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  1. The French and the English make it pretty clear: If the pilot dismounts, and the TAG is destroyed, the Pilot should be removed from the table... but the Spanish is open to interpretation, depending on the separation of the clauses that make up the phrase: "El TAG o Vehículo de una tropa Tripulada..." "... cuyo Piloto ha desmontado y pasa a estado Muerto..." "... debe retirarse de la mesa de juego junto con la figura del Piloto." Would be: "A TAG or Manned Vehicle..." "... whose Pilot has dismounted and passed to Dead state..." "... should be removed from the game table with the Pilot figure." When the Pilot dies, the TAG is removed... but the TAG's death doesn't remove the pilot. Is this interpretation of the Spanish correct, @Palanka? (If so, the French and English versions need errata, since they're phrased in the opposite way.)
  2. Hey guys, its been a while since i posted anything here. I am really after any pictures or ideas on how to convert the seraph post. I already have one, but as you all know a single seraph is not enough. I want to have them posed so I can tell them apart easily in the game and also two of the same pose seems kinda wrong. I have seen people put the wings upside down which seems OK but has anyone changed the post to a kneeling position or even one mid jump? If so has anyone got a guide or walkthrough. If not I may have to just make it up and show it off once done. Cheers
  3. So, in a bit of a surprise to me, they didn't give the O-Yoroi just Specialist Operative, but the Forward Obeserver skill, which would entail the beloved flash pulse. Now, not only is she a decent Pseudo Skirmisher with CC 21 and martial arts, but she has added reactive ability to survive with the flash pulse, and can do normal objectives and classified ones like telemetry. With the Lt option in JSA there are unprecedented new tactics to consider and I want to hear them. Guijia pilot has some love as well. While being a specialist operative, she is also smoking hot! A light flamethrower! Oh my! Plus she's likely getting her model first. So what measures and counter measures do we have to take to support our newfound specialists? Any list ideas? I want to hear it. Calling all Sun Tzes and strategists.
  4. So my friend has gifted me the Pan O side of ice-storm. Its my first proper foray into skirmish games. We have played the first 3 missions and I am already hooked. I am looking as what to get next. I like to buy models based on looks but want to have some form of competitiveness to the list building, and eventually we want to play some ITS. Models I like the look of so far are Sereph, knight of the Holy Sepulchre, and aquila guard with HMG, oh and the Hexa with sniper. Any advice welcome to help me make the box up to 300 points
  5. jotums

    Dear all, I'm still pretty new in the game, and I want to try my new and shiny Jotum, therefore I want some advice to give him the best possible group of figures to make him a force to reckon. My main Idea, mostly focused on five him enough orders and support. Jotums 11 Ord SO ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 JOTUM Lieutenant MULTI HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, D.E.P. / . (3 | 103) CRABBOT Flash Pulse / Knife. (0) FUSILIER Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 18) AUXILIA (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1 / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) AUXILIA (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1 / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) INDIGO Spec-Ops (12 XP) (WIP:14, Engineer, Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 13) PALBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) BULLETEER Heavy Shotgun / Electric Pulse. (0 | 17) LOCUST Breaker Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Shock CCW, Knife. (0 | 32) NISSE HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 34) FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) GROUP 21 1 SIERRA DRONBOT HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 25) TECH-BEE (Remote Assistant Level 1, Specialist Operative) Flash Pulse / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 5) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army My second Idea, using some of the best Pano Units available, but It still concerns me not to have those 2 caps into something fun. Jotum/Joan SO ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 8 2 JOTUM MULTI HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, D.E.P. / . (2 | 103) CRABBOT Flash Pulse / Knife. (0) JOAN OF ARC Lieutenant MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW. (+1 | 49) AUXILIA (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1 / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) AUXILIA (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1 / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) INDIGO Spec-Ops (12 XP) (WIP:13, Engineer, Chain of Command) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) PALBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) WARCOR (Sixth Sense L1) Flash Pulse / Stun Pistol, Knife. (0 | 3) TECH-BEE (Remote Assistant Level 1, Specialist Operative) Flash Pulse / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 5) NISSE HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 34) LOCUST Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Breaker Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Shock CCW, Knife. (0.5 | 38) SIERRA DRONBOT HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 25) 5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Mind you give me some ideas to improve these lists?. Best Regards!
