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  1. STOP PRESS- with the advent of Human Sphere 2- there will be many changes to the MAF. This thread is N3 PRE HS2. Having read a few threads recently- and seen a fantastic Tohaa guide- I thought it would be beneficial to start a Morat Discussion thread for N3. Much thanks to TheMatsjo for inspiring me... and yes- I liked the format so much I plagiarised it unashamedly! This will never be completed or definitive... Update as needed! THE N3 MORAT MANUAL 1. Thread Rules Welcome to the N3 Morat Sectorial faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outline of the Morats. I have played Morats almost exclusively for N2 and have learned many lessons... painfully. I am not an authority on everything- but I suggest to the forum that the collective wisdom of the Morat players on this board is somewhat of an authority on everything Morat. The intent is to produce a living guide that will be completely open and subject to change as new models are introduced and new concepts debated. I will update this accordingly. Everyone is free to chime in and add their 5 cents- everything is worthy of discussion! 2. Morat Playstyle The Morats are an unabashedly aggressive race. Ferocious and unflinching- they are the assault troops of the Combined Army. You will trudge your Morats forward and rely on firepower, smoke grenades and cold steel to wrench the enemy free from their positions. This complete lack of subtlety is demonstrated in that Morats have one infiltrating unit- the Zerat- and no form of camouflage or hidden deployment. Be warned- if you want fancy tricks and mind games- this is not the faction for you. If you like mowing down enemy figures in a hail of HMG fire... you are most welcome to join the illustrious Morat Supremacy. 3. Specific to the Morats On the face of it- Morats don't seem to do anything particular better than any other faction. This fact, coupled with the almost empty bag of tricks (no TO, no hidden deployment, no ODD), it may seem crippling. DODGE Spoiler The flipside of this coin is that the Morats have typically good PH meaning they can dodge better than most- and even throw smoke with a good chance of success. MORAT SPECIAL RULE Spoiler Also, with the MORAT SPECIAL RULE (all your Morat troops are Veteran Level 1 and all your Morat troops are Religious) the Morats will stay on the board until every last one is killed and most won't budge from being shot at (unless you want them to by passing a WIP roll). And with WIPs of 13, they'll take cover- grudgingly- but usually they will. Whilst Morats were punished by high priced units in N2 (attributed to their Religious ability), N3 price drops have made them more competitive. How this translates into the ITS2015 environment and beyond.... we will see. 4. Unit Discussion and Army Composition This could be an encyclopaedia on its own so I'll preface this section with my own pre-amble. Spoiler Army Core The back bone of a Morat force will vary depending on points values. In low points games- 150-250points- there is a general consensus that you will be fielding a 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of either Daturazis or Morat Vanguard Infantry. How you flesh out that link team will be up to you to decide (see the unit discussions below). There can also be the (once ubiquitous) Oznat plus 4 Hungries link team. It's utility is being able to bring in 5 regular orders at very low cost (when linked) allowing you to bring in specialists and other tougher units. It has been quite rightly pointed out that linked Hungries can be killers in their own right- and at low points games they won't be running into the feared enemy Heavy Infantry much. In high points games- 300- 400points- there is now the option of bringing 5 MEMBER LINK TEAM of Yaogats or the much feared 4 member Sogarat Link team. (Suryats- the cheaper Heavy Infantry- are also an option- but I haven't seen any evidence of their efficacy over the Sogarats nor experimented myself). Offensive Support Having picked out your core units- you must factor in a second element for attack. Ideally it will work in tandem with your Core- covering up for their inherent weakness- though as we know in life, that's not always possible. Yaogats- with their MSV2, Q-Drones, Rasyat drop troops and solitary heavy infantry are some commonly chosen examples. Defensive Support Now those two elements are sorted, you need to consider objective grabbing, button pushing and general force maintenance. I am a firm believer that you should bring a Doctor, an Engineer and a hacker. It's a philosophy I clung to in N2 and I believe it holds true in N3. There might be times you'll leave one at home- but think carefully about it because you may rue that decision! We have a few good options- Dr. Worm being the most famous- but honourable mentions go to the Kurgat Engineer with Mk12 and the Vanguard Infantry Hacker. 4.1 LIGHT INFANTRY 4.1.1 Morat Vanguard Infantry Spoiler They are an excellent line infantry unit. Reasonable BS and good PH means that they can either shoot or dodge with some success. I personally run a 5 member link team with a HMG. It is in fact a staple of my low points games- Burst 5, +3 BS HMG fire is godlike and makes supposedly woeful line infantry an absolute menace in the active turn. They are also a cheap(-ish) source of specialists. The hacker being a very important one. But more on that later in the hacking section. Special note: if you bring a Vanguard Hacker do NOT include him in the link team. Long skill gagdet programs will drop him from the link. Until that part of the rules is FAQ'd or Errata'd- just don't. 4.1.2 Kurgat Assault Engineers Spoiler These combat engineers are a good source of specialists as well- coming in Boarding Shotgun, MK12 and Autocannon versions. The Kurgat with the Mk12 is probably the most famous of the three. And the most useful. Being light infantry- he can move 4-4 to an objective, seize it and then lay mines around it. The Mk12 is also a great weapon in its own right and the Kurgat can be relied on in a pinch to serve as an assault unit. The autocannon version- despite being a great model- is of limited utility (versus cost per unit). The autocannon is a great weapon against tough enemies but it is only good when it hits. The Kurgat- with BS11 will often be using this big weapon against particularly tough units who will (more often than not) have a much higher BS. And at B2, you're going to lose those face to face rolls a lot more often than you think. 4.1.3 Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid Spoiler Affectionately known as Dr. Worm, he is the best value specialist in the Combined Army. He is a Doctor as well as Engineer and he has a WIP14 to boot! With such a high WIP, most of the time he will repair and heal on command... mostly. Add to that fact that he has 6-4 movement, is on a S2 base (so easier to hide) and can have some slave drones to help him out he is almost always included in my armies. Dr. Worm comes highly recommended! 4.1.4 Treitak ANYAT Spoiler A Dire Foes specialist, she is almost an auto-include. For 25 points, she is a specialist, linkable with Vanguard infantry, has climbing plus, E/M grenades, smoke, a chain colt and a K1 Combi-rifle. In my experience she is most useful linked with Vanguard infantry- leading to a B4 K1 combi-rifle and extra +3BS to hit- making her a reasonable anti-armour option. Also, her B2 smoke grenades in ARO also make her more survivable. (Be aware that all members must have the same ARO or be dropped from the link team though!). Her utility is using the link team as a vehicle to deliver her onto target and then she utilises her climbing plus to get to her target- or peek up over a wall and gun her target down. E/M grenades are great for remotes or TAGs around corners but now that speculative fire is a long skill that will boot her from the link team- it had better be a great payoff or you'll regret it. She can be run solo rather like a homing missile but she is fragile so be careful! 3.2 MEDIUM INFANTRY 3.2.1 Yaogat Strike Infantry Spoiler I will admit that I am totally biased for these guys. On the face of it- with no linkable specialists and MOV4-2 and relatively expensive- many players would ignore them. However- they are the only models with MULTI-SPECTRAL VISOR LEVEL 2. TO/ ODD/ Mimetism are an absolute pain to deal with- and seemingly prolific in the Infinity battle scape (PanO and ALEPH especially). Without any visors you will be frustrated beyond belief by the added modifiers to hit! And with template weapons being much easier to dodge these days- trusting in flame throwers and chain rifles may prove unfounded... MSV2- coupled with linkable ability means you have a fire team that covers the biggest weakness of the Morats... no camo. The basic Yaogat also comes with Panzerfausts which can serve as (admittedly limited) anti-TAG, anti- Heavy Infantry weapon. Using Yaogat MSV2 with either Anyat to throw smoke (or Daturazis) goes some way in covering our inherent weakness against ODD. And it makes TAG hunting with panzerfausts a little bit safer. I typically run a link a team of 5 members- 4 with combi-rifles and panzerfausts (four panzerfausts are never enough!) and a spitfire. The B2 Panzerfaust can be a powerful deterrent in ARO! The downside is that it costs a LOT of points and is actually quite fragile. Being PH12, ARM3 and 1 wound... be careful with them. They can die like flies.... If that kind of link team isn't your flavour, it could be viable to use a Yaogat sniper (armed with a MSR) as your defence in depth. The MSV2 is a godsend for a well placed sniper because the rampaging units of the enemy will usually have ODD or mimetism- and a DA round to the face can stop them in their tracks. 3.2.2 Rasyat Diplomatic Division Spoiler The Morats' only choice in Aerial Deployment units... when they drop in the right spot they can be pivotal. If I do run a Rasyat- it's usually the combi rifle option. Why? Because of cost- the Spitfire version is costly! They all have zero-V smoke and coupled with a PH13 that is *very* useful for keeping a solo unit alive when on its own on the other side of the battlefield. Two versions also have MA3- granting them Stealth- and CC21, meaning that landing behind someone without alerting them and then running up and gutting them is now a real option (or sticking D-Charges on them- thanks for that Paulfuscious)! (Note: this doesn't grant Surprise Attack- you need Camo to benefit from that). The ones with Natural Born Warrior (until the human sphere rewrite happens)- don't have stealth. He can be used a suicide/ distraction unit with some success or as a tie breaker mid-game. You decide. 