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  1. Kotail no longer takes my interest these ways and i am trying to understand why. When ever i make a list and put the essential units and finally finish my army, i see no kotail in it in at the end. if you are using him oftenly, which variant you take most of the time ? One thing more. why do you thing corvus belli put 0.5 swc to 2xcombi version. I would still prefer Forward observer for a few things. Flash pulse on a holo level 2 model is handy , can make missions and have that em grenades.
  2. Nathan brings his newly painted Pan O force to face the Tohaa 300pt Army box in Mid-Tier Power Pack from ITS Season 9!
  3. So, no more reserve with symbiomate/symbiomb on it? What do you think about that guys? :<
  4. So I've been in the general miniatures hobby for about four years at this point and I've always had an interesting relationship with the painting aspect of it. I've always gotten compliments on my color choices (I'll post some of my Guard if anyone's curious) but the execution has been... well you saw the title. But recently i got some lessons and tips from a guy in my local area and things have been really improving so in an effort not to get lazy and backslide I'm starting this mostly for myself but hey some people might like to see what I've been doing. without further ado, here's the most recent stuff: Finally, got everything fixed.
  5. So thanks to Tabletop Simulator i've been trying out a bunch of different armies. I made a little straw poll to try and decide what army I would try out next so I thought I would post it here incase anyone wants to put in their two cents.
  6. I'm sure some of you guys have heard of tabletop simulator. For those of your who haven't it is a pretty great little tool to play just about any tabletop game out there for free or close to free on steam. Recently I've been using it to play Infinity and it's been pretty great! It's allowed me to try new army lists, new factions and all kinds of terrain setups. I wouldn't of known how much I enjoyed Ariadna without being able to try out their various sectorials in Tabletop Simulator. I've gone from playing infinity every once in awhile to getting almost 20 games in in the last week and a half. One of the only downsides for the moment is that you are gona have to proxy some units. You are going to have to use some units as other units until the models for the various different armies actually come out. That being said it's easy to do since you can just change the name of the model and give it a description while playing and I am currently looking into making models for the various different factions. I would highly recommend getting tabletop simulator if you have a couple of friends to try it out with. It's been a great help to me and has shown me that I might need to get a few more Ariadna miniatures in the near future.
  7. I went through and found out how many female miniatures there were for each army. I was just curious about this and I thought I would share what I found. I included old models just not bootleg versions. The list goes in order from greatest to least. Nomads 56 Haqqislam 44 Yu jing 33 Ariadna 32 Panoceania 31 Aleph 20 Tohaa 13 Mercs 12 Combined 11 Doesn't really mean anything I just thought it would be neat to know.
  8. Alright so this is the "Final" version of this. There is the possibility that I missed a miniature but for the most part the numbers should be accurate. Obviously you should allow for a slight margin of error. Never the less these are the results I came to. Genderless includes tags, remotes and various other things along those lines. IF it looked male it went into the male category, if It looked female it went into the female category ect. Female Miniatures Total Models Percent female Nomads 56 163 34.3% Haqqislam 44 151 29.1% Aleph 20 78 25.6% Panoceania 31 139 23.% Tohaa 14 61 22.9% Yu jing 33 150 22% Mercs 12 57 21% Ariadna 32 170 18.8% Combined 11 136 8% Remotes, genderless Total models Percent Aleph20 78 25.6% Combined 31 136 22.7% Nomads 27 163 16.5% Panoceania 23 139 16.5% Tohaa 7 61 11.4% Yujing 16 150 10.6% Mercs 7 57 7.% Haqqislam 10 151 6.6% Ariadna 3 170 1.7% Male Miniatures Total models Percent Ariadna 135 170 79.4% Mercs 41 57 71.9% Combined 94 136 69.1% Yujing 101 150 67.3% Tohaa 40 61 65.5% Haqq 97 151 64.2% Pan O 84 139 60.4% Nomads 80 163 49% Aleph 38 78 48.7%
  9. So we finally have some miniatures other than the one for operation icestorm in tabletop simulator. This video here will show you how to get involved in all this nonsense. IF you look on the page for the mod you will see the discord server link. This video took way more effort and way more takes than it should of. If you stick to the end there is a really stupid joke that I think only the military order's players will enjoy. What faction would you like to see added or what miniatures would you really like to see here?