  6. A primer on Tactical Armoured Gear operations TAGs are one the hallmarks of the Panoceania army list, but many people don’t run them as they think they are too many eggs in one basket or bad in ITS missions which promote scoring specialists over combat beatsticks. However personally I have found TAG usage to be very successful tactic in both direct action and specialist operations. With that in mind I am writing the following article to share some of my thoughts, tactics and ideas with my fellow Panoceania players so that I can hopefully inspire more of you to give the TAGs a run and crush our enemies. Firstly I feel is appropriate to separate our TAGs into two broad schools of thought, namely Main Battle TAGs (MBT, see what I did there?) and Light TAGs. MBT: This is the Jotum, Cutter, Dragoes and Squalo. They are heavily armed and armoured, with Multi-HMGs and other weaponry that gives them a serious edge in combat. Unlike the MBTs of other factions which are often 1 dimensional beatsticks each of these TAGs also brings a slightly different approach to the battlefield, with the Jotum emphasizing heavy armour and weapon utility, the Cutter being a terror to try and hit and able to move around the table with impunity, the Dragoes essentially being the last word in the game on firepower bar none and the Squalo being the alpha strike nightmare with its speculative fire. These TAGs operate as the spearhead of any assault; they dominate the game and often become the focus of the game itself. But they are not all powerful gods, they require proper support from the rest of the army, particularly given their large investment in points, SWC and orders, and therefore a list that includes them should be built around protecting them and covering their weaknesses, while letting them do the heaving lifting in terms of engaging the opponents troops. Light Tags: this Category includes the Tikbalang and the Uhlan for obvious reasons, but I am also including the Seraph in this class as personally I feel it operates more as a heavily armoured light TAG than a lightly armoured MBT, a distinction that dictates which targets it can engage and what its role on the tabletop is. The Panoceania light TAGs are unique in that they are all reasonably armoured (6/7) and carry pretty heavy weaponry when compared to the light TAGs of other factions. But what really makes the Panoceania light TAGs stand out from the crowd is their emphasis on movement and visibility. All three of the light TAGs have a special movement rule that means they are able to roam around the board at incredible speeds, either climbing over anything in their way, moving past and through the opponents lines as a camo marker or soaring gracefully through the air to bring death to the opponent from on high. This flexibility means that the light TAGs can choose when to engage the opponent, hiding in reactive and reaching out to strike the opponent from completely unexpected angles of attack in active, overwhelming sections of the opponents force, rather than the MBTs more aggressive reliance on the reactive turn for killing. They are a scalpel rather than a sledge hammer. From planning to action So far this has all been heavy on the philosophy of using TAGs and a little light on detail so lets take some steps to address that. Here is what you should try keep in mind when using your TAGs in a game of infinity. The first aspect of TAG usage to address is the identification and classification of threats in your opponent’s army list. Some of this requires an reasonably in depth knowledge of what the opponent potentially can have and an evaluation of what its likely to be, such as recognizing that Camo markers in a Yu Jing players deployment zone are likely Raiden, or the ones in an Ariadna players deployment zone are Spetznaz or Tank hunters. This is obviously easier in sectorial armies as they have limited options with only 1 or two potential profiles in these types of situations. Also being able to recognize your opponents SWC expenditure can give you a good idea on what such hidden options are likely equipped with. Also be aware of assault hackers AP+EXP weaponry and forces that are spamming lots of cheap AP small arms. Once the main threats to your TAG are identified you want to counter them as best you can. Ideally you achieve this by going first and killing them as quickly as possible. But this is not always possible, so deploying appropriately and supporting your TAG correctly is important. If you do not have first turn then you want to force your opponent to engage your support troops before he can get to your TAG. How you go about this depends on the threat. If for example you are worried about hackers using either camo to approach your TAG or fast cheap repeaters then make sure that you have deployed the TAG under the defensive net of your own hackers. If your opponent has to run a repeater up, use a kamau or similar hacker to “blackout” disable the comms equipment and prevent the opponent hacking through it. If they are using an infiltrating hacker then nab them with a killer hacking device as they go for your TAG. By forcing your opponent to deal with such roadblocks you force them to waste orders not completing the mission of crippling your TAG. A good trick if you are worried about hackers is to deploy a palbot linked to a machinist in base contact with your TAG. If the opponent Possesses your TAG then it is