3.2.3 Raktorak Spoiler Much maligned... and perhaps rightly so. The stats aren't anything special and they benefit from 'Jungle Terrain'- fluffy- but not that useful for most Infinity battlefields. The weapon load out is interesting- combi-rifle + heavy flame thrower OR Vulkan shotgun- but in utility versus other infantry he is less valuable. The only benefit I can see from this model is that it can link with Suryats to make a cheaper 5 member link team. Apart from that, I would rather spend those 22 points elsewhere. There is a big discussion on his utility here: 3.2.4 Kornak Gazarot Spoiler Now this guy is definitely value for money. Strategos Level 1 (if he is your Lieutenant)- meaning the Lt. special order becomes a regular order in the pool. I would bring him just for this trait! That extra order can be pivotal. The rest of him is great as well. Armed with a Mk12- he is good at range. With Berserk and CC22 and kinematica Level 1, he is a close combat monster as well. He has fantastic BTS. And then to top it off, he has No Wound Incapacitation (just beware of shock ammo!). He can also be teamed up with Heavy Infantry to make the fabled 4 man Sogarat link team (and the less famous 5 man Suryat link team)- who are beasts in assaulting the enemy base line. I cannot recommend this guy enough. The only limiting factor is that at 41 points- I wouldn't be able to take him at low points cost games (< 200 points). I tend to be quite conservative with him, believing that Strategos Level 1 order being worth keeping him out of the line of fire. But hey, if you want to unleash the monster... go for it. 3.2.5 Rodoks Spoiler With no models yet released there isn't a lot of data out there- just snippets from one line battle reports. They have linkable specialists- fantastic! And have super jump- which improves their mobility- though they are still MOV4-2. I can imagine situations which make it easier for them to leap over a building rather than laboriously climb or go around it so that helps a bit- but..... The mimetism helps- so a Rodok in Suppression Fire in cover is at an impressive -9 to hit! I can't get a good grasp on what they do until I take them out for a game. As soon as the models are released and played with we will have a better idea. UPDATED!!!: Better discussion here: Cliffs: Mimetism and link bonus and mines = being a pain. 3.3 HEAVY INFANTRY 3.3.1 Sogarat Tempest Regiment Spoiler They are ARM6 and 2W and PH15 with an automedkit. Repeat those stats because that is the selling point of these beasts. The best thing about these guys is when they get knocked unconscious (more like if they get KO'd- ARM9 in cover is godlike)- & they drop behind a parapet- hidden from sight, most likely they'll get back up and back into the fight next active turn. You have a Feuerbach option for armour hunting and a HMG for flesh hunting. The lower burst feuerbach is great for ARO. They can serve as a Lieutenant too- but I'd advise against it. Heavy assault units with firepower (like Sogarats) will be hunting prey that is just as deadly (like TAGs) and they aren't invincible so I'd be careful. Some people would disagree re: Sog Lt being a bad thing. "Morats all have veteran lvl 1, losing their LT means nothing to them. That means is advantages for Morats to pick a super aggressive LT since they have little to fear by his lost. Not to mention the Sogarats are the toughest LT you can take." That being said what really makes them legendary is... LINK TEAM WITH KORNAK! The fabled Sogarat link team is something of Infinity folklore- horrendously expensive- but horrendously deadly tough to put down too. NOTE that being Veteran Level 1- they are immune to isolation. Yes, that's right, they might be statued by a hacker but they'll contribute their order to the pool until an Engineer fixes them. A discussion on their value can be found here: 3.3.2 Suryats Spoiler The other, less glorious, heavy infantry unit. I don't have a lot of experience with these guys- but multirifles in a link team should make TAG hunting a real possibility. They are ARM4- which is good in cover... but really... compared to ARM6? I'll experiment with them when the new models come out and report back with results.... Suryat discussion here: Paulfuscious- who clearly has had some fun with these guys adds: As for why a Suryat link may be chosen over a Sogarat one, the +3 BS for a 5 man link becomes incredible in that link. Kornak goes to BS: 20 with his Mk12 if in optimal range and no modifiers and the Suryat vulcan shotgun goes to an amazing BS: 22! If you've never fired a burst 3, BS: 22 vulcan shotgun into a room of enemies, I highly recommend it. It makes people cry. 3.4 TAG/ REMOTES 3.4.1 Raicho TAG Spoiler I like the model. And as a unit- it serves as a reasonable assault model. I'm not in favour of its cost, low-ish BS (versus other TAGs) and the fact it stocks no other skills or abilities. It is also hackable. Yes.... like the aliens in Independence Day, the humans have finally cracked the code and us Morats will have to live with it. It doesn't suit my play style- and the arguments over link-teams vs. TAGs, and TAGs in N3 notwithstanding- but it may suit yours. Don't rambo it, make sure it is supported with an engineer. And before anyone tries the AVA2.... I've done it and I wouldn't recommend it. The critical weakness of the Morat Aggression Force is camo... all it takes is one Swiss Guard with a missile launcher in an elevated position and 180 points will be paste. So don't run two of them. Just don't. 3.4.2 Remotes Spoiler Q-DRONE I love this model. 360 visor, Total reaction, mimetism and 6-4 movement. And then you can toss GADGET programs on top. A fantastic defensive unit- especially with Marksmanship level 2- and also a great offensive unit with it's mobility and mimetism. The choice of whether to use plasma or HMG is a debated one, but since I veer on the side of using it defensively, I favour the HMG. I consider it a must. OTHER DRONES I can't comment on the other drone options as I have never used them! LoL! Feel free to chime in. Pierzasty notes that the Sensor Drone is a cheapish specialist, a fast mover and has handy tools like Sniffer. Making it a useful adjunct to getting rid of the always irritating camo enemies. M-DRONE: 17 point MOV6-4 specialist (Forward Observer) with WIP13. If there was a cheap, quick, button pusher- here it is. It also has 'Deactivator'- for mine clearing (once discovered), 'Sat-Lock'- useful for lighting up Camo markers and TARGETING them. It also has 'Sensor'- good for discovering nearby enemies (WIP +6 roll!). And should you feel up to it- you can risk this drone in a triangulated fire attack on a particularly annoying ODD figure. Be warned: that is a long skill, which means you have to move into position first... and ODD troops are notorious for being good in ARO.... R-DRONE: Repeater and sniffer. And 8 points. Useful for those annoying Hidden deployment figures I suppose, but I'd personally pay a point more and take a batroid. 3.4.3 Ikadron Batroids Spoiler They are cheap order generators. Double light flame throwers makes them useful flank protectors and the 'baggage' ability may prove situationally useful for some scenarios. Did I mention they were cheap order generators? Also: Don't forget that batroids with the baggage skill can now re-load weapons with limited ammo. Running out of panzerfausts doesn't really need to be a 'thing' anymore, altho I'm unsure if reloading gives full ammo for it or just one shot as it's not clear and I can see an argument for both sides. Either way, if you need one more shot, a batroid following around the Yaogat link (or lone yaogat) is actually a decent option! 3.5 WARBANDS 3.5.1 Daturazi Spoiler A staple of the Morat army. Cheap, smoke throwing close combat monsters. With Mimetism. They also have an impetuous order to help get you closer to the enemy (and probably shot at too!). Never fear, with a PH14 and smoke grenades (that's a 'dodge' roll on 17!) they have a fair chance at survival. Not fantastic- but hey.... They are also linkable- and getting one of these shotgun wielding maniacs into firing range (+6 range band, +3 link bonus) and B3 means a lot of pain for the enemy. This tactic- discover/shoot- with such a unit has been suggested as a way of dealing with Camo/ODD. The other use for the combi rifle wielding Daturazi is to remember to put him on suppressive fire in a useful close ranged environment. With mimetism and the extra -3 to hit from suppression- that's a -6 to hit on the enemy. CC is where these guys really shine. CC21 and MA level 4 means you will most likely kill your enemy in hand to hand. Especially if you toss smoke to cover the enemy figure and charge in so they can't shoot at you. Daturazis are often underestimated by opponents... but only before encountering them in hand to hand. Many players swear by Daturazis the same way I swear by Yaogat MSV2... use them and be convinced. 3.5.2 Oznat Spoiler This unit's claim to fame is being able to link with Hungries and thus producing a cheap source of regular orders. This can be absolutely key in getting your 10 regular orders in a low points game. With the rehaul of points costings- she's seen less action as part of my army in 300 point plus games. However- linkable hungries are still deadly- and she has a smoke grenade launcher as well- which can help with survivability. In N2- she was a necessity- usually run in a separate combat group with her team of Hungries and sent on suicide charges across the board. The link would eventually break and I'd reallocate the Link to my Vanguards (or Yaogats). I have to see if this still works in N3... I suspect it won't as the command token to deduct 2 orders would be spent by a canny opponent on the Combat group with the Hungries- making them trapped in no-man's land with no orders to charge home. Splod summarizes this change in the meta from N2 to N3 brilliantly: "In N2 the 4x Preta and Oznat link was popular as it allowed a cheap source of orders for the much more expensive Morats, and suppressed the impetuous nature of the bugs. With the price of Morats reduced with N3, and the Pretas increasing to 7pts each, their value seems somewhat dimminished. Especially when compared against the option of a link team of Vanguard and Anyat Having said that, I'm yet to run the Oznat & Hungry link in N3, but I feel we will be seeing less of the brood linked on our tables." 3.5.3 Hungries Spoiler They are dross. Cheapish suicide units that *might* do something useful. They all have Kinematica 1. Firstly- Gakis. 4 points. Extremely impetuous and Irregular. 6-6 MOV and climbing plus. AP CCWs. And they explode when they go unconscious. Expect nothing from these critters and they might do something useful. Put them well forward of your main line so that when they explode there are no friendly casualties.... Good enemy positioning will mean that most of them will die miserable deaths to ARO shots... but.... ... should they reach the enemy line- CC and explosions galore! Secondly- Pretas. 7 points. No more biomines. But they are dogged still and the trusty chain rifle 'spit' is still there (admittedly less effective now with new Dodge rules). I think Pretas are too expensive for a suicide unit but if you had a stray 7 points and wanted to pump orders into a chain rifle wielding, climbing plus, dogged critter... with the possibility of taking out some cheerleaders.... why not? Key point for Hungries- they are there purely for nuisance value. 