and salvaged junk. They created the CATs to ensure that the whole ship receive ordinary maintenance. Those small autonomous crab-like REMs cling to the hull of the ship in search of leaks, cracks and failing welding, repairing them on the spot. At least until the next day. Their small size make them capable of going through small air duct and between walls where no human could move, let alone work. When they encounter a damage too extensive for them to repair, they send a signal to the Maintenance headquarter, that would dispatch a Maintenance team equipped for the situation. Tireless worker, they were soon converted by kids and to-be-engineers for the most diverse tasks, from gaming to arena-like-shows. More than once they were used also to sedate riots on board or as an improvised surveillance net. Nowdays you'll find a CAT anywhere there is a Nomad expedition, scuttling around repairing autodoors or sealing Habitat cracks.
  6. This picture was showed in recent article on the infinity web page. And Bostria wrote this: Months went by and people at the events start wondering what would be next. What would be the next big move from Corvus Belli? What are they hiding?I can only paraphrase the Chinese curse mentioned in the Infinity background: “interesting times ahead”. So is this picture showing us some new model, unit? The arm on the pic has some non human features.
  7. With ISS and QK getting their Spec Ops characters we can be sure that we'll be seeing more of those in the future. Acontecimento, Bakunin, Onyx, USAriadna (and later Vedics and MRRF) will be up for one. So I'm thinking what could we want to see added to Regular fireteam, without making any of the standard loadouts obsolete. First thing we could use is mobile long range firebase. Sapper sniper is awesome for a defensive team, Spitfire for mobile assault, but if only we could get that HMG in there... MOV 4-4, CC 13, BS 13, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 0, BTS 0 V:Courage, Marksmanship L1, Biometric Sensor L1, Veteran L1 (and ofc Jungle Terrain and Fireteam:Core) - HMG, Breaker Pistol, Knife Second possibility is getting a character that would boost Regulars CQB damage output (with a little twist) MOV 4-4, CC 15, BS 13, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 0, BTS 0 V:Dogged, MA L1, X-Visor, Jungle Terrain - Vulcan Shotgun, Panzerfaust, Pistol, CCW (Fireteam Haris & Core) - Vulcan Shotgun, Panzerfaust, Pistol, CCW (Mechanized Deployment) And finally another specialist (if we're ever getting that second Engineer) MOV 4-4, CC13, BS 12, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 1, BTS 3 V:Courage, Engineer, Jungle Terrain, Fireteam:Core - Combi Rifle+LFT, E/M Grenades, D-Charges, Pistol, Knife
  8. Hi all With Red Veil out this month and a bunch of Yu Jing releases this year overall, I've been really impressed with the current quality and overall design cohesion of the new releases. As I only play JSA however (not vanilla/ISS), the latest releases 'for me' have been the Domaru Butai box a while ago, and now Musashi and the Ninja w/Tac Bow. I love the new Domaru, and the new Ninja. Musashi I couldn't really care less about but he is certainly a cool model. The other day however I was looking over my remaining unpainted minis and realized Neko Oyama is still sitting on my shelf. Why? Because he's shrimpy compared to the awesome new Domaru. And as I vaguely remember someone mentioning he was due for a resculpt, and with the new ninja out, it made me wonder what other Yu Jing resculpts are needed? So I'm curious to hear everyone's 'wishlists' of resculpts. And no, I am not including units missing SWC profile models. For me, from 'most in need of a resculpt' to 'meh, someday', I'd list: 1. Keisotsu (omfg so ugly. Poor bastards lol) 2. Neko Oyama (just because he looks so out of place with the new Domaru) 3. Haramaki (I've always thought they really don't match the artwork very well at all.) 4. O-Yoroi (for being a 7 silhouette it's pretty does the pilot fit inside?! O.O) 5. Raiden (I just don't think the sculpts are very good quality) 6. Maaaaaybe Karakuri? Personally I like them but they are starting to show their age a bit. What about you guys? With ISS now officially 'redone' with the new starter I'm especially curious to hear what ISS players feel needs resculpting?