engaged with the palbot and cannot destroy your own force easily (electric pulse on the palbot is a good way to not damage either the TAG or the palbot) and possessed can be cancelled in your turn. If the opponent instead isolates your TAG as more experienced players are likely to do then you already have your engineer in position to repair it at the start of your turn. Also be aware of your flanks to defend your TAG from AD and attacks from behind, troops such as Auxila, Regular Minelayers and Krakots are good for initially protecting the TAG with their DTWs before you can park other troops on suppression fire. The next thing about TAGs you have to keep in mind is to not over extend with them, the idea is to use their 6 movement to move out and attack the opponent before pulling back into a position where your own troops are preventing the other guy from getting up close and personal with your TAG. You want to set up such that the opponent has to spend a lot of orders to get to the TAG without being forced to engage it head on. If you have a minelayer regular sitting behind your tag look at its back in suppression fire with a nasty surprise next to it, well it’s not easy for your opponent to get to it. Always angle your TAGs facing to maximize its coverage of the likely approaches to it, usually paying particular attention to the board edge as your other troops can probably cover the middle of the board effectively. When you park your TAG in reactive turn, make sure its positioned defensively but aggressively, covering firelanes your opponent HAS to cross usually this is overlooking over the objectives with a clear killzone of 12-24 in front of them is best, this way in suppression fire they are throwing dice back at the opponent and 3 dice at BS15 are good odds even against camo surprise shots, just try not to let them get your form outside 24, which will force you to break suppression and limit your defense. This trick works for everything but is also one of the best ways to defend against hackers by ensuring that if you are in suppression fire your opponents hacker has to contend with your BS15 face to face rolls against any hacking attempt. Also of note, use of Warning! to re-position the TAG without breaking suppression fire. Because of remote presence and their high armour values TAGS are particularly good at utilising the Warning! rule to turn and re-position themselves to face an enemy buy ignoring the initial attack and then kill the enemy unit in its next order. Basically you want to kill the opponents troops that are a threat to you in your turn, the set up and kill his troops that aren’t a threat in his turn. TAGs in ITS specialist missions So the above advice is all well and good, but apart from the brief mention regarding parking your TAG over an objective what should we be keeping in mind when playing specialist missions with a TAG? Well the first and probably most important thing is to not get kill fixated. See that above point about trying to kill the opponent in his turn, well when you do that you really limit his options and you can spend your active turn scoring your own objectives, once you cutdown 3-4 of the opponents orders in his first turn there is not a lot he can do in his second or third turns to prevent you scoring. With this in mind dont be afraid to leave your tags parked after turn 1 and spend orders button pushing. Your TAG is still doing its job even if you aren’t spending any active turn orders on it. Another Trick that is of particular interest in PanO is the recognition that your big S7 TAGs block LOF. So walk a Jotum or a Cutter or a Squalo up past an objective that the opponent has covered and even if you don’t kill all his ARO’s you then have the option to move your own specialist up to the objective without granting the opponent LOF. Even if your TAG unfortunately goes unconscious using such a maneuver he will not go prone and will still block LOF, meaning this is bonus points if the specialist moving for the objective is an engineer. As to the other big worry often brought up with TAGs, secure the HVT is a god send, with always having the option to take this classified it is incredibly easy to play long term with this in mind, plan your list for it and abuse it. Use the TAG to stomp over to the objective, park on top of it and claim it as yours. What this practically means is that a TAG is usually as effective at scoring as a model packing D-charges is, it’s even better in a lot of ways given that you are guaranteed to have the secure HVT classified objective if you so want. On a final note, TAGs are a very good shock and awe weapon, often times opponents will not be expecting to face them in a specialist ITS mission and will not have taken the tools to deal with it in abundance, or have much experience with using them. Couple this with the fact that models are only made public information as they are deployed, and you will often keep your TAG as your reserve, fielding one is often as much of a surprise to the opponent as HD or AD deployment. EDIT: If this post is liked is it possible for it to be stickied to the top of the page? who and how to I go about contacting someone to make that request?
  7. So can tags get on motorcycles they pull out of a panoply? If yes, how does that interact with pilots? Can a pilot (or Staldron or whatever) get on a bike the TAG has activated? Do they have to get back in the TAG first?
