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Found 169 results

  1. Hello, here I will upload photos terrane that I do for our club. All terrane author by my friend, and I paint it. If there are any questions about the painting, then be happy to answer)))
  2. All that is in the photo used by me personally in my club. I am the author of all products. For any questions please contact me personally.
  3. A question about mine placement during movement. During a recent friendly game, I was moving my Rodok link team across the top of a building. I moved the link leader to the edge of the building (which was about a story up) and declared on the second action as place mine. Placing the mine in base to base contact with the Rodok but over thin air off the side of the building. In effect "dropping" the mine over the edge and straight down next to Joan dArc and De Fersen. I wanted to inquire about whether that is a valid use of mines. My opponent and I decided to not allow the action and we rolled back to just before that order and continued. We figured as we couldn't find anything that said we could do that (nor anything that forbade it) and as drop bears are a thing such an action would be reserved for them. What do you guys reckon? Can you drop mines off an edge and let gravity work or would that not be a valid position and not class as base to base despite no lateral movement of the mine? Cheers
  4. EDIT: Welcome to my thread. I'm a fairly new Infinity player, YuJing, former sinology-student, obsessed with tabletop. I think the game is incredible, CorvusBelli has the fire of a young, early 90's certain other tabletop company. Keep burning guys! I strive to create a gritty cyberpunk-table with asian theme. Feel free to follow me on my path to create the whore of YuTang, the twisted, cabled beauty of Neo-Shanghai. This section is new to give newcomers a quick and rough overview of what's going on in the thread and let you to know what you're getting into. Projects: Container crane, p.1: Shinawatra Tower, p.2: Malaysia Gate, p.3: IN PROGRESS> SuZhou Jie Slum, p.4: I hope you enjoy the thread. Thanks for watching. -Yunzhi, Sep.'15 --- Original section --- My old thread got archived. *sigh* I'm just too unfrequent a poster to keep a proper blog-thread running.Anyway, here's the link to the old thread if you wanna catch up on some wip. those who remember, the container crane is finally finished! God knows when it'll be painted though, I have to focus on some minis first.Let me know what you think!
  5. So last weekend I ran a tournament and something I've never found a definitive answer for is suppression or low vis zones: If its a bunch of trees on their own it's just an LOS blocking obstacle, if they are on a general base they are jungle terrain and therefore difficult movement, low vis suppression zones as area terrain (obviously the trees still block) My question is are the bases of jungle "area terrain" infinite height (like nimbus) or the height of the foliage (which is all a regular height in or around 3") Or more basically if somebody is on the high point at the top shooting across the jungle area beneath it to the highpoint near the bottom does shooting through jungle apply? For simplicity I ruled the areas as infinite height, but for common sense purposes an area 3" high seems more appropriate, how would other people rule this?
  6. After our Forward Base Kickstarter, we've been working on improvements to the range to the last 9 months, resulting in what we think are significant improvements whilst retaining as much backwards compatibility as possible. These first four Habitats represent the 'accommodation' style Habitats. After listening from feedback from Kickstarter backers, we have made many changes to the Habitats such as hinged doors: Under-Hab skirting to aid playability in Infinity, (due to LOF): Increased modularity, some Habs can now stack perfectly on top of others: A unified internal colour scheme: The Habitats now are 'Double Pristine' (pristine paper on both sides to prevent burn marks), and feature 'wipe-down' style paint, allowing you to easily clean up any remaining marks with a baby wipe: Increased connectivity is now a feature in these Habs. The doors in Habs 1, 2 and 4 have been carefully adjusted so that they line up when the Habs are positioned end to end. Accessory packs of corridors have now been created so that the Habs can be connected with corridors between them. Hab 4 and Hab 1 'end-to-end' A long corridor connecting Habs 2 and 3 The windows and doors are now all reverse-etched clear acrylic, simulating realistic looking windows and doors. The Forward Base line makes a start towards building a great and eye-catching board to play Infinity on; the MDF is all pre-painted in wipe-down high-quality paint and the resin is pre-coloured a solid dark-grey colour but, ideally, should be painted (as shown in images) Add some scatter terrain, vehicles or vegetation, and suddenly you have not only a perfectly playable table but one your friends will be jealous of. Internal elements are currently being re-designed, and we aim to bring you two different ways of adding interior detail. One, an adaptation of our resin that was featured in the Kickstarts. And the other, a graphical flat panel representation. We will be moving on to the other style of Habitats (non-accommodation later in the year). Forward Base Habitats and their accessories are now on pre-order until July 24th, with a 15% discount, for a limited time only. Visit our website now. Forward Base Bundles with FreePost: Outpost 1: £202.00 inc VAT - £168.34p ex VAT FREE SHIPPING to: UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada Station 14: £318.00 inc VAT - £265.00p ex VAT FREE SHIPPING to: UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Please Note: In some cases, it can be cheaper to make 2 orders that both result in Free-Post, rather than 1 big order that does not. "Freepost Bundles" carry their own special "Free Post" and adding other items to an order with them in it may disqualify you for Freepost. It is therefore often best to order the Freepost Bundles separately. N.B. We offer free shipping to many countries in the world (including North America and Europe), and low shipping road rates to many countries in Europe. To see these offers appear on your order, you need to get to the 'Select Shipping' part of the checkout process.