  9. Everybody speculate about their upcoming new sectorial armies in the next book. We will see reworked SEF, but about SEF and their changes, but I would like to talk about new concepts for CA and toys we would like to see to be added to CA. You can talk even about MAF and SEF in this thread, but please only about new loadouts (like KHD for MAF) or new units (for MAF, SEF and Onyx) and don't talk about redesigns of existing MAF units (there is tons about this topic in different threads and it would probably end by locking this thread and I don't want to see that). We can talk about possible redesigns of existing SEF units that aren't in the books. I would like to see Combat REMs for CA (I mean REMs simmilar to Bulleteer, Ru shi, Lu Duan and so). I think it is shame we don't have similar REM unit with Repeater, 6-4 MOV and some interesting weapons and with decent stats (BS 12, ARM > 1 and so). New Sygmaa unit or units. In comparison to existing Tohaa units our Sygmaa units are pretty generic (I am not saying they are bad, but they don't match description as Biotech masters) so I would like to see something more representative as Biotech unit. They can be inspired by Tohaa units or they can bring totally new concept of unit with biotechs. For example I wouldn't be against fast Sygmaa unit with S2 or even some exalted alien race unit. Shasvastii. With Ayyar and other new fresh HI concepts, I think it is time to give Shas their own HI. Shas HI can have low ARM and some interesting trick or unusual weapon combination. I also wouldn't be against new fireteam option or some other interesting new camo unit. Also I want Malignos KHD loadout. MAF. Give them KHD profile or unit (it doesn't matter who will have it). Also I think MAF would be great place for Motorbike unit if CB would ever want to give Motorbike to CA (I would prefer regular motorbike unit with access to specialist option and with some unusual weapon combos). Also another Infiltrator with CC skills wouldn't be bad in MAF. Onyx. Umbra character with Protheion L5. Another Core fireteam option (2 Core Fireteams aren't enought). It can be fireteam based on the new Urkherit unit or on the new Sygmaa unit. Also they need KHD unit if Malignos won't have KHD loadout. New sepsitorised human unit. We know there will be other sepsitorized humans. It doesn't matter if it is another character like Ko Dali or classic unit. Mine only wish is that it should be interesting unit and not only copy of existing human unit or CA unit. I don't expect to see everything from this list, but I would like to see at least some of them in the next book. So what other CA players would like to see or want to have in the next book?
  10. I surprised nobody speculate about these possible new models. CB showed us picture with silhuette of all three miniatures. hg On the spanish forum people already speculate that miniature for Angel's book is either Yu Jing model or Umbra model (I personnally think Yu Jing model is more probable). As for new ITS mini I saw many different ideas like: Odysseus, some type of Alien (be it Exrah merc, Tohaa, merc, Shas merc - all of these were named) or even something totally different. Personally I hope this new mercenary model (unit) will be available in all factions like Le Muet and Krakot.
  11. Surprised we haven't had one of these go up yet (I've done a search and haven't found one or the threads are a year old). There's some threads were we've gone into wishlisting/speculation mode but not one dedicated to it. So let's begin! Invincible Army: The armored core of Yu Jing. With what we know this sectorial will be HI heavy. In my mind this mean HI will have a central role but not everything in IA will be HI. All sectorials have support units and I don't see IA bucking that trend. This Yu Jing sectorial is the one I'm the most excited for. Known Units: Zuyong, Yan Huo, Shang Ji, Tiger Soldiers High Possibility: Zhanshi, Daofei, Hac Tao, Sun Tze For the support element of IA I could see AVA 4 Zhanshi available. However, we could also see a new line troop option for IA. Something akin to Grunts or Thors who still pack some armor and fill out that line trooper role. For additional HI I could see a support HI come to light. Something that provides Doctor and Engineer support but can hang on the frontline with the rest of the IA forces. Also helps out YJ as a whole expanding their doctor/engineers out from just LI units. White Banner: The thorn in PanO's side on Svalarheima. From what I can gather the White Banner force is prominently a raider like force which penetrates into PanO territory and causes problems for the Hyperpower. Some of their units suggest this. So it's going to be interesting to see how the White Banner pans out in the end. Known Units: Zhanshi, Monks, Guilang, Daofei High Possibility: Hac Tao, Tiger Soldiers (before their dossier showing them in IA they were said to be in WB) For wishlisting units in WB I wouldn't mind seeing a Korean inspired unit in WB. Shows off the other Asian cultures of YJ and could provide us with an interesting new unit. Also might be a good time to introduce the Marksmen Rifle to YJ through a Korean unit. Also an interesting development I've been noticing is that IA and WB might be sharing some units. The State Empire (I'll just call them that for now) units like the Hac Tao and Tiger Soldiers could be seen in both. The Daofei operates on Svala but is mentioned being the recon unit for the IA. Those are some my thoughts. What are your wishes or speculations for these future sectorials for Yu Jing?
