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Found 3 results

  1. So, we now have 4 of 8 factions covered in 2-player starter packs. I predict we will see the other 4 in these combinations. Aleph vs Ariadna Combined Army vs Tohaa Aleph and Ariadna are a nice contrast and the Tohaa and Combined Army give Corvis Belli an opportunity to make a starter story completely outside the Human Sphere. Thoughts?
  2. I've recently bought the vanilla yu jing starter and I am going to buy both red veil and the imperial service starter. I was just wondering what would best compliment these purchases to have a nice well rounded army? For certain things (Like celestial guard and the basic infantry) I have models to proxy them.
  3. Hello, a few weeks ago me and my mates from the Mannheimer Blood Bowl League decided to start playing Infinity. It is a really great game and even though we have only played a couple of games, we are excited to play more and have started painting our armies and building suitable terrain. However, we are all new and we have faced some problems. We started buying different starter packs (more on the looks of the miniatures and the themes of the different factions). While navigating through this forum and the spanish one, I read all the "big posts" about the different factions and sectorials, where players described the pros and cons of each miniatures and suggested army lists. Notwithstanding, while these posts were great, I found one of urobros (in Spanish) about the starter of Acontecimento. He listed which units were included and how you could create a 150 point army list with the starter, explaining the different possibilities. Further on, he explained what options were great to expand the starter to 175, 200, 250 and 300 points. I found his topic really helpful and made me decide to ask if there were more posts of this sort. I have not found anything similar (at least pinned). I know there are many veteran players here who have enough experience to help doing something similar. I don't want to impose, just to suggest that if someone would have the time to do something similar, it would be really appreciated by all us newbies who have some trouble in deciding how to expand our starters. We are buying the minis who we think look cool, but there have been some players in my league who have acquired options that do not mix well together (corregidor starter + reverend moiras). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. And by the way, it is really nice to navigate through this forum. Best, Mephisto Links to the "Expanding your starter" series: - - - - -