  7. I have only been playing a few months but I have noticed that the vast majority of terrain used is all urban sprawl. Very little in the way of woods, water, or other natural elements. This by default, makes the terrain skills in trooper profiles useless as there is no difficult terrain. I am am cruious why the focuse seems to be on urban devoid of an natural elements. You could have parks or lakes in urban settings. Or just a board with natural terrain. So why is urban so prevelant? Do you include natural elements in your board builds?
  8. I'm looking to buy super cheap toys to use as terrain, both buildings and scatter. I find the price difference between "miniature terrain" and "army toys" is enormous, even if the end result is quite similar. Does anyone know of any good toy lines which they use for Infinity? It's way too pricey for me but I've found the Halo Micro Ops Series towers and gates work very well for 28mm.
  9. Smooth Crates: A set of 6 individual mall crates that each offer S2 cover. (£8.00 inc VAT, £6.66p ex VAT) "Emancipators" A set of 2 "emancipator" service robots. (£9.50p inc VAT, £7.92p ex VAT) Samsara Explorer: Exploration type of TOPOs fantastic Samsara vehicle. (£27.00 inc VAT, £22.50p ex VAT)
  10. Hello! I am new to the game and community, after taking a 3 year break from wargaming i'm really glad to have tried out infinity. one of the things most striking to me coming form mostly 40k is terrain and its importance to the game and culture of infinity. when Wotan was launched I decided to pull the trigger and build a table. Here is the sketchup design. I wanted to make sure that the table had the fell of a corridor table but also be playable and be able to take advantage of the range bands.The other consideration was that it be made fast and cheap. I have a short attention span and if the table is horrible to play on I didn't want to waste a bunch of time and money. So foam core is my friend. Here is the original plans in sketchup. (red means door) To ensure modularity It is all made from 1'x1' segments. To ensure modularity It is all made from 1'x1' segments. everything is cut using my trusty metal t-square and assembled using hot glue for assembly. The walls are a simple score and snap; I used scrap to reinforce the foam so when I put paint on it it won't warp too much. Also raises the piece for aesthetics. All built! Next is paint, I was going to airbrush but got lazy and it was a warm enough day when i was working on it so I bit the bullet and used spray paint. the floor is just using a hex stencil from the art store. By the time it off gassed I had to use it in a game so the pics of it painted are also the pics of it in play. the planters are foam core plants from major hobby/craft chain that were on sale and boxed from Diaso Japan(a treasure trove for terrain) So far it works! Its not so cramped like other corridor tables, the biggest problem is objectives. They cannot always be placed on their exact locations due to walls. If i play more games on it and like it I may design a mdf wood version of it. Until then more games and more scatter to make for it. Thanks for reading! TLDR: I made a table from concept to game in a day. It gets the job done. EDIT:: Have been asked for a guide, best i can do at the moment is adding the .Skp file i used for my measurments. corridor terrain.skp
  11. Hi there, my names Carlos and I’m from Germany. I started Infinity about 2 years ago and though I don’t play as often as I would like, I’m still a big fan of this game. I like the setting, the miniatures and well of course the great wargaming boards many of you have built. Playing a game of Infinity with painted miniatures on a board with beautiful terrain is simply great. Therefore I’d like to have a unique looking, detailed board myself one day. I bought lots of terrain second-hand, so I already have the possibility to assemble a good Infinity board. But well it’s neither detailed, nor unique. But I’m not only disappointed from the look, it although feels somewhat flat. Of course there are buildings where snipers can get on top, but well, the buildings often just have one way to get to the roof. Therefore a miniature which is in a position like that often won’t move for the rest of the game. I wanted something more overlapping. If you have watched movies like the new Total Recall from 2012 you may know what I mean. Ok, I want platforms, connected with