  8. Hi, I'm playing Deadly Dance in a few days and I've a few doubts about possessed tags that I can't find in the rules. 1- Can a possessed tag declare AROs against its former comrades? 2- What happens if the possessor hacker dies?...The possessed state says the tag can receive orders from the group to which the hacker belongs, if he's dead, he doesn't belong to a group. 3- In missions like quadrant control, frontline or deadly dance that you have to control ground, does the tag count for any of the players?...I'm assuming no because it doesn't give victory points at the end of the game, but it doesn't say so explicitly anywhere (that I can find) 4- Is there anything that forbids you from making the tag go up a tall building then jump as high as it can and laugh when it falls to its death? Thanks!
  9. Picked up an anaconda impulsively, because I wanted to run it alongside my antipodes. Just wanted to know if this guy is worth it for Ariadna? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I'm a new player wanting to play a big TAG (jotums in this case), I have mostly military orders, but I want to play with this beast in a vanilla army, could you help me create something good?. I could proxy almost anything, and in this moment I own: Order Sergeants, Several Knights (Hospitallers x2, Black Friars, Holy Sepulcre), De Fersen, Juana, Pano Starter, Dronbots, Magisters... and a Jotums. I believe that I could proxy anything from Pano with this Could you help me?.
  11. Seems to be part of the Avatar's profile because I can't seem to add or remove the Avatar to a list in the army builder, without the Staldron. I mean, this is only a 'problem' for me because I don't have any Staldron model, and I won't be able to buy one anytime soon.
  12. So the problem with reptile series TAG's is that they don't look like a series, they have the widest range of chassis types in the game. Head or sensor cluster, internal or carried weapons, tail or no tail, operators legs in thighs or not, master arms or not they cover the full range. Now I've already made my Iguana by adding a tail and repeater antenna to a reposed lizard but my Corregidor also need a pair of Geckos. So I'm going to scratch build, I'm not a great sculptor but if I make some plastic templates jointed with wire I reckon I can manage a half decent job of building them up with green stuff so here is a start. The plan is to keep Gecko style legs with a Lizard type sensor cluster and a tail (theory being that the tail and sensor cluster were standard across the series, later series used higher speed gyros and didn't need the balance tail). I'll also stick with built in weaponry but go with forearm mounts like the salamander rather than firing through the palm. I'm attempting a running pose with the first (combi rifle) gecko.
  13. Hi all, I started playing infinity and PanO in particular a little while ago but have only just started to field the mighty TAG's of the super power. So far I've got a Squalos for long range support fire and a Tikbalang for a close range fighter. I've really enjoyed the different feel they bring to an army and to the game in general when you field one plus I'm having blast painting them up. After christmas I intend to pick up another TAG and was thinking of getting the Jotums, it looks like it will play differently to the others I have being just a giant roadblock and the model also looks pretty sweet :-) I have a couple of questions, firstly gameplay wise. How does it perform and how do you use yours? Is it just a giant rock unit that you dare your opponent to try and crack whilst you go ahead and win the mission or is there more to it that that. Secondly the model. It looks like it is one of the newer sculpts but does it have all the nice lock to fit joint sections of the newer models or is it a bit of a pain in the ass like the older stuff. Thanks for your thoughts :-)
  14. Call me a contrarian in me but I am currently trying lists that makes use of Symbiobombs and the Gorgos. I a I was initially trying to make use of the Gorgos and was finding that you can really do a lot without it already so why would you use it. I find it's limitations as a medium ranged TAG a bit prohibitive. Having said that with a Triad escort you can do some pretty interesting things. Symbiomates are fantastic however when running a Gorgos without Symbiobombs can quite limiting. You're missing out on ZoC deterrents on anything trying to hack/flame it. I rate symbiomates but I think we can actually get a lot of synergy using Symbiobombs with the Gorgos or even a HI triad. I'll break down the offensive Symbiobomb abilities. The defensive ones are good but I'd like to focus on how the offensive abilities can be used as shielding abilities or how they can be used to screen the advance of the Gorgos/HI Triad. I think the thing to remember about symbiobombs is that the only thing that makes it a FtF roll is a reset. This is quite good already. You’ve made the enemy use an order already without anything going off. The last thing I want to do in my active turn is to be forced to dodge/reset so it’s already getting off to a