  10. What kind of content would you want to see out of an infinity youtube channel?
  11. Sometimes my friends have told me they would prefer it if the military orders weren't a thing or weren't a part of panoceania. Sometimes I have seen similar feelings posted on this forum. So I just thought I would ask " What would you replace the Military Orders with if you could?" If there is any other sectorial you'd like to replace go ahead and list them as well. If you think they should stay right where they are you can feel free to make your case as well.
  12. Someone I know suggested the idea that yu jing and pan o could unite to take over the entire sphere. I wanted to know what you guys thought. Is it possible for these two to unite? Would it make sense? Would it work? Would haqq or the other sphere powers find a way to stop them or at least put up a fight? It should be brought up Yu Jing and Pan O have fought together before against the combined but that isn't quite the same thing as a temporary all out alliance to fight other parts of the sphere.
  13. Hi everyone! I thought I'd make a thread for the paint jobs and occasional guides that I post on my blog, The Eternal Rival, here on the forums to increase the likelihood of someone who might be interested in seeing them seeing them. Clicking on the pictures should take you to the relevant articles. Hope you enjoy! ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Lets start with the guide that lead to this project getting created in the first place: The orange I use on nearly everything. Shaolin Warrior Monks Guifeng Bao Troops Rui Shi Lu Duan Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank Authorized Bounty Hunter Celestial Guard
  14. Everything in Threes: An Introduction to Tohaa The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army. 1. Thread RulesWelcome to the N3 Tohaa faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outlines of the Tohaa faction. This thread is aimed at compiling common approaches to Tohaa gameplay, things to consider and whatever else we feel is useful to include. This thread is procedurally generated as new models and ideas develop, and all of its contents is subject to discussion. To be clear: the content of this thread is completely open to disagreement, and is intended to be updated over time: its assertions are neither complete nor absolute. Enjoy. 2. Tohaa Playstyle The Tohaa are a faction predicated on a curious blend of influences, mixing high mobility, above-average durability, exotic weaponry and a synergistic approach to combat. Tohaa warriors work together very well and support each other on the battlefield. Each fighter has a purpose, working together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Each model has a role to play, there is a rarely a cheerleader nor a Rambo in sight, and Tohaa typically do not play fire-and-forget with their troops. Tohaa use a combined arms approach, bringing multiple weapons to bear against the enemy rather than relying on a few big damage-dealers, and relying on high order efficiency and volume of fire to bring the enemy down. Tohaa are proficient at all ranges, but do best at medium-range combat overall. 3. Specific to the Tohaa Tohaa have an appropriate three features that define their battlefield identity to a large degree. Tohaa units fit together like pieces of a moving puzzle and each model should be viewed in the context of the rest of that faction, it's very much a faction with a few consistent themes. 3.1 Fireteam: Tohaa 3.2 Symbiont Armor 3.3 Biotech Weaponry 4. Tohaa Strategies Knowing what your options are before even entering into combat makes a great deal of difference to the odds of victory and defeat. This entry discusses some of the strategic considerations Tohaa players go through before the start of a battle. 4.1 Force Composition 4.2 Trident Composition 4.3 Lieutenant Selection 4.4 Combat Styles 4.5 Iniative or Deployment 5. Tohaa Tactics Like every faction Tohaa have difficulties with some matchups and specific tricks they can levy against their enemies. This entry catalogues some of the more prominent tactical concerns Tohaa player might have. 5.1 Coping with Fire 5.2 Coping with Templates 5.3 Tohaa in CC 6. Tohaa Trickery 6.1. Cyberwarfare 6.1. Pherowarfare 7. Command After you've gotten some games behind your belt, you might consider playing with the Advanced Rules for Infinity that introduce Command Tokens into the game. Both players start the game with four of these Command Tokens which they can use to influence the game. Tohaa can benefit from Command Tokens, but not to an exceptional degree in comparison to some of the other factions. 