  12. Muhktar fan made fluff. Deep within the Prestigious Haqq medical schools lies a secret, a secret deeper and better kept than the very processes of the Runihura. Haqqs most powerful and destructive super soldier program to date, creating monstrosities that even the labs of praxis fear. These monsters however are hidden beneath seemingly benign visuals. The Muhktars (chosen) are in the lowest numbers of any known or “unknown” haqq regiment but for good reason, the screening selection must be perfect to ensure that the operation may even be successful. Only the best-trained veterans with legendary status may be considered and even then, only 1 percent are eligible to even have a chance of surviving the genetic therapy and bio-technological enhancements. The (name here) program pushes the limits of what was even thought possible for the human body, leaving only those pre-trained eligible, for so far only Tarik Mansuri has proven able to spar and train with them. Even the khawarij hero however, has his limits and cannot always contend. These soldiers are no larger when in gear than your average HI, capable of even passing as a large civilian if needed during transport. Power like this however, comes at a great price; the program rapidly deteriorates their bodies, often to the point of death. Like a lithium battery, they perform without flaw for many hours at a time, however once their body reaches its limit and they are deprived of calories, they seize, and atrophy, dying and rotting away in mere minutes. Thus these men are kept in stasis until deployed, constantly being fed and pumped with inhibitors whilst in a cryo sleep, awaiting deployment. They are a sight to behold, seemingly acting as one-man armies capable of demi-god like speed, power, reflexes, and intelligence on the battlefield. Once they burn out, their cubes are collected from what little is left of them, and placed into a new cloned body awaiting its chance to repeat the process once again. They are chosen, to forgo any semblance of life they may have once had, to become the living embodiment of Allah’s wrath for an eternity. There however have been cases of prolonged missions possibly being capable through consumption of raw biomaterial on the battlefield. One soldier was cited as lasting twice the projected mission time by consuming the enemies flesh after it was slain. In a show of shock and awe, he was even said to have become stronger from it. Further research must be done to confirm its effects, but due to their selective use, it is quite difficult. Even without confirmation on this, Muhktars are said to be haqqislams “Manhattan project”, a whisper and legend passed down from the select few in the intelligence community to have ever set eyes on the name in documents and connected the dots. Capable of potentially even besting Achilles, these soldiers are considered Haqqislams last line of defense in the event that Alephs “perfect recreations”, or the E.I.s constructs, assault Bourak itself and threaten the safety of all that Haqqislam and its allies hold dear. So this is a rough attempt of mine at fluffwriting on a unit that really excites me, all this is just my idea of what they could be, and is for your enjoyment. Please be kind as i know its not my best work, but was fun to do nonetheless. Lastly, what do you guys think? Too much, too little, would you like me to go more in depth or expand apon certain aspects ive thought up?
  13. A lot of speculation has surrounded Varuna's sectorial due to it's rumored status as offering some interesting new play style options for PanO. However, with the release of Nisses seeming to be a CB priority it has been speculated that Svalarheima will be the next sectorial to show up in late 2017-early 2018. To me personally this feels like a bit of a let down since I was more excited about Varuna when it sounded like both would be released at the same time. To get myself a bit more excited for our prospective next sectorial I figured why not start a wish listing thread since I hadn't seen one for a while (looked around and didn't really see any recent ones). To my knowledge we don't have any rumors of future units for Svalarheima. Obviously, if someone knows more on this please say so. From what we know or suspect we'll see Nisses, Jotums, Fusiliers, Knights Hospitaller, and maybe Orc Troopers in Svalarheima . Basing the composition of the force off of previous PanO sectorials it should have about 26 total units. Of those 11 should be standard REMs, warcors, and support units. Which gives us 15 units that should be assigned to Svalarheima. Removing those speculated above, it is cut down to 10, give or take a couple of units depending on sectorial size. My broad speculation of what we'll see runs as follows: 3 additional LI Merc, or Aleph lender Flavored basic (a la OS, Regulars, Auxlia) Expensive glass cannon? 2 additional MI AD trooper Basic alternative to Nisses 1 additional HI Unique hard hitter(a la Aquila), or unique skill and unique loadout on a light frame(a la Montesa) 1 additional SK regular camo? 1 additional S6 TAG ODD? unique weapon set(MK12, Red Fury)? Extra mobility feature? 2 Characters LI, maybe a dire foe, recycled or new MI, Character Nisse would be neat Lastly I think I'm most unexcited about what the theme of the army will be. This largely stems from the Nisse being a hallmark PanO unit that is used to justify PanO's very conventional nature, think: "smoke? you have Nisses." Which to my brain, sounds like it will be a sectorial centered on just shooting the other guy without any tricks or unique tactics. Being PanO I expect straight shooting to be plan A to an extent, but would hope we'll either see a sectorial that brings both firepower and some new tactics beyond fire teams. Maybe an emphasis on E/M since they're supposed to fight the HI loving Yu Jing a fairly frequently. I'd like to be as excited for Svalarheima as I am for Varuna, but I'm not quite seeing it right now. That said, a link team Nisses should shred most things and sounds like a lot of fun. TL;DR What do you think Svalarheima will bring in terms of flavor and playstyle? What units do you think Svalarheima will need to be filled out?