good start. You want the ability to work but even if it doesn’t you’ve used your enemy’s resources. Endgame - 2 WIP Rolls, DAM 14 BTS This is our straight forward wounding attack. It's very interesting and really can scare those low BTS units. I think in active turn this one is really fantastic. What is great about it is that you can't really defend it. Getting makauls with someone in Symbio armour in 8 inches isn't hard. If the opportunity presents itself you can really assassinate a hacker/flame unit with no real risk to you. In the ARO it's something else. Still good but you don't gain the mods that the isolated/immobilized abilities give you. Good as you put something down dead. Eraser - 2 WIP Rolls, DAM 13 BTS DT, -3 Target WIP This is our isolating piece. Incredibly useful again as it stops units from receiving any extra orders unless they're veterans or space monkeys. For a shielding against HI links with hackers or something that can soak a few shots this ability is great. Hellzone – 2 WIP Rolls, DAM 13 BTS DT, +3 your WIP. This puts the target into IMM-1 state. Again very useful for breaking up links and stopping the immediate advance of a unit. This is very situational but people can reset out of IMM-1. Unlike traditional hacking it’s unlikely you will have another Symbiobomb in range to try again if they do meaning most of the time if they can spend the order they’re out of the IMM state. Having said that you’re forcing them to use orders in this way which is very much what Tohaa love to do. Used in the active turn however you can absolutely monster with a double Makaul flame. Pandemonium – 3 WIP Rolls, DAM 14 BTS Breaker, -3 Target WIP. Stunning attack and 3 WIP rolls in active. Respectable in ARO but being able to distribute 3 WIP rolls in active great. Focus on one unit to take it out for the round. I see this as a counter to those damn hard hacker units that may threaten you like Father Knights or a Hac Tao. The breaker munition helps manage their high BTS add to that they suffer -3 WIP as well. All these tools are different but all definitely have their place. Getting to know what the abilities are and being flexible to go either way in active or reactive use of symbiobombs is key. Coupled with nullifiers symbiobombs can be used as punishing active turn screening tools. They also give options in our reactive turn. One of the strengths of symbiobombs is that they effect models with wounds. The fact that they can only effect W models is a bit of a disadvantage. Would it break the game if they could effect both?? I honestly don’t think so but it won’t change the fact that they cannot. There are some deadly units out there with STR that your bombs will not be effecting. REMs, Su Jian and TAGS will generally be causing you a lot of pain. Having said that knowing what these units are and what they can do helps counter them. Careful deployment and movement means you should be able to engage these units on your terms. I'm using limited insertion lists for my next few games regardless just to get the flow of it. Forcing myself to use combinations I wouldn't normally do has been fun but also broadens the game up. This is very much a direct action list and not an objective list but can be easily modified. Tohaa ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 2 GORGOS Squad Chaksa Peripheral B . (2 | 82) GORGOS AP Spitfire, Flammenspeer, Pulzar +1 Chaksa Peripheral B / Shock CCW. (2 | 82) CHAKSA PERIPHERAL B Pulzar / Pistol, Knife. (4) MAKAUL Heavy Flamethrower, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, Viral CCW. (0 | 13) MAKAUL Heavy Flamethrower, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, Viral CCW. (0 | 13) SUKEUL (Forward Observer) K1 Combi Rifle, Nullifier / Pistol, Breaker Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) KAELTAR Light Shotgun, Flash Pulse + 2 SymbioBombs / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 15) SUKEUL Missile Launcher, Light Shotgun / Pistol, Breaker Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 36) KAELTAR (Chain of Command) Light Shotgun, Flash Pulse + 2 SymbioMates / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 21) IGAO Boarding Shotgun, Stun Grenades / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 25) NIKOUL Viral Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 28) RASAIL Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines + 1 Chaksa Peripheral / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 34) CHAKSA PERIPHERAL Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (- | 4) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army I know that I'm not fielding any of the WiP 14 units we have. I may play around with that but the moment limited insertion actually limits your other troops choices and I think the synergy with this list is quite good as it is. Symbiobombs are likely to go on the Sukeul FO and Gorgos. Symbiomates will be Gorgos and possibly Nikoul or Sukeul ML. The triads change up a bit. I've intentionally left out the Gao Rael Sniper. There is enough flame and things to deal with Camo in the list. Double Makauls and Sukeul with Nullifier