bridges and big enough to provide space for MDF buildings (MAS, Zen Terrain, etc.) or other terrain pieces. As for the style, I imagine a dirty, futuristic trading outpost named “Teferox Bay” for my Corregidor nomads. I’m clearly influenced by Deus Ex Human Revolution, Battle Angel Alita New Order, Overwatch and the already mentioned new Total Recall film. The groundlevel of my board is the warehouse mat from MicroArts (very original, yeah… ^^). But well, I like this mat. Not only does it fit to my imagination of Teferox Bay, it although gave me a nice idea for the surface of the platforms. I bought a second mat and started to cut certain areas to get a two layered battlefield. English isn’t my mother tongue and pictures say more than words anyway, so here a sketch of my planed wargaming board. I already started repainting some of my second-hand terrain and the first platform is also done. I like it, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The second platform will be much more detailed. But more of it later. This picture demonstrates quite well what the board will look like in the end. A grey city with yellow details. I’d like to add some LEDs to the terrain, but I’ve no clue about technical stuff at all. Maybe a friend of mine can help me a bit with this. As for the second platform I’m constructing right now, I’m trying to add more depth into it by adding more foamboard details, and adding slots for MDF buildings. I think by doing this, the whole terrain gets a more interesting look and also more places to take cover. Obviously it will take a lot more time to finish the whole project, but that’s fine. I already have enough terrain for the board, so everything that’s coming from now on, is just to embellish the scenery. And last but not least a little scenic shot I made. Can’t wait to have the whole board ready. I hope you like it. Oh and though I've a certain image on my mind what my board should look like, feel free to write me your ideas an opinions. As I'm trying to build a somewhat organic grown city, so differences between the platforms are really desired. Let's see what Teferox Bay will look like in the future. I have just so many ideas... ^^
  12. Inspired by comments in the Warband stat lines thread, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread where terrain layouts and densities could be compared for different areas - both within countries and across borders and continents. Submission guidelines - at a minimum, photograph the table from all four corners, bonus points if you can manage an overhead shot as well! Any mention of special terrain rules in use would also be very handy. Area: South West UK To start it off (because I have proper photos of them), here are four tables I set up for the UK Masters tournament last year. Because the missions involved contained a lot of objective positions, I laid out all possible objectives before doing the tables. Deployment Zones were top and bottom in the overhead shots. Antenociti Forward Base Snow Terrain All the bare hills were Difficult Terrain: Mountain. All the wooded hills were Difficult Terrain: Jungle/Mountain, Low Visibility, Saturation. The slotted fences were treated as solid, and the corners of the buildings treated as going down to the ground instead of having an overhang - partly so that we didn't have to keep leaning down to see if there was LoF under the garage. Note that this was on a white mat at the event. Desert Plateaus Terrain Plateau edges were Difficult: Mountain/Desert, so troopers had to stop their move as soon as they reached the edge, and were using their second MOV value if cover-hugging. The two areas of palm trees were Difficult Terrain: Jungle, Low Visibility, Saturation. Green Walkways Terrain Two standard woodlands, so Difficult: Jungle, Low Vis, Saturation. The top of the Landing Pad had the Landing Aid Trait, so +3 for Combat Jump. There was also a lift in the triangular column that opened onto all levels. For the walkways we said that any enclosed gap too small for an S1 Silhouette to pass through was solid. The holoads defaulted to the rulebook standard and were solid. Rural/Cardstock Terrain Two areas of the usual woodland. The river (water area only) was Difficult: Aquatic but the ford in front of the MAS objective room was open ground. Freight Port/Yu Jing Terrain The slotted fences were treated as solid. The cherry trees in pots were treated as Low Visibility.