  14. So I know everyone is excited over all the new rules and units, but I think people are forgetting that there is also a fluff book with WAYYYYY more pages of background for everyone. My question is, are there any fluff spoilers that reference ideas that may become a reality in future releases? Such as another sectorial other than Vedic? Or perhaps new historical fiction based characters being researched? I don't have the book yet, so im relying on those who have it to give us info their keen eyes may have spotted, or what might be hypothesized from the content.
  15. So guys. How many times do you have seen massacre played? I saw it maybe once..a long time ago. Given that he is stronger in N3 more than he was in N2, he seems to be a strange "crossover" piece, that is hard to play and has no particular usefullness. He has frenzy and 4-4 mov, so you won't benefit from free order until you kill somebody, and sometimes you will spend 2+ orders just getting there. Has 23 CC, NBW, and kinematica L2 so it is a capable CC fighter, but still subject to bad rolls against non MA infantry (more than a MA2 Jaguar). Has BS 12 and Combined Rifle or BS. So he is also a decent medium range gunfighter. Has PH13 and 2 types of rare grenades. E/M (almost extinct) and 0-V (soon Eclipse). Has PH 13 with regeneration, but only 1 wound. It is a strange character. E/M grenade and CCW could make it useful as a HI/TAG CC killer, but Natural Born Warrior gives benefit only against Martial artist HI (more played in N3, but still white flies) He has 0-V in the only sectoral that don't really benefit from 0-V this much. Plus, with Frenzy, you get a strange "investment"with orders. I'm not saying he's bad, but I can see why it's not played. So, what should change for making it viable? I know that @IJW Wartrader said that probably NBW will change, but I think it will still be a "anti-MA" skill. Add assault pistol profile? Or add berserk? Or maybe MA1?
  16. With information from Nova Open we have bigger picture of Onyx sectorial and what it would be like. Confirmed units: LI: Umbra Legate, Fraacta, Med-tech Obsidon Medchanoid MI: Maakrep HI: ? TAG: ? REM: Unidrons, Ikadrons, Q, R, T, M and E-Drone, Slave Drone SK: ? WB: ? We also saw two new Batroides (Overdrone and xeodrone), but we don't know what unit type they will be. We can speculate that they are REMs, but there is also possibility that Overdron is TAG (S7) and Xeodron TAG or even big HI (S6). We also know that Onyx will contain some of "elite" Morat and Shasvastii units. I expect that we won't see more than 2 Morat units and 2 Shasvastii units in Onyx. I think we will see at least one of Morat HI in the Onyx (and personally I would like to see Daturazis as part of Onyx) and from Shasvastii it will be units from this list: Noctifer, Shrouded, Malignos, Speculo Killer, because with Sphinx these are only Shasvastii units that are remaining in N3 and HS N3 books and any other Shasvastii units are moved to Acheron Fall. So I would expect access to some of Shas skirmishers, probably Speculo Killer and either Shrouded or Malignos. One interesting thing is Onyx logo, because this logo share same colors with Umbra Legates unit logo, so I think that maybe Umbra will see some more Umbra units in Onyx and that Umbra will be unique to Onyx and we won't see them in any possible CA sectorial in the future. One think I am not sure is which units will have fireteams. I expect to see Unidron fireteam, but from other units maybe Maakrep, but who knows. Probably some of new units will have fireteams, because I think there will be more new units for Onyx and not only Overdrons and Xeodrons, but I am not sure how many, because with new Batroids and all other confirmed units and with 2 Morats and 2 Shasvastii Onyx will have very decent selection of units. Also as side note: Information about Onyx cherry picking units from other sectorials also leave open possibility to see EI sectorial and Sygmaa sectorial in the future (it can be one of these two or even both, because if Pan O can have 5 sects why not also CA as main villain of Infinity-verse). 19.10 New information from ARO podcast. Unidrons will be linkable with Umbra. It is supposed to be new type of Umbra and Unidrons cannot be linked without him. 20.10 New rumor
  17. WTF, peat? No September speculation thread? M-m-my immersion tradition! EDIT: OH HEY WE HAVE MODELS: (click to embiggen) Anyway, well-informed rumors predict: PanO: Nisse HMG resculpt Yu Jing: Domaru resculpt (box) Haqq: Hunzakut CA: Drone Remote resculpts (box) Tohaa: Kosuil What we know: Nisse: ? Domaru box: New Domaru dossier. No idea why Domaru are getting a 4-man box. There are rumors that they're gonna get a spitfire option, but its lack on the dossier makes it suspicious. Another option is a chain+BS+CCW+Tinbot combo, similar to Janissary box. Hunzakut: Female, rifle loadout. Render CA Drones: Design entirely changed - floating jellyfish are ditched entirely and replaced with 4-legged Starship Trooper-like spiderbots with Unidron flavor. New Q-Drone dossier New M-Drone dossier New T-Drone dossier New R-Drone dossier New E-Drone dossier This is a new option for CA, an EVO-bot with a combi. EVO-bots are supposed to become full hackers in HSN3. Renders 1 Renders 2 There's Bostriatalk of some "surprise" in the box. No idea if that's supposed to be the new E variant, a CA-flavored tinbot, or what. Kosuil Assault Pioneers: MI, K1 combi, nimbus nades, mines. Dossier Render 1 Render 2
  18. In the article at Data-sphere (link here ) was written information that we will see more sepsitorised human models in the future. This is very interesting for me, because it will give us even more fun toys and it is also very fluffy. Mine question what will sepsitorised human add to CA and if they will be characters or some generic units with CA voodoo tech inside of them.
