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Found 2 results

  1. So I tried looking for this one, but forum search doesn't like to give me any useful information so I will ask (or re-ask if it is one that has been answered)- I know that Spec Ops units are linkable to the troop type that they belong to. (Grunt spec ops link to other grunts, ect.) But what about Treitak (MAF)? I would normally not ask, because it should be self explanatory. But Anyat is linkable to Vanguard. I could hope that a Spec Ops Treitak would be also!
  2. So, CA can normally take either Corax or Treitak in Campaign: Paradiso. This can lead to such situations as a Treitak supporting a Shasvastii force or a Corax in a Morat detachment. This is a necessity in the campaign so as not to make a precious Spec-Op sit out, but how about ITS tournament scenarios played with sectorial lists? Can I take a Treitak with a Shasvastii list? If no, are out-of-sectorial Spec-Ops builds (e.g. Celestial Guard-based in JSA) illegal in other factions as well?