  13. The Q-Building range present its new incorporation, bigger, much more modular, and impressive than ever: The new L-Buildings, Desgned For Infinity The L-Buildings are perfectly compatible with the old range, which allow you to create new and awesome tables the easiest and fastest way. With a quick and easy assembly, its measures and shape will bring more possibilities to your game table. This is a very modular building, not just on its vertical, but also on the horizontal way. We present it on three different versions: - Unpainted, with high quality engraves, that fits perfectly with the old range, and allows you to paint it in several different ways - Two different Ready For Battle designs, Warehouse and Cargo Bay. This L-Buildings are fully prepainted, just assemble and play. With the L-Buildings, we also launch two more products: - The 3rd version of our Holographic Street Signs, by popular demand, and because the other two were a big success, we created more designs in collaboration with Infinity, so players will have a lot more options to choose. - The radar. We presented the prototype on Essen Spiel 16 in Germany, and finally the final design sees the light. An innovative and unique element, presented in two forms: Unpainted and with great engraves on the base, and on our range “Ready For Battle” fully prepainted and ready to play. And as the final touch, we present a bundle with all the new elements and reduced price. Two Ready For Battle L-Buildings, Cargo Bay and Warehouse, the four new Holographic Signs, and the Radar. Hope you all like this releases!
  14. The "Happy Panda Noodles" is now out in the store: Happy Panda Noodles Price for this with pre-painted MDF and coloured interior and exterior resin, photo-print screens, acrylic lights, hinged doors and etched detail is £33.75p Size, without sign, is 188mm x 128mm x 73mm The MDF is pre-painted as shown, the Resin is pre-coloured to the dark-grey shown in the images which means that you don't have to paint it if you don't want to. If you don't paint it, and assemble it straight out of the box (instructions included) then it will look just as you see it here... we've not painted anything on the photos. The Doors are a new feature on this (and many future models) which are now hinged with an exterior resin door and detailed interior MDF backing - which means you can have it open or shut to suit the game without needing to take doors in and out. The sign, as can be seen, is two-sided with a reversed rear, so that it reads correctly from both sides. Roof is removeable. Lots of interior detail included food and drinks racks, fridge, screens and etched cooking area. I will add a full Scenery profile a little down the line.
  15. So... The train for the Paradiso mission 205 is already in production (I know, I know, it was about bloody time). I don't have any official images to show but I've seen the prototype in person and I must say it's one sexy, sexy beast which will make a spectacular centerpiece for any Infinity gaming table. It's also compatible with the Bandua "Made for Infinity" containers. We expect to have it available within the next month or two at the most. I'll keep you posted if I manage to grab some photos or any other information.
  16. Asian Fencing now available: Pre-painted MDF (Weathered) and pre-coloured Resin (Dark/Grey as shown). 11 sections each of 106mm long with 1 section with hinged moon-gate entrance, making a total of 126cm (~4 foot) of modular fencing. (No need to paint the resin if you dont want to - the images show the unpainted resin) Scenery Profile: Cost is £35.00 a set from here: Assembly Guide here:
  17. Assembling the DICE TOWER, the containers and the Walls for XLC terrains! great gaming solution if you like them please like and join in the channel CALABOZO CRIOLLO CHANNEL fast Assemble and few words (not need to translate the acts)
  18. Every futuristic city needs an airship hovering above it, blaring out strange music, running ads, and recruiting people for the offworld colonies. So I scratchbuilt one. There are still a few details to add, but it's ready for use as it stands. The most expensive parts are the Antenocitis billboards. Starboard side. The camera lenses (eyes in the sky) are welding slag. Some of the structure bits are spare balconies from MDF building kits. A lot of bits are from my Flames of War bits box The seams are a bit rough, but it's just supposed to fly over the table and loom; so I don't mind. The stern. Engines are made from coke and fruit squishy bottlecaps. Some of the greebles are from an old dishwasher. The gas chambers are shampoo bottles. The port side, with vehicles and figures on the ground for scale. The 18" stand is two pieces of acrylic, about 7$. Shipping cost as much as the parts. The zep isn't attached to the stand (it's resting in a catwalk gap), I'll probably add a marker cap or bit of PVC pipe to make a good socket for more stability. The Zep is actually very light; only the signs and stand have much weight. Did I mention the lights? Because it has a few lights. I'm going to hang a few more on it; disposable LED keychains or kids finger-lights. I also plan to add a few more acetate holographic signs and stabilize the base a bit more; probably adding a donut shaped sandbag for stability and a small building to completely hide the base. I seriously considered hanging a couple of obsolete smartphones on the sides to play actual video loops and music, but figured that was overkill. For now. It's a little rough around the edges, but considering it's mostly made from discarded bottlecaps, spare bits, and two big billboards, it works pretty well. It should make a nice 'vertical space' element for future games.