are excellent VS hackers/Warbands that want to get up close. Having said that the WiP 14 B2 flash pulse is also good so a Kaeltar can easily fit in for that 24” range band. The Sukeul ML is something different. Usually it would be a Gao Rael but I think it's a solid anti-armour/ARO piece to warrant it's place on the list. You can easily change this up though and put the points into another piece. The Rasail with mines is something new I'm trying. I think it's one of those pieces that can be a pain to dislodge. The mines + Chaksa means it can take and hold quadrants or atleast make your opponent use orders to dislodge. Park it in suppressive fire with no cover =no worries. Nanoshield. This also helps against those pesky HFT templates. I actually am really liking this load out. I trade with the Taquel but find the added mobility and Chaksa something quite different. The Igao I take because I like. Can easily be replaced for a Clipsos FO or Kerail Preceptors depending on what I feel I’m going up against. Having infiltrators can help greatly eliminate those pesky flamer threats. The Igao can hold it’s head up as being a great assassination piece. I am tempted to also put in a Kumotail and Chaksa servant to support it. Keeping one around to help an immobilised/isolated Gorgos is probably needed however I’ve found I’ve been able to keep the Gorgos safe with a Nullifier network. Hopefully this ranty post has been helpful. Let me know how the crazy Gorgos/HI adventures go as well J
  15. (I'm not certain this is the right spot for this, Modoraters go ahead and move it or whatever). I've been playing Titanfall 2 a fair bit lately, and I think pilots and titans could make interesting units for Infinity. Here's my initial version: The unit consists of one pilot and at least one titan, paid for separately. You can only have one titan in play at a time (per pilot, if you somehow have more then one). Dropping in a new titan destroys the unconscious one it replaces. Also, this means that if you deploy one titan normally, any others have to wait in AD. You MAY deploy with the pilot already mounted (and I recommend you do). The pilot is regular, but the titan(s) don't generate orders or take up slots in combat groups. I suppose that if the pilot changes group the titans are carried across too. Titans must deploy within ZOC of their pilot, though AD's scatter may take them outside this. This also means that once your pilot dies you can't drop any remaining titans. For a titan to drop in you have to spend an order from the pool, since titans don't generate an order they need someone else's to deploy by AD. If your titan is manned when dogged expires (either by the turn ending it taking another wound) the pilot dies too. G:autopliot: the pilot can mount and dismount, switching between manned (using the pilot's CC, BS and WIP) and G:remote presence (using the titan's). While on autopliot any movement the titan makes must be directly towards reaching the closest spot to the pilot which the titan can fit into. Also, mounting/dismounting a titan is a short skill (though not a movement skill). Self destruct: just before resolving an order (or ARO) on the titan, you may declare your titan is self destructing. The order still resolves, but the titan is destroyed at the end of it (ejecting the pilot) and any damage to it this order is ignored (none carries over to the pilot). Pilot- M6/4 CC16 BS13 PH13 WIP13 ARM2 BTS0 W1 S2 AVA1 LI Regular, non-impetuous Super jump, climbing plus. Profiles (all also have a knife): Combi rifle, panzerfaust, camo (automatically activates when you eject). 38/? SMG, breaker sniper, M6/10. 36/•5? Boarding shotgun, EM LGL, M8/4, dogged. 37/1? Marksman rifle, breaker sniper, holo2. 37/•5? Multi sniper, heavy pistol, sapper. 35/1? Combi rifle, breaker pistol, sensor. 32? Titan- M6/4 CC10 BS10 PH16 WIP 10 ARM7 BTS6 W2 S7 TAG V:dogged, AD3 (only three, not two), nano-screen, kinematica 1, G:autopilot, self destruct, ED: ejection system. Profiles: (Ion) Splitter Rifle (breaker marksman rifle), camo-less mines. 60/•5? (Ronin) Heavy shotgun, AP DA CCW, kinematica 3, MA3. 40? (Tone) Fuerbach, Sonar Pulse (pitcher which fires sniffers instead of repeaters), Tracker Rockets (GML which can only fire twice a turn). 56/2? (Scorch) Twin Fire LGL, Flame Trap (disposable3; entire order; place a circular template in base contact, lasting to the end of your opponent's turn. Anything is the area is shot by a heavy flamer when the template is placed, and again whenever they activate in it (whether by order or ARO). 64/2? (Northstar) Loses nano-screen, gains super jump, plasma sniper. 50/1•5? (Legion) AP HMG, ARM9. 68/2? Notes: The points costs aren't based on anything, just what felt about right at a guess. They are NOT balanced. Nano-screen is a generalisation of the titans' defensive abilities. What could phase-shift do? Longer cautious movement which may start OR end in line of sight? Maybe pilots should have NWI or something. I'm reluctant to give them specialist because then they'd just do everything. So... Any suggestions? Am I crazy? Is (insert ability here) completely ridiculous?