7.1 Strategic & Tactical Use 7.2 Coordinated Orders 8. Tohaa Arsenal This chapter discusses all Tohaa models that are currently revealed, it is updated each time a new Tohaa model comes out. The discussions are kept broad and cursory, and assume that every model is useful to the faction in some way. Each discussion is capped off with an 'Ease of Use' indicator ranging from 1 to 5 which should give new players an idea of how easy it is to make beneficial use of a particular model. Models with a score of 1 are the hardest to use, models with a score of 5 are easiest to use. This is not meant to be an assessment of how good the model is, it is simply meant to help new players understand what they kind of performance they can expect from a model, given their own skill level. 4.1. Tactical Armored Gear [TAG] 4.2. Skirmishers [sK] 4.2.2. Igao Unit 4.3. Warband [WB] 4.4. Heavy Infantry [HI] 4.4.2. Ectros Regiment 4.5. Medium Infantry [MI] 4.5.1. Gao-Rael Unit 4.6. Light Infantry [LI] 4.6.2. Kotail Mobile Unit 4.6.3. Kaeltar Specialists 4.6.4. Rasail Boarding Team 4.6.5. Sakiel Regiment 4.6.6. Kamael Light Infantry 4.6.7. Hatail Aelis Keesan 4.6.8. Hatail Spec-Ops 4.6.9. Kumotail Bioengineers 4.6.10. Chaksa Servant 4.6.11. Chaksa Auxiliars 4.6.12. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates 4.7. Mercenaries 10. Getting Started New Infinity players are often overwhelmed with information, and it can be difficult what steps to take first. Tohaa is unremarkable in that sense, but the subheadings below touch on some general ideas to getting started with playing Tohaa. 10.1 First Buy 10.2 Markers & Tokens 8. Player Resources 8.1. Rules & Errata Unfortunately the Infinity rules are dispersed over quite a few documents which can make it hard to find everything you need to fully play the game. This chapter brings together links to all rules you will need to play Tohaa. There are even more documents to work through, but these are essential to fully understanding Tohaa. It’s an annoying situation to be in, just make the best of it. 8.1.1. Official Rules & Tools 8.1.2. Unofficial Rules & Tools 8.1.3. Tohaa-specific non-Core Rules 8.2. Notable Community Threads 8.3. Battle Reports 8.4. Assorted Cool Stuff by Bookkeeper Yet Another Mission System (YAMS) v201.1 by IJW Wartrader 9. Getting Started
  15. Some time ago I had posted a bunch of topics on haqqislam and how I was supremely suspicious of them. Part of this was my own experience with Islam and muslims in the real world being for the most part very negative. I pretty much hated haqqislam and kept writing about them being secretly evil or hunting down exmuslims ect. Here is the funny part. Recently I had bought the Human Sphere book for N3 and have been reading through the factions lore in an attempt to figure out which faction I felt the most connected too and would want to live in. The funny thing was so far Haqqislam seems like the best choice for me. There is something about their values and society that I just straight up love. Not to mention after more or less discarding the other 3 factions I've read before it and the one I've read after it in the book it's starting to seem like the only choice for me. I just thought that was kind of ironic and I thought I would share. I'm not sure if anyone remembers those old conspiracy theory-esque posts that I used to flood the forums with but incase you do I thought you might also find this kind of funny. I did remember posting something similar to this when I first started playing QK but I couldn't find it if I did and I think even then I made a bunch of excuses about how my little part of the faction was somehow made entirely of nonmuslims or something. Just kinda silly really.
  16. Can a model with G:synchronized go into suppression fire? Looking through the wiki, Suppression fire restrictions are weapon (must have SF mode) and can not be in a fireteam? Nothing mentioned about G:Sync guys Under G:sync it states that both controller and G:Sync perform the same skill. if either of them can not, it then performs and idle So can i advance my Rasail with spitfire and chaksa up the board and full order SF mode on the Rasail and idle on the G:Sync? If anything other than a BS aro is declared the SF would be canceled?
  17. Awhile back posted a topic about spamming the infantry button. The basic concept was to have massive blobs of infantry to swarm the enemy. An example was an army with a total of 28 grunts, another was about 18 of so myridoms. There was also a topic about starship troopers / heavy infantry and so on. I want to field one of these infantry blob armies but I wasn't sure which army had the best basic infantry. For instance which had the most versatility, the most durability and which had better damage output? If there is no major difference then that is fine too and I will just go with which ones look the best but if there is a major difference between the line infantry then I want to put out the best of the best. Another idea I was playing around with was which army would be best to do a heavy infantry list. In other words spam the infantry button but with mostly if not entirely heavy infantry? I like doing themed lists so I figured doing the basic line infantry and the heavy infantry lists would just be fun. So with all of that out of the way which army has the best line infantry and which army would be best for a heavy infantry list?