  19. in this thread I'll share my adventures as I go through and design my own terrain I hope you'll enjoy the ride and view as much as I'll enjoy the road ahead of me as a start I'll share the project I'm currently working on and have shared the progress through the last 3~4 months from the first prototype module to the production of a full table in foamcore and to the progression into laser cutting and soon mass production and selling it :^) 12620380_1020589594250684 2_865794720_o.jpg 135 kb · Done and some more pics of the latest results of the laser cutting I've been workimg on form the guys at Every Little War
  20. Hi guys, been building and painting terrain for infinity / necro / deadzone that are made out of old disused/broken/outdated electronics components. These pieces make each building totally unique and create a kind of junkyard scifi vibe akin to borderlands
  21. The electricity bills must be staggering.
  22. upcoming release, pics here.
  23. Hi fellow EI drones, some months ago, we saw the Infinity's terrain rules put in practice officially at the Operation Flamestrike missions. Not long after that, the ITS mission "Rescue", which includes mandatory difficult terrain, was added to the ITS roster. Now, with Tagline, we see another mission that forces the use of difficult terrain. Normally, I would applaud CB's choice to include more tactical depth into missions. The problem, though, is that the difficult terrain rules makes fast (6-2) light infantry useless unless it has the terrain skill. Back in the days of N2, difficult terrain was complicated. What the rules did right, however, was that big, hulking things were at a serious disadvantage while fast, small units gained advantages. In an effort to make things less complicated, CB introduced the "use-second-mov-value"-rule. Mostly, this had a similar effect - those 4-2 MI and low-tech HI got slower, as did 6-4 TAGs. However, with HSN3 CB also introduced fast 6-2 light (and heavy) infantry. As a side-effect, terrain rules make these units mostly worthless. 6-2 LI do mostly serve as mobile strikers - meaning they have low- to mid-range weaponry (Spitfire maximum) and rely on their superior speed to get around the battlefield, while being quite squishy for their points cost as a downside. With terrain rules, these guys go down to 2-2, unable to perform their role. While a 4-2 interventor may not suffer too much from terrain rules (because its main use is not moving around in the middle of the board), our beloved Umbra basically become dead weight. With terrain missions becoming more prevelant at tournaments, I fear for the future of our beloved Umbra. Using a list that contains Umbra becomes a disadvantage in tournaments containing difficult terrain missions and when planning for them, I generally leave them at home. I know there'll be no change coming for this until N4, but what do you think about it? Best regards, Nalim
  24. So, after seeing some amazing things in these forums, I thought I'd try my hand at helping some people make some cheap terrain as well. I got ideas from several places, and this is just a starting place so, I'd love to have any constructive criticism and input. For reference, I got the art for the textures from here: Here is a shot of version one of the template: And here's a link to the PDF: (warning, 25mb) Here's the process I used, but I'm open to ideas. The next one I do, I'll take photos of each step. 1. I printed the 2 pages at 100% on regular paper. 2. I cut out each piece carefully with a straight edge and hobby knife. 3. I used spray adhesive (Loctite) to attach the cutouts to black foam core board from Hobby Lobby (approx 3/16" thick). 4. I cut out each piece with the straight edge and hobby knife. 5. Here's the tricky part, I cut a V shape behind each bend and cut angles on the ends where the edges would meet. 6. I cut out the windows and the left and top sides of the door. 7. Glue up with super glue. I did all the design in Inkscape and can make those files available for anyone interested. I'd love to see what we can do to improve this. It looks like I can make each piece for $2-$3 in materials. It's not the prettiest thing, but it's pretty sturdy and seems a lot better than the paper terrain I was making. All feedback appreciated!
  25. I always though these were really handy but could never justify them over just using some of my (many many) Cardboard boxes. However with the Red Veil terrain being taller I'm not convinced by the rigidity provided by a box & two layers of foam, especially if multiple models end up on top of it. Are there plans to make a similar framework for the RV buildings?