3.6 SKIRMISHERS 3.6.1 Zerat Special Mission Regiment Spoiler This unit is quite special as it is the only infiltrator in the entire Morat army. Throw in the assault hacking device and it is the only infiltrating specialist the Morats have. And in ITS land... that is very important. It is by this fact alone that Zerats are seen in my army. They have mimetism- which helps with survivability (a little bit)- but they really should be kept out of the line of fire. The vanilla Zerat is useful by virtue of a LFT and mines- very helpful if you've infiltrated her forward and you want to play havoc with the enemy- but to be honest, I never use her- choosing the hacker variant instead (for objective grabbing purposes). The sniper unit is generally poo-poo'd due to combination of average BS, no camouflage nor any visor. Many would recommend that you spend your SWC and points elsewhere. 5. MORAT STRATEGIES/ TACTICS I will update as threads emerge. ODD/ TO/ CAMO Spoiler Link here: If you haven't been properly taken to the cleaners by a TO Sniper or HMG- then you haven't properly played Morats. The MAF clean up against light infantry- but against the tricksy ODD figures of advanced armies you will suffer. And suffer a lot. There has been much discussion but essentially it boils down to three things: 1. VISORS and linked Yaogats (Sixth Sense Level 2). 2. Daturazis- discover/ shoot/ smoke. Intuitive Attack is included- though I must stress that since it is a Long Skill (attack)- it WILL break your link team. This has definitely taken the shine off DTWs run by Daturazis but hey... if you're close enough to chain rifle, you might as well charge in and give them the taste of cold steel... right? 3. Sensors. I haven't tried it to be honest- but it strikes me as a laborious process- and doesn't negate the actual -9 to hit against an ODD figure in partial cover. (Unless they're TARGETED perhaps?). Death adds, "Also, sensors have access to triangulated fire (ignore all modifies and take a flat -3 to BS instead) which gives Morats another way to deal with enemy TO/ODD. Taking one M-Drone might be a good idea." What M-Drone's can also offer- if you dislike exposing yourself for triangulated fire- is "SAT LOCK." They just need to be in the sensor area and they can SAT-LOCK target people after discovering them. It reduces the typical -9 to hit (-6 for ODD and -3 for cover) to a more manageable -6, and if you're in a positive range band, that's reduced to a decent -3 to hit. Just roll lots of dice when you do it.... ARIADNA CAMO SPAM Spoiler The summary is that your active turn is going to be not enjoyable. Roughly half your orders will be discover and the majority of them will fail. How's that for order efficiency? That's essentially the crux of the problem: your either build to discover/kill or build for the objectives in the mission. Trying to do both is going to be really hard. That being said there are a few ideas... A special section just for this problem... MULTI-WOUND HEAVY INFANTRY/ TAGS Spoiler Aside from ODD/ TO- these will be the other thorn in your side. You have a few options for dealing with these units. A. SPRAY AND PRAY High burst HMG/ Spitfires and hope that something sticks. This is why we bring link teams- and preferably of 5 to get that extra +3BS to turn mediocre light infantry (or even medium infantry) to compete against hard targets. B5 with +3BS will usually put the odds in your favour against an ARO-ing Heavy Infantryman. Hitting is one thing- but armour in cover will usually be saving on at least an 8. So a lot will bounce off... leaving us with.... B. PANZERFAUSTS Carried by Yaogats and preferably linked in a team of 5 for extra +3BS. Even so you are only rolling one or two dice against the enemy ARO who will be (usually) shooting back on quite high BS. A basic TAG usually touts a BS15 and with +3 for optimal range- that's an ARO on an 18 with EXP ammo. Yes, that's right- 18! To stack the odds in your favour- I'd suggest tossing smoke to cover the Yaogat who's taking the shot (and make sure he's in partial cover too. That's a -9 to hit just to start with, it's almost like our version of ODD (and like ODD- if your target has MSV you'll have to grit your teeth). It's not a free for all though, Yaogats are fragile and they usually miss with at least one Panzerfaust- keeping it a tense experience. But that's why we love Infinity.... C. D-CHARGES Paulfuscious comments: ... the proliferation of d-charges on Morat troops. Rasyats, Kurgats and Zerat hackers all are equipped with these making it fairly easy to sneak secondary objectives, but also are brutal as an attack in melee against very heavy armed targets such as tags. A rasyat in melee with a TAG, planting d-charges on it is actually a pretty effective way to deal with a large threat. The combination of CC:21 and MA: 3 means the odds will also be in your favor to tie up that monster for longer than your opponent wishes. If the rasyat falls, your kurgat can safely detonate the d-charges (or do that anyway while the Rasyat still lives!). D. MISSILE LAUNCHER Carried by a lowly Vanguard infantryman... and is there if you have no other option. He has some strong downsides: no visor, BS11, 1W and 1ARM. And since he is unable to stack the odds in your favour- it's a tough ask to get this guy (even in a full link team) to face down an Aquila Guard in cover. I think it has its place but it's even more dicey than any of the other options. 6. CYBER WARFARE If hacking is your thing... you've come to the wrong place! Morats trust in their guns more than their hackers and this is evidenced by the paucity of hackers- and their relatively low WIP compared to ALEPH/ Nomads. ... OK, perhaps I've over exaggerated. For straight up hacking, it's true- the Morat stat line and unit choices aren't the best in the business... BUT... sometimes it's a great way to burn the enemy order pool if they're running HI/ Hackers. How? With M-drones (the FO, sensor and repeater!) and with Ikadron batroids (also repeaters!). Admittedly I don't think it's a good active turn trick to pull considering how squishy these units are), but having that coverage in reactive turn (and whilst they can hide in total cover) can really upset enemy order efficiency. I usually run a Vanguard hacker (EI hacking device) and the Zerat Hacker (Assault hacking device) in ITS button pushing missions and letting the two of them ARO (Blackout, Carbonite, Sucker Punch- EI HD only) almost with impunity when HI or hackers walk into range of a repeater is a novel and enjoyable experience! Spoiler Link to CA/ Sectorial Hacking discussion here: Your choices are: A. Morat Vanguard Hacker (EI Hacking Device). B. Zerat Assault Hacker. C. Rodok Hacker- (no model released yet) Knowing this you can either: Infiltrate the Zerat Hacker and "Stop!"... I'll Shoot. It can be feasible (provided you pass your PH -3 roll) to get close to the enemy deployment zone and assassinate quick moving hackers (Aragato biker hackers are a good example) before they run rampant. Admittedly you'll need to hold her in reserve to do this which might not suit the overall battle plan. Vanguard Hacker- Marksmanship level 2 on a Q-Drone. I cannot emphasise how frightful this turns a lowly TR remote. It was golden during the active turn AND reactive turn. Most enemies- if they survive the hit- will go prone or move to total cover- clearing the way for your forces to advance. Apart from that, walk up into the ZOC bubble and try casting... Though I'd rather trust in my guns- WIP13 trying to IMMOBILISE a WIP14/15 heavy infantry is fraught with potentially wasted attempts). As free AROs however- they are excellent. "Sucker Punch" is a great anti-hacker ARO for someone trying to hack your hacker. D16, Double Trouble ammo... why not? Paulfuscious has a very good approach on hacking support for Morats (emphasis mine): The Vanguard Hacker I think is actually one of the most useful hackers in N3 now. The assisted landing program to get your Rasyats to land on a PH:16 roll is spectacular. That's only one less than a Cascuda used to land on! They also shine as hacker killers. For 22pts on what is essentially a 'throw away' troop, they can hunt down enemy hackers and be fairly comfortable with having a better chance of winning a hacking duel. One of the more important traits on the Sucker Punch program is that the target is at -3 WIP to oppose you. So you will be on WIP:13 v's most likely 11 or 12. If they lose, DAM:16 DT will kill all but the most lucky targets. Outside the EI basic hacking devices, Hacking Plus is the only place to get the sucker punch program, so I think it's well worth taking! Editor's note: You Can Go Via a Repeater (Ikadron) and get the Firewall bonus!!! The penalties it applies to hackers trying to hack back in defense (-3 WIP to them and +3BTS to you) may make that Ikadron much more useful than you think. Also, the Rodok and Zerat are both equipped with assault hacking devices, so if you want gadget programs to buff things, you will HAVE to take the Vanguard. On the assault hacking devices, they both gain access to the very potent 'STOP!' program which is brilliant for turning off enemy hackable troops. The Rodok hacker also having a boarding shotgun makes a fairly brutal combo for turning off HI troops from behind a wall, then safely jumping over with his AP damage shotgun to cause much pain. 7. COMMAND TOKENS AND INITIATIVE My thoughts are that you should go first if you can. The lack of TO/ Camo/ Hidden deployment troops means that you'll taste the enemy's guns at full power. And you don't want that! Try to go first and deplete the enemy order pool (and maybe bag an objective on the way?). There may be one or two scenario dictated situations (Supremacy) where going second may confer special advantages but for the most part- go first. Those command tokens? Look after them- eminently useful (and beyond the realms of this talk. However- our links are our lifeline- save those tokens for Link reformation or shifting warm bodies into the main combat group. 8. GETTING STARTED WITH THE MAF.... So you've got the starter set and you're wondering where to go with it? Spoiler Just get playing- you'll pick things up as you go. That being said, if you like planning things out there are some good suggestions here... Link: And here for a quick run down on for a reasonable 150point list Link: Some 200 point discussion: Spoiler Some 300 points ITS lists: Spoiler Link: Link: And some further discussion about ITS orientated Morats: And here is an interesting discussion about Order Spam Morats... Spoiler 9. BATTLE REPORTS Spoiler For everyone just starting out in Infinity- be aware that errors in the rules do turn up in battle reports. Pay attention the comments in videos and editorial comments in the written batreps. Infinity is a complex game and we try to do our best! N2: Beholdtheomega > Total Reaction 3: 2014: 250 points: > MAF vs. NCA 300 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 250 points: > MAF vs. ALEPH 300 points: > MAF vs. Caledonians 300 points: > MAF vs. QK 300 points: > MAF vs. Nomads 300 points: Micky Ward > MAF vs. Yu-Jing 200 points: > MAF vs. ASS: 200 points: > MAF vs. QK: 300 points: MiniWarGaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: 300 points: GeekofSpades > Morat vs. Corregidor: 200points: N3: BeholdtheOmega > MAF vs Yu-Jing 400 points: > MAF vs. PanO 200 points: Frontline Gaming > MAF vs. ALEPH: > MAF vs. ALEPH: Starter vs. Starter: Learning Infinity Batreps: > > Guerilla Miniature Gaming > Infinity Forum > MAF ITS: Link: Spoiler 10. MISC.CA Unit Profiles and QRS:And if someone could teach me the spoiler function... that'd be great! -Thanks, Pierzasty!
