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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm surprised that there isn't already a conversation happening about this, but I guess I'll kick it off! The missions and specifics for the TAGline event look pretty interesting, and the pack is pretty cool as well. I'll start by talking about the latter: While some people are annoyed about the Tik in a blister, the Eduardo unique model certainly looks good. And while I'd also like the other Combined Army options you need to be more easily available (the Unidrons in particular, the Overdron at least is available in a box alone) the Samaratin is a nice inclusion too. The unique Eduardo patch and alive v dead badges are also interesting. All up it's a bit costly, but probably worth it for the unique Eduardo if nothing else. TAGLINE is a narrative event where every player in a tournament can immerse themselves and participate in part of the Infinity background. In TAGLINE the players are the main cast of an important episode of Paradiso’s military campaign, the combat action designated “Operation: The Grid”, which includes the death of Toni Macayana and the thirty days following this operation. The narrative event TAGLINE is divided into five chapters, each corresponding to a Tournament Round. Three of these chapters are mandatory (Chapters one, two, and five) while the other two (Chapters three and four) are optional. Mandatory chapters must always be played. If you want to organize a four round tournament, the Organizer must choose one extra chapter, be it the third or the fourth. In the case of a five round tournament, the Organizer must include all of the chapters. The maximum number of rounds allowed for this type of tournament is five. Each chapter includes a small piece of narrative background, as well as specifics on how the mission must be played and the extras that can be applied to each mission and tournament round. The narrative event TAGLINE is not compatible with tournament extras from the ITS Rules unless otherwise specified by a chapter’s rules. Likewise, the basic rules of an ITS Tournament must be followed, with the exception of the preselected scenarios. One interesting thing to consider is that the usual ITS restrictions would give you only two lists to select from, but as there is one Limited Insertion mission, as well as one mission where running a TAG is basically essential (with a lot of points tied up in scoring using a TAG) that may be difficult. I'd consider allowing three lists, one of which must be Limited Insertion, to allow for some flexibility (though if you just run your TAG in your Limited Insertion force and accept that you might need to use a 10 order force in a regular game then it might work with just the two lists). I'm breaking down the five missions below but have reserved all the space I need for that now, thanks! From here on in I encourage everyone to share their thoughts!
  2. Well... let the speculation begin continue!
  3. So, how many of you will be joining me in buying a TAGline ITS pack just to get the exclusive Eduardo mini? I was thinking of buying a second one from a split box (as I just don't see myself ever running two Uhlans) but this gives me another (unique) option. Do the rest of the PanOceania crew see this sculpt as worth the price of entry?
  4. So, this was on Mayacast episode 36 (30min- 32min ish) The question is... is Bostria bostriaing?is Bostria saying what he wishes?is Bostria telling the truthwhen will I get my Uhlans?!
  5. hey guys, first time poster here! so me and a couple friends are getting into infinity and im just deciding on a list to buy. ive read a lot of the rules... but I still havnt played a game yet. heres what I came up with so far: MACAYANA Lieutenant 85 NAGA Hacker 32 PATHFINDER 16 MACHINIST 15 REGULAR Paramedic 12 REGULAR Combi 10 REGULAR Combi 10 REGULAR Combi 10 REGULAR Combi 10 200 regulars feed orders to toni who does most of the heavy lifting. the naga, pathfinder, and machinist are my specialists. what do you guys think? is it good? or am I missing something important? let me know! btw, infinity seems like a great game so far, im excited to start playing!