  16. I abandoned my plog long time ago but I haven't forgot to paint infinity miniatures... Here, the archived plog: And here, the last miniature I have painted, a Cutter from Panoceania what do you think?
  17. I painted the Gorgos and Scarface. The other TAGS were commission painted by Adpaint. Check him out. It's given me the chance to make a TAG Line. It would be great to see your TAGS. 1 Tag counts as a line
  18. With TAGLine and the introduction of limited insertion as an official ITS option, it seems like Corvus Belli wants to encourage us to use TAGs. What about multiple TAGs in one list? I was listening to Mayacast and Tom mentioned his double TAG list which employed a Tikbalang and a Dragao. I was inspired. Here's what I came up with. TAGapalooza ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 DRÃGAO Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2.5 | 94) TIKBALANG HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / AP CCW. (2 | 85) NAGA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 30) MACHINIST Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) PALBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) TRAUMA-DOC Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) PALBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) REGULAR (Minelayer, Sensor) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 14) REGULAR (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 11) REGULAR (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 11) REGULAR Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) REGULAR Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army What is your favorite multi TAG list?
  19. How about my toni? comments are appreciated Tony Macayana Painted
  20. So I know CB has a very solid and fluffy basis for a lot of rules choices, but there's one thing that makes me scratch my head. The Cutter was designed for the world of Varuna, a water world. It has Aquatic Terrain, and was designed to operate in aquatic conditions without issue. Considering that water doesn't transmit light or heat very well, why on earth would the Cutter have TO:Camo? In the water, it shouldn't have any issue with having to disguise itself from light or heat, so why have something like that? Bear in mind, I love this thing to death- it's in at least one list in every tournament I go to... But is there a fluff reason for the Cutter to have TO:Camo?
  21. Hi guys! Well I have been having a few issues and was looking for some help, like a lot of people I am having issues protecting my Tag's. I have all of Pan-O's tag's now and I try to use them every game but hackers have been giving me horrible times. I at first wasn't taking any but I really like De Fersen and want to get him in my games more. So instead of just asking for help I have been trying to be creative with hackers and had some pretty great success today but I made a major mistake at the end of the game. In the picture I attached you can see my tag (It is a Jotum in the picture but it was standing in for my Seraph) and I had a chance to win the game but I VERY STUPIDLY jumped my Tag down off the top of a building to line him up with the door and inadvertently moved him withing range of my opponent's hackers. He was possessed, I immediately used De Fersen and used Trinity and managed to kill both his hackers, but the problem there was my Tag was in the perfect spot to finish off my Order Sargent Link Team that was gonna bum rush the room. This would have won the game for me but a huge mistake cost me the game. I am still working to become better with hacking, i play against a lot of Nomad and Haqq players and they know I am the "Tag" guy so I always expect to hear they have 5 to 8 hackers or whatever. Before I continue I would like to say "YES" I have already read the fantastically written articles on Tag's and protecting them. I also have questions on link teams, I have been struggling with link team and finding a link that is strong enough to get things done and that will fit in a list with my tag. I have been trying a Order Sergeant link (spitfire, medic, 3 combis). I think its "OK" but I am not happy with its damage output. My questions are this, what link teams are you guys using and what has worked best for you? What link teams do you think are the best? How have you been using your link teams to the best effect? How many hackers do you bring in a game? Whats been working best for you in dealing with other hackers? Thanks guys! JL
  22. So, how many of you will be joining me in buying a TAGline ITS pack just to get the exclusive Eduardo mini? I was thinking of buying a second one from a split box (as I just don't see myself ever running two Uhlans) but this gives me another (unique) option. Do the rest of the PanOceania crew see this sculpt as worth the price of entry?