  2. Everything in Threes: An Introduction to Tohaa The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army. 1. Thread RulesWelcome to the N3 Tohaa faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outlines of the Tohaa faction. This thread is aimed at compiling common approaches to Tohaa gameplay, things to consider and whatever else we feel is useful to include. This thread is procedurally generated as new models and ideas develop, and all of its contents is subject to discussion. To be clear: the content of this thread is completely open to disagreement, and is intended to be updated over time: its assertions are neither complete nor absolute. Enjoy. 2. Tohaa Playstyle The Tohaa are a faction predicated on a curious blend of influences, mixing high mobility, above-average durability, exotic weaponry and a synergistic approach to combat. Tohaa warriors work together very well and support each other on the battlefield. Each fighter has a purpose, working together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Each model has a role to play, there is a rarely a cheerleader nor a Rambo in sight, and Tohaa typically do not play fire-and-forget with their troops. Tohaa use a combined arms approach, bringing multiple weapons to bear against the enemy rather than relying on a few big damage-dealers, and relying on high order efficiency and volume of fire to bring the enemy down. Tohaa are proficient at all ranges, but do best at medium-range combat overall. 3. Specific to the Tohaa Tohaa have an appropriate three features that define their battlefield identity to a large degree. Tohaa units fit together like pieces of a moving puzzle and each model should be viewed in the context of the rest of that faction, it's very much a faction with a few consistent themes. 3.1 Fireteam: Tohaa 3.2 Symbiont Armor 3.3 Biotech Weaponry 4. Tohaa Strategies Knowing what your options are before even entering into combat makes a great deal of difference to the odds of victory and defeat. This entry discusses some of the strategic considerations Tohaa players go through before the start of a battle. 4.1 Force Composition 4.2 Trident Composition 4.3 Lieutenant Selection 4.4 Combat Styles 4.5 Iniative or Deployment 5. Tohaa Tactics Like every faction Tohaa have difficulties with some matchups and specific tricks they can levy against their enemies. This entry catalogues some of the more prominent tactical concerns Tohaa player might have. 5.1 Coping with Fire 5.2 Coping with Templates 5.3 Tohaa in CC 6. Tohaa Trickery 6.1. Cyberwarfare 6.1. Pherowarfare 7. Command After you've gotten some games behind your belt, you might consider playing with the Advanced Rules for Infinity that introduce Command Tokens into the game. Both players start the game with four of these Command Tokens which they can use to influence the game. Tohaa can benefit from Command Tokens, but not to an exceptional degree in comparison to some of the other factions. 7.1 Strategic & Tactical Use 7.2 Coordinated Orders 8. Tohaa Arsenal This chapter discusses all Tohaa models that are currently revealed, it is updated each time a new Tohaa model comes out. The discussions are kept broad and cursory, and assume that every model is useful to the faction in some way. Each discussion is capped off with an 'Ease of Use' indicator ranging from 1 to 5 which should give new players an idea of how easy it is to make beneficial use of a particular model. Models with a score of 1 are the hardest to use, models with a score of 5 are easiest to use. This is not meant to be an assessment of how good the model is, it is simply meant to help new players understand what they kind of performance they can expect from a model, given their own skill level. 4.1. Tactical Armored Gear [TAG] 4.2. Skirmishers [sK] 4.2.2. Igao Unit 4.3. Warband [WB] 4.4. Heavy Infantry [HI] 4.4.2. Ectros Regiment 4.5. Medium Infantry [MI] 4.5.1. Gao-Rael Unit 4.6. Light Infantry [LI] 4.6.2. Kotail Mobile Unit 4.6.3. Kaeltar Specialists 4.6.4. Rasail Boarding Team 4.6.5. Sakiel Regiment 4.6.6. Kamael Light Infantry 4.6.7. Hatail Aelis Keesan 4.6.8. Hatail Spec-Ops 4.6.9. Kumotail Bioengineers 4.6.10. Chaksa Servant 4.6.11. Chaksa Auxiliars 4.6.12. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates 4.7. Mercenaries 10. Getting Started New Infinity players are often overwhelmed with information, and it can be difficult what steps to take first. Tohaa is unremarkable in that sense, but the subheadings below touch on some general ideas to getting started with playing Tohaa. 10.1 First Buy 10.2 Markers & Tokens 8. Player Resources 8.1. Rules & Errata Unfortunately the Infinity rules are dispersed over quite a few documents which can make it hard to find everything you need to fully play the game. This chapter brings together links to all rules you will need to play Tohaa. There are even more documents to work through, but these are essential to fully understanding Tohaa. It’s an annoying situation to be in, just make the best of it. 8.1.1. Official Rules & Tools 8.1.2. Unofficial Rules & Tools 8.1.3. Tohaa-specific non-Core Rules 8.2. Notable Community Threads 8.3. Battle Reports 8.4. Assorted Cool Stuff by Bookkeeper Yet Another Mission System (YAMS) v201.1 by IJW Wartrader 9. Getting Started
  3. I've seen productive (if occasionally ranty) discussions on this topic in the Panoceania subforum and figured we might want to try our own. This isn't meant as a complaint because, clearly, we don't have much to complain about. Instead, I'd like to take a look at the Haqq line and see where we're lacking and where we might see growth or development in the future. The goal isn't to make Haqqislam more powerful. Instead, we want horizontal growth that expands our options. Here are some possible areas, but I'm sure there are more and would love to hear your thoughts: 1.) Top End Gunfighters: Haqqislam is the toolbox faction, with lots of tricky units or specialists. But right now we don't have any high end, pure gunfighters. The Ayyar seems like a move to fill this space a little bit, but I think we could use more. Our priciest units (excluding our TAG) are the Al Fasid and Tarik. Both are good and fun, but pay points for some potentially situational bloat. I'd like to see something with a viral HMG, BS14, high ARM and expensive as all get out. Our answer to the Swiss Guard or Hsien. It shouldn't be as powerful as those options, or as techy, but that's the model. 2.) Supersoldiers. We've been told that this is a reflection of Haqqislam medical superiority, but right now we have the Khawarij and Djanbazan. I'd love to see more super soldiers. AD units with no jump packs, melee beasts, super fast sprinters, etc... 3.) More Viral (or just Breaker) ammo. Haqqislam should be leveraging its medical know-how and giving them weapons, and maybe armor?, that focus on BTS will give them a unique playstyle. Obviously they can't fully switch, because we don't want to be a hard counter to Ariadna, but there should be room for more than the Zhayedan and Lasiq.
  4. I've been working on troop reviews for each faction on my blog and I recently finished a good one about the Domaru Butai. I've been trying to work on one heavy for each faction. On a separate note, I've been struggling a bit in my league so far. I played Haqq for a long time and the transition to JSA has been a rough one for me. Any advice you guys have on strategy would be greatly appreciated. I get really caught up with the low BS of the Keisotsu and frankly most of the troops. It has been very hard for me to come up with a list that I feel comfortable playing. We are currently playing a 150pt league all focusing on the antenna missions. I have lost nearly all of my troops in every game so far. Part of that is due to the luck of the dice, but also I just feel like my guys are so much weaker than Haqqislam. As a side note I played Haqqislam Bahram. Edit* I've come back with part two of my review and I followed up with some solid lists and some cool synergies to try out with the Domaru in both Vanilla and JSA. You can find part 2 here. I didn't want to create a new post for this since it's just a part 2.