  19. So, let's not waste time. What do we want? Seraph Hsien resculpt Rasail BS Blackjack Azra'il HMG Yaogat sniper Acmon Mobile Brigada box
  20. Mine guess for July releases: PanO: Seraph Nomads: Bandits Aleph: Acmon Yu.Jing: Zhanying Tohaa: new unit CA: Rodoks (but is very likely that there will be nothing for CA in July) USAriadna box: Pictures of solo model in this post:
  21. I know everyone is hot on the Human Sphere announcement, but honestly I'm still reeling from the implications of the new Tohaa Pherowarfare capabilities! We've seen the reveal of the Corahtar Discipline skill, and its 'Level 1' designation indicates that we can expect access to higher levels of the skill in the future! I imagine that any higher CD levels will probably be released alongside the new Human Sphere rules to avoid a second Tohaa special rules PDF, so we're still a ways off, but it's gotten me thinking! I can imagine that we're going to be seeing an additional twó levels of Corahtar Discipline, both expanding on its effects. First off, this is what the PDF says about Corahtar Discipline: We already know this applies to exalted creatures like the Taara, and I'm sure G: Synchronized for the Chaksa has a pheromonal dimension as well, so what else could it do? Could it be used to control... wait for it... enemy combatants? Phero-mind control? Here's what I think: Corahtar Discipline (CD) Level 2 lets models use the Pheroware Attack Tactics with multiple or unlimited charges like a sort of Phero-hacker; I imagine a Linkable model would have this skill. CD3 would give models access to a new (Short Skill?) Pheroware Attack Tactic that straight-up causes the Sepsitorized State on affected models. This Skill could only target living beings and targets WIP rather than BTS. That would be sick and really cool imo. Each model with higher levels of CD would need to choose which level they're going to be using prior to the start of the battle because stacking these abilities would probably be impossible to balance. Whaddaya think? Where do you expect Corahtar Discipline to go in the future?
  22. What is their future in the Combined Army and what CA players expect? There is many posibilities what CB plan to do with them and they are candidates on 4th CA sectorial. What types of units do you expect. Will we see Sygmaa equivalents of Chaksa and will Sygmaa has access to viral weapons? What about Sygmaa Symbiont armours? Will we see more units with transmutation or Sygmaa symbiont armours will add new skill and tricks in the future? AS sectorial canditates they need line infantery unit. All our line infantery cost 14 points, so hypothetical Line infantery would probably cost same points. If we base them on Tohaa Kamael what would you like to add or change to make them CA unit? Some ideas for Warband, Skirmisher, Heavy infantery etc.?
  23. Nvm, we already have a thread
  24. According to rumours new ITS prize Le Muet is Mercenary unit working for Combined army. His unit logo What Le Muet is? Traitor human working for CA? Member of another new alien race? And what his rules will be? Can we expect something like Authorized bounty huntur or something more elite with tons of special skills? And also will he have AVA only for vanilla or can be taken even by one of our sectorials? Speculate.
  25. With N3 release around the corner, which CA units You think need change or what you would change. I think this units will probably change or need change. Morat Vanguard Hungries Seed Soldiers - they need more profiles and profiles without seed embryo Haiduk - they looks terible in comparison to Nikoul and other sapper snippers (low stats and really not appealing in comparison of other Shas SWC profiles) Charontid - with change of plasma ammo I hope they would be little cheaper, Mov change Anathematic - same as charontid Gwailos - cheaper multi rifle option.