  23. Tried out the Deadly Dance mission from the Tagline narrative this evening, and it was great fun. I highly, highly recommend it as a way to play a dominate mission that's way more fluid and interesting than another round of Supremacy. Couple of things differentiate it from a standard claim-territory mission. In no particular order here are the ones that struck me: 1. Only one Quadrant to grab - This is cool, a lot more focus on single areas of the battlefield. Also, the possibility of having somewhat asymmetrical goals: both players could be required to claim the same quad, or they could be shooting for very different ones. Depending on terrain setup, this could be a very different goal for either. 2. TAGs are a requirement - 'Nuff said. Killing the enemy's TAG disables their ability to claim an OP every round... which encourages multiple TAGs in fact, even more than single heavy TAGs. This scenario seems to favor multiple light TAGs with decent disposable weapons to still take on heavies, like Scarface or Geckos. In fact, this mission is a perfect place for Geckos to shine. Really cool dimension, this, rather than just favoring the most heavily-armored Multi-HMG-toting behemoth. There's a lot more subtlety to this aspect than I had assumed. 3. Hacking consoles and moving the Quadrants is huge. This really helps balance out investing one's orders in simple bloodlust. Putting a stealthy Specialist in an otherwise-ignored quadrant is a winning tactic. A ninja KHD is ideal for this. 4. Deployment is crazy I need to play this a couple more times to figure out how to deploy well when one has no idea what quadrant one will need to dominate. That's a really nice change from how straightforward most Dominate missions are for deployment. I really like this part of the mission. 5. Difficult terrain rules are bad enough- no need for Very Difficult The players wanting variable terrain rules for this mission were right- one shouldn't have to use Very Difficult terrain or almost every army will be severely gimped. I highly recommend still playing with Difficult/Saturation/Low Vis rules for Jungle because they are interesting- but the requirement of Very Difficult to move most troops a max of 4" per turn really makes the random element of switching quadrants too powerful. One needs troop mobility to be able to keep up with that. I know @HellLois was considering various options, and hope he'll choose the one where most of the Jungle rules are fixed (Low Vis and Saturation Zone are required), but TOs get to choose whether to use Difficult or Very Difficult terrain. I really, really enjoyed this mission. Oh, and it was played with 300 points, USAriadna with Scarface (my mate WhelpSlayer) and 300 vanilla Yu Jing with a Guijia and lots of skirmishers (me). The Kanren certainly earned a promotion, repeatedly Possessing old Scarface's armor-suit. The ability of Holo units to automatically reset their holos is very powerful for hackers in particular, who can hide out of LoS and use a repeater net to surprise hack, then just get their holos back for free before their next player turn. Can't wait to play this in a tourney. Oh, and you're definitely going to learn how to give your TAGs close support with skirmishers, hackers, etc. for this mission, because you absolutely have to close in to get the quadrant, especially if you have to cross the board. Playing this mission will help you learn to be a better heavy-armor player.
  24. I've just picked up a Tikbalang and want to sort out a list to try it in. I'm fairly new to the game and still play vanilla as I like the option to use whatever models I fancy. I've only used a TAG a couple of times and that was a Squalo in a more defensive artillery long ranged support role. With the Tik I'm intending to try him in a more in your face beatstick role running round the frontlines. Tik Attack ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 TIKBALANG HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines / AP CCW. (2 | 85) BULLETEER Heavy Shotgun / Electric Pulse. (0 | 17) BULLETEER Spitfire / Electric Pulse. (1 | 23) MACHINIST Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) PALBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) MULEBOT Hacker (EVO Hacking Device) Electric Pulse. (0.5 | 25) KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Lieutenant Spitfire, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1 | 44) NISSE MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 34) HEXA Hacker (Killer Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 27) AUXILIA (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1 / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) FUSILIER Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 12) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Does this sound workable, are there obvious holes? I mainly play against a couple of mates who use usA, YuJin and Noman. I think I could do with some more MSV possibly, perhaps swap out the Hexa for Brother Konstantinos or a black friar but I like the killer hacker to threaten other hackers :/
  25. I have a TAG with the Manned rule that is Unconscious and whose Pilot has Dismounted. The Pilot subsequently enters the Dead state. As far as I can tell, the TAG/Vehicle remains on the table in the Unconscious state, because the Pilot rules do not say to remove the TAG/Vehicle if the Pilot dies. It only specifies to remove the Pilot if the TAG/Vehicle goes to Dead. I then have an Engineer successfully repair the TAG and restore a structure point. As far as I can tell the TAG can then receive Orders from the Order Pool as normal, since neither the Engineer skill to Repair nor receiving orders from the Order Pool require that the Pilot be "alive." My question is, since it seems to fly in the face of logic, what prevents the sequence above? Or has the entire Human Sphere perfected G: Remote Presence technology and just not told anyone?