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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my friends and I are all quite new to Infinity and we've been playing plenty of games using proxies so we can get a hang of the rules before our kits come in. We were playing a 2v2 game today and all was going well, until we hit a bit of a snag... You see, one of our opponents had put one of his men into Suppression not far from the position of our troops. We will call him troop A. Not far behind troop A, was a sniper that my friend wanted to shoot at. The sniper will be troop B. Well, my ally had wanted to shoot the sniper which naturally prompted AROs to be made. Both troop A and B made AROs against my ally. Now, the rules quote, "Enemy troopers apply a -3 MOD to their Attribute on all Face to Face Rolls against a trooper in Suppressive Fire." So since trooper A was in suppressive fire along with the target, trooper B, we didn't know if my ally had to suffer the -3 MOD that comes from suppression. My ally wasn't acting against the trooper A. But the trait applies the -3 MOD to all face to face rolls. So now we're confused. Does suppressive fire only apply the -3 MOD when the target is the suppressor? Or does the -3 MOD apply to rolls made when a suppressor is participating in any ARO?
  2. Hopefully I didn't miss the Palanka answering day of May 29th for this one but I didn't see a question for it. I have a Suppression Fire token on my model and an enemy gains LoF with their first Move. I ARO Shoot and they Shoot with their second Order. We're further than 24" away. The SupFire fails because it's beyond Range, therefore it doesn't oppose the FtF. The question is does it still provide a -3 Penalty to my Opponent's Active Model?
  3. Simple question: Can you put a link team in suppression fire? My thinking would be no - because it's a long skill. But I can't find it anywhere.
  4. When you declare Suppression fire do you get to attack models in Suppression fire zone or do you have to wait for them to activate on their turn? If you get to attack immediately then could you throw smoke to block LoS then declare Suppression to attack unopposed at -6?
  5. Okay, so this one's an oddball, but I haven't seen it come up before. I have an Asura, laying suppression fire down a narrow alley. It's my opponent's active turn. He has a model (part of a link team) place a mine inside the SF corridor, but the model itself stays just outside, and out of LoF. The mine was just out of range, as the minelayer was outside my ZoC. My question is, as it's a short skill, and the mine entered the SF corridor, does it suffer hits from SF (as the Asura with MSV3 can see what it is as soon as it's placed)? Or, as it is technically still a marker and not a model, does it not suffer any hits at all? At the time we both ruled it suffered the hits (due to MSV3), but did we play it right?
  6. Hi, I am looking for some help from the rule gurus for a few things i don't understand. First question when using suppression fire can you use alternate ammo types or only normal? Also to expand on the first question if a enemy model enters your suppression fire on your turn due to a aro move or some similar movement could you opt for a integrated shot? Second problem i have is Flash ammo even after reading the wiki various posts and the rule books i don't understand how this sits in priority. Does it completely deny AROs ( should i move and use flash ammo does it happen before the enemy model would return fire or does it face off with there bs)? Also If a flash ammo weapon landed a hit in a ARO does it limit the models actions to the ones listed in the rules till the end of turn or can your opponent just spend another order and get up from his failed guts and fire more(if thats the case seems weak)? Thanks for your time and help in advance.