  5. When I first started Infinity I found Barakiel’s post on Aleph tactics invaluable for giving me a sense for the strengths and weaknesses of particular troop profiles, and how they might be used. It took me some time before I realized it had been written for a previous edition of the game and therefore had become somewhat dated. It might be helpful to revisit some of the trooper options that are presently available to ALEPH with an eye towards a discussion on strategy and tactics, i.e.. what are their strengths and weaknesses; potential synergies with other troopers; examples of in-game usage with either positive or negative results; ITS missions that they excel in. I’ve noticed that currently a discussion on the relative merits of a trooper profile often will end up being embedded within a thread of a different topic making it difficult to find. My suggestion would be that we create a thread for any given trooper under the heading “Strategy and Tactics:” where we can pool our collective knowledge and experience on that profile. In this way the thread will be able to evolve as the game and our experience with it evolves. Let's begin with one of the current discussions... Diomedes. Feel free to add your thoughts, or quote from other threads when you feel it is pertinent. (I've uploaded his profile for reference) The following is @Barakeil 's original post on Diomedes... Apart from the cost, what do you all feel has changed? What remains the same? Diomedes Pros •High Physicality for an Airborne Deployment unit •Fantastic durability with No Wound Incapacitation •Super-Jump provides extreme mobility across varying terrain types •Versatile weapon options give him multiple modes of attack •An Ekdromoi without Frenzy! (this is no longer true) Cons •Highly expensive considering the risk of using Airborne Deployment •Vulnerable to Shock/Viral ammunition Recommended Roles •Fast attack flanker and shock trooper •Diomedes, 44, 0 SWC: Mk12, Nanopulser, Assault Pistol, DA CCW What is true for the Ekdromoi is true for Diomedes, but he is perhaps the finest single purchase from all options available. As the leader of the Ekdromoi, he utilizes their Airborne Deployment capability and combines it with strong shooting and close combat prowess. Unlike regular Ekdromoi, however, he boasts V: No Wound Incapacitation for fantastic survivability by the standards of an AD trooper. In addition, he has weaponry for all occasions. His Mk12 gives him accuracy and punch out to medium range bands, his Nanopulser can murder clumped models or give him strong AROs against tough-to-hit opponents. Especially noteworthy is his Assault Pistol, a rare piece of equipment in ALEPH that allows Diomedes to let loose with the lethal Assault Pistol for a high-burst, accurate weapon in short range engagements. Diomedes, like his Ekdromoi brethren, also comes with Super-Jump. As with the Ekdromoi, Super-Jump is a strong asset for creating the most favorable firefights possible to get maximum usefulness out of Diomedes. In particular, Diomedes appreciates Super-Jump due to his diverse weapon loadout. Navigating terrain with Super-Jump can allow him to avoid alleys and streets, closing with the enemy to engage with his high Burst Assault Pistol or Direct Template Nanopulser. Similarly, the Mk12 provides him with longer effective range than a mere Combi Rifle or Boarding Shotgun, so he is quite effective at medium range bands. This allows him to leap up to rooftops or other sniper nests, able to engage enemies from a safer distance without any less in rangeband accuracy. Unsurprisingly, all of these assets come with a steep point cost. That being said, Diomedes is one of the finest drop infantry to be found in Infinity. Note that Diomedes also comes with a Lieutenant option, a choice that really cannot be considered as viable at this point in the game. Since Diomedes begins the game off the table, he starts his force in Loss of Liuetenant, and Chain of Command cannot bypass this disadvantage since Diomedes is not technically dead and removed as a casualty. For the time being, this choice should be avoided.
  6. Tohaa: Strategy, Tactics, Tips & Tricks Format of this Thread Welcome to the Tohaa guide, which covers all the basic ins and outs of the EI's most determined opponent. This thread is dedicated to Tohaa strategy, tactics, commonly used combo's, model breakdowns, notable opponents and whatever else we'd like to include. The setup for this thread is that new additions are added procedurally, either by linking to specific comments or topics, or by editing the existing texts. I implore you all to add your thoughts, provide alternative observations and whatever else, so that we might build an up-to-date guide to the Tohaa arsenal. I'd be remiss here not to mention and link to Tam's Tohaa Tactica Thread, which is excellent (be sure to read Tamrielo's thoughts on Triad composition), but deals with a more specific range of topics. TO BE CLEAR: this thread is completely open to disagreement, additions and corrections as far as I'm concerned. I'll add, change and link as needed over the course of time, including in response to model releases. Index 1. Specific to the Tohaa 2. Strategies of the Tohaa 3. Tactics of the Tohaa 4. Tohaa Arsenal 5. Getting Started 6. Useful Links 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Specific to the Tohaa The Tohaa are notable in that they're a new faction introduced into the existing Infinity universe, and they come with their own set of special rules which put their definitive marks on the Tohaa play styles. We'll be covering these first. Fireteam: Tohaa Symbiont Armor Nanotech, Swarm & Viral 2. Strategies of the Tohaa This second heading will outline a number of common strategic questions specific to the Tohaa, and provides suggestions on approaches, as well as solutions to some problems that commonly crop up. Strategies are overarching approaches to combat, as distinct from tactics, which are responses to very specific problems. ARO Zero-V Smoke Special Deployment Impetuous Range Bands Indirect Fire List Building Triad Composition Deployment 3. Tactics of the Tohaa This heading goes over a host of tactics the Tohaa can employ to bolster their advantage or deal with enemy tricks and maneuvers. The implementation of tactics will vary greatly from instance to instance, but it helps to know what options are out there to cope with potent threats. Dealing with Smoke Dealing with Fire Dealing with Template Weapons Dealing with Guided Weaponry Dealing with Camouflage & Airborne Deployment Dealing with Hacking Reforming Triads Securing the Field Using the Nullifier Using Flash Pulses 4. Tohaa Arsenal The Tohaa have access to a fairly limited model selection, so currently many lists will feature the same base models. This is unfortunate in that it means that cunning opponents can start anticipating your maneuvers as they get more knowledgeable about our army. Luckily, there is a lot these models can do. Gorgos Squad [TAG] Players are not having a lot of (reported) luck with the Gorgos, even with the Perifericial. Its especially large weakness to fire, but especially its--for a pricey TAG--unimpressive weaponry make it a selection that seems hard to justify when there is such amazing LI and HI among the Tohaa. The Gorgos is strong and tough as any TAG, and it has a Symbiont armor 'pilot' with all the benefits that brings, although it is the only TAG currently known to be affected by i-Kohl. If it becomes possessed, the Periferical is turned as well. Clipsos Infiltrator [sK] The Clipsos is amazing, at this time it is hampered by the lack of other TO options (to disguise the identity of mines), but nonetheless the Clipsos brings an amazing set of tools for a very, very low cost. The Clipsos has reasonable stats and abilities, each of its loadout options is useful and well-costed; any force that brings one or more along for the ride will most likely be happy they did. In objective-based games the Clipsos shines even brighter, bringing a very reliable way to fulfill objectives to the table for a low cost. Makaul [WB] Every other faction is jealous of the Makaul. The description '10100 : A special number whose symbolism refers to titanic strength and courage as well as the concept of salvation from a physical danger.' is right. With great stats and abilities, a low cost and great loadouts, the Makaul is as close as you get to an auto-include in this game. Only the Combi loadout might see limited use with most players. It is very possible to play without Makaul, and certainly players do play without Makaul, but the Zero-V smoke, Heavy Flamethrower, Viral CCW and Swarm Grenades on a Regular Linkable model is just very hard to pass up. Neema Satar [HI] There doesn't seem to be a clear place where Neema fits in the current Tohaa metagame; she's an Ectros with a bunch of extra tricks and a very high WIP. She's an excellent Lieutenant, but usually a very obvious one, and lacking a (non Spec-Op) Chain of Command model makes her a risky Lt, because her weaponry forces her to get relatively close to the action. Luckily, you don't have to reveal your Lt's WIP anymore, slightly mitigating this issue. Her Martial Arts Lv2 makes her more deadly up close, and grants the excellent V: Courage, but her LRL doesn't command the power most players expect from a model in her price bracket. Ectros Regiment [HI] The Ectros is a very powerful piece, bringing very high stats for his points, coupled with the Fireteam: Tohaa rule to boot. It is one of those rare HI that has 4-4 Mov and an effective 3 W. But, this is because it wears Symbiont Armor, meaning there is a slight catch. Current wisdom on the Ectros emphasizes its relatively large weakness to fire, which means there's a generally perceived benefit to keep the Ectros fighting at range, rather than getting close. In general, this means that the Ectros is fielded with the HMG loadout, and the other 3 options are mostly left unused. The HMG is a powerful weapon, well used on a resilient model, keeping it out of range of most fire weapons if and when they show up. A note on the Ectros is that it surprisingly does not have V: Courage, meaning it might not keep its vantage point when under attack. Gao-Tarsos [MI] The Gao-Tarsos does not feel like MI, it feels as though you're dropping HI into enemy lines. Using Combat Jump it can be deployed right in the middle of the enemy, where it's Symbiont Armor will usually allow it to survive at least long enough to rain hot lead down on the defender's heads. The Tarsos is also usually sent down with an HMG due to its cost and function, but can be used in multiple roles; although the Paramedic option will most likely be skipped over. Luckily for the enemy, the Tarsos cannot be part of Triads. While the Tarsos cán be used for grabbing objectives, it is a relatively unreliable piece, prone to scattering away from where you need to be; those are jobs the Clipsos is generally more suited for. Gao-Rael [MI] If you're looking for a specialist, odds are good you're going to look at taking a Gao-Rael. As the slowest of the Linkable Tohaa troops, with a 4-2 Mov, it will usually take the role of hunter; taking a good position, and harassing choice prey that dares show itself. The most obvious selling point of the Gao-Rael is its MSV2, which is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to ignore Camouflage and most smoke types in the game, allowing the Rael to do its job--taking out enemies that are normally hard to hit--very well. Because the Rael is in Symbiont Armor to boot, it has an extra wound, which, coupled with +B1, makes it very likely to win its first engagement. The Gao-Rael is usually a Sniper, but all of its loadouts are viable, including the once-in-a-while Lt. version when there are no choice targets to glue. Even the Boarding Shotgun loadout is interesting, because it lets the Gao-Rael bring along Swarm Grenades. Swarm Grenades create low-visibility zones, through which the Rael can promptly peek. Sakiel Regiment [LI] The Tohaa have access to some amazing LI, and the Sakiel is arguably the greatest of them all. For a very low cost you get access to a model with great stats and abilities, Symbiont