  18. Hello. From Time to time i'll be dumping my miniatures here. I hope you like them or have some critique . I got red veil through the warcors program. I'll be painting Yu Jing next.
  19. Hi, as a new Infinity Player I just started to paint my first Tohaa. And here they are. First my Test-Kamael to figure out my colorscheme. Then my Sakiel And last but not least my first Pokemonleader I am always happy for Comments and Critics! Greetings, Marnack
  20. Well, incase if there is anybody havent seen this yet in facebook. this is the diorama i made for my tohaa triumvirate.
  21. Hi, I have been painting somewhat sporadically last few months, but this new project has been going on in the background. It started when I was having lunch with a good old friend of mine, and we were talking about gaming in general. He is an MtG-player at heart, and have not played any miniature games in ages. He got fairly interested about the game mechanics as we were talking about Infinity, and since he loves making combos he kind of picked Tohaa on the spot when going trough the myriad of factions as his favourite. I proceeded to buy a chunk of Tohaa from another friend at a bargain prize, and added a few miniatures to the lot that it desperately needed. Not saying the miniatures I have are the best Tohaa combo there is, but it is a start my plan is to paint them up and let my friend game with them as much as he wants. If he really gets into it, I might just hand them over permanently. As of this moment I have 6 models done and 10 more in the works. I was asked about earlier how I painted them and so I made a little step by step that kind of shows what I have done with all of them, at least to some extent. Sorry about the blur, it seems my camera phone settings are messed up or some upload function is acting up! damn thing... 1 - mini is basecoated with black, then oversprayed with vallejo flat brown to give it an uneven chocolate brown colour, tipping slightly towards reds rather than blues. After that, some areas are airbrushed blue. I used a custom blue, but any light blue that is tipping towards cyan is great. We are looking for a nice contrast with the choc brown here. 2 - paint edges with a lighter blue. I used the same blue I mixed for the airbrush but lightened it up pretty hard, so it will really pop off all that dark base work. I use the same light blue to basecoat white parts. 3 - green parts. I used vallejo lime green. Try to have the paint as thin as possible without it being a wash. I paint a lot of my colours like this. It dries fast and you can sort of layer it on the go, amplifying the parts you want to paint brighter. 4 - 50/50 mix with vallejo lime green and vallejo lemon yellow and go back to the greens to give it more of a punch. 5. Darken the deep parts and do some profiling with vallejo transparent green. 6. Paint the weapons and other black parts with german grey. I dont use much black as it is a bit too dark and dominating for my taste, but vallejo german grey is black enough for anyone to say "black" when looking at it next to other colours. 7. Edges of the weapons with vallejo light green blue and also paint the white parts with the same colour. This makes it easier to get the white really bright later on with just a light application. 8. The mask and some details with white. I use red to direct the eye further towards the face, as these are some busy models. I do a little warpaint with vallejo transparent red. Perfect consistensy and really a pleasure to paint with when doing precision work, but only works well on light backgrounds obviously. 9. Paint the blade with Lime green, adding lemon yellow to the lime gradually as you see fit. 10. Stipple the base with watery rust colours. I used vallejo orange brown with gradually and randomly added vallejo light flesh. Last part is to paint randomly on top of this with vallejo transparent orange. 11. Airbrush a light tone on random edges of the base to give a basecolour for some yellow light effects. 12. Overpaint the previous light spots with vallejo transparent yellow and paint the edges of the base black to push the contrast to maximum. 13. Airbrush lime green carefully to the tip of the gun and to the front edge of the base underside to emphasize the LOS of the model. We are done. I will add more pics as I progress - and I will promise to take better pics when I am all done
  22. Recently I've been trying to paint some haqqislam miniatures as well as some space marines. Every scheme I come up with just doesn't satisfy me, I get so annoyed as I try paint scheme after paint scheme and make no progress. Everything I paint just makes me want to toss in the towel. Any suggestions for getting out of a painting funk?
  23. Hey guys, quick n00by question. If I run a Kaeltar specialist with 2 symbiomates and put one of the symbiomates on my Kotail. When he starts the game in with two holoprojectors with him do all 3 models/tokens have a symbiomate next to them? Does giving the Kotail a symbiomate reveal the real one? Can you put a symbiomate on one of the three models/token to make it more difficult for your opponent to identify the real one?