Armor, and a powerful--versatile--loadout selection. Almost any list can benefit from the Sakiel. Sakiel are the most common vehicle for Viral Combi Rifles, and their high speed, Symbiont Armor and V: Courage allow them to deliver their payload effectively. Aside from the Viral Combi loadout, the Spitfire option probably sees the most play. Tohaa players the world over are waiting for a Sakiel Viral blister or box. Nikoul Ambush Unit [LI] The Tohaa are getting a new release in the form of the Nikoul Ambush Unit. Their profile has been released, but it's unclear if they'll change for 3d Edition. This entry will be placeholder until we figure out more about how the Nikoul plays. Kamael Light Infantry [LI] It's unfortunate to be simply 'good' in the company of excellence. The Kamael Infantry are good, reliable and reasonably costed fighters, but they don't get as much appreciation because of how good Sakiel, Chaksa and Makaul (not LI but still) are. That said, they are capable line troopers with good loadouts. It's very viable to bring lists with a lot of linked Kamael, laying down a lot of Combi fire, supported with the gadgets they can bring along. Do nót underestimate them. Kumotail [LI] The Kumotail is quite a package; a Doctor ánd an Engineer rolled into one with an excellent WIP14!? Pretty useful. Its most obvious ability is to recover fighters in Symbiont Armor, but the Kumotail's capabilities are actually far greater. Doctors have a hard time in Infinity, but Engineers can restore E/M'd weaponry, remove glue and immobilization etc. The combination of both rules means that when you're going on missions, odds are good that the Kumotail will nail you some extra objectives. Something to remember though is that if the Kumotail is using Chaksa Servants; activating those will pop the Kumotail out of any Triad it's part of Chaksa Servant [LI] As the name implies, it's here to help. For a rock-bottom cost of 3 points you get to expand the reach of your Kumotail. They're also surprisingly survivable, rocking Mimetism and Hyper-Dynamics L1. In any list where the Kumotail can afford to hide, getting 2 Servants to do the work is probably going to be worth it. Chaksa Auxiliar [LI] There's been quite the upsurge in the Auxiliar's popularity; as a cheap Baggage (not to be underestimated) Order, Heavy Flamer or Sensor support, or as a Total Reaction HMG badass (the GHRL not as much) its starting to gain traction within the Tohaa meta. What the Chaksa does well is fill several roles (fitting, being Auxilia) that support the other troops. The Chaksa is great at controlling the battlefield with an HMG; it's hard to hit due to the overwhelming firepower of a Neurocinetics HMG, and has 360' vision. Covering flanks is what the Chaksa do extremely well, allowing your Triads to move up safely. Auxiliars don't cost a lot of Orders, they have good stats and a reasonable price. The big downside to them is that you can't put them in Links, but honestly, that's not what they're for. There's experimentation going on with 1-4 Chaksa, and in any quantity they seem to bring something to the table. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate [LI] This is a strange model for Tohaa, especially because the Diplomat's point cost isn't a multiple of 3. It doesn't do much as a civilian, but as a Specialist it's a surprisingly cheap and useful option, if not for the Specialist skills, then for the Flash Pulse which can disable an enemy many times it's own points cost. If you're not filling gaps with Servants, consider a Delegate. Hatail Spec-Op [LI] Spec-Ops are in a class all by themselves, literally. Based on a Kamael, the Hatail can do quite a few things. Three of the most notable uses for the Hatail currently (when you can field one) are its ability to bring a full-fledged Hacking Device, it can be a reliable Specialist, and it can be outfitted with Chain of Command, which is amazing (especially if you're using Neema as Lt). There's a lot you can do with a Hatail, so mix and match away. Fun fact: if the Hatail carries a Hacking Device, it can attempt to possess a Combined Army TAG. Aelis Keesan [LI] We'll have to see what Aelis brings to tables as we get used to her, especially the impact of her option to bring K1 ammunition has caused a slight stir because of Tohaa's relative lack of AP and EXP weaponry. 5. Getting Started In the past months the Tohaa has seen quite the influx of (potential) new Tohaa players. Both new players and veteran players come to this subforum to ask questions about particular models and rules, but especially seek out advice on what models to buy and how to construct their first Tohaa Combat Groups. This heading is dedicated to those players, so there's a convenient place to find the most general of advice and we'll avoid having too many of the same threads coming up, fun as they may be. What to Buy Tohaa doesn't have an enormous selection of models at the time of writing, this makes choosing models easier than for many other factions. Most players seem to buy the Tohaa Starter Set; it's a good selection of models that gives a proper introduction to the faction, and most players will continue using at least half of the models in the Starter set. It is nót necessary to buy more than the Starter Set when first getting into the Tohaa (unless shipping costs are especially high). Tohaa take some getting used to, and starting small is far more conducive to getting a handle on how they play. But eventually most players start branching out and start wondering what they'll buy next. Almost all Tohaa players seem to buy a Makaul box set sooner or later, and most get them much sooner than later. The Makaul box is good value and provides models that end up in many Tohaa lists. After that things become far less clear, and choices vary from person to person. There is no universally agreed-upon 'wrong choice' for Tohaa, the general consensus tends towards emphasising models that fulfill roles you haven't filled yet and filling up your Combat Groups to 10 models. This is why the Gao-Rael is a popular third choice: it offers a tool against Camouflaged models that the Starter Set and Makaul box doesn't have. The only choices most people tend to make relatively late are Neema Satar and the Gorgos; these are models that aren't immediately intuitive in their use and do better once players know their way around the faction. Finally, new players should consider buying the Hatail Spec-Ops relatively early. Even outside of ITS the Hatail is affordable and an excellent proxy model that can fill gaps in your list while you try out new things. That First (Tohaa) List If the first list you make can form two Tridents/Triads and has (close to) 10 models in it you've made a usable list. For Tohaa it's that simple. No matter if you emphasize Kamael, Sakiel, Makaul or whatever else; each list has their own strengths and weaknesses, they're pretty equivalent. Build 80% of your list to preference, then consider your opponent and ask yourself "do I need Defensive Hacking, an Engineer, MSV2, Zero-V Smoke (etc)?" Then tweak the list so you're ready for expected threats. You're going to lose battles no matter what list you bring, just try things out, start small and figure it out from there. Have fun. 6. Useful Links This heading hosts a small index of some links to interesting threads or texts that are especially relevant for Tohaa players, and don't fit into the format of this thread. Feel free to post suggestions. 1. Tohaa Numerology 2. Number to Name Generator 3. In-depth discussion of the Gorgos 4. Infinity Basic Tutorial 5. Adv. Spheretactics 101 6. List Building in Infinity Notable Opponents 1. Caskuda 2. Speculo Killer 3. Avatar 4. Impersonators 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Aleph 300Pts 2. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Yu Jing 300Pts 3. Miniwargaming - Tohaa vs PanOceania 300Pts *Google Drive Hard Link for this Document*
  7. Hey All, I have a Tag Line event coming up and I'm trying to decide what to bring. It will be three rounds so only scenarios 1, 2, and 5. I probably won't be playing my other faction. Steel doesn't have tags, and all three scenarios give bonus points to tags, but you're only garunteed a free tag in the final round. Vanilla Aleph only has the Marut, and the Marut really becomes the focus of the list when you run it, I also don't own one so I would be proxying two tags. So if I'm not Alephing, by default I'm Nomading. But what flavor, and what to bring??? I'm writing this in part to organize my thoughts, but also for your input. If people want to discuss scenarios 3 and 4 you're more then welcome to chime in. Missions Round 1 really favors powerful long range low burst guns, and FOs (who are allowed to fulfill objectives at range by FOing them). There is a saturation zone in the middle, and you gain the most points by blowing up antenae on the other side of the board. Winners are probably the MB ML, and the Grenzer ML. Honorable mention goes to anything with a panzerfaust or feurbach. Multi snipers are not bad either, but they loose out on their active burst. This scenario also probably favors going first because you get the first chance to designate and destroy Antennae. Round 2 gives a perk to hackers, allowing you to mess with where you opponent has to move models to score points. I think the scenario favors mid range guns because most of the fighting will be around the zones, there is little incentives to go after your opponents D zone, though anything with infiltration can start in good range bands. Winners are probably Prowlers with a spitfire, and hackers. AD definatly could be useful as well. Going second is probably advantaged because scoring happens at the end of each round, in end of round scoring scenarios I alway like being able to see exactly what I need to do to score max points, going first is hard because after your models are "set" you opponent has a round to do whatever they want before scoring happens. I always feel strongly disadvantaged in that situation. Round 5 doesn't give a perk to any particular specialist. FIVE points are given out to the player who has the antennae at the end of the last round. This IMO places a premium on conserving models/orders till round 3, and on going last, to make a big push on the antennae. Its almost impossible to lose if you end the game with a tag dominating the antennae. Being able to watch and guard that antennae is very important, so is being able to approach it without being killed. Winners are Smoke, and especially eclipse smoke, and powerful ARO pieces. List Building I think that the combi gecko is pretty much an auto include, in vanilla or corregidor. Its cheap, its a tag, its pretty durable, and it packs low burst high damage weaponry that can destroy antennae. I also think its better walking around in the saturation zone than the MK 12. Losing 1 burst hurts the MK 12 a lot, and blitzens can't destroy antennae. I don't own a Lizard or Salamander so probably won't run either though I can see a lot of merit in a HMC/MHMG. I think the Iguana is a poor choice, after 2 wound it becomes HI, and you can't repair it back to a TAG, losing a lot of its value in the event. I like the idea of the KHD interventor with a fast panda. In scenario 2 it is an excellent hacker to mess with the opposing players zones, and the FP can extend your hacking area offensively (to burst heads), or defensively, to make it hard for your opponent to move their tags around. Other infiltrating hackers/repeaters win too. In the final round I could also see well placed repeaters being excellent defense to keep your opponent from taking the antennae with a TAG. I also really like the idea of dual use ARO/Anti tag weapons such as the ML Grenzer/Riot Grrl and Brigada paired with a few panzerfausts, like Lupe, Jags, and Geckos. They can pull double duty coordinating orders to kill tags, or blow up objectives. I'm a little on the fence with HMGs/Spitfires. Scenario 1 hurts them, though not extremely so, and the burst bonus still overall gives you a leg up in the face to face roll. In ARO they don't cause TAGs much pause and I think you can be pretty sure you will be facing a few. Thoughts?
  8. I´ve played the alien frogs for a while now and developed some ideas on strategy that I´d like to share. This is obviously not an end all exposition on Shasvastii strategy, but a collection of notes. Shasvastii is considered a sneaky army because it is filled with various kinds of marker state troops which is true. There is Camo, TO Camo, AD3 and Impersonators on top of that. Shasvastii can decide their point of ingress unhindered. And more importantly has powerful control over what targets it presents. There is also another feature of the army that is covered it the fluff, but less recognized in game, their survivability. The army is shock full of AutoMediKits. It may look like this is a worse kind of bonus wound, but it’s more of a sub-strategy tool to insert insecurity. The reason being that while a model with a ‘Kit may drop unconscious, the enemy does not know if and when it may return to play. The odds aren´t amazing, usually 60%, but enough to merit consideration. Especially after the first time a supposedly "dead" model rises again. A very different thing from a NWI model which will be in a 100% known state when it loses its second wound. These two features can be used to create a layered strategy where the aim is to control the enemy’s approach route, drain orders and catching them in a vice. The main force in the deployment zone wants to funnel the enemy into targets of its choosing, themselves. It does that by projecting threats towards the various scenario objectives. An important distinction here is that the army should only watch the objectives – not the approaches all the way down to the enemy deployment zone. The reason being we want to draw the enemy into range from both the main force and the infiltrating line without exposing ourselves to much. The infiltrating line acts as a both a filter and tool of encirclement. If the force is Camo heavy it acts more as a filter by reacting to the enemy approach and trying to funnel them in the correct direction by ARO’ing appropriately. If it is HD it acts as a tool of encirclement, maybe better waiting until the enemy has passed by and springing up in the active turn. To illustrate the strategy imagine a board with a line of Malignos along the midboard and a defensive 3 Caliban Fire Team, sporting a Feuerbach. Two Malignos are in the first Combat group and the third is in the second for the reason that HD troops generate no orders to the pool and it´s quite unlikely we want to reveal all three infiltrators at once. The only Caliban exposed forward is the Feuerbach which does not try to see all the way down to the enemy dz despite having a mighty B2 EXP gun. Its job is to cover the midboard objective by having LoF to it and not much further down field. We probably want the enemy to have the initiative here and control deployment instead. They start the game with no targets, yet knowing that when they´ve moved somewhere 1/3 to ½-way down the board the Caliban will be in LoF. Thus they spend 1-2 orders setting up an attack and initiate the offense. Now it´s time to decide whether to spring a HD Malignos or not. Ideally the enemy has no ability to split their fire between the two targets and has to eat an unopposed roll, but at least we have two models with ‘Kits in the scales. However the firefight turns out the enemy has decisions to make. This is the point of the strategy – first the opponent does not know how many Shas there are out there, but more, even the ones downed may rise again, which creates a lot of possibilities because Malignos has AutoMediKits as does Caliban. Differing from the classic marker army, Ariadna, you need to really kill this enemy. A single model or two capable of this feat isn´t enough to create a noticeable issue, but when almost half the army can do it is. This breaks up the enemy’s attention from looking forward to your lines and the objectives to evaluating a greater number of possible threats. The downed Malignos behind them may rise again next turn. Or another may pop up with a Boarding Shotgun and rampage upfield into their dz. Or the Caliban rises, rejoins the Fire Team and wreaks havoc. The whole Shasvastii list is full of these types of units. A Q-Drone with a Dr Worm looking out for it serves the same purpose as the Caliban. Shrouded are cheaper, play a nice shell game on the mid line with Minelayer and can rise again too. They are often best served to simply draw out Discover orders and placing a mine by their feet when the enemy is close. If they go down they can rise again forcing the enemy to allocate the right guns or more orders to handle them. Speculos also have AutoMediKits. Often they are seen as fire and forget rockets, but sneaking about behind the lines they can act to divide attention too. What about Mines, Shock and Fire? They beauty of the strategy is that it´s a bonus on an already functioning play style. It´s just about placement and execution with it in mind. If the enemy starts repointing Sniper rifles, plonking down a lot of mines etc. they´re busy reacting to a passive tool in our arsenal. It´s fine. Their attention is divided. They´re spending resources. Meanwhile we´re doing our usual business. Jumping out of shadows, stabbing them in the back being all slippery-slimy.
  9. Databases: CA Weapons & Equipments - Features: Weapons Chart, CA Weapons Chart, CA Weapon Groups, Ammo Types, Groups by Ammo CA miniatures' pictures and release information - Features: all the old&new CA miniatures' pictures and ref. numbers between Nov 2006 and Sep 2016
  10. @Daboarder has started a very interesting topic on workable strategies with the less used HI and TAG units in 10 order lists. I think his reasoning is sound and thus curious on how and if this could be applied to Tohaa. Link: Massed Armour Operations (there´s one on TAGs too) The main points (for those less inclined to read his article) are: Massed HI means the whole offensive part of a 10 order list should be of this unit type. Translated as about 5 models divided into 2 purely offensive (Spitfire/HMG), 2 Specialists(Multi Rifle FO et al.) and 1 reserve/odd skill model (e.g. CQB weapons). The offense is meant equalize the starting numerical disadvantage through an agressive game, targetting the identified threats to HI, with more wounds, better armour, BS and more lethal weapons than the opposition. Surpressing Fire is key in consolidating a layered attack through two wings. First line is the two offensive HI, folllowed by the specialists which covers them and entrench themselves by objectives. Finally the reserve model to plug any gap. The rest of the list is supporting and protecting the armoured part. How does this pertain to Tohaa? A short list of observations: Tohaa has HI and a HI equal MI, but the top ARM is 3, less than the regular 4 or 5. Tohaa HI have more wounds than 'ooman collegues through Pheroware tactics. Can this strategy use HI Triads? Probably not because the models will have to spread out. Specialist HI's are limited to Taq CoC, but these have an edge in SF due to the Symbiobugs. Is a Massed Armour strategy feasable for Tohaa? It´s counter to the supposedly "solved" 12-14 order list of Infinity and further goes against the assembly of LI troops we usually have. But I can see merit in it. E.g. if we invest in protecting a Ectros HMG with the purpose of moving up, killing whoever dares to ARO hir and then go into SF at a convenient location we start at 3 wounds, add another through a Symbiomate and nullifies a burst through a Symbiobomb. Now suppose one of these goes up each flank and is protected by Viral Taq's in SF from behind and then in a final layer by the rest of the list. Everything the enemy throws at us will meet Burst 3, BS13, ARM 6 at -6 mod. That is a lot to chew through by a "normal" list of 1w LI guys and will take some orders to achieve. Anyone else read the article and thought about this and Tohaa?
  11. Thanks @doremicom for the inspiration here. So, Tohaa happened. That's changed some things around Infinity the Game. And Tohaa aren't disappearing anytime soon, so how do you deal your opponent fiedling a linkable, multiwound vanilla army in this game full of nonlinkable, mostly-monowound vanilla armies? There's a short joke I've made elsewhere about Tohaa's pros and cons, and it's actually quite true and goes like this: —FIRE Fire, I'm sure you know, is the heel to Tohaa's Achilles. Flames instantly kill Tohaa troops wearing Symbiont Armor, if the trooper fails its ARM roll. And as all non-Symbiont troops in Tohaa have only 1 wound, with zero presence of V: Dogged or V: NWI, any thing you successfully burn will immediately pass out or die. But flamethrowers aren't actually that dependable against Tohaa, as I'm sure you've found out, because Corvus Belli built in a protection for us Tohaa players by giving these aliens above-average PH. Most Tohaa troops get at least a 55% chance to dodge flame they face. What you should really think about when using Fire against Tohaa is not about the fire itself, but the delivery platform. Since Tohaa is quite mobile, a fire-vulnerable Triad can easily run away from flamethrowers you've deployed. Therefore fire works best against Tohaa when it is deliverable at your advantage, or when it is deliverable anywhere. Remember that if a Fireteam is Dodging, they aren't shooting. Even if you can't successfully burn them, you can disperse them safely. ADVANTAGEOUS DELIVERY Here are some great examples of troops I fear for the way their ease in cooking my artichokes: If your fire troops don't have skills like these, you can still use flamethrower troops effectively. Just like experienced players actively avoid sniper lanes and Total Reaction bots, experienced Tohaa players avoid Flamethrowers—use this to your advantage! You can get a hilarious amount of board control with only one or two fire weapons. Treat Flamethrowers therefore as area denial. Or think of them as little mobile mines that Tohaa don't want to explode. Combined Army's Ikadrons or Qapu Khalki's linked Sekban are a great examples of a troops who don't need to move to frighten Tohaa away. —FIRETEAMS There are two main reasons why this is a weakness of Tohaa, and I'll address the active one first—your Fireteams, if you have them: SECTORIAL FIRETEAMS Fireteams can just as effectively be used against Tohaa, and more. As I note above, Tohaa has a good average but low peak Ballistic Skill. The only model with BS14 is the Gorgos, which of course you won't often see. The highest Ballistic Skill otherwise is 13 on our few Heavy Infantry, and just 12 or lower for everything else. A fully-manned fireteam of even basic line troops has more than a fighting chance against a Tohaa Triad. A fully-manned fireteam of Heavy Infantry is a real tough pie for us to eat, as Tohaa get less access to AP weaponry than any other faction, and zero offensive hacking. ICKLE TRIADS Unlike sectorials, Tohaa pays in points for their Triad-able troops. And while we can have as many as we want, there usually won't be more than two or three, so it's often fewer bodies than it seems. And Tohaa may never have more than 3 to a fireteam, which has 3 clear benefits: As a Tohaa player, I want my opponent to try to kill a whole Triad. What I don't want him to do is try to kill 1 model from each Triad. Killing 1 model from each Triad is many times easier to accomplish, and causes a helluva lot more ruckus to me as the Tohaa player. Now that a Command Token must be spent to reform a fireteam, and Tohaa's Triad-able units are never faster than 4-4, it's very costly to me in tokens and orders when you kill one guy here and one guy there. Additionally—and this is important to consider—many Tohaa models are Impetuous. In a common fireteam of a Kamael Specialist, a Sakiel, and a Makaul, killing the Kamael means that the Triad breaks, the Burst bonus is loss, and the Sakiel and Makaul suddenly can't claim cover. —ARMOR We don't have much of it, nor many of the standard tools to deal with it. This is a rather simple point, but an important one once you realize what it means. Small arms fire, even from Combi Rifles, can plink away Tohaa's troops capably. An HMG or Spitfire can do it excellently. Since Tohaa doesn't have much armor, you can rack up your non-crucial MULTI weapons in loud firefights and get pretty good results. Tohaa may have lots of wounds, but they die like everyone. This also means that when your fire weapons do land a hit on a Symbiont trooper, you're fairly likely to kill them, around 60% on most Tohaa troops. On the other side, Tohaa has very little to counter high-armor models. TAGs and Heavy Infantry who are normally great Rambos are even greater rambos against Tohaa, as we just can't hold up to high-burst, high-BS models in firefights, and when we do land a hit, cover + high armor will keep those rambos alive to kill a few more. A few sporadic pointers: SYMBIONT DEBUFF Most notable in the Kotail, our Symbiont troops have (sometimes drastic) debuffs when the Symbiont drops. Even if you can't kill a Symbiont troop, if you can kill its Symbiont, you will strip all its armor and a few other defining factors. Damage to Symbionts is irreparable, and for Symbiont models without V: Courage, they insta-fail their guts rolls and must cower for cover. This can help you get past a Triad who has a path on lockdown, or turn a Kotail into a sad slow Acontecimento Regular. It will also make your Tohaa opponent timid with his newly-nerfed model. AVERAGE SPEED With few exceptions, Tohaa are uniformly 4-4 movers. Our Triads make us mobile, but not quite fast. This means that we can gain ground easily, but we can't easily traverse wide swaths with Triads and most individual troops. An example of why this is a problem for us is a game I had against Tamrielo: On the right side of the board, he had my Lieutenant in a Triad locked down with the threat of an Auxbot who failed to kill them. I didn't want to risk activating them again to get burned, so I had to move Neema Saatar and her pair of Makauls all the way from the left side of the board over in order to kill it, in order to free up my triad. This consumed my entire turn and may have lost me the game. Get your good pieces in places where we have to cross hill and wood to reach you, and you can waste our time handily. NO HACKING This is a pretty obvious one, but it's always worth noting that Tohaa has no offensive hacking, and we do have a some hackable models. You've probably brought a hacker or two, and against Tohaa, hackers have little to fear. SMART & SPECULATIVE WEAPONS Most (experienced) Tohaa players have just 1 defensive hacker, Aelis Keesan. Given the factionwide lack of SS1 or SS2, you can lob grenades and guide missiles with only your own dice to hinder you. TAGS TAGs often represent the worst thing threat possible to Tohaa. With their high mobility, high Ballistic Skill, high Armor and (often) Heavy Flamethrowers, it's a terrible threat to Tohaa. If you're still a fan of your TAG in N3, have confidence when fielding them against Tohaa. AELIS KEESAN Aelis is a lightly-armored package that fills many holes of the Tohaa faction—she's a hacker, albeit a defensive one; and she's a linkable Sensor, unlike the Chaksa Auxiliars; and she usually has the one good anti-materiel and anti-TAG weapon, the K1 Combi Rifle. She's 10% of our army's points, and we feel boned without her. Always treat Aelis Keesan as a high-priority target. I don't recommend building a list with only Tohaa in mind, but it's good to know a couple tools and tactics to exploit when your opponents bring them. I've written this from the perspective of things I candidly dread as a primarily Tohaa player. Let me know what you think, and I hope this helped!
  12. As some other thread derailed into trolling and bashind and I fear for the post being lost, I give my thoughts an own thread. So this thread here is for thinking about classical tactical textes and how they influence or advice us as players. No matter if they are Sunzi's "The Art of War", Machiavelli's "The Art of War", Carl von Clausewitz "On War" or any other tactical or strategic text - here we shall discuss the texts and how they help us to become better tacticans and strategists. If possible, the original wording together with a translation in spoilers should be given, but a purely english with a note where the text can be found should suffice. Because honestly, as a friend put it: So I start this thread with a popular post you might have seen elsewhere, but slightly rewritten: SunTze is not only a unit, but also wrote a very good book. 孫子兵法 or as you would put it "The art of War". The very first stanza is 兵者,國之大事,死生之地,存亡之道,不可不察也。 "The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected." and indeed it is. And the dilemma of the second turn is indeed, the Art of War. But before we look at some other parts of the book, we want to skip to chapter 3, where the old man said: 故曰:知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆。 This should be the first thing you have to think about - know what you field, know what you want to achieve with the units and know how they interact. Know the weaknesses of your army, your list, your very units. Know the tricks they have. Make sure you remember the special rules they bring to the game and make sure you have synergy effects. A single Line trooper is rarely a killer, but he synergizes in several ways with other units: To provide orders at least, to work in unison with others as a fireteam at best. Only after having thought about it, use them to the best potential you have. Then, we take another short look on chapter 1, verse 18: 兵者,詭道也。故能而示之不能,用而示之不用,近而示之遠,遠而示之近 You know your self, you are your list, the enemy knows only half about your list, the public face of it. He does not know your Lt, he does not know your plans, he does not know about the units he does not yet see. Plan with disguise! Maybe make him think a pawn you guard well is yout Lt so he possibly wastes orders or units to try to attack him. Make him think your HD are where they are not, make him think your camo-markers that contain mines are units, and vice versa. Make him think your TO units are Camo units by deploying downgraded. Make him think you act mainly on the left flank to get to the objectives there, but plan with your skirmishers to take out his specialists on the right. Decept your enemy and make him waste orders upon a feint - or set up for a strike upon him and do not get noticed doing so, and then hit him like lightning on a blue day - Be the 晴天の雷電 "Seiten no raiden" - the lightning from the blue sky! Chapter 6, stanza 1 his a very interesting one too for this situation: 凡先處戰地而待敵者佚,後處戰地而趨戰者勞。故善戰者,致人而不致于人。能使敵人自至者,利之也;能使敵不得至者,害之也。故敵佚能勞之,飽能飢之,安能動之。 Let's ignore the food and supply stuff, but the essence here is: If the terrain allows you to embark in your DZ, you can deny your enemy attacking you. To secure an area, you have to hold more than a single advantage though - one unit can shoot once and falls quick victim to a single skirmisher. But if several units from different angles cover a narrow passage, the is hastening to battle against a group fresh for the fight. Overlapping ARO areas are the key in denying an area. Chapter 8 (Variations in tactics), stanza 3 tells us something we shall always keep in mind though: 故用兵之法,無恃其不來,恃吾有以待之;無恃其不攻,恃吾有所不可攻也。 We can't force our enemy to attack, but we have two options to prepare: We can make it costly for him, so he prefers not to attack. Or we can bring our troops into positions where he can't attack them, like in prone state on the roof of a tall building with a small surface and no ladders... But we can't act from such a position. Making our position such well defended comes at a price and we have to considder it carefully. I think this stanza is somewhat hard to bring in line with tactics for us. I will try to keep an updated list of tactical manuscripts online here: Sunzi - The Art of War ; Thee Strategies of Huang Shigong ; several others Machiavelli - The Art of War/The Prince ; von Clausewitz - Vom Kriege (english) If you have a good thought on one of these, another link or insight into the topic, feel free to share them! But remember, this is not a treatsie upon specific troops or armies, but the game in general.
  13. I normally don't like whoring out my work on my blog, but I think just getting visibility on this post would be an immense help to any new player struggling with the game. It's the 3 rules that everybody with a little bit of practice knows, so I'm giving you a leg up. 1. Shoot in +3 Range 2. Have Cover 3. Deny Cover I go into a more in-depth explanation of why but that's the 3 maxims in a nut shell.
  14. I had an idea about continuous play mechanics, which could be used with any type of campaign. Paradiso, string of ITS or YAMS missions, a series of simple 'kill'em all' games. Count the AVA of your troops. Depending on army or sectorial it should be something between 60-80 men (I counted Total as 20 or something like that). This is somewhere between platoon and company in size. We're playing special forces, so let's go with company, special forces unit are probably a bit smaller. And there we go, you've a company. Company of Heroes. My main army is an Acontecimento company. 2 Knights. 4 Guardas. 5 Akalis. 4 Bagh-Mari. 2 Nagas. A few TAGs, some support troops and special characters. Limited number of drones. Lets play it that way. As if our units AVA was the number of troops at our disposal for the duration of this campaign. If one of our soldiers dies, it dies. If it's unconscious, it's unavailable for one or two battles. That's it. It is supposed to be a small, funny idea to create some narrative to campaign and to force us to think on a more strategic level. When to field a key unit. How much risk to take with someone. Is it better to take 'enemy gate is down' approach and go for the throat regardless of casualties, or avoid any risk and carefully plan every move as our limited number of turns is clicking down. I'm sure as hell it won't be balanced, but I'd like to give it a try in my local group and see if it works. What do you think?
  15. Hi Guys, I know there's been a lot of discussion in the New Impetuous FAQ thread about how much terrain infinity is meant to be played with. There have been a couple of threads addressing this in the passed, and I know everyone has their own preference, but I thought it might be nice to have another thread to discuss how much (and what kind of) terrain CB intended for players to use. Now the closest thing I've found to images of CB's official terrain is Bostria's reallly old battle reports (Available in Spanish [with pictures] here: Those are definitely a little outdated, but I've got to say some of those boards (especially "Final Zonalu look like they have a lot more open terrain than the stuff I've been playing on lately. So, what do you all think? Should this be taken as the "CB standard"? Have they changed their ways since these reports? Does it really matter if there's